President Cool Meets Reality

I put the words Obama is cool in Google and got 301,000,000 hits. I also Googled Jesus son of God and got a measly 33,000,000. This doesn’t surprise me since my liberal friends have told me countless times that Mr. Obama is the real messiah.

Speaking of cool, the other night – trying to shore up the youth vote — President Obama was slow-jamming the news on Jimmy Fallon’s late night TV show.  Cool people know what slow-jamming means, squares don’t.  Anyway, Fallon, who is pretty cool himself, called Mr. Obama … ready for this? … “The ‘Preezy of the United Steezy.” How cool is that? He also said Mr. Obama was the “Barack Ness monster.” Get it?  Not the Loch Ness Monster.  The Barack … Ness … Monster.  This guy is so cool I’m freezing.

The late night show was only the most recent indication of how cool our president is.  Remember when he danced with Ellen?  That was pretty cool. How about when he sang an Al Green love song at the Apollo in New York with Al Green in the audience?  Jimmy Carter never did that, right?  I mean, Jimmy Carter doesn’t even know who Al Green is, right?

Which brings us to Mitt Romney, who may be a lot of things but cool is not one of them.  We all know that, but what we’re not so sure about, at least at this juncture, is whether Romney’s lack of cool will hurt him or actually help him.

If these were good times — if unemployment was 4 or 5 percent not over 8, if 63 percent of Americans thought we were on the right track which is the percentage who think we’re on the wrong track — cool would probably clinch the deal for the president.  Hey, we have to live with this guy on TV for four years – and a lot of Americans would rather spend it with a cool guy instead of someone who reminds us of Richard Nixon.  More about President Not Cool in a moment.

But these aren’t good times.  Which is why American Crossroads, Karl Rove’s Super PAC, is running a Web ad using the president’s coolness against him.  The ad shows President Obama wearing cool sunglasses, singing Al Green, dancing with Ellen, calling Kanye West a “jackass” and slow jamming the news with Jimmy.  Then, when the music dies down and the glitter goes away, the ad takes a hard turn from the cool president to the cold facts.

“Four years ago America elected the biggest celebrity in the world,” the copy on the screen says.  “And America got one cool president.”  The ad goes on to tell Obama’s young fans that three years after the president took office, more than half of recent college graduates don’t have jobs or are unemployed and that many of them are moving back in with their parents.  “After 4 years of a celebrity president is your life any better?” is the question at the end of the ad.

And that’s just aimed at kids.  You think some grownup guy who can’t find a job and has a family to feed is going to care a lot about cool?  You think his wife, who’s worried about the bills that have been piling up and how they’re going to pay for their kids’ college  is going to be seduced this time around by cool?

It’s true that Mitt Romney just might be “the least hip presidential candidate since Nixon set foot on a beach,” as Aaron Goldstein wrote in The American Spectator. But “We’re voting for the next American president,” he says, “not the next American idol.”  So he can’t carry a tune in a dump truck.  “Four years of boredom is exactly what this country needs.”

Here’s something else to think about:  What if the voters this time around think that what’s really cool is … competence.  That could spell trouble for our cool president. Because you know what’s really not cool?  Incompetence.

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  • terry


  • Paul Courtney

    Listening to Dan Rather sell his book on npr.  I’m reminded of Nixon in later yrs, desperate to restore his (undeserved) reputation and failing to grasp that he destroyed himself.  He blames “the Bushes” like Nixon blamed his “enemies”.  Fascinating on a psychological level, pathetic on a personal level.

  • C. Rich

    No hope on either side Bern:

  • Jeff Metz

    No question the President is ‘cool.’  My liberal friends call him Barackstar.  That he is.  But after 4 years of a disaster in slow motion politically, economically, and freedom wise, he no longer needs to be President of anything.

    Jeff Metz

  • Worldbuilder

    Wil, First of all, I’m not sure where you get the number 7.5mllion jobs between Dec 2007 and Jan 2009. The numbers for those months are:
















    Second, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) was introduced on Jan 26, 2009 by David Obey (D-WI). It passed the house Jan 28, passed the senate on Feb 10, and was signed by President Obama on Feb 16, 2009. However, the next month of positive job growth was March 2010. In the year after it passed, 3.6M additional jobs were lost.

