Obama Moves Another Step Closer to Tyranny

If you need proof that President Obama places little value on the Constitution he has sworn to protect, go visit the Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles and ask to take a peek at Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the man who produced that God-awful film called “The Innocence of Muslims.”

Nakoula, if that is his name – one of the reasons he is in the jug is because he has allegedly employed aliases —  has been accused of violating his probation in the wake of a 2010 bank-fraud conviction.  Specifically, he had been prohibited from using aliases or gaining access to the Internet without the permission of his probation officer.

How many of you, gentle readers, believe that this is really why Nakoula was arrested and sent to jail without bail? Do you think he would be in jail now if, instead of producing a film slurring the Prophet Muhammad, he had made a cheery travelogue about the Pyramids, or a campaign film urging the re-election of our incumbent President? Would anybody have bothered to check his Internet activities, or his impressive collection of alter egos?

Obama has referred to Nakoula as “a shadowy figure,” strange words coming from someone whose early life is not exactly an open book.  He and his administration spent several days spreading the false notion that Nakoula’s blasphemous film was responsible for the storming of our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and the murder of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stephens.
Later, the administration had to acknowledge that the attack was preplanned by terrorists to mark the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

But that doesn’t mean Nakoula is off the hook. Leaders of Muslim nations, such as President Morsi of Egypt, have been demanding that the offending film be censored, and that Nakoula be punished. They know full well that this would violate the U.S. Constitution, specifically the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of speech.

Even Obama seems to know that, but if a President tries hard enough he can always find a way around such inconvenient obstacles.

The jailing of Nakoula is Obama’s way, through indirect (and perhaps direct) suasion, to show our Middle Eastern friends – I use the word loosely – that we won’t let a little thing like the First Amendment come between us. In effect, we are saying: “See, we feel your pain, and this miserable little Coptic Christian, Nakoula, is going to get his, one way or another. We are in your pocket, and happy to be there.”

I wonder where the American Civil Liberties Union is in all this. Shouldn’t they be all over this case, debunking the notion that it is about aliases and the Internet, rather than freedom of speech? Perhaps they are too busy looking for more father-daughter dances to shut down, the way they did recently in Rhode Island.

Author Bio:

Arthur Louis spent more than forty years as a print journalist, with the Philadelphia Inquirer, McGraw-Hill, Fortune magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle, but he is not asking for sympathy. He is the author of two non-fiction books: The Tycoons, and Journalism and Other Atrocities, as well as a novel, The Little Champ. In retirement, he has decided unilaterally that he is a profound political pundit.
Author website: http://bernardgoldberg.com
  • Citizen

    What is happening in the USA is what happens in Communist Dictatorships!  OBOZO must be stopped this November!! OBOZO is a MUSLIM and he has done a great deal of harm to destroy the USA from the inside!!  The LIBERAL press and most of the TV  programs are complicit with these THUGS who want to destroy our country!!  Why does Valerie Jarrett have Secret Service protection and our slain Ambassador did not?  How can an unelected Chicago twit – as OBOZO’s senior adviser, have such negative impact on our country?  Why are the GOP CLUELESS not doing anything to force OBOZo to get rid of her?  Are we all cowed to say anything that we are afraid to be called  RACISTS?  I am too old for all the Political Correctness BS.  THE CHICAGO THUGS RUNNING (RUINING) OUR COUNTRY MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE TO DRAG THIS COUNTRY DOWN!!  NOVEMBER 6TH CAN BE THE SALVATION  OF AMERICA!!!

  • Bruskie

    The new world of savagery! To think the Muslim Brotherhood are now gathering strength, political and military power in many of the “Arab Spring” rebellion countries is chilling. The so called “Radical Islamists” seem to hate every form of free speech that a great deal of the rest of the world enjoys. First YouTube and now Facebook? They seem to hate all things Jewish, American, Christian or Buddhist. They seem to despise history and culture. They hate women, young and old. They love to destroy and burn and kill. When will we see what a real threat to the free world this is? And now in America we will arrest the people for using their rights to free speech.  Nothing like feeding into the insanity!  Perhaps the rest of the world would be best served by cutting off the money to these people. No more aid. No more buying their resources. (oil) We need to have our own energy policy and our own energy independence. Are you seeing this Washington DC? Probably not.”

