Obama Picks Up a Crucial Demographic

Ok, now Mitt Romney’s in real trouble.

Not because of that New York Times/CBS News poll that showed him trailing President Obama in Ohio and Florida – by a lot.  Romney supporters have already written off the poll saying it’s over-weighted with Democrats.

No, Romney is in trouble because an important American icon has endorsed the president.  And not just any important American icon, but a classy, sophisticated, sweetie pie American icon of the female persuasion who is admired and respected my millions of American women – a demographic, as we all know, that is crucially important to any candidate who wants to win.

So who is this woman who alone can swing this election?  Madonna.  Who else?

This is huge, which I will explain right after you read Madonna’s endorsement, which she made at her concert in Washington, D.C.  Rarely has a star been so eloquent.  Here are Madonna’s exact words.

“And now it is so amazing and incredible to think that we have an African-American in the White House. Y’all better vote for f–king Obama, OK? For better or for worse, all right?”

The crowd cheered.  Who wouldn’t?  And when the adoration died down, Madonna continued.

“We have a black Muslim in the White House!” she said. “Now that is some sh*t. That is amazing sh*t. It means there is hope in this country.”

Frankly, I did not know that Barack Obama was a black Muslim.  I thought only delusional morons on the Right thought he was.  But I guess I was wrong.

After the endorsement, Madonna took off her shirt and pulled down her pants to reveal the name “OBAMA” written in all capital letters across her lower back.

“When Obama is in the White House for a second term I’ll take it all off,” she said, before treating her fans to a sexy version of “Like a Virgin.”

Why is all this so important, you naively ask?  Because no candidate in the past 200 years has won the White House without the all-important “Women-Over-50-Who-Dress-Like-a 13-year old-Skank” vote.

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  • TexMexSoup

    Madonut is nothing but a Luciferian whore of Babylon.  You are right, he can have that endorsement.  

  • Danna Mayhall

    To sendtheclunkerbacktochicago:  I don’t see that reading this article was a waste of time.  I enjoy a moment or two of sarcasm and this article is dripping with it.  By the way, I do like your screen name, sendtheclunker, etc.  I agree with the sentiment wholeheartedly.  Bernie, thanks for the laugh.  These days we need all the laughs we can get.

  • Selso9

    I think that Romney has a good opportunity for a political ad.  Just run the video of bimbo MADonna endorsing Obama and shouting the F word.  Maybe some idiots will find this attractive, but I’m bstting most people will find it is a true picture of a typical Obama voter, and they won’t want to be linked with them.

  • Dennis Carstens

    Madonna is entitled to her opinion just like everybody else. 

    • Troy Phillips

      “Madonna is entitled to her opinion just like everybody else.” Yep – and so are you. Let’s see how long before that freedom is gone. I know, you still naively think it will just be us evil capitalists that will get censored, not you.

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    What is really sad about this brief article is that Bernie Goldberg spent more than one sentence on this and I spent two minutes of my life reading it. 

  • Concernedmimi

    Madonna is a poor excuse of a human being!

  • Otto Maddock

    I think seeing the Material Girl living under Sharia law and wearing a burqa would (almost) be worth the price of admission.

  • soundnfury

    Madonna reminds me of a dried up old whore who is desperate to prove that she’s still got it.

    • asl3676

      What a joke…its so easy to rile up the angry old white folks that Bernie doesn’t even have to come up with anything original to whine about….After lObama wins the whiners on this site will have four more years to express their fear and hate…Bernie can lead his flock in blaming the media for Romney’s loss…

  • Luckyl20

    Come on mr Goldberg, this sarcastic rant is beneath you. We all know Madonna is a lip synching has been looking for any attention at any price. I’d be more interested in knowing how many people walked out after that stupid rant.

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    Obama cannot be a Muslim, his wife dresses too American and he eats too much pork.  That being said Bernie,  you as a career journalist should be able to spot a fraud, a criminal and a liar when you come across one.  Obama is a fraud, a criminal and a liar, that is much worse than being a “black Muslim.”  Just think, if Madonna thinks this fraud, criminal and liar is a Muslim, how many more of those libs believe he is a “Muslim.”  

  • asl3676

    Ignore the polls….Romney is well ahead in Utah, Alabama and Missisippi….

    • soundnfury

      That should cancel out the Dearborn Muslim, Upper East Side Jewish, the Chicago Teachers union and California Nut Case vote.