    Third, Congress controls the federal budget, so I think we can blame them.

     Fourth, I don’t understand where you’re coming from with the vetoes, but here is the list of vetoes by President Bush I was able to find:

    1. July 19, 2006: Vetoed H.R. 810,  – Stem Cell Research2. May 1, 2007: Vetoed H.R. 1591, contained timetable for Iraqi
    withdrawal3. June 20, 2007: Vetoed S. 5,
    – Stem Cell research4. October 3, 2007: Vetoed H.R. 976, Largest expansion of Medicaid
    since the 60s5. November 2, 2007: Vetoed H.R. 1495, Water resource management.6. November 13, 2007: Vetoed H.R. 3043, Health & Humans Services
    bill7. December 12, 2007: Vetoed H.R. 3963, Second attempt of HR976 (#4)8. December 28, 2007: Pocket Vetoed H.R. 1585, Defense appropriations9. March 8, 2008: Vetoed H.R. 2082, Intelligence Agency
    Appropriations10. May 21, 2008: Vetoed H.R. 2419, Farm subsidies & increased
    welfare benefits11. 18 June 2008: Vetoed H.R. 6124, Second attempt of HR241912. July 15, 2008: Vetoed H.R. 6331, Extended Medicaid provisions

    I wasn’t able to find anything about a 13th. Maybe you can help me there.  As far at the reason for the vetoes, 2 were related to stem cell, one contained an Iraqi withdrawal timetable and the rest involved expanding federal bureaucracy.

    • Worldbuilder

      Sorry, the tabs on the lists were apparently off

       Dec-07: (619)
      Jan-08: 13
      Feb-08: (83)
      Mar-08: (72)
      Apr-08: (185)
      May-08: (233)
      Jun-08: (178)
      Jul-08: (231)
      Aug-08: (267)
      Sep-08: (434)
      Oct-08: (509)
      Nov-08: (802)
      Dec-08: (619)
      Jan-09: (820)

      TOTAL: (5,039)

      1. July 19, 2006: Vetoed H.R. 810,  – Stem Cell Research
      2. May 1, 2007: Vetoed H.R. 1591, contained timetable for Iraqi
      3. June 20, 2007: Vetoed S. 5,
      – Stem Cell research
      4. October 3, 2007: Vetoed H.R. 976, Largest expansion of Medicaid

      since the 60s
      5. November 2, 2007: Vetoed H.R. 1495, Water resource
      6. November 13, 2007: Vetoed H.R. 3043, Health & Humans
      7. December 12, 2007: Vetoed H.R. 3963, Second
      attempt of HR976 (#4)
      8. December 28, 2007: Pocket Vetoed H.R. 1585,
      Defense appropriations
      9. March 8, 2008: Vetoed H.R. 2082, Intelligence
      10. May 21, 2008: Vetoed H.R. 2419, Farm subsidies & increased

      welfare benefits
      11. 18 June 2008: Vetoed H.R. 6124, Second attempt
      of HR2419
      12. July 15, 2008: Vetoed H.R. 6331, Extended Medicaid

  • Wil

    WB, Whose fault was it for the 7 1/2 million jobs lost between December of 2007 and Jan. 20th, 2009? Actually the loss of half to three quarters of a million jobs per month continued until the Recovery act was passed. Those are indisputab­le facts so explain? Bush vetoed everything having to do with the economy passed by the Democratic Congress at the time. He had a total of 13 vetoes during his 8 years and 12 of them came between 2007 and 2008. So don’t even try to blame the Congress at that time.

  • Jamal Wilkerson

    Most of the truly cool Americans can clearly see that Obama is a nerd.  

