Obama: Incompetent or Evil?

The most acute division on the right — the one that will give Mitt Romney the most trouble — is not between moderates and hard-core right-wingers, between electability-minded pragmatists and ideologues, or between the Tea Party and the Republican establishment. It is between those Republicans who disagree with Barack Obama, believing his policies to be mistaken, and those who hate Barack Obama, believing him to be wicked. Mitt Romney is the candidate of the former, but is regarded with suspicion, or worse, by the latter. The former group of Republicans would be happy merely to win the presidential election, but the latter are after something more: a national repudiation of President Obama, of his governmental overreach, and of managerial progressivism mainly as practiced by Democrats but also as practiced by Republicans.

It is unlikely that those seeking a national act of electoral penance for having elected Barack Obama are going to get what they are after. For one thing, the number of Americans who believe President Obama to be merely incompetent is far greater than the number of Americans who believe him to be, not to put too fine a point on it, evil. For another, that larger group of voters is, for once, probably right.

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  • 1Haole_Boy

    Incompetent and confused?!
    Back in his community organizer days, Barack Obama and ACORN got into the faces of banks and their presidents either ar their homes or in the bank lobbies to make bad loans by implementinting the Community Reinvestment Act to force affirmative action loans to minority loan applicants. This created over a trillion dollars in bad loans which defaulted after they were packaged for the sale as bonds in secondary markets which is largely to blame for the crash of Wall Street. President Bill Clinton Kicked off the affordable housing though affirmative gambit through a faulty study by the Boston Federal Reserve and enforced by Janet Reno and her threats of prosecution for banks in non-compliance. Clinton the initiator; Obama the Community thug Boston Fed as the rationale; and Janet Reno as the enforcer were the major factors in causing the economic crisis which by the way Mitt Romney says that Obama did not create. Obama’s harassment suits filed under the Community Re-investment Act were weapons wielded by Obama to get banks to lower credit standards and under duress make high risk loans. Obama made several ACORN bully lawsuits.
    Obama is hugely responsible for this economic malaise we are presently in!!