Please Don’t Shoot the Messenger

We hear it over and over again from conservatives explaining why Mitt Romney will win.  No president has won re-election with unemployment over 8 percent, they tell us, hoping the streak will continue this time around.

There’s just one problem.  It’s not true.

Franklin Roosevelt won re-election with unemployment not only over 8 percent, he won with unemployment at Depression Era levels of around 20 percent!

When FDR won the presidency in 1932, the unemployment rate was a staggering 23.5 percent.  A year later in 1933 it was 24.7 percent.  In 1934 it was just under 22 percent.  In 1935, for the first time in his presidency, unemployment dipped below 20 percent, but only to 19.97 percent.  And by 1936, when he ran for re-election, 16.8 percent of Americans still couldn’t find jobs.

So during FDR’s first term the unemployment rate ranged from a high of nearly 25 percent to a low of about 17 percent – and he still won re-election.

Then in 1937, 14 percent of Americans were still out of work.  In 1938, unemployment went back up to about 19 percent.  In 1939 it was 17 percent, and in 1940, it was down to 14.45 percent.

So at no point during his first two terms had unemployment gone below that 14.45 percent, yet Roosevelt not only won re-election, he was re-elected to a third term – the first time that had ever happened in the entire history of the United States.

So, all this talk about how no president can win re-election with 8 percent of Americans out of work is wishful thinking at best, nonsense at worst.

FDR had a few things going for him that might be worth considering as Election Day approaches.  First, he could blame it all on his Republican predecessor under whose watch the economy tanked.  Second, FDR connected with ordinary Americans.  In a word, they liked him.

Sound familiar?

Barack Obama has also said he inherited an economic mess.  It’s true that he didn’t do anything to make things substantially better and arguably made things worse.  Nonetheless, polls have shown that more Americans still blame George Bush for our economic doldrums than they blame Mr. Obama.

And even though many conservatives detest Barack Obama – as they did FDR — he scores high on likeability in the polls – and Romney doesn’t.

This may explain why, in the face of a sluggish economy that might be headed for a second recession, President Obama is still leading in most of the polls.  History may not exactly repeat itself, but it often rhymes, as Mark Twain once observed.

Don’t shoot the messenger.

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  • George – CPA

    Wally said: “The treasury secretary didn’t pay his taxes,
    many in the government agencies haven’t paid their taxes. Why don’t you admit
    that there are cheats in all functions of the government.”


    Wally, I think you got me on this one.  I will have to agree that “cheats” come in
    all shapes and colors.  But, you need to
    understand that from the IRS perspective.


    Tax avoidance is perfectly legal (just ask Mitt Romney) and
    encouraged by the IRS, but tax evasion or tax fraud is against the law. The
    burden of proof for the IRS to prove “tax evasion or tax fraud” is substantial.
    Tax Fraud occurs when individuals working and earning income knowingly and
    intentionally fail to file their income tax return or falsify information on a
    tax return.


    Treasury Secretary Timothy Franz Geithner did get his
    Federal Income Tax returns audited and several errors were found where he had
    to pay back taxes and interest for not paying his share of FICA, and other
    deductions that he took that were disallowed by the IRS.  In his defense, Geithner said at the hearing
    that he had always believed he was an employee, not a self-employed contractor,
    while serving at the IMF.  The IRS
    believed that his errors were unintentional, an oversight and lack of
    understanding of the tax law; therefore, they did not charge him penalties or
    charge him with tax evasion or tax fraud. 
    What Geithner had to pay was immaterial – under $50,000.  Again, Geithner was not charged with tax
    evasion or tax fraud. 


    Wally, since you brought up Geithner and have called him a
    tax cheat, which according to the IRS he is not, I will have to list just a few
    Republicans that have actually been charged with the crime of tax evasion or
    tax fraud.


    What famous Republicans have been charged with tax evasion
    or tax fraud:


    “Washington, Oct, 10–Spiro T. Agnew (Republican) resigned
    as Vice President of the United States today under an agreement with the
    Department of Justice to admit evasion of Federal income taxes and avoid


    Jack Abramoff, the once-powerful lobbyist who built a political
    alliance with House Republicans, pleaded guilty to fraud, tax evasion and
    conspiracy to bribe public officials in a deal that requires him to provide
    evidence about other Republican members of Congress…”


    Catalina Vasquez Villalpando, (R) Treasurer of the United
    States. Pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and tax evasion. The only US
    Treasurer ever sent to prison. (1992)


    “Randall Harold Cunningham – Republican –  resigned from the House on November 28, 2005,
    after pleading guilty to accepting at least $2.4 million in bribes and
    under-reporting his income for 2004. He pleaded guilty to federal charges of
    conspiracy to commit bribery, mail fraud, wire fraud and tax evasion. On March 3, 2006, he
    received a sentence of eight years and four months in prison and an order to
    pay $1.8 million in restitution.”


    Jared Carpenter (R) Vice-President of the Council of
    Republicans for Environmental Advocacy, was discovered during the Abramoff
    investigation and pled guilty to income tax evasion. He got 45 days, plus 4
    years probation.


    Republican Chief of Staff Peter Ellef and part of Gov.
    Rowland’s administration corruption scandal, pled guilty to bribery and tax
    evasion.  Ellef was sentenced to 30
    months in jail followed by three years of supervised release, a $15,000 fine,
    and 400 hours of community service.


