Really Dumb Conservatives …

As you regular readers know, I’m not a fan of our president and am hoping Mitt Romney wins the election in a few days.  But …

More than a few times – actually a lot more than a few times – I am embarrassed by how dumb some of the anti-Obama conservatives can be.  They give liberals ammo to say  we’re all that way.

Remember that idiotic comment by Republican Todd Akin who is running for the U.S. Senate from Missouri – the comment about “legitimate rape.”  Thanks to that doofus the Democrats will almost certainly hang on to their seat in Missouri, possibly depriving Republicans of a majority in the Senate.

Then came another religious right genius – Republian Richard Murdock who’s running for the Senate from Indiana.  The other day he said, “I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen,” explaining why he opposed abortions for rape victims.

I know what he means about human life being sacred and and the fetus being innocent and all that. But, sorry, the comment comes off as really, really dopey.   It didn’t help that he’s the only Senate candidate Romney made a commercial for.

Then there are the amateurs, run-of-the mill Neanderthals, like the person who tried to post the following comment on this Web site — but it was intercepted by the automated system which apparently thought it was too dumb for anyone with half a brain to see.  This is the kind of stuff we protect you from:

“If you believe and trust in the Liberals not to cheat with our votes. A lot of polling places have already been found to alter the machines to take votes from republican straight party selection and give them to the democ~rats. This fraud has to stop. The cheaters must be found and sent to prison. I do not trust Obama or any of the liberal marxist thinking in our society and neither should anyone else. They will deceive and lie to get what they want. The Arab in office now has to go, he is not honest and neither are his followers! “

“The Arab in office now has to go”?  Really?

Here’s what bothers me even more than what these half-wits say and think:  All the “true-blue conservatives” who just read their moronic observations and agree with every single word.

Not you, of course.

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  • Duke Brooks

    Stories of electronic voting machines being “calibrated” so the touch-sensitive area surrounding Obama’s name “bleeds” into the zone around Romney’s are rife.  Are they true?  I don’t know.  But I DO KNOW that Sharron Angle was within the margin of error in Nevada against Harry Reid (and led in some polls), and the the SEIU (a big Reid donor) represented the workers in charge of maintaining NV’s voting machines.  Coincidence?  You be the judge. After all, Harry won.  As far as the silly ‘rape’ comments are concerned, I agree those ‘conservatives’ said some really stupid things.  Abortion, or course, should never be a retroactive means of casual birth control.  BUT, a woman victimized by rape or incest MUST have the option after the fact.  No question about it…and I’m a conservative Republican.

  • moronpolitics3

    Of course there isn’t any chance that some of these incredibly obvious stupid comments were generated by Democrats, right?    I’m not saying that some maybe MOST are legitimately by dumber than dumb people who are “on our side?”  or at least against the President.   After all, the incredibly stupid things by our Senate candidates were actually said by them.   Some of these states are so small they have more Senators than congressmen, too.    Personally, I don’t blame the idiot candidates.   They are idiots and so cannot help it.    I blame the party.   Just because the seat is almost certain to go to a Republican is NOT, repeat NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT a good reason for the national party to yawn and ignore the race.    These “sure things”  can cost the party much more than they are worth.   WE, the party, need to convince people that just because some guy wants to be a senator and has a few million bucks to run is NOT, repeat NOT good enough.   We need to have candidate education, but if a candidate is dumber than dirt you CAN’T educate it.  We need to find a way to avoid them and that is best done by finding BETTER people and backing them against the local rich moron.   DOES ANYBODY HEAR ME????

    • Joel Wischkaemper

      I agree..  I think theDemocrat Thug Squad uses our label and freely make a lot of very offensive comments.

  • Kewgah

    Agreed –  I’ve seen us republicans described in terms of “Nazis” in the far left’s “Niemoller” quotation.  What they don’t understand is when Niemoller is quoted “First they came for the socialists”, he was actually talking about the communists, which the far left is inching toward, and some anarchists.
    That type of hypocrisy is ridiculous.  Obama is what he is.. somewhat of a visionary whose agenda will not work in the United States.  The problem with some of us republicans, is the lack of education in some areas of government, economics and what The Constitution entails.  Ignorance befuddles each party, but that is the cruelty of the world and the “birth lottery”.    
    Some people are simply off their rocker..  I guess we need some “entertainment” from time to time, but only the weak-minded will latch on to what a crazy says and attribute it to a complete party.  That’s discrimination.. Which the liberal left seems to think they’re a champion of.

  • Ahalbert

    But Bernie, the just of the comment you mention concerns cheating, which we know is already taking place in Florida.

  • Gbowl42

    I agree with you Bernie not geniuses by any stretch of the imagination,  if I were the candidate and they brought up the exceptions on abortion and especially rape,  I would ask them to first please explain Obamas’ position on not saving the life of a botched abortion attempt,   the person would of course have no idea since he gets a pass and whaaalaaaa problem solved.

  • Dlazarek

    One thing I learned from the internet:  stupid people are everywhere.

  • K.

    So while the idiots are debating who is the biggest idiot, I find myself not knowing whether to laugh or cry. I’ve decided it is indeed extremely sad that people will go to such great lengths to defend ignorance just because it is in their side of the political aisle.
    I am a a liberal, do not think it is a dirty word and very proud to be a Democrat. I side with reason and logic, do my research and think every human being has a right to good medical care, even people who are veterans, or cannot work, or find themselves with no insurance because of divorce.
    I found myself with non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, very complex form and no healthcare. I will die in my living room, unless Obamacare passes. That’s a fact. I’ve been told that’s too bad…I should have stayed with my abuser.
    Secondly while you are all arguing that we should look past your candidates stupid remarks and read their “hearts” what of this comment defending men as being so out of control of themselves that women cannot say no at any time because it is “bullshit torture”
    Look at “masculine man” read his comment which all of you ignored.
    Not one called him on this blatant misogyny. NOT ONE.
    You have zero compassion. To be so religious, you have no soul. Shame on all of you.
    P.S. I’m glad I received this email. I intend on copying and pasting some of the quotes here in my FB so e erykne can see how you people (yes you people) REALLY think.