  • http://www.LuckyLuxtonAffiliateMarketing.com/ Keith “Lucky” Luxton

    You are correct where is the ACLU American Committee Looking Useless. They only act in favor of lefty loons. Conservative, look after your selves.

  • PrioritiesAllScrewedUp

    The FBI didn’t hesitate to post a “WANTED:” ad in the WSJ & arrest a suspect for making a video in the U.S.  Yet they haven’t set foot in Benghazi.  Our cowardly government couldn’t get the heck out fast enough on 9/12.  Why didn’t Obama personally go over & help remove the bodies?  Then he could’ve taken credit for that like he did for Bin Laden.  The difference in those animals & us is that Christians don’t blow themselves up.


    The truth of the matter is we have already lost part of our Freedom of Speech. You are not suppposed to say War on Terror, Radical Extremist, Terrorist, if you say anything against  the President you are a Racist and many more thanks to being Politically Correct.
    Seems to me we have a bunch of people in this country that are not paying attention or have just gotten to the point that they do not care.
     We are losing our freedoms a tiny bit at a time and I see it almost daily with some new regulation put out by this Administration and no one in our Congress is standing up for us and saying enough is enough. The problem we have other than Obama is that we have an Establishment in DC that is pushing an agenda that will not be good for the average American.
     I sure hope that people wake the hell up before and vote for Responsibility, instead of Popularity.

    • PrioritiesAllScrewedUp

      Unfortunately a lot of our citizens are too stupid to care.

      • Bruskie

        Perhaps many priorities are screwed-up for many people but I think most people are too busy trying to make a living and can’t find the time to care.

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      Here are two very important reasons why this Fraud in Chief (Criminal in Chief) must go.  Those radical men and women he appointed as CZARS, I believe close to 50 thus far and more to come in the second term is one very urgent reason to send Obama packing.  You can find bios of most of these CZARS at Frontpage Magazine, it is frightening material, don’t puke.  The second reason is the DOJ and all the folks that Eric Holder has appointed there.  Every last one of them are radicals (left of center).  You can go to Pajamasmedia for their amazing effort to write up these men and women’s bios.  Another frightening adventure.  Take a tranquilizer before going there.  

  • Wheels55

    Let’s assume for a moment that this clown was arrested to protect him. Now he is even more out in the open than ever. Once his attorney gets him released based on real constitution use, he will already have a massive target on his back. Don’t get me wrong, I think the guy was stupid and irresponsible to make that video. But stupid and irresponsible has never been a crime in the Obama Administration.

    • http://www.LuckyLuxtonAffiliateMarketing.com/ Keith “Lucky” Luxton

      If Stupid and Irresponsible were a crime in the Obama Administration, Obama, Nancy and Reid would have long ago been arrested.

  • Papabear

    lamont insane obama should be convicted of a “process crime” of lying under oath… the Oath of Office!  By his performance it is obvious that he isn’t worth a crap in the Oval Office, and by his attitude it is obvious that he isn’t worth a crap as an American!  If his favorite politician he compares himself to (Abe Lincoln) were alive today he would be standing against a brick wall with a cigarette in his mouth, or at the very least, he would be tried for treason.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cliff-Quoyah/100000611773861 Cliff Quoyah

    Obama is trying very hard to hang onto the power he has!!!

  • Drew Page

    It is more than just interesting that the ACLU hasn’t taken on the defense of Nakoula and the Obama administration’s violation of his First Amendment rights.    The ACLU can, and has been, selective about what Constitutional rights they choose to champion.   For example, I have never seen nor heard of a case where the ACLU defended anyone’s Second Amendment rights.    When I asked ACLU for an explanation of why they never take on a defense of the individual’s right to keep and bear arms, they responded that they do not believe that the Second Amendment applies to individual citizens unless they are in the military or police.  I then inquired as to what other Constitutional rights the ACLU doesn’t believe apply to individuals.    It’s been years now and I’m still waiting for their reply.