      • asl3676

        Jews live on the upper west side …..get your bigoted facts right…

        • soundnfury

          OK, I’ll make a note of that while you learn to spell “Mississippi”, Einstein.

          • asl3676

            Was Einstein another Upper East Side Jew?

          • soundnfury

            You kill me. You seem to think you can freely take shots at Mormons & southerners, but any reference to liberal Jews or Obama’s other pet groups is bigoted. I don’t know if Einstein lived on the Upper East Side or West Side, but one thing is self-evident… you’re definitely no Einstein.

          • asl3676

            I dont want to kill you….You’ll waste away on fear and hatred all by yourself….I can recommend some good restaurants on the Upper West Side if you’d like….LOL

        • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

          Jews are brilliant people when it comes to making a living and using their creative skills to benefit humanity but when it comes to picking political leaders they are boneheads.   They actually fell hook, line and sinker for two words, “hope and change.”  Now one would think that after four years of NO HOPE and CHANGE for the worse that one wouldn’t need a two by four to knock some sense into them.  

          • asl3676

            Thanks for sharing your bigoted views with the rest of your fellow racists and bigots who read Bernie Goldberg’s crap…

          • Ns Sherlock

            I would say that also includes you.

          • Troy Phillips

             Bigot……bigot…..ahhhh, reacist……….homophobe….ahhhh, did I say bigot? You’re a bore.

          • MaggieL56

            I could never understand why the Jews vote Democrat

    • Phil Silverman

      Great! That’s like, five Electoral votes!!

  • Machetedontext


  • Deny916

    She is just too funny to be taken seriously…and lady I really hope you get to keep ALL your clothes on!

    • asl3676

      Madonna is as serious as Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin… which means she’s not too serious..

      • soundnfury

        But you still take her seriously, don’t you?

      • maggiemi

        Madonna is a joke

      • Cbkaufman

        Ah, yes, the “I disagree with someone’s politics, so I belittle them personally because I’m unable to actually discuss the issues” side, heard from once again. 
        Both of the personalities that you mention are both serious and intelligent. However, one – Coulter, is inflammatory and sesnsationalistic, which detracts from her points which could be made and heard better were she to be able to play nicely with others. 
        Michelle Malkin, on the other hand, is both intelligent, articulate and able to have a dialogue with others. Degrading her shows one’s smallness and immaturity when you just throw out an insult but don’t even attempt to support it with something specific and fall back on tired insults.
        Madonna may or may not be intelligent. I don’t know because she doesn’t put that side of her personality/character out there to confront the issues that she feels strongly about. Instead she resorts to flippant sensationalistic pandering to an audience that only wants her for that side of her personality, so she curses and says general silliness to get the applause, hoots and hollowers that she gets paid to produce. 
        Comparing these two to Madonna is an example of the poster’s lack of understanding the issues and inability to respond like an adult. 

  • Lewisdunn62

    if this country starts to relie on people like that stupid madonna  im moving to russia they are stupid but have more since than mad-dona

  • Lewisdunn62

    madona is freaking idiot drug addict

  • KE21e6J7

    alright, alright…Madonna. Yuk yuk. less “flambouynat” but spaced out RIGHTIES have endorsed alot of Republicans, my man. Like, say, Nugent,  Eastwood, Voight. Sorry Bern’…no seegah.

    • Cbkaufman

      Someone is spaced out because you disagree with them. Mature.

      • Phil Silverman

        Is someone spaced out if they like Madonna?

        • Cbkaufman

          No, she’s an entertainer. Different tastes for different folks. But I’m not bashing people that I disagree with as you did.

  • Gclefginger

    My depressing funk just instantly disappeared!

  • http://www.buttonflybooks.com/ Buttonfly Books

    Roffle – This made me spit coffee on my keyboard!

  • Rwills

    Yay! Bernie

  • FloridaJim

    Obama is going for and getting all the “misfits-who-want-a socialist-give me- government” like Greece. These dolts like Madonna don’t realize what we are hearing about Greece is just the tip of the problem. Greece and Spain are sinking with 25% unemployment and food shortages and the lamestream media is not reporting this because they realize someday Americans, like the misfits, will awaken and understand Obama’s path to destroy America was real.

    • asl3676

      Let’s not forget the right wing sluts like Michele Malkin, Ann Coulter and Monica Crowley….At least Madonna has been a highly successful entertainer..What talent do the right wing sluts have?

