President Obama Deserves a Chance

Recently, a visitor to Mr. Goldberg’s Facebook page articulated a strong desire for the Republicans to stop preventing President Obama from doing his job. He expressed annoyance with their refusal to accept a Democrat doing something good for the country, and he complained that “they won’t even give him a chance.”

It’s an argument that I’ve been hearing more and more lately, both from the news media and online bloggers. So, I thought about it for a bit, and I think they may just have a point.

You’ve really got to feel bad for President Obama, after all. The United States faces so many problems today, and none of them are his fault. If he could fix these problems, he would. But NO president in his situation could.

Just look at the economic crisis alone, which he inherited from George W. Bush. That idiot Bush screwed up things so badly that NO president could have possibly been expected to fix the mess overnight. And by “overnight”, I’m of course talking about Obama’s first term in office. Really, his second term too, as the president himself recently suggested. Think about it: Bush spent eight years destroying the country. It shouldn’t be a surprise that it would take AT LEAST that long to fix it… right?

And just look at the political environment Obama is forced to deal with today. The Republicans control one of the branches of congress, for God’s sake! How can Obama be expected to get ANYTHING done under those circumstances? Sure, his fellow Democrats still hold the U.S. Senate, but there’s no real power there. The power lies with those Tea Party extremists in the House who are dead set on preventing the president from fixing Bush’s mess. David Gregory had it right on ‘Meet the Press’ back in October when he said that the president “can’t do a whole lot about the economy right now”. Of course he can’t! If he could, we’d obviously be enjoying economic prosperity right now!

And don’t even get me started on Iraq. The president never supported that unpopular war started by George W. Bush in the first place (I’ll give Hillary and V.P. Joe a pass on their support of it. They were under a lot of pressure after all). So, how can we expect Obama to be responsible for what happens in Iraq now that we’ve pulled our remaining troops out of the country? Sure, there’s been a significant uptick in violence that began with our withdraw – violence that our military commanders predicted and warned the president about… but how can we possibly blame Obama for that? It was George W. Bush, after all, that negotiated the 2012 withdraw date with the Iraqis. How can ANY president be expected to renegotiate an extension, in accordance with his military’s recommendations, beyond a previous administration’s agreement? It just can’t be done! Reporter Richard Engel had it right on NBC’s ‘Today Show’ a couple of weeks ago when he explained that the president “did not have a choice but to leave.”

What’s REALLY bothersome is when people try to blame President Obama for adding roughly $5 trillion to the national debt in three years. What people need to realize is that he had no other choice! ANY president would have had to do it! If he hadn’t ratcheted up federal spending to unfathomable levels, we would have gone into an economic depression! What else could he have done? And how can Obama pay down the national debt when Republicans won’t let him raise taxes on millionaires? They’ve got his hands tied! With no workable plan to address the debt, CBS News’ Scott Pelley was right in November when he presented the question, “Did Congress kill the recovery?”.

If only President Obama was given a chance to save the country, he’d be able to show us the successes he’s really capable of. Instead, he’s been subjected to nothing but binding obstructionism. And if you’re even THINKING about pointing out that Obama’s party held majorities in both branches of the U.S. congress during his first two years in office, which should have allowed the president to do anything he wanted, have you already forgotten how busy he was dealing with the mess Bush left him? Not to mention that Obama was preoccupied with numerous painstaking challenges that most administrations are thankfully spared from: Combating Somali pirates, mediating sensitive racial conflicts over beer, accepting international peace prizes, and dealing with public relation fallouts from oil drilling accidents… just to name a few. He and the Democrats worked so tirelessly during those first two years that they didn’t even have time to read their own Affordable Care Act, for goodness sake!

All I’m asking from Obama’s critics is to just give the man a chance to succeed. It’s unreasonable to expect a president to inherit a poor economy and turn it in the right direction by the end of his first term. It’s unreasonable to expect a president to deal effectively with foreign policy challenges that existed before he took office. It’s unreasonable to expect a president to achieve success with divided government. If we just give President Obama a chance (aka, re-elect him), I have no doubt that he can rise from the depths of being only the forth greatest president of all time (an arguably modest self-assessment) to his rightful place as the greatest president there will ever be.

He just needs the opportunity. Is that so much to ask for?