  • Worldbuilder

    Wil says conservatives lie, and yet his comment about the number of just lost and gained before and after Obama took office is misleading and dishonest by omission. The following stats are from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

    Yes, the first full month after President Obama took office (Feb 09) the country lost 724,000 jobs. But, as the Constitutions says, Congress holds the purse strings. Observe:
    2001 –> Bush/R-House/D-Senate = 2010k jobs LOST
    2002–> Bush/R-House/D-Senate = 242k jobs LOST
    2003–> Bush/R-House/R-Senate = 304k jobs GAINED
    2004–> Bush/R-House/R-Senate = 2169k jobs GAINED
    2005–> Bush/R-House/R-Senate = 2922k jobs GAINED
    2006 –>Bush/R-House/R-Senate = 2203k jobs GAINED
    2007–>Bush/D-House/D-Senate = 915k jobs GAINED
    2008–>Bush/D-House/D-Senate = 5253k jobs LOST
    2009–>Obama/D-House/D-Senate = 4321k jobs LOST
    2010–>Obama/D-House/D-Senate = 1115k jobs GAINED
    2011–> Obama/R-House/D-Senate = 1847k jobs GAINED

    For this year, Jan = 275, Feb = 240, Mar = 120

    So, When Bush took office, the job market was contracting and the country lost 2.01M jobs the first year. I dont’ remember him constantly bashing Clinton about that.  Notice the Senate. Hey, 9/11 scared the pants off a lot of folks too. By 2003, we get a new GOP Hosue and Senate and what do you know, 5 straight years  of job growth. In 2007, the Dem take the House and Senate and we immediately see a slow down. The in the next two years we lose 9.57M jobs. Yes, almost ten million jobs in 2 years.  Finally in 2010 we get some growth. How many census employees were hired that year? People vote again at the end of 2011 and the GOP sweeps the house. By the end of 2011 we see 1.85M new jobs, in spite of the CONSTANT claims the GOP are obstructionist. I guess obstructionism means actually doing your job and passing a budget. How many years did Reid go without doing that?

    Go ahead, Will, tell me how President Obama and the recent crop of democrats are better at running the economy than GOP.

    • Worldbuilder

       Sorry everyone, I added a column twice in my spreadsheet. The actual numbers are slightly different.

      2001 –> Bush/R-House/D-Senate = 1878k jobs

      2002–> Bush/R-House/D-Senate = 325k jobs LOST

      2003–> Bush/R-House/R-Senate = 154k jobs GAINED

      2004–> Bush/R-House/R-Senate = 2033k jobs GAINED

      2005–> Bush/R-House/R-Senate = 2641k jobs GAINED

      2006 –>Bush/R-House/R-Senate = 2000k jobs GAINED

      2007–>Bush/D-House/D-Senate = 902k jobs GAINED

      2008–>Bush/D-House/D-Senate = 4433k jobs LOST

      2009–>Obama/D-House/D-Senate = 4282k jobs LOST

      2010–>Obama/D-House/D-Senate = 1047k jobs GAINED

      2011–> Obama/R-House/D-Senate = 1847k jobs GAINED

  • Wil

    Remember when
    Obama took office in January of 2009 America was losing 750,000 jobs a month.
    Now we’re adding 250,000 jobs a month. 

    Although we have a long way to go, it seems to me that we are heading in
    the right direction and I don’t see why we should consider going back to the
    party of Bush and have them ruin the economy. 
    we  better off than we were  Jan. 20 2009… hell yes!

    • 1LonesomeDove1

      “Now we’re adding 250,000 jobs a month.”



      You can tell this lie all you want, but people know when they’re unemployed and hopefully they will vote accordingly.

      What I see is Unemployment Services fearing that they’re gonna run out of funds, and that’s why there have been so many extensions.

      • Wil

        Yep, That is what your Bush left Obama to clean up. It’s going to take some time. Bush almost ruined our country. BTW, damn you people for voting for Bush…two times!

        • StanW

          Wil, LD was asking you to provide PROOF of what you said.

          Do It NOW!

          • Wil

            Stan, You and Dovey are just not aware. Rush and his friends are lying to you people.

          • StanW

            Rush WHO?

        • 1LonesomeDove1

          We had jobs when Bush was in office. We didn’t lose them until after your O’Savior took office, and nearly 4 years later we still haven’t seen an end to unemployment.

