President Obama and ‘His Majesty’

Nancy Pelosi says I showed "disrespect" to President Obama. A weasel at the Washington Post claims I was "nasty." And even my sparring partner Geraldo Rivera accuses me of stripping the president of "his majesty." How did I do that? By accurately reminding Mr. Obama that he was once a community organizer in Chicago.

Many of the president's supporters apparently believe he is beyond criticism, that he can never be challenged or interrupted. But the "majesty" is inherent in the office, not the man. I wonder what Geraldo would say to Sam Donaldson, who constantly hammered President Reagan? Or Dan Rather, who made his name by confronting President Nixon? Were they stripping those presidents of their "majesty?"

All presidents get slammed, and pretty much anyone who achieves power in America will be a victim of character assassination. It goes with the territory. The higher you rise in this country, the more darts you'll have to pull out of your skin. Those darts sting a little more if you are thin-skinned as President Obama seems to be.

It is clear that he is not used to criticism. Unlike President Bush, who didn't really care what was said about him, Mr. Obama does pay attention to the bricks tossed his way. And his distaste for Fox News is obvious. He has brought up FNC numerous times, most recently during our White House interview when he disparaged my "TV station."

Truthfully, I can feel Barack Obama's pain, because it took me years to develop a psychological mechanism that allowed me to ignore the dishonest personal attacks. I used to react angrily to the character assassins. Now I mostly ignore them, although the clown at the Washington Post did raise my ire a bit. (By the way, "ire" does not derive from "Irish.")

Americans expect the powerful, the rich, and the famous to take the slings and arrows without whining. When you have millions of dollars and everybody knows your name, you cannot expect an outpouring of sympathy. But I have learned that most Americans are fair-minded and make up their own minds about people. They know the guttersnipes from the people of good will.

Finally, there are some who do treat the president shabbily. They go beyond criticism of his policies and demean his character. But on balance, he has gotten a much softer ride from the media than any other president in my lifetime, with the possible exception of John Kennedy. Brit Hume, who has covered politics for nearly 50 years, told Factor viewers this week that the traditional "adversarial relationship" between the president and the White House press corps no longer exists. So even though Mr. Obama is having trouble solving vexing problems, even though there are many unanswered questions about Benghazi and the IRS, and even though ObamaCare chaos mounts by the day, much of the media remains firmly in his corner.

Underneath it all, I believe Barack Obama truly feels that his critics are unfair. He is a man who had rarely experienced the wrath of negative public opinion before becoming president. Now that wrath is a daily occurrence, and the president is having trouble processing it.

The other day Barack Obama told me that, as president, "you know that you're going to be subject to criticism." That's been true of every president in U.S. history, whatever the "majesty" of the office. Just ask a few guys named Carter, Clinton, and Bush.

  • veeper

    obama is a drama queen spoiled lil girl……

    gets huffy any time anyone disagrees with him or doesn’t kiss his butt……

    I feel really sorry for his rug rats…..they are screwed up for life…..

  • potemkin_village_usa

    Hmmmmmmm! The only thing I can think of as disrespectful is that O’Reilly forgot to precede all of his questions with: “Your Majesty.”

  • tarmac 492

    I thought him blaming FOX news for things was really childish. Not a quality I want in a President. I didn’t vote for him, but I would hope that those who did found his whining about FNC hard to swallow, as well. As far as stripping him of “his majesty”? Good!!! Our President is not supposed to have any regal qualities. As Josh mentioned, POTUS work for us. The country is being weighed down by “career politicians” who work more for special interest groups and lobbyist than their constituents. This is an issue on both sides of the aisle.

  • Gratefulconservative

    You had him on the ropes the whole time, Bill. If one looked very close, one could tell he was really squirming under his skin. Looks like it’s getting harder and harder to spin, especially when confronted with horrible scandals that Obama keeps on denying. Doesn’t he realize, everyone knows the truth now. Even Clinton ceded when he knew the whole world was watching and the cat was out of the bag!

  • Josh

    I’m only 33, so I obviously wasn’t around when Kennedy and the whole Camelot thing was happening. But in my lifetime, Obama’s the only American leader I know of who is treated like a king.

    When folks drop that “majesty” line, it’s more than a slip. It’s a blatant look at how they view America’s President. Not the office, but the man.

    I’ve heard people say that others “aren’t his equal” and schmoes like Woody claiming that he should become dictator.

    I’m not smart enough to know what’s in the mind of someone who wants to be led around, but it’s obvious many do. And I think it does paint a clear picture as to how kings past held their rule so decisively until the crown was outright taken. There’s just something in the human psyche that evolved and gave us a sheep gene somewhere.

    It’s been a while since I sat through civics and social studies, but as far as I was aware, the President of the United States of America worked for us. The person holding that position wasn’t above the people, and certainly not beyond critiques. Obama doesn’t rule over us, and many of the same people who believe he does are outright hypocrites if they want to say it’s the office. It’s obvious it’s the man.

    Poor Geraldo. I never thought him the doe-eyed giggler like so many others who tremble at the feet of Almighty Obama. For flip’s sake — he’s a man, an employee of we the people. Want a god? Get religion.

    • veeper

      before anyone could be hired to obama’s campaign staff…..

      they had to swear secrecy and allegiance.

      They had to take a oath.

      They had to declare that obama was the most intelligent person they had ever seen.

      obama will not allow anyone around him that is not a worshiper…..

      just as any dictator or king…..

      This is from his campaign manager ……David Plouffe

  • Darren Perkins

    His responses were designed to make you seem petty to low information voters. Those who pay attention already know the emperor has no clothes(including more and more liberals).People are starting to wake up now that his policies are effecting them personally I believe. It was entertaining to watch the liar in chief to ply his trade. He is the greatest con man of all time.