Obama Wins — and Loses

Liberals don’t really believe America is all that exceptional.  But they apparently are convinced that Barack Obama is.

How else to explain his victory?  How could any politician win with such a dismal record?

During his entire term unemployment has been chronically high.  Economic growth has been chronically low.

A majority of Americans think the country is on the wrong track.

President Obama went on a four year spending binge, racking up more than $5 trillion dollars in new debt.

Instead of trying to fix the economy he spent the first two years of his presidency trying to get his mug on Mt. Rushmore by shoving ObamaCare down our throats at a time when we can’t afford great big entitlements.

By any rational political standard, Barack Obama’s first term was anything but a success.

And still he won – not by bringing the country together as he promised, but by dividing us, by stoking envy, by concocting a phony war on women, a phony war on seniors, by running a campaign that tried to convince voters that Mitt Romney was a greedy plutocrat who didn’t give a damn about anybody who doesn’t own a yacht.  It probably worked.

He did it with a coalition of liberals who had no problem ignoring the nation’s economic reality; with Americans who don’t believe they can make it on their own so they embrace the nanny state; and he won because his faithful followers don’t even see him as a politician. To them, he is, as Brent Stephens put it in the Wall Street Journal, “our first cult-of-personality president.”

Liberals really do see him as a kind of messiah, as conservatives are fond of pointing out.  They see him as someone different from all the others who came before him.  And there were enough of them who voted to give him a second term.

Romney helped too.  After he handily won the first debate he tried to run out the clock.  He didn’t bring up Benghazi in the foreign affairs debate.  He should have.  Playing it safe was not safe, as things turned out.  Then there was Chris Christie’s embrace of President Obama after Sandy hit New Jersey.  No, the Republican governor (and keynote speaker at the GOP convention) didn’t endorse the president.  But it’s a safe bet that it came off that way to independents and undecided voters.

But if Barack Obama won, he also lost.  If he thinks he inherited a mess when he took office four years ago, wait till he gets a load of the mess he inherited this time around.

Barack Obama’s future is in his past.  There’s a good chance we’ll get more economic stagnation, a continuation of the weakest recovery at least since World War II.

And the president – with the aid of his friends in the so-called mainstream media – may have dodged a bullet on Benghazi, but the issue will not go away.  It will haunt the president in his second term.  He got away with covering up whatever happened until after the election, but now it’s after the election.

As for the GOP, the Civil War for the soul of the party is about to break out.  I’ll write about this in my next column.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-L-Macchia/649373637 Robert L Macchia

    Benghazi was the big issue, and as you said Bernie, Romney should have brought it up in the second and/or third debate. But Candy Crowley the lamestream media commentator cut Romney short in the second debate and didn’t give him a chance. The liberal media must GO! And take Obama with them.

  • Janet Inifares

    Obama is not my president either. I do not recognize him as president. He was elected by fools, who are his sheep led to slaughter.

    • Mario__P

      What are you talking about that Obama is not your president? Are you not an American citizen? He was elected by the clear majority, unlike Bush Jr. in 2000. I guess I should have rejected Bush back then as my president, eh? Bush led 4500 to slaughter. What lunacy. Keep such nonsense to yourself, because no one wants to hear it.

  • Martin

    You guys make me laugh!

  • Bob Hadley

    James King,

    I took a stab at answering your question: “Why do you think objectvism will never work?” Apparently, my comment was buried. I don’t know if you saw it.

    I don’t know what’s going on with this blogsite.

    • Mario__P

      “I don’t know what’s going on with this blogsite.”

      All the motivation from the Right is gone, understandably. Now they’re like shellshocked zombies. And the funding from Karl Rove dried up.

      I hope the GOP will remain unchanged; they need to keep pushing their positions onto the public. I mean all of a sudden the past positions are wrong, and the Party instead cares more about gaining favoritism? Hey, stand up for what you believe in, and announce publicly your thoughts about conception. If a voter looks for a liberal position, he can vote for the Left. And if he is looking for the conservative position, he can vote for the Right. We don’t need two similar parties. The pro-life stance needs to be maintained by the GOP. The illegal immigrants need to be deported. Where did your values go? You’re selling out to the public.

      • Bob Hadley

        Mario, I was refering to the mechanics of this site. Apparently its format was recently changed and not all the bug are ironed out yet.
        But, yes, you’re right. There does seem to be a blanket of malaise among these right-wingers. Their 4 year campaign to turn President Obama into former Pres. Carter back-fired.
        Maybe Pres. Obama should ask Pres. Carter to be the new czar to nurse the right-wingers back to sanity, um ur uh, I mean back to their previous state. Oh wait a minute. On second thought, maybe they should be left alone. :)

        • Mario__P

          Yeah, the post look has changed. Appearance wise I do prefer the new look. However, I’m not sure whether it’s my system or the website, but I occasionally lock up for a few seconds.

          If the Right’s criticism of the Left will become rational and fair, I’ll accept their complaints. But the way they ragged on Obama during the last four years, especially after the GOP destroyed our economy, I did not take it lying down.

  • Souvoter

    Did the dems use the 2010 census for campaign and was it allowed? Remember the dust-up over what department it was to fall under. Some counties in Ohio were favored 800 to 1. Seems to me they stacked the deck by this means.

  • Bob Hadley

    Nah, that’s not for me

    The only free stuff that is being given away is brith control?   Just so I can tell some of my female friends:  how do I find out the specific locations or addresses of the free-stuff-give-aways?  Who in the federal gov. can they contact about getting some free stuff?

  • AlanABQ

    All you “progressive” people out there who think Obama is just peachy, you should pat yourselves on the back:
    You just f**ked over a whole lot of people.

    The saddest and bitterly funniest part is that it’s not just those “Red
    State” hicks you screwed for years to come: it’s also yourselves &
    your own damned children!

    All that money for all those government programs has to come from somewhere…
    Do you think that The Fed can just print up more money based on nothing & not weaken the US dollar even further?
    Did you really think that big businesses were just going to stay here & take repeated financial hits from the government?

    Did you really think those dumb ol’ conservatives had infinitely deep pockets?

    They’re a bunch of poor, uneducated hicks – remember?

    My friends, you have pockets, too. Get ready to feel them getting REALLY roomy.

  • http://profiles.google.com/thewodm the wodm


    Bernard Goldberg

    the LOSER is goldberg and his crazy ideas…
     I’m having a gloating-ly good day at your expense bernie… LOL 
    Na na na na… na na… hey hey hey good bye…

  • 49corvette

    Yes. America is / was exceptional—the CIA director should have had more self control—compared to what I saw in Vietnam or the Cuban Missile Crises—this is a drop in the bucket—the Election is OVER—let’s get on with it now and try to solve big problems—with the tools we have—for the good of the Country

  • Bill

    Drone incident & CIA Petraus affair released 2 days AFTER the election & now… surprise ….he won’t tesify at Libya hearing. (His wife works for Obama). Libya scandal stone walled till AFTER the election. Anyone smell something rotten in Denmark? btw Drone incident was “classified” BEFORE the election but not AFTER the election…lol

  • Venter

    The last speech I heard Obama make during the campaign made me see him differently.  He said ” get revenge”  .   REVENGE????  Can a president with revenge  in his heart pull us together.  I pray that he can.  The problems that he inherited from G. Bush are nothing compared to what he inherited from himself.  He wasted sooooo much time on Obamacare which is going to do more damage to the economy.  He could have had the economy growing by giving the millions of dollars to up-grade the utility companies  in the U.S. who could have hired thousands of people,  His bankrupt green companies did nothing for the Northeast who are suffering.  The economy grows when there are people who can spend money ,however , those  Americans are being taxed  to pay for those who  are encouraged to get hand- outs and not encouraged  to see themselves as good productive people who with time and effort will be successful Americans.
    After the election new stories surfice … attack on a drone, General Petraeus, and there is still some unanswered questions on Benghazi.  And where is Hillary Clinton?  MSM maybe you could find her and explain the word REVENGE  you are reporters?   Why do I feel insecure about the next 4 years.  I hope Obama can clean-up what he inherited from Obama!  God Bless America.

  • AbdullahtheButcher

    Ultimately, the Republican Party is basically a coalition of disparate interests. Currently, libertarians, small government ideologues, various large corporate and small business interests and yes social conservatives have all made their home in the GOP. If each of these blocs goes off on its own, conservatism is dead as a political force. In other words, I fear that we can’t afford to kick out the social conservatives, any more than the others. Though, we can go easy on the soc-con stuff. I doubt that many people would mind mild or moderate soc-con ideas.

  • Bill

    The General quits CIA over an affair which is par for the course these days in America BUT Petraeus’ wife, Holly, also works in the Obama administration, for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I once again smell the stench of corrupt culture and favoritism in the Obama White House. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau…more worthless bureaucrats & Big Govt jobs for his cronies. (lol)

  • Grizzlygovfan

    If you see a bad economic situation add to it the effect of “20 years or more of massive winters”, due to natural solar cycle behavior, as we transition from solar cycle 24 into solar cycle 25.  That view by the way is the optimistic one.  I’m hoping Geoff Sharp has it right; it’s his prediction.  The top Russian Astrophysics man of the Russian segment of the International Space Station, Dr. Abdussamatov says onset of a repeat “Little Ice Age” is likely around 2014.  The last one is said to have killed 25 million.  Currently some think that solar cycle 24 already ended.  The weather we are seeing this winter might turn out to be climate changing to the colder side already.  I don’t know whether that throws the odds towards Dr. Abdussamatov being right, or instead to the favor of Geoff Sharp.  It’s the difference between the climate of a repeat of solar cycle 5 into the Dalton Minimum versus the Maunder minimum and the Little Ice Age that it gave us. 

  • Bill

    Perhaps the way to wipe out the Democrats in 2014 & 16 is to go over the fiscal cliff.

    • James King

      Bill, I think you cannot wipe Dems. out. They’re ahead and Reps. are behind. For me, they both need to be wiped out because as an organization, both are anti-Constitution. If you think not it can be easily proved. What needs to happen is a start over that eliminates both parties, and for that you would have to start with wiping out all of the rules they have in place to protect them and keep others out.

      • Bill

        You may be on to something here. Not a bad idea.

    • Mario__P

      If there will be economic consequences because the fiscal cliff was not dealt with properly, the GOP will get the public’s beating.

  • Bob Hadley

    You’re soft-pedaling the line that, I think, began with O’Reilly and was picked up by others like Bernie Goldberg. 

    If you bother to listen to them, they’re implying that people who voted for Pres.Obama GENERALLY do so because they’re part of the entitlment culture, i.e. because they want free stuff.  This line has been especially prominent since the election.

    The other reasons are because they’re stupid and ignorant.

    Condemning people you don’t know is a form of bigotry.

    • Bob Hadley

      I almost forgot, WHERE is John Galt?

    • James King

      Even though Galt lost this round he still lives, even though he lives in a much smaller environment than Cons. & Libs. His position is part of both, and is the sole moral position. Cs & Ls support force. Galt does not. When a pol says that we need to invest, he is saying that he wants to spend.

      Invest was a word that Clinton started to use, and smart pols like BO picked up on it and it has served them well with an electorate that is largely uninformed. Consider…

      Marriage. Now gays can marry. But it is not something that government has any right to be involved in, starting with the need for a license. Marriage is the sole business of the two individuals involved. Abortion. To deny a woman an abortion when there is no actual life is nearly as bad as murder. When life begins it is different, but life does not begin at conception. It begins when there is a brain and a heart.

      These are two liberal positions. They are moral. A conservative position is to get government out of the business of regulation. Any regulation, though few conservatives have the courage to make that statement. In a moral environment it is up to the individual to regulate.

      This is just a synopsis from one who is not an R or D, but really takes the best of both, throws in some basic understanding of what is moral and goes from there. Rs & Ds are immoral because both want to use force.

    • Bob Hadley

      In high school, I had some friends who briefly went gaga over Ayn Rand.  We had some interesting discussions.

      Ayn Rand appeals to utopian thinkers.  It just doesn’t work out in the real world.

  • Bill

    If Atty Gen Holder leaves DOJ,  I wonder what Black racist will replace him. The only activity in DOJ since Obama took office is the so called Civil Rights Division. Their motto is “Only whites commit hate crimes”.

    • James King

      As much as I dislike BO & Holder, I think you’re wrong with that last line.

      • Bill

        I’ll agree IF you can name one black and/or Hispanic that has been charged with a so called hate crime in the last 4 years.

        • James King

          Bill, as far as I’m concerned even that is not the issue. At least for me. The real issue is even having having a crime seen as greater because of what the perpetrator THOUGHT, thus making the so-called HATE crime.

          There has been an assault on freedom by both right and left for more than 100-years, and the single word, freedom, is the definition of the phrase, the American Dream.

          It is repulsive what has taken place, and to make a crime worse because of what the person though should have been rejected long ago. I can’t name one black and/or Hispanic, and right now I can’t name any other color. But I have heard them described. But so what. Are you saying that it’s worse if only whites have been charged?

          I’m sorry you think that, but I think it horrendous that anyone has been charged with a crime because of what they thought.

    • NS Sherlock

      And yet a hilarious story from Oakland, CA today. Seems a CBS reporter and cameraman were ambushed by a “group of young people”. The “group of young people” beat the camera guy and took off with his camera. Ah, redistribution of wealth. Couldn’t have happened to a better (liberal) station. =)

  • Wheels55

    I did not assume she needed government help. In fact, I said “I’m going to guess that love and hard work got you to where you are.”
    I took issue with her idea that women are being assaulted.
    Now, go get your binkie and ask your mommy to change your diaper – cry baby.

  • Bob Hadley

    I largely agree. 

    On a slightly different note, Pres. Obama was the overwhelming favorite among Latinos and Asians.  Latinos and Asians, as a whole, have never vbeen accused of wanting free stuff.  In fact, they are generally known as hard working and enterprising. 

    So much for O’Reilly’s and Bernie’s notion of Obama supporters wanting free stuff.
    They should get off that bigotry.

  • Arj127

    Bottom line for Republicans:

    1.  Lose the social conservatives.  They won’t help you.
    2.  Stick to basic economics.  Put all expenditures on the table – including military.  Military contracts are now welfare for Northrop Grumman and other suppliers.
    3.  Embrace immigration.  They are the future.  Many have escaped oppressive governments.  They are open to the minimal government message.

    Finally, STFU about the 47%! 

    • Wheels55

      I do agree with your number 3. Immigration reform must be on top of Obama’s to-do list. He did nothing about it in his first term.

    • Bill

      What about welfare for the parasites of society who drop out of high school, have 5 kids from 5 different men and spend their life suckling off the public teat? As to immigration: Does Mexico have an oppressive Govt? What of those who do it legally and wait on line? Do they get screwed by the illegals?

  • Arj127

    Here’s what Republicans will have to do so that they don’t disappear as an extinct and irrelevant political force:

    Canadian political strategists of every stripe regularly travel to the United States in search of the latest tips, techniques and technology for winning elections. It’s time to reverse the flow.Republicans need to come to Canada, to learn how a Conservative government has put together the very coalition that eludes the GOP, which has now lost the popular vote in five out of the last six presidential contests.MORE RELATED TO THIS STORY
    U.S. ELECTION How to right the GOP shipMARGARET WENTE Memo to Republicans: Hit the reset buttonRepublicans don’t ‘get credit’ for visible-minority members, Rush Limbaugh saysVIDEOVideo: John Ibbitson on attack ads: They are mean, and they work
    VIDEOVideo: Harper urges U.S. to avoid fiscal cliff
    VIDEOVideo: Time for Republican Party to re-brandWhat do Conservatives get that Republicans don’t? In a word: immigrants. It’s fascinating to study how and why.Dick Morris, the rabidly conservative pundit and pollster, confidently predicted that Mitt Romney would win a landslide for the Republicans right up until the polls closed, Tuesday. Wednesday, he ate crow.“I mistakenly believed that the 2008 surge in black, Latino, and young voter turnout would recede in 2012 to ‘normal’ levels,” he wrote. “Didn’t happen. These high levels of minority and young voter participation are here to stay. And, with them, a permanent reshaping of our nation’s politics.”As Mr. Morris accurately (for once) observed, African Americans accounted for 13 per cent of the vote on Nov. 6; 10 per cent of the vote was Latino; 19 per cent was cast by voters under 30. All three groups voted overwhelmingly for Mr. Obama, “accounting fully for his victory,” he concluded.Mr. Morris had based his projections on the assumption that the high voter turnout among these groups in 2008 was a temporary phenomenon, caused by excitement over electing America’s first black president. Voting levels among blacks, Hispanics and the young, he confidently predicted, would drift back to previous levels after four years of a presidency that had its share of difficulties.“I was wrong,” he acknowledged. And then some.Compare this with the Canadian election of 2011. The Conservative coalition in one respect mirrored its Republican counterpart: It was rooted in white male voters in the conservative heartland – in Canada’s case, the Prairies, plus the rural parts of British Columbia and Ontario.But the Conservatives also did well among immigrant voters. In fact, middle-class immigrant voters who dominate the suburban ridings surrounding Toronto and, to a lesser extent, Vancouver were key to the Conservative victory.Of course, the Tories only took 40 per cent of the vote in the last election, so one conclusion the Republicans might draw is that they should encourage a third party that would split progressive support.But the more practical lesson the Republicans could take from the Canadian example is that it is possible for conservatives to win over minority voters by following these two simple steps: 1) Trumpet responsible fiscal conservatism; 2) Lay off everything else.Conservatives, like Republicans, believe in low taxes, minimal regulations and balanced budgets. Many immigrants to Canada are attracted to that message. They came here to escape the corrupt or tyrannical governments of their native land; they are attracted to a party that promises to mind the store and avoid expensive commitments.But Canadian Conservatives, unlike American Republicans, are pro-immigration. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has made it his life’s work to win over immigrants to the Conservative cause. Immigration levels have remained robust on the Tory watch.The Republican base, on the other hand, forced Mr. Romney to oppose any reasonable compromise in creating a path to legal status for illegal immigrants, or at least their children. The party at every level presents a hostile face to newcomers. Yes, part of that is because many of them arrive illegally. But the impact on the electoral result is nonetheless proving fatal.Prime Minister Stephen Harper has also avoided promoting socially conservative issues such as abortion or clawing back gay rights. While many immigrants are socially conservative, they also recognize that intolerance toward another minority could also mean intolerance toward them.Bottom line: If Mr. Romney had put forward a Canadian Conservative platform of low taxes, balanced books, robust immigration and social tolerance, he might be on his way to the White House.There was one result from Tuesday’s election that Canadian political strategists from all parties should consider. Across the Western world, the young represent a smaller share of votes cast than their numbers warrant.But in the United States, that’s no longer the case. In 2008, voters under 30 made up 17 per cent of the American electorate, yet accounted for 18 per cent of votes cast. On Tuesday, they accounted for 19 per cent of the vote, with 60 per cent of them voting Democrat.A new generation of young Americans has decided to become politically engaged, because they believe in Barack Obama and what he stands for.Someday, a politician may emerge in this country who appeals to young Canadians, who embraces their beliefs and who speaks to them through their (social) media. If so, a new generation of Canadian voters could begin to shape the outcome of elections.The question is simply: When and where will that politician appear?

    • James King

      As a 40-year libertarian, actual age of 73 I have this to say. I sure do agree with you but with this qualification. If they did what you say they would be libertarians. What do you think?

      • Arj127

        I think that libertarianism is an ideal.  However, we are still in the grim meathook of reality, as Hunter Thompson would have said.  The basic message lies in this passage from the article:

        “…the more practical lesson the Republicans could take from the Canadian example is that it is possible for conservatives to win over minority voters by following these two simple steps: 1) Trumpet responsible fiscal conservatism; 2) Lay off everything else.Conservatives, like Republicans, believe in low taxes, minimal regulations and balanced budgets. Many immigrants to Canada are attracted to that message.” 

        Stick to the core principles and drop the rest.  Only in that way can the Republican Party present a credible alternative to the tax and spend Democrats.

        • James King

          I am actually an Objectivist. That is the ideal. Libertarian comes in 2nd. As far as sticking to the core principles, I think you’re wrong because most so-called conservatives have differing ideas as to what the core principles are.

          For instance, I have a niece who is intelligent and knows politics, but she is blinded by biblical beliefs. Her conservative principles are vastly different than other people who describe themselves as conservatives, with others differing from them, etc.

          Libertarianism is much more consistent. Objectivism is completely consistent. And in case you might be interested, look up and do some reading at The Objective Standard on line. It is published by Craig Biddle. I am only a subscriber.

          The only reason I mention it is because with this philosophy you will find what conservatism lacks. First, a more complete and moral core and second, complete consistency. Give it a look.

  • Ernest

    There are overwhelmingly many biased liberal media who campaigned for Obama.  Journalism whose virtue is to inform the public with impartiality. On the contrary, played the partisan politics. Journalism is dead.  Party affiliation is revered more than the future of America.   This is the new standard.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/PPL2AXPXJMWPEJWFN34MPC5RNY terry


    • Arj127

      Most of you would flunk.

    • Bob Hadley

      Then you might not be allowed to vote

      • James King

        And you might not too.

        • Bob Hadley

          I’m not the advocating an intelligence test.

      • James King

        Bob, I’m responding here because the other post did not take me to your comment about Ayn Rand, where you said it wouldn’t work. I just wanted to ask you how you know, since Objectivism has never been tried. So how do you know it wouldn’t work?

        • Bob Hadley

          Mr. King,

          Objectivism is a philosophy, not a system.  To comment on the workability of a philosophy is absurd.

          When i said that it was unrealistic, I was refering to Ayn Rand’s consept of pure laissez-faire capitalism – one aspect or outgrowth  of Any Rand’s objectivist philosophy.  I did not say it would NEVER work, howevere.  I was talking about the here and now.

          First, for pue laissez-faire captialism to work effectively and as Ayn Rand envisioned there’d have to be a pretty even flow of information and basic skills.

          Second, you just can’t impose a socio-economic system on a population and expect it to work.  And don’t kid yourself, laissez-faire capitalism is a socio-economic system and it would have to be imposed on the population in the here and now.  It’s possible that society might eventually evolve into that, but I doubt it.

          Third, if you have pure laissez-faire capitalism, what’s to prevent its corruption?  An educated populace?  Perhaps in the same way that WWII could have been prevented if people had banded together and acted appropriately soon enough.

          If you’re so keen on pure laissez-faire capitalism, you should favor efforts to equip the population with knowledge and skills by whatever means.  Of course, goverment doing this would violate your philosophy in the short-run, but it would prepare the population for an almost complete diappearance of gov. in the long-run.

          I know, this hardly scratches the surface.  But it’ll have to do.

    • Mario__P

      so terry, what’s going on with that rope in your garage? And what country are you moving to?

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/PPL2AXPXJMWPEJWFN34MPC5RNY terry



    • Parker

      This post is meant as a joke, right?

      • James King

        Parker. Jefferson was right and you are wrong.

        • Brian_Bayless

          I’m guessing he meant the first paragraph. In that case, he is right.

  • Arj127

    Most women don’t want some government flunky making decisions about their bodies.  Ryan was against abortion, even in cases of rape.  That’s logical if you believe that a human being exists at conception.  Therefore, no abortion is justifiable.  