      • Cbkaufman

        Now listen young man, you’re going to be in big trouble when your mommy gets home and catches you on her computer. Immature posts like yours are a dead give away as to your age.

        • asl3676

           As I have passed my 60th birthday i will take this as a compliment…..Thanks…LOL

          • Troy Phillips

             You certainly prove the theory that grown libs suffer from an arrested level of  maturity. Still that 5 yr old kid throwing your temper tantrum because everybody’s not giving you everything you deserve.

          • asl3676

            I have everything I want…I especially have the satisfation of knowing that the righy wing haters candidate wont win the election…

          • maggiemi56

            Age doesn’t make you smarter…
            Just gives you more years as a jerk….

      • soundnfury

        I bet you cheered when Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a slut too, didn’t you? After all, that’s what vile liberals like you do… calling conservative women whores will cheering on the real whores like Madonna & Sandra Bernhardt.

      • FloridaJim


        • asl3676

          Big Mouths….Shit for brains…

  • Ted Crawford

    Yet another Skank endorsement. Like the other skank who spoke on stage at the DNC, each with the self-admitted morality of alley cats, find they like Obama. Well birds of a feather do tend to stick together, Bill Clinton must be in Heaven with these types handing around, Hillary is usually out of town and Bill has a fresh supply of Cigars on hand!

  • genann59

    Man, I almost choked on my coffee when I read that last sentence. You are going to kill me yet. Love ya.

  • Weather

    Bernie, this is absolutely priceless!  You are the Best!  Love, wealth and health your beautiful family for the New Year!

  • Sweetrae aka: LeAnn

    Well we know Maobama has the moocher, parasite , and leech vote. We know now he has a battle Skank who’s been ridden harder and longer than Secretariat vote as well. 

    • Phil Silverman

      She parties with Clint Eastwood! hehehe

  • Light_V_Dark

    Adult_Children are»»»EVIL¿!

    0mamma disciple of Colour, shrieked—HE GAVE US A PHONE»»»HE GONNA DO MO»»»ROMNEY SUX¡!



    0mamma eat corn on the cob»»LENGTHWISE!¡

  • Randy

    I don’t think it’s just the “Women-Over-50-Who-Dress-Like-a 13-year old-Skank” vote he’s going for.  That’s too limiting.  I think he’s actually going for the complete idiot vote.  That’s the only demographic that could possible believe he’s going to do anything positive about unemployment, or anything positive for the country, or even anything he’s said he will do.  The only two things he’s accomplished is the end of healthcare as we know it which he never really campained on; and killing Bin Laden which even he is not stupid enough to vote present on.

    • genann59

       I agree Randy, he has killed Bin Laden and good healthcare in the US. Only accomplishments to speak of. He sees himself as eye candy also, which is why, I guess he’d rather be on Letterman and the View than meet with the heads of other countries, who might not slobber all over him like Letterman and most of the women on the View do. SHRIEK!!! I can hardly wait until we get a real president in this country again.

      • Randy

        You are correct.  To call this man an amateur is to insult the true amateurs of the world.

      • Phil SilvermanBeauzee

        Vote for Romney! Get us back into Iraq and into tow new wars, Syria and Iran! Top tax rate – 25%. Privatize Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Post Office.

  • venter

    I guess when a Liberal  calls Obama a Muslim it’s  o.k.    She brought this information , that Obama is the first black muslim president,  to America’s attention,  She did it with such class?  However she should have  talked to Morgan Freeman first!

  • EddieD_Boston

    Madonna becomes more of a cartoon character each year. She’s irrelevant.

  • lemonfemale

    Lady Gaga to Obama
    “I want your drama, the touch of your hand
    I want your leather-studded kiss in the sand
    I want your love”
    and him to us
    “You know that I want you
    And you know that I need you
    I want it bad, bad, bad romance’

  • Roadmaster

    When she offered to strip if Obama wins was enough reason for me NOT to vote for him – not that I have or ever would.  I will vote for Modanna as Skank of the Century – this one and the last.

  • kcinco

    You had me freaking out there for a minute!  I wish Madonna would just take her five pounds of face makeup and go away.  

    • Phil Silverman

      She should run off with Clint Eastwood!

  • ChagT

    sick worthless bitch

  • Wiley

    That person has always been rated as a freak. not to many Americans listen to her.she is jost  fuel of only she can say the word.sssssssssss

  • brendan horn

    Madonna deserves a trophy for world’s stupidest celebrity endorsement ever. 

