How Obama Will Try to Win

In difficult times, a wise man once said, it’s important to state the obvious.  So here goes.

Barack Obama cannot run for re-election touting his success in economic matters.    That’s mainly because he’s had no success in economic matters.  He can’t brag about a low unemployment rate – not when it’s over 9 percent.  He can’t boast about the growing economy, which is barely growing and may even slide back into recession.  He can’t tell the voters about all the new, clean, green jobs he’s creating, because he isn’t.  (Can you say Solyndra?)   And perhaps you’ve noticed that he’s already stopped talking about how many millions of any-kind-of jobs his administration has “created or saved” and is now talking about all the jobs his policies have “supported,” whatever that means.

So what can he do?  Only one thing:  Wage class warfare.  Turn Americans against each other based on envy.  Divide Americans into two camps:  the “greedy” rich who don’t contribute their “fair share” on one side … and all the downtrodden, decent people struggling for a better life on the other.

Pitting Americans against each other simply for personal political gain would be bad enough.  But for a president who rode into office on a magic carpet of lofty promises about hopes and dreams to make America a better, post-partisan place, this is truly despicable.

Nothing – absolutely nothing – is the same as race in America, but something like this politics of division has been tried before.  Racist politicians in the Old South divided Americans based on the color of their skin – and they did it for just one reason:  to win elections.  They didn’t care about the harm they were doing.  They cared only about themselves.

Turning Americans against each other by (over and over and over again) telling the middle-class (where the majority of the votes just happen to reside) – that Republicans are the Marie Antoinette Party that cares only about “millionaires and billionaires” and doesn’t give a damn about everybody else, isn’t as bad as promising to “keep those n—–s in their place” … but it’s still pretty bad.

And just as it worked (until it didn’t) in the Old South, the politics of envy may work again.  According to a Time magazine poll, 79 percent of Americans familiar with the Occupy Wall Street protest believe “the gap between the rich and the poor in the U.S. is too large” and 68 percent believe “the rich should pay more in taxes.”

Never mind that the poor aren’t poor because the rich are rich.  In fact, if we had fewer rich people we’d probably have more poor people, since rich people are the ones who invest their money in companies that produce jobs.  And even if the rich paid 100 percent of their income in taxes it would barely put a dent in the national debt and wouldn’t create a single job.  Barack Obama surely knows this.  But he also thinks he knows – or at least hopes – that the American people are envious enough, and dumb enough, to buy into his class warfare strategy.

President Obama is smooth and can be convincing.  He was once.  And he may be again.  After all, there are a lot of envious, dumb Americans out there who don’t have a clue as to how the economy works but they’re sure of one thing:  they hate rich people.  And not all of them are Occupying Wall Street.


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  • joedee1969

    He’d have a better chance at winning if he would end this senseless war:

    • rider237

      unfortunately, this is now true. we should have bombed Afghanistan into dust, and concentrated our efforts, both war and diplomatic, in Iraq.
      Afghanistan is what it has always been. we didn’t break it. we can’t “fix” it.

      Iraq is in the middle of where we needed to be. perfect place for a base. perfect place from which to project power. there are many places we are, and don’t need to be. we could easily have transfered those resource to a nice base in Iraq and made up for the fact that we have cut our navy to the bone.

      once again we got it wrong….although this time i have to wonder if we got it wrong intentionally.

      and to the person who is even now typing the reply that “we don’t need to project power”, consider this: someone will.

      there will never be a power vacuum.
      most of the possible players are not good choices, are they?

    • Will Swoboda

      Hey Joe De,
      If we fought in Afganstan the way we fought the second world war, it would have been over in about 4 weeks. Also with a whole lot less dead on both sides.



  • M.C.Fergy

    President Obama and First Lt. Valerie Jarrett’s plan is going as planned; destroy the middle-class so there are only two classes, the subservient class and the ruling or elitist class.

    The only way they (progressives) can do this is by creating mass social chaos; thus the Occupy Everything Movement, class warfare and destroying all that Martin Luther King, Jr. fought and stood for, and then some.

    President Obama and his CREW do not want to heal our economy; it runs contrary to their plan to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” Into what?