    Others take the view that humans are defined by their development of a central nervous system. A cluster of cells with human DNA does not a human make.

    • alegalcitizen

      So you’ve had a baby right?   Where did that baby start by the way???   It started out as a cluster of cells that went on to form a child.
      Perhaps you didn’t know that, you think that poof, there’s a child, is that right???
      WE all starte out as a cluster of cells, your’s just didn’t form a brain is all.

  • Arj127

    A more intelligent analysis of the Republican defeat on Tuesday can be found here:


    The times they are a changin’  The Tea Party and its acolytes are howling at the moon.  Your day is over and America is better off that way.

  • Iklwa

    I am still a bit confused (not terribly unusual).
    Obama won the popular vote by 2.8 million votes.
    The republicans had 3 million votes less cast than in 2008.
    The democrats had 10 million votes less cast than in 2008.
    Eight million white voters did not participate at all.
    Maybe I just need a refresher course in the new math or something but I would have thought every republican voter still breathing would have participated in this election…white, brown, yellow, black, blue, red or polka-dotted.

    • Mario__P

      What was your point about the 8M white voters not participating?

      • Iklwa

        After listening to the media for the last 3 months and their “too close to call” line, I was just wondering where all those supposedly fired up, racist white people went. You will remember the banter from the left stating that was Obama to loose it would be from racism? If that quantity of voters (white of otherwise) had voted “R” the outcome would have been much different.
        I can only wonder if those millions were partially comprised of white, liberal leaning, first term Obama voters with buyer’s remorse that could not bring themselves to commit to Romney (remember the aforementioned missing 10 million “D” s) and others, who for “religious” reasons could not cast a vote for a Mormon regardless of the quality of his opponent’s professed Christian’s faith.
        The reasons I would this out is:
        I believe that all of those folks who so bitterly complained about our current leadership should just keep quiet…and move to the back of the bus.For all of the fancy lights, charts and graphs, these annalists are just as much stabbing in the dark as weathermen.

        • Mario__P
          • Iklwa

            Good Lord, man…you are relying on information gleaned from ”FloatingSheep”? I can only imagine their long list of surveying credentials. One can only wonder at what qualifies as “racist tweets” for those populating FloatingSheep. The map shows a large swath of those alleged racist tweets along the eastern seaboard. If memory serves, that is deep blue Obama territory.
            You would have us believe the lack of participation in the election was race motivated?
            My poor, humble experience that shows hatred and racism are powerful motivational factors. Were Billy Bob and his brethren as hate-filled and numerous as you would have us believe (at least I presume that is your inference), I would think they would have turned out in droves to vote rather than staying at home, nursing their stills and slopping their hogs.
            And why is it so important for you to even bring up racist motivations?
            It would seem to me that according to the election results from both 2008 and 2012 the nation elected a non-white candidate. Were racism such an over-riding factor and rampant throughout the land, how could Obama been elected in the first place?
            Save your baseless accusations of racist motivations for another political race. Then you can add that bogus statistic from the FloatingSheep tally to the reasons why the left lost to claims that it was “stolen”.
            At least “Violet Blue” has the good sense to not use her real name!

          • Mario__P

            “The map shows a large swath of those alleged racist tweets along the eastern seaboard. If memory serves, that is deep blue Obama territory.”

            Yeah, all those racist tweets came from minorities attacking Obama. That makes sense. Below is the list where most of the tweets came from:

            1) Alabama
            2) Mississippi
            3) Georgia
            4) North Dakota
            5) Utah
            6) Louisiana
            7) Tennessee
            8) Missouri
            9) West Virginia
            10) Minnesota

  • souvoter

    We have a nation of makers and takers. Now we have a clear view of who the takers are and they mostly reside in the democrat party.

    • Mario__P

      The red states tend to be the takers, while the blue states tend to be the makers in federal aid and taxes.

  • kayakbob

    I agree with much of what you are saying. We are stunned and deeply disappointed by the election. Ok, fine, but now we have to figure out how to go forward (sorry about the pun).  When people say we need to change, that doesn’t mean compromise “conservatism”. What that means is we need to reach out to the latino and asian communities with better explanations of why conservatism is right FOR THEM. Why ‘passing out goodies’ might seem like something good, but in the long run it is very destructive to the country as a whole, and therefore by definition, destructive to the latino & asian communities. 

    Now, if I had that message I would be a political consultant. I don’t profess to have that message. But I do believe it exists, and we, the GOP, must find it.

    I consider myself pretty conservative, but simply nominating someone “more” conservative than Romney, or McCain next time isn’t the answer either. It might make us feel good, but face it folks – self-identified conservatives are about 35% of the electorate. We can’t win anything looking with our current ranks.  Again, I didn’t say our current views, I said our current ranks.

    Also, I agree, we should not delude ourselves by waving the social conservative banner and think that will get us where we want to be. It won’t.

    I know that is difficult to accept. And I am not suggesting putting your values in a box on the shelf. I am saying we need to accept the reality of how the social conservative banner makes us finite as a national party. We will just continue to slam up against the 40-45% ceiling -while Dem’s cobble together 51% and win it all.

    Sorry. I don’t like it, but that is the reality. We can continue our social righteousness, or we can come up with a fiscal message that connects with more Americans.

    Pick your poison.

  • Phil

    John Galt is my homeboy.

    • James King

      I’m with you, Phil. Sad to say, however, that he’s not real, but we sure do need him. He is the only path back to lost freedom. By the way, I have “Who is John Galt” on the back of my Jeep Wrangler, bought before they became Government Motors and then Fiat, and I also like Fiats. And when Chrysler sees Jeeps that are more well-made than UAW Jeeps, they will move production to China.

      It just stands to reason. If you can increase your bottom line by manufacturing in a foreign country versus not doing so in America, it’s a no-brainer. Course by that time the feds will make it illegal. If they can do one thing that’s illegal they can do another.


  • Berryraymond

    Lets not tip toe around for the next 4 years hinting that something may be wrong.  There is something wrong, we are not allowed to say what’s wrong, and so we will not. Someone somewhere will attempt to break that iron bubble and tell the truth, who will it be.  Better question is what will happen to that person when it happens.  Poor soul.  Sad day when free speech died.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1078862116 Norm Robichaud

      How can a person proclaim the truth if that person is already hated without reason?  I’m a doom & gloom Christian.  I believe that this is the end time.  I believe I have many good proofs as to why this is so.  It doesn’t matter that my intent is genuine.  It doesn’t matter how I deliver it.  It, (God’s Word) is rejected.   God, is rejected. 

      I have no desire to take advantage or be anyone’s leader.  All I want is for you, whoever you are, not to burn forever.  It’s that simple.  The rejection that I get from almost everyone is a kind of measuring stick.  It shows just how ‘head-in-the-sand’ society is.  How utterly unwilling mankind is to approaching God with some semblence of repentance.

      This is what makes Christians with ‘eyes that see’ fall apart inside.  The absolute doom facing the world and mankind’s refusal to face it.  What if it happens right now?  Too late for repentance…  It takes a lousy 5 seconds to ask Jesus to let you know Him.  To ask for that ‘forgiveness’ we all need from God so that we can be with Him and not on fire.  5 seconds.  He’s right there….

      Same old message, ‘Repent!’  Turn towards God in your heart.  The Truth will set you free is actually true.  Weird, huh?

      • 49corvette

        It does not matter whether someone is Red Blue Green or Polka Dotted—This post hit upon some Truth—I think one small step in that direction was lost when Romney lost—not doom and gloom—just facts—I agree Planet Earth is headed for a train wreck—Thanx for reading

    • Americanmeltdown

      Andrew Breitbart comes to mind.  He paid the price with his life.

  • Blakely

    Now, we know where that 6 Trillion dollars was spent. Buying new advocates through welfare , food stamps & cell phones did the trick for Democrats. Now Obama
    can do as he pleases, tearing down the country, step by step & Amendment by Amendment.

  • Wheels55

    I explain it this way: America has gotten soft. The generations younger than perhaps 45 have seen mostly good times. They don’t remember the last time we had it tough. Many got used to not saving money, easy credit and having what ever they wanted. So, no surprise we have a two-term President that likes to give stuff away even with a fiscal cliff.

    • Bob Hadley

      What free stuff has Pres. Obama given away?  Tell me where I can go to get a free flatscreen TV, an ipod, an itablet, a computer and all the rest. 

      • NS Sherlock

        More likely than not, New Jersey or some locations in New York. The homies probably have several readily available.

        • Bob Hadley

          Ohhhhhhhh geez,  It’s not worth it to travel all the way to the east coast to get my free stuff.  Is there any free stuff being given away in Hawaii or on the west coast?  :)

        • Phil Silverman

          what’s the definition of “homie”?

      • Wheels55

        You women get free birth control

        • Bob Hadley

          Birth control is the only free stuff that the feds are handing out?  So, fecund women who are sexually active are the only ones who get any free stuff?

          Awwwwww shucks!  :) 

        • Phil Silverman

          really? free? ya mean new hires never paid taxes? or is birth control never a medical requirement? :)

          • James King

            Questions. Why do you think some people should pay for good or services for other people? Isn’t it theft when some people have their funds taken by other people and if not, why not? Why do you think it is moral to use force to pay for some things and not for others? What is progressive about so-called progressives or liberals when their are glaring examples of failure over and over with those principles?

            It seems to me that what would really be progressive would be complete laissez-faire capitalism. The reason I say that other than the obvious ones I can easily prove is that IT hasn’t been tried anywhere in the world so no one can say with direct evidence that it doesn’t or wouldn’t work.

            Indeed, you can make the claim that it is moral to confiscate funds for some purpose those in power at the time believe is good, but you can’t make it so. It will forever remain just your opinion, based on nothing, while mine about Objectivism can easily be proved with direct, unbiased evidence. It’s something like proving there is no god, which can be easily proved.

  • FloridaJim

    Benjamin Franklin said “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the
    end of the republic” they have learned that recently and  we never recover.

  • Ghostwriter381BC

    The Republicans are out to destroy the middle class. We have
    been hearing the same old song since 1995. The Republicans controlled Congress
    from 1995 to June 6, 2001
    when the Democrats had a 1 seat advantage in the Senate. Then in 2003 the
    Republicans took control again until 2007. It was in those years that the
    Republicans passed legislation that ruined the economy and Bush signed
    everything that came across his desk. Let the rich have tax breaks so they can
    create jobs overseas. Look at Whirlpool. Whirlpool bought Maytag and now
    another plant closed and the jobs are being shipped overseas so the Corporation
    can make more profit. We can have a tax rate of 0% and the greedy Corporations  will still ship the jobs overseas because we
    make more money per hour compared to other countries. Whirlpool should be
    considered a traitor and the CEO along with the owners should be deported. I
    saw you on Reilly’s show last night. He asked you why do married women vote
    Republican and single women vote Democrat. You didn’t know, and we won’t tell
    you. Republicans need to keep losing elections.  Our top political priority for the upcoming midterm
    election cycle is to deny Mitch McConnell re-election . We must do everything
    possible to make this happen along with denying  every Republican candidate for Congress and
    the Senate their bid for re-election. The only good Republican is one that does
    not hold elected office.

  • Weberman

    Of course young people, and people who started attending school from about the 1960’s on would vote Democrat.  They’ve spent their whole educational life being taught in an educational system that has been pretty much taken over by liberals and progressives.  They’ve been brainwashed, indoctrinated, programmed, whatever, for years to accept the liberal/progressive agenda as normal and every other viewpoint as aberrations.
    The result? A younger generation with no moral center, few if any principles, willing to believe anything ‘the state’ tells them, values based on pop culture instead of character and so on.  So we get a president who is an obvious left wing radical, a liar, an incompetent, who can be depended upon to sink to the gutter when attacking his opponents and who believes that running the country by fiat, rather than constitutional law is his divine right because of his leftist views.

  • Doesntmatter

    Please take me off of your right wing nutbag mailing list. I am a proud, liberal and get literally sick reading the ignorant racist comments of your minions.
    I will respond this time because this email was sent unsolicited to my inbox so listen up you so called Christian thugs.
    I am a 53 year old woman who was married for 25 years and never once in my life ask for anything. I was middle class, stayed home with my kids, did everything right (I thought) and after my husband left me, I find myself in a state with no alimony, nothing.
    I did not work, I am disabled as I have been diagnosed with a rare form of non Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
    I did NOTHING to deserve my circumstances. I was once secure and smug in my life, sitting In judgement of those who were in need.
    Now through no fault of my own, I will die very young unless I get good healthcare. I have never had a mammogram, my last Pap smear was 20 years ago. I just received Medicaid after a,long battle, but no doctor will accept it. I cannot get insurance , have no,resources…what of people who find themselves like me?
    I hear you say I should die because I am asking for an “entitlement”?
    Basic medical care is not an entitlement!! It is not a product,but a very fundamental human right.
    I will not live long enough to see Obama care help me. I will not get the care I need, a team of oncologists to figure out a complex treatment plan. I will only get the basic that a county hospital will afford me. But that’s ok. If you people do not undermine this, maybe others will live.
    I have told my story to others like you all only to be told “too bad” or ” not with MY money.
    That’s fine. We will become a third world country, or a that Charles Dickens old England, but we will lose our soul. It is not our destiny to be cruel and without compassion.
    You say you do not like this,America. What, the America than can tolerate diversity? The one that doesn’t let people die just because they are not wealthy.
    You folks do not embrace an America I want anything to do with. An America of wealthy, Caucasian with all the misogyny of a shameful past.
    No thanks. I would just as soon die if we ever become what you on the Right have designed.

    • Ted Crawford

      I am sorry for your health problems and hope some situation can be found to aid you. However, what you seem to want to ignore here is this; none of us decieded your educational cirriculum, nor make  your career choice. We didn’t pick your Husband for you nor did we force you to reside in a state( I can’t find one that allows a husband of 25 years to just walk away) where, you say you recieve no considerations in your divorce settelment. If someone did force you into any of these choices, you may have a case against them, but not anyone else.
      All that aside, many Doctors have been forced to refuse Medicare patients or in some cases even close their doors BECAUSE of PPACA! Another consideration that needs to be addressed is PPACA itself. Have you even attempted to read this 2700 page monstrosity? Have you researched those involved in it’s creation?
      Obama’s primary advisor to PPACA was Dr. Ezekiel Emanual. In a publication for Medical Professionals, ‘The Lancot’, in 2009 he published his ‘Ideal Health Care Plan’! It’s based, he explained, on what he calls a “Priority Curve”! In this plan health care is doled out primarily to persons aged 15 to 40 years old! Any who are younger or older recieve what he calls “Attenuated” access to those health care assets, based, he said “on their value to Society”! He defends this by explaining that the Younger “have recieved less educational assets” and the older   “have already had more Life Years”!
      I’m a 64 year old disabled veteran and both you and I are well outside of that “Priority Curve” ! All that glitters isn’t Gold!

      • Bob Hadley

        ” We didn’t pick your Husband for you nor did we force you to reside in a state( I can’t find one that allows a husband of 25 years to just walk away) where, you say you recieve no considerations in your divorce settelment. ”

        Mr. Crawford,

        With all due respect, you should fire your researchers.  The threshhold question in a claim for alimony is whether there is adequate money to pay alimony.   If her husband has little income and wealth then she wwill receive very little or nothing.   If, on the other hand, her husband has high income, then you’re right.

        And what rational person looks for states with liberal alimony laws in which to live?

        P. S. Thank-you for your service. 

        • James King

          If you believe that you are ready for a rubber room.

          • Bob Hadley

            If I believe what?  Please explain, then we can have a rational discussion.

          • James King

            Oh, just practically everything you write. BO is a Marxist! He was reared by Marxist’s. He was educated by Marxist’s. He’s a Marxist. You have your head in the sand where he is concerned.

          • Bob Hadley

            Mr. King,

            My post to which you replied has nothing to do with Pres. Obama.   I did not mention him or make any reference to him at all.  With all due respect, you must have President Obama tatooed on yuor brain.

            That said, two fundamental tenets of Marxism are dialectical materialism and historical determinism.  What evidence do you have that Pres. Obama adheres to these fundamentals?

            I think you need a cold shower.

          • clearsighted

            Quick answer:
            Dialectic materialism preaches that social justice can only be achieved when the wealth of the bourgeoisie (or as they are referred to in Obama’s lexicon: “the millionaires and billionaires”) is taken away from them so that the government can redistribute the wealth “from each according to his ability to each according to his need. (or as referred to in Obama’s lexicon: increase taxes on the wealthy so that they pay their “fair share”)”  Sound familiar?Historical determinism preaches that all disputes in history are fundamentally based on economic disparity. Marxists are incapable of wrapping their head around an enemy which is not motivated by economic issues. Evidence of this in the Obama administration is the spending billions of our tax dollars on roads and schools in Afghanistan in the belief that they will love us if we improve their standard of living when in fact they hate  just because we are infidels. 

          • Bob Hadley

            You are severely mal-informed. It sounds as though you just made all that up.

             Dialectical materialism and historical materialism are about the supposed inevitable evolution  of society through 5 differnt phases based on people’s and society’s economic and material needs, . 

            It has nothing to do with taxing the rich and is only marginally related to economic justice.  It has nothing to do with building roads and schools in Afghanistan. 

            You are talking about utopian socialism, NOT Marxism.  Get your facts straight!

    • potvin

      I’m sorry your illness has made you so bitter but your argument and its conclusions are just not right. God bless you.

    • JRP

      There are more poor white people for starters…We are ALREADY a third world country due to multiculturalism which was designed to internationalize us out of existence

    • Americanmeltdown

      Wealthy, Caucasions?  The 1% are that, just 1% of the population and mixed. Why the envy? Not getting that part. Is it that slavey thing again? 

       Does non Hodgkin’s lymphoma prevent one from having a job?  My friend has it and works.

      Howver you sound like the person, who should be able to draw off the saftey net, the government provides.

      My beef is with the these baby producing welfare machines and the men who can, but won’t work.

      We all make choices in life.  I worked an evening job so my family would have health insurance when my family was young.  I left for work,when my spouse came home for several years. That’s what we did to provide our insurance because my husband was self employed and insurance was very expensive.  By the time our kids were older, so no day care, I had worked my way into a clinic managers job, getting the required education.  This took work on my part.   My husband and I wanted me to have something to fall back on in case he was injured or died.  Planning ahead!  We’ve been married 43 years this 11-15.

       My husband took a part time job in the evenings to pay for college, the kids also worked to help cover the expense.  No loans – again, we all make choices.

      You stated you have medicaid, so you do have insurance – teaching hospitals accept medicaid. You are on disablity, so you do have an income. Most likely you qualify for income based housing. I suppect you are on food stamps. Are you getting the government provided phone?
      Why haven’t you had a pap in 20 years?  You said you didn’t work but didn’t your former husband have a job?  Why no insurance so you could have your paps?    If you didn’t have the expense of insurance payments, you could
      have saved for paps out of pocket.  What were you spending your money on? We now pay for our health insurance out of pocket as we are self employed. I drive a 2006 Taurus, my husband drives a 2002 F150, no car payment so I can cover the cost of insurance. We save and pay cash for older model cars. People need to make their own way in life and stop whining about the results of their choices.  Did you save for YOUR retirement?  I think I know the answer.
       I have no sympathy for the “poor” who created their “poor” condition by making poor life choices.  I give a hand up – but not ongoing hand outs. We tithe 10% of our income, that’s our value system.  At some point folks must take responsiblity for their own choices, good or bad.

  • Brian_Bayless

    Bernie, if you want to mention the MSM for their role in Obama’s victory, then you should put some blame the conservative media as well. People here will disagree but Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck, despite his diminished popularity, have given the GOP a bad name to those who are young and unaffiliated. They believe the Republican Party is made up of people like that.  In Mass, columnists like Holly Robichaud and Howie Carr probably gave Elizabeth Warren the election with their vicious attack columns. I like Scott Brown personally and thought he did enough and deserved to get re-elected but if you were on the fence and read their pieces in the Herald, you would probably think their work came off as extreme and would find it false based on their nasty columns.

    The hyper-religious portion of the party is also not going to fly with Independents. The Tea Party isn’t either. Its pretty clear that Sarah Palin has done more harm than good for the GOP. She swindled everyone who praised in believing she was for the poeple and sold them out to make millions and build her name.

    If the GOP wants to be portrayted better in the national scene, then they have to move on from some of their more popular talking heads. Get some calmer and more rational folks to be the voice. I watched Fox News and thought Megyn Kelly did a great job in her election coverage. Maybe use her. The blaming of the MSM for how others perceive the GOP while not looking at the popular media cheerleaders of that party, is absurd.  

    Anoyne have any thoughts on this subject?

    • 49corvette

      I will cast my vote for the Billy Graham / Dwight Eisenhower ticket next time around—my 2cents—Thanx for reading

    • http://twitter.com/Sailing_J Sailing J

      You are correct about what young people believe but I think they believe it because of the MSM. When young people get their news from John Stewart and late night sound bites, then yes they are going to believe what they are told about the GOP and Conservative talk shows. Never mind that they are also getting it in movies, TV sitcoms and commercialism. Trying to disprove a stereotype is a hard thing to accomplish. 

      • Brian_Bayless

        “When young people get their news from John Stewart and late night sound bites, then yes they are going to believe what they are told about the GOP and Conservative talk shows. Never mind that they are also getting it in movies, TV sitcoms and commercialism. Trying to disprove a stereotype is a hard thing to accomplish.”

        I dont think you give the youth enough credit. They can listen to conservative media and make their own opinions. Dont forget about YouTube, which is another way the youth make connections. You cant blame the MSM for the way the GOP is portrayed when some of them bring it on themselves. Sometimes, you need to take responsibility and stop placing blame.   

      • Seth

        No we believe it for the reasons he said. I watched Fox News and was terrified at what I saw. The GOP and your followers racist and homophobic rants on various message boards is what keeps me from voting Republican right now and I am far from a Democrat fan. When a party comes off as hateful and uninterested in doing anything beyond bringing down one person (even if he is the wrong person) then that party becomes a turn off for independants.

      • Seth

        Also your tone is another turn off. Insulting the young is no way to get them on your side and neither are generalizations. Who wants to join a group that is insulting or bossy? Half the time it feels like the GOP and it’s representatives (both televised and supporters) are yelling at me for not signing up. You get more bees with honey.

        • Brian_Bayless

          Exactly, she insults the intelligence of the youth then blames them for not wanting to listen. How is that going to get youth or others to vote for the GOP? This is whining by the way, blaming others for things not playing out the way you wanted. Also, its not exclusive to “Liberals.” That game is getting old.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1214506789 Patricia Quick Desmond

    Take it from a 52 year old white woman, business owner, mother of 5 boys, who has been married for 29 years; personhood Bills, cutting funding to Planned Parenthood, and talk of overturning Roe v. Wade, is indeed considered an assault on poor women by me and most women like me.  Wealthy women are unaffected but poor families will pay a hefty price for being female if the Republicans get their way and Bernie it doesn’t matter if they choose not to talk about it during the campaign, women will find out.

    • James King

      Patricia, I am just curious and want to ask a question. But before I do let me identify myself as old (73) not wealthy and not a Republican. Also, this question may wrongly assume the premise, but not on purpose.

