Deep Thoughts about A Shallow Show — Bernie’s take on O’Reilly and The View

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  • czaps

    Could you get in touch with me? I am keen on placing an advert on this web page.

  • Jay Thompson

    Bernie, as always you are spot on. In recent weeks I have been reading liberal websites (WaPost for example) and have been making chiding comments to liberals whose “close-mindedness” defies the very definition of the word. I have been engaging in remedial Latin lessons with them: “liber” meaning “open.” You are right, they are not the word they proudly title themselves with.

  • Joe Lawson


    I wish you had a daytime radio show. You’re insight is spot on every time, or we’re just drinking the same cool aid. Anyway, this takes me back to Howard Dean telling a retired gentleman, and a Bush supporter in Iowa, to shut up and sit down, because he had his chance to speak.

    This is how Liberal leaders set examples, and it trickles down. The Angry little Teapot fired up the liberal base and it oozed tolerance…

    Now, 2 more “liberal” icons have shown their courage by walking off the set. More examples for young liberals everywhere.

  • JDO

    Freedom of Speech!! … as long as I agree with what you say. MORE than a little tiresome.

  • Shaune

    When asked if I watch the view, I am usually tempted to reply, “No. It’s one of the harbingers of the Apocalypse.” However, my standard response is that I am too busy to watch daytime television (true). And even if I had the time, I just do not think I could find any common ground with an overindulged, self-indulgent, spoiled brat like Joy Behar. Is this the best ABC can do?

  • Paul Borden

    HI, Bernie.

    Sorry to disagree with you but things like this are not getting a “little” tiresome. They are getting a LOT tiresome. If you remember a book and TV series from back in the 1950s “I Led Three Lives”, I suggest you check out what the author, Herb Philbrick, has to say about the difference between a Communist and a liberal. It appears in the appendix.
    It is indeed a shame that liberals today don’t follow the credo he outlines there. In fact, you could almost substitute the word “conservative” where he has liberal and you would be more accurate in regards to the situation today. Today’s liberal is very close to what Philbrick describes as a Communist in many respects.
    Finally, to show how things have changed, my eighth-grade teacher pretty much gave me an “A” on my book report simply because I had read the book in the first place. Many (thankfully not all) teachers likely would throw the report out.

  • Steve Bonin

    Hi Bernie

    You are one of my top three to listen to while surfing(Krauthammer and Mark Steyn being the others).

    You made the point that liberals really feel that they are champions of the freedom to express opinions. I really wonder if that is true anymore. Even a kool-aid swilling liberal has to see how far PC madness has gone. I think they threw out the idea of freedom of speech long ago as an acceptabe cost of the liberal utopia they think they can reach.

    Keep up the good work

    • Ron Kean

      …almost up there with VDH…not quite but close.

      It was prescient that Bernie was the first to blow the whistle on bias.

      • Steve Bonin

        Who is VDH?

        • Ron Kean

          You must check out “Works and Days”.

          Victor Davis Hanson is the best of them all.

          Bernie has a ways to go to match him but he’s on his way.

  • Terry Walbert

    I’ve had the same thing happen to me, the last time just this year because I disputed the “fact” that the Tea Party people spewed racist insults at Rep. John Lewis. The first time it happened in the mid 1990s left me surprised. I’m not surprised any more. In fact, I like the idea of goading ignorant liberals like Goldberg and Bahar.

  • JE Viosca

    Mr. Goldberg, you make sense all day long. Yours in one of the best segments on ‘The Factor’ ( I’m sorry, but at least when we can hear you over Bill’s interruptions ) and you are so spot-on about the liberal sanctimony. They are so full of compassion for ‘the underdog’ ( at least in public), and they are desperate to show it to everyone. I have some insufferable liberals in my family, insufferable because of their hypocrisy.They are like Whoopi and Joy, who in my opinion were just waiting for Bill to say something they disliked, so they could get insulted and show everyone how fair they are. When they didn’t get a wimpy apology or qualifier from him, their just-below-the-surface anger boiled over, and they ended up looking like intolerant, immature and foolish pre-teens.

  • Tim

    I’m reminded of that great Police Squad scene, “Nothing to See Here”.

  • Andy Targovnik

    Hi Bernie:

    This is the first time I am writing to you. I’ve read all of your books and try and watch O’Reilly when you’re on. This is a letter I wrote to LI Newsday that pretty much echoes your thoughts:

    “Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg walking off the set of “The View” because they didn’t like what Bill O’Reilly said is too typical of liberals these days. They’re big believers in free speech as long as you agree with them. Those that have dissenting opinions run the risk of being physically attacked like Ann Coulter on college campuses or being left flat when these left-wing hypocrites do what Behar and Goldberg did – take their ball and go home. “

  • Kenneth Taylor

    It was a real pleasure to here you in my living room way up in the Welsh Mountains!
    I do not watch ‘The View’ and given your comments on Bill O’Reilly’s visit to the show, I am quite happy never to bother trying to watch it.
    I’m going to invite our Prime Minister now to speak about the UK’s defence Review. Let’s hope he is true to his word about moving the UK away from it’s chronic reliance on government handouts.
    I sincerely hope he does not weaken our armed forces so that they cannot support their blood brothers in the U.S. Military. That would be a real tragedy.