          As far as my voting for Bush….I refuse to vote for a liberal who believes it OK to murder babies, and who kisses criminal but cheeks while wanting to disarm people who obey the law.

        • MerchantofVenom

          So in other words Wil, when the Messiah said if he can’t get the job done in 3 years he would be a one term president. So you agree he is a liar?

          • Wil

            I’ll ignore your slur about our president and just say thing are a lot better now, then it was 3+ years ago.

          • 1LonesomeDove1

            For you, but then…….you’re an Obama lap dog.

    • MerchantofVenom

      Wil you always wrote some pretty good stuff. I mean, more often then not you were wrong, but hell, it sounded good. I think you’re losing it. You are far more capable of coming up with something better then this, and I mean that in a good way.

      • Wil

        Thanks MV, I appreciate that. Stan & Dovey , my two stalkers who got me banned at Human Events, is the reason for my smarmy remarks.

        • 1LonesomeDove1

          You were never banned at Human Events. You never did anything to be banned for, that I know of.

          You’re a liar, willie.
          I already told you that everyone was having trouble with the site that day. I had one friend there who didn’t get two of his posts posted, and another who couldn’t post anything for a week.

          I saw the post you made about Reagan, and it’s still there. Wanna see it?

          • 1LonesomeDove1

            Now, the question is….are you man enough to apologise for the lie that you just told on me and Stan?

            I doubt it.

          • Wil

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          • 1LonesomeDove1

            I see what you “typed”. Now give me a link to that statement just like I gave you a link to the comment you say got you banned.

            When you get banned, willie…..they remove the offending post.
            How on the face of God’s green earth could you be dumb enough to believe that they would remove you but leave your post on the page?

          • Wil

            Have you noticed any post on HE from me? 

          • 1LonesomeDove1

            So what? That only means you’re not posting there.

            Do you seriously think this is some form of evidence? I’s no wonder you’re a liberal. No wonder at all!


        • MerchantofVenom

          Wil, I’m not trying to be a smart a–. But do you live alone?

          • Wil

            Yes, you are and the answer is no. How about you?

          • MerchantofVenom

            I gave you a like Wil. I’ve been happily married for 25 years. Before that I was married for 18 years but got a divorce.

        • StanW

          Wil, you need to get back on your medication.

          I had nothing to do with you getting banned at HE, if you are even banned. Most likely, you are lying in order to get sympathy from the simpletons you hang with.

          I like idiotic Liberals like you posting and answering my question. Letting you explain your positions makes my job easy. Most of the time, you discredit yourself!

          • 1LonesomeDove1

            If he was banned, then it was because he was flagged on the first night of Ann’s column and after spitting some sort of filth at another poster.

          • Bruce A.

            It’s Bushs fault Wil was banned.

          • 1LonesomeDove1

            I’m surprised I haven’t heard that from Wil yet, but he’s thinking it… and I both know he’s thinking it.

          • Bruce A.

            Of course.  Liberals can’t blame themselves for their own mistakes. 

          • 1LonesomeDove1

            And they always think they’re something new and impressive.

          • Wil

            The truth is an ANATHEMA to right wingers!

          • 1LonesomeDove1

            It isn’t when you “have” the truth. You don’t.

            In fact, YOU deny the truth even when I give you a link to it.


          • Wil

            When have you ever linked anything to me? Never! Question: Do you and Stan live together?

          • 1LonesomeDove1

            I just linked your comment to you that you said you were banned for. Why are you lying?

          • 1LonesomeDove1

            So, are you claiming that I never sent you a link to the very comment you said got you banned?

            I’ll send it again if you want. Just say the word.

          • 1LonesomeDove1

            Hello? willie? You there?