      Why do you think other people should pay for anything for you? Also, even knowing that Roe is law, where do you find it in the Constitution? The one thing I have the hardest time trying to understand is why some people think that other people should be forced to provide goods or services for people other than themselves. It is certainly not constitutional, and I hope you won’t use the “provide for the common good” part of the Constitution because in this instance it is not the common good but the “specific” good.

      • JRP

        I’ll pay for the contraception and YOU pay for the Dept. of Health and unplanned babies???

        • James King

          I didn’t know there was a Dept. of Health and unplanned babies, but if there is I don’t want to pay for that too. Only that which is constitutional, and that would mean getting rid of–OSHA, education, and I just can’t remember all of them because there are just so many. And damn few are constitutional. But I assume you are, which means that you either hate the Constitution, haven’t read it, or don’t understand it.

          But to take my money to pay for good or services that someone else wants is theft. It will always be theft. So why are you for government force? Because that’s what it takes. The things you want you want someone else to pay for. Government force steals the money from them to make you happy. But it’s still theft.

    • Ted Crawford

      It’s exactly this type of logic(?) that has brought about the end of the Greatest Country ever created by man! For any of us to choose the person to fill the position of one of the most powerful people on this Planet, on a single dimentional basis, is simply insane!
      I don’t know if you are aware of this or not but the only factor that is holding up the value of our currency, is the fact that it is the only currency accepted for the purchase of Oil, with the exception of Iranian oil that is! Because of this fact it is also the Primary Reserve Currency in all the Worlds Banks!
      Two years ago, in response to Obama’s egregious spending and borrowing, several countries, such as Russia, China and Brazil, began to meet  in an attempt to create a ‘Petro Dollar’  to replace the American dollar as a medium of exchange for Oil! With his re-election and the fact that we are facing this “Fiscal Cliff”, what do you suspect they are doing at this minute?
      If the American Dollar is replaced with ANY other medium of exchange, America’s Economy will collapse at a rate and level that will make the conditions during the Depression become a sought after GOAL!   

      • JRP

        thanks for the reminder–and it is the reason we went after Iraq, Libya and soon Iran–they spitted on petrodollars!! And 14-16 nations are on board with thisi alternative, ted

    • Wheels55

      Patricia, congrats on raising 5 kids and a long marriage. Did the government do that for you or did you and your husband figure out how to keep all of that together? I’m going to guess that love and hard work got you to where you are.
      I wonder how much you depended on Planned Parenthood and how many abortions you had. Even if you used these services, don’t you have enough pride to take care of yourself? I certainly think you do. I bet you wish everyone had that kind of pride. So, what’s with the gimmie gimmie talk when you should be boasting about doing what many have not?
      I absolutely do not believe that Republicans want poor women to suffer. Most female Republicans are not wealthy.

      • Arj127

        Congrats Wheels.  You have shown the same stupidity as most of the Tea Partiers here.  You immediately assume that Patricia needed government help and made insulting references to that.  This is why you and your ilk are marginalized.  You are nothing but a right-wing-nut.  Go learn some manners and then try to engage in civil discourse. 

  • suki33

    I don’t think any Republican could have won against Obama. I didn’t come to that conclusion until today, but there was no way his mass of supporters were going to let him lose. I think they wanted it more than he did, frankly. He likes to win, I don’t think he likes to ‘be’ as much as he likes the competition.

    Every person saying “If only Romney had…” or “If only the Republicans had…” are wasting their energy.

    I think we are in for a hard time, unfortunately because he really doesn’t know how to govern and I’m not sure he wants to learn. Think about the many times he has said he’s glad to be out of Washington/the White House. Why spend so much time with entertainers and not learning what needs to be done to excel as President?

    I don’t think this is about race, as much as some would like it to be, rather the trap of  a bright, articulate politician who so many have hitched their wagons to. He has to succeed, by gosh we just need to make sure he does.

    He can’t win and we all lose. Too bad…

    • NS Sherlock

      obammy knows he’s incompetent. Why do you think there are so many “czars”? They do what he’s clueless to do. That way, he can play celebrity and yet not have to take responsibility. Typical behavior for a boy from the ghetto.

    • Wheels55

      This election is proof that at least 50.1% of Americans are short sighted. All this thought about being concerned for future generations didn’t take. No surprise when you think about the credit crisis – people who signed up for credit they had to know they couldn’t pay back and figured they would worry about it later. America has become short sighted and soft – we have been headed for global disrespect and failure. Thanks liberals!!

  • Bob

     Mr. Goldberg

    I am saddened, not so much at the turn out of the election but
    the prospect that the country you and I love and want the best for is
    forever fundamentally changed. I think we have seen that moment in
    history, that will be looked back upon as the true point in which the
    United States of America began her decline…to follow the other once
    proud and powerful nations of the world, The United Kingdom, Rome,
    Greece, etc.

    It is not that he was re-elected but that he won by a significant margin
    in electoral votes…we have begun our decent into the welfare state
    and our “European Like” government. We as a people are not what we once
    were, proud, independent, accountable, responsible.

    Will someone please say kaddish for us?
    Dr. Robert L. English

    • Judy

      It is sad–we can take it back, though–just have to get smarter and more realistic.

      • Ted Crawford

        Sorry Judy, that ship has sailed and will never return to shore! This latest and greatest experiment in Human Self-Governance, based on Liberty and Freedom is finished!
        Obama’s governance to this point and research into his past, through reading his books and researching his associates, past and present, makes it perfectly clear that now that all restraints have been removed he will, at full speed, pursue his Marxist dream, to be the first in history to create a lasting Leftist Government!
        Reading the posts of his primary support group, any Conservative or Moderate that refuses to give him and his Progressive minions whatever they want will simply be removed in the Mid-Terms! Based on this election it’s certain that they can and will do just that!
        Interestingly enough this rapid downfall began almost exactly 100 years ago, when America elected its first True Socialist President Woodrow Wilson, it will end with the re-election of our last True Socialist( actually given his writings, I think he’s a Marxist)!
        America MAY be able to hold an, ever diminishing, leadership roll for the remainder of this decade, after that, we, and the rest of the World, will be looking elsewhere for guidence, probably China!   
        I shouldn’t have said “We” ! I’m , like Aladdin’s Genie “OUTA HERE” 

    • JRP

      Massive Vote fraud, Robert

  • Legatus
  • Kapalua7

    Obama was low hanging fruit just waiting to be knocked off the tree. Everything lined up perfectly. Unfortunately, the GOP nominated a deeply flawed candidate who thought he could campaign the way Obama did back in 2008.  Big mistake.  In addition to being stiff,  he deliberately withheld clarity on the issues, and his background taking business apart hurt him badly. He had no answers for anything. 

    • AllenJ

      Who do you think would be better?  Michele Bachmann?  Ron Paul?  They would have been laughed out of the election.  They appealed to none except the Tea Party.  BTW, how did they do last night?  Not so well, from what I see.

      • Kapalua7

        Another nice summary of another GOP problem: the inability to feature a candidate that has crossover appeal. You’re right. 

        • Bob Hadley

          Yes, all the sane Republicans – like Geb Bush or Gov. Christie – had enough sense not to run.  They probably didn’t want to have to appeal to wing-nuts for votes.  As Gov. Christie himself said when getting grief from some right-wingers for appointing a Muslim to the NJ Sup. Court, “He’s the best man for the job.  I’m tired of dealing with crazies!”

        • Jim

          You mean crossover appeal like Obama?   Romney won the South, Romney won the Midwest, Romney won the West, Obama won the East.  Obama won the major metropolitan areas along the coasts and little else.  Who excantly did Obama crossover to?

          • Bob Hadley

            Oh!  and I forgot to mention above that Pres. Obama lso won two southwestern states – New Mexico and Colorado.

        • Bob Hadley

          Your fervor to dismiss Pres. Obama overwhelms your senses.

          Pres. Obama crossed over various demographics – single women, young, latinos, blacks.  He also won the northern midwestern states – Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin – and two southern states – Florida and Virginia.  The most southern state, Hawaii, is not counted as a southern state.  :)

        • Ted Crawford

          Bob Hadley
          Christie’s adept ,assertive and accurate analysis and handling of New Jerseys Economic problems show him to be a very astute advisor.
           The fact that he was overwhelmed with the situation Sandy created, and was reduced to a panic-strickened, teary-eyed panderer to Obama, on the other hand, points out that he’s clearly NOT a leader, unless everything goes exactly as planned!
          I find myself very embarrassed by the fact that I was fooled by his false rhetoric!

          • Bob Hadley

            Mr. Crawford,

            Yes, I’ve always thought that Gov. Christie is a moderate conservative (i.e., moderate conservative as compared to the right-wing crazies).  I think the reason many Tea Partiers adore him is because he gets so angry and blunt with various liberals.  What they don’t realize, however, is that if he ran for President he’d turn his wrath on the Tea Partiers from time to time.

            BTW, I think Bernie and Gov. Christie are from much the same cut.  The reason Bernie doesn’t show too much is, I think, because he doesn’t want to offend his base readership.

          • James King

            Christie is a LIBERAL! Liberals are wrong. Conservatives are wrong. What’s left? Libertarians!

          • James King

            I forgot to add this. Who is John Galt?

          • Bob Hadley

            Yes, yes, yes I’ve read Ayn Rand.  Atlas Shrugged had some valid points but was taken much too far.  Generally, it was unrealistic

          • Bob Hadley

            With reference to you, Christie and almost everyone else  IS a liberal. 

          • Phil Silverman

            Christie, the only Union buster who is a Liberal. I guess being cordial to the President makes him a Liberal.

      • http://twitter.com/Sailing_J Sailing J

        A lot of Tea Party people do not support Michele Bachmann or Ron Paul. To a lot of people Tea Party is not a political party per se, but an idea. The MSM and left wing pundits have being successful in demonizing Tea Party as right wing radicals and racist, even violent. There is nothing further from the truth. At the same time union bullies and some politicians on the Left can openly talk about violence on those who disagree with them, and they are portrayed as defenders of the working man or protector of the people.

        I agree that the GOP needs to work on crossover appeal, but how to do it and still maintain their conservative ideals is the question. I think it lies in conveying to all Americans how conservatism can help improve their lives and the well being of the country. They/we also need to make a better distinction between fiscal and social conservatism within the party. Not all Republicans or Conservatives support these principals wholly or in part. 

        And how they did last night is that several “Ron Paul Republicans” won seats in the House and the GOP pick also won Ron Paul’s seat as he is retiring. Michele Bachmann won her race.

        • James King

          WHO IS JOHN GALT?

        • Ted Crawford

          Conservatives, Moderates or Independants are fighting an uphill fight, if the are to remain true to their principles. It’s not a new fight, it’s as old as mans attempt to self-govern! It has destroyed every Government man has attempted, now even this one!
          With the Progressives rejection of our Constitution and many past cases of simply ignoring it, we allowed ourselves to degenerate into a Representative Democracy from a Constitutional Republic. This end was predictable !
          ” Remember, Democracy never lasts for long! It wastes, axhausts and murders itself! There never was a Democracy yet that did not commit suicide” John Adams
          ” Unless Democracy is to commit suicide by consenting to it’s own destruction, it will have to find some formidable answer to those who come to it saying ” I demand from you, in the name of your principles, the rights which I shall deny you later, in the name of my principles” Walter Lippmann
          ” The American Republic will endure, untill the Politicians realize that they can bribe the people, with their own money!? Alexis de Tocqueville 

          • James King

            Ted, what you say is true, but as long as we have talking heads imprinting feeble minds that America was created as a democracy, freedom dies. And someone famous once said something to the effect that when freedom dies it is never restored. I’m glad I’m old.

          • Phil Silverman

            exactly HOW do Liberals/Progressives violate the Constitution? I’ve seen GOPs violate the Constitution – Reagan , for example,violating the Boland Amendment, then letting War Hero North hold the bag. Be secific – where did Obama violate the constitution. AHCA was found constitutional. Seems to me the extremist conservatives were the ones most opposed to Civil Rights legislation.

    • Jim

      Nope – people wanted thier stuff and they were afraid Romney would take it away.  It really is that simple.  Ronald Reagan won 49 states and I doubt he would have been elected this time around.

      • Ted Crawford

        Exactly right Jim! Such has been the case throughout History! We were warned, well in advance, of the consequences should we, in our apathy and slouthfulness, allow our Republic to degenerate into a Democracy!
        ‘ a Democracy cannot exist as a permanant form of Government. It can only exist untill the voters discover that they can vote themselves largees from the Public Treasury! From that moment on the majority always votes for the Candidate promising the most benifits from the Public Treasury, with the results that a Democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy and is always followed by a Dictatorship”! Alexander Fraser Tytler 1887 

  • Cecilio Mendez

    I loved the old America.  This new America is strange to me.  I think I’m going to find a cave and wait for the ice-cap meltdown.

    • Glorstuart

      Me too.  Or maybe just spend all my money foolishly until I am too old to enjoy it any longer and then go to the “government” for my ‘fair share’ and let them take care of me in my old age.

  • TarHeel456

    There is no free lunch.  That FACT will hit the idiots who voted for Obama right between the eyes one day.  And it’s coming soon.

    • Jim

      There is no eveidence to suggest that.  If Greece doesn’t get it, nobody will.  Look at Venzuela – life gets worse and worse and they just keep blaming business and the United States louder and louder.

  • Randy

    November 6, 2012, the day state’s rights died.

  • disgusted in VA

    Great column Bernie, I can’t wait for all of the Obamacare zombies to realize the freebies they will get will cost them. A number of large companies are starting to do away with full time employees and drop them down to 30 hours per week so they do not have to provide health care. Kinda makes the free contraceptives a very expensive “freebie”. Enjoy your parents basements.

  • Bob Hadley

    It’s hard to believe the fantasy land a lot of right wingers inhabit.

    Part of the reason Pres. Obama won is that many voters didn’t trust Gov. Romney, and for good reason.  During the primaries Gov. Romney’s motto was, “I can be as crazy as the best of ’em, and I’m more electable than the rest of ’em.”  After securing the nomination, he pulled a Sen. John Kerry:  “Hey man, I’m not barrack Obama, so vote for me.” 

    Beginning with the first debate he became a me tooer.  Regulation?  Me too.  Infrastructure spending?  Me too.  Social spending?  Me too, except for PBS.  A net tax decrease for the wealthy?  Not me!  Saber rattling at Iran?  Who me?  No way, I’m a peacenic. On and on and on.  Trickle down?  No, Obama does the tricle down.  Bail-out the auto industry?  Of course, I would – Obama’s the one who ruined it.  I’m rubber and Obama’s glue, I’ll find a way to stick him with everthing he says about me.

    I think Romney is an honorable person in his personal life, but he ran a cynical and deceptive campaign.  He must accept personal responsibility for his campaign.

    On the other hand, whatever his faults, among Pres. Obama’s accomplishments are that  he stopped the economic free-fall by putting a floor on the recession, boosted the stock market tremendously, saved GM and Chrystler (thus averting a depression), pulled troops out of Iraq and ended DADT (for better or for worse).

    I doubt there are enoug voters foolish enough to believe that the spending under Pres. Obama is mainly his doing.  He had to continue paying for two unfunded wars (one which should never have been waged and the other which probably should have been fully executed during Pres. GW Bush’s first term), the medicare bill (which was a good idea but was not paid for), and two unpaid for tax cuts.  A lot of the federal safety-net spending increased because of the economic calamity that hit us on the head.

    • Mario__P

      Good job Bob! 

      Although most of the voters know the spending under Obama was as a result of the previous administration, yet the majority of the posters on here accredit every penny spent from 1/20/2009 to Obama, completely disregarding that Bush’s last budget lasted until 9/30/2009.

      • Bob Hadley

        Thanks Mario! 

        I forgot to mention that Gov. Romney’s tax plan was big lie, and he knew or shaould have known that.  Rep. Ryan sure did!  There’s no way Gov. Romney could have paid for his tax cut without squeezing the middle class.  Only the ignorant and the ditto heads could believe it.

        Rep. Ryan knew that the only way to justify that large a tax cut as revenue neutral was to rely on the disproven notion that tax cuts pay for themselves.

        • Tim Ned

          Well Bob and Mario, your man is in.  He is inheriting from his own administration the worst economy since the depression.  You can continue, and I trust you will, to blame GWB well into this next four years.  Obama could have increased taxes, what you want, when he had complete control of Washington and he didn’t.  He could have cut discretionary spending when he had complete control, he didn’t.  But he did manage to get through the largest tax increase in American history we call Obamacare and the largest waste of spending in history called the stimulus.  But I wish him God Speed because he will need it.  But for you guys don’t ever believe the truth that the largest revenues in US history came under GWB and tax cuts.  History is clear, good and bad.

        • Bob Hadley

          Mr. Ned,

          First, our economy is NOT the worst it has been since the Great Depression.  The economy of late ’08/early ’09 was the worst since the Great Depression.  I’m doing much better now than I was doing then as are a lot of others.  And no, I don’t receive one dime of income from the gov. 

          Second, Remember Obama had a veto-proof Senate for only a few months.  After Al Frankin was sworn in and Arlen Spector left the GOP the D’s had a veto-proof Senate on only a very  few votes (because Senators Kennedy and Byrd were too sick to appear but a few times).  When Sen. Kennedy’s fill-in was sworn in,  it was only a few months before Sen. Scott came aboard.

          Third,  Revenues under Pres. GW Bush increased because the economy expanded during this time, and largely at the expense of large deficit spending (i.e. stimulus).  The expansion benefitted the well-off disproportionally.  Revenues decreased under Pres. Obama because the economy had shrunk by about 7% by the time he took office.   Need i say more?

        • Mario__P


          Obama inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression four years ago. We would have been lucky had the economy been in January 2009 what it is today. (Jobs are being created, not lost. The GDP is growing, not retracting. The stock market is nearly at its all-time high, not in decades low. etc, etc.) Yes, I will still be blaming Bush, because his recession is still affecting us. Had Obama inherited an average economy back in 2008, we would not be in this slow recovery today.

          Obama could have raised taxes, to the liking of the Democrats, but he reached across the aisle to his opposition and decided not to make that move.

          Obamacare: If the Republicans have an issue with Obamacare, they should blame themselves. The GOP had a great opportunity to pass their own healthcare plan years ago to remedy the increasing medical costs, the abuses of healthcare providers, and to avoid having the Democrat’s derive the solution, but they didn’t care. And we were already paying for the uninsured at the emergency rooms, you just didn’t see that cost, because it wasn’t coming from your paycheck. Regardless, it is estimated that Obamacare will add only about 2% to the average healthcare cost to businesses.

          But I need clarity about your last statement:
          “But for you guys don’t ever believe the truth that the largest revenues in US history came under GWB and tax cuts.”

          Are you referring to the year 2007? Sure, that year the federal government collected the most taxes in current and constant dollars, which should be expected for a growing nation. But that year’s tax revenue as percentage of GDP was 18.5%, while Bush’s 8-year average was 17.6%. The 30-year average figure is 18.2%. Bush fell short of the average. With Clinton’s tax rates, his highest receipts-to-GDP rate was 20.6% (highest since WWII and second highest since records allow), while his 8-year average was 19.0%. Obviously other factors play a role in the federal revenue collected, but the point is that Bush2 didn’t do great at all with his tax collection as you hinted.

        • Mario__P

          Bob, talking about ditto heads… Did you catch Rush today? Boy, was he depressed. I was waiting to hear a gun shot. 

          Yesterday he was saying stuff like …”my intellectual experience tells me that Romney will win”

          I guess his intellectual experience is good for sh*t.

        • Jim

          There is no way raising taxes on the rich can possibly pay for all of the entitlement spending Obama wants.  So, if you want to talk math and reality, I’m game!  By the way, Obamacare taxes will hit a lot more people than the “wealthy”, including the middle class.

          • Bob Hadley

            And Jim,  Pres. Obama never said he’d rely solely on tax increases.  He’s repeatedly said it needs to be coupled with a lot of spending cuts.

        • Bob Hadley


          Why are you changing the subject?  I was talking about Gov. Romney’ deceit in saying his tax cuts would be revenue neutral.   So, I guess your justification for Romney’s deceit is that President Obama’s tax plan doesn’t add up to his spending plan.  Really?

          But, OK, now that you’ve changed the subject, I’m also game.  Game on!

          What entitlement spending does President Obama want to enact?  And which Obamacare taxes will hit the middle-class?  Be specific. 

      • Brett

        You said something significant Mario. Bush HAD A BUDGET. Obummer hasn’t had a budget in the 4 years in office. Since 09/09 we have gone into financial chaos. Obummer’s incompetence has been STUNNING and you will rue the day you drink his koolaid.

      • Jim

        Wrong.  Obama approved the stimulus.  And, that temporary stimulus for “shovel ready jobs” somehow became permanent!

        • Mario__P

          You were already warned about your poor reading skills by others, so please work on that. I stated:

          “…the majority of the posters on here accredit ***EVERY PENNY*** spent from 1/20/2009 and on to Obama, completely disregarding that Bush’s last budget lasted until 9/30/2009.”

          And you replied with “wrong”. Wrong? How is that?

          Did Obama repeal Bush’s 2009 budget and enacted his own for the rest of the 2009 fiscal year? You just proved my point. You (a poster on here) believes Obama is responsible for EVERY PENNY spent since 1/20/2009. 

    • Glorstuart

      HUH?  What y ou been smokin’ the past four years Bobby?

      • Bob Hadley

        HUH??????????????  No facts.  No logic.  Just a swipe.  You must be a liberal.

        BTW, I only breathe the fresh Hawaii air.  :)

    • Jim

      And so you trusted a guy who ran up $5 trillion in debt, didn’t use his own debt comission, lied about shovel ready jobs, lied about Libya, has higher unemployment than when he came in, and on and on?  Really?

      • Bob Hadley


        You don’t read well.  I answered the “ran up a $5 trillion debt” line.  You just repeated the line, without adding anything.  Re-read my post, then get back to me.

        He didn’t lie about shovel ready jobs.  He miscalculated.  Although there were shovel ready jobs when the stimulus bill passed, many more only became shovel ready at later points.

        When he took office,  employment was in free-fall.  Are you really holding him responsible for the free-fall?  Yes, hold him responsible for placing a floor on the free-fall.

        At this point, we don’t know if he lied about Libya.  Wait for all the facts to come out.  That’s a very serious accusation and should be made only with the utmost sobriety.

        Are you so zealous to condemn President that you’re willing to suspend integrity?  Really?

        • Ted Crawford

          Those aren’t real “REASONS” Bob, what they are, are plausable excuses nothing more!
          Case-in-point; The DOW lost 300+ points yesterday! I know “it’s about Europe” it’s just another, in a very long line, coincidence that it happened on the day after his re-election! It, like every other problem these past four years, isn’t his fault! He has used Europe before perhaps he might return to Tsunami’s or ATM’s, or Kiosk’s , he’s already worn out ole Bush!
          Another consideration might be Moodies statement that they are seriously considering another Downgrade! Or the fact that the other member Nations of the G-8, have been for sometime meeting to create a fund of currencies to replace the American Dollar as a Petro Currency. Their efforts will undoubtedly now be redoubled! When that happens, and IT WILL, Obama’s welfare State will come crashing down, literally , OVERNIGHT! 