    Anyway, I am sure there were many from all political parties
    that have been charged and convicted of tax evasion and fraud over the last 100
    years.  Treasury Secretary Timothy Franz
    Geithner was not charged with tax evasion or tax fraud.

  • Bill ONeill

    FDR the worst president in American History. Why this man has been elevated to sainthood is beyond me.  Horrible job as president and a socialist to make Obama proud.

  • FloridaJim

    FDR was a fraud in the mold of Obama. We were told in school how great FDR was when he fact he did everything Obama has done and failed miserably at improving the economy. Social security was used a s bribe for the citizens and still exists although stumbling FDR was scrubbed by liberal teachers in every arena just as Obama has been scrubbed or protected by the media. Here is what FDR’s Sec. of Treasury had to say about FDR after 8 years, from “New Deal or Raw Deal” by Burton Folsom Jr.:
    ” New Deal

    In 1933, Roosevelt became President and appointed Morgenthau
    governor of the Federal Farm Board. In 1934, when William H. Woodin
    resigned because of ill-health, Roosevelt appointed Morgenthau
    Secretary of the Treasury (an act that enraged conservatives).
    Morgenthau was an orthodox economist who opposed Keynesian economics
    and disapproved of some elements of Roosevelt’s New Deal. Although
    he was a Roosevelt loyalist and retained his office until 1945, in
    “New Deal or Raw Deal?” Burton Folsom quotes Morgenthau, testifying
    before the House Ways and Means Committee in May of 1939, the FDR
    ally did not sugarcoat it: “We are spending more money than we
    have ever spent before and it does not work. I want to see this
    country prosperous. I want to see people get a job. We have never
    made good on our promises. I say after eight years of this
    administration we have just as much unemployment as when we
    started and an enormous debt to boot.”
    The only resaon FDR’s  fame  survived was World War 2 where the economy roared despite FDR.

  • suki33

    Bernie is not jumping on the Obama bandwagon, he is offering a caution to mot make assumptions about what will happen on election day based on unemployment numbers. Thanks for the dash of cool thinking, Bernie.

    • asl3676

      Re: Class Warfare:

      Maybe the most exciting story of the last few years is the increasingly prominent voice of a traditionally powerless and voiceless group: the super-rich. No longer content to stand by the wayside as the president begs them to contribute a slightly higher percentage of their massive incomes while they enjoy record-breaking profits, the super-rich have finally stood up to the middle-class and, with the typically astute metaphorical skill of the Wall Street billionaire, compared themselves to violently oppressed and abused people. And piñatas.

      • Ted Crawford

        Come now, forget this disingenuoue “poor Billionaire” rhetoric! That nonsense isn’t fit for a substantive discussion on ANY issue!
        Historically, the increasing of  ‘tax bases’ has proven to be counterproductive. The typical scenerio follows a pattern; First few monthe (12-18) minor increases to revenue stream, within 2 to 3 years that revenue stream is reduced to a level about 40% below the levels  BEFORE the increases were enacted. Occasioning, you guessed it, ANOTHER outcry to” raise the taxes”!
        Democrates understood this also, at one time: ” A tax cut menas higher family income and higher business profit and a balanced Federal Budget…as National income grows the Federal Government will ultimate  end up with more revenue. Prosperity is the real way to balance our budget” John Kennedy
        Expressed in another way: ” We contend that for a Nation to try to tax itself into prosperity, is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle”  Winston Churchill
        Where, then does this idea of raising taxes originate? ” The way to crush the Bourgeoisie, is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation” Vladimir Llyich Ulyanov (Lenin)

  • Alvaro Fer

    Yes he can. With this economy, he should be in trouble, but he’s not. If this election is not about the economy, then class warfare must be taking its effect.

  • brendan horn

    I think there is one obvious difference between Obama and FDR. With FDR, the unemployment rate went down from when he was elected, whereas with Obama the rate is lower than when he was elected. One positive difference is that Obama will not get a third term unless he figures how to diminish the constitution in an unfathomable way, even by his standards. It amazes me that no Republican talks about how much lower the unemployment was when George Bush was going for reelection than it is now. Democrats get away with hammering George Bush as the antichrist, but the unemployment rate was significantly better under George Bush than it is now. The unemployment rate only went significantly upwards a year and a half after Pelosi and Reid took over the reigns of Congress. In fact, Pelosi and Reid should really be seen as the people who severely harmed the economy, and Obama should be seen as someone who went along with Pelosi and Reid. 

    • George – CPA

      The only difference is that FDR was white.  

      George Bush and his Dad were all about protecting their oil interests – they both should be in jail.

      • Ted Crawford

        Am I missing something George?  I was positive that Obama was Black back in 2008, remember , when he was elected? This idiotic implication that our resistance to Obama is because of his skin color, rather than his policies, is disingenuous and immature! 

        • George – CPA

          Yes, you miss my point, which was that FDR was a great President.  Obama is a great President.  That was my point – the only difference is FDR was white.  Had nothing to do with anything else.

          Now both President Bush senior and George Bush were the ones that were totally disingenuous and immature, except when it came to giving breaks to the wealthy.  Everything was for their wealthy friends and oil.  Even the Bay of Pigs, when Bush was CIA director was to protect the oil leases his family owned through the Zapata Corp.  He should be in jail for that, but he had all the records destroyed, too funny.  Sounds like what Romney did in Mass and the Winter Games in 2002 – where Romney gave mutlti-million dollar contracts to his wealthy Mormon friend without bidding; but, those records were destroyed or hidden by Romney, who is a pathetic liar and total joke.