  • CentralScruntinizer

    Yes, you’re all so right – It’s Obama’s cool that sent the economy into the biggest plunge in 80 years.   The core complaint here seems to be that a tepid centrist democrat (look at the actions over the rhetoric, and see that the only aggressive action has been on behalf of corporations and especially Wall Street then tell me again how socialist you think he is…) has been entirely too slow in cleaning up the near financial and foreign policy apocalypse wrought by GOP policies.    And your solution to this dilemma?  More GOP policies and more GOP policy makers.   Ugh… 


    Obama’s mantra in 2008 was “Hope and Change”.  Just this morning I heard that his new one for this election is “Forward”.  I cringe at the thought of what that means.

  • MerchantofVenom

    Obama suffers from an acute case of Megalomania, which means he fits in perfectly with the Hollywood crowd. His “coolness”  was exemplified recently at the White House Correspondents Dinner. I thought they were supposed to be POTUS and FLOTUS. They came across more like Elizabeth and Richard. I’m surprised Kimmel didn’t give him an Oscar for… Best Actor in a Leading Role… He could put it on the mantel next to his richly deserved Nobel Peace Prize.Mr. Goldberg you said Jesus did not get as many hits as Obama on Google. Maybe it’s because he could only turn water into wine. Obama can turn algae into gasoline.

  • FloridaJim

    Obama has been told he was cool all his life perhaps that takes the place of actual achievement.

  • Dave Koffer

    This current administration is truly vile, radical, extreme left-wing, anti-American, anti-semitic, anti-religion,  pathetic…..and wrong….ON EVERYTHING!!

    • Brian_Bayless

      I love hearing about all this talk of Obama supposedly being a “radical, left wing, anti-american.” What has he done that has been classified as that? Extend the Bush tax cuts?

  • Hoosierdaddy500

    I agree with everything you wrote except the part about Romney reminding us of Nixon.  WHAT?  Where did that come from?  I’m a Republican, but relating Romney to Nixon is a HUGE insult to to Romney, in my opinion.  Mr. Enemy’s List and “I am not a crook” is NOTHING like Romney.  Having a senior moment there, Mr. Goldberg?

    • Jamal Wilkerson

      Bernie was alluding to the fact that young people thought of Nixon as “not cool” (in the various ways that Obama, to young people, seems cool or hip).  To say Romney could remind some of us of Nixon is not to insinuate that Romney is like Nixon in every possible way.   Perhaps you’re either too young or too old to understand that.

  • Homer

    a. “The Barack Ness Monster” – Was Fallon comparing Obama to a lake (loch means lake)?
    b. Isn;t Obama’s desire to look cool actually a sign of desperation?

  • Rkk451

    I was thinking on the way home from work about just how many
    scandals there were in the eight years of the Bush Presidency and I couldn’t
    really think of one.  But think about the
    problems Mr. Obama has had in less than four years:  Solindra (and other’s business ventures I can’t
    remember that fell flat and cost us money), Gun Running, GSA, people walking
    through the secret service to attend White House parties, and EPA
    administrators who make the mistake of telling the truth about what they intend
    to do.  At home my wife reminded me of
    Van Johnson and Anta Dunn.  Not to
    mention defying a court order and suspending exploration in the gulf.  So that’s eight different things with varying
    degrees of intensity and all in three and a half years or so.  Oh, and don’t forget the run amok justice
    department that doesn’t press charges when they should (black panthers
    intimidation at polling places) and presses a case when they shouldn’t (every ‘s
    effort to protect their citizens). So now we are up to more than ten things
    that are at best questionable.  To make a
    long point short – I LIKE BORING!  Boring
    is good!  Boring is safe!  Boring keeps us safe!  LONG LIVE BORING PRESIDENTS!  Men of Obama’s and even Clinton’s ilk are
    just way too exiting, way to loosy-goosy to be good presidents.


  • robin in fl are SOOOOOO COOL   :)     and don’t you ever forget it!

  • Dave

    Bernie, This president is soooo cool – that
    he’s COLD.

    • Homer

       Actually, he made all of us cold

  • soundnfury

    Competence is far more cool in my book than incompetence.

  • Lisadesign314

    Brilliant…you write so well.  I’m 34 years old, I have a college degree that has seen little use so far.  I’m stuck working in a grocery store right now with other college graduates being paid $10 less an hour than they deserve.  I’m looking for intelligence and someone with a proven record of success.  Between Romney and Obama I think the choice is obvious.

