O’Reilly Weekdays With Bernie: Are the Liberal Media Extorting Conservatives?

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  • josh-richards

    If We’re right,many won’t read our comments to you but masses have heard your view on the factor.And the masses respect you and will believe you..Your simple comment will destroy many children and adults belief in the Word of God if you’re wrong..God forbid that it would be because you never searched the evidence.Jesus says “If anyone causes one of these little ones to stumble,it would be better if a millstone were tied around his neck and he were thrown into the depths of the sea..You better hope you’re right,but so many of us know you’re not.If the eveidence is searched with an open-heart and you become persuaded,your only decision must be to tell the world….but search the evidence.Pretty please with sugar on it:)Don’t forget this.It’s too important.

  • josh-richards

    Bernie,I usually have looked forward to hearing you but your young earther comment was ignorant..It’s ok if you believe evolution or a millions of year old earth but we don’t believe a young earth just because the bible says,we’ve searched the science behind it and believe.Obviously there’s too much to discuss but look into a few-Population growth,a shrinking sun,a moon getting further from earth,meteor life,lack of transitional fossils,marine fossils on almost every Mt.Range on planet earth signifying Noahs flood,how fossils are formed(water/dirt),saturns rings,problems with Carbon dating….and on and on.Don’t tell us we’re ignorant,we look to science too to prove God created all things when He said He did..

  • Jim Johnson

    Dear Mr. Goldberg,
    I am somewhat unappreciative of your comment that those who believe in a young earth are somehow “ignorant,” while those who (apparently) embrace the theory of evolution are the intellegent folks in the conversation.
    Many in the scientific community believe in a young earth view, but according to you, they must be dismissed as being less intellegent than those who hold another view, I’m afraid you’ve been caught up in the claims of the scientific elitists of the day.

  • John Haynes

    I saw your contribution on the O’Reilly Factor last night (8/29) as I do every week. I usually agree with you, but I must take exception to what you said last night. You mentioned those who agree with a 6,000 year old creation and that mankind walked with dinosaurs as being ignorant. So I suppose you believe in evolution. That’s fine, but evolution is not based on science. Science can be tested by experiment. Nothing in evolution can be tested for veracity. I frankly think evolution and the theory that the earth is billions of years old is nonsense. That’s my opinion. You are entitled to you yours. I’m not ignorant, and neither are you. I just wish you’d afford me the same courtesy.

  • Tom Riggs

    Bernie .. if O’Reilly will ever let you just answer his questions it would make the whole segment less stressful. By the way, I enjoy your perspective on the issues.

  • gerry tache

    Bernie: I dislike the way O’Reilly treats you during your weekly appearance on his program. I think he is an arrogant, condescending bastard. He is discourteous with most of his guests. I frankly wonder why some people agree to appear on his program.

    Allow me to pass on two suggestions:
    1. If you have not read Left Turn by Tim Groseclose I urge you to do so. Plenty of ammo for those of us who distrust the socialist media.

    2. Obama’s team has vowed to raise $1 billion for the upcoming presidential campaign. What no one is talking about is the value of the pro-Obama stories and editorials in newspapers,network TV and cable news channels?
    For example, lets assume a quarter page ad in the N.Y Times costs $25,000. How much would a pro-Obama news story on page one of The Times be worth? $100,000 ? How much is a 15 second commercial worth during the nightly NBC network news program $50,000? Would a 30 second pro-Obama story on the channel be worth? $50,000.

    I feel certain you get my point. I have no way of estimating the total value of pro-Obama story’s, editorials, commentaries but I would guess it would exceed several billion dollars. Wonder if anyone has conducted this type of research?

    Agree with 100% of your comments about the liberal media which is destroying our country. Are these loon living in some sort of bubble?


  • Tom Jebb

    Your comment on O”Reilly that Michelle Bachman
    sounded like a “political hack” was over the
    top. Her reply about being submissive and trust
    with her husband has nothing to do with her
    qualifications and ability to be president.
    First Chris Wallace with his “flake” question
    and now your put-down. Have to wonder why you
    two have a problem with Bachman..hopefully it’s
    not her gender or religion.

  • Jamie H

    I’ve always enjoyed hearing you on the O’Reilly Factor. Tonight I was disappointed in the way you attacked Michelle Bachman. While I don’t necessarily see her as president, I though you comments on her Christian views were uneducated and out of line. She trying to be a Christian political leader in a perverted society that thrives on attacking a person with Christian values. Submission has more to do with respect than you think. Stating what the Bible says on issues like homosexuality isn’t judging it’s sharing what God says about such issues.

  • Edward L. Logsdon Jr.

    I am tweeting away every day to everybody. The Wash Post, Time, Fox news, The President, Rand Paul, Mitch Mcconnel, you put a name to them; I’m tweeting them. This is what I’m saying and I’m gaining more Republican followers every day.

    The improvement of self, and the improvement of community by all people is the way of the future. Make it law. Make it so. This will unite the world as nothing has. It will eliminate hunger and poverty. It will achieve world peace. We must first do it in the U.S. Then we must show the world what we have done. We can do it. We must do it. We the people can take back the nation. We don’t need Unc. Sam as he is useless anyway. We see the evidence of this daily. We can be self reliant, we need no one but our neighbors. We must come together and get it done. We will first start by planting Fruit, Veg’s, Nuts and Berries everywhere that there is a spot to plant them. Once we have achieved that, we will go to the next step. Join me to make this a “Global Movement”.
    Thank you.

  • chava

    Hello Sir,
    It is the total mess created by Congress. When bush was president, he created a big hole for 10 trillion dollars. Why did not Republicans implement the balanced budget approach. WHen they were spending money on wars, they should cut at some other places to balance the budget right? People acted for political gain at the cost of Country’s future. If the congress had approved the 4 trillion deficit cut, S&P would not have downgraded. It directly commented that there is no political will to do that.
    See the tax hike on corporate may be 5-10% max. but now people lost billions of dollars in single day from their 401k and retirements funds due to MARKET COLLAPSE. Who is morally responsible for it, except you so call conservatives. You people did not raise any issue when the money was spent left& right without any concern during bush presidency. He took charge with surplus and created a big hole by the time he gave chrage.
    SOme of the people started questioning the credibility of S&P rating. It is like “Praising a teacher as long as our kids get good grade and start blaming the teacher when the kid performed poorly that the teacher graded with some bias”. It is not that our kid did not study well.
    Come out of the cave and start thinking practically.

  • Terry Walbert

    Bernie, Your comment about the liberals not calling real terrorists “terrorists” was right on the money. What is amazing is how they all run in the same direction.

    Is Dr. Goebbels still conducting press orientations?