The Media’s Coverage of Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” Rally

Because you asked for it, here is a Podcast where Bernie shares additional thoughts on Monday’s O’Reilly segment.

Click play button below:

  • Doug

    Enjoyed the podcast. While I don’t think Beck is capable of taking advantage of your insights, it was useful for media consumers. Beck does stream of consciousness (“ADD”), which is his talent/limitation. Any chance of a book on the way the media is handling the disintegration of “their” president? Their advocacy certainly has diminished the popularity/profitability of the MSM.

  • Alaine Mccrimmon

    Glaube es war gut Gründonnerstag und Karfreitag Regen gibt selten Erntesegen.

  • Brad Hall

    Of course Obama is a racist. We all know that. I respect Beck for saying it.

    • Peter G

      Yeah, but do you also respect him for apologizing for having said it?

  • steve

    bernie, been saying this for years,you get no time on the factor and then bill

    steps all over your comments.allthe hours on fox and you cant get aweekly

    half hour i think its petition time to mister ailes. love your insider take on the msm

    inre; glenn and the racist comment i find it defensible by the factual realty

    of the potus 20 yrs in wrights church. my father taught me ,not to confront a

    bigot is to codone racism! and obama exposed his innocent children to that insanity!

  • Tim

    I have never heard the protest at the various G-20 summits called liberal. Or the Cindy Sheehan. Or anywhere at all. And that’s the problem. Thank you for elucidating exactly how insidious the bias can be. I just bought Bias and am enjoying it immensely.

  • Tim Ned

    I like the podcast and it would be great, if you can, follow up with these after each of your apprearances on OReilly as you don’t get much time on his program.

  • Dan Farfan

    Well done, Bernie.
    Wielding the Warning label construct in this way is nothing short of a stroke of genius. Following this audio podcast with a text post works well.

    Here’s a thought.
    Consider a day or two after a new post (on any topic) coming back to it, react to some of the reader comments via audio. Just a few. Hit and miss.
    Post “audio reactions” at the bottom of the comments, so people who want to enjoy this feature at least have to scroll to the bottom. 😉
    An inline “audio reply” could be a quite appealing way to organize it as well.

    I predict this will encourage more repeat visitors to each of your posts, not just the people who seem to enjoy “fighting” with each other.

    – “The Next 10 Amendments”

  • http://NA John

    I love the podcast idea. This is my first time to your site and it is stuff like this that will bring me back for more. I love to listen to your thoughts on O’Reilly’s show but there isn’t always a lot of time there. Thanks for taking the time to expand on your ideas here.

  • Jim McLain

    Bernie, Excellent, just excellent assessment of how the liberal media coverage thinks. As a science instructor understanding the scientific method and logic, you were absolutely on target on every syllable that you spoke.

    Great Thinking,

    • Bernie


      Many thanks. I sure do appreciate the kind words.


  • Terry Walbert

    I take your criticism of Beck’s remarks more seriously than I would those of Matthews, Maddow, Schultz, Howard Kurtz, et al. I think Beck knows what will set off the Left, says it, and they oblige.

  • Dan


    Sorry about my miss use of “Where” and ‘Were” In my post above…. I was typing so fast I could not see straight after I saw the “CBS” report of 87K and then the “HP” using the same figure like it was the ‘gospel’. truth..LOL

    It was like Glenn said a day or two later…why did they just not pick like 92,341….

    Just plain lies…”journalist” ~ “Honor” ~ Integrity”…they do NOT no the meaning of the words,

    Maybe instead of “pretending” to report on the 828 event…

    “CBS” should have had ALL the “CBS News” employees…just sit in the front row…Listening to every word from every speaker…and then gone home and locked themselves in their bedroom’s for a couple days…”on their knees’


  • joedee1969

    MSNBC couldn’t tell the truth if they had a political gun to their head. Here is a blasting powerful piece fighting back:

  • Toni Buckley

    Thanks, Bernie. I appreciate your viewpoint and you clearly expounding on the difference between the “technical” truth behind CNN’s report and Glenn’s intention. I heard you make this point on The Factor, as well, and felt it was wisdom then. It might be argued that Glenn’s broadcast style affords him from time to time the “violations” that invite such criticism as long as — I think — he doesn’t step over the line too far, too often (for his own sake and continued success). Keep the podcasts coming! Your perspective is refreshing.