  • Ralph Smathers

    In his Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln prayed “….that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” It is Obama’s goal to deny that. With those efforts, he is trying to destroy our Constitution, which the founding fathers created to protect us from totalitarian dictators, which is what Obama wants to become. The proof is in his many efforts to avoid the Congress, which is one of our checks and balances. He has also attacked the other c & b, the Supreme Court.

    If Obama could realize his dream of being totalitarian ruler of the USA, would he be another Quaddafi, or Stalin, or Hitler? Are you willing to risk your life on it? Stop thinking about piddling things and start worrying about your freedom.

  • Cmacrider

    Although your analysis of Obama’s strategy is probably correct —- the real issue is this — are the Republican’s going to allow Obama to frame the debate???? I suggest Republicans/conservatives & libertarians should decide that they are going to frame the debate for the 2012 election and not let Obama frame the debate.
    There is only one issue and it is not class warfare … it is how does America restore its economy. Every Republican candidate should be talking about only one thing … how the Republican strategy/philosophy/ and platform will put people back to work in America and grow the economy.

    If Obama wants to run around stirring up class envy as a counterpunch he is doomed providing the Republican Party clearly frames the issue for the ensuing election and that issue is jobs and the economy.

    • Fred Pasek

      The media will frame the debate for him. From now on, whenever Perry gets interviewed, he’ll be asked about being a “birther”. Whenever Romney gets interviewed, he’ll be asked about flip flopping on public unions, abortion, Obomneycare, illegals cutting his yard, etc…Gingrich will be asked about his infidelity. Cain will be asked about flip flopping on abortion. Etc…Each of the Republican candidates has a scab, and the press will see to it that it’s never allowed to heal. Obama on the other hand, will be asked, “What do you envision for the future of this country?” as though he’s a guru atop a mountain. They’ll treat him like an oracle. He’s the wise one. We want to know what his plan is. How he’ll deal with those pesky Tea Partiers in the Republican party. Etc..He’ll get the grown up questions.

      The Republicans need to use the Tea Party philosophy. Don’t get derailed. Keep talking about the growing debt. Keep talking about government spending. (Anyone remember the last time a reporter brought THAT up?) Keep talking about the budget. We’re going to have to take the media by the ears and drag them kicking and screaming into a discussion about the economy, because they want to avoid that at all costs.

      • Cmacrider

        Fred: I concur with your comments. Let me (as a Canadian conservative) summarize the strategy employed by the Canadian Conservative Party to obtain a majority in Parliament last year in a country which has the same liberal biased press and, I think, is probably more left wing than the U.S.A.

        1. For a year before the election writ dropped, the Conservatives took out adds in which they repeated over and over again (in different commercials) that Liberal leader Ignatieff was a long time Harvard professor who was out of touch with Canadians and incompetent to run the economy in very precarious times.

        2. During the election they had one message …. give us a majority in these troubled economic times because Prime Minister Harper (a professional economist) is infinitely more capable of steering the ship through these troubled waters.

        3. Throughout the campaign Harper took every question and turned it back to the importance of prudent sound management of the economy. If they asked him about Quebec’s threat to separate … he responded that he did not think that was uppermost in Quebec’s minds when they were all worried about jobs. If he was asked about the Liberals new policy to socialize the pharmaceutical industry … He answered we can’t afford such entitlements in these economic turbulent times we have to focus on the economy. Point…. Even with the help of the liberal press these attempts to bribe voters with new entitlements never got off the ground because …. people are self interested and their prime focus was … am I going to have a job so that I can feed my family and make may house payments.

        Despite all efforts by the Established Media to discredit Harper and the Conservatives and promote the Liberals …. Harper got a solid majority. (that the equivalent of winning both Houses and the WH in the U.S.)

        I think, although I am not living in the U.S., that the same approach will work in November 2012 because Obama has been such a disaster that people will vote to try to perserve their jobs, families, and their country.
        Cameron D. MacKay

      • Paul Courtney

        Fred: Reporters on NPR bring up gov’t spending, when they talk to a conservative (so, quite rare), and then it’s “which gov’t program designed to lift up the least among us would you cut, you heartless greedy shill for the rich?” Sometimes they leave the last part unsaid, for the listener to fill in. On the rest, you’re exactly right, and I’m encouraged that tea party and Rs may be up to the task. I’m also encouraged that the OWS crowd is NOT up to whatever the hell it is they’re up to. Unlike those who see this as some radical vanguard (like they see themselves, and the press really really wants them to be), I see them as the best Soros money can buy and utterly clueless as to what to do next. These folks are incapable of organizing a crap on the sidewalk (which, they’ve proven, happens with no organization at all).