    • Tambo40

      Good post, Drew!

  • Shane

    This guy is a political prisoner of the Obama administration. Dhimmi Obama must please is Muslim masters.

  • adalporto

    The author, Lewis, hit it on the head with this thought:  

    “Do you think he would be in jail now if, instead of producing a film slurring the Prophet Muhammad, he had made… a campaign film urging the re-election of our incumbent President?”

    The latter must exist in some reasonably large number, that is, Obama supporters under the same probationary constraints regarding the internet.
    Anyone here have any ideas how to use social network data gathering methods to ferret them out and publicize the hypocrasy….preferably before Nov 6th.

  • Marian Degner

    Every other Lois are Jews, right? If you don’t believe,
    click on the Wikipedia.

    In this case it’s nothing new for author to be a political,
    like a pro Netanyahu neg.

    We all know what rely was reason that Nakamu, or..NBN  whatever his name it’s (should be Not popular).

    He it’s a criminal, who break law, owe to Justice Industry
    Big money and his idea was clear. Make money like he only know. With scamming
    peoples, stilling their Identities and cash out on them. Just like Romney “Blind
    Trust Founds” administrators , but there have money to follow laws and used
    loopholes, make also investments in arena where will be not popular with good
    character people’s minds.

    So, this guy NBN doesn’t have money pay his debt and only
    way to get ahead, he’s thinking, will be used Jews money. So, NBN start approaching
    Jews, but Good Jews rejected. This author actually going after Jews population
    in case of this individual arrested after he break his probation requirements
    and supporting arrested man!

    Arthur bias it’s clear for reason get some popularity ( he
    doesn’t have any ), trough Goldberg channels, because Bernie are the most hater
    of Reelection President Obama, together with Glenn Beck, Hannity, Chris Valace
    and O’Reilly.

    That’s all Bia…

    • Alden514

      I’ve read this twice and STILL can’t figure out what the hell you’re trying to say!  Is msnbc your first language???

    • adalporto

      Learn English and then get back to us…..

    • Drew Page

      To borrow a line from As Good As It Gets, “Where did they teach you to talk?  At some Panama City, sailor wanna hump-hump bar.  Sell crazy somewhere else.  We’re stocked up here.”

    • Kevin


    • barjandor

      What the *&^%????

    • PASU

      You were either public skooled in this country, or your last name is Ahmadinejad, or Mel, have you been drinking again?

  • bonaparte3

    Apparently the administration is more concerned with assuaging the hurt feelings of the jihadis than with the murders of four Americans. This is an appalling state of affairs for American prestige and national security.

    • Artlouis

       Yes, and theoretically this also should help the GOP in the election, but is it having any effect on voters???

      • Drew Page

        If the polls are any indication, nothing is having an effect on those who plan to vote for Obama.

    • joer1

       Yes, and don’t forget the media is allowing it!  Just imagine if this had happened in the Bush administration ….  they would be banging the drum for impeachment.

  • joer1

    The ONLY issue that is relevant is that apparently, we are getting ready
    to RE-ELECT Obama.  It’s hard to believe but, it seems true.  If Obama wins, he will win without my vote! Can I
    suggest to “someone” ….. the manufacture and sale of two small, high quality, attractive lapel pins … a  blue “O” Pin and a red  “R” pin.  A voter wears the pin of their candidate …. then, in 2015, we can know who to thank for the condition of the country.   Of course by 2015,  there will be no visible Blue pins.  It will appear that O was elected in an “immaculate” election.

    • NS Sherlock

      We’ll be able to tell by the “666” on their forehead. 😉

    • Drew Page

      When the country is $26 trillion in debt, unemployment is running at 30%, there are 100 million people on food stamps, gasoline costs $10.00 a gallon (if you can still afford a car to put it in) and college tuition runs $100,000 a year will it really matter who voted for him?   And believe it or not, there will still be idiots (and hired mouthpieces, like Jay Carney, who will say that Obama was a great president.