Edit: For those of you who aren’t familiar with my columns: Yes, that was indeed tongue-in-cheek.


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John Daly couldn't have cared less about world events and politics until the horrific 9/11 terrorist attacks changed his perspective. Since then, he's been deeply engaged in the news of the day with a particular interest in how that news is presented. Realizing the importance of the media in a free, democratic society, John has long felt compelled to identify media injustices when he sees them. With a B.S. in Business Administration (Computer Information Systems), and a 16 year background in software and web development, John has found that his real passion is for writing. He is the author of the Sean Coleman Thriller series, which is available through all major retailers. John lives in Northern Colorado with his wife and two children. Like John on Facebook. Follow John on Twitter.
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  • Ong

    No more poirsners, no uniform on the battlefield, gun in hand, shoot them on the spot.Maybe when the terrorists target a specific private school in D.C. the Chairman will change his tune.Reply

  • Terry McCollough

    “fourth” greatest…..we certainly don’t want to deprive him of his hard earned timeless future adulation based on a typo……

  • Sunnyr

    What a joke! The incompetent faux-“leader” of the Marxist Movement has had over three years, with complete control of all three Branches of Congress for the first two years! He has done nothing but bury us in deeper debt and screwed up our country beyond recognition! Good riddance to the worst president in American history.

    You’re welcome, Jimmy Carter.



  • Ken Hansen

    I love the indignation the Left exhibits when they wail about Republicans wanting Obama to be a one term President – as if the Democrats in Washington were all pulling for GW Bush in 2004 when he ran for re-election… Why, I seem to recall working quite hard to try and oust him at the end of his first term. I also remember the look on their faces when GW Bush was re-elected. ;^)

    • DavidHarlem

      You forget Bush had two terms, and neither one was legal. The first one was given to him by the legal system and the other was accomplished by disenfranchising voters, swift boating and other underhanded tactics.

      The way I see it is that it’s the Repubs who can’t take the same crap they dish out to others. When it’s their turn they cry foul and then just cry.

      We “the liberal” were right to be concerned about Bush’s second term, look at the mess he left us in, now he’s fat, happy and dumber than ever on a perpetual tax-payer payroll with everlasting health care and constant security when he should have been impeached for the war in Iraq.

      • John Daly

        Oh boy. Aside from the illegal elections lunacy, do you recall Bush (or even his supporters) complaining that he wasn’t given the opportunity to lead as president?

        That’s the assertion of Obama and his supporters.

  • DOOM161

    If Obama didn’t support the Iraq war, he wouldn’t have voted repeatedly to fund it.

    • Ken Hansen

      He didn’t mean to – he couldn’t find the ‘Present’ button on the voting box…

      • Digvijay

        Bwah ha ha ha ha. The Memphis one was right on! (I think I wokerd with her when I lived there!)Reply by on September 7th, 2009 at Monday, September 7, 2009 @ 10:43 am@Blondefabulous, I wish it were more of an exaggeration!

    • Ken Hansen

      Resides, you can’t hold President Obama to the standard then-Senator Obama held Bush to… He railed against Deficit spending, Executive signing statements, and Git’mo – all things President Obama has continued in his first term.

      As was explained to us ‘little people’ he was just playing politics with his votes, now that he is President it’s time for politicians to stop playing politics with their votes!

      • Giovanni

        I smilpy couldn’t depart your site prior to suggesting that I extremely enjoyed the standard info an individual provide in your visitors? Is going to be again continuously to check out new posts

  • Nicholas N. Dappen

    Dear Mr. Goldberg:

    I have been troubled by the question of just exactly what would be a proper name for what some people mistakenly the “Mainstream Media”.

    I believe the best choice for a name for the traditional media channels would be the “Liberal Media. The name Liberal media describes just what they are and how they slant their reporting to their point of view.

    I believe it is a better idea to not get caught up in tricky names like “Lamestream Media” and make it simple by calling them just what they are which is a mouthpiece for the Liberal point of view.

    I hope this suggestion can be put to use by you and anyone else who might care to use it.

    All the best to you and those who are helpful in sinking the Liberal Media.


    Nicholas N. Dappen

    • Paul Courtney

      Nicholas: It’ll do when we talk to each other, but don’t look for the networks or npr to go along. Here’s my idea- “the progressive press”. Network and newspaper folk might like it, even adopt it, until they realize the acronym is a small pp. Even then, they may solve that with capitals (i.e., a large PP) because they still won’t get it.

