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Some people insist that guilt by association is unfair. They often dredge up Sen. Joe McCarthy as an example of what that sort of thing can lead to. But the fact is that we all judge people by those with whom they choose to associate. That’s where the expression about people lying down with dogs and getting up with fleas originated. And the fact is, more often than not, McCarthy was right, although it was his own fault that he usually came off as a buffoon and drunken bully, thereby tainting even those of us who recognized that Soviet spies and apologists had long polluted our State Department, and that it was Alger Hiss and not Whitaker Chambers who was the lying scumbag.

In much the same way, Obama discloses a great deal about himself by the people he selects to be his advisors. Who but a dedicated Leftist would have the likes of Valerie Jarrett, Kathleen Sebelius and Tom Perez, in his inner circle? And although I know that Obama is not responsible for electing the members of the Congressional Black Caucus, is it even possible that he’s not embarrassed to be supported by a group of ignoramuses who went to Cuba a few years back and came back praising Fidel Castro?

More recently, Maxine Waters warned that sequestration would cost the U.S. 170 million jobs, which is 50 million more jobs than we have. In fact, if we had that many Americans working, our unemployment rate would be zero. Not to be outdone, Rep. Charley Rangel announced that “millions of kids are dying because they are being shot down by assault weapons.”

Not hundreds of kids, not even thousands of kids, but millions! This is not only extraordinarily dumb, but, as a black man, he should be aware that most black kids are shot down by other black kids with hand guns. But rather than address that problem, he elects to go to war with gun manufacturers. Someone should tell the tax cheat that whereas assault weapons rarely kill people, gangbangers do it constantly.

And rumor has it that Waters and Rangel are two of the brighter members of the Black Caucus, a group that includes Hank Johnson, the Georgia congressman who famously worried that if too many Navy personnel were transferred to Guam, the island would likely tip over and sink!

While getting off the plane in Israel, Barack Obama was overheard saying that it was good to get away from Congress. I’m sure that for its part, Congress, at least that portion populated by Republicans, felt the same way. I would only point out to Obama that, however he feels about it, Congress is here to stay. But there’s nothing that says he has to stick around. After all, if the Pope can retire, surely there’s nothing to prevent a lame duck president from calling it quits.

It used to be said that a conservative was a liberal who’d just been mugged. Apparently, these days, a conservative is a liberal who just saw his tax bill. At least that would explain Bill Maher’s recent hissy fit. He was so inflamed that he actually said, “You know what, liberals…rich people actually do pay the freight in this country. It’s outrageous what we’re paying—over 50%! I’m willing to pay my share, but, yeah, it’s ridiculous.”

I assume it’s too late for him to put a stop on that million dollar check he sent to the Obama campaign last year.

Now, with the next presidential election coming up right around the corner, at least judging by the recent words and actions by the likes of Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum, it’s not too early to alert Republicans to the fact that a one-size-fits-all litmus test is just plain nuts.

Geography matters. Along with William F. Buckley’s injunction to always vote for the most conservative candidate…who can win, I would advise Republicans to always keep geography in mind. Two politicians can hold exactly the same conservative views, but whereas the one running in Texas, Utah or Oklahoma, will coast to victory, the one voicing those identical beliefs in most parts of the country won’t even get out of the starting gate.

It would be well to keep in mind that we may all be Americans, but the guy in Chicago barely speaks the same language as his brother in Dallas. In the same way, different cultures have different rules. In France, for instance, it’s not only assumed that politicians will have mistresses, it’s almost mandatory. Sort of the way it is with Democrats.

I’m reminded that years ago, there was a story floating around that a foreign diplomat connected to the U.N. was photographed professionally engaged, as it were, with a New York prostitute. Not only didn’t he pay hush money to the blackmailers, but requested a full set of glossies because he thought it would enhance his reputation with his colleagues.

As I was saying, that’s sort of the way it is with Democrats.

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  • wally12

    Amen Burt.

  • Royalsfan67

    Yeah, I am always surprised by people who are “suddenly” fed up with him, when they already had 4 years to see what a disaster his presidency is.

  • trailbee

    Great article. Thanks. Still smiling. :)

    • Burt Prelutsky

      trailbee: If smiling persists for more than four hours, contact your doctor.


  • GlenFS

    Yeah, I don’t know which is worse, Obama or his associates?

    • Burt Prelutsky

      Glen: If by “his associates,” you mean the 51% of Americans who elected him last November, I would say his associates are worse.


  • Bruce A.

    Many people I know who voted for Pres. Obama twice are now starting to realize their mistake. My response to them “you voted for this, deal with it”.

    • Burt Prelutsky

      Bruce: If they didn’t realize it by November, 2012, what has suddenly changed in the past few months? I say screw ’em!


      • DanB_Tiffin

        Here! Here!

        • Burt Prelutsky

          Dan: Thank you. But it is actually “Hear! Hear!” It sounds the same, but it actually makes sense because you’re alerting people to pay attention. (I know what you’re thinking: Amusing fellow, but still educational.)


          • DanB_Tiffin

            OK Burt! Hear! Hear!