  • rider237

    i’ll be presumptuous enough to take Mr Goldbergs thoughts to the next level:

    it’s not enough for him to talk about class warfare. he needs actual class warfare. OWS is a gift, although i don’t think it’s a happenstance. i have been hanging out on Al Jazeera again. :-) fascinating place to get the pulse of the international far left. OWS is a piece of an international, organized effort. it is a continuation of the “arab spring” with the added ingredient, good for non Muslim countries, of the Vatican now jumping in.

    so far, we have not seen the same violence as in the middle east, africa, and europe. i believe this is coming. those behind this movement realize that a bunch of kids hanging out in the park smoking pot, is not going to get the job done. they do not seem interested in working within the system, so what is next?

    if you make a list of the things Obama needs to win, i think all could be found in OWS under the right circumstances.

  • Blakely1

    If Republicans will use Obama’s gift to them, they
    will win.
    The Health-care bill has so many features that will
    encroach on our freedoms & most people do not know how bad they are.
    If Republicans would display these features,one by one,page by page, no distortions or exagerations,
    ONLY THE TRUTH, in national ads, Democrats will lose & lose big.
    Why do you think that Democrats never mention the bill? They know that they can’t .



  • Morbo

    Hey Bernie, your appearance on O’Reilly this evening where you were trying to think of examples of a media entity cheering for a candidate… let me help you:

    “Bill, it is exactly like what we do here on Fox News 24/7 in support of conservative candidates. That is a precise example of a media entity rooting-for a candidate.”

    You are welcome.

    • Will Swoboda

      Hey Marbo,
      Wached ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC CNN, and on and on. Gee, I wonder who they root for?
      Will Swoboda

    • Ron Kean

      Many like you think that one station that doesn’t go along with the sheep that Will Swoboda mentioned is biased.

      Independent and balanced is way to the right of those sheep.

  • Timothy

    For the most part Goldberg is correct, but it is hard to take anything he says serious when the candidate he shills for is also one who wages in Class warfare. Mr. Goldberg, you are a Romney shill, and Romney is not that far right of Obama. Look at his tax plan, and his constant Obama like saying that he is not here to help the Rich, or that his tac plan stopps at a certain rate, that just so happens to be the same 200,000 benchmark that Obama has set. Romney does not talk about Energy like we need to. He has very Obama like views on health care.

    How many times has Romney talked about a flat tax being for the fat cats. So Goldberg, you either are the nothing more than a establishment shill who does not believe in saving the country, you believe in winning the race. You say what the right things at the right times, but you do not believe. You have a lot of bias. You guys on Fox are nothing more than a joke along the lines of liberals.

    Dick Morris said that nothing matters in this election except what he and Fox says. He says the voters do not matter, only them.

    Goldberg says that if Obama wins it will be conservatives fault. He attempted to shame the base into voting for his man. How does this guy expect people to take him serious when he says stuff like that.

    • Ron Kean

      I like Romney. Am I a shill? If Romney wins, will all who voted for him be a shill? Bernie is a person. Our country has always been such that even industry leaders are people like you and me.

  • Fred Pasek

    The Occupy Wall Street crowd is his last hope. They’re going to get funded by the unions and stick it out over the winter. Not all of them, but enough that the news will cover it, and the ones that make it through the winter will be hailed as some sort of heroes for being stupid enough to camp out in the snow. Once the Republican candidate is chosen in spring, Obama will beging to attack with his billion dollar war chest, and for some reason the OWS crowd won’t think anything of that money, and then sometime early in summer, he’ll come riding in on his white horse and proclaim himself to be the one to lead them to the promised land. A great cheer will go up, and the media will blow the trumpets and he’ll march them to the polls.

    Our only hope is that whoever the Republican candidate is destroys him in the debates, because the nation will be watching. I think there are only two candidates that can do that, possibly three. I think he’d beat Cain, because Cain’s too inexperienced of a debater and politician to keep up with Obama’s slick lawyer’s tongue. He’d destroy Santorum. He’d destroy Perry. He’d beat Romney. The only one’s who give him trouble IMO are Gingrich and Paul. Bachmann MAYBE, but I wouldn’t want to take the chance. I don’t think she’s ready.