    • brendan horn

      I am surprised Madonna did not say: “Free contraception, wahoo!!”

  • Brushfour

    Even if Obama were a black muslim,…why does that = equal Hope.  I’ve never understood why some people, (particularly on the Left), feel that if someone is of a certain ethnicity, that it alone will bring some kind of undefined ” hope ” or answers for all of humanity.  

  • Shane

    So Madonna has joined the Obama worshipers in Hollywood. If only these liberal twits would love their country as much as they love Obama. At least Madonnna is no longer speaking with a British accent. 

  • Gerpac

    Here is a brief and important  message we should be getting out to our friends.
    The future of America is at stake in this election. If Obama is re-elected he will complete his quest to turn America into a Socialist/Marxist state. It is a simple as that.

    • Crex50

      But Romney can’t learn that “it is NOT the economy, stupid!” Heard him talk hardly at all about loss of Constitutional freedoms or threats of militant Islam?

  • Crex50

    Gee, Bernie, you laugh at Birthers despite the BC being an obvious forgery and now claim not to know Oblahblahma is a muslim despite book comments (“i will stand with..”) and slips about “my muslim faith” and dissing the bible and praising the Holy Koran and setting up militant Islamic states across the Mid-East ??? Who’ smore delusional than you Estab. R’s????

    • NS Sherlock

      I like smores!

  • Jack

    As a moderate who voted for Obama I am tired of all the celebrity attention he gets.  Going on the View and Letterman during a time of crisis in the Middle East while refusing to meet with world leaders at the United Nations is just the latest of four years of this nonsense.  It degrades the Office and sends a terrible message to the rest of the world.  I refuse to support celebrities like Madonna, George Clooney and so many others who shove their limousine liberal BS down our throats while living the most despicable lifestyles of  gas guzzling jets, expensive clothes, exotic vacations, etc.  I’m from the Old School of Blue Dog Union Democrats who loves his country while acknowledging its shortcomings.  I believe in gay marriage, separation of Church and State, welfare for those who need it,  but also a strong military for defense, the right of the unborn, less government regulation and certainly don’t believe all Republicans and conservatives are evil.  The polarization in this country is terrible and I don’t need Jon Stewart, Rush Limbaugh or anybody else telling me what to think.  Madonna needs to concentrate on being a role model for her children instead of being a child herself.  More importantly, Obama needs to BE the president and stop parading around like a celebrity wannabe.  Otherwise, my vote goes to Romney.  

    • Jay Nelson

      She is a role model for a lot of people in this country with a BIG following, that’s why it’s an important endorsement. Just shows how smart she really is.

    • Deny916

      Great post Jack!  I am the 8th of your likes!  It’s nice to know there are still sane moderates out there!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sharon.kentneedham Sharon Kent-Needham

    When the Islamists kill as many Christians and Jews as possible and go to their reward in hell I hope all the virgins look like Madonna… :+)

    • Deny916

      Without her 5 pounds of make up on!

  • Webmaster

    Madonna, JayZ and Beyonce, Letterman, The VIEW? It reads
    like a new iPod title for Obama’s 1% listening file while four of our treasures
    murdered in Libya were ignored. That is until Obama made time for a photo op at
    their funeral, then rushing off again in our Air Force One to do more fund
    raisers. Who exactly are these people that are so anxious to give this man more
    of their money that they have less of?

    You might be interested in a HTML e-mail I released last
    night to my short list that includes retired military, being very blunt about
    this president who is now reported to have known days before the Sunday news
    shows that those four Americans were killed by terrorists and NOT because of a
    film released last summer, Obama’s original excuse to apologize to the rioting
    Muslims that burned our flags across the Mideast.

    In that e-mail I posted a stunning interview I picked up
    from MRC by a British online newscaster with an elderly Coptic Priest from
    Egypt, who has a bounty on his head by Muslims. I didn’t know the following,
    because no one in the media has reported it, but did you know this Coptic
    Priest knows the film’s producer and what his Coptic Christians have gone
    through at the hands of Muslims?

    And what is more stunning is that the Priest confirms,
    while acknowledging the video trailer was poorly done, ALL but one of the
    film’s claims were true according to the Muslim’s OWN books. Check out the
    interview for yourself. You can’t miss it, a two-part video.


    Wake up, America! A fire alarm is going off in your house
    and you have your earplugs in listening to Obama’s 1% iPod recording again and
    again, kindly provider by his advertiser, the mainstream media.