  • Bruskie

    Yes Bernie, you and the American people are correct.  He is a very cool president.  Who would you rather sit down to have a beer with?  Obama over Romney all the way to the club.  A few years ago, Geoge Bush supposedly won with that logic, this time around is a different situation.  I hope our country sees through the celebrity and coolness and makes the right choice.  Even I find it hard to think I will vote for a dud like Romney, but I will.  He is looking better every day.

  • genann59

    BTW, Mr. Goldberg, off the topic, but scope out the stuff going on in Chicago and let us know what you think about all the military stuff going on up there, please. Like your input on that as well.

  • genann59

    Man, those are cool remarks. Like, I agree with everything you said, man.
    Really, you hit it on the head. He acts so cool, and thinks he is, because he really doesn’t care if the entire nation is sinking into a quagmire. He and his Missus are having one hell of a good time at the country’s expense.  Nice vacations, state dinners, golf at all the nicest clubs with all the famous people, who could have all that if he were not cool.
    And basically he does all that because partying is apparently the only thing he does well other than pull the wool over the eyes of the countless clueless folks who still want him to have a second term. Maybe they feel for him, cause they live off the taxpayers as well.

  • Ron Kean

    Romney’s kids are cool.  Cleaning up the Olympics is cool.  Being governor of MA is cool.  Fighting back against dog-on-the-roof and never-worked-wife is cool.  It’s cool to get beat up in primaries and win.

    Al Green’s best song was ‘Let’s Stay Together’.  It was ironic to imitate Green when the president continues to do all he can to rip Americans apart.  Besides, it’s embarrassing  when an uncool person tries to act cool.  We’re seeing it.

  • Drew Page

    Maybe today’s college kids are thinking about how ‘cool’ it’s going to be scouring the want ads for a bartender’s job, instead of walking into that $50,000 to 4100,000 executive position with a corner office.   How ‘cool’ will it be living back at home with mom and dad, instead of that ‘cool’ bachelor pad they had in mind, especially when wanting to take a date back to ‘my place’.   And how ‘cool’ is it going to be driving something that “Cash for Clunkers” wouldn’t accept, instead of that ‘boss ride’  that was planned for.   And then there’s that $100,000 debt to think about.  Gotta admit, pretty ‘cool’.

  • Mary

    I believe this is below the office of the Presidency, If Obama or any other President
    was to go on after the Presidency that’s different. The late night show are for comedy,
    there is nothing funny about the Obama administration!!!!

  • Pasekfred

    I weep at what has become of the dignity of the office. Between Clinton borking Monica in the closet with a cigar and Obama’s slow jam, it ranks right up there with porn film makers and rappers shaking their bling-bling.

    • Dave O’Connor

      You cite the very reasons that the other world holds us in contempt.
      When, a significant personality acts out, that’s one thing.
      But, when the people governed accept it, tolerate it, that’s another.
      That’s when those outside our borders see us as fair game.

  • Dave O’Connor

    Bernie!  You raise the ultimate conundrum. “What if the voters this time around, think that what’s really cool is … competence.”
    I’m not sure the voters will be able to recognized “competence”.

    • KLBMAC

       Certainly WE were right here SCREAMING OUR FRIGGIN HEADS OFF!
      Please! Don’t even try to put Barack on the same page as Romney..
      What a JOKE!


    The Cool President is just grasping for his last breath and hoping there REALLY is a nessy that will bring him back to life!! Fat Chance O.
    Wanna talk about “C” words… Let’s C… Romney is Capable, Credible, Classy, Clear-Headed, Compelling, Concise, Confident, and the best one…a CAPITALIST!…unlike BARACK the SOCIALIST OBAMA!

  • Bruce A.

    I’ll take boring & capable any day over cool.

  • Stmichrick

    Unfortunately this coolness factor drives votes. How many folks do you encounter who only read headlines or get their news entirely from lamestream, blow-dried ‘here are the top stories’ broadcasts? And Obama gained at least 2 percentage points when he boogied onto the stage with Ellen.

