Post-Convention Musings

Although, as a rule, I try to avoid spending too much time listening to political speeches, I must confess that I was pleasantly surprised by a number of those delivered in Tampa. It wasn’t simply that they were saying many of the things that I had been writing for the past four years. It was the honest emotion that they evoked. A great many of the personal stories they shared were so touching they even made this old cynic get teary-eyed, as they spoke movingly about their immigrant parents and grandparents who, like my own, risked everything in the belief that all the glorious things they had heard about America were true.

As a sidebar, I should mention that when I first noticed how few blacks were in the auditorium, my reaction was to resent the fact that so many millions of them have allowed themselves to be bought off for a bowl of gruel. They have accepted their pathetic role in the Democratic Party as mental and physical invalids who must be patronized with welfare and affirmative action. But by the end of the convention, I came to see the few blacks in attendance in a different light. I came to respect them, to recognize the sort of ostracism they must constantly endure in their communities, even in their own families. I came to respect them, not because they’re black, but because they’re brave.

Some of my friends thought that perhaps Juan Williams had been suspended from Fox because of his curt dismissal of Mrs. Romney’s speech, insisting that she came across as “a corporate wife.”

Millions of viewers thought she came across as a bright and devoted wife, mother and grandmother, and a courageous survivor of multiple sclerosis and cancer. However, an honest difference of opinion is one thing and serving as an Obama surrogate is quite another. Somehow, I very much doubt that if Mrs. Rupert Murdoch or Mrs. Roger Ailes had delivered a similar speech, Juan Williams would have so casually dismissed these corporate wives as corporate wives. In fact, I’d be willing to wager that Juan Williams would magically turn into Fawn Williams.

I only hope that when Romney moves into the Oval Office, he will not only put his own programs into place, but will reverse and repeal not only ObamaCare, but everything else that Obama, Pelosi and Reid, have done. As we have seen over the past few decades, when the GOP doesn’t undo the mischief of left-wing administrations, the Democrats, once back in power, merely resume where they left off.

Left-wing policies are like campfires. And every Republican president, senator and congressman, must take Smokey the Bear’s instructions to heart. Don’t assume the fire is out simply because you don’t see any smoke. First drench it in water and then bury it in sand.

It was nice to see Clint Eastwood on stage at the convention, giving the lie to the notion that everyone in Hollywood is a left-wing bonehead. Not everyone; based on my own personal experience, I’d say probably not more than 98.6%. The fascinating thing about the entertainment community is that, in spite of all the obvious evidence to the contrary, its inhabitants regard themselves as saints. The fact that they do this suggests that they are not quite as atheistic as they’d like people to think, as it is a clear-cut case of faith trumping facts.

For instance, actor Brad (Midnight Express) Davis had to conceal the fact that he had AIDS and, more recently, writer-director Nora (Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail) Ephron had to conceal the fact — even from friends — that she had cancer, lest they be exiled from the ranks of the employable.

When you read some of the comments made during the GOP convention by liberal commentators, such as Yahoo News bureau chief David Chalian announcing that the Romneys were happy to be throwing a party while black people were drowning, you come to realize how abysmally stupid and infantile Democrats are. When you hear people like Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz, it’s like listening to nursery school children competing to see who can come up with the dirtiest remark. Basically, the sound bites emerging from the Left are invariably a variation of “Republicans are just a bunch of big, fat, poopyheads!”

Finally, it occurs to me that Obama and Biden have created so many truly hostile divisions between people; divisions that have frayed or destroyed countless relationships between friends and family members; that probably not since the 1860s has so much raw animosity existed in this country.

Let history note that while Lincoln’s Civil War at least helped forge a stronger Union; a weaker, divided America is the inevitable result of Obama’s Uncivil War.

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Burt Prelutsky, a very nice person once you get to know him, has been a humor columnist for the L.A. Times and a movie critic for Los Angeles magazine. As a freelancer, he has written for the New York Times, Washington Times, TV Guide, Modern Maturity, Emmy, Holiday, American Film, and Sports Illustrated. For television, he has written for Dragnet, McMillan & Wife, MASH, Mary Tyler Moore, Rhoda, Bob Newhart, Family Ties, Dr. Quinn and Diagnosis Murder. In addition, he has written a batch of terrific TV movies. View Burt’s IMDB profile. Talk about being well-rounded, he plays tennis and poker... and rarely cheats at either. He lives in the San Fernando Valley, where he takes his marching orders from a wife named Yvonne and a dog named Angel.
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  • cmacrider

    Burt:  While the cogency of your remarks about Black Republicans being brave in the face of constantly being ostracized has to acknowledged, I came to a different conclusion.  I appreciated the comments of Artur Davis, Doctor Rice, and Mayor Love not because they were Black, but because they gave intelligent compelling speeches.  It is apparent that the Republicans get the “A” students and at least when I went to school there were far less “A” students than there were “C” “D” & F students.  The Dems seem to get the “D’s & “F’s” so naturally they have more African Americans in their crowds.