          • Bob Hadley

            Mr. Crawford,

            The ow has its ups and downs – some ups are very up and some downs are very down.  If you blame Pres. Obama for the recent drop in the the Dow, I guess you credit Pres. Obama for the over-all rise of about 6,000 points since he stopped the free-fall in early 2009.

            Moodeis downgraded our rating because of the partisan bickering.  I guess you’re also highly critical of people like Michele Bachman who said that there should be NO credit deal.  That would have really impacted our economy and our credit rating.

          • metheoldsarge

            And they will still continue to blame it all on Bush.

    • Ted Crawford

      The reason Obama won was explained centuries ago!
      ” It’s difficult to free fools from the chains they revere” Voltaire
      ” The shaft of the Arrow was feathered with one of the Eagles own plumes! We often give our enemies the means to our own destruction” Aesop

      • Bob Hadley

        “All generalizations are false, even this one.” –Voltaire

        Mr. Crawford,

        Pres. Obama is proposing steep spending cuts along with his tax plan.  As the economy improves there will be more cuts and, in addition, less people will qualify for gov. assistance.

  • Boogoo

    I agree with most everything said here but if we don’t learn from this, we might a well give up. People love free stuff. Even those who are working and earning a living still like free anything they can get stuff. Enough think they should get free stuff that they’ll vote for it again and again. Don’t know how to counter that.

  • http://www.NavyGentleman.com/ Red47

    “There’s a good chance we’ll get more economic stagnation, a continuation of the weakest recovery at least since World War II.”
    Unless we see a 180 degree change in economic policy, we will not be able to avoid this stagnation.

  • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

    Bernie’s new job is to bring Bill O’Reilly a tums.

  • Coteyankee53

    Bernie, we get the government we deserve.  We also have fed the bears.  So many people are on the gravy train, that I wonder if we can ever jump off of it.  I suggest, if things get tough, that people flee the country.  It might be tough to hold out and hope for redemption in 2016.  Especially if the country is beyond broke and people start rioting in the big cities.  I don’t want to be an alarmist, but some economists are advising me that it might get very, very tough in the next few years.

    • Boogoo

      You are right. But as to leaving the country .. most of us can’t even begin to afford to do it.

    • Ted Crawford

      You are very right there coteyankee! Obama has two years at the most before the bulk of the Big Money concerns have managed to secrete their money and income generators offshore, without paying Schumers “Exit Tax”!

      Jeffery Immelt began a couple of years ago, when he fired 25,00 American workers while hiring 15,00 in China!
       Fiat has just begun the same situation  with Chrysler! At the moment they are establishing parallel operations in China. As soon as that operation i up and running and all the bugs worked out, they will systematicly began to reduce their American operations while expanding those in China! 
      Obama and the Main Strean Media were successful in making it appear that Romney was lying. Romney, however is a businessman and understands exactly what they are doing!

      • James King

        Ted, boy is that ever true. But the young simply do not understand. Just watch some of them being interviewed by Jesse Waters and Jay Leno. As a group, they are clueless when it comes to a lot of things, preferring, instead, to look at their various electronic screens and to get their “news” from Stewart.

  • chopkoski

    Aha, and meantime, the world burns…and our Prez talks of his dance moves for the Balls….”Egypt’s Coptic Christians in Peril — A LIGNET INSIDER REPORT 

    With the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power in Egypt, the country’s beleaguered Coptic Christians are growing increasingly fearful that their plight will soon worsen. A senior Coptic Church official tells LIGNET what is really happening in Egypt under the rule of Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood and why Copts are more vulnerable than ever before.”

  • chopkoski

    Yup, might have well read my mind.  And his foreign policy is jejune in general.

  • Cb4bbs

    You know what the President’s bailout of the “Auto Industry” did for me, a lower-middle-class man that saw my last employment end 4 days after his immaculation in 2009? It cost me what little pension I had built up working for 15 years at GM; 15 long years where I raised small children, worked on the assembly line and went to college to get a degree, then an advanced degree. That’s right, it completely wiped out the small pension that GM was to have paid me once I retired. Look at the details you freaking blowhards; GM created a new company called NewCo and dumped all it’s liabilities, including many environmental liabilities into the NewCo. And…they included my little pittance, a small pension that I slaved for 15 years to accumulate! I detest this president for everything he has done to me personally and not done to me by extension. How many other little guys has this POTUS rammed it home on? I’d really like to know! And, when the next 4 years end with another slew of unfullfilled campaign promises to the  minority groups he made promises to, what then? Will AMERICA have woken up? I think not. We have become a nation of stupid people, all crying with out hands out, about how to “get ours”! And, by the time I retire, this idiot will have gotten me again, because there will be nothing left for me. Social Security and Medicare will be gone. This is the most disastrous event EVER in my life. Congratulations Obama Coalition, you will have screwed over more people than all the other presidents combined when it is your turn to step down. My only hope is impeachment for the lies and cover-up of Benghazi!

    • LJ

      I would wish for that too, but he always gets away with it.  I am very sorry for what happened to you.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YMJUHF4UNZWSLIDRXPSSTOHA3Q Shane

    Excellent column! I look forward to your appearances on The Factor. Obama won because blacks, Hispanics, and single women voted for the guy who promised them the most free stuff, and he granted an amnesty to many illegal aliens. Obama promised to keep the freebies flowing by increasing taxes on the rich. However, I believe that the money just won’t be there to fund all of Obama’s social programs and we are headed towards a Greece-like crisis.

  • Chris Matthewson

    We can never know for sure, but the President’s bailout of the
    auto industry, combined with his perceived effective response to the recent
    hurricane tragedy (and Gov. Christie’s approval of same), probably carried the
    day for Mr. Obama in Ohio and, when all the votes are counted, in Florida, too.
    More generally, signs of an improving economy and bin Laden’s execution
    convinced enough of the electorate that we shouldn’t be switching sea captains
    mid-ocean, particularly when our current helmsman is attempting to navigate
    between a domestic Scylla and an international Charybdis while simultaneously
    trying to fend off a McConnell-led mutiny by half the ship’s
    crew.Unfortunately, Bernie, who has written eloquently in the past about
    media bias, is letting his own biases cloud his objective analysis of the
    election. Similarly, in groping to understand how they lost again this time
    around, conservatives (on this website and elsewhere) denigrate the majority of
    the country who chose the President’s vision over that of his opponent. Many
    will quite erroneously believe the lesson of this election is that their
    candidate didn’t tack far enough to the Right.At some point, those who
    consider themselves political pundits, as well as those who consider themselves
    statesmen, should remember that politics is the Art of Compromise. While the
    nation is basically evenly divided on ideology, a clear majority of its citizens
    want their “leaders” to conduct themselves according to this basic truth.  

    • Jim

      My theory is that the undecideds broke to Obama because they were too stupid to even realize who was running or what was going on.  Then, at the last second they looked at a few pictures on TV and heard the president did a good job with Sandy and they voted for him.  The GOP made the mistake of thinking undecideds were INFORMED and undecided.  I don’t think they were.

  • joer1

    The Republican Party has more Women, Blacks, & Hispanics in high places than the Democrats … They have been everywhere for YEARS and  they were on display at the convention.  George W. Bush appointed more Black people and Hispanics to his CABINET than any President in history.  The problem is that Black Republicans are labeled at NOT Black.  Hispanic Republicans are evidently NOT Hispanic.  Republican Women are NOT women.  People say, the Republican Party has to “change” … what does that mean?  Does it mean we have to “out-Santa Clause” the Democrats?   Does it mean we have to start “buying” votes more effectively?   How exactly do we get the “media” to accept Women, Blacks, and Hispanics as Republicans.  Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman and others of their “ilk” are not women … they are “bitches”.  ALL Black Republicans are Uncle Toms OR WORSE  … except Colin Powell … he’s cool!   Hispanic Republicans are objects of DESTRUCTION … watch what they will do to Marco Rubio … look at what the DID to Alberto Gonzalez! So,  we need to offer to pay for abortions & contraception … free phones and Food Stamps for everyone … open the borders, free education, food,  welfare payments, and Health Insurance for all illegals … anything else?   Boy,  I can’t wait until we are “relevant” again!

    • Jim

      These successful minority Republicans are a threat to the Democratic party because they show that hard work, going to school, getting an education, having a strong family works!  And that you don’t need cradle to grave entitlement!  The Dems cannot possibly let that message get out!

  • awake

     Thanks for your great analysis.  Came across this article from the Huffington Post – you probably saw it already. 
    Sean Hannity May Have Broken Law While Tweeting Picture Of Ballot: Think Progress

    That’s newsworthy — but exposing the truth on Bengazi, Fast & Furious et al is swept under the carpet.  Laughable!!

    Also agree with your comments on the phony war on women and all the bogus others.  It’s sad that a lot of people don’t realized they have been used just for votes.  Getting free stuff is actually quite expensive, but it does pacify some while they cry for help (thinking someone is going to help them)…..:(

  • Rbblum

    Could say that Americans consider Barack Obama no different than O J Simpson.

    With a lot of promotional glitz and glamour, one can be fundamentally transformed into an individual widely accepted and praised.

    • Glorstuart

      Great comparison!  And like the jury on that debacle, the voters were mesmerized by 
       David Axelrod (Johnnie Cochran) and bamboozled by David Plouffe (Shapiro) presided over by Mainstream Media (Judge Ito). 

  • I Hate Fascists

    Yeah the country is on the wrong track.  And whose fault is that?  Not Obama but that sick bunch in Congress, Boo-hoo Boy Boehner, Ryan, Cantor, Bachmann, DeMint, West, Broun, King, McConnell, Paul, Gohmert, all brilliant minds who made persecution of gays, Muslims, and Mexicans, and repealing Obamacare top priority, and a precondition for even discussing the economy.  Yeah your boy Christie sold out for a phone call from Bruce,  BHO’s hotline and a promise to deliver a pizza in 15 minutes.  Wonder if Ayn Coulter is still sweet on him?

  • Bill

    Obama re elected; DOW close 313 down….Thanks America….lol

    • I Hate Fascists

      OK we’ll just let Wall St elect the next president.

  • http://twitter.com/TrueAmericanOH True American Ohio

    Today, too many Americans are living off of the country’s past greatness. They have no clue  of how we became so great. All they want is to sit back and be handed the fruits of that greatness. They have yet to learn there is no such thing as a free lunch.

    • Epoulsen60

       It was the youth young adults who have contributed nothing to the USA that sold us out.  Obama isn’t stupid that’s why his campaign took him to all of the university campuses where he can brainwash and manipulate the masses there.  Great plot, this new generation are takers, not givers, they are lazy and voted for the person who gives them free stuff, problem is nothing in life is free.  The last of the baby boomer generation X are the last of the hard working Americans, sad day when the young adults today will never achieve what their parents have, also what’s going to happen when the money finally runs out, as it will.  Margaret Thatcher great quote on socialism, the problem is eventually you run out of other peoples money.  Under the Romney plan he could have taught them how to become successful, instead they took the easy way out, under Mitt they’d have to get their lazy butts moving.  The country under Obama and our youth will destroy our freedoms, sad when I’ve walked with my teenage son in Normandy, also the following year we went to Gettysburg, was their death a complete waste of time, they died to preserve our freedoms and we’ve been sold out.  A shame and a disgrace, freedom isn’t free. 

      • Paradox4

        Actually, my daughter and my BF’s daughters are all in the eighteen-twenty one range, and they were excited to vote for Romney. I was pleased!

  • Gradivus

    Thanks, James “Chris” Christie, for giving us another four years of Barack Obama. Couldn’t have done it without you!

    • Reck Havic

       Let the blame game begin…it was Christie, it was Sandy , it was yada yada. The ones to blame are GOP voters for nominating an unelectable moderate in Mitt Romney.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Chernicoff/1384187940 Joe Chernicoff

    America is a new nation, demographically and intellectually, Bernie.  Although we’re still comparatively young, compared  to, say, some of the ancient Chines dynasties, those of our citizens born 50-60 years ago, and later, do not have the understanding and appreciation for what this country has done, and is.   Whether the US will be able to be, as Fareed Zakaria wrote –  the very important country in the post-American world, remains to be seen, If Obama’s liberal fascism becomes the norm, probably not.

  • clearsighted

    The simple answer is that he would have done the opposite of Obama on virtually everything. Considering that he took Massachusetts (where I live) from a $2 billion deficit to a surplus in 4 years WITHOUT RAISING TAXES, as opposed to turning $10 trillion in debt into $16 trillion in debt in the same period of time, that would have been a great start. But your ideological compatriots denied our country that chance just because he was Republican.

  • Bill

    All the 26 year old “children” aka losers on their parents health insurance are in for a rude awakening when they turn 27.

  • Carole Levine

    Excellent analysis and I agree entirely that the GOP’s identity crisis can no longer be avoided. I do believe, however, that the Republican’s farm team–Susana Martinez, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, etc–is far more able to communicate the GOP message than the current standard bearers.

    • Riram44

      It’s expand or die. Learn from defeat, not repeat.
      The GOP has a good supply of young Governors, Senators and Congressmen to evolve into a winning formula.
      They need to stop this Tea Party and religious right domination.
      It’s the road to losing.
      The GOP has not had a substantial win since HW beat Dukakis in 1988!
      Two squeekers by GW, followed by two losses.
      Time to wake up, and change, or become irrelevant.

  • Bill

    The parsites of society killed the host (USA) they feed off last night. Soon they will all die a self inflicted death. A fitting end.

  • barjandor

    The United States of America has, once again, elected the Manchurian Candidate.   To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher, “the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money to spend”. 

    As interested observers from Canada, we are confounded that 50% of the voting public believe they can defy the gravity of market forces that will come into play very shortly.   It’s five minutes to midnight.  The clock’s winding down signaling a meltdown of epic proportions.  The word “depression” does not begin to describe the economic calamity that will take place within the next 14 months.   

    Canada is the only G-7 country that has  sound economic fundamentals.  Unlike the US, we have the cash reserves and the ability to be energy self-sufficient as well as housing and feeding our population and its attending medical infrastructures. 

    The United States can’t print any more money.  However, under this administration, the United States will print more money to the point where it will no longer be the world’s standard of commerce.   It is so sad to witness the United States in decline – a country which has given so much to the rest of the world.      

    • Tim Ned

      You are right brjandor.  Canada is using its natural resources to become more self sufficient. Fortunately you don’t have the social problems of this country.  In Canada owning a gun is about hunting.  With a large segment of our country its about gang warfare and crime.  We won’t end our problems in the US until a good share of our population decides to join the human race.

  • trailbee

    I think Christie was so darned overwhelmed by what he saw in his state, he was not only desperate, he knew that without the help of the Administration he was toast! So he did what he had to do.   He was angry and afraid for the people of New Jersey.  All the money and resources he needed were in DC.  This is the prez’s job, and he had better do it.  He had to be civil in order to get what he needed.   It is only natural that the troll will take full advantage of the photo ops.  A high price to pay.  Christie won for a reason, and maybe Sandy was it.  Want to go live in NY?

    • Bill

      With friends like Christie, Mitt didn’t need enemies.

    • Arj127

      Christie had the maturity to know that natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy transcend politics.  Good for him.  

  • Paul

    Why do you not leave the USA – and go to China for example ? This would be the country of your dreams, without that stupid democracy with all those stupid people, who did not vote the way you like, you know those people, who refused to be brainwashed by Fox “News”, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity , Ann Coulter, Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani and your sad and pathetic right wing talking points. But fear not: your Republican friends will do anything to harm Obama for the next four years – and destroy this beautiful country on the way,,,,,, and by the way, I am not a Democrat, I am an Indepenent. I am just not so stupid to fall for your propaganda

    • Miltm13


      Why don’t you go to Cuba, for example?

      You may be registered as an Independent, but you are definitely stupid!

      • Paul

        at least you know, who you can blame for the next four years for everything bad in this world…. including storms and rain and snow and winds

  • http://www.facebook.com/avengingarmadillo William Thomas Ridenour

    Excellent article Bernie.

  • Flyphish56

    I believe we have been headed for this since the Nixon Administration. But the single most significant “enemy of the state” the past 5 years has been the media.

    They have knowingly and willingly sold out the country in persuit of their ultra-liberal agenda.

    • Arj127

      Funny you say that.  The Communist countries used the same language when they suppressed the press for telling the ugly truth about their regimes.  

      Romney screwed himself when he gave that speech and told the faithful his theory about the 47%.  I’m glad that we all got a good look at what he was really thinking.

  • Riram44

    Romney had to run against Obama AND the media.
    Half a billion dollars in negative ads decimating Romney, backed by the media
    parrotting them, was too much to overcome.
    Plus the nasty primaries didn’t help Romney, either.
    Don’t forget, Obama didn’t have a primary, as Jimmy Carter did in 1980.
    As for 2016, Chris Christie is dead to many Republicans, who liked him before he “Chris Matthewed” Obama.
    Personally, I like Marco Rubio for next run. He’s articulate, telegenic, bright, and Hispanic.
    Don’t underestimate the last item.
    Had he been on the ticket instead of Paul Ryan, he might have proved to be the difference maker.
    GOP gave Hispancis little reason to vote for the ticket. Ryan couldn’t even deliver his own State, and added very little to the ticket.
    Rubio could have delivered Florida and a meaningful amount of Hispanic votes everywhere.
    Now, I see some on the far right, saying Rubio isn’t eligible to run for POTUS, based on his parents not being citizens when he was born in Miami. The US Constitution does not define citizenship. A fact lost on these people, who want to exclude, rather than include.
    The GOP either expands its base or dies. The Tea Party cost the GOP at least five Senatorial seats. The religious right is also exclusionary.
    This must end, or the GOP is finished, with nothing but radical groups to fill the void.

    • Phil Silverman

      gee, I wonder if Obama had any media opposition? Foxnews / Glen Beck / Limbaugh / Coulter / Levin / Ingraham/ Gaffney / the NRA / Alex Jones / Jerome Corsi / Ted Nugent / Drudge / Hannity. ? >>>Read THE FOX EFFECT and then the 24-7 OBAMA HATE MACHINE. 

  • IJustHaveAQuestion

    Bernie, you are blaming ghosts. This Obama win is really all about a majority of American’s who demand that people such as  you Bernie, Billy O, Brit Hume, etc pay their fair share in taxes. Now Bill O’ Reilly calls the people who demand this as just a bunch of people who want stuff, but that’s a lie. It’s about making sure that the wealthy in this country do not have enough money in the future to attempt to purchase elections to any effective degree. 

    Also even though these wealthy folk do not collectively have enough money to pay off the national debt it’s still a step in the right direction toward that endeavor.  Saying that it is a step in the right direction upsets narcissistic minds like Brit Hume. I say too bad he really needs to get his greed checked, same with Billy O. Because they are the ones who just want stuff.   

    • Miltm13

      I just have a question for you,

      How the heck did you even graduate from first grade?

      And, as far as Bernie blaming ghosts, that’s probably how Obama won Illinois, if not even more states. All those pesky dead Democrats who constistently show up at the polls.

      • IJustHaveAQuestion

        You post to me, quote, “How the heck did you even graduate from first grade?” Why? Do you make a habit of communicating to people you have such a low opinion of? Are you that starved for conversation? If I had such an opinion of you I certainly would not reply to you.  

    • James King

      You either have your head where the sun don’t shine or you are an idiot. How much should their “fair share” be? I can answer for you. 100%. You need to go back to school and do a lot of reading. I would suggest Atlas Shrugged, but that is much too deep for a feeble mind. Instead, read Restoring the American Dream. And in the event I am right and you do not know what it really is, it is freedom, and you can’t have freedom with the state in charge.

      The purpose of the federal government is to protect you from acts of physical violence. Period.

      • IJustHaveAQuestion

         Eisenhower set the federal income tax rate on those who made a million dollars a year and higher at 92%. Now I believe we should go back to those rates, but the income level should be adjusted for inflation.  Here, knock yourself out http://www.usinflationcalculator.com/  :)

        • James King

          As I said before. Read Restoring the American Dream. You can find copies of it on line. You should read Rand too, but don’t start with Atlas. Start with, as an example, a non-fiction book titled, Lexicon. When you finish that pick up a copy of The Fountainhead. If you read RESTORING, you will want to jump right in and read Atlas, but I can tell from what you write it’s too deep for you.

          And as I say these things I am not attempting to disparage you, just to say what I think based on what you have written.

    • AllenJ

      I see that the right-wing trolls substitute insult and invective for argument. Kinda pathetic.

      • IJustHaveAQuestion

         So let me get this straight, when a person expresses his or her opinion in the comment section of an opinion blog it’s trolling, lol.

        • Arj127

          Look at James King’s comment below as an example of trolling.

  • Maryjoe

    What a sad day for the US, Romney was a hope for the sane people of this Country!!
    We will all suffer for the Obama win!!!

  • Gerpac

    The lamestream media played a major role in Obama’s re-election. Without their socialist
    backing he would have lost this election by at least  6 to 7  points. The fawning media combined with the takers (non producers) made it impossible for Romney or any other Republican to win the Oval Office. Yes, Christie used extremely poor judgement in crawling over the “Photo-Op) king  did some damage. How much? No one will ever know>
    Guess he had the hair on his legs stand on end when he was approached by the little dictator.

  • JR

    The electorate does not believe that the national debt is a problem.  They have been told it was going to be a problem for 40 years and it has not been, so they don’t care.  They do not wish for the opportunity to be all they can be, they wish for a new Iphone, and free healthcare.  The Republicans should close down the party.  If you can’t win this election, maybe politics just isn’t your thing.  The republican party gets no more money from me.  Libertarian Unite!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TC2IZKSEMZ4KFRDWMY3MGQWVHQ R

    Obama had the liberal media, it’s that simple.

    • James King

      He did. But he also had New York and California. That’s a lot of electoral votes to put in the bank before the election even begins. And now it’s too much for the GOP from now on. Gee, I wonder what I can get from the gov., which really means my fellow citizens. But it doesn’t matter. If they run out of other people’s money they can just print more. What a country.

      • Bigbuffler4568

        Very good James. Also, however, the massive demographic shifts must be taken into consideration: youth, hispanics, blacks, illegals, etc. Ripe stuff for the “politics of envy”. 

        I believe the only hope the GOP has is for it to free itself from the idiocy of the “fundamentalist” Christians and advocates of graduated taxation. You wouldn’t believe the number of people I have talked to who are revolted by the “Pro-Life” zealots and the rest of the religious hysterics. Major factor.A 10% flat tax applied to EVERYONE could well solve several problems at once. Ditto, the GOP must cast off the AIPAC chains under which it labors. No two ways about it, the GOP must change, must rid itself of religious and Zionist zealots and come to its senses, re taxation. Another problem, of course, is the liberals’ war on energy independence. Unfortunately, the voting (and non-voting) populace is so stupid, ignorant and lazy, we must go through a crash before arising anew. Most addicts must hit bottom, before they can reassemble some sort of life. The American public needs a self-inflicted crash. Then maybe—and it’s just maybe—it can sober up.

        • James King

          I actually agree with much of what you say. The graduated income tax is one of the 10 communist manifesto planks and was put in place by another liberal, Wilson, and his pals. But I’m not sure about the flat tax. I prefer no tax, but then the income tax amendment would have to be defeated, and if it gets that far along the amendment to directly elect senators and the income tax law be overturned. That would be the biggest step in returning to the country our founders created.