          Both Bush Presidents, Romney, and Paul Ryan  should be in jail.

          What will you say after President Obama wins with a landslide and many republicans are kicked out of the House and Senate?

          No one is buying the Republican bullshit anymore.  You guys are toast!

      • brendan horn

        George, your post shows you lack a perceptive mind. An intelligent person could easily identify about 1000 differences between Obama and FDR. On the oil issue, no one has done more for the oil industry than Barack Obama. His failure to do anything on the energy issue has driven up the price of oil. This has led to tremendous profits for the oil industry. Sadly, Obama is the sort of person who brings harm to American oil companies to the benefit of foreign sources of oil. For example, China is drilling off the shores of Florida and he has done more for Brazilian energy than he has done for American energy. Also, he has stood in the way of the pipeline from Canada to America. He is a good friend to Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.

      • soundnfury

        So if we accept that the Bushes were only interested in protecting their oil interests, then surely you would be willing to agree that Obama is only protecting his Muslim oil interests. Right?

        • George – CPA

          There are documents to support my conjecture; there is not a scintilla of evidence to support your nonsense.

          Before I forget, I am sorry your voter suppression attempts have failed once again in another state.  Chalk up Pennsylvania for President Obama.  I also can’t wait to hear Eric Canter’s concession speech.
          Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Ruling: Judge Halts Enforcement Of Law For Election

          • soundnfury

            The only “voters” that we are interested in suppressing are illegal voters. As we all know, some of the Dems’ most active precincts are prisons & graveyards. Al Franken can attest to the power of these voters. And let’s not forget those Dem “citizens” who are so patriotric, they love voting more than once. Wendy Rosen, candidate for Maryland 1st congressional district is a case in point. She was forced to step down after it was revealed that she had voted in both MD & FL. You have to give her credit though… she may not have had scruples, but she certainly had cahones. Ay caramba!

            In the meantime, it must make you proud to know that this administration is doing everything it can to suppress the military vote, particularly in the battleground states. I wonder if this administration is taking its cues from Al Gore in 2000?

  • Kermit29

    In high school as I recall EVERYTHING had to do with popularity including voting for school representatives.  I’m not sure we’re significantly different as adults as our high school selves. 

  • mykhel

    If the main-stream media had been reporting the political environment fairly; if they had exercised due diligence in investigating the ongoing and historical Obama; if they had not been keeping near-irrelevances as headline news as it relates to Romney and his adolescent pranks and his legal bank accounts,  Romney, as shoddy as his campaign has sometimes been, would be now trouncing Obama in the polls. 

    Obama, likeable–yes.  But his likeability is more about a story untold.  Some think that in the interest of fairness they must point out all kinds of substantive and good qualities about Obama.  Fairness should not be confused with political correctness Obama is calculating and conniving; less than honest from the first–and still, but the American people have been denied the story.

    Obama, likeable–yes. But his likeability is more about a deceived and self-deceived electorate.  They are  likely to know more  about American Idol than they are the national debt. They can speak at length about Lindsay Lohan’s arreset record, but are unlikely to have any opinion about Holder’s implication in Fast and Furious.  You can’t have an informed opinion about something  you know nothing about.   

    And here we are.  The country in worse shape than it has been since the
    tenure of Jimmy Carter and the American electorate seemingly composed, and unalarmed .  Sorry.  But there is more than likeability of Barrack Obama at work here.  It is something insidious about our society that has  been ignored for a very long time. 


  • Gerpac

    The number Romney and Ryan should be talking about is not 8%, (the 50% plus who don’t get it) but they might be able to relate to this number: 23 million American workers are currently unemployed . Forget the 8%, Fox and Republicans ought to be hammering at the 23 million unemployed number. That is a number some of the illiterates might understand. If the U.S. unemployment number climbed to  10% that would relate to an astounding 32 million unemployed. Also important to keep in mind is that the number of unemployed would be much higher if the number of workers who have dropped out of the jobs market.

    Poll-after-poll show Obama has a “likability”  rating in excess of 50%. Why?
    Considering the dismal state of the U.S. economy and the slippery slope toward socialism and marxism  why is he “likable” The answer is simple. Obama has as you have noted many times  he has the overwhelming support of a fawning, corrupt and biased media.
    I was in the newspaper publishing business for 44 years and I cannot recall the media
    as biased as it is at this tme.  Without the backing of the media, I believe Obama’s favorable rating would be in the mid 30s at best.

  • common sense

    I can’t believe that he still gets away with blaming President Bush for the economy, I can’t believe that he got away with it in the first place. Anyone that understands economics knows that the collapse of the economy was going to happen under whoever was president and regardless of which party he belonged to as soon as the housing market collapsed. They also knew the housing market would collapse, just not when. You can’t continue giving people money and expect to get it back if they don’t have the revenue to service their debt. This also goes for countries. Obama’s policies are keeping the economy from recovering, and it will NOT recover if his policies are not changed, either by him or the next president.