    • Mariop

      C’mon… the Republicans get the “A” students and the Dems get the D’s and F’s?

      You are obviously following only one half of the nation, because the intelligence is in obvious abundance on the Left and is lacking on the Right. I can name several not so bright Democrats, but the bright ones out number the duds. Can you list a handful of intelligent Reps? Condoleeza? Really? She can’t generate an original thought if her life depended on her. Sure, she’s one of the brighter Reps, but she would end up in the middle would she join the other side. Hey, studies have shown that the IQ of the average conservative is ten points lower than that of the average liberal, so of course the Right has a tough time choosing intelligent leaders from such a handicapped pool.

      • GlenFS

        You are delusional and upside down at the same time.  Condi would be a standout in any group and “studies” can be constructed to maintain folks such as you in your current state. 

        I will not call leftists unintelligent, just judge them by their stupid statements and actions.  No study necessary there.

        • Mariop

          Of course you reject studies, just like you reject the economic data that shows Democratic presidents have better economic records than their counterparts. You deny the facts, calling them twisted, yet you can’t list the facts and data you live by. Please present me your data that shows how beneficial the last few Republican presidents have been for our economy, in employment rate, inflation, stock market, GDP, etc. I would love to see your data. 

          So, since studies can be twisted for one’s liking, please direct me to a study that concludes conservatives have the higher IQ. The only studies I found on this topic were in my favor. 

          • GlenFS

            The last few Republican presidents have been “progressive” and spent like a Democrat and had the help of big spending Democrat congresses, so data vary.  But no president has done more harm to our future than Obama, and that you plan to support this says all that needs to be said about intelligence on the left.

          • Mariop

            GlenFS, you’re coming across like the typical uninformed and stubborn conservative who posts unsupported misinformation and lies.

            First, the last three Republican presidents were responsible for approximately 70% of the nation’s ENTIRE national debt (prior to Obama and when adjusted for inflation). So how were those “progressive” Republican presidents spending like a Democrat? You lie! At worst, all the other Democratic presidents add up to 30% of the debt, which is nothing when you consider the nearly two hundred years of Democratic presidents, two world wars, and the Great Depression. You only wish the three GOP dunces would spend like the Democratic presidents. Those three averaged $450B deficits (adjusted for inflation) annually, which is double what FDR averaged while repairing the economy and fighting a world war. Sadly, the three spenders have noting to show for their lavish expenses.

            Second, if you look at the history of the Democratic presidents’ spending patterns, Obama would have followed their budgets and not spend like a Republican. But instead Bush2 left him the second worst economic disaster to deal with. Don’t forget that Bush2 prepared the 2009 budget, which was signed into law by W months before Obama took office. So don’t be fooled by the Right propaganda which states Obama is responsible for the 2009 spending. Oh! And Bush2 had a Republican Congress for 75% of his two terms, so again, you LIE! 

            Thirdly, the data doesn’t vary, like you lied about again. There is a very consistent pattern in the economic data. The pattern is that the Republican presidents lose jobs, cause recessions, increase the rate of inflation, slow down America’s production, spend like there is no tomorrow, etc, etc… Do your research and you’ll notice that the economic data is very clear and draws a strong line between the two parties’ presidents. But because you are on the losing end, you try to place blame on both sides and make other excuses for the GOP’s incompetence. 
            You posted lies without ANY facts or data, for the second time. I always come across characters like you on these shady sites. You guys are shameless, irresponsible, and lack any accountability for whom you vote into office. It was the Republican voter who voted in the most frivolous spenders and who caused 9 of the last ten recessions, so don’t blame the liberals for all the problems YOU have caused. You clowns are holding the nation back by believing in simplistic theories that never work in real life. What a joke!

  • Artlouis

    My heart is with you when you say that the GOP must throw out the whole Obama mess of potatoes. My head tells me that this could establish a bad precedent. Elections go in narrow cycles. It is pretty rare nowadays (1988 was the only time since FDR/Truman) for one party to win more than two presidential elections in a row. If everybody throws out what went immediately before, then nothing will stick, and Congress may as well not bother. Of course, no legislation at all may not be such a bad thing! 