      • joer1

        You are completely correct Drew.  The point I was trying to make was that NO ONE will ever accept RESPONSIBILITY for the disaster that awaits us.  The idiots who elected him … twice … will never accept they were wrong … surely, Obama was a great president – they were right to vote for him and I am eager to see who they will blame … maybe George W. Bush?

    • PASU

      The red “R” pin will be outlawed by 2015 as offensive & not politically correct.

  • Randy

    If this podunk “movie” has caused the deaths of an ambassador, two former navy seals, a technician, unrest throughout the middle east, and the deaths of scores of Muslims, then how much hell is going to break loose when the killing binlauden movie hits the big screens?  I guess nothing since this one will make the emperor look good!  Even better – let’s make a list of all the possible excuses the regime will use when the trouble starts in the middle east after the release of this movie!!


    To all the commentators and contributors to this dialogue, I agree. Would you all please tell me why this wanna-be Caesar has so many devoted followers? I just don’t get it. This is pure insanity. They are lemmings storming for the cliff edge with huge smiles on their faces.  I don’t care if Romney had three eyes, he would be a better choice than this socialist charlatan.  He MUST be putting something in the water????

    • Drew Page

      Is it the smile he wears as he’s jogging up the steps to his podium in shirt sleeves?   Is it that he’s down with the Hollywood crowd, or the ‘pimp with the limp’ crowd, or that he does a passable Al Green rendition of  “I’m So In Love With You”?   Maybe it’s because there is a much larger anti-semetic population in this country than anyone ever suspected.  After all, how else could a guy who bows to the King of Saudi Arabia, pays the Egypian leader of the Muslim Brotherhood hundreds of millions a year and tells the Prime Minister of Isreal that he’s too busy to see him about Iran’s nuclear threat because of commitments to Letterman and Joy Bahar  —  and still get a majority of Jewish votes?

      • PASU

        As I’ve said before I think Barry sings “Let’s Stay Together” to himself in the mirror every morning.

  • melanerpes

    This entire episode scans like a parable from the Bible.  And Nakoula is not the character disfavored by God.

  • rbblum

    Call it what it is: a political prisoner (of the state)

    • Artlouis


    • Deny916

      Couldn’t agree more rbblum! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/tony.bulver Tony Bulver

    And the Islamic fundamentalist terrorists can thank Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and President Obama for providing free advertising and publicity for this relatively unknown video blurb to the rest of the Islamic world so people could riot. After all, few in the Islamic countries were even aware that this silly video even existed until Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the State Department made their stupid statements on the world stage of news TV. Then President Obama took the lead and chimed in with the same phony demonstration of “outrage” over it, knowing full well that they were lying.

    • Artlouis

       Appears to be an Axelrod extravaganza.

  • nono524

    Great article

    • Artlouis

      Thank you, sir (or ma’am?).

  • Redeemed357

    Exactly how many officers does it take to arrest a man who is being charged with unauthorized use of an internet account???  Was THAT why he was arrested?  I really am going to have to borrow a term from Hillary Clinton—“We will have to suspend our “credulity” to believe this assertion.”  (She made the statement to General Patreus when he testified before congress.)  What a hoot.  If you believe this individual is being arrested for anything other than an abuse of power—come on down to Louisiana—I have a causeway to sell you.

  • k962

    Anybody with a half a brain knows that this arrest was ordered by the Federal Government!  This nothing but Muslim appeasement! And you can be sure the media made sure that the photo of the arrest was syndicated world wide!

  • http://shawmut.blogspot.com/ Dave O’Connor

    Does anyone think this otherwise anonymous person and his film-flam is worth thier time? NO.  Does anyone doubt that Obama is indulging in this PC.  I don’t.  Obama, the constitutional lawyer, will allow this to be played out, not for it’s legal merit, but, for his personal foreign policy, which he exercises  for his personal foreign image not for American foreign policy.
    Like the sophomore speaking at the alumni club, he showing he can beat up a freshman.