  • evantorch

    To all of you–how will Obama’s people steal and cheat their way to victory?
    Please spare me the answers “everywhere” or  “wherever”!

  • Wendy Fenner

    Ridiculous – like having to have to hide a drunk uncle in the attic because no one wants to hear his idiot sound.

    • Kewgah

      Who unlocked Biden’s attic Wendy?  ;o)

  • Machetedontext

    Embarrassing.  Moronic.  I was apalled at Akin’s crazy stuff–he handed the election to that other half-wit on a silver platter.  Where do we FIND these dipshits anyway? And that other creep with his democ-rat and arab stuff.  The only thing sure in the Missouri race is a creepy person will win it.

  • bubbamusic

    Bernie, I love you and you are right, but the other side is also infested with these types and many more of them. They are the willfully blind.

  • Bill

    Who hasn’t said something dumb every so often in their life? Raise your hand if you never said something dumb. If your vote is based solely on one dumb statement, ignoring the big issue of Senate control your very shallow and perhaps the US would be better off if you just stayed home on election day. Would Murdock or Akin vote to confirm a Soto-Mayor or an Elain Kagen? I rest my case

    • Craig Berlin

      Saying something dumb is like your response Bill – I guess you kinda prove his point since you can’t seem to spell “you’re,” Elena Kagan or Sonia Sotomayor.  But that isn’t what he’s talking about.

      Yes, we all say dumb things but there’s dumb and then there’s moronically stupid and insensitive.  Akin is on the science committee fer cryin’ out loud.  When these guys open their mouths it does exactly what Goldberg says – it gives libs license to brand this as the “new normal” of the GOP.  The press lives for this crap so if these guys aren’t expunged from the party, the long term effect on the GOP is much worse than even controlling the Senate one time.  It doesn’t just hurt that district or state; it hurts the entire party.

      • Kewgah

        Be nice Craig..  “Bill” is one of us republicans who just doesn’t get it.  One can tell the limited education he has had, by his comment and obviously jumped on the extreme-right bandwagon.  Being a right-leaning centrist, I notice the “wacked-out” factor of our party.  Let him have his radical and unconventional beliefs.  It’s his right.  “Just sayin’ “.
        Not calling him “dumb” as many liberals love to do..  I’m just insightful to the extreme of our party.

  • evantorch

    And while we’re talking dumb: Mitt, get thee to New Jersey or New York and volunteer to help. Spend the night doing it, preferably without power.
    Nobody can accuse a man who does physical labor on a crisis of trying to trump Obama.

    • Bill

      Waste time in two solid blue states? Why? He’ll be helping in Virginia on Thursday.

    • Bill

      Yeah, the Dems would love him to waste two days in two solid Blue states. He will be in Virginia helping on Thursday as he did collecting aid today in Ohio for the storm victims.

      • evantorch

        People all over the country watch television Bill. What can he possibly do in Ohio to match the media spin  of Obama as savior?

      • Mario__P

        What is Romney doing in Ohio other than campaigning? If he truly wanted to help the storm victims, he should go to the hardest hit areas along the coast. Or he can just sit at home and have his bus drive the aid around. (Is Mitt doing the driving himself?) I thought campaigning was put on hold. 

        How can anyone accepting aid from his bus see his fake gesture other than a campaign stunt. Has he been helping out like this during any previous disasters? To advertise his policy, he should also stick a giant END FEMA sticker on his bus.

        • Kewgah

          Romney isn’t the president Mario.  What do you EXPECT him to do with ZERO POWER?  
          Look at Obama’s sequestration proposal and notice that he has the “power” to defund FEMA by 900 billion.  Remove head from ass, and figure out how the government works.  It’s sad that your vote counts as much as mine.

  • suki33

    Thanks for the few words of reason in this time of weirdness. 

  • jujubeebee

    Yes but is Barrack Obama senior his REAL father?

  • jujubeebee
  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    Akin and Murdock will win their Senate seats on the coat tails of a landslide win by Romney in both states despite the betrayal of the Republican party when the made their remarks.  Republicans always throw their children (politicians) under the bus while the Democrats fight to their last breath to protect their children (politicians). 

    A great example of this would be the silence about the fraudulent and criminal activity of Barack Hussein Obama.  It is very easy to prove that Barack Hussein Obama has been flaunting an April 27th 2011 computer generated forged birth certificate.  Do you think the liberal media would have remained silent if this were Mitt Romney’s birth certificate.  It is even easier to prove that Barack Hussein Obama fraudulently registered with the Selective Service, his draft card is forged, they jockeyed with the date.  Do you think the liberal media would have remained silent if this were Mitt Romney’s Draft Card?   Barack Hussein Obama’s SS# was flagged by the government fraud site called E-Verify on a number of occasions.  It is a Connecticut number, Obama never lived in Connecticut nor did any member of his family.  Do you think if the liberal media discovered that Mitt Romney’s SS# was flagged by E-Verify they would have remained obediently silent about it?  Now if there is any truth being spoken here at Bernie’s blog, your answer would be HELL NO!!  

    So in conclusion, you tell me who the “dopey” people are, I contend it is Bernie and his pals for keeping silent on a matters that are both fraudulent and criminal.  You tell me who the “half-wit” is here, those remaining silent about criminal and fraudulent activity going on with Barack Hussein Obama or those seeking the truth.  Don’t drink Bernie’s koolaide!!!