    • BurtPrelutsky

      Republican legislation does get tossed out.  Right now, Obama is threatening to toss out Bush’s tax cuts.  Forget about setting precedent.  If a Republican Congress actually behaves like it should, maybe they wouldn’t be voted out of office so quickly.  Maybe if they stopped trying to convince people like Ted Kennedy and Russ Feingold that they’re not such bad guys and started voting like conservatives, holding on to power wouldn’t be such a slippery business.  Heck, if between 2000 and 2006, Bush and the GOP had merely made inevitable improvements in health care, Obama wouldn’t have been able to force ObamaCare down our throats.


      • MarioP


        “inevitable improvements in health care” Huh? Did you just write that?

        Either you’re coming to your senses about the US health care system  not being as great as the GOP wants everyone to believe,  or your ailing health is causing you concerns and is bringing the shortcomings of your health provider to the surface. So, which is it, the theory or the practice?

  • brendan horn

    Burt, I also think the Republicans did a good job with their convention and I also generally dislike political speeches even when I agree with the speaker. I think it was a good sign when the best rebuttal by a Democrat was that Romney had not “even” mentioned Afghanistan. They should have been relieved that Romney had not mentioned Afghanistan where American soldiers are getting murdered by the very Afghans that they are training. What has been achieved by Obama in Afghanistan? Perhaps he can say that he has halved the number of troops after he had originally doubled the number of troops. In other words, there is no achievement at all in Afghanistan. I think that Obama had given Romney so much material to critique that it would have been impossible to include everything negative that Obama has done, even his significant failure in Afghanistan – which Obama had campaigned on as the “real” war on terror. 

    • BurtPrelutsky

       Brendan: I agree.  I realize that Romney didn’t list every single Obama disaster, but I’m not sure even I have and I’ve been addressing them for four years.  What’s more, Romney had less than an hour and, unlike me, had to pause for applause.


  • GlenFS

    One more step may be necessary after the “Smokey the Bear” treatment to extinguish leftist policy: it must be marked a toxic dump.  Sorry to mix the metaphor, but dead out isn’t enough!

  • Milt

    Tsk, tsk, Burt,

    You called Smokey Bear “Smokey THE Bear. He never had the middle name THE. It’s a common mistake that people make, but it drives me crazy.

    It’s almost as bad as when conservatives started using Barack’s middle name during the ’08 campaign. That was considered racist, until Barack started using it himself.

    The fact that you would use a clearly derogatory term like THE, just proves you’re a speciest! What you’re clearly implying is that all bears look alike to you. I’ll bet you’re such a speciest that if you were walking in a forest at night and heard footsteps behind you, you would be relieved to discover it was just a human, and not a bear.

    Oh! The Ursidanity…

    • BurtPrelutsky

       Milt: The fact is, the “the” belongs there.  Because he was given to wearing clothes, Smokey sometimes needed to be reminded that he was, in fact a bear and therefore had to use the bathroom provided by Mother Nature.  After all, nobody ever wondered whether a bear does his business in the men’s room at the Holiday Inn.


  • Bruce a.

    Burt, Ed Schultz & Chris Matthews have not progressed far enough to have their remarks compared to nursery school students.

    • BurtPrelutsky

       Bruce:  I disagree.  Don’t you recall seeing those nursery school children a few years back chanting “Mmmm mmmm Obama”?  If you had looked closely, you would have spotted Matthews and Schultz.


      • Bruce A.

        I remember,   The kids outclassed Chris Matthews simply because they were toilet trained.

  • Jrawl

    Burt, good column as always.  I, too, am usually bored by political speeches and was pleasantly surprised at how good the Republicans’ speeches were, on the whole.  Why these kinds of people are demonized by the Left is beyond me.  I think they all made perfectly good sense!

    • BurtPrelutsky

       Jrawl: I do believe you answered your own question.  Those on the Left were all in the boiler room shooting craps when good sense was passed out.


  • Wheels55

    I think Obama, Biden, Debbie Whatshername Shultz, Pelosi, etc. will go down in history as creating the most division among Americans as any group of party leaders in modern history. And Obama received the Peace Prize, for what?

    • BurtPrelutsky

      Wheel: Obama won the Peace Prize for the same reasons that Yasser Arafat, Al Gore and Jimmy Carter won…because the Prize givers are corrupt and they appreciate corruption in others.