  • Elaine Coyle

    Seriously, are there even any Democrats who care what Madonna thinks?

  • Kuchlenz

    At her age, I interpret this as a threat to Obama voters. She must be a Romney supporter.

  • nickshaw

    But, but, we’ve got Mike Rowe!
    Well okay, the skank demographic of today’s America is far greater than the folks who do dirty jobs.

  • Chip

    I hope she doesn’t have to get naked.  She’s beginning to look a lot like Baby Jane .

  • Ber250

    Well good for her and good for Obama…2 peas in a pod!

  • http://twitter.com/Trochilus Trochilus

    There really were two distinctively outrageous “actions” on her part during this freakish interaction.

    The first was more speech related — actually uttering the “We have a black Muslim in the White House!” comment.  Her first words were really just a lead-in, a way of focusing or warming up the crowd for that doozie!

    The second was less speech and more action oriented: actually yanking down her trou to expose the word “OBAMA” printed in all caps just above her backside, with a promise to show all if he wins.

    I’d say we should consider this possibility . . . maybe, just maybe, she has a friend, or (more likely) a business collaborator, who is writing a book entitled:

     “The 100 Stupidest Things Madonna Has Ever Done Or Said.”

    And, they only had a solid 98.   

    So, with two to go, she graciously stepped up to the plate with this current dual offering.

  • Paul Courtney

    On another front, I was wondering why it took Obama so long to admit Libya was a terror attack.  Probably inspiration just came to D. Axelrod yesterday-If this was terrorist attack, must be…Bush’s fault!  Yeah, that’s the ticket….

    • Shane

       The Obama administration has denied that all the terrorists attacks against our country during his term were committed by Islamic Jihadists. Most notably, they still consider Major Hasan’s attack at Fort Hood as “workplace violence,” even though Hasan called himself a “soldier of allah.” The Obama administration does not want to state the obvious truth that the terrorists are mostly devout Muslims who are killing in the name of Muhammad.

    • NS Sherlock

      Because there’s a war on the word “terrorist” in this administration.

  • Paul Courtney

    Bernie:  If she promised to keep her clothes on, I’d promise to vote for Obama!

  • http://apostrophejones.com/ Gloves Donahue


    Was she one of the singers on the Lawrence Welk Show?

    My grandfather used to watch that, so he might have heard of her.

  • Juggy

    Classy gal.

  • James King

    I strongly disagree, and I am not for BO. Romney is in trouble because he is a bad candidate and because he is a liberal. The morons who vote for BO won’t vote for a less liberal. Why should they? BO is everything liberal. Romney is just something liberal. If the GOP had had the character to nominate Ron Paul, he would have been ahead by 30 points stronger than he was in the last poll that had him defeating BO.

    So, get used to it. BO is bull of BS, and he’s going to have four more years to further destroy the U.S. Constitution. They will begin with convincing American moron voters that the popular vote is where the results should be, not the Electoral College. When that happens you will know that America is finished as a nation that honors individual rights.

    • Artlouis

       The difference with Madonna is that she cultivates the image. She  would be disappointed if you didn’t call her slut, would feel that she had failed somehow.

    • http://www.facebook.com/masculist.man Masculist Man

      There has been corruption during the voting process by the Republican hierarchy to get this outcome. You are right,Ron Paul would have been the people’s candidate. He would have also been the establishment’s worst nightmare too that is why they conspired against him:  


  • Libertyman

    Strange comments from someone who reveres the British lifestyle and resides in Britain most of the time. Heck, she even taken on speaking mostly in an English accent.  She has the gall to tell American citizens who they should vote for? Madonna, if you like Britain so much why don’t you renounce your American citizenship and stop lecturing us on who we should vote for and clean up your foul mouth!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kenneth-Glenn-Koons/1313421958 Kenneth Glenn Koons

    Nope Bernie. The black lady today on Drudge telling the world, she got a free Obama phone. Yikes. The victims line up behind Obama so they can milk the producers in this nation. She has more sway than Madonna. Yikes again. How can any sane American follow this lady’s advice and endorsement????

  • asl3676

    Great to see Bernie is spending so much time coming up with insightful election analysis for his flock of angry old white people…..Has he run out of rants about the MSM?

  • k962

     Want to see a typical Obama voter?  Watch this!