  • jujubeebee

    Bernie is scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with an article so he is bringing this up again.   He is wrong in that if Akin loses it is because of the statement.  If he loses it is because of money.   The RNC & Rove abandoned our state and you can bet when one of Reince Priebus’s return envelopes comes my way again it will be returned empty with postage due!   They threw away the seat out of fear!  COWARDS!

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      Akin and Murdock will win on the coat tails of a landslide in those states by Mitt Romney.  Bernie is dead wrong on this one.

      I attempted to post but the moderator said he must clear it first so here is a little of what I had to say.  I ask, if there was any inkling that Mitt Romney’s birth certificate was a forgery do you think that the liberal media would remain silent about it.  Don’t lie?  I ask, if there was any inkling that Mitt Romney’s draft card was a forgery, do you think the liberal media would remain silent about it.  Don’t lie?  I ask, if Mitt Romney’s SS# was flagged by the government fraud site E-Verify, do you think the liberal media would remain silent about it.  Don’t lie?   All three of these fraudulent activities are associated with Barack Hussein Obama and Bernie and friends and the conservative media remain silent about this national security issue.  

      So who are the “dopey” ones Bernie and friends?  So who are the “half-wits” Bernie and friends?  So who are the “run of the mill Neaderthals” Bernie and friends.  I contend you and the silent conservative media are.   Shame on you.

    • Ted Crawford

      Come now JUJU, you have to admit it’s hard to understand how Akin could have made such a statement, given that the Obama campaign, unable to run on merits, has made this topic a narrative of their campaign! We have to examine his intelligence here!
      While I could vote for Akin, Murdock is way, way out there! He reminds me of Alan Grayson from Florida. Because I have nothing to say about Murdock, I live in another state, I’ve never vetted his opponant. Perhaps he’s as far out there as Murdock. In any case I’m glad I don’t have to decide!

  • Brushfour

    I agree with Bernie 150% percent.  Conservatives are VERY intelligent and measured…..generally.  You can win over ther other side (as we often do, especially once they get past the age of 35), if you strive to keep the debate and discussion intelligent and of the highest order.

  • E. Jay Nilsson

    Sadly, Bernie, these dopey comments are made too frequently by candidates (and their supporters) who should know better.  But such comments could now be doubly-dopey because this time such remarks might very well cost the GOP control of the Senate.  The one silver lining in this situation–and it is a sparkling, glittering  silver lining–is that chaps like you and O’Reilly publicize the nonsense and then give it the condemnation it deserves.  This usually is precisely the opposite of the behavior of the lefties, who either ignore their idiots or try to “explain” what their gaffers truly meant.     
    E. Jay Nilsson

  • Jhag39

    Liberals are famous for attacking conservatives for being stupid and racists. Why isit that there is no shortage of idiots who are more than happy to open their mouths and supply fodder for the Libs?

  • jack ryan

    Yes, I agree. Stupid “Conservatives” mouthing off nonsense defending rape, very bad.

    I also note way too many American Conservatives support any and all foreign wars that have nothing to do with American national security. Our Southern border is virtually undefended yet Mitt Romney comes out and says:

    Russia is America’s number 1 geo-political foe.

    Who’s number 2 Mitt Romney, the Swedes, the Amish?

    Seems to me the Zeta Mexican drug cartel should be number 1. We live in North America and these brutal head chomping drug gangs are operating on both sides of the border.

    • Ted Crawford

      However the Cartels do not posses Nuclear weapons nor massive delievery systems for them! The Cartels do posses the means to create hugh lose of American lives, but only in a local sense, don’t misunderstand they are dangerous and need to be delt with, but they are very far from a Geo-Political entity!

    • Cbkaufman

      >>Yes, I agree. Stupid “Conservatives” mouthing off nonsense defending rape, very bad.

      Stupid comment. He never defended rape. It’s one thing to consciously spin or twist someone else’s words to fit your agenda, but you are obviously oblivious to the fact that you just made up that he defended rape. It’s silliness. Yes, his comment was ignorant but it wasn’t what you imagine.

  • William Thomas Ridenour

    Just a few other comments.
    1. I would think some other subject might be the focus of political writers at this point. Spilt milk is spilt milk.
    2. Since we’re talking about spilt milk, it might be good for the RNC to advise their candidates that, while most people believe in God some do not, and a representative is to be the representative of ALL the people. So, don’t make a point with religion when you can make it some other way.
    For instance, abortion of a child conceived by rape: no need to bring God into it. Irrespective of how a child is conceived it is still an innocent child, and ending its’ life is ending a human being’s life, period, end of sentence. That fact alone should be justification for those opposed to abortion for rape. If anyone complains say you unequivocally and categorically defend life and categorically oppose rape. But the child cannot help how it was conceived and, ipso facto, does not deserve a death sentence. 
    3. The RNC should take especial care to advise Calvinists and Calvinist fundamentalists on this issue. Many take an absolutist’s view of determinism, so that God causes everything, including the evil. They make no distinction between the permissive and preferential will of God. So their language often takes on a tone of inevitability and fatalism. But if man has authentic free will many things happen that God permits but does not prefer. God works his purposes in spite of the malice of man not because of it.

    • Cbkaufman

      So you’re saying that candidates should conform to your specifications of what you think is the point of a representative government. Then why not just nominate one conservative robot and one liberal robot? 
      Representatives are people with individual belief systems. No one should, or will, have to hide their beliefs in order to be acceptable to their constituency. They put their ideas and beliefs out there and if you don’t want what they have to offer – DON”T VOTE FOR THEM. If you don’t want them to even run – DON”T VOTE FOR THEM IN THE PRIMARY. 

      But who are you to decree what should be a candidate’s platform? If you don’t agree with their platform, or belief system – DON”T VOTE FOR THEM.