  • Willep

    My only question for the American public is simple: Is in not the job of the President of the United States to unite the country rather than divide the country????

    It would appear that this President has made every effort to divide the voting public into groups – Old people, young people, middle income people, high encome people, low income people, people of African descent, people of Hispanic descent, students and just about every ethnic and eligious group in the country.

    This is the man you want to run the country for four more years??????

    • Artlouis

       It is pretty hard to stomach.

    • Alden514

      Willep, his job is actually to DEFEND the country and it’s citizens.
      He’s failing rather badly if you asked me…

    • 5843supie

      George W Bush said in 2001  “I’m going to be a uniter not a divider….”
      that worked out well…..

  • Michael

    Ambassador Susan Rice and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should have letters of resignation in order effective immediately!  Congressman Peter King is absolutely correct in his pronouncement.   

    • Artlouis

      Agree, but they both will be replaced by other boneheads.

    • wally

      Having the resignation of S. Rice and H. Clinton sounds like a good idea but doing so doesn’t get to the real /root cause. Rice and Hillary are only puppets in the scam. The real villain or villains are higher up. My choice is that Obama knew from the get go the real story. He is the the one responsible for the cover up. He should be the one to go. He agreed that Rice and Hillary blab the video scam in a futile attempt to deflect from his crappy foreign policy. Firing Rice is the same as arresting the cashier for stealing the banks money when everyone knows the act was an armed robber.

    • Alden514

      couldn’t agree more…with obama and holder right in front of them!

    • Deny916

      But I have been saying for at least a year that these people are all coated in teflon and NOTHING is going to stick to them.

      • Drew Page

        It’s either teflon or slime.

  • Barnesacle

    YES, its a mass Obama move to establish his dictatorship.  Not to mention that Nakoula is in violation of his bank fraud probation and really its for his own protection.  Notice he covers his face completely so as not to be recognized.  Hope noone hacks the video system in the LA Detention Center.  I’m going to lock my doors after I go get more ammo in case Obama presses the button and has someone to get me and take me away, ha, ha, ho, ho, he, he!!
    Goldberg, you are a brainless, Zionist dupe!!

    • Redeemed357

      you had me right up until you made the scandalous remark that Goldberg is a zionist dupe.  And whose DUPE are YOU?

    • Mattsonw23

      The first part of your statement seems credible but what in the world is the purpose of your derogatory  last statement of referring to Goldberg as brainless and Zionists. First, Goldberg wasn’t the author. Second, even though this is Goldberg’s column, he may not have agreed with the total context of the writing but simply agreed with the author’s right to state free speech. You do not know but are stating something that has a bias. I tend to agree with A. Louis that the FBI was asked to investigate Nakoula and to determine if there was a way to shut him up or arrest him. Did the FBI get lucky and found that Nakoula had a record? I sure don’t know but it does sound fishy.  

  • JohnHD

    This is as you say Arthur. Where is the Civil Liberties Union? It’s unbelievable that the citizens if these United States aren’t protesting in groups like those Muslim idiots. What has happened to this country that we even allow such a shameful person as Obama even enter the White House let alone serve there. I know I will be scorned for saying this, but I must say it. His actions duplicate those of another former head of state called Adolf Hitler. This guy and his political hacks have to go. Another 4 years of Obama and we will be exactly like Germany was under Hitler’s dictatorship. Ha has already got a big start with his  shadow law using the unconstitutional executive privilege. I challenge anyone to show me where this privilege is allowed under the constitution.

    • Artlouis

       He is shameless and ruthless.

  • billmorgenstein

    Not only should be Obama be voted out but he should be impeached and his cohorts fired!

  • Makemelaugh1

    Attacks marked the anniversary of 9/11?
    Those attacks were a DIRECT RESULT of Obama, et.al. “spiking the football” and bragging that Osama is dead and GM is alive.
    How much “in your face” do you tyhink these fanatics were going to take before striking back?

    • Artlouis

       I agree with you, but it does seem as though they chose the 9/11 anniversary  for full effect.