          I am pro life and also pro choice. At the same time. As to abortions, religion, marriage, etc., these things are not legitimate functions of government. Government has no place in these things.

          But religion holds such a strong bond on people that those in the GOP who are what you describe as “Pro-Life” zealots will never abandon their ideas. And as far as the GOP casting off items, it won’t matter. They will not survive. I am an Objectivist.

  • DrewM

    Benghazi as a story is gone.  And so is Brian Terry.

  • ezziesmom

                                     Who is John Galt?

    • James King

      HERE! HERE!

  • Susan Kihne

    Obama won because many voters are IGNORANT.  I’ve worked polls for years, and you can’t believe some of what you see.  Scarey!

  • Lucky3511

    The Lazy left wing Loonies finally became the majority.  Let us see how well they do as the workers of USA leave for countries where their work and sacrifice are appreciated and rewarded. When their are no one left paying the taxes, lets see if Obamination can continue to borrow trillions from other countries. The free stuff will end very soon, then where will mrs WantmyBama Phone and the other hangers on get theircomfortable living from.

  • bonaparte3

    I absolutely agree, Bernie, that Romney should have held Obama’s feet to the fire on Benghazi in the third debate. Instead, he tried to coast for the remainder of the campaign and it cost him. Benghazi is a scandal and a foreign policy fiasco- that cost four American lives. I am appalled that this was swept under the rug; will a congressional investigation now reveal the dirty dark secrets?

    • Judy

      Who knows, though–if the corrupt media was covering up Bengazi, would it have helped Romney to make it an issue.   I think he should, have,  just on principle, but it may not have made a difference in the outcome.

  • Judy

    I think a lot of us were guilty of wishful thinking, forgetting completely, that 
    1.most voters don’t have any understanding of basic economics, and,
    2. the corrupt media is a powerful predictor of political success.
    What were we thinking?

    • http://www.facebook.com/flower.bell.56 Flower Bell

       We were holding out on hope.  But that’s over for now.

  • http://profiles.google.com/tbfh1955 tb thomas

    Bernie, even you (it seems) believe that Obama is hoping for a happy ending. He’s burning through the credit and currency of this nation as fast as possible, making sure it saves or creates as many government jobs as possible, with the balance spilling into the pockets of his most committed cronies in the private sector.

    But the endgame is still the same: exponentially increasing entitlements meet rapidly diminishing monetary legitimacy, followed by currency collapse and re-organization by executive fiat. And as House Republicans try to prevent this train-wreck, they will be left holding the bag for blocking his “investments” in our prosperous Utopian future.

    Be prepared for some near-term demonstrations of his willingness to enact bi-partisan compromise, most of which will fail because they never get past the “trial balloon” phase — all of which will take place behind closed doors.

    The real question “we” have to ask ourselves: do we really want to save a country where the majority of our fellow citizens are willing to rely upon fiat Dollars in lieu of hard earned cash? Do we want to work hard, elbow to elbow with people who believe the compensation we receive is a privilege granted to us by them, drawn from whatever is left-over after they have taken their “fair share”?

    They aren’t going anywhere. Even if Mitt Romney had won, they’d still be here peddling their lies, holding the private-sector hostage to every imaginable grievance, fraudulently grasping at every available form of public assistance, and all the while, projecting their self-loathing on us. It will take decades for the consequences of last night’s election to play themselves out, and a new generation to subsume the parasites and professional altruists who have infected our body politic.

    I suspect that new generation has yet to be born. For me at least, the decision is simple: get as far away from the cesspool that has inundated this country as I can, and hope our civilization survives the half-dozen or so global holocausts which are approaching critical-mass as we speak. 

    • 49corvette

      Amen—Well Stated

  • Jsebs

    I’m no politician, but I think it would have occurred to me that when I am a top republican governor and conservative leader, and it’s a couple of days before elections, that it might not be a good idea to allow myself to be photographed holding hands with Obama, looking at him like I’m a repentant child and letting him put his condescending hand on my shoulder.

    He could have just send a message to Obama: “Welcome to New Jersey, but it’s too close to elections day, so you can understand I can’t meet you today.  Feel free to visit around.  I’ll call you later to talk about relief efforts.”

  • 49corvette

     This day after the election reminds me of the scene from 1956 film “Ten Commandments”—just after Moses came down from the mountain—my 2cents—Thanx for reading

    • James King

      What the movie didn’t tell you, though, is that the book this fable was taken from says that Moses was instructed to murder all those people with their golden calf. This was just after telling him that murder is not allowed.

      • 49corvette

        Thanks, but not true—Moses actually petitioned against punishment  for the  rebellion of the people—and it was granted—But Moses lost his temper and destroyed  The Tablets—later replaced—just sayin’ America can’t continue on the “moral?” path it is on and continue to expect zero consequences—that’s all—I just don’t want to chance it myself—yesterday in the election one small step to start turning around was lost—my2cents—Thanx for reading

        • James King


        • Lordjinnai

          49corvette is correct, you moron.  If you actually bothered to read the Bible, you’d know that Moses, all on his own tempermental choice, murdered those people and broke the commandment tablets.  Neither God nor anyone else gave him “instructions” to do it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1775150241 Bonnie Thomas Usrey

    Amen, Bernie. I watched with disbelief last night, and feel today that after four more years of what the last four have been, our country may never recover, economically, morally, spiritually, and the country I have known and loved all my life may be a thing of the past. I am a “skeptical optimist” and did not see this coming! I worked for Mitt Romeny at the 2002 Winter Olympics, and know his virtues, and what he did there, taking NO Salary for doing it!  Never have I had the feeling, and logical belief that the POTUS hates people like me: A white just turned 69 Christian Conservative, widow, who worked for 53 years, paid into the system, married, raised kids. Both my husband and my father were WWII vets. My husband was a mail boy at the Pentagon when Pearl Harbor was attacked and joined up with everyone around him. My father was drafted at age 25, married with two kids on one on the way. Both my parents retired from Eli Lilly and were married at a Jitter Bug Contest in 1939 when they were 17 and 21. My Mother just died in June, and I had the privilege of taking care of her the last year and a half of her life. I’m just reeling, feeling  What went wrong? BUT, my faith is strong and unwavering, and my trust is in my God, but no longer in my Country. We will survive as my Parents survived the Depression, but it will never be the same! 

    • Judy

      We’re lucky that we knew that country. 

    • Ted Crawford

      I experienced an upbringing and past similar to yours. My Father, who also just recently passed away, participated in the D-Day Landings and I’m a two tour disabled  veteran of Viet Nam. Unlike you I have NO optimism! I began to see the handwriting on the wall about a year and a half ago, and began preliminary actions to relocate should this happen, When Christie preformed his panic-strickened, teary-eyed pandering act on National TV, I knew it was over! On Monday I sold off my ,very small, portfolio, good timming there, and my family and I will be elsewhere when Obama takes his Oath of Office( should he bother with that Dog-and-Pony show)! 

      • James King

        Ted, please either tell me where you will be going or how to find a place. I really don’t know how, perhaps because I am old, but my wife and I had the same discussion this am. And by the way, I contribute to Viet Nam Vets.

      • 10579

        i wonder if he will use the bible or the quran

  • http://www.facebook.com/tony.bulver Tony Bulver

    Obama bought and paid for this election with taxpayer dollars. After all, his supporters got free cell phones, food stamps, fed. assistance, welfare and all the other taxpayer goodies that the real workers provided. Not to mention all of the phony votes supplied by SEIU, the ACLU, Moveon.org and other Obama front organizations who went out and recruited the dead, the illegal aliens and other people who were ineligible to vote.

  • Bigrigol23

    Once again the blood sucking dregs of the inner city have elected a president for the rest of the country.

  • Dennis

    Now we are being told to set aside our differences and unite behind Obama for the good of the country. Sorry, cant and won’t do it. Barack Obama is not my President. 

    This Chicago Democrat ran the most vile, dishonest, despicable, divisive campaign since John Adams and Thomas Jefferson and now it is up to us to heal those wounds. He did everything he could to divide us along class, race and economic lines with lies, slander and foul campaigning and now I am the one who is expected to forget it and rally to him. He has spent four years treating me with contempt (a small business owner) and I am now responsible to support him!  

    It is up to him to convince me he is worthy of my support and he has done everything he can to convince me otherwise and nothing to gain my respect. Barack Obama is not my President. 

    • Jrawl

      Amen, Dennis!  I couldn’t agree more.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-L-Macchia/649373637 Robert L Macchia

      And now he is doubling down on his original tax increase proposals. How will we live with his refusal to become fuel independent, his doubling down on his original tax proposals which will create higher unemployment. The only ones that made this re-election possible were all of those receiving social justice. There should have been a recount, but all over the internet people are saying the election was also rigged. God Help US if it was. I can’t take another 4 years of Obama as a retireee.

  • John Lane

    There are two voting blocks that assure anybodt thr White House. Myor Bloomberg can buy these with Tax Payer money so face up to it and drink your 12 once soda water…..Tovarichi

  • Bill

    The United Staes of America
    Born: July 4 1776
    Died: Nov 6 2012
    Cause of Death: Suicide 

    • 10579

      that was suicide by more than 47 million cuts

  • James King

    More than 100-years ago America embraced Teddy Roosevelt. This was the beginning of the end of America. We have not yet reached the end, but we’re damned well close to it, as BO believes that the power of private enterprise that he so despises will pull us out in the long run.

    The most responsible force for this is the American people, now reduced to walking around looking at the screen of some electronic device and believing their “talking heads” who tell them that the Founding Fathers created a democracy. They did not.

    A democracy is majority rule. America has, along with some other provisions in the Constitution, the Electoral College that prevents majority rule. This is one of the parts of the Constitution they want to get rid of, and they will succeed with their millions of “Useful Idiots.”

    The courage of Washington, Jefferson and the others will not rise again. It’s easier this way. But it’s not just because of BO. The choice in the election was for big, or bigger government, not constitutional government, and the strongest force that held political office is now gone. Ron Paul didn’t get enough support to restore the American dream. Indeed, I think most people do not even know what it is. The answer…freedom. This can be easily seen by many things, one of which is that Americans fear their government, and until government fears the populace, freedom will remain lost.

    The two major political parties destroyed America. The GOP was the “daddy” party and the Democrat the “nanny” party. Over time, Americans chose the “nanny.” I think this is so because humans also choose mom over dad by a large margin, so the nanny state is more comfortable to them. Lucky me. I’m old.

  • theslowrider

    It’s over, my friends. With Iowa, Ohio, Colorado, and Florida voting for a community organizer over a successful businessman who wanted everyone to be rich, this country will continue to go downhill. It’s been coming for a few decades, but we’ve finally hit the tipping point where there are more voters who want the government to steal money from others and give it to them. Voting for a person who will give a single mother a place to live,a cell phone, and lots of money for each fatherless child should be an omen of things to come. For those of you with actual jobs, think about it: how cool would it be that you could vote yourself a raise every 4 years. It’s over.

  • RogerDavies

    Just like I said after the ’08 election, “Well, we shall see.”.  I am even less hopeful this time!For those of you who trash-mouthed Romney during the campaign, ARE YOU HAPPY?! FOUR MORE YEARS OF ODUMBO! Just freaking wonderful! And the two Republican senate candidates that shot themselves in the foot? Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! Their comments make me thing they wanted to loose! Also, Chris Christie’s little love fest with Odumbo; Did he really not understand how that would play out in the “news”?
    That said, I do not believe the numbers. Not for a minute. This is why we need PAPER BALLOTS, filled out by hand! They can be read by machine, however, we have no paper trail with touch screens! Does that not sound like a recipe for corruption?
    So, what’s next? Who is going to pick up the pieces when the UNITED STATES collapses? I’ve been telling you!  http://www.republicoftheunitedstates.org/the-change-our-founders-believed-in/ Let me know if you care; rd6475@hotmail.com.

  • Ahalbert

    Bernie, I think the first cult of personality president was Clinton. When he lied and the public decided character didn’t matter, it was the beginning of something big. Obama could shoot a political opponent on national TV, blame it on Bush, and the public would go along with it at this point. Character was already dead. Yesterday, it was buried.

  • Webmaster

    For anyone interested, I sent the following summary I
    wrote last night to all my retired friends, many in the military, to sum up
    what happened last night. America is now flying on a broken wing with no prayer
    since those who voted for Obama knew he had gone to the DNC convention with the
    Democrat Platform already written to remove God from their belief plate and to
    stick it in his eye by giving the Palestinians Jerusalem.



    • http://www.facebook.com/betty.howard.5851 Betty Howard

      Sorry for overworked word, but the only thing I can think of is “AWESOME”!  Great, great, Great.   Thank you.

  • Vic Phillips

    The question is, when do we change the name of the country to The United Socialist States of America?

    • Jsebs

      Excuse me, that would be “The United Socialist Provinces of America.”

      • Ted Crawford

        Perhaps like other leftist nations they ( I’m , like Aladdins Genie “Outta here) could call it ” The Peoples Republic of America”

      • metheoldsarge

        How about Just USA. Union of Sovietised America.

  • Lou

    To battle the main stream media is impossible. First they attack you, then they cover up all OB’s mistakes. Plus the minority group is bigger then anyone thought. Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, atheists, liberal Jews plus who ever I am frogetting

    • http://profiles.google.com/tbfh1955 tb thomas

       I’m an (Episcopalian) atheist Lou, and my stake in the future of this country is going down right along with yours. If you and the rest of the “social conservatives” had kept your religious beliefs at home where they belong, I strongly suspect Mitt Romney would have pulled this election out, and we might even have taken control of the Senate.

      I have watched for four decades while the “evangelicals” in the Republican party hobbled it’s candidates election after election with their religious conceits. They have enabled Marxists and “professional altruists” on the Left to suffocate our free-market economy, and build the crushing burden of unfunded entitlements which is about to cause it’s collapse.

      Bernie is rightfully concerned about the split in the Republican party. For my part, it’s a done deal: after 40 years as a Republican, I re-registered as an independent several months ago, not long after a Republican candidate for the Senate decided to pontificate on the subject of “legitimate rape”.

      Protecting this country from Leftist opportunists has been tough enough in the first place. With people like you “on our side”, it’s an exercise in futility. 

      • Riram44

        Those who the Tea Party and religious right, promoted, running for Senator, made insane remarks about rape, which the Obama campaign tied to Romney successfully.
        He never said those things, but it stuck with women voters, who bought into the fear ads, that saturated the airwaves.
        The Tea Party cost the GOP at least FIVE Senate seats, in 2010 and 2012, by getting inferior candidates nominated in promaries, only to lose, because they appealed to a very narrow constituency.
        Expand the base or die. The GOP gave women and Hispanics, little reason to vote for the ticket.
        See the future or lose it!

      • Ramonespinosa

        You hit the nerve 100 # the Religious right got boxed up/ your 100
        % right kick them out of the equation next time x100
        President Reagan was not a choir boy but he got the job done
        Our new faces have to address the Latino vote as well as our Ladies
        Into the Republican / Independent thinking fast. The lower Strata
        Society is ruining our Country. … We must make THEM pay
        And find work no food stamps create another WPA with script..
        Just my thoughts

  • Bill

    Welcome to the Chinese Century.

    • http://TrochilusTales.blogspot.com Trochilus

      Bill, President Ronald Reagan won the Cold War by essentially bankrupting the Soviet Union — adopting policies that eventually lured them into financially over-extending themselves to the breaking point in their aggressive effort to keep up with our military defenses, including SDI, of Europe and elsewhere. 

      Their hopelessly inapt statist economy finally collapsed under that impossible burden.  Reagan didn’t pursue that policy to conquer their lands and to subjugate their people.  He was a lover of liberty, and did it to neutralize the Soviet’s  ability to continue subjugating the peoples of Europe and elsewhere, under their decades old ideological boot. 

      Barack Obama has essentially turned the clock back and is reviving those socialist fortunes by reversing that trend via his inexcusable escalation of our national spending spree, one that has so deeply further indebted us to socialist China, that it would take decades to dig our way out of this fiscal predicament.  And, as inadvertently recently revealed, he has also already as much as promised Putin, via his whispers to Medvedev, that he will negotiate and likely lift the SDI burden that has been checking Russian desires to gradually restore what they think is their “rightful” claim to Eastern European hegemony.  Do not think for one moment the Russians under Putin are not without restorative motivation!  You can be sure the remaining dairy lands in and around Belorussia, the rich black Ukrainian grain farmlands, and of course the centuries old Russian desire for a  warm port, all lie just below the surface, and coupled with natural gas exploitation could quickly put the Russians in a position of at least partial European dominance once again.

      As for China,  think you have got it exactly right, Bill.  Obama is financially delivering us to their doorstep, borrowing and giving away trillions, and thereby reducing and possibly eliminating options we would otherwise have for a continued American presence on the Pacific stage.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ted.wight Ted Wight

    Obama won, America 0.

    It is all over, folks.  The country into which I was born died last night.  One then one more supreme court justice will retire.  Obama will appoint two more far-left ideologues and then he will be enable to do whatever he wants.  He will extend his term of office into infinity.  The Supreme Court will find it constitutional.  Voila, HITLER here we come again.

    • Parker

      And liberals are supposedly the whiny ones……

      • Americanmeltdown

        you need to learn the difference between whining and the facts – bud!
        You are making a great case to support you being stupid.

        • Parker

          Comparing Obama to Hitler is a fact? Please.

          • Americanmeltdown

            I only deal in facts.   New concept for you, but try it anyway, Parker.

            Chew on these facts Parker:
             Both wrote an autobiography in their mid-thirties. Both Hitler and Obama felt the need to document their life for the public even before either had started their political careers.
            Hitler & obama have the same or similar convictions and associations:
            Universal  Health Care, Abortion, Gun Control, Communism, Socialism, Anti- Semitism, Left Wing Radicals
            Both share the same personality traits:
            Behaves in an arrogant or haughty manner
            Has an exaggerated sense of self-importance
            Preoccupied with fantasies about success, power or beauty
            Believe they are special and can associate only with equally special people
            Require constant admiration
            Has a sense of entitlement
            Takes advantage of others
            Inability to recognize needs and feelings of others
            Envious of others

          • Bob Hadley

            Much of what you wrote above is opinion. The statements of fact you make are highly selective. You could also compare Pres. Obama to Jesus using your emotion-laden thought process.
            Anyone with only an eight grade education should know this.

          • bob schmidt

            You mean Jesus wrote a book? Do tell?

          • Bob Hadley

            Q. Why are you focusing on one detail?

            A. Because you don’t want to admit that you’re wrong.

            Look at the big picture, if you dare. Any overly-zealous fool can play Americanmeltdown’s game and make a series of comparisons (some factual, some warped opinions), as in Americanmeltdown’s case) between a whole slew of figures.

          • 10579

            why don’t you google the wyhma (sorry for the spelling) republic and you will see the road we the people have been going down since obama took office in 2008.

          • metheoldsarge

            I have seen many comments that compare Obama with Hitler. Those who ignore or forget history are condemned to repeat it. I think Obama is counting on the majority of Americans to forget or ignore that dark time of World History and just how Hitler took power because he is following that same path as if he is using Hitler’s playbook. One of the first things Hitler did was to get government control of health care. Obama has done that. One diference is that Hitler didn’t invent Government health care. In the 1880s there were three health programs pushed by Bismark and adopted in Germany. The Health Insurance Bill of 1883 was set up for workers. The Accident Insurance Bill of 1884 was set up for accident victims. The Old Age Disability Insurance Bill of 1889 basically provided pensions and health care for the elderly. Each of these programs were supervised directly by the individual provinces. What Hitler did was to take control from the provinces and transfer it to the central government. It was then used as leverage to control the German people. When Obama signed his health care bill, Congressman Dingle gleefully stated that they now had control of the people. Another thing was to gain control of the Media. Obama has the Main Stream Media like CNN, CBS and MSNBC in his hip pocket. Hitler then expanded control of firearms. Firearm registration was put into place earlier by the Weimer Republic. In the beginning, Hitler used it to locate and take firearms mainly from Jews and non-citizens. He did effect total gun control, at first, only for the Jews and later expanded it to those he deemed to be enemies of the State. Obama and Hillary, with the help of the United Nations, are working very hard behind the scenes to accomplish that. Hitler then got control of big business. Obama has Chrysler, GM and GE in his hip pocket. Hitler gained control of the courts. Obama has successfully got two highly controversial people on the Supreme Court and could appoint more. Makes me wonder what were those Senators smoking when they approved them? No dummy or idiot could have pulled all that off no matter who was supporting him. Too many people underestimated him and still do and he knows how to use that to his advantage. Hitler was also underestimated by the German people. He used that to his advantage and that was how he took over Germany. The writing is on the wall and the people are refusing to read it. I’m not saying anything new that I haven’t said many times in the past. I am saying the things that need to be said over and over. I hope the American people wake up before it’s too late.

          • Mario__P


            Those are some very good and convincing comparison points. The GOP should adopt those points and run on them in 2016 against Goering, I mean Clinton.

          • 10579

            sarge you hit the nail on the head.liberals,/progressives/and the pinko commie leaders we have in this country (hillary,axelrod,jarrett,holder,obama and wife ) are leading us down this path, glenn beck spoke of this years ago on his radio and t.v. show, but they said he was to crazy,radical.well i think that the man has been right on 99.9% of the things he brought to light. it is truely scary how right this man is. but now he said that he is a progressive libertarian,and anything progressive i dont care for ’cause they want to destroy this country.oh and for you liberals,i stand by my statement with my bible and my gunsand my freedom loving Americans.

        • 10579

          well if people are supporting you stop whining stupid.

    • metheoldsarge

       Perhaps we have Supreme Court Justice Eric Holder to look forward to.

      • Bazmac

        You know who would make an absolute bitchin’ Supreme Court justice?…Bill Clinton. Or Hillary for that matter. But I’d rather have a younger liberal for more longevity on the court.

        • 10579


    • Bob Hadley

      The U. S. Supreme Court would actually rule 22nd Amendment to the U. S. Constitution unconstitutional? I know you meant that as hyperbole, but many are crazy enough and ignorant enough to believe it.

  • kitcrsn6768

    This may have been the last national election where white voters alone might have determined the outcome. In short, it’s over folks. No longer is this the America I once knew and fought for.  This Vietnam vet says, keep yer powder dry. 

  • Bill

    The USA is now an official social welfare nanny state along with Europe. Just another Greece. 50% of Americans voted for national suicide and thats what they will get and deserve. Nikita Kruschev was ahead of his time when he said the USA will fall without a shot being fired. Its the rot from within that has done us in

    • http://www.facebook.com/betty.howard.5851 Betty Howard

      We get it too.  WE don’t deserve it!

  • Parker

    Gotta love people here who act like the elites they accuse the “liberals” of being. They say those who voted for Obama are either dependent on others or brainwashed. Insulting others and generalizing why they made the decisions that they did are the workings of the elite if you ask me. Those who voted for Romney are the smart ones according to you. Well, people are sick of elections being bought, they know that leverage buyout specialist and hedge fund billionaires are not job creators, they know the 12 million jobs are a load of you know what and that the only jobs the Presdient can create are government jobs and Romney doesnt want to invest in infrastructure and education.  They saw through Ryan’s math-challenged budget plan and insane voucher program. The religious portion of the right complaining that Obama was going to take away their religious freedoms was a farce and a turnoff to most.