      • Ted Crawford

        Your point is well taken . However if one is to accomplish any good in Government, one must first be elected! Candidates, as a matter of fact all of us, should remember what Aesop told us: ” The shaft of the arrow had been feathered with one of the Eagles own plumes! We often give our enemies the means to our own destruction”

        • Cbkaufman

          So you’re just saying that it’s a matter of tactics, as opposed to saying that a person shouldn’t bring their belief system to the table when running for office. Ok, that’s valid and debatable.

  • William Thomas Ridenour

    The radical left has not been known to be picky about the means they will use to achieve their ends. And, if Barack Obama’s real father is from Kenya (which I gravely doubt) then he most certainly has Arabic blood. 
    The question is, whether true or not, is it a good idea to bring up these “controversies” and cause them to cloud the controversy your post was about to begin with. 
    The answer: probably not. Make your point with a minimum of editorializing. Leave that to professionals like Mr. Goldberg;-)

    • Kaylwhite

       It is a fact.  Barack Obama’s father is from Kenya.

  • M089436

    It’s true. I read what liberals have been posting on Facebook and not only do they lump all conservatives (Republican affiliated or not) but they up the rhetoric. Sad statement of our times!

  • Steveheckman

    Although some pro-life candidates are sometimes inarticulate, their position is heart felt and honorable.

    Some comments about B. Hussein Obama are over the top, but then again, so is he.

    Obama denied, and Americans died…just the hard cold fact.

    • Mario__P

      Ah! You can rhyme.

      Let me give it a try ….

      Steveheckman denied,
      The warmongering of the Right,
      4,500 Americans died,
      For an unjustified fight.

      • NS Sherlock

        Your democraps actually voted for these wars. Remember??

        • Mario__P

          The only reason some Democrats voted for the Iraq war was because of the false information the warmongering Right has presented to the world.

        • NS Sherlock

          So what you’re saying is that libs/dems are “followers” and incapable of processing a thought on their own?? Thank you! Finally you acknowledge what everyone on here has been saying.

        • Mario__P

          Looking at the voting breakdown for the Iraq War Resolution, I see 97% of the GOP representatives and 98% of the GOP senators followed their misleading leader into war. 39% of the Dems in the House and 58% of the Dems in the senate voted for the Resolution. So which party followed like a herd of sheep?

      • brendan horn

        Tell us why Americans are still dying under Obama in Afghanistan. Are they fighting a just fight now? Obama has actually dramatically increased the death rate of American soldiers in Afghanistan. Is it worth it for them to die when they are just waiting to leave?

        • Mario__P

          You know what? I don’t want to hear a word from the supporters of the party that started those two wars and could not finish them. Just like with the economy, the Right messes things up, and then they complain when the other side is fixing the mess. How about you stop messing things up, so others will not have to waste their time and effort fixing all your disasters, ok? 

          And to add insult to injury, you are complaining about the long war in Afghanistan when your candidate only recently agreed to pull out of that nation by end of 2014? What a shameless piece of work you are.

  • BlueRidgeView

    Bernie : I was with you calling out the candidates who made statements harming the party and our chances of securing those seats. I cannot understand why you published in your newsletter a week before the election the words of some idiot blogger. Whatever your intent was, in my opinion , you blew it.

  • Iklwa

    Sadly, stupidity is not a trait with a liberal solely owned patent and more often than not qualifies for the quote “Fish don’t know he’s wet.” (To borrow a line from someone who vaguely resembles you).
    Thankfully, it is a trait most often exhibited by liberals:
    “Now I’m going to get a new kitchen.”
    “…the island may tip over…” (i.e. From too many people).
    Yes, we have a percentage of folks who are legitimately dangerous with their vote and/or opinions but what can you do except to continue trying to educate and persuade others?

  • Roxiebell

    I find this column just as “dumb” and worse. Those who are passionate about “life” may sometimes say things that are not politically correct but they don’t say them for the sake of being downright mean as your article is.

    • Mario__P

      One can be passionate about “life”, but don’t be dumb about it by believing a woman can shut down her reproductive system or that god intends for a rape victim to give birth to the rapist’s child. Please separate passion and idiocy for the benefit of our nation.

      • Roxiebell

        See my reply to Chicago Ralph.

         And for the record as an original Feminist I separate “choice” and the rights and compassion for women from the mass murder of the “abortion at will” sickness that has infected this country. 

        • Mario__P

          See my reply to jujubeebee just above.

      • jujubeebee

        Mario….this election is about the economy.   If want abortions you can vote for McCaskill but we have had enough of your comments!   
        If you wish to kill your unborn baby the law is on your side already.  Roe/Wade is not going anywhere.   I don’t wish to pay for it.
        By trying to turn this election into some election of 10,20 years ago is not going to pass by all the voters.   You will only hit the stupid ones.  The rest of us know what is at stake here.   We know this election is about freedom versus socialism and that BHO is wrecking the economy on purpose.
        So save the abortion arguments because it just doesn’t matter this election.

        • Mario__P

          I can care less about abortion. But what I care about is not having idiots in the government who lack the understanding of how things work, because when you place a serious issue in front of them, like the economy, they are going to vote like an idiot on it. Can you believe there are still some politicians who believe the TARP was a bad idea? Yeah, that is what I’m talking about, those idiots, not abortion.

        • Ted Crawford

          If what you said is true; “…I   care about is not having idiots in government who lack the understanding of how things work” how can you justify your support of Obama? His policies fly in the face of even his Macroeconomic hero John Keynes! Keynes argued against raising taxes in the face of this type of economy.
          I’m uncertain which politicians you claim believe that TARP was a bad idea, or even that the Stimulus was ! What many of us believe is that the Stimulus was administered very poorly!
          Stimulus assets need to be administered like medical assets are administered in a Triage situation. Those most likely to survive recieve the first and the most medical assets. Those least likely to survive get a lot of morphine!
          It isn’t very pretty but it is very necessary!