    • Redeemed357

      why can it not be a combination of both?  Could it not be that Biden’s big mouth at the DNC convention was “in your face”—-distorted as it may have been—GM is ALIVE?  I thought it stilled owed the taxpayers 26 BILLION dollars—Osama may be dead but now will Biden say—-GM is Alive and Osama and Chris Stevens and one information specialist and two navy seals are DEAD—DEAD—-DEAD!!!!  Thanks team…keep on spiking that football and someone is going to notice you are doing it to SPITE the terrorists.  (I checked the word in the dictionary—and though you never use it—yep—if it looks like an act of terror—sounds like an act of terror—-smells like an act of terror—and videos like an act of terror—it IS AN ACT OF TERROR.)

    • Drew Page

      It wasn’t just Obama spiking the football on getting Bin Laden.   Just a few weeks ago it was reported in the media that one of Obama’s drones got the #2 man in Al Qaeda.  Prior to that there were other Al Qaeda taken out by drones.    The terrorists wanted to get some pay back and picking 9/11/12 was no coincidence.   I hear things on the news like security of our embassies in the middle east is being sub-contracted out to private vendors.  I have a hard time believing this.  I further hear that when Marines are on duty protecting embassies, they are forbidden from having live ammo in their rifles.     How are they supposed to defend the embassies or themselves without ammunition?    How g.d. goofy is this administration?    Is Leon Panneta really that stupid?

  • kcinco

    Where are the attempts to impeach this president?  He is certainly worthy of it, 100  times over.  

    • Artlouis

       As someone pointed out, we do have the election coming up. It would be easy to impeach him, but there are not enough votes in the Senate to convict.

      • Larry B

        Art, as presently constituted, the Harry Reid Senate would vote to honor him with a three-day weekend “National Holiday.”  Even McCain would be a co-sponsor, since the president is not an “arab,” but a really super nice guy!

      • 5843supie

        ya think ?

    • 5843supie

      I think it’s like…   a hundred and two…

  • Jcrides

    The sad result of the federal educational system to teach people how not to think!  Common sense in America has gone out the window. Illiteracy is rampant. Liberals in particular will not use real facts and truth as their guide. Wrong is right, and Right is wrong in their eyes. Lies and distortions are their creed. Deception of truth & honesty, belies their And our misfortune, should they not see what will happen to my country if Obama is re-elected. He (Obama) is a fascist!! The marxist ideology born of his parents and grandparents who were all communist, will lead to the failure of our nation.

    • Artlouis

      It does look  bad for what we used to call the American Way. Anybody know anything about New Zealand?

    • Redeemed357

      and don’t forget—if you challenge ANYTHING—you are labeled a RACIST!!!! Give me a break….

      • Alden514

        R357…I dislike his white half just as much! 

  • Dogmanpete

    This is another reason why Obama should be voted out.  My biggest fear is that if Obama stays, we could end up with mini civil war.  This nation is already divided and anger against each other is spilling. 

    • Artlouis

       Unfortunately, Obama has demonstrated a willingness to tyrannically crush opposition. 

  • ginger

    First..for any Foreign leader or person to demand of US, the people of America to do or not do anything here in OUR country is insane and the worst part is for obama to get in front of the world and Apoligize for OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH is reason enough to charge him( obama) with treason…to allow obama to continue is worse..it is incumbent upon us, the American people to put a stop to this garbage.

    • Artlouis

       Yes. Just 37 days to go.

      • Redeemed357

        If he is voted out—keep someone on call at the Congress every night—and don’t forget to keep someone cued about “Executive Orders” he will sign in the middle of the night.  November is a good start—but with a lame duck president—-we will become a lame duck republic.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.babbitt1 Michael Babbitt

    This is one time I believe that talk of impeachment would be justified. Luckily, we have na election coming up. For Obama to use the FBI and the legal system to supress freedom of speech is a gross violation of his duties as president – so as to cover up the pure incompetence and failure of his administration’s response to threats in the Middle East.

    • Artlouis

       Thanks. Couldn’t agree more.