    • Gus Fusco

      Sounds sort of like the coming of the anti-Christ

    • Will Swoboda

      Hey Fred,
      I’ll vote for anyone who can beat Obama. I don’t know how you can say anything about experience, Obama had NO EXPERIENCE at all, I could have done a better job than him and I am not the brightest bulb in the house.
      Will Swoboda

      • Fred Pasek

        Yeah, the Democrats are stupid enough to trot someone into the White House that has no experience, that doesn’t mean it should be okay for the Republicans to be stupid enough to do the same thing. You should never vote for someone because they “look presidential”, you should never vote for someone because they are a novelty, you should never vote for someone to make them the first whatever, unless they are the best candidate. But you should never vote for someone who’s inexperienced, period. You don’t know what you’re getting. I love Herman, but he needs seasoning. I know it’s chic to say that you want an outsider, someone who’ll shake up Washinton. But someone who’s that green will take time to acclimate to the job. Valuable time. And who knows what kind of success they’ll have once they understand the limitations of the office. Look at Obama, he’s practically bursting out of his skin because he feels he can’t push through enough of his agenda. I really don’t think he understood the limits of the office. He wants to be dictator. An experienced politician will better know how to implement the changes we need.

        • Brian

          The democrats had only two people who could have possibly won in 08′, Hillary and Obama. Once Hillary was going down in the polls, the Dems focused on Obama as their choice. Not because he was the best candidate, but because he had the best shot.

          People wanted change from the 2008 election. They apparently didnt care who was president as long as the candidate “inspired” them. Somehow, there were those who saw McCain as an extension of Bush, who Dems and most independent voters wanted no part of at that time.

          Looking back at the election, it was pretty clear that Obama won due to the above reasons and the fact that they really ran a wonderful campaign. He was a lightweight and an obvious hack, nothing more than a puppet from his backers.

          Unfortunately, most elections are won by public opinion. A lot of voters do not take the time to break down a candidate. Heck, I remember a poll that showed most people between 18-25 made their opinions on the 2000 election by watching Saturday Night Live.

          In closing, Obama will probaly have another massive breakdown and will most likely not get elected. He is obviuosly underqualified and responds like a child to stress and criticism. As for myself, who would be considered left-leaning in terms of politics, please get this guy out of office. No more empty promises and his typical “get this passed now” or “vote for this so unemployment gets under 8%” crap he spews out.

    • Shirl

      I agree, Fred. I think Newt has the right answers to turn this ship around and I embellish the thought of a debate between him and O. That slick willie can’t pull the wool over Newt’s eyes.

  • CCNV

    The problem for this administration (liberals and the OWS idiots) is due to their whining and complaining about ‘distribute the wealth’. Now that it has now landed on their doorstep – they don’t like the smell of it.

  • Dave O’Connor

    Fragmenting the population into interest groups, warring minorities (note: plural minorities), and then baiting each one with their favorite cheese is only to be anticipated.
    He’ll use every public ploy such as Perons used by these “Occupy” groups, to how Bernays would employ to influence fads such as smoking.
    Tried and true for Democrats is the misery index; bleeding the feelings from thought, the mourning of Kennedy’s: every election cycle they were part of, and up my way the pious dictates of the wealthy Left.
    He got what he has by straining “feelings” (Wouldn’t it be nice if….?)
    Now, he’ll have to rally feelings above needs, aches of hunger and disenfrachisement.
    Can he starve thought and experience from the voters?; Peron, Goebbels and Mao did.
    Can he sell faux bling and baubbles as PR and AdMen do?
    He already has.
    He’d love to govern Massachusetts, the people vote, the legislature ignores them and – – – playing the waiting game – – a judge will come along and – – Alas a law.
    He’d like elections to go the same way.

  • IndependentLasVegas

    Obama has givin up on the over 50 vote..He will do anything to get elected again..

    Class warfare, race warfare it’s all on the table… He has not played his ACE card YET!

    He will promise full citizenhip to all illegals!!! 95% of Black voters plus 95% of Hispanic voters plus White Liberals and the 18-30yr old voters he wins.