    • Chicago Ralph

      And just what he will he able to about the right to life if he is NOT in the US Senate when it comes time to advise and consent on the next supreme court justice.

      Wake up

      • Roxiebell

        Rather then pounding the liberal pavement that these comments can’t be overcome and insulting our candidates with name calling, whether we like them or not, is not much of a wake up call to DEFEND ourselves against progressives. Akin make the mistake of believing or misterpreting, possibly even wishful thinking, regarding a medical inaccuracy which he has apologized for and I feel moderates like Bernie should just SHUT UP about it already and support the candidate. KISS………. Keep It Simple Silly

  • IJustHaveAQestion

    Politics this soon after Sandy, Bernie? :-0

    • Chicago Rlph

      Why not….?????

      • IJustHaveAQestion

         Because it’s too close to be cooth.

        Ironically I  noticed that Bernie and Bill on the Factor Tuesday were discussing Thursday being the day that marked the time when politics after Sandy return to full throttle, or at least their conversation left that impression. While I’m watching the segment I thought of Bernie’s article. … Yeah. Anyway it’s not Thursday yet and this article is obviously already written two days prior.    

  • brendan horn

    I think the problem with Akin and Murdock is that they are amateurs. The Tea Party seems to favor “real” people who are not career politicians and this often leads to nominating people who do not understand the rules of politics. The most important rule of politics is this: politicians necessarily must not offend moderate voters. An offended voter is a lost vote. Politicians are often dull and there is a reason for that. Dull people are less likely to offend than people who try to speak their mind all of the time. One very annoying thing about Akin and Mudock is that their foolish words may wind up leading to the useless Harry Reid running the Senate for two more years. 

    I would not worry too much about random stupid postings on the internet. I would not even be surprised if some stupid “conservative” postings are really liberals trying to make conservatives look bad. 

    • Mario__P

      Your post started strong, about the Tea Party having a bunch of amateur politicians, but then you derailed. The problem with Akin and Mourdock is not what words they used, but what they believe(d). There are no words that could pamper their beliefs.

      Akin believed, or still may, that when a woman is truly raped, her reproductive system would somehow shut itself down, avoiding a pregnancy. That belief is both offensive and nutty. He offended every woman who got raped and ended up pregnant by implying those women somehow didn’t mind the attack. That belief also goes against what Akin’s fellow party member, Mourdock, believes.

      Mourdock acknowledges that women may end up pregnant from being “legitimately” raped, but god intended for that pregnancy to happen. Why would god want a rape victim to bare a child of her rapist? That is just cruel and is a constant reminder of her torturous experience.

      • jujubeebee

        Hey, Mario…………..this election is about the economy…………..not abortion like you would like to steer it to.   Akin is the better choice over McCaskill……..not even close.   If he loses it is because of money.   Claire has it and the RNC architects blackmailed Akin and removed all funds.
        The voting records should be the deciding factor…………not pro life versus do you want the government paying for partial birth abortions or infanticide.

        • Mario__P

          juju, see my reply to your question above. Abortion is not my issue. My issue is with the dummies, like Akin, who lack common sense and destroy the economy, because of their crazy view of the world.

      • brendan horn

        The real problem with the statements is that they were insensitive and that they are a clear distraction from the issues that most people care about. I honestly don’t care a lot about what any politician truly believes deep in their heart. I care about what policies they are going to work to implement. I care that Harry Reid is perhaps the most inept Senate majority leader this country has ever seen. If he is the best the Democrats can do, they do not deserve a majority control of the Senate.

        • Mario__P

          brendan, you already told me your wild conclusion that Reid is the worst senate leader because of the economy. How about Boehner and McConnell? They must be just as bad based on your analysis, right?

    • jujubeebee

      Akin is not corrupt and McCaskill is.  I’ll take Akin.  He has been our congressman for many years and has voted the way I like.   Claire has not voted the way I like and the big thing is her vote for Obamacare.   She should fry for that vote.   If she wins it is because of money.

  • Randy Smith

    Oh my God Bernie, I think you are a centrist! I am becoming a big fan. These types on the right lose support for Conservative candidates. I am one of the lost. Agree with Judy, except the evil of the Democrats is more subtle.  Time for a “Bullseye” party, aimed at the center of America.

  • Judy

    Couldn’t agree with you more.  Many Republicans think they have the right to dictate “social morality”, while Democrats think they have a right to dictate, period!  I just vote for the lesser of  those two evils, which I view as Republican.

    • jujubeebee

      Judy, you are wrong about Akin.   He is not dictating to anyone.   He is pro-life and will live to protect the lives of all babies but he has been a great congressman.   He is a good person and listens to the people in his district and votes for what is best for the country.   All that is needed here is to look at the voting records of each candidate and make a decision based on that.   If your whole issue is abortions and you prefer McCaskill who votes for partial birth abortions then you can vote for her.
      Bernie’s point were not valid about Akin losing based upon his comments.  He is only 2 points behind without any money.  They blackmailed him and removed his funds and he is hanging in there…….  it is because the people of Missouri understand what is at stake here and like his voting record versus Claire’s.   If he had the funds that were taken away he would be ahead despite his stupid comment. 
      This is not a doofus or a dictator.  To judge based upon one 6 second statement I think is wrong.   The voting record matters more.  
      Unfortunately,  there are too many people influenced by the ads.   I live here and Claire’s ads are nonstop because she has the money.  
      The RNC and Carl Rove superpac threw this senate seat away when they withdrew the money after their blackmail failed.   They are the cowards.  Todd Akin will defend the babies’ lives and not back off of that statement.   He has pulled back from the other stupid statement.   I think he was not prepared for the questioning by Charles Jaco who is about as liberal as you can get and that he fell into the trap unprepared.   Some would say to crucify and hang him for it….take away his funds and blackmail him to resign.    I am standing with him and voting for him and have his yard sign in my yard.
      Bernie said he lost because of the statement.  I say he will lose because of lack of funds.   I believe I am right because the polls are close.
      Claire is not the centrist she pretends to be and she had her hand way into those stimulus funds… MILLIONS!