    • Patrick

       Let’s be fair, President Bush and his administration do have share some of the blame for spending like drunken sailors on pork projects and trying out nation-building in Iraq and Afghanistan. That said, President Obama really should have taken at least some responsibility for the mess we’re in now under his watch. Also, does he forget the fact that he was a senator during the last two years of the Bush administration and voted for quite a lot of the spending he did those years? Probably or at least he doesn’t care. In essence, if you’re that likable (meaning as much as President Obama is) , you can get away with just about anything except murder and you could still come very close to that.

  • Brushfour

    I live in downtown Madison Wisconsin, right in the heart of lefty-ville and the student district of the University of Wisconsin.   I have seen practically zero Obama window posters, bumper stickers, or yard signs.  You hear almost zero talk on the downtown streets and coffee shops about Obama and the election.  Looking around, you’d never guess there was even an election going on in 5 weeks.  In 2008 this place was ” Obamaville USA.”    Obama may win blacks and latinos in almost the same proportions—or just a little bit less, but from what I’ve seen around here and the level of intensity on the internet (Facebook) to name one, I would say there is NO  WAY Obama is going to win over the youth vote to the degree he did last time.  If they’ve based their polling on the 2008 youth turn out numbers, Obama is in deep do-do.

    • Wendellfountain

      Brushfour, what happened in 2008 is not going to happen in a few weeks.  Unless the population are all a bunch of liars as BHO is, because the bloom is off the rose.  The people who were fooled the first time around, such as some independents, young people, Latinoes, white females, and some who voted for the fraud in chief because of “White guilt” have discovered this man has been terrible for this country.  There are many, I suspect, are very embarrassed that they were taken in by this Islamist Muslin plant and are ashamed of their mistake.  If voters are going to vote for this anti-American, they are more than quiet about it.  

  • Steven Heckman

    Americans have proven that they are fully capable of electing an untested president without any executive experience, or for that matter, no demonstrated leadership skills. So anything is possible.

    However, I live in a swing county [Clark] in Ohio and have personally interviewed dozens of independent voters in the past  two weeks – and these face to face interviews convince me that Obama has lost this vital group. In my sample of undeclared voters, several stated that they had never voted for a Republican but will in 2012 to stop a second Obama term.

    In my sample are non-white couples who said that they are “dissatisfied” and may not vote at all. This sentiment is not addressed in any published polls since these are the folks who fail to answer the phone.

    Conclusion: Romney will carry Ohio by dominating the blue collar swing counties and gain positive margin in suburban areas, while the urban, predominantly Democratic counties, which have lost over 500,000 registered voters since 2008, will not be enough to secure an Obama repeat.

  • Fred Pasek

    All we can do is vote. And write articles articulating why we feel Romeny should be president rather than Obama. Think you could write a few of those soon, Bernie?

  • Drew Page

    Bernie  —  Yes, it is possible that Obama could win re-election.   It’s also possible that the big earthquake will hit California and kill hundreds of thousands leaving hundreds of thousand more homeless and destitute.   It’s possible that we will have another massive hurricane or two in the coming year re-destroying Louisianna, Mississippi and Florida Gulf coasts.    It’s possible that Iran will develop nuclear weapons soon and turn them over to  Muslim terrorists who could use them to wipe out Isreal and/or some major urban centers in the U.S.     It’s possible that the Ebola virus will spread in the U.S. wiping out millions.    Yes, Bernie, all this is possible.   Feel free to brighten our day and add a few more apocolyptic events that could befall us   —  we promise not to kill the messenger.

    • Wendellfountain

      Drew, sometimes I think Bernie stayed too long in the MSM.  I don’t wish to shoot the messenger, but it would be good to concentrate on building up Romney support, because time is short.

      • Drew Page

        Wendell  —  I usually like Bernie’s articles, but having to consider the possibility of another Obama term is something I would rather not contemplate.    I also agree that it would be a lot more helpful for Bernie to promote Mitt Romney in any honest way possible.  

        I am sick to my stomach with this current President and what he has done (and not done).    Massive unemployment, massive national debt, massive dependence on government, massive borrowing (40 cents of every dollar the government spends is borrowed), substantion reductions in home values, substantial reductions family incomes, QE 1,2 and 3 have devalued the dollar to the point where gold costs $1,700 and ounce and oil costs $100 a barrel  —  these are Obama’s legacy.  And this guy has the gall to say “Give me another four years”.   I’d like to give him another four years  —  in Levenworth. 

  • Johnny Deadline

    What, me worried? Kind of, but I’ve got five reasons I’m remaining optimistic and hopefully those reasons will encourage Bernie and all of you, too:  1) Many of the polls showing Obama widening his lead are oversampling Dems and are counting registered voters, not LIKELY voters;  2) The economy still resembles  a pig with lipstick and glued-on hope & change wings;  3) Reagan trailed Carter at this point and ran away with the 1980 race; 4) We haven’t even had the first of 3 debates yet, for gosh’s sake; 5) Continuous Fast & Furious findings (thank you Univision) and the administration’s efforts to squelch the squawking about late Libyan ambassador Chris Steven’s cables before his murder and that of three others may serve as Obama’s  fallen October surprise souffle.  

    True, many voters know little more of current affairs than Kim Kardashian, and many others might think that “foreign entanglements” refers to Simon Cowell getting into a hissy fit with Australian pitchman Vince (ShamWow) Shlomi.  But Americans can’t really be silly, shallow and stupid enough to re-elect a president that history will judge as one of the most feckless and irresponsible of all time, can they? 

    • asl3676

      Feckless and irresponsible? Are you describing Bernie Goldberg or yourself?