  • http://www.facebook.com/masculist.man Masculist Man

    When I look at Madonna she typifies everything the democratic party holds dear:rabid feminism,however feminism has permeated both parties at this point or Palin would never had gone anywhere near it. Feminism has destroyed the family,wrecked misandry  across not only the United States but the Anglosphere as well.  It is a cancer and like a cancer it must be cut out or it will destroy all in its path. 

    • cmdorsey

      Ha! I agree with you and I’m a woman. Many woman are successful without following the Feminism Cult. I’m one of them. Those idiots want attention and they want to be worshipped as they are only women and they have to do everything, work, have the babies, raise the babies, it’s disgusting.  When I graduated in 1976, this BS was the new fad. So I went to college for a year, then got married and started a family a couple years later. But we women at that time were being pulled in all different directions because of the loud mouth bra-burners. So we were made to feel stupid and guilty if we didn’t get a job, but made to feel guilty if we didn’t start the family. But once the family comes along, all you want to do is be home with them. Now we have free-for-all breeding with welfare if you have 25 babies and free medical care if you get a disease. The fatherless families are causing this culture rot, of course, with help from the LEFTISTS. We have GERIATRIC WOODSTOCK PMS women running this country now. Pelosi Botox Swamp Queen, BoxerShorts, Marxine Waters, Clintons, well you know who they are. I think what these femi nazies, as RUSH calls them, have done to men is absolutely sickening. They have made it seem like men are only good for sperm donors. These idiots think they can raise a child with no man needed, just the sperm. Then we have kids who would give anything to have a dad. I feel important and appreciated when a man opens a door for me or whatever gentlemen used to do.  The dumbest thing invented was the sperm banks. Oh what a novelty until they start screwing up the records and brothers and sisters end up marrying or any one of several outcomes. Thanks for letting me vent!!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/masculist.man Masculist Man

        Thank you for posting. 

        I’m a Men’s Rights Activist(MRA) or Masculist. Some of the concerns we have that we would like to everyone to know about are: selective service (only MEN are REQUIRED to sign up or no benefits and possible prison time),disparate sentencing in a crime (she gets less time than he does for the same crime or she gets probation while he gets incarceration),if they are partners in crime and if they are successful they split everything up equally. If they are caught she can pin everything on him and turn on the waterworks if necessary to get out of it. The same thing with the death penalty: women are exempt,judges and juries won’t order it…unless the convicted is a man then they will. The Wage Gap Myth is a lie. Warren Farrell proved that in Why Men Earn More. If there is a war men are the ones who are sent to the front lines. I’ve read comments from serviceMEN who tell me that women have it a lot easier than the men,whether stateside or overseas.

        There’s more,Google or Yahoo “men’s rights blog”.

        • cmdorsey

          Hey Mr. Masculist!! I am happy that you are getting this information out to people. I know it’s all true but just shoved under the rug. Women DO have it easier, I can’t agree more. When the car breaks down, call the man. When you get a flat tire, call the man. Shoveling snow, call the man. The feminist cult have bigger egos than ANY man I’ve met in my entire life. But like you said, when one of these egofeminists gets into BIG trouble, the tears come out and it’s the guy who gets her out of trouble. It is VERY one-sided, like you say, in the court system. Several years ago I was listening to a talk radio show about this very subject. A service member who was serving the country, the wife wouldn’t wait for him, and ends up with another man. The service member hasn’t got any choices. It wouldn’t be so bad, but usually there are children involved and the poor service member has to worry about what the kids may be going thru with this new guy in their lives. I think that if these feminazies want to have EQUAL this and EQUAL that, they need to prove they are like the guys. But God made man and woman for special things. Men can’t give birth. Men are basically made physically larger and stronger than women. Anyway, I could go on with that but these femies hold the fact that men can’t give birth, over their heads. But they will take his sperm. I am a woman and I agree with you and have noticed all of things we’ve discussed. It’s a great idea to have a Men’s Rights group or Masculist as you say. I wasn’t aware of anything like that!! This EQUAL wage BS is ridiculous. I grew up on a farm and was the middle child of two boys. So of course, I tried to give them a run for their money. I was a tuffy and I worked really hard right along with them. Cuz I was trying to prove something. But nature eventually takes over and you grow up to realize what your role is in life. Sandra Fluck and those women drive me absolutely NUTS. I have no interest in FREE birth control or FREE abortions. For one thing, I pay for whatever I need. For another thing, these idiots leave out a whole block of women who don’t need or want anything free such as this and I don’t feel like we SHOULD be forced to pay for. We have another generation of Femnazi’s. And they are getting more disgusting with each generation. The more they want equality, the more they screech to be treated with respect from men. RUSH has been right on about this subject FOR YEARS. I’m glad I found your post and thank you for informing me about this!! GOD BLESS & I will check out the men’s rights blog!!