  • Johnconrad


    All too often, we play right into their hands.  I mean… in this day and age, how in the world do numbskulls like Akin and Mourdock even get into these discussions?

  • Barbaravasek

    Isn’t there enough attacks from the left???   You have some wonderful things to contribute, but when you focus on the “religious right”, you sound like a leftist.

  • floridahank

    I don’t think those kinds of comments are so harmful with intelligent, commonsense voters.  I believe they can “read between the lines” and see what those people meant even if it was poorly expressed.
    With the other people who were turned off by these statements, I doubt if they have enough intelligence and commonsense to look beyond the statements and truly evaluate the overall issues and still vote for Romney.  Too many unthinking voters will react on emotion only and not on the issues — I don’t think they would have voted for Romney to begin with so I’m not concerned about this issue.  My fear is that those kinds of people overlook the fact that we have a pro-Muslim, anti-American as President and if for no other reason, he should be throw out this election.

  • Highbias

    i dunno…i guess i see your point bernie –

    a local jock on the radio here in st. louis was talking about the interview with Akin the week of, he had a guy on who was throwing some numbers around..something like 5% of reported rapes result in pregnancy or something like that..point being that although the way Akin worded it was ridiculous, but he also said that it was ‘rare’ it might depend on if you think 5% is ‘rare’..anyways it made for an interesting argument – as you can imagine it made quite a wrinkle in the local news here..

    also re: Akin – i know the guy personally who was doing the interview – a real liberal piece of work i can assure you (good guy, though) – and for some reason i still can’t believe that at the moment that Akin made the comment, Jaco didn’t even flinch – and he didn’t follow up on it, either. makes a rational man wonder if maybe the context of the conversation was pretty sound. if Jaco thought he had a ‘gotcha’ that was going to make national news, BELIEVE me – he would have pounced like a cat.

    Akin is a doofus. FACT. but he has a good conservative record – McCaskill has got to go.

    lighten up bernie.


    • Mario__P

      You believe Akin is a doofus, but you’re still going to vote for him. Wow! Is a doofus the best Missouri could produce for that seat? Amazing. 

      • Highbias

        You are easily amazed. And, yes, i assume since his name is on the ballot, that he is the best Missouri could produce for that seat. 

        • Mario__P

          I honestly love your answer. Thank you very much for offending the state of Missouri.

      • nickshaw

         Sometimes, that’s what it comes down to in politics. The choice between an honest “doofus” and a confirmed “crook”.
        A doofus can be schooled, a crook, not so much.

        • Mario__P

          Can a doofus be schooled, especially this late in life? Doesn’t it worry you what else Akin may be wrong about? What else will he be apologizing for in the future, since he made such an elementary blunder?

        • NS Sherlock

          And then there’s Joey “the mouth” Biden. Enough said.

      • nickshaw

         Yes. A doofus can be schooled.
        No doubt you think me one because I did not have all the information available to answer your comment regarding Mitt and Jeep.
        I was “schooled” and admitted as such. Not to mention I, in fact, am pretty “late in life”!
        There’s no doubt in my mind that Akin would take back that comment if he could. Sure, he might still believe it but, do you honestly think he could get support in the Senate if he decided to act on his beliefs?
        Only a Dim could extrapolate that enough Republicans could support his position that it would make a difference or apply those same beliefs to Romney.
        On the other hand, Dims spew idiotic “beliefs” that are taken up by so many others that it defies logic! The racism meme for instance, is one of the most egregious!
        The fact remains, Clair is a crook for evading taxes. Period. All the other things might be allegations but, this point stands out.
        That cannot be changed.
        So, it comes down to a man who may or may not have a strange take on rape (no different, really, from Whoopie Goldberg) or a crook.
        Seems pretty straightforward to me.

        • Mario__P

          The point about Akin, now, is not what he said and that he apologized for it and would love to take it back, even if he actually stopped believing in what he said. The point is that his entire belief system is compromised. If someone at one point had such an outlandish belief, what other positions are completely screwy in his brain? What everyone thought to be ridiculous, he thought to make perfect sense. That is the whole point behind Akin’s blunder.

      • chas615

        Mario, I’m not from Missouri but I will share my thoughts. Yes I would vote for a doofus if he were running against a crony capitalism, hypocritical, lying sack of career polititionANYDAY! The damage done to this country by a doofus is minuscule to that done by an articulate bag of Claire mckaskill (sic, but I don’t care).

  • James King

    I think a lot of comments are dumb, but I think that Akin really meant to say that there are some very distressed females who make the charge of rape when in fact the sex was consenual. Still it was a really dumb comment.

    But there are many conservatives who believe the state should control the behavior of people in many ways, such as in the bedroom or what they take into their bodies. Politician’s have found that many voters are also dumb in their attitudes and will not vote for them if the pol does not reflect the dumbness of the voters.

    It is not moral to have a state with the ability to control who a person has sex with or the result of that sex unless it can be proved that the sex was caused by violence. The only legitimate role of a government of free people is to protect those people from acts of violence, foreign and domestic.

    But the same government cannot conduct that protection while reserving the right to its own act of violence. Just as it does not currently have the right to stop your speech, it does not have the right to stop your freedom of speech. Scratch that. I just remembered that they have gained the right to control our thoughts by making a crime more significant by calling it a hate crime, and that crime was made worse because of what the criminal thought. Amazing.