      • Johnnydeadline

        I was referring to The Annoying One, healer of the planet, the Appeaser-in-Chief, and Icarus’s semi-mortal descendant. On second thought though, I guess “feckless”!and “irresponsible” works for anyone supporting the most unqualified WH occupant in American history.

        • asl3676

          Most unqualified or darkest?

          • Johnny Deadline

            Typical.  Those that oppose Obama must be racists. Color makes no difference, but words and actions do. Using the liberal benchmark, those that oppose Clarence Thomas, Allen West and Condi Rice have racist tendencies.   

          • asl3676

            You are the one who said he was” the most unqualified WH occupant in American history”…I only stated a fact….
            By the way, this must mean that you believe Bush was more qualified? I’m not sure what that moron was qualified for but he fits the Republican model…spoiled sons with rich fathers….sound familiar?

          • Johnny Deadline

            Can you name a president who had less executive and managerial experience than Barack Obama? In any century? Proof of the president’s naivete in foreign affairs and lack of domestic accomplishments  is incontrovertible – if you consult anything other than The New York Times and  MSNBC.  

          • asl3676

            JFK, Nixon, LBJ, Jerry Ford…none of these POTUS’ had any executive or foreign policy experience…
            You probably voted for McCain..what experience did he have other than being a POW?

          • Brett

             Letters and numbers,what a f…ing joke you are for doing what all bleeding heart liberals do every time they have lost the discussion and have no reasoned or salient response…play the race card. Don’t you just hate yourself for doing that? Well bud, the deck’s empty. And you are a lawyer you said. How does it feel then, to be lower than a snake in a wagon wheel rut? Stop wasting our space, time and oxygen. JUMP!

          • asl3676

            It feels excellent and quite lucrative….Thanks for asking…

          • Brett

            Letters and numbers: “It feels excellent and quite lucrative….Thanks for asking”. It was a rhetorical question. You know that. Your response, as usual was meaningless. Chase down another car accident. Stop wasting our space, time and oxygen.JUMP!

          • Brett

            Letters and numbers, there you finally said something relevant and true, for the first time. Oblahblahblah,”most unqualified”. Congratulations for finally seeing the light. The only “darkest” is the black cloud hanging over your head evey time you draw the race card. No argument to make , no point that has ANY relevance and so weakly and cowardly you, as do all bleeding hearts like you, pull the race card. You must have carpal tunnel from opening that deck every day. Surely there’s SOMEONE you can sue for your malady.Yawn…boring. Stop wasting our space, time and oxygen. JUMP!

          • asl3676

            Always great when older Republicans the party that’s anti-gay, anti-hispanic and anti- minorities cant admit that they are afraid of anything and anyone who doesn’t look or act like they do….
            Romney=a wealthy Archie Bunker…that’s why he will lose…

        • Ted Crawford

          We certainly can hope that your comparison of Obama to Icarus proves to be accurate, I also share in Bernies concerns, however! 

          • Johnny Deadline

            Yeah, I think the silver-tongued teleprompter orator had his chance.  He needs to bask in his own afterglow by stepping aside for someone who actually knows how to govern from ahead rather than leading from behind. 

        • Greg Harris


      • Wendellfountain

        asl3676, I don’t think Johnny realized it, but he must have been describing you!

        • asl3676

          As a New Yorker and an attorney I’ve been called far worse….LOL

      • Brett

        “Feckless and irresponsible” is what he said letters and numbers. You have a problem reading? Name calling again and thus as per your own previous statement, you have lost the  argument, or shall I say, discussion. ” That’s what I am , what are you”, should be your byline. How juvenile. How weak and vanilla all your comments are. Stop wasting our space, time and oxygen. JUMP!

    • Wendellfountain

      Johnny, perhaps I’m naive, but I happen to agree with your eloquent analysis, and I don’t believe Americans, at this point, will be fooled again.  Didn’t President Lincoln state it so aptly in the 1860s?  “You can fool all of the people some of the timetime, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time.”  I think it was also attributed to P.T. Barnum, but regardless, I think it applies in this case.  Without a doubt, this is the worst president in America’s history!  Nobama 2012!

      • Johnny Deadline

        Thanks for the kudos Wendell, and right back at you.  I work in a college town that I call the People’s Republic, and am thrilled to see there are a lot fewer Nobama bumper stickers this year than in 2008. Speaking of Lincoln, can’t wait to see the movie with Daniel Day-Lewis in November.  Will be refreshing to see what leadership really looks like.   :)

      • Greg Harris

        Where the heck where you when GWB was president?

    • Greg Harris

      All these talking points and it didn’t come to fruition.

  • Tonymoschetti

    There is one “slight” difference. The liberal national media had an almost toytal monoply on the news the people got. There was no cable news, no INTERNET, no TALK RADIO.

    It would be like today where the only place we could get information would be the NY Times, or in the 1930’s, the Goebbel’s “Information Ministry” which led to the German people supporting Hitler right up to the end!

  • Soul

    Additionally, the reporting of unemployment numbers was calculated differently during FDR’s day.  It’s been awhile but I’ve seem some “shadow stats” saying along the lines that if todays unemployment numbers were calculated the same way as done in the 1930s, they would be similar.  Sad, to say the least.    

    • Ted Crawford

      You’re correct Soul. These numbers are most accurately reflected in the U-6 Section and last time I checked they were between 15% and 17% !