          • http://www.facebook.com/masculist.man Masculist Man

            Thank you for being fair-minded about this. It is very refreshing.  Yes,you are right about Rush. In fact when Rush talked about Warren Farrell’s The Myth Of Male Power many moons ago I was intrigued so I went out and bought a copy. What motivated me to do so was being a man on the wrong side of feminism. Farrell’s book really opened my eyes and changed my life for the better.

          • cmdorsey

            Oh I am fair minded. God gave me common sense. I’m sorry you found yourself in the situation of being on wrong side of feminism cult. What I’ve done is put myself in the shoes of many, many men who are nagged as soon as they come in the door. Hell, I wouldn’t want to be treated that way!!! It’s supposed to be a two-way street. Believe me, I have tusselled with MANY of those Byches too. And I’m NOTHING like that AT all. Too many egos these days. This country is so full of the Culture of Rot, it’s amazing. My dad taught me alot. A lot. He had some alcohol problems. I love my mother to death but as I think about things, she could be a little naggy at him. I forgave him of the alcohol many years ago. It was his way of dealing with things. He passed away in June 2009 and I miss him so much. We did have many good years together and we became very close. It seems your parents get very wise as YOU get older. I’ll have to look into that book and have my grandson read it one day. I am so anxious about the futures of my kids, grandkids. I’ve communicated with so many great people since 2009 on twitter, and on these types of websites. I am glad that book helped you. Rush is a very smart guy, I don’t care what the LEFT says about him. Let’s keep in touch!! If you do have a twitter find me at cmdorsey. GOD BLESS YAA!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tony-Moschetti/100002848817404 Tony Moschetti

    Yes, Obama has corraled the moron, no not Mormon, vote!

    But here is a much more instructive picture of the Obama voter:

    • k962

       Oh you beat me to it!

    • Phil Silverman

      Great! Vote for Romney! Then we can return to Irq and start wars in Iran and Syria! We can repeal AHCA! And Romneycare, too!

  • Brhurdle

    I thought Madonna resided in London – is she still eligible to vote in the US? If the answer is yes, would it be possible to persuade her to move her citizenship to GB.

  • Iklwa

    The whole Madonna extravaganza would be humorous…if it were not so tragic.
    It is tragic because:
    1 There is a moronic segment of America that actually looks to this moron for political guidance
    2. This moron actually believes her own hyperbole
    3. Only conservative web-sites and Fox News reported the “black Muslim” moronic comment
    As one of my favorite radio talk show hosts apparently accurately says,” President Obama is going for the moron vote.” It appears his plan is working.
    I can only wonder what polling outfit did the study that led the Obama team to the conclusion that garnering the “moron vote” would put them over the top.
    Here I was thinking the ever-vaunted “independent vote” was the constituency both parties were so interested in capturing.
    Does this mean I’m a moron too?

  • Dallas

    Come on, Bernie…Obama always had the moronic illiterate vote. Madonna may have hurt since her rant got national coverage

  • rbblum

    Recently exposing an overabundance of ‘skin’ during a foreign concert, it was expressed that Madonna was ‘over the hill’. . . . appearing to be a product of entertainment that is not aging well. . . . whether in show . . . . or tell.  

  • Projournalist

    The fact you spent time writing this proves she’s as relevant as ever. And using the word slut to refer to a woman proves white Republican males don’t get why the majority of women are leaning more and more Democrat.

    • mykhel

      Just curious, do you think there is  any category of behavior  where it is appropriate to use the descriptive and meaningful noun slut, or do you think it is inappropriate under any circumstances, in essence suggesting that its usage should be banned from the language?   

      I’m sure as a journalist you are familiar with the nuances of the language, so an example of its appropriate use, as you see it, would be instructive.  

       Take your time.  We’ll wait.

    • Cbkaufman

      And did you once object, or make any other snide comment about when Ed Schultz called Laura Ingraham a “right-wing slut”, on MSNBC? I didn’t think so.

    • Dallas

      Hey…she is a slut. Truth hurt much?