  • PJ Jarrett

    I think if I were Mourdock I would have phrased it differently.  I would have said that sometimes God allows bad things to happen and then turns it into good.  Doesn’t sound quite as bad.  But if you believe God creates ever person, then you must believe in the essence or intent of what Mourdock sad.  Regardless, it is not worth throwing Mourdock overboard.

  • Masculist Man

    Bernie,there are a lot of definitions of “rape” thanks to the feminists. There is “forcible rape” which everyone usually associates with “rape” but that’s not the only “rape” out there. There is “regret rape” where she indicated “yes” that night and the next morning she regrets her decision and cries “rape”. “Rape” can also be where the woman can rescind consent at any time during sex and if the man goes over by a nanosecond he is guilty of “rape”. So which definition of “rape” are we using? First of all a woman does not verbalize “yes” but they do verbalize “no”. Second,withdrawing consent during the act is bs anti-male torture.  Then there are false rape accusations that could factor into this. 

  • Bill


    Again, your sense of fairness, decency and objectivity makes you a true winner in the field of journalism. I am a ‘devout’ Republican but Todd Aiken stepped on his……….and should have got out of the race. Now his own self centered approach will most likely cost the GOP a seat in the U. S. Senate. The other whacko ..and what he said is a bad reflection on the others who proudly wear the GOP ‘label” and merely undermines our efforts to prove we have a modicum of common sense. If Murdoch felt so compelled to let the world know how he feels why not tell his wife first in private and I am sure any woman would have said what I was thinking, i.e., what the hell are you talking about?

  • Kenneth

    It does seem to me that the Pilgrim Fathers continue to express themselves through the right wing Republicans. They will not tolerate any other religion and way of life.
    After all the Pilgrims were more feared than loathed by the Catholic Europeans, and decided to set up there own society far away on your great continent. Imagine their fury when millions of non believers decided to follow them. 

  • Trec264
    • Trec264
      • NS Sherlock

         Seriously? The Puffington Host? What a rag.

        • Trec264

          If you read close enough the Romney campaign was asked for a comment. They declined. They didn’t say it wasn’t true which leads me to believe the stories are true.

        • NS Sherlock

          Romney has a bit more class than to stoop to every stupid thing that the libs throw at him. Now you guys harp because he doesn’t have time to do the “tv circuit” like the narcissist in charge. Time to grow up.

  • Dave O’Connor

    I can’t abide jingoism from either side. The irony is that some of these guys missed out on the “put mind in gear before accelerating”.  Yet, we see examples where they followed most of the plan; but engaged in reverse, then double clutched.  And, the Left love it, don’t they.  Hell, Babes, it was free.  Of course, one ‘gaph’ by a GOP county commissioner, get’s wider play than O’Man’s aside to the ‘Merry Messenger Medvedev’, or the 57 States (states of mind, crisis, etc.)

  • BrianFruman


    Lets not forget Donald Trump. While a celebrity,  he should attempt to stay quite until after the elections with regards to Obama’s birthplace or school records. It is not the time for self promotion but re building our national identity in the age of Reality TV, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Dave O’Connor

    I can’t abide jingoism from either side. The irony is that some of these guys missed out on the “put mind in gear before accelerating”.  Yet, we see examples where they followed most of the plan; but engaged in reverse, then double clutched.  And, the Left love it, don’t they.  Hell, Babes, it was free.  Of course, one ‘gaph’ by a GOP county commissioner, get’s wider play than O’Man’s aside to the ‘Merry Messenger Medvedev’, or the 57 States (states of mind, crisis, etc.)

  • Drew Page

    Bernie  —  Unfortunately, this article came a day late and a dollar short.   It would have been helpful had you sent this out to all Republican politicians prior to the primaries.    You can’t know what some politicians will say when questioned by the press or by the public.   All should be cautioned to think before speaking, especially on a topic as emotionally volatile as abortion.  And before any candidate endorses another the endorsing candidate should make sure that there views on topics such as this are similar.  Gaffes and stupid statements are all too common in politics today and they come from both conservatives and liberals.   Right now Roe v Wade is the law of the land and unless the SCOTUS reverses that decision no one politician can change that.   And that’s the response conservatives running for office should give to “inquiring minds”. 

  • rider237

    there will always be people who say things that are dumb, or who say things that don’t sound to us as we know they intended it to sound. 

    so what?

    this stuff falls under the SH column. SH to all sides, and to all of us.  it’s not a matter of being stupid.  it’s about being human…..and not using a teleprompter spewing words written and edited by someone else to minimize the chance of saying something dumb.

    the fact that WE get excited about it just shows that the left is winning the speech control issue.  we only get to say what they think is ok, and the way they think we should  say it.
      we eat our own and to no advantage.

  • Sue

    I think everyone is entitled to an opinion.   And I also think that they can be elected in spite of it.  After all, Barack Obama said that Iran was too small a country to be taken seriously in 2008, and he was elected anyway.  He also said that he was going to lower the level of the oceans–and WOW!  he really messed up on that one!

    • Kenneth

      I’ve often thought that your president models himself on King Canute!

  • JmThms

    The big difference between Conservative dumbness and liberal dumbness is that liberal dumbness has been institutionalized.  Its accepted as main-stream.

    • Bernie

      Very good point, Jim.


      • Johnny Deadline

        I smell another best-selling book Bernie:  Stupid Things that Liberals Say But Aren’t Afraid to Think.  Obviously you’d have to do it in several volumes like Gibbon’s did with the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire but it would make a nice companion piece to 100 People That Are Screwing Up America.