  • cmacrider

    John: You forgot to point out Obama’s greatest accomplishment. He has diligently patrolled the 49th parallel and kept that rogue country Canada from invading and conquering the U.S.A. Check with P.M Harper and I’m sure he will confirm that all war plans have been cancelled because we can’t afford to fund your deficits.

    • John Daly

      Good point. Another reason why we should be grateful for Obama. 😉

  • cmacrider

    John: You forgot to mention B.O’s greatest accomplishment. He has maintained constant vigilance on the 49th. parallel and kept that rogue country Canada from invading and conquering the U.S. of A. Surely this in itself makes him the number 1 POTUS.

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  • Mike Jackson

    Talk about dreadful memories! I’m in my fifties now and well remember Mr. Carter. He’s a rank amateur compared to Obama.
    Something Carter didn’t have going for him that Obama does is a willing media happily working in lock-step with them.
    I shudder to think that Obama could be reelected. That is a much more fearful thought than a second Carter term.

  • Dale Purdy

    I say that Obama has had every opportunity in the book to right the ship, or turn the economy around. His policies and ideoligies have gotten in the way of any recovery happening in this presidental term, or any in his future. His transformation of the U.S. is a total failure.
    If myself, or anyone else was hired to fix or turn around a floudering business; would you think that you would still be employeed at this point in time? You can’t continue to blame your predecessors and be successful. You need to get the job done, or you don’t have the job.
    Individuals like Daly look for any possible excuse, other than the facts, that this president has been a total failure. As Daly lists his reasons for patience and support for the president, I could list many more reasons not to support this president. Obama has had his chance and has shown that he lacks the basic business sense and leadership necessary to lead a country out of a recession period.
    I have Hope that we can Change presidents this year. We need a patriot in the White House who wants America to prosperous and unified, not a failure and divided.

    • Glen Stambaugh

      Dale, I’m sure this article was fully tongue-in-cheek, without any sympathy for Obama’s plight!

      • Dale Purdy

        After I finished reading the article I looked for a sarc/, indicating that it was tongue-in-cheek. Not knowing the author, Daly, I wasn’t sure. In the political arena today there are many who are duped and spew this kind of rhetoric on a daily basis. I was just covering the bases, as if it was serious. I’ll have to read more by the author Daly, to understand his true position. Thanks for the insight.

        • John Daly

          It was indeed tongue-in-cheek. Perhaps I should have made that more obvious for new readers. I was trying to point out the absurdity of the increasingly accepted argument that the cause for America’s decline under the era of Obama comes from factors outside of his own control. The reality, of course, is that all presidents face challenges when they’re elected, including divided government, terrorism (in Bush’s case, the 9/11 plot), poor economies etc. Obama, however, is the first incumbent in my lifetime who has pointed to his own helplessness as the reason things aren’t better.

          • Jeffreydan

            “Obama, however, is the first incumbent in my lifetime who has pointed to his own helplessness as the reason things aren’t better.”

            John, that’s gotta be the best statement about BO I’ve seen in the last 3 years. Even better than “2008 was an important year in U.S. history, when a little girl was elected president for the first time.”

        • Fara

          I am so glad you wrote this I don’t unrndstaed the low ratings for Obama any more than I unrndstaed the Tea Party/Sarah Palin fervor. Those people are scaring me!

  • Mike Jackson

    Seems to me the democrats had a large majority in the House and a good sized majority in the Senate during the first two years of Obama’s term as president.
    With those majorities, what did we get stuck with besides a seemingly insurmountable increase in federal debt, a “healthcare” bill passed without anyone having read it, and more money thrown out the window on “green” technology. I often think the green refers to green-backs, and the technology has yet to be proven.
    Seems the Chevy Volt is now being bought back by Government Motors due to a small issue with the battery packs catching fire.
    Likewise, I could go on but I’ll stop for now. Great article.
    Since he’s now in year 4, I’d say he’s had his chance. Jimmy Carter did a number on the US too but was not rewarded with a second term. Hopefully history repeats itself again.

    • Glen Stambaugh

      One can only imagine the great president Jimmy Carter might have been if given another term to make it happen.