  • Freedom Fighter

    No one said it better than She did.. For ALL the reasons you DON’T want your daughter to emulate or follow after her  …We should all HEED her message and VOTE FOR ROMNEY!!
    God Help us if Madonna represents or sways anyone!

  • Barjandor

    A moron endorsing a moron.  How unique! 

  • Lar9291

    If Mitt weren’t in such dire straits, I think this was funny. The fact is that he can use every vote he can find, even Madonna’s.  I’m afraid  that Obama’s going to win and that’s sad.

  • jimzien

    But she’s in good capitalist company. Investors of real money in the presidential election outcome favor President Obama to win with 70 cents of every market dollar. See http://www.intrade.com and http://tippie.uiowa.edu/iem for electoral  market makers’ current prognostications.

    • Barjandor


  • Johnny Deadline

    Yeah, this could be a game changer all right, Bernie.  Between his presidential appearances on “The View”, a radio interview with Pimp with a Limp and Madonna’s eloquent endorsement,  it’s hard to deny the Forward movement of this Hope and Change juggernaut.  Look for Obama’s Labor Dept to count the tragic loss of Ambassador Stevens and three others in the Libyan atrocity as four new shovel ready jobs.  Figure it’s just a matter of time before Obama supporters dump Biden and draft Snooki as VP.   Billy Carter was Cary Grant compared to this bunch.

    • http://www.facebook.com/masculist.man Masculist Man

      Hope and Change?

      I hope I have some change left.

      • Johnny Deadline

        In the words of America’s first black president, I feel  your pain, Masculist Man.  Many of the Obamalytes that bought into hope and change in 2008 are just hoping he’ll change in 2012.  Me too. I’m hoping he’ll change his address in January. 

  • beniyyar

    Great job, Bernie!

  • Lelandspeaks

    Madonna is an idiot

  • Fred Pasek

    I saw that clip. That was Madonna? I thought it was Tom Petty. She hasn’t aged well, has she?

  • http://twitter.com/Jcdavidson37 John C. Davidson

    You are right, Bernard. I now am going to vote for Obama so I get to see a Bush.

  • http://www.facebook.com/diane.stephan.7 Diane Stephan

    Damn Bernie, you had me worried for a minute.

  • Wheels55

    She says, “for better or worse”. Oh Lord, now we are married to Obama? I say divorce his quasi-black muslim butt immediately.

  • Kathie Ampela

    “13 year old” and “sluts” should never be used in the same sentence. Obama sat in Rev. Wright’s church for 20 years, I guess Madonna forgot about that. 

    • Cbkaufman

      Please tell us the rules of what is permissible to say and what isn’t? (Or at least what is politically correct to say and what isn’t)

      • Kathie Ampela

        Why is it politically correct to ask Bernie not to put 13 year old and sluts in the same sentence? 

        • Cbkaufman

          Why is it wrong to put the two in the same sentence? You can’t just come up with a new rule and not explain why.

  • Bruce A.

    Sultty singers over 50 with careers in their twilight often need gimmicks to sell their music. 

  • Eroslfc

    Did you even watch the footage when Madonna said “Black Muslim”? The intonation denotes sarcasm indicating she was being facetious. One thing for sure, a lot of Americans (media included) don’t seem to get wit and irony. Just watch your Hollywood comedies – jokes are always obvious and needs pointing out in order to get the audience to laugh. And that’s a sad reflection of the state of your voting public. 

    The media backlash of talking heads falling over themselves to correct “her ignorance” of Obama’s faith means one thing though. You can finally put to rest the notion that Obama is Muslim. Her quip was perhaps an unintended bait, but the bait was taken. 

    Why wasn’t there ever such a reaction whenever conservative media or birthers insinuated that Obama IS a black muslim? 

    • Sandy Paredes


    • Phantom

      You’re correct- Obama is NOT a black Muslim.

      He WAS a half-black Muslim. 

    • joer1

       There are no twisted statements that can’t be turned around by the twisted wordsmiths …. I am amazed by the “intelligence” of these folks.

  • Sharkk61

    That “slut” reference, though applicable, is a highly charged adjective BG. Ask El Rushbo…Madonna is so over…

  • Artlouis

    I believe William Henry Harrison failed to win the superannuated slut vote. They infiltrated his campaign headquarters and he wound up dead after a month in office. 

  • http://twitter.com/CrazyPackersFan Tommy Phillips

    And sadly enough, there ARE people who fall into that category.