Obama Won’t See Netanyahu, But He Doesn’t Hate Israel

Word is circulating that President Obama has refused to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu when the Israeli prime minister visits the United Nations next week. The relationship between the two leaders has been strained in recent years, and Netanyahu has expressed disappointment with Obama’s tepid response to the threat of an Iranian nuclear-weapons program.

The White House insists that it is not snubbing Netanyahu, that the President simply is too busy to schedule a meeting with one of America’s closest allies during a time of intense crisis in the Middle East. White House aides say that the President instead will be on the campaign trail.

Some Obama-watchers speculate, however, that Obama nixed a meeting only after he took a look at the long-range weather forecast, and found that perfect golfing weather is expected in the D.C. area next week.

Whatever the reason, there will be no meeting. However, the White House, in what is widely seen as a  gesture of contrition, has prepared a list of other things that Mr. Netanyahu might want to do while he is in the United States.

We have obtained a copy of the list from a source that prefers not to be identified.

The White House has offered Mr. Netanyahu tickets to a festive cornerstone-laying ceremony on Thursday of next week at the mosque being built near Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan. The event will be hosted by the Muslim Brotherhood. This is considered a must-attend by the more liberal members of the Democratic party in New York.

The next day, Friday, Netanyahu will proceed to Washington, where he will attend a home game at the Washington Nationals baseball park, beginning just after sundown.

In addition to tickets, Netanyahu and his party will receive vouchers for free pork hot dogs, skewered shrimp, catfish-and-chips and milk.

On Saturday the party will proceed to the National Mall, to witness the closing ceremonies at the Holocaust Museum. The museum is closing because Mr. Obama is withdrawing federal support as one of his many budget-cutting measures, and because his Chicago friend Louis Farrakhan has advised him that the Holocaust didn’t really happen.

From there it is back to New York on Sunday, where he will attend a meeting of the entire membership of that city’s Jews for Obama organization. The meeting will be held in a broom closet on the Upper West Side.

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Arthur Louis spent more than forty years as a print journalist, with the Philadelphia Inquirer, McGraw-Hill, Fortune magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle, but he is not asking for sympathy. He is the author of two non-fiction books: The Tycoons, and Journalism and Other Atrocities, as well as a novel, The Little Champ. In retirement, he has decided unilaterally that he is a profound political pundit.
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  • Wheels55

    If Netanyahu made a contribution to Obama’s campaign and promised to give him an up-lifting hug when they meet, then Mr. President and Leader of the Free World will give him a moment.

    • Artlouis

       But does Netanyahu know how to make a good pizza?  Should be pizza with broccoli to appease Mrs. Obama.

      • Wheels55

        He most likely does not. Good point.
        Netanyahu should not try to have a conversation with Obama until he does know how to make pizza and give killer hugs.

  • Deny916

    It’s a real shame that it has come to this.  I’m seriously beginning to think that obammy is a muslim sleeper and somebody got him in there to fool and destroy the free world. 

    • Artlouis

       I would guess that he isn’t a sleeper, but he certainly behaves like one. The people who voted for him have to bear some of the blame for this disaster.

    • Sarah_peloski

      whats wrong with a muslim being in power?

      • GlenFS

        Nothing if she/he has no agenda other than to serve the people according to the constitution.  I don’t think most could honestly do that or convince a majority of American voters they could. 

        We are in a worldwide struggle which we didn’t choose, and really wanted no part of until 9/11.  We still don’t want it, but we do want the freedom to live as we choose… as Americans.

      • deny916

        Just look around at what’s going on in the Middle East Sarah…THAT”S what’s wrong.  Don’t sympathise with the wrong people!

        • CCNV

          My guess is electrolysis isn’t working for Sarah. It would probably be an improvement if she wore a burqa and looked like a garbage bag on the sidewalk.

  • GlenFS

    It’s unfortunate, but it turns out the president will be washing his hair on any potential date that Netanyahu may wish to see him.  The president is a very busy man and has a nation to run.

    • Artlouis

       Yes, and he anticipates having a headache those nights.

      • CCNV

         It WILL be interesting to see if the media covers obaMAO’s comings and goings during the time Mr. Netanyahu is in the US. Heck, maybe Romney could step in. He would be a more gracious host regardless.

        • Artlouis

           That is a fantastic idea. I hope Romney doesn’t let himself be cowed by the people who are now criticizing him for speaking up about Libya and Egypt.

          • Paul Courtney


        • Mel Davenel

           Romney meeting with Netanyahu sure would make Obamy jealous!! ….lol