Obama Is an Unnatural Disaster

Unlike hurricanes, cyclones, earthquakes, floods and tsunamis, Barack Obama is the one catastrophe that the environmental cuckoos can’t blame on global warming.

While I certainly understand why we conservatives regard the current administration as a plague of biblical proportions, I don’t know why liberals continue to adore Mr. Obama. I mean, even if you were a Democrat who believed that anyone would be better than John McCain, in much the same way that many of us felt George W. Bush was preferable to Gore and Kerry, I can’t fathom why so many Democrats continue to hold Obama in such high regard.

After all, ObamaCare isn’t just bad for Republicans; it’s bad for everyone. Costs and Constitutional concerns aside, when the inevitable shortage of doctors occurs, it’s not just conservatives who will be waiting weeks or months for an appointment.

If I had been silly enough to have voted for Obama in 2008, wouldn’t you expect me to be heartbroken that after all this time Gitmo is still open, jihadists will be tried by military tribunals and we have troops not only in Iraq and Afghanistan, but in Libya?

Speaking of which, wouldn’t you think that by now, the civilized world, such as it is, would know better than to interfere when Arabs and Muslims decide to kill each other? God knows they don’t often come up with a good idea, so when they finally hatch one, I feel it behooves Americans and Europeans to keep their big, fat noses out of it.

But, getting back to the topic at hand: As a Jewish Democrat, wouldn’t I be offended that Obama has sided with the so-called Palestinians on so many occasions, and has shown so much more respect and affection for Islam than for Christianity or Judaism, that many people suspect that he, himself, is a follower of Islam.

As an Hispanic Democrat, wouldn’t I be offended that after giving two-thirds of our votes to a Pro-Choice liberal, the only thing he’s done to show his appreciation is deliver a stupid, self-serving, patronizing speech involving moats and alligators in El Paso, Texas?

As an unemployed or underemployed Democrat, wouldn’t my nose be out of joint if, after squandering a trillion tax dollars on a stimulus plan he guaranteed would lower the unemployment rate to under 7%, it remained at 9% two-and-a-half years later?

As a Democrat in South Carolina or, for that matter, any other right-to-work state, why would I even consider voting for a guy whose hand-picked NLRB is trying to keep Boeing from building a plant in my state because Washington state’s labor bosses don’t want Boeing to serve as an example for other major companies? Because unions only care about dues and their own power, not about what’s good for America, they would prefer to see Boeing open a plant a few miles north in nearby Canada rather than provide jobs for Americans in Carolina. As for Boeing, I find it amazing they’ve stuck around this long when you realize that four strikes in the recent past have already cost the company nearly two billion dollars in lost revenue.

As a Democrat in Alaska, West Virginia or one of the Gulf states, why would I ever vote for a man who declared war on the coal and oil industries even before he moved into the Oval Office, and then carried through on his threats, thus not only costing me employment, but continuing our dependence on foreign, generally anti-American, energy producers?

Why, as a business owner, would I vote for a guy or a party that wants to raise my taxes, in part to pay the salaries of federal employees, the only segment of the American work force that’s continued growing — 11,000 new jobs in the first quarter of 2011 — in the years since Obama was elected?

As a colorblind Democrat who was promised a post-racial presidency, why would I support Obama and Eric Holder, who have done their best to mimic such race-baiters as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?

Why, as a democracy-loving Democrat who was promised transparency, but, instead, wound up with the most secretive and paranoiac administration since Richard Nixon held court, would I even consider voting for Obama?

So it is that even though the MSM, aka Obama’s propaganda machine, tries to portray him as invincible in 2012, I think they’re whistling past the graveyard. What far too many people have too quickly forgotten is that even before the midterm elections, Republicans, who were essentially running against the president, won major elections in Virginia, New Jersey and even in Massachusetts. Then, for good measure, the GOP picked up 60 seats in the House and a bunch in the Senate, delivering what even the president referred to as a shellacking.

On top of all that, in 2008, with Bush’s popularity plummeting like a rock, Obama still managed to trail John McCain, a white-haired version of Michael Dukakis, just six weeks before the election, which was when the economy tanked, thus handing victory to the ex-community organizer.

When you realize that the deficit is already four trillion dollars larger, that the unemployment rate is much worse and that food and gasoline prices are between 25% and 70% higher than they were when George and Laura vacated the premises, I’d say that in the survival sweepstakes, the snowball in Hell has a better shot than Barack Hussein Obama.

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  • Eddie York

    Obama has lowered the bar for the Oval Office and understands how to tie up the opposition in Court for an Eternity. Obama has created the “Hybrid Thug Party” of Politics…..safely tucked away behind the Bullet Proof Glass of the Oval Office…..beyond the reach of answering the questions and concerns of unemployed men & women….free to do exactly as he chooses without a care in his world about the consequences his lack of experience brings with it.

    No….Obama knows full well where his Thug Mentality is taking this Nation….he only uses the Podium to assure the Nation that the Economy is turning around while away from the Podium he spends recklessly and NEVER addresses Debt or Unemployment. He welcomes the opportunity of spending Billions on Illegal Immigrants and Foreign Nations while the voices of Starving American Children falls upon his Deaf Ears.

    Boeing is creating Jobs and growing the Economy….something Obama has failed to do for the past 30 months. Perhaps Boeings stellar growth is a thorn in Obamas side. Boeing will only take so much of Obama, the NLRB and the Unions before they relocate to another Country.
    As a $70 Billion Dollar a Year Company with offices in 70 Nations worldwide….Boeing would have no issue with telling the Military to stick it’s $35 Billion in Government Contracts in order to dump the Union Derelicts entirely.

  • Konrad Lau

    Yeah, but it’s just so cool to so we have a black guy as President. I mean, what else could you want, man?

    Who cares about the economy, employment, foreign policy, freedom or anything else?

    After all, it’s the image stupid.

    I for one would not be surprised if BO won a second term. I thought for sure that Clinton would be defeated in his second bid and was bitterly disappointed. One should never underestimate the foolishness of the electorate.

  • Clarence De Barrows

    Burt, Deficit, what deficit? Just remember that sweetheart who justified her vote with, “Bama gonna give me money from his stash!” She and her pals are still out there and “Bama’s” still “shuckin and jivein”.

  • J.L.T.

    I guess the liberals that still adore Obummer don’t realize the kind of hope and change you get from a Redistribution Chicago Thug-organizer isn’t something you really want or need unless you enjoy being robbed and enslaved. Being to a large extent mentally ill it may take many decades for some of these hopeless change monkeys to get a clue.
    But getting a good financial butt whipping by the Thug-a-nator might get some of them to re-think their blind commitment to marxist collectivism. We can still hope that some of them change.

  • Nancye

    Me either, Konrad, because he’ll figure out a way to steal the election. He and his minions will know exactly how to do it. And Lord help America if he does.