    • Timothy

      Romney is the is also the same thing. If Romney wins I will vote for Obama because of two reason. First – because Romney is not that much different than Obama on policy. Two – because if this country is going to be run by establishment east coast moderate blue bloods, I would rather have Obama get the blame. If you establishment people think you can just control what happens after you rode the Tea Party back from where your last pick got the republican party, I think you will find it much harder than you think. The only way Romney wins is if the conservatives decide to vote for a lot of candidates.

      • Blakely1

        After Obama was elected, there was a newspaper article in another country that decried the voters who put Obama in office as a Confederacy of Fools.Please don’t join them.
        Giving him another term will be a mandate for him to finish all his changes to this country.
        Obamacare, $10.00 gas, green everything( which is not ready) etc.
        There is not a perfect candidate, who has everything, but any one of them will lead us to a better America
        It wouldn’t surprise me if he changed our name…Obamaland????The man is a walking disaster.

  • EddieD_Boston

    Unfortunately, Rikki Lake Nation has been force-fed the myth that it’s someone else’s fault they had three kids with three drug dependent ex-convicts before they turned 18.

    Liberalism created this mess and dysfunction and the media will NEVER place the blame where it belongs as long as blaming evil republicans furthers their agenda.

    It’s easy to convince stupid people but people who can actually think, and who vote, can see through it. I hope anyway.

  • Bob Weber

    Somehow I find that his class warfare position is going to fly well either considering that Obama and a democratic congress chose to extend the ‘Bush tax cuts’. Any class warfare position is severely undermined by the fact that Obama has had four years to make tax reforms and has done nothing but support lower taxes on the rich and bail out banks and big business. Hard to come across as a populist when you aren’t supporting the people…

    • Paul Courtney

      Bob, funny you should mention the Dem’s failure to end the Bush tax cuts. If memory serves, the Bush tax cuts “for the rich” were not ended by huge majority of Ds in congress and D pres., they were extended while Nancy was still speaker! So Obama has spent the last month or more promoting a jobs bill (and attacking Rs), a key element of which is a tax he couldn’t get through congress with Speaker Pelosi (shudder!). So why spend all this time, energy, media attention, on a program Obama knows, and knew from the getgo, can’t pass? Bernie’s column is your answer-go negative, young man. And don’t pick an issue where something might actually get resolved, find one where you’re confident nothing will be accomplished other than bashing Rs. The depth of the Ds cynicism is quite evident.

  • David Nixon

    Mr. Goldberg,
    You are correct in your analysis. The “class warfare” strategy is designed to rally Obama’s political base which is no longer excited about him. “Class warfare” is a form of “ad hominem” attack which is directed at Mitt Romney, believed by the Obama campaign to ultimately be the nominee of the GOP, and a card-carrying rich guy.

  • John In MA

    Bernie, you are absolutely right on this one. And how sad IS it that a sitting president resorts to pushing hate for “them” because he can no longer get love for “me”. But then again, it seems reasonable that the final GOP candidate should be able to tap into that loss of love, too. Playing all of the 2008 election sound bites that caused so many to swoon, cry, and fall to their knees with adoration in contrast to showing the real status of the nation should be a partial antidote.

    This most likely will be the most aggressively negative campaign I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been watching closely since Carter.vs.Reagan.



  • Ken Besig, Israel

    So Obama is a just a cheap and tawdry demagogue.
    Most of us already knew that when he ran for office and discounted him as Presidential material.
    Of course as President Obama, who is at least theoretically responsible for representing ALL Americans, his divisive class warfare rhetoric is despicable.
    But to me it comes as no surprise.


    Hi Bernie,

    You have outdone yourself with “stating the obvious.” I plan to send this to every friend and co-worker of mine today. It’s preaching to the choir, but maybe I’ll just feel better myself that I helped get the truth out there with your column.

    I never trusted Obama since the day he started his Messianic campaign with the smoke and mirrors. My family fell for it, and I was seen as out of touch. I can only say that because they are feeling the results of his “reign”, our has become a non-political discussion household. P.T. Barnum was born in my state, and there really is a politically believing “sucker born every minute.” Obama is truly despicable!

    • Bernard Goldberg

      Thanks very much, Marina. Tell your friends about the Web site too.