    Obama inherited a mess that Republicans want to forget about. This country is still in trouble  but maybe this will be a wake-up call to Congress and they will work together. Tough to blame Obama for everything when everything gets fillibsutered. he is far from perfect and I havent met a liberal who thinks he is the “Messiah.”Lets have these people who get elected work together and improve this country.

    • T_Elmer

      More liberal ramblings from the economically ignorant.

      • Parker

        I’m independent but thanks for generalizing. Please explain how great Mitt would be for our economy? More military spending?

        • EddieD_Boston

          Did you happen to hear about Romney’s 5 point plan? It would have worked better than “giving tax breaks to manufacturing companies who utilize alternative energy”.

          That’s just plain stupid.

        • Ted Crawford

          Perhaps you have, somehow(!), nievely, convinced yourself that you are an independent, but your post, as the addage explaines, “Speaks so loudly, I can’t hear a word you say” ! 

    • Judy

      Learn basic economics and come back!

      • Parker

        I know basic economics. Your guys didnt and lost.

    • http://profiles.google.com/tbfh1955 tb thomas

      Okay, I’ll bite. Setting aside your parroting of the usual talking points which falsely characterize Romney and Ryan’s proposals, there is one systemic and irrefutably corrupt principle at the heart of Obama’s tenure as President: the use of $Trillions in fiat Dollars to prop up his regime. As Thomas Jefferson characterized this fundamental affront to all forms of legitimate governance:

      “The question [w]hether one generation of men has a right to bind another. . . is a question of such consequences as not only to merit decision, but place also among the fundamental principles of every government. . . I set out on this ground, which I suppose to be self-evident, ‘that the earth belongs in usufruct to the living’ . . ..”
      (Sept. 6, 1789, Jefferson’s letter to Madison)

      As a Republican, I’ve been fighting this obscene abuse of Natural Law since 1992, when I helped organize the Perot ballot initiative in my state, as a challenge to George H. W. Bush’ borrowing $1-Billion a day during his last year in office. Then, as now, when government funds it’s operating expenses by borrowing (or printing) the money it spends, it severs it’s ties with legitimate democracy, while looting the legacy assets of future generations for it’s self-serving purposes in the here and now.

      When George W. Bush repeated this abuse, I vigorously and publicly opposed it (to the point where I voted for Obama in 2008, since he promised to “cut the deficit in half” during his first term). And now that Obama has demonstrated his real intention to incinerate what’s left of this nation’s credit and currency, I oppose it as well.

      Your ignorance of Obama’s grotesque violations of the trust of the electorate after taking office is breathtaking. Your willingness to ignore his relentless deceit and demagoguery inexcusable. But your acquiescence to his reckless destruction of the monetary foundation of this nation defines you as a hypocrite (and what Lenin referred to as a “useful idiot”). Some would go so far as to characterize it as Treason.

      In short: you are an enabler of totalitarian government, masquerading under the banner of “social justice”. And the horrific consequences of the choice you (and your ilk) made yesterday will settle upon you (and the rest of us) much sooner than you realize.

    • clearsighted

      “People are sick of elections being bought…”Really? Your messiah just bought this election with over $1 billion from 1/2%’ers in Hollywood and much of the rest stolen from union members by their goon bosses and you have the gall to complain about being tired of elections being bought? Who bought the election in 2008?
      “They know that leverage buyout specialist and hedge fund billionaires are not job creators…”Really? Talk is cheap, Parker. Where’s the actual proof to back up that claim?”Ryan’s math-challenged budget..”And you complain about Republicans “insulting others and generalizing”? Methinks thou dost project too much. The insulting and demonizing comes naturally to your side.It is true that leftists/socialists  don’t understand basic economics because if they did, they wouldn’t be socialists. For example,  the “mess” that Obama “inherited,” was in reality  caused by the collapse of the housing bubble in 2007-2008. The housing bubble was created by Democrats through the Community Reinvestment Act passed during the CLINTON  administration. This law  forced banks to lend money to people that the banks knew could not pay the loans back. To get the banks to do that, the Clinton administration  transferred all the risk of those bad loans to the taxpayers by giving  federal loan guarantees to the banks for up to 100% of the bad debt. Once they were freed of any risk for making these bad loans, the banks then flooded the real estate market with trillions in easy money. That drove the prices of real estate up which led to speculation which drove the prices further up. Then, the Clinton administration passed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley law which removed the prohibition which prevented banks from being in the investmant banking business. So, all those bad loans got packaged into “mortgage-backed securities” which were sold to investors who were convinced the good times would never end which drove the prices even further up. Unfortunately, this house of cards created by these two Democrat inspired laws and administered through Barney Frank’s Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac imploded. The values of the real estate which had been artificially inflated through years of speculation which began in the Clinton years finally collapsed wiping out trillions of dollars in value in the real estate market and led to the vast number of foreclosures we are still dealing with.

      Bush actually tried to get legislation passed to rein in the entire mess but the Democrats blocked it in Congress.

      The bottom line is, Parker, that your side denied our country the best chance for a turnaround by a man with  a proven  record of success in  government and in the private sector and instead re-elected a proven and repeated failure, an empty suit who is all talk and no action,  purely for ideological reasons, namely, to vote for anybody not Republican.

      • Mario__P

        clearsighted? Are you? 

        Did you omit some very important details in your theory? Did you make some false accusations and conclusions? Would you like to make any corrections? Are you sure this is how the housing bubble formed?

        • clearsighted

          Yes. Yes.

          Don’t think so. Don’t think so. No. Yes.

      • Mario__P

        clearsighted, I gave you a chance to research the topic further, but you failed.
        “The housing bubble was created by Democrats through the Community Reinvestment Act passed during the CLINTON  administration.”

        Wrong. The CRA was passed in 1977. Clinton and his Republican Congress made changes to it.

        “This law  forced banks to lend money to people that the banks knew could not pay the loans back.”

        Wrong. The law emphasizes that lending activities should undertake in a safe and sound manner, and it does not require institutions to issue high-risk loans.

        “Then, the Clinton administration passed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley law which removed the prohibition which prevented banks from being in the investment banking business…. Unfortunately, this house of cards created by these two Democrat inspired laws and administered through Barney Frank’s Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac imploded.”

        Wrong. The changes to the CRA in the 1990’s were passed by the Republican Congress, before Clinton signed them. And the more damaging Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (which repealed part of the Glass-Steagall Act) was actually introduced by Republicans, not Democrats.

        “Bush actually tried to get legislation passed to rein in the entire mess but the Democrats blocked it in Congress.”

        Wrong. In 2005 Bush rejected the Federal Housing Finance Reform Act, introduced by his fellow Republican Mike Oxley, which would have strengthened the lending regulation. Regardless, by 2005 good portion of the damage was done. The Bush administration was also accused of blocking investigations into predatory lending practices.

        It is not surprising your version of reality ignores the three biggest causes for the inflation of the housing bubble, which were the drastic and brisk lowering of the fed rate, the passing of the American Dream Downpayment Act (ADDA), and the increase in unregulated sub-prime lending. The risky mixture management of the loans resulted from the easy-money potential found in the growing housing bubble. Had the bubble not developed, there would be less motivation for such risk taking.

        The drastic lowering of the fed rate in 2001, from 6% to 1.75%, introduced new and riskier home buyers into the housing market almost overnight, since with the prior higher rates many of them could not afford a mortgage. The influx of new buyers caused bidding wars on the limited housing supply, and that is what started to drive the price of homes up. Even more buyers were introduced into the market when Bush passed the ADDA in December of 2003; now even the buyers who didn’t have a downpayment could get a mortgage. Once the rates started to climb in 2003, banks got creative with ARM and interest-only loans (because there were no regulations in place to control such lending) to keep issuing loans. (BTW, these creative lending practices were aside and apart of the CRA requirements.) With the passing of the ADDA and the increase of ARM and interest-only loans, there should be no surprise that in 2004, 2005, and 2006 the sub-prime lending tripled from the earlier years. With constant increase of home buyers and lower than demanded housing inventory, the prices kept rising until the unsustainable pattern peaked in the middle of 2006. True, the lending market was deregulated in the 1990’s, but that deregulation took place during a housing market recovery phase. Bush knew what lending regulation were in place when he took office, yet he needed to fuel the market during record setting times to achieve his Ownership Society. Bush was in charge, and he let the market run wild, so you can’t blame his predecessor, who had no power to make any needed adjustments to the laws they passed years earlier. Does an effective leader just sit and watch the developments during changing times?

        Please make sure next time you do a more detailed research. I even pointed out that there were issues with your theory, but you still couldn’t identify any.

        • clearsighted

          “The CRA was passed in 1977. Clinton and his Republican Congress made changes to it.”
          Wow, Mario. You really got me on that one. You are absolutely correct. The original Community Reinvestment Act was passed in 1977. Wait a minute…who was president in 1977? Why, it was Jimmy Carter! As I recall, that utter failure of a president was also a DEMOCRAT! So, my point stands.
          “The changes to the CRA in the 1990’s were passed by the Republican Congress, before Clinton signed them. And the more damaging Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (which repealed part of the Glass-Steagall Act) was actually introduced by Republicans, not Democrats.”
          Ummm…Mario, neither the CRA amendments nor the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act were passed by veto-proof majorities in either house of Congress, yet Clinton did NOT veto them, he SIGNED the legislation. Who cares who introduced the legislation, Mario? It’s a basic fact of legislative life that if the president signs the bill, he owns the law. But, I did find your sophistry amusing. Wasn’t it a Democrat president who had a sign on his desk which read: “The Buck Stops Here.”?
          “In 2005 Bush rejected the Federal Housing Finance Reform Act, introduced by his fellow Republican Mike Oxley, which would have strengthened the lending regulation. Regardless, by 2005 good portion of the damage was done. The Bush administration was also accused of blocking investigations into predatory lending practices.”
          Sorry, Mario, as Romney said, you can’t have your own version of the facts. Here is a link to an article in that far-right-wing rag, “The Daily Kos” which recites the accurate history of the law. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008/09/20/605095/-McCain-s-claim-of-Fannie-Mae-reform
          For those who don’t want to read the whole article, it ends with the following quote: 
          “And for the icing on the cake, HR1461 and S190 would actually weaken the regulation of Fannie and Freddie. Even the conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute thought these were bad bills: Reform That is Worse Than Current Law. Even Bush thought the bills were too weak: Bush says HR1461 too weak.” 
          So, Mario, you exonerate Clinton when he signs a bill introduced by Republicans but you falsely impugn President Bush because he opposed  a bill introduced by Republicans  because its reforms were too WEAK. Hate to say it, Mario, but your troll backside is showing. 
          “It is not surprising your version of reality ignores the three biggest causes for the inflation of the housing bubble, which were the drastic and brisk lowering of the fed rate, the passing of the American Dream Downpayment Act (ADDA), and the increase in unregulated sub-prime lending. The risky mixture management of the loans resulted from the easy-money potential found in the growing housing bubble. Had the bubble not developed, there would be less motivation for such risk taking.”
          1. The fed lowered the rate multiple times in 2001 to head off a recession after the bursting of the Internet bubble of the Clinton years. Hate to break it to you, Mario, but the Federal Reserve does NOT set mortgage rates. In fact, in the last 30 years, when the Federal Reserve has lowered interest rates mortgage rates have just as often gone up. That’s because mortgage rates are more complex and reflect the bond market not the Federal Reserve.During that entire Obama administration the Federal Reserve rate has been near zero yet the mortgage rates have fluctuated between 3.5% and 5.0%. Of course, there is a direct connection between the Fed keeping the rates low and printing trillions of dollars with nothing to back them.
          2.  All the American Dream Downpayment Act of 2003 did was set aside $200 million a year to allow  grants of $10,000 to disadvantaged prospective home buyers. That’s GRANT not LOAN. That’s less than half of the  $500 million of our money Obama gave to his cronies at Solyndra. Why are you so opposed to helping poor and middle class families get a chance to buy a home, Mario. In any event, $200 million a year hardly accounts for the $30 trillion in losses we suffered when the housing bubble burst. 
          3. As noted below, the unregulated sub-prime lending environment was created by the Clinton administration. 
          “The drastic lowering of the fed rate in 2001, from 6% to 1.75%, introduced new and riskier home buyers into the housing market almost overnight, since with the prior higher rates many of them could not afford a mortgage.” 
          This proposition is simply moronic. When a lender underwrites a mortgage loan, they don’t base the ability of the borrower to repay solely on the mortgage rate. The lender calculates the monthly payment based on the number of years of the mortgage and the interest rate. They then determine what percentage  the monthly principal, interest and taxes payment represents of the borrower’s income. As long as that ratio is between 31% and 36%, the loan is no riskier than any other regardless of the mortgage interest rate. 
          “The influx of new buyers caused bidding wars on the limited housing supply, and that is what started to drive the price of homes up. Even more buyers were introduced into the market when Bush passed the ADDA in December of 2003; now even the buyers who didn’t have a downpayment could get a mortgage.”
          It is basic economics that increased demand causes prices to rise and that reduction or restriction in supply amplifies that effect. However, the calculation of the ratios I discussed above are calculated on the principal amount of the mortgage which means the sale price minus the deposit. That means the calculation of the ratios is done after the downpayment is deducted. 
          “Once the rates started to climb in 2003, banks got creative with ARM and interest-only loans (because there were no regulations in place to control such lending) to keep issuing loans.”
          Wrong. ARM’s (adjustable rate mortgages for those not used to the acronyms) and interest only mortgages have been around for decades. They were not invented after interest rates climbed in 2003. They were often used by young couples starting out who expected their incomes to increase or expected to be able to sell the house for more than they paid for it. However, many borrowers who could afford the initial fixed period of the mortgage payments ran into trouble when the first or second change date came due. During the boom, these people simply sold the house at the now increased valuation to pay off the mortgage and moved on. The excrement didn’t hit the ventilating device until the value of the houses dropped below the outstanding balance on the mortgage and these borrowers could not sell their way out of debt.
          “…the increase of ARM and interest-only loans, there should be no surprise that in 2004, 2005, and 2006 the sub-prime lending tripled from the earlier years. With constant increase of home buyers and lower than demanded housing inventory, the prices kept rising until the unsustainable pattern peaked in the middle of 2006. True, the lending market was deregulated in the 1990’s, but that deregulation took place during a housing market recovery phase. Bush knew what lending regulation were in place when he took office, yet he needed to fuel the market during record setting times to achieve his Ownership Society. Bush was in charge, and he let the market run wild, so you can’t blame his predecessor, who had no power to make any needed adjustments to the laws they passed years earlier. Does an effective leader just sit and watch the developments during changing times?”
          Mario, you are showing symptoms of Bush Derangement Syndrome. The fact is that, as even you admit,  the lending market was deregulated in the 1990’s. Now, let’s see…who was the president at the time? Ummm…let me think now…oh, yeah, it was CLINTON a DEMOCRAT! And who was in charge of the committee which oversaw Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, why…..Barney Frank, a DEMOCRAT who told people right up to the day the market crashed that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were GOOD investments. So, your charge that Bush let the market run wild is completely untrue. Not that I’m surprised. BDS sufferers often have delusions that Bush was responsible for every evil that has ever befallen man from earthquakes to volcanic eruptions, from heart disease to cancer…you name it. He’s even responsible for Barack Obama’s utter failure as a president. In fact, as the article from the Daily Kos above  showed, Bush wanted to better regulate the market and undo the damage resulting from the excesses of the Clinton years but Congress would not agree. Even the weak legislation didn’t make it out of committee in the Senate. By the way, what is wrong with an ownership society? Bush wanted more people to be able to own their own home and you criticize him for it? You don’t think that poor people should own their own homes? 
          “Please make sure next time you do a more detailed research. I even pointed out that there were issues with your theory, but you still couldn’t identify any.”
          What an arrogant and pompous statement. You have no idea who I am. I was not putting forward a theory, I was stating fact. 

          • Mario__P


            Yesterday I replied to your last post, but the moderator has not approved it yet. If my reply will not appear within the next 24 hours, I will repost it in multiple posts. Maybe it was too lengthy. Also note that although my reply was to your last post, I posted it under your previous post to gain some column width.

  • Bill

    I take a somewhat evil solice knowing the Obama Cult of young fools that showed up in front of the White House last night to worship their socialist mulatto god will be unemployed when they leave college.

  • rlpincus

    To quote a wise man: “I am embarrassed by how dumb some of the anti-Obama conservatives can be.”

    As it turns out, a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

  • Ncrbjp

    We are in trouble now. I guess the majority of people wanted more taxes,  and higher unemployment.

  • Bonnieash41

    Sadly, there are more riders, on the cart, than there are pullers! They all want the free ride to continue! Pitiful, that America, has become a nation of free-loaders, and leeches! The few of us, who still work, can only support so many, who do not! Now, with O’s open borders, policy, we have even more illegals, to support!

    • Bob Hadley

      Pres. Obama has deported far more illegals than Pres. GW Bush did.  Get your facts straight!

      • http://www.facebook.com/tony.bulver Tony Bulver

        Sorry Bob, but you have no idea of what you speak. Obama was just better at playing with numbers. His “deportation records” were all a fantasy. Get some ice cubes for your kool-aid

        • Bob Hadley

          Where do you get your information, or where do you manufacture your “facts”?  One of my sources is Fox News. 

          • metheoldsarge

            I doubt FOX will tell you much. I did some research on FOX and they are really no different from the rest of the media. All you have to do is look up who owns and controls them. Australian Globalist billionaire, Rupert Murdoch along with Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. They allow just a little more than other networks, but when people like Judge Andrew Napolitano start getting too close to THE TRUTH, they cancel his program Freedom Watch. ~ I now have added FOX to the trash-heap of controlled media!
            Bottom Line: Today’s media programing is more for ENTERTAINMENT than information!

    • Parker

      You handle not getting what you wanted quite well. You are not at all whiny. Good for you!

    • Mina1986

       I saw my oncologist for the last time today after being a patient for ten years;  she’s closing her practice because she can’t afford the Affordable Health Care Act.  Since we are going to be denied care the older we become, I am not bother to find another oncologist.  What would be the point.  Any measure to save my life will be denied.  Welcome to the United Socialist States of America….the Founding Father’s dreams for America are dead.  There is no more “America the Beautiful.”  Whatever law the President wants will be achieved , he will write executive orders; Clinton need not worry about running in 2016; there won’t be an election.  The transparent dictator was installed last night.

      • James King

        I largely agree, and I’ve been calling America the USSA for 30-years. Where I disagree is that it came with BO. It didn’t. It came with Teddy Roosevelt and practically all who followed. But it is voters who are to blame, for they are the only force who could have stopped it, and they have chosen not to.

  • Richapjr

    keep your collective conservative heads in the sand. double down on what got you here. whatever you do, do not engage in any self reflection. the anger got you this far. (and nice job on the prediction column)

  • LeonaSalazar

    If undecideds and independents vote based on a photo of Chris Christie and President Obama playing kissy-face, while ignoring the last four years, we really are in trouble.  

    • Parker

      Honestly, anyone who votes based on photos shouldn’t be voting.

  • Brian_Bayless

    Romney gave a great concession speech. If he was like that during the campaign, he would have won the election.

  • Fred Pasek

    We need to embrace the liberal way. Give in to the dark side, quit the rat race, and let the nanny state take care of us. Let the Dems figure out how to pay for it.

    • JOSEPH

      Yes I agree. It’s all an epidemic of narcissistic relativism.All they care about
      is what’s in it for them,rather than love of country for the countrie’s sake
      or any deeper reality! They are not even taught anything like that anymore.
      As in that Star Trek where the children of the explorers never grew up,
      they no longer know any better or even care!
      Nero won and everyone else who dares to care about anything genuine
      will eventually end up being persecuted!

      • 49corvette

        Remember Rod Taylor in “The Time Machine” when he asked about “books”—“yes we have books”—and the library scene—“I’ve HAD IT WITH YOU PEOPLE”—BTW ,  I really did walk 2 miles to my first job at 16 years old—served in Vietnam—have 3 children—just became a grandfather—the “Generation Gap” is still alive and well—Disappointed with America’s election choices lately—my2cents—Thanx for reading

    • Mina1986

       I want a LINK card; people around her go gambling and to Disney World on their LINK cards.  Since I have never had a vacation, give me the path to apply for all of the freebies that I have been paying for [others] all my working life.

    • Ted Crawford

      No thank you! There are still several Nations where people willing to start and grow a business are respected and encouraged, instead of demonized and regulated into oblivion. My family and I will be in one of them within the next month or so!
      I might not be able to avoid watching the demise of this Nation, but I damn well do not have to participate in it!

  • Cindygc

    I enjoyed BG’s thoughtful insight. I hear a lot of complaining about his directness, but no facts to back up the accusations. Those are complaints of cowardice.
    I do believe that the USA I grew up with no longer exists. It has been replaced by a generation (not everyone mind you, but ‘just enough’) of people who are needy, without a moral compass and cannot see beyond their own generation. We are getting a return on what we are, and what we have become. It’s a bitter pill for those who have known better, but I, for one, will not give up. And I appreciate Bernie who can point out our foibles with candor, common sense and facts!

  • LuvMyCountry

    Bernie, I truly believe that the majority of Obama supporters didn’t have a clue as to his policies. They either found him engaging, personable and hip. Not exactly qualities one would normally expect for a Presidential candidate. When he appeared on Ellen DeGeneres, Jay Leno or Letterman he was “cool”. But “cool” doesn’t always get it done when national and international issues are concerned. I go back to the old saying, “be careful what you wish for”

    • Glorstuart

      You are right.  People do not THINK any more.  They are too busy star gazing and celebrity watching and reality tv addicts who have no clue as to the substance behind the candidate and their overall vision and philosophy.  Obama didn’t even run on his record.  He couldn’t!  He skidded on by with the aid of a population heavy with morons, and aided by the liberal elite media.

      • Tidewaterlily

        I truly think people are just plain uninformed, and I don’t entirely blame them for their state.  I have recent insight:  family business just required me to spend two weeks at a relative’s house where there was nothing but network news channels, the local paper, and the NYTimes.  I was amazingly out of the loop.  People still trust their info sources without realizing how inadequate and incomplete they are.

        • EddieD_Boston

          A ton of Obama voters are kept up to date on Obama’s policies by their welfare case workers.

  • Psmithphd

    It is sad what we are in for. Romney is probably lucky that he will not need to face the mess in front of us. 

    • http://TrochilusTales.blogspot.com Trochilus

       But at least he had a plan to revive our national fortunes, and restore some semblance of fiscal sanity.

  • Joel Wischkaemper

    As a country.. as a world.. we are in a mess.  I don’t think Obama sees a way out that is worth discussion, and what he has done to this point, lacks a very great deal in acumen.  Most of us understand.. we are in a mess. 

    Romney did not clearly point at goals that he would have as President to relieve the problems for the Nation, and the World.  He did not make it clear how what he would do would move us forward.  I absolutely do not feel we need a bigger military, but we do need an excellent military with an excellent ability to guard the nation.  Air Craft Carriers in the China Sea do not do that but it give dictators and authoritarian govenments a beautiful chance to hang a lot of problems on the United States.  If we do our peacekeeping within the realm of the United Nations, we will step forward rather well.  Playing God anywhere, at this point, would be incredibly stupid.