    I tell you, if he’s in trouble in October his trump card with this demographic may be either forgiving college loans or he and Michelle making  special appearances on Dancing With The  Stars.

    Here’s a project for a political consultant; what kind of a commercial makes them question his coolness? I think the Rove commercial is too direct. Those downsides enumerated at the end are too stark and over the heads of these people. They need to stick with cultural stuff, like clips of him stammering when the teleprompter malfunctions or video of him biking with his daughters in helmet and shorts looking like PeeWee Herman. It worked against Dukakis!

    Probably the best assurance against him on Election Day is to stage an all day televised pop concert event that goes on until the polls close.  

  • Rbblum

    WHEN our republic really begins to deal with the fiscal and monetary issues at hand, how ‘cool’ will Obama then be? Will he or his Saul Alinsky ideals have any relevance in solving the issues?

  • waterlylies84

    Obummer’s “cool” reminds me too much of the kids who made fun of me in high school. I was a theatre geek, a Christian, a “hippie” of sorts (not Bill Ayers type), and decidedly my own person. The “cool” kids openly mocked me, put stuff in my locker (nasty, gross stuff), pushed me, etc. In other words I was bullied by the cool kids. If nothing else, Obama puts me off because he reminds me of the cool kid bullies. I don’t want that in a president.

  • YondCassius

    ” my liberal friends have told me countless times that Mr. Obama is the real messiah.”

    Bernie, you were once a decent journalist; but can’t you write a column anynore without resorting to partisan hyperbole (tee hee hee) which is neither cool nor competent?

    • CentralScruntinizer

       Bernie realized 20 years ago that his retirement would be well funded by grinding the old “liberal media” axe for as long as he could.   The media has a well defined bias toward sensationalism (which equals ratings, hence profit) and toward corporatism.   But slinging that to the rubes isn’t lucrative, so Bernie gets to vent his spleen and pad his bank account being the old man yelling at clouds and fluffing Bill O’Reilly.     When he decides to take 10 minutes off from being a cynical hack, he’s actually OK on Bryant Gumbal’s HBO show.

  • Wallace Flint

     hi Bernie,
       Like you say, cool doesn’t necessarly make a good president. He should push harder for a better business climate and with it, lower unemployment
     There are people hurting out there! One way of doing it is lower taxes enough to help business grow. Instead of trying to turn our country into some kind of a socialist form as in Europe (Which doesn’t work)! There’s a lot to done out there, instead of dancing the floor with some gal. Let’s get with it Obama!

                                In God We Trust!
                                 Wally Flint- Boonville, NY        

  • Oldies1965


  • Fred Christoffer

    Ironic legacies: Reagan was a true President who thought he was an entertainer and Obama was a true entertainer who thought he was a president.

  • Bob

    Well said Bernie.  The coolness is  definitely wearing thin.  It will be interesting to see if he keeps pushing this public persona when the campaign gets in full swing and the attack ads are airing every 5 minutes.

  • Jim

    “Obama is cool” gets 105,000 results, not 281,000,000.

    • Bernie Goldberg

      Wrong.  It’s now up to 301 million. 

    • Vince Ricardo

      Actually, it’s neither. “Obama is cool” in Google search (not “I’m feelin’ lucky”) has 301,000,000 results as of 75 seconds ago.

    • Rick Johnson

      302 million and climbing!

      • Tony

        I just got 332 million, so he’s clearly getting cooler by the minute!

      • Drew Page

        Rick  —  You sound like your counting votes for the democrats in Chicago.

    • 3FingerPete

       “cat video” returns 1,600,000,000 hits.   This is worse than Bernie realizes.

  • Winston7ok

    It’s “Hip to be Square”.
    The Cool Cat’s have buried this Country.

    Calling Ward Cleaver…The Beav is in another mess……..HELP!

  • Nite Owl Mom

    Thanks for telling it like it is Bernie. Obama has worn out his welcome.

    • NANCYE

      Obama never got a welcome from me, but I know what you mean.

    • NANCYE

      Obama never got a welcome from me, but I know what you mean.