    • Dave O’Connor

      Good point about stating the obvious. But, I worry that those who her the obvious are ambivalent about parsing it. That’s where I find Bernies commentaries even more enlightening than “Obvious”.
      Have you noticed, as well, that he employs an economy of words. That is art.

  • therealguyfaux

    In places like Arizona where there has been an attempt to get a handle on the immigration problem, the Left has come up with the “creative” protest of “A Day Without Mexicans,” i.e. that all Latinos should take a holiday from work and not spend any money either, to show what their contribution to the economy actually is. I propose that a protest similar in thrust be undertaken by those in this country who actually PAY taxes, meaning those who actually have a tax liability. Granted that many of those may not be able to just play hookey for one day because, unlike the Lefty Occupy movement, they actually have responsibilities and deal with them on a daily basis. If one came up with “A Day Without Taxpayers,” an Atlas Shrugged type of “mind on strike,” and could pull it off (I wonder, though), Barry-O & co. would be set back on their heels and would only look foolish prating on about “selfishness” and “meanspiritedness.” Such a protest may never happen, but goodness, wouldn’t we all love to see it? April 16th, 2012, anybody?

  • Ron Kean

    We know there have always been times of wide wealth disparity. At the turn of the century there were robber barons and monopolies. In the 30’s there were Hollywood moguls. Many have read The Great Gatsby. Anybody who knows about Groucho and Margaret DuMont or the Three Stooges and their foibles with the rich knows even though it was fiction, it was based on reality and disparity could be humorous too.

    Not now. With 40% on food stamps and basically free emergency room care for the indigent, many of the poor are obese and the left tells us that the poor are starving and dying in the streets. It’s a lie.

    But that’s where religion comes into play. Religion is about being happy with what we’re given. Religion is about hope and individual worth apart from wealth. It’s about giving and helping the less fortunate – family and strangers. Some are about aspiring to Nirvana. One is too violent. Most of us would like to end up in Heaven.

    Forget about the 7 days and Adam. The bottom line is charity, and the belief that all of us, every one of us can be happy thinking about a reward larger than life based on behavior and world view. That’s gotten us through all the past times of wealth disparity.

    But the baby’s been thrown out with the bath water. Religion is ridiculed. Religious people are viewed as stupid enough to believe everything in the Bible literally. Not true.

    So we now see people covet or envy what the rich have, demand it, commit violence and get arrested. Karl Marx called religion an opiate. He suckered in many. Forget the proletariat and the bourgeois. He destroyed spiritual goals and replaced them with material goals.

    A lot of us think religion is a wonder drug. An upper. The answer to problems. A cure. And believing to the contrary is harmful. Because of in-your-face skepticism and ridicule, it’s harder to find the right teacher. Too many common people are just looking for a fight. But spiritual guides are out there. If a person will search, he can find somebody.

  • Wil Burns

    Bernie, I stood with the “Occupy Wall St.” protesters, and showed my support for then. Say what you wish, but for months before the protested started all we read or heard about was the country’s deficit? Cut this and that. Now the conversation has changed to where are the jobs? jobs, and more jobs. Only a foolish politician would ignore this movement. Something tells me a group in Washington aren’t listening? Something to think about for next election.

    • EddieD_Boston

      As Mark Steyn stated in an article in NRO: twenty-somethings with tattoos on their neck and rings in their noses don’t understand why corporations won’t hired then.
      Valid point, no?
      The rest of these fools are professional protesters. OWS is just this week’s assignment.
      It’s hard to take these fools seriously when they’re so stupid looking. Plus, they’re just plain stupid not realizing what a failure Obama has been.
      How was your Recovery Summer Wil?

  • Nancye


    Right on, but I think you’re preaching to the choir here. Do any of those who are “Occupying” Wall Street and other cities and places in the country, ever read your columns? I doubt it! They don’t even know what they’re protesting.

    I’m not rich but I don’t envy or resent those who are. My father and his brother were small business owners, so I know of what you speak. I’ve “been there”.

    So, for Obama to try to get elected in 2012, he’s started the race war again, and the class warfare. Maybe I’m just one of those cock-eyed optimists, but I don’t think it will work.

    • EddieD_Boston

      Desperate times require desperate measures.

      The community organizer knows that he’s failing miserably and is acting out. Like a child.