    We are a nation of people.  The people of this country have absolutely NO prospect of understanding what is happening economically (and have not in the past).  We always.. always.. let Doctors apply that health business, engineers to build the bridges, engineers to build the computers, engineers to do a very, very great deal.  We have always depended on the Government for our economic well being and welfare.  Frankly, we don’t really have a chance or ability to do anything else, and cannot do much else beyond … vote.  The State Government or the Federal Government has to do it, or it won’t get done.

     I was NOT interested in what Mr. Obama promised in this campaign.  Been there.. done that.  Mitt Romney complained about his goals and failed policies and those are things we know about.  But right now, we don’t have any concrete idea at all of how he would move forward without destroying a huge number of peoples lives via neglect.

    Mitt Romney did not present a formula for moving forward.  We needed a position paper online that made it clear what he would do, and how he would do it.  If what he had in mind was not pie in the sky, he would have been elected, but instead, we don’t really know what he had in mind, who it would affect, and how it would be done.  Many, many, many of the people out here did a magnificent  job with their education:  they are on the streets today.  I am retired, but if Mitt Romney offered me, as a young man, what he offered the nation in the last year, I wouldn’t have any idea how he planned to move forward, and with the 47% remark, a pretty clear vision of the future if I was on the streets.

    One last simple point: a huge number of people are very close to being on the streets and telephones are expensive.  Cell phones are really expensive.  Without a telephone, a voice mail system and a mailing address, you just are not going to get a job.  No magic.. no voodo economics.. you aren’t going to get a job.

    • Ahalbert

       Just imagine if Thomas Edison had employees like you wringing their hands when his first attempts at the light bulb failed. Could he have provided a detailed plan hand-wringers would understand? Of course not. Why do things get invented? Yesterday was a blow to innovation, risk-taking, and initiative, which apparently are no longer understood as the reason we once became the greatest country in the world. My guess is a lot of Democrats would have given their pension to Romney to invest, rather than to the other guy. In a stupor of inscrutable logic, they’ve given him their country.

      • Joel Wischkaemper

        Could he have provided a detailed plan that hand wringers could understand?  Heavens yes.  Perhaps you would have failed to understand, but there would have been a whole lot of people out here that could have done so.  And if anyone calls this a ‘first attempt’ for the Republican Party, I predict it will also be the last.  Romney did very poorly in conveying concern for the American People.  Romney did almost nothing to examine why we are where we are.  If those two things had been conveyed, Obama would not have been able to redefine who Mitt Romney was. 

        On the other hand.. perhaps Obama did not redefine who Mitt Romney was.

  • nobozo2012

     OK, here’s my take.  The hard right scare the rest of the country.  You can say that’s the base, but if it is, we are doomed.  When our party, and yes, I’m  a Republican, gets off the gay bashing, bible thumping, abortion platform, we might survive.  Otherwise, the party is doomed.  America is leaving us behind.

    • John

       Full agreement here.

      They should scare anyone who advocates rational thought.

      Accommodating every ridiculous utterance they make just to keep them ‘on board’ is tearing the party apart.

  • Fitzphotos Suellen

    Mr Goldberg,I’m sad because deceit,bullying and arrogance won yesterday. Oh, I forgot incompetence!Over half of this country and the young generation is okay with that. A really good man and great businessman, who has worked hard and given half his life to helping others has had his reputation torn apart by a group of bullies,thugs and self serving incompetents…..(look at the latest ads that were released by moveon.org and George Soros). We should have listened to Obama when he called those who disagreed with him “the enemy”. (at least half of the country)It’s a very sad day but I guess America has had many sad days in her past. Maybe this American obsession with how we feel,how we look,how much stuff we have will wane????I think America is an addictive country…. drugs,alcohol,food,sex,gambling,even religion for some. Addiction is the disease of more. Barack Obama is just another addiction!Every group or organization has it’s flaws but the left has managed to discredit most institutions that were important to America’s success and then replace them with government and government programs. Church,charities,boy scouts,health(control someone’s health and you control them),schools,small business,the press,energy programs,etc,etc……..the more responsibility we turn over to the government the less we have to worry about……and this leads to less involvement,less individual thinking and eventually less ‘freedom’. Then on to socialism,communism,autocracy,dictatorships,fascism,authoritarianism,tyranny…. and we know how those have worked out!!!!!(The thing that has always puzzled me is: those people who are for more and more government are the products of an ancestry who at great risk, left their fascist,tyrannical countries, to start over in a free America where now their children,grandchildren and great grandchildren have chosen to take us and America back to that same place they hated and fought so hard to extricate themselves from). WHY DON’T THEY SEE THAT???Mitt Romney won’t change. I’m sure he will continue to take care of his family,his community and his country and be a positive light wherever he is.      
     I still think Benghazi will bring him down!!!!        Suellen Fitzsimmons

  • Mdjohns9

    He won because you still see the makeup of America as it looked 50 years ago.

    • http://TrochilusTales.blogspot.com Trochilus

      Mdjohn9, you do not have the slightest idea what you are talking about!

      Exactly 50 years ago, John F. Kennedy was our President, and he was right in the midst of facing down the expansionist and ideologically communist Soviet Union, which at that very time — in the summer and fall of 1962 — was recklessly attempting to protect and parlay an aggressive communist foothold in the Western Hemisphere (one which the Soviets had had a big hand in establishing in Cuba), by placing nuclear bomb tipped SS-4 and SS-5 intermediate range missiles, all aimed at our Eastern seaboard cities and metropolitan areas, and which they intended to permanently maintainas an open threat right here in our “neighborhood.”  In fact, the Soviet Foreign Minister at the time, Andrei Gromyko, publicly threatened at the U.N., on September 11, 1962, to launch a nuclear war against the United States if we attacked Cuba to remove or destroy those missiles! Castro made similar statements.

      Had Kennedy not succeeded in imposing a quarantine on Soviet shipping, and eventually gotten the Soviets to “blink” and completely remove those missiles, the consequences for our nation (and the entire world) during the latter half of the 20th Century could have been disastrous, and likely would have been far different than they were.

      On October 28th, 1962 Nikita Khrushchev finally backed down and announced that the Soviets would completely remove the missiles from Cuba, which they did. 

      Of course the communist history of Cuba thereafter still stands as a stark reminder of the tragic consequences of such statist regimes.

      Anyone who lived through those years and was paying the slightest bit of attention knows that standing up to the Soviets was crucial to our subsequent successes, and that the American people at that time, and thereafter, demonstrated admirable resolve in facing down that existential threat. 

      You should wish that the current generation of Americans had the resolve of those of 50 years ago!

  • http://www.facebook.com/the.oracle.answer Theo Racle

    Cognitive Distortion…
    Half of the country ‘wishes’  to believe it will be better so they create the faulty logic in their brains that will make their dopamine levels rise:

    Obama hasn’t been that bad,
    the economy was/is Bush’s fault,
    he has experience of being president,
    I won’t recall the mistakes he’s made because I’m a positive person,
    he will focus on the job and doesn’t have to spend time on re-election,
    I can celebrate if he wins and won’t if he loses,
    I want to be hopeful,
    I wish for this to work,
    I’m a good and smart person,
    Others will like my decision.


    • http://TrochilusTales.blogspot.com Trochilus

      I think you’re onto something.  It makes me very, very sad.  But it does make some sense, although it doesn’t adequately explain the first time he was elected.

  • sunny_1

    America – it was good while it lasted.

    Thanks for all you do, Bernie.

  • Cjkelley1

    Bernie, only proves there are more riding than pulling. Soon the load will to heavy for the few to pull. Then what happens?

  • rtwngr

    The country has changed and the one we learned about in grade school, those of us who went to school here and not Indonesia, no longer exists. With the influx of people from India Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, Russia and every other corner of the planet, nobody cares about Lexington and Concord, especially the current residents of those towns who voted a faux Harvard professor over a guy in a pickup. Class warfare and envy and entitlements work. Take the MA-3 district for example where Niki Tsongas railed about “fairness” from her once-every-two-years in-district apartment she rents for the campaign instead of hanging around one of her mansions in the Cape Cod islands or the North Shore or in town. They’ve mastered the propaganda with a compliant media and conservatives and Republicans are left scratching our hears wondering “do people really believe this  crap?” They do and we’d better come up with new messaging and policies people want or it’s going to get a lot worse. And we’re going to have to figure out how to defeat the media machine while we’re at it.

    • Parker

      Republicans tried to buy elections and lost. Look at Karl Rove’s tactics. Both parties do this stuff so calling out Democrats while painting all Republicans as innoncent and honest is a ridiculous notion.

  • http://samizdata.net/blog Perry de Havilland

    Why he won has very little to do with Obama.

    But it has a great deal to do with the Republican Party, who thought that the way to capture voters alienated by the authoritarian tax-and-spend Barack “ObamaCare” Obama was to run authoritarian tax-and-spend Mitt “RomneyCare” Romney.

  • JRP

    I agree that there is a War against Christianity, but the Religious Right cost us the election by not focusing on loss of Constitutional Rights and protections

    • nobozo2012

       I’m an atheist and have never voted anything but Republican my entire long life.  And I agree with you.  The religious right scares the rest of the country.  THAT cost us the election … nothing else.

  • Cjkelley1

    Bernie, only proves we have more people riding than pulling.  Soon the load will be heavy for the few to pull and then what happens? 

    • Glorstuart

      Hi CJ
      Then the people pulling the wagon get tired and get in, and with that much weight in it, we as a nation will get stuck in place or roll downhill only.
      As Margaret Thatcher (I think) said,  “The problem with Socialism is pretty soon you run out of other people’s money.”

  • Deb McCall

    I don’t think the Republicans or anyone else for that matter will do anything!
    All I hear is lots of talk and NOTHING is ever done. What happened to Fast and Furious, all the other underhanded things he has done? What ever happened to Impeachment? Why will he not be charged with other crimes against this country? Because all anyone ever does is TALK about it!

  • Bisi

    Every life is a treasure so my sympathies to the Family’s of the Hero’s who lost their lives in Benghazi. But to say that Republicans have Politicized this tragedy is an understatement. How many of the same mumblers on this topic looked the other way after 911 even though there were similar warnings of danger known to the Bush Administration that were ignored?

    • JRP

      Bush and Cheney knew it AND let it happen, BISI–that is how we got terrorists (which are now us) and the Patriot Act and indef. detentions wo judicial review..Big SIS DHS now focuses on Patriots as “turrists” as Bush called them and Bush had the first EO about Martial law wo Congressional concurrence and re-authorization periodically–did you hear that in the the primaries even??

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GX6IS3CUXZKIEMD6LWHZ5ZBWWU John

    Much as it pains me to say this, I think that it needs to be said: now that the Obama-Biden ticket has been re-elected, Mr. Obama will seek to do everything in his power to abrogate that amendment to the Constitution that limits a person to two (2) terms as president. If that happen(s), then mark my words: all the cemetery voters, community organizers and cronies in Chicago might not be able to protect him.

    • Bob From Virginia

       He will probably try and run Michelle in 2016.  Judging by yesterday, she will win.

    • Bob Hadley

      That will take a constitutional amendment.  Do you have any idea how difficult it is to amend the constitution, esp. in this polarized climate? 

  • Lucky3511

    To me, this is the beginning of the four years which will lead to the USA resembling Somalia. We are a second class nation now, thanks to that miserable freak in the white house. We will be a third world country by the time he consolidates his dictatorship in 2016.
    I am now convinced that the gimme brigade of the left has grown big enough to never allow a return to the USA we knew and loved. It will continue to grow as more and more lose their independance and come to rely on government handouts.

    • Parker

      Leave the country then. What kind of comments are these?

      • LuvMyCountry

        Everything Lucky says is true! If you like what is happening here, then that’s your problem. But the facts speak for themselves!

        • Parker

          So, we will be a third-world country in 2016? And thats a fact?
          Guess what, they are not. 

  • Drew Page

    Bernie  —  There just aren’t enough people who care about Benghazi to make a difference.  the election proved that.   Any attempts by Republicans to push the Benghazi issue will be greeted by choruses of “sour grapes” by the left.  Obama’s “investigation”  into the Benghazi attack will yeild a report full of euphamisms about ‘poor communication’ and ‘unverifiable reports’ and the ‘volume and fluidity’ of intelligence pouring in from various sources, etc, etc.  And that will be it.   It worked on Fast & Furious and it will work again.  There just aren’t enough people who care and by “enough”, I mean 51% of the voting public.  

    We have passed the tipping point Bernie.   The “gimme my free stuff” crowd has achieved majority status among the electorate.   There is no stopping them now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Doug.Kaiser1 Doug Kaiser

    Historians generations from now will still be asking: what were the voters thinking? Why were the media so compliant?  What made Americans lower their political, social and economic standards to tolerate and even, for some,  extol a two-legged mediocrity who seemed bent on destroying individual rights?

    • Kevin

      People are so absolutely paralyzed by the big problems facing our country, and how those big problems have trickled down to their little every day lives, once they got inside that booth they were afraid to make any changes to anything that might jeopardize the meager confidence they hold because they are working…so far… and their house is not foreclosed…yet. Remember that 8% unemployment, or even the 14% or whatever the U6 is, means that around 86-92% of the work force is still working.  Many of those have never missed a paycheck in the years of this debacle.   For the record, I personally am not afraid of that change, wanted it desperately and voted for it. 

  • Glorstuart

    Bernie – you have said it all and said it well.  Only disagreement I have with you is in placing any blame on Christie.  That was not it.  The blame you place on Romney for playing it too safe has some merit.  Yes he should have hammered the Libya issue, but look at how the press went to bat to aid and abet this president and sweep it under the rug.  We all know if this was a Republican administration it would have been headline news in every paper in the country.  The media marginalized the issue and Romney chose to concentrate on the economy.  That was his strong suit.  It made sense to do that.  In any other election year, with unemployment higher than four years ago, the deficit doubled instead of halved as promised, and high gasoline prices which also doubled in four years the expectation was for voters to vote their shrinking pocketbook.  That didn’t happen thanks to super celebrity status bestowed by a willing media, and the takers in this land wanting to hold on to their hero.  We are sunk.  Our Constitution continues to be at risk and America as we knew it may never return.  A sad day for me and for my grandkids.   They just don’t know it yet.

  • nono524

    I believe Obama won because we as a people have lost our soul. Those who supported him also support abortion, gay marriage and secular socialism. They vilify people of Faith as enemies of progress. Those who stand for biblical principles are call homophobes and purveyors of hate-speech. They will not tolerate any opinion but their own. Surely dark days await us. Let us pray for our country and ourselves, that God will heal our nation.

  • Freddyv

    Here’s how Mitt Romney lost.  A couple of dumb-asses talked about “legitimate rape”
    and Romney let the media dictate his position on things.  However, this should be a wakeup call to America as well as both parties that a Libertarian wave is sweeping the nation.  There is too much in common with the American people and we get divided over just a few issues.  Fix the tax code, end the Fed, scale back on the policing of the world.  I don’t think Ron Paul is the answer on foreign policy either, so don’t brand me as a Libby Loon.  The free stuff and overspending needs to stop

    • Moiracleary

       I spent 13 hours at a polling place here in Southern California and in that location there were 384 registered democrats, 472 registered republicans and only 13 registered libertarians.  So I don’t think a sweep is going to happen. but it would be nice if there was some upswing in a third and strong party.  The Libertarians need to get a few more candidates in office but the nature of their beliefs decry the idea that they are going to shell out money for these candidates to be able to run and succeed. 

    • JRP

      Ron Paul got most of it right, but was clueless about Militant Islam–They kill people incl. each other all around the world wo our Provocation

  • gbandy

    It has come to pass that a Nation with a majority on the Govt dole can vote to increase the “dole’ the Repuplic is in trouble. I fear we are now there. How can anyone with Obama’s record of failures possibly win again? Now one shocker for me is any coal state elect a guy bent on the destruction of the entire coal industry??

  • JRP

    ….and there will NOT be a next time..it is over for the USA as a sovereign nation–an issue that didn’t exist even in the primaries

  • docww

    Hey, get over it folks. We couldn’t lose. If Romney won we were home free. Now that Obama has won we get four years of free comical entertainment watching him wilt under the weight of his poor decisions.

    And Republicans–stick with the economy and stay out of the bedroom. Nobody wants to be told who they can love or marry. As long as you stick with these ridiculous positions, you will continue to lose.

    We have a home in Greece. Maybe we should move there. After all, Greece is close to the bottom so things can only get better. Here we still have a long way to fall and it won’t be pretty.

    • JRP

      Mostly agree here incl. extreme positions on abortion and esp. contraception..but i don’t think Heterophobes should adopt children–otherwise, none of my business as you say. Religious Right was margin of victory for O.

    • alegalcitizen

      docww, I don’t give a fat fig about who wants to marry who, NOW I think polygamy should be legal, after all, who can argue with who they can love or marry???
      I just don’t like the loons in their movement they should shut the heck up, marry, do their thing, I just shouldn’t be FORCED to believe it isn’t against nature!

      Go to Greece then, I’m sure they would like the infusion of some money!

  • JRP

    Like Romney, Bernie thinks “it’s the economy” If it is all about $$ rather than our precious Constitutional Freedoms then why NOT vote for the guy that promises the most $$$?? Like McLame before him, Romney ran to lose and succeeded..The banksters had  both horses in the race after disposing of “can’t win” Ron Paul

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charles-Ivie/821714719 Charles Ivie

    When the takers outnumber the makers in the voting booth this is what you get.  Obama bought the election by bribing the indolent among us with stuff.  they don’t care about liberty, in fact they don’t even know what it means.  Our founding fathers believed that our republic might last 100 years before it destroyed its self.  It lasted a lot longer than they thought but it has finally died, it died last night. If you are a maker it is time to go on strike and let the takers starve.

    • http://www.facebook.com/flower.bell.56 Flower Bell

       Honestly, I don’t know why I am even bothering to work anymore.  I get to keep less and less of what I labor for.  The dollar is in decline making what few I am allowed to keep less effective for me.  High praise and gifts are being heaped on the takers at the expense of people who actually earned them and that’s senseless.
      Woke up today with what can only be described as a brain-splitting hangover and I only drink on new years eve.  The future looks uncertain and unfair.  If we are to become just another socialist country I can think of a few that has better demographics than the USA.
      They say we should “think globally”  Well,   Scotland is starting to look pretty good.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bookfayce Chris Bateman

    “Romney didn’t bring up Benghazi in the debate.”

    It’s clear that you didn’t pay much attention, because you insist on propagandizing this agenda of ignorance. Romney brought up Libya few times in the second debate. He was even fact-checked by the moderator about it.

    The outright lies and ignorance on the right is what lost the election for you guys.

    • alegalcitizen

      Must be YOU didn’t hear the “fact checker moderator” say Romney was right, he just chose the ‘wrong words’ to say it.  But being from Portland says it all!!!

      YOU are the one that is ignorant about the lies and facts, WHY did Obama’s minions say for WEEKS that it was all about a video, Obama EVEN SAID so himself at the UN, and we spent millions pacifying the Arabs over something that wasn’t even true.  

  • BrianFruman


    I read on a blog  that defined despair as a sin, It struck me as I never heard that phrase before in the context of the catholic faith. But I will say that in the context of searching for the soul of our country it made a lot of sense. All I can say is a lot of people are hurting and contrary to the priorities of  the liberals  free birth control, green energy and health care are not going to move the country forward in the next four years.

    • Moiracleary

       So did you vote.. because if you look at the numbers.  Quite a few (million) votes are missing from the totals in the 2008 voting cycle and it is not clear why Romney conceded before the electoral college acutally voted.

      • BrianFruman

        I voted in Pinellas County , Fl  next to Tampa. I have lived all over Fl a lot of my life. Went to School in Chicago Loyola and even lived on the West Coast. The reality is while i would like to say we can count our way to victory I do not believe that. The fact that we have only a handlful of swing states in this country and that should tell you to how split the country is.

  • steve

    Romney lost the election during the last debate.  Americans like an assertive,aggressive, Leader.  Being a model gentleman, cultured, knowledgeable, good family man,  doesn’t necessarily cut it.  Romney got back in the race during the first debate as a result of this posture,   But was a little lamb during the final one.  Of course, Governor Christie didn’t help.  Christie made bennedict Arnold look like a school boy.

  • http://twitter.com/Jcdavidson37 John C. Davidson

    Now, let see how he can get out of his own mess. The inner cities are on the verge of total chaos.

    • alegalcitizen

      John, he’s going to take OUR tax dollars and help move the inner city to the burbs, that’s what the plan is!!!

  • http://blog.cyberquill.com/ Cyberquill

    True. The new old president won’t be able to dodge the Benghazi bullet for long, nor will he get away from Donald Trump demanding he release his college records.

  • Wcobb

    To the people that voted for Obama… a line from one of my high school english teachers comes to mind. “they say ignorance is bliss, and you are looking awfully cheerful today”.

  • Mark Brickey

    As Francis Schaeffer “predicted” before his death in the ’80’s we have move beyond reasoning, factual truth to the absurd. It is totally absurd – beyond reason – that a man who can’s even honestly tell us where he was born, who his “daddy”is (or who raised him?) who has said & done what this man has without any sense of disgrace or empty honor to even be in the White House of such a nation as ours let alone being ELECTED a 2nd time.
    There’s now only the “reality” of  no boundries, no Truth, no reasoning…. the Age of Absurd…
    And this is what we leave for our progeny. 

  • Harry Jaffe

    ladies and gentlemen. Its over. time to get a life and forget this stuff for the next 4r years. it will be no good to continue on the the life of  abama. he won if this is what a victory lloks  like. God bless the USA

  • RickonhisHarleyJohnson

    Please read Selwyn Duke’s article on American Thinker today, if you haven’t already. He really does a great job of explaining what has (or is) happened.

  • soundnfury

    I would add one additional point about the future of the GOP, Bernie. Whether this spells the death of conservatism is debatable. One thing is sure, however. This spells the end of Christie as a future GOP contender for the Presidency. His 15 minutes are up.

  • http://twitter.com/sbgranny Sheila Bigel

    Thank you for this well-done analysis.  I sent it to my 15 year old grandson who wanted to know why Obama won.

    • John


      Consider that Bernie should probably have taken his medication before posting his immature, neurotic, bitter rant. We only have ourselves to blame for this embarrassing defeat. Blaming everyone else will hardly help. The Republican Party has lost its way. Looking for scapegoats will only bring more frustration and despair. The heavy lifting is to figure what really went wrong, how we got here and then figure out what must be done to set it right.

      Even the dog on the street sensed we would lose this election. The fact that people are reacting with shock and dismay is a bit disappointing. Its time to take the emotion out the situation and work to a more productive future.


  • http://twitter.com/itasara Ellen

    To them, he is, as Brent Stephens put it in the Wall Street Journal, “our first cult-of-personality president.” I have never been snowed by such personalities but  as usual that puts me in the minority. Sad state of affairs if you ask me. 

  • Ksp48

    It is evident that the majority of Americans want a very different country than what we knew and which provided us with such freedom and opportunity.  Free stuff. 