  • k962

    People have been dumbed down to the point, they don’t read any news, they are more interested in celebrities and entertainment then they are who is best for their welfare!  These kind of people deserve to lose their freedom and they will!

    • Ted Crawford

      ” If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be” Thomas Jefferson

  • Jim

    People often ignore the power of incumbency.  In over 100 years only one incumbent president in a two person contest lost the election – Carter 1980.

    • Wendellfountain

      Jim, it is time for another one to fall, because Jimmy Carter was a GREAT president as compared to this fraud!

  • Malia

    This election was Romney’s to lose.  And he will.  At the end of the day I wonder if Romney would have made a good president.  Nice guys don’t often make good presidents.  Romney reminds me of Gerald Ford….great guy but lacked the political gamemenship needed to play in the Washington sandbox.  

  • Fkocher

    I hope you are wrong, but you are correct and we may have a second Obama term.  Sad, just layed-off after 23.5 years at Dell and it was due to a poor economy.

  • MarksTwoCents

    THEN, there’s Carter.

  • Jack Cox

    I suspect the republican party selected the wrong candidate for election to the presidency.  He’s a good man and doesn’t want to hurt anyone by the teachings from his church. Although he unknowingly will hurt everyone in this country if he doesn’t stand up and get tough against this imposter who does want to destroy our nation and it’s laws. Obama should be arrested and jailed for treason and the fascism he brings.

  • Ahalbert

    Bernie’s argument reminds me of the scenario where a stepfather or boyfriend is charming, but out of view of the mother, he is nasty to her kids. I was one of those kids. Such relationships end badly and with long term regrets by the mother and kids. It’s just a question of when.

    One difference between Obama and Roosevelt is Obama’s level of corruption — so many lies.

    If Obama wins, he and others think Republicans will “start cooperating”. Maybe they will decide that if their constituencies have shifted to the left, they should change positions to achieve reelection. Maybe there will be a GOP majority in both houses and it will come down to rule by executive order vs impeachment. My instinct is that Romney needs to come out with an immigration reform proposal before the election. If Obama is reelected, he’ll likely expand his executive order to buy democrat votes for life. I would like to see Romney deliver some major editorials or prime time speeches between now and Nov. 6.

  • Bonnie Thomas Usrey

    Romney-Ryan will win BIG unless the Democrats are able to and allowed by Holder to carry off massive voter fraud. They will win because of the Tea Party (see 2010 Midterm election)the Catholics, the Mormons and the Evangelicals, along with regular Middle class voters who are starting to wise up! We all know that Voter ID laws discriminate against the deceased because they are not allowed to use their obituary photos to vote! Somehow the Romney Campaign has failed to reach out to those already in their graves, and they ALWAYS vote Democratic!

    • Ted Crawford

      It seems that we have an even bigger problem than that Bonnie.
      Obama has ‘outsourced’ the counting of the votes for this election! To a company owned by Pete Valles and George Soros, headquartered in Spain!
      SCYTL is the company, it recently purchased the counting software from  a Tampa based company SOE.
      It seems that the votes will be downloaded to SCYTL, in Spain and there will, appearently,  be no way to review these votes!
      ” Those who cast the vote decide  nothing, those who count the votes decides everything” Joseph Stalin

  • TransplantedTexan

    Bernie, one big factor that you left out. Romney is running a campaign that makes the McCain and Dole efforts stellar by comparison. Running not to lose rather than to win, is the surest way to become a loser.

    • Jcrides

      Your right I fear!!  I believe because of his Mormon teachings, he does not want to seem an exhibitor of himself. He’s too respectful of others. Ordinarily; that should be a good thing, however; not when your trying to save a nation from total destruction from Marxist socialist ideology!

      • Ahalbert

        Well, there you have it — the ultimate battle between humility and arrogance. As Proverbs 16:12 says, “Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall”.

      • rlpincus

        I think the more important verse comes from the Book of Mormon:

        22 The Father (God) has a body
        of flesh and bones as tangible as man’s; the Son also; but the Holy
        Ghost has not a body of flesh and bones, but is a personage of Spirit. Were it not so, the Holy Ghost could not dwell in us.

  • Sharpie1009

    God help us if that idiot gets reelected (legitimately or fraudulently); and, I find NOTHING likable about him or his family.