  • http://twitter.com/Jcdavidson37 John C. Davidson

    Sad, but a prime example of how those in power do everything possible to restrict our right to question their intent.

    • Artlouis

      Yes, the President’s power is awesome if he chooses to misuse it, obviously despite the Constitution. 

  • Alden514

    Arthur, your use of the term “inconvenient obstacles” to describe the Constitution and Amendments (as regarded by the obama administration) is sadly and pathetically a summary OF the administration.  How brilliant that you could capture it in two words.
    That pathetically bad little video was out for months before 9/11 “2” happened, probably seen by NOT ONE of the terrorists.  As so many accused the Bush admin of 9/11…I’m beginning to believe the current administration started the whole “let’s blame the You Tube video” for something they were aware of long before it took place.
    For what “means to an end” is anybody’s guess…but I’ve got a few frightening thoughts on that one…

    • Artlouis

       Thanks. Sound thoughts always welcome here.

  • NS Sherlock

    I think the feds (in their haste to arrest Nakoula and make him the scapegoat) have officially made him a ‘cult hero’.

    • Artlouis

       I don’t think Democrats know how to react to this. I don’t see much defense of Obama on this issue on the blogs. Occasionally, someone will lamely exclaim: “Well, after all he IS a parole violator.” But most Dems probably would like to see this go away.

  • venter

    We agree again.  This great big cover up for  9/11 ‘TWO’ is also a cover up for tampering with the consitution.  Lets watch out for executive orders that will alter enternet use.  What a fraud against the american people.  The video seen by no one until it was used to cover up what the government has done by not taking acting on the information they had.  We need some heads to roll (along with Nakaula’s)  because our enemies are waiting. This is a very serious  problem.  The college fraturnity  that is running Washington needs to leave.  We need to know now what is happening.  Obama is worried about relection we are worried about our safety, our constitution and getting answers about  this Benghazi-gate .  I perfer calling this mess 9/11 ‘Two’.  No more money going to the middle east for now.  It can go to balance the budget.    ACLU where are you?  A second thought Nakaula,  Ms.Rice planned  fall guy and fall lady???????????????  I’m thinking too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Artlouis

       9/11 Two sounds appropriate. This should be the final straw, prompting the voters to send Obama packing. We’ll see.

  • Jpindorski1

    Ah,  Goldberg didn’t write this piece.   And I don’t think  the author,  Arthur Louis is Jewish.   :)

  • Drew Page

    Seems like Lindsy Lohan gets orders from judges all the time and violates them.  Haven’t seen her spending much time in jail.   Maybe she isn’t a real person though.   And who are the “real people” you recommend Bernie (who didn’t write the article) should hang with, parole violators and other assorted law breakers who have first-hand experience of what it takes to get thrown in jail?

  • http://www.LuckyLuxtonAffiliateMarketing.com/ Keith “Lucky” Luxton

    Yeah, who turned the liberal judge loose on him. An Obama lacky.  I do not know of Judges who keep track of all the people they have put on probation.
    It was pure coincidence that the guy who put the movie out was found to have broken his probation rules.
    Why arent you pushing for the arrest of Obama for all the laws he has declined to obay and enforce.

  • Alden514

    I agree…typical liberal…doesn’t know how to read.

  • Alden514

    :)  Good point…keep counting!

  • NS Sherlock

    Did you text this comment from your ‘bamaphone while waiting in line for your food stamps?

  • Cbkaufman

    You’re waiting for it to end for at least 10 years now and yet you still follow him. What a fake you are, not to mention another Ahmidenijad following anti-semite, based on your angry barbs. 

  • Drew Page

    He is not admitting to half a brain, he was talking to people like you  —  and being generous.

  • Drew Page

    So, it’s Bush’s fault.   How original.  We have never heard that before.

  • 5843supie

    no drew,   pay attention…     bush started out with good intentions as well,  to unite…   but it couldn’t be done..    Obama has not been able to do it either…      it’s sad..
    maybe it can start with you and I…   let’s not try to make each
    other look stupid,    O K

  • 5843supie

    yup   :)