  • Ron Wertel

    Has someone hacked your site? When I look at this page (link above) on Internet Explorer, I see things that don’t appear on Firefox. Under the headline “The Media’s Coverage of Glenn Beck’s ‘Restoring Honor’ Rally” is a YouTube picture and link to an anti-Toomey ad at

    Below that is the following text with additional links to the video:

    Oil Spill in Lake Erie?
    Watch What Could Happen If
    Pat Toomey Is Elected Here!

    Information about your podcast is below that, but squeezed to the right by a bunch of “Ads by Google.” None of these distractions appear when I “tune in” on Mozilla.

    Good luck on the website and your campaign against the “Lamestream Media.” It looks great otherwise and Ill be back often.

    • Dan

      Hi Ron…

      In Google for sure….there are people ‘exploiting’ some kind of open dns… over the last 2+ months …I have click “legitimate links…and it takes me to a ppc ads type webste site.

      This happen to me 20 – 30 times over this time period…so it is a huge deal…more than one company or person is doing it…but each of mine has brought up the same company’s PPC ads page

      Depending on how big it is…”Millions of $ “…are being made by them. (stolen)

      But, these guys are smart…as they must take note of the “your IP address”…as if you go back and click on the same link again…it goes to the correct page or website….(this helps protect them from really anyone complaining, if it just happens once to them only) and it is effecting small website to the biggest company websites on the Internet.

      Hope that helps….


  • Dan

    Hi ‘ Bernie”,

    (Your great always on Bill’s show Fox) ~ “Common Sense” goes along way with me.

    I think you will not be “surprised” about this ~ But you will find it Interesting and just INSANE….I hope…as will you readers..I hope.


    I commented on the article here from the: “HuffingtonPost”

    Where they start the article off with:

    “Glenn Beck told the (CBS) estimated 87,000 people at his rally Saturday that “America today begins to turn back to God.”



    ( You will not see it ~ They banned me from posting after I made this post and deleted it ~ “Such Tolerance”…LOL )

    _______Start My Comment Reply____


    “Glenn Beck told the estimated 87,000 people at his rally Saturday that “America today begins to turn back to God.”


    Do some “fact’ Checking.

    #1. As to how many attended, just the two areas on the immediate left and right of the ‘Reflecting Pool…front to back, hold 200K plus.

    So, you using CBS’s “Guesstimate” is just plain not doing your job.

    The photo’s of the event clearly shows… not only were those areas packed.. there were many, many more people surrounding this area that where also packed with people.

    #2. There where at least 130,000+ watching though a live video stream through “Ustream”…Call them and ask the them what the exact figure of the people viewing through their live broadcast of the rally…oh…that might take you 10 minutes or so….

    #3. Why do you NOT contact C-Span and ask them to report to you how may people watch the event live on their Channel…oh…that may take another 5 – 10 minutes…..

    Fact is MILLIONS saw this event…in person + on the Internet + C-Span + other live broadcast.

    Peace America!

    ” The Truth Is Still The Truth ~ Even If You Choose Not To Believe It” ( Dan 2006)

    End Comment on “HP”


    Now I had an account with them for maybe 2 years or more and would always just post another view on a subject..maybe one every 1-2 months only…and they never had a problem with me.

    I signed up…early in the 2008 election process…after I signed up at the ‘dailyKos”…my account did not last 3 hours over there…LOL

    True Story….

    All The Best,
    Dan B.
    Loas Angeles, Ca. USA

    • Bernie

      sounds like liberals have forgotten how to be liberal.

  • chris wehrmann

    I hope you dont mind me calling you that, I feel I know you from your time on the factor. I just want to tell you that I agree with on some of what you say about being carefull about what you say and by bringing things on yourself.

    But I must tell you that when Glenn was speaking about being arrested, he was speaking to how if “We the People”, continue to push back with the truth, those on the left will continue to get nerous and overstep its powers and boundries like it has already done in the past, to enforce illegal searches and arrest on that body which goes against the establishment. It was not meant in anyway to insite bad behavior or illegal acts. Although it could be construde as such.

    Thank you for this oppertunity to explain and I will visit your site on a regular basis, now that I have visited it.
    Chris Wehrmann

  • Jeff Price

    It is nice to be able to hear you get your thoughts out without your being interrupted. I like Bill but it seems that for every 1 minute of broadcast time he needs to be talking for 45 seconds of it. So keep up the podcasts, in fact make it a scheduled event and get it on iTunes.