  • Bonnie Thomas Usrey

    The reason that Obama gets by with blaming Bush for the crash of the Economy is that no one, not the Romney Campaign or any media report the facts leading up to the Economic Crash. The Democrats, Barney Frank, Dobbs and the entire Party promoted giving mortgages to people who couldn’t afford them and the Financial Markets went along doing “creative financing” and they all used FannieMay and Freddy Mac as the vehicle to give away millions of dollars, while they were getting millions in Loan commissions, and Personal “sweetheart deals” on their mortgages.
    When the Republicans tried to regulate and tighten up the requirements, they were accused of being racists, trying to keep minorities from having “The American Dream” Does anyone know that when the crash hit, Tim Geitner was head of the Federal Reserve? You know, the guy that is now our Secretary of the Treasury of the U.S?  Does anyone know that when the Government took over GM, they closed 100’s of GM dealerships, eliminating those jobs, and opened 160 dealerships along with auto parts manufacturing jobs to CHINA?
    Do regular people understand that when Bernacke decides to print more money, he devalues the dollars they are carrying in their wallets, and the cost of everything goes up? Like gasoline, food, utility bills. Next, if Obama gets reelected will be interest rates going sky high, like they did under Jimmy Carter. Mortgage interest rates were in the teens, 13, 14 percent on regular loans, and even higher on “jumbo” loans? And that real estate appraisers were pressured to appraise homes at what the selling price was, instead of the real value. If they came in too low, lower than what the Mortgage Co. was willing to lend at high interest, the Mortgage Co. would stop using that Appraiser.
    Politicians assume Americans are too stupid to understand all this, so they have given in, surrendered to the Liberals premise, agenda, and narrative that it was all caused by Republicans. Some of it was, but they were not fiscally Conservative Republicans like Ryan and Romney would be. George Bush fell into the trap of being a “Compassionate Conservative” who wanted to help minorities and poor people have the American Dream, but at what cost to the Middle Class taxpayers who work 2 jobs to pay their mortgages and feed their families without food stamps, Aid to Dependent Children, or Unemployment benefits?

  • Larry B

    Maybe our current lefty president could start being pushed  around in a wheelchair, or at least feign a limp.  This would only add to the racial sympathy vote he’s going to get.

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    Here is some stats, if Romney wins it may very well be due to the amazing effort of a true patriot named Joel Gilbert.  I bet you have never heard of him and that would be the fault of folks like Bernie Goldberg, Bill O’Reilly and the rest of Bernie’s friends at Fox.  It is a given that the libtard media will not report the story about Joel Gilbert because it does extreme harm to their candidate, Barack Hussein Obama and his fairy tale story about being a “goat herders” son.   Bernie, Mr. Gilbert has produced to date almost TWO MILLION DVDs describing the many connections that Barack Hussein Obama has had with damn near every Communist of reputation in Chicago, many Marxist college professors (from is own words in his book), the 25 year relationship he had with Ayers family and the 20 year relationship with the Marxist pastor Jeremiah Wright.  All these radical relationships were much, much closer and longer than any media has reported on.  Gilbert spent two years of his life gathering the facts about this fraud in the White House.  

    Mr. Gilbert has distributed his DVD to 1 MILLION households in Ohio, the true battleground state in the Mid-West, a state Romney must win.  Now Mr. Goldberg when someone distributes ONE MILLION DVDs in one state any journalist worth his grain of salt would be all over this amazing effort, but not Bernie and Fox and Friends.   Mr. Gilbert plans of distributing another 3 MILLION of his DVD before election day to other battleground states.   If Romney wins Mr. Gilbert gets the prize journalist award of the half century and Bernie and Fox have MUD in their faces. 

    • rlpincus

      And, as everyone knows, Chicago is a communist country.

      • bookman65000

        No, it’s a corrupt city and Whorebama is living up to it’s reputation.

        • rlpincus

          Thanks for out-absurding me.

      • Jpz44

        No, Chicago isn’t communist, but it is run like a socialist dictatorship under the Democrat Machine.    Chicago has a large minority population and a large union population.   These populations and the army of city patronage workers are the reason that the Machine prevails.   

  • rlpincus

    Bernie, sounds like reality is settling in.  Did you and Chris Christie have dinner?

  • Gradivus

    I’ve often remarked that Bush/Obama seems a repeat of Hoover/FDR. The first president was a progressive Republican who responded to a temporary economic crisis with government economic intervention that made matters worse in the long run, and the next president was an even more progressive Democrat who continued the economic interventionist policies of his predecessor, except more massively, which turned what would’ve been a two-year recession into a decade-long recovery, and was able to blame the previous president the entire time.

    I just hope there’s no world war and a four-term Obama presidency. 

    • Bonnie Thomas Usrey

      Amen, Gradivus!

  • Gus1249

    BHO will get a second term because people, a lot, don’t want to believe he wants to really go Socialist and his likability is a great factor..  Romney won’t corner him and give the body punches needed to weaken him.

  • John C. Davidson

    Very important people understand historical events and make clear judgements this time around. We sure don’t want what followed FDR’s appeassement record that cost the world so many lives.

  • Renabuz

    If the polls are correct, a majority of the country is comprised of utter fools who will choose Obama despite his proven  lazy, lying incompetence. The only hope that those of us with even an ounce of intelligence has is that there is a sufficient amount of us out there who have not declared allegience to anybody yet to join with those of us who have and vote that jumped-up moron the hell out of there……..proving the polls to be incorrect as they were in 2010 and in Wisconsin last year.

    Obviously Old Bernie thinks that the polls are correct and if he’s correct in such a disgusting  thought, WE ARE FINISHED–it’s as simple as that.  

    • asl3676

      If “WE ARE FINISHED” can we hope you’ll get back on your meds after the election?

      • bookman65000

        I wish YOU were FINISHED as(sho)l(e)3676.

        • asl3676

          Stop being a drama queen… If we survived Bush and Fox News we’ll survive Obama……take a deep breath

  • Keith “Lucky” Luxton

    The messenger is right. Why doesn’t Romney want to win. We know he is a serial loser in runs for president. But this time, the economy is for him, Obama just managed to lose an Embassy complete with Ambassador and staff to a moslem raid, so his defence strategy is shot to h%$l . His Obamacare forced in against the peoples will is unpopular, his immigration strategy is hated by all but the hispanics. His attacks on all our rights go hard against him Yet he meanders through this period like “No why rush, there is alway 2016”, Maybe he should see the film 2016. If he came out fighting, thowing all Obamas mistakes and anti american moves he could come in with a land slide.