  • JohnInMA

    Already the “elite” of the GOP are talking about how the ‘old’ positions on social topics will further bury the party.  Abortion and immigration will be the exact location where the intra-party battles will be played out.  Here in MA, I am confident that the comments of people like Akin and Mourdock on rape and abortion, while maybe sincere to a degree on their part, really gave Warren a sledgehammer against Brown.  Until she started playing up the “war on women” theme, she was more often than not behind in the polls.

    Lesson learned?  We’ll see.  If McCaskill could not be defeated in a red state like MO, there needs to be some serious introspection.

  • TexMexSoup

    The reality is, this country is just plain simply dumbed down and easy to manipulate, with free obamaphones to the possibility of ‘amnesty’ for the illegals.  People want the easy way out, just give me enough to make ends meet so I don’t have to work is their mindset.   The other issue is,  the reality that this country is turning brown just like the entire world is.  Time to wake up and smell the reality.

    With out of control illegal immigration and these folks popping out kids like there is no tomorrow (and there might not be) the Republicans need to bring the Hispanic community into the fold.  I was once a yellow dog Dem, until Obama, then I woke up and saw the reality of how we Latinos are being manipulated and used.   I am a 5th generation American mind you and I do not support illegal immigration.    Back to my point,  Hispanics are historically conservative but we were raised to believe we are victims and not meant to succeed.   the Dems prey on those vulnerabilities, they make the Latinos believe that they only have so far to move up and they fall for it and live their lives that way.  Not until the Republicans begin to embrace the LEGAL American Latinos and open up their eyes to the reality that the Republican platform is more in tune with their beliefs, the Republicans will keep losing.  Forget about the illegals in this country, the majority are a lost cause, they simply want their green card and don’t care about anything else and the Dems will do everything they can to keep dangling that carrot, keep them uneducated because they are easy to control. 

    And don’t think for one second, these illegals can’t vote, if they can work here illegally with using a good ole’ TAX ID then they can register to vote and they do.  The unions here in Vegas can assure you on this one (wink)

    On a positive note, Shelly Berkley is GONE!! 6 terms folks, Term Limits is what is needed.

  • http://hemingwayreport.blogspot.com/ MerchantofVenom

    Welcome to the new reality! I don’t know how to quantify this other then to say I feel 10 times worse now then when McCain lost. This was an unmitigated disaster for Republicans. If a Republican couldn’t beat Obama with his record there is no hope! The polls were right. I was wrong. Whatever grief we take from liberals we deserve.

    If you’re against deficit spending.
    If you’re against gay marriage.
    If you’re against illegal immigration.
    If you’re against abortion.
    If you’re against inflating the welfare rolls.

    Welcome to the new minority. End of story.

    PS: Special thanks to Chris Christe. Obama played him like a violin taking the spotlight off Benghazi for 5 days in a false sense of bipartisanship.

    PSS: Particularly revolting… Alan Grayson is back in. Allen West is out. Better order Rosetta Stone and learn how to speak Greek.

    • metheoldsarge

      I need to ask Christie if 30 pieces of silver is still the going rate. 

      • http://hemingwayreport.blogspot.com/ MerchantofVenom

        Remember when Christe was so excited and said, “I have his personal phone number at the WH.” Now that Barry is reelected lets see if he even answers the phone.

        • Wally

          haven’t seen anything from the Prez since he got his photo-op!

      • 10579

        lost my vote in 2016. the tea party was hiding where during this election.you hardly heard any thing from them especially here in florida.they gave us alan grayson by not helping allan west (a true American hero) i hope congressman west will decide to run again in 2014.

        • metheoldsarge

          Grayson lost that seat to West two years ago. The voters there will soon remember why they voted him out and boot him again. He is a shameless grandstander.

    • 10579

      Don’t forget farsi. with jarrette negoting under cover you may have to speak farsi when obama sells this nation to iran and islam.

    • Brian H

      Voters don’t decide elections. Those who count the votes decide elections.
      — Uncle Joe.

  • GlenFS

    Perhaps the direction he’s taking us finds the economic crisis another opportunity to take us further left.  It hasn’t prevented his reelecton.  Benghazi could be trouble for him if the military & CIA open up about his actions and lack thereof.  But I don’t know if a Messiah can be impeached?

    Welcome to the brave new world of “affordability of care” comrads.  God help us, the Supreme Court wouldn’t.

    • http://hemingwayreport.blogspot.com/ MerchantofVenom

      Obamacare is now locked down. He will probably appoint two more liberals to the Supreme Court in the next 4 years. At its present trajectory by the year 2016 we should be over 20 trillion in debt. An amnesty bill will most likely be passed for all illegals which will be a green light for more “constituents” to cross the border. Welfare rolls will balloon to around 75 million. And this ain’t the half of it.

      But to his credit  Barry faithfully kept one promise. “I’m going to fundamentally change America.”

  • Mike Tamborrino

    Could anyone have beaten Obama last night?  Would Ronald Reagan have won?  Who from today’s Repub party?  A moderate Republican couldn’t beat a liberal democrat.  Are we still a “just right of center” country?  Maybe we’ve gotten to the point where more than  50% of the electorate likes big entitlements, big govt and big taxes on those mean rich people.  If that’s the case, the tidal wave of our shift to a socialist democracy is almost impossible to stem and we’ll be looking like just another European country any day now :(

    • Brian_Bayless

      The GOP’s best hope is Rubio in 2016. He was smart to stay away from this election. I think it is his, if he wants to enter.

    • 10579

      well thats the persentage of the electorate that voted fo obama 51%.get rid of the out dated electorial college. it’s not in the Constitution.

    • 10579

      obama used his neighbor hood orginizing skills to get reelected. becarful that we don’t get him permanently in 2016.

  • Kathie Ampela

    I’m still waiting for the electability factor to kick in…is this the electability part? Seriously, did anyone really think that Mitt Romney would beat Obama? Why were conservatives deluding themselves? I knew the election was as good as lost after Romney phoned in the last debate on foreign policy.  All the endless bloviating from pundits on the right on Mitt Romney’s marvelous momentum…he pulled ahead of Obama after the first debate by a remarkable 2 points…WOW!! The election should have been a gimme, it was piss poor messaging by team Romney.  I personally think Romney wanted to lose.

    It was not Chris Christie’s fault that Romney lost any “momentum” in the final week before the election. The idea that somehow large throngs of independents were swayed at the last minute by these pictures of Obama and Christie on a devestated NJ beach is b.s. Mitt Romney should have been able to close the deal long before hurricane sandy hit and Chris Christie has NOTHING to do with that.  Talk about a lack of personal responsibility..some right wing pundits are BLAMING Christie for Romney’s failures! Using a hurricane for political capital is as bad as Benghazigate…both sides are guilty. The Left pound the global warming drum and paint the GOP as “evil” for wanting to turn over FEMA duties to the states and the Right lecture about how personal responsiblity and praying a little harder would have kept your house from being swept out to sea. As if a year’s worth of canned goods, batteries and a $8,000 generator wouldn’t have been destroyed along with everthing else. No, it’s not Chris Christie’s fault nor is it Hurricane Sandy. The truth is, the election was lost long before.

    • GlenFS

      Actually, exit polling shows they were very much influenced by Sandy and Obama’s leadership during and after.

    • DB

      Kathie, here is another perspective on your view of Chris Christie.  I know for my daughter it made a big decision in her final vote.  The two factors she said that finally made her confident in voting for Obama were [1] Chris Christie’s endorsement of Obama and [2] some show she saw that made Romney’s role in his faith seem scary.  [I think it may have been a PBS show].

      I actually think it is ironic because I read on the Internet that Chris Christie was texting a bunch of movie/music stars to get a fundraiser going for New Jersey.  If the government was doing its job this would not be necessary.  Apparently we have reached the point that media personae are now our messiahs in times of trouble.  

      Above and beyond all else until resolved, the needs of the people in New Jersey and NYC continue to come first. 

      • http://twitter.com/itasara Ellen

        Chris Christy did NOT endorse Obama. He said so. It was the visual support after a bad catastrophy that  some people thought it was an endorsement. So much or the power of TV!!  NJ and NY esp. in parts are still suffering. They still need a lot of help.. Let’s see what this wonderful govm’t is gong to do for them now?

        • Mike Tamborrino

           I can’t imagine that Romney’s 206 would have grown to 270 even if Obama had never stepped foot in NJ. 

        • Arj127

          They’ll do more than FEMA did for New Orleans after Katrina.  Bush’s “heck of a job Brownie” showed how out of touch he was. The NJ and NYC area is in for another nasty storm.  Let’s see how FEMA responds.  This shows that we need FEMA.  If left to individual states, the emergency response wouldn’t be half as effective.  Federal funding and set-up with sates on the ground input is the only effective model for such storms.  You won’t see Christie disagreeing with this.

      • Kathie Ampela

        I’m sorry that so many are blaming Chris Christie for Romney’s failure.  The fact that America is a shallow country reinforces the need for a strong messenger.  Mitt Romney was not the messenger. There may have been some who were impressed enough by the images of Christie and Obama together to vote for Obama, but I don’t think it made the final difference in the election.  I live on Staten Island and many, many people here like Christie.  (Even though Obama took New York, Romney took Staten Island.)

      • Mike Tamborrino

         I can’t imagine that Romney’s 206 would have grown to 270 even if Obama had never stepped foot in NJ.

        • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

          clear and concise. thank U.

  • Iowa48

    For a concise and inarguable summary of the 2012 Election, we need only refer to Alexis deTocuqeville:

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville

    • Mike Tamborrino

       Wow, that is an eye-opener!

    • Begbie

       This is only partially the story of why democracies are doomed to fail.  Contrary to popular belief, we are not a democracy just for the reasons above, rather we are a republic to prevent the masses from looting the treasury.  We have representatives who are supposed to counter the impulses and tribal human nature of the masses. 

       The achillies heal of a republic, however, is complacency of the electorate….not holding the representatives to a higher standard, excusing lies and deceit.  Falling victim to ignorance of the issues and truth.  Our representatives are looting the treasury now in the name of the masses.

      • Iowa48

        We are indeed a Republic when it comes to the structure of our representative form of government, but a democracy in the manner in which we elect our representatives and leaders.

    • 10579

      after loss of the 2nd amendment, that will come next. they are taking a lot of pages from germanys’ old properganda play book, and giving obama dictatorial powers either by executive power or bypassing the congress,it is coming.

  • Arj127

    Goldberg has ranted about the “liberal bias” in the media.  So much so that he wrote a book called “Arrogance” that I read a few years ago.  It turns out that he’s as biased in his writing as the media he decries.  

    On the the second point.  It’s not so much that Obama won the election (his overall economic performance should have resulted in a loss, given the unemployment numbers) but that Romney and the Republicans lost the election.  Romney had to cater to the Tea Party types to get nominated and then track back to the center to get elected.  Americans saw the hypocrisy of this move.  The hijacking of the Republican Party by various loons on the right has resulted in widespread rejection by the American public.  Look at the Tea Party favorites who lost yesterday. 

    Goldberg talks about the liberals accusing Romney waging a war on women.  He neglects to see the issue from the perspective of women who don’t want their freedom of choice taken over by some government.  When the Republicans allow candidates who say that conception by rape is “God’s will”, and the ticket doesn’t specifically and forcefully disavow them, it is fair to say that women have a right to be concerned about a Republican administration.

    It looks like $6 billion was spent to re-electing the status quo.  I can only hope that Boehner will include the word “compromise” in his vocabulary and that the second Obama administration will truly reach out to the other side.  The other side should then grasp the outstretched hand instead of spitting on it.

  • Kensandale

    Bernard Goldberg is a nutcase.  He ranted that Romney wouldf win and that the polls were secretly being controlled by “liberals”.  The experiment was done, and he was full of crap.  So much for his psychotic “liberal media” claims.

    Anyone who has any respect for that piece of garbage now is himself a nutcase.

    • Ksp48

      Actually, I don’t recall Goldberg predicting a Romney win.  Much less a rant. 

      • Bob Hadley

        I remember a lot of rants, but no predictions.  :)

    • Drew Page

      Say what you will about Bernie, but to deny liberal bias in the MSM is delusional.

      • AllenJ

        By the same token, to deny Goldberg’s right-wing bias is equally delusional.  Goldberg is simply a hypocrite to blast the mainstream media without acknowledging his own bias.

        • Lordjinnai

          Bernie HAS acknowledged his own bias.  Why does he still blast the Mainstream Media for their’s?  Because there’s a big difference between the bias of one man with a website/column/blog and the bias of THE ENTIRE MAINSTREAM MEDIA.  A person is allowed to be biased.  The media is not.  And yet it so very much is, and that’s destructive to the country.

          • Arj127

            Maybe Bernie’s bias against the MSM should be examined.  I prefer a dispassionate analysis.  As for Bernie, I think he has an axe to grind because someone at CBS peed in his Wheaties one day. Who cares about rants like that?

  • EddieD_Boston

    I don’t think I’m over-stating it: Say good-bye go the most fair and just superpower in the history of the world. We’re done. Here comes China!
    It was noted many times last night that women and minorities are the reason Obama won. Women and minorities have told the nation that they want more of the white males’ hard-earned money re-distributed to them. Am I wrong? Heck, the NEA has been telling their students how unfair America is for over 20 years and these young adults figure it’s stacked against them. Why not grab what you can?
    Almost half of kid’s born today are born to single mothers. Most women aren’t married for the first time ever. This election makes sure it will continue to be subsidized with tax dollars. No society can survive this “new normal”.

  • souvoter

    FOX wants to keep calling it wealth distribution instead of communism which finally reared it’s ugly head. Because of political correctness, the people that were teaching us the difference has been banned and given less and less air time like Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, Mark R. Levin, etc. Not enough defense of Tea Party whom are not extremist, but American patriots screaming the alarm of what was about to take place.

    • Arj127

      The American public voted down the Tea Party favorites last night.  Maybe the Tea Party isn’t mainstream after all.

      • richgeorge1

        You are correct but they should be.
        I am English and we are your future.
        The US was the beacon of justice in the world where the individual was respected and as free as possible.
        The collectivists, or statists are firmly in control and putting aside the delicate language for clarity, collectivism is fundamantally evil becuase at its core you do not belong to yourself anymore.
        This was why America was great and achieved so much more than other nations.
        It just proves how short sighted and stupid so many human begins are.
        But you know when the wating lists for procedures are as long as our are the liberals will still be happy becuase at least everyone has to wait the same length of time.
        (Thats how it is over here …).

      • Drew Page

        The voters determined who the “mainstream” in America are today.  The new “mainstream” are the “gimme my free stuff” crowd.    I hope you will enjoy paying for their sustenance from here on out.

        • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

          you mean the top 7% or the 93%. what’s free? unemployment? welfare? ever read about Welfare Reform? Guess which group fights all the manufactured wars?

    • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

      the Tea Party wanted to shut down the government over a routine debt ceiling debate; want to overturn civil rights legislation. Glenn Beck is a connect-the -dots extremists. He was too extrem even for Roger Ailes! Mccain’s campaign director said Palin “knows nothing”. Income redistribution? the MIDDLE CLASS $$$$ has stagnated andtheVERY RICH $$$$ has skyrocketed since Reagan-Regan. When did the bluecollar worker decide to get “lazy”? Did U mind the middle $$$ going upward during the stimulus? How about that redistribution.
      Finally, in a globalist economy there is no room for anything anti-Capitalist, so keep all thatJohn Birch era “Commee pinko” nonsense.

      • DanB_Tiffin

        Spoken like a true thief.

        • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

          you would never call me that in person…how about responding to the content of my post? or do you want to keep embarrassing Mr. Goldberg with your personal attacks on me?

  • Bensday823

    One more thing…I don’t think you can blame Latinos for this loss. According to exit polling the shift in the Latino vote was 2%, and Latino’s make up 10% of the electorate. That amounts to .2% of the total electorate. 

    Further, why would Latino/a Americans support amnesty for illegal aliens? Whatever you want to call it, amnesty would give more people an incentive to come here illegally. The only question when it comes to illegal immigration is whether you think we should have laws and borders or not. I’m not going to oppose having laws and borders because I think it will get .2% of the population to vote for me, and anyone who does is a pandering schmuck who deserves to lose.

  • Bensday823

    To me the GOP needs to take a more moderate stance on taxes and abortion if they want to remain competitive. Paul Ryan’s no abortion ever under any circumstance position is a minority position, and a political loser. Same thing for taxes asking people who make more then a half million dollars a year to pay an extra 3.5% won’t lead us down the road to communism. 

    • nameless

      I think you’re correct on the abortion issue and other social issues. Conservatives often forget that it’s the party of Barry Goldwater (a libertarian), not Jerry Falwell. As for taxes, I do think they can afford to be a little less dogmatic, but by the way, $250,000 is not half a million dollars, it’s quarter of a million dollars and it’s not as much as money as it used to be. That said, we do have to cut spending dramatically especially on “entitlements” like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicard that are what’s bankrupting the country the most. Then of course, a lot of other spending including some military should be reduced (I’m more libertarian on this issue).

    • Arj127

      How many people in America make over $250,000 per year?  Information if found indicates that it’s less than 3%.  My source is: 

      The only people you can blame for this loss are the extremists in the Tea Party who forced all Republican candidates to adopt their positions in the primaries and then had to defend them in the general election.

      • Nhkenpoist

        doesn’t have anything to do with the Tea Party or anything else. Simply put we put up a weak candidate, just as we did with McCain. I voted for both he and Romney, however we have only ourselves to blame.

        • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

          McCain was strong. Palin wasn’t ready for prime-time (McCain’s team said “she knows nothing”). McCain was too much for big oil and defense contractors and could not relate to the bluecollar worker. Romney was an awful campaigner; decent debator (actually very good on the GOP debates) but his positions were never made clear. It was too easy to ask, didn’t he say something else last week? Should have been: SCOTT BROWN.

      • Begbie

         If being extreme is balancing my check book every week, not buying everything on credit, and paying my bills on time then I guess I’m a real wacko.  You don’t understand the mission or importance of the Tea Party.

        I see nothing wrong with the Tea Party.  It’s all based on fiscal responsibility.  Every other issue has been tacked on to the Tea Party smear campaign by someone else.

        • Mario__P

          If you want to talk about balancing our checkbook, how about we start with the federal government ending its subsidizing of  states, generally the red ones, with federal aid? On average, the red states receive $1.5 from the feds for every $1 they send to DC. The blue states average $1.2 in aid per every $1 sent to DC. Maybe the red states need to raise their state taxes so they can depend on their own incomes, and not other states’, those moochers.

          And the Tea Party is a bunch of amateur politicians. They have no idea how to run a government, let alone the federal one. They simplify the real world and then wonder why no one else doesn’t see the basic solutions the Tea Party comes up with. Go run for the village town hall office.

      • EddieD_Boston

        Wow. People who want the government to spend only what they have are extremists? Double wow.

        • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman


    • Drew Page

      You mean they should become Democrats.

  • KevinBill

    The Obama experiment will now get to play out. Socially, we have lost on abortion, illegal immigration and gay marriage.  As O’Reilly said, this is the death of white, traditional America and the failure of the melting pot that incorporated the Jews, Irish and Italians into the American identity. All across the West, white liberal elites have conspired to effectively eclipse their nations via liberal immigration policies, and the laws passed to suppress resistance to it, to the extent that white populations are facing minority status. Whether this is good or bad is irrelevant now, it is happening. The initial motives may have been philanthropic or a cynical attempt to alter an electorate they couldnt otherwise persuade. I think it was Berthold Brecht who said of the Communist overthrow of the first and last democratically elected East German government in 1948, “maybe the government should elect a new people”. In the West over the last 50 years, the liberal elites have imported a new people.

    Theres no more reason to believe Obama’s ‘no red states or blue states’ guff now than the first time he spouted it in 2008. Economically, this could still unravel, but Obama has the Clintons onside, and Bill may now be trusted enough to be listened to on that.  He may even be assigned to put a package together with Boehner

    • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

      the “death of white america”? You a John Birch Society member?

  • Nobama2012

    I am done with this getting involved with politics thing. Nothing changes and our citizens really could careless. Ignorance is bliss and I will fade into the hum of  oblivion.

    • Jared Hansen

      That’s exactly what they want you to do, and you’re falling for it, hook, line and sinker.

  • Tjritt2713

    Nov 6th,2012 The Day America died.

    • Bruce A.

      I’ts been dead, now someone has to clain the body.
      Where’s my free stuff?  I’m sick of work 70 hours per week.

      • Mario__P

        No wonder the unemployment is so high. People are hogging two jobs… grin…

      • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

        is unemployment free? ask the Construction workers and Teachers and Police victimized by the GOP mission statement.

        • DanB_Tiffin

          Whatever little miss victim Phil says!

        • 10579

          ask the tax payers who have to pay for the poor public rank and file who do not manufacture a thing. talk about entitlements, go to the dictionary and look under public employees.

    • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

      yeah, too bad we could not eliminate Medicare and start two new wars.

      • 10579

        chew your cabage 2x eh

    • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

      you must have really wanted to eliminate Medicare and start 2 new wars!

      • alegalcitizen

        WHO was going to eliminate medicare?   WHO, you call trying to fix a run away train eliminating it????

      • 10579

        No we left that to your messiah obama,he took the 716 billion from medicare fo the affordable care act.(obama care). you and dingy harry think along the same lines.

  • Paul

    Bernie: Thanks for telling it like it is…. Those of us who do not believe in the nanny state appreciate your frankness….

    • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

      the Nanny state for medicaid recipients, Vietnam and Iraqi and Afghnaistan veterans? layed off Teachers, Police, Fire Fighters, Construction workers, denied the chance to return to work so Red state budgets can be met? because the GOP/House formed a pact to reject jobs and infrastructure bills? Or did U mean Nanny for the top 7%?

      • DanB_Tiffin

        Oh, little miss victim Phil has spoken!!

        • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

          how about responding to the content of my post?.  By the way, there is no way you would ever say that to my face, I can guarantee that. :)
          I’m not a “miss” by the way…sorry to upset your apparently “conflicted” world



    • Artlouis

      It isn’t going to be pleasant, but the GOP has a secure hold on the House. The thing to fear is Obama’s next Supreme Court choices, although you could make the case that Bush’s choice of Roberts is as bad as anything Barack is likely to do.

      • Drew Page

        Oh yeah?   think about Chief Justice Eric Holder.

    • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

      what a shame we can’t eliminate Medicare, privatize Social Security and start two new wars.

  • Bill

    The USA is now an official social welfare nanny state along with Europe. Just another Greece. 50% of Americans voted for national suicide and thats what they will get and deserve. Nikita Kruschev was ahead of his time when he said the USA will fall without a shot being fired. Its the rot from within that has done us in. 

  • CCNV

    Welcome to austerity.

  • 49corvette

    Instead of Huntley/Brinkley—John Chancelor—Howard K. Smith—Edward R. Murrow—4 more years of “Chumlee”—“Just a box with lights and wires”—my 2cents—Thanx for reading

  • Artlouis

    As I write this, Romney leads in the popular vote. So a substantial part of the American public did get wise to Obama during his first term. His second term is going to be atrocious. He will go from being the new Carter to the new Hoover. Then maybe we can anticipate  five consecutive presidential victories, a la 1932-1948.  But at what a cost to the Republic!