  • Pablo Rossi

    Bernie, most jobs in America are produced by small businesses. Most small businesses may not make profits in excess of 250,000 a year. An income of 250,000 a year can hardly be described as rich by any stretch of the imagination. Secondly, Obama may make use of class warfare to divide Americans by class (as republican’s once used race to make divisions and as you have tried to divide American’s by religion (judging by your anti moslem bent)). You do it to demonize Palestinians and to somehow justify Israeli genocide. The republicans used to use race baiting to get elected. Obama will do his class baiting to get re-elected. My view on your article is, there is nothing worse than a moralising hypocrite! But as you have admitted, it can be difficult thinking of new things to write!

    • Bernard Goldberg

      Do you have me confused with someone else or are you delusional, Pablo?

      • Pablo Rossi

        I don’t have you confused with anyone Bernard. You must be delusional (or senile) if you have forgotten the many other articles you have written on your own blog!!! You have banned many people for comments that may hint of anti semitism and have encouraged many posts that have been glaringly anti moslem. Ron Kean or Ken Besig Israel have consistently written very disparaging comments on american’s of the moslem faith with no response by you. Some of your articles have even said that american moslems need to be demonised unless and until they take active steps against their crazy fanatical minority!!

        • Pablo Rossi

          I don’t have you confused with anyone Bernard. You must be delusional (or senile) if you have forgotten the many other articles you have written on your own blog!!! You have banned many people for comments that may hint of anti semitism and have encouraged many posts that have been glaringly anti moslem. Ron Kean or Ken Besig Israel have consistently written very disparaging comments on american’s of the moslem faith with no response by you. Some of your articles have even said that american moslems need to be demonised unless and until they take active steps against their crazy fanatical minority!! PS…please sort out your comment editor!

          • EddieD_Boston

            Geez, those poor Muslims.
            I read a story where a 12y/o girl in the middle-east was raped by her 42y/o cousin and SHE was sentenced to 100 lashes.
            She died after 80.
            Liberals like you just don’t get it. They’re animals.

          • Pablo Rossi

            Bernard, another one of your bigot (aka EddieD)followers has come out of the wood work!!! All in plain sight!

          • Ron Kean

            Go ahead Pablo. Tell us all about the constructive and congenial nature of radical Islam in the west.

    • EddieD_Boston

      Republicans used race to divide America? Like the Wilie Horton ad? What part of the Willlie Horton ad wasn’t 100% true?
      The idiot Mike Dukakis let a convicted rapist out on a weekend furlough. Then the convict murdered someone.
      Liberals hate being exposed as fools and that’s why the left took exception to the Willie Horton case.
      To this day Dukakis thinks he did the right thing. See, liberalism is a mental disorder.

      • Pablo Rossi

        We will see how long it will take for the Jewish person to be the hate figure. This time some one will only have to use Bernie Madoff as the hate figure but we all know what the euphemism will really represent. The person with a disorder is you. Don’t forget if you want to target groups, jews are over represented in major financial crimes in recent years. When it becomes convenient for any group wishing to climb to power using group stigmatisation, don’t think your group cannot be the subject of such stigmatisation.

        • EddieD_Boston

          Maybe Jews are over represented in financial crimes (you’re assuming they are, I’m not convinced) b/c they are over represented in the financial industry and maybe that’s b/c they study hard.
          Yup, those evil Jews don’t drop out of high school and clean toilets for a living. Shame on them.
          Also, you foolishly called me a bigot when I mentioned a story about a 12 y/o girl sentenced to 100 lashes for being raped. Wow. So saying something that is true makes me a bigot?
          You really don’t get what a fool you are do you?
          Again, liberalism is a mental disorder b/c it makes you see things as they aren’t.

          • Dave O’Connor

            I guess we’ve been witnessing the new sitfarce; “Thus Defines Pablo”.
            Your remarks about liberalism are not unique, as being liberal may be a virtue that most conservatives defend; it’s the ism for it’s own sake that drives us nuts.
            Some commentator over the past year suggested PC as being the intellectual equivalent of AIDS. (Many would call that very un-PC, but being HIV+, I don’t.)

    • Ron Kean

      I don’t think you know what the word ‘genocide’ means.

  • Lonesome George

    Bernie, this is nothing new. BO is simply following the same old democrat party strategy that has been used for ever.
    I think people (democrat base) want an excuse for not being successful so they blame the rich.