  • Mjakeb123

    Thanks Bernie for your informative information. I pray for a one term president this time around but everything I see tells me otherwise. : (

    • asl3676

      Praying to who? Don’t you have anything better to pray about?

      • Deny916

        Like the country and the economy isn’t enough????

      • Brett

        Yes. We all have something better to pray for and that is that you will stop wasting our space, time and oxygen and JUMP! He who uses the race card and obviously must shave his legs to be the drama queen of all New York drama queens. Take your own advice and …….take a deep breath…. and JUMP!

  • Brhurdle

    I fear you are correct. I can’t understand why Obama has endless TV ads and there is seldom one from Romney. The Romney ads you do see seem so tepid that you wonder why they bother. It seems the Romney campaign is incapable of getting “down and dirty”. I just find it impossible to understand how people could vote for someone who has an absolutely miserable record on the economy. I’m at the point as a retiree that I’m starting to think there’s no value in worrying about the inevitable – it won’t affect me directly so if they elect him maybe they deserve the consequences. Bernake is a bigger concern to me than Obama.

    • Jcrides

      You make a lot of sense Br!   Romney has been taught by his church to be submissive to God and not outgoing or exhibiting himself.

      • asl3676

        He’s submissive to his wife….I’m sure he didnt make $300 mil by being submissive…

        • Brett

          None of us care what you think, letters and numbers. Stop wasting our space, time and oxygen . JUMP!

  • Brad Kozak


    I love your work, but your column today is somewhat disingenuous. You can isolate just about any factor in an election and make it look good – or bad – for a candidate or incumbent. The unemployment factor is just such a case. But if you put together ALL the factors – unemployment + approval ratings + energized GOP + unpopularity of ObamaCare + the Israel/Iran problem + the Middle East going up in flames – you have a preponderance of problems for Obama. I’m not worried. But I’m not complacent, either. 

  • Kathie Ampela

    I’d like to know exactly when does the “Electability Factor” kick in for Mitt Romney? Remember when the Establishment launched it’s attack on Newt Gingrich last January..he was unelectable they said; MITT ROMNEY was the one, they said. At least Newt could have made a strong conservative case and would have went down with a fight and would have wiped the floor with Obama in a debate without breaking an intellectual sweat. I don’t know how Romney will do up against Obama in the debates but I’m not betting the ranch on anything.  Here’s the latest poll from THE WASHINGTON TIMES of all places:

    Ah yes, electability and the wisdom of the Establishment and the Pundits.  We can all think about that for another 4 years.

  • Wheels55

    Because people who know all of the “Reality TV Stars” but don’t know about Libya can still vote. Stupid people can still vote. Obama knows his only chance to win is as the most liked and popular guy. That is why he stopped being a President and is a regular on Letterman and the View. What’s next, Family Feud?

  • Bruce A.

    Was the Main Stream Media also pushing for FDR in the 1930s?

  • Deny916

    I am SO SICK of blaming Bush…idiot boy has been in office for almost 4 years.  He should look in the mirror and start blaming himself for a change.

    • CentralScruntinizer

      Do you get tired of Al Qaeda being blamed for 9/11, too?

      • Ahalbert

         No, neither do they.

  • Alden514

    “Nonetheless, polls have shown that more Americans still blame George Bush for our economic doldrums than they blame Mr. Obama.”

    When the president has been saying that every other day for the past four years, and the lame-stream media backs him up on it at every turn…and the average citizen is willing to believe it…or get their “news” from “the view”…God help us all.

    • Keith “Lucky” Luxton

      Obama, Hillary, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, I would say between them, they have done more damage to the USA than Osama Bin Ladin did, I am a New Yorker who lost friends in 9-11. But Bush started to rebuild from this moslem inspired disaster, but the arrival of Obama and friends have put us a further 9 Trillion dollars in debt with a standard of living heading fast toward Somali style living.  Now the moslem religion has more respect from our govt than Christians.

  • Concernedmimi

    I hope that if Obama brings up Romney jumping the gun or firing first and asking questions later; he will be reminded of the beer summit and as far as the health care law; all the goodies were stacked on top. The bad news is within the last of the 3,000 page bill which contains 23+ taxes to be sprung on the folks after the election. [JUST A REMINDER FOR THE UP-COMING DEBATE]!!!

  • John Daly

    I agree. I’ve long felt that people who are predicting a Romney landslide are on a different planet.

    From the beginning of Obama’s presidency, the media has vastly downplayed how dire of a situation our economy is in. They’ve also helped the administration successfully frame Romney as a scoundrel.

    The assumption from people like Dick Morris is that voters are reasonable enough to see past all the distractions and support the candidate who’s competent over the one who’s charming. It’s not a good assumption, even in these times.

    • Michael

      “The assumption from people like Dick Morris is that voters are reasonable enough to see past all the distractions and support the candidate who’s competent over the one who’s charming. It’s not a good assumption, even in these times.”

      Well said.  

  • SDW2001

    Except that unemployment was calculated differently then, Bernie.  If we used the same metrics they did in the 1930s, unemployment would be 12% or higher.  

  • J

    Uh oh, Bernie is hopping on the Obama bandwagon Republicans. Time to officially panic now.