    • Johnny Deadline

      Nicely said Jim. Fortunately for every dumb conservative comment there are ten made by liberals. Here’s hoping the political gods score like they do in golf. :)

  • Drew Page

    How is it that the MSM has no curiosity about the President spending millions to have his college applications, transcripts and passport documents sealed ?    What is there to hide?   If nothing, why doesn’t Obama take Trump up on his offer to donate $5 million to Obama’s favorite charity in exchage for relaesing these documents?    Charities like Wounded Warriors could sure use the money.  

    • Bob Hadley

      If i were Pres. Obama, immediately after the election I’d tell Trump that I was ready to take him up on the offer.  Trump would look like the fool he is if he said the deal was off. 

  • Ghostwriter381BC

    Bernie, I almost totally agree with you. I hope Obama wins. When you have an idiot who is running for President who says FEMA is immoral and then changes his position when a disaster strikes doesn’t deserve to be President. He will ultimately make the wrong call as President and won’t be able to take it back.

    • JmThms

       I would take Romney’s intellect over yours, or Obama’s,  any day. For reasons why Obama should never have been President let alone be re-elected, read through the many threads on this forum.

      • Ghostwriter381BC

        Watch the whole clip. Romney would be a disaster. The truth hurts doesn’t it?

        • Barbara Wilcox

          I did watch whole clip and you and O’Donnel and NBC are fabricators of the news. 

        • rider237

           i know you meant to say:  “watch the whole EDITED clip”.  that’s ok.  i fixed it for you.

    • Jonrd

      You are something else Ghostwriter You criticize the republican and root for a creature who has done nothing but make the wrong call as you put it. Unfortunately there are too many of you ignoramuses out there that will always vote for the wrong person. Wake up and do a little research and you will see how wrong you are.

    • Barbara Wilcox

      You are totally misrepresenting his statement.  Romney said if the responsibilities of FEMA could be given back to the state the Federal government should turn over to the state.  When Romney talked about things being immoral it was not about FEMA as you imply.   Romney was clearly talking about it being immoral to continue to rack up 1.6 trillion in debt.  It is plain the excerpt shown by NBC was altered and pieced together.  Gee, NBC has only been caught doing that about 4 times now.   

    • Jeffreydan

        Maybe Romney will make a wrong call, maybe he won’t, it remains to be seen.
        What we do know is Obama has an absolutely stunning record of making wrong calls, and yet you’re hoping he wins. Tell me, what can Obama take back? The violent murders he allowed to happen in Libya and those resulting from Fast & Furious? 

    • NS Sherlock

      O’Bummer flops around like a fish out of water. He’s correct – he doesn’t deserve a second term.

  • Mark Brickey

    Bernie, I’m sorry that you don’t have the backbone to stand on the principles that Akin & Murdock have shown! A BIG part of what was “said” was twisted, and YOU being a writer/journalist should know this! For instance, the “it” that is Murdock’s issue refers back to the SUBJECT noun from the last statement and NOT to the subject of the preposition. This is proper frosh collegiate writing. It would take real twisting, 1st, to believe that mindset of ANY human, but then to switch the referral around. 
    Either one of these statements has no comparison to the idiocy that dems/libs get by with & you know it – Biden is a fool; Barney Frank; Jackson & others get by DAILY with gaffes that are “politely” overlooked or ignored, yet none of them have even close to the leadership status of a Murdock or Akin – or the ability to present their arguments…

    • Barbara Wilcox

      Both Akin and Murdock could stand by their principals without either guy making the stupid comments to the media.  Talking about God intending for a child to be conceived as a result of rape is just down right stupid.   Matter of fact I find it offensive as a Christian if you know anything about scripture.  James 1:13-15.  The Mosaic law given to the Israelites condemned rape as an evil act and I do not believe God “intended” or wanted any part of an evil.  Would God love a child conceived from rape?  Absolutely.   Do I personally believe in abortion? No.  But I agree with Bernie, this is not about backbone, this is about being stupid.  Both of these men should know better than make such stupid stupid comments to the media about God, rape, and conception while they are running for public office. 

  • joer1

    It’s true that there are some really dumb conservatives however,  we often shoot ourselves in the foot by being so critical of ourselves.  NOTHING compares to the stupidity of our friends on the Left.   By being so quick to be critical of ourselves, we just provide cover for the “real” idiots.  You NEVER hear Democrats eating their own – it’s just the Republicans  who enjoy ripping themselves.  It is like always saying ” Oh,  they all lie” always works to bail out Democrats.   We are all imperfect HUMANS but, out friends on the Left … currently … are on another Planet!

    • Pep1ron

      Or, “Thats just Joe being Joe”.

      • joer1

        I’m sorry to have screwed up my reply typographically. I will try to correct it later.

  • Mario__P


    You watching all this? Look at what you have chased out of the forest. Now it’s your chance to start trapping all of them. :)

  • Ktcrsn

    Yes, Bernie, Conservatives do say dumb things, yet liberal Democrats beat them hands down spewing dumb things.  Case in point Stephanie Cutter, MSDNC Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’ Donnell and most other Obamatrons.

  • Rbblum

    The Republican party will live IF the tea party patriots thrive.

  • Jeff Williams

    “Here’s what bothers me even more than what these half-wits say and think:  All the “true-blue conservatives” who just read their moronic observations and agree with every single word.” – This is the REAL issue of our time. This is why candidates can and do produce such negative ads and say such asinine things on the campaign trail. They KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT that a great number of uneducated, uninformed/misinformed and willingly ignorant voters follow like lemmings or just don’t pay attention enough to discern truth. 

  • James T Mooney

    Bernie- The other day I was approached by a person running for state senate as a write in candidate. There are two other candidates in this race that are running who I wouldn’t vote  for ever  until I met this nitwit. The fact that  3 weeks ago he decided to run and didn’t campaign like the others, he did share some thoughts  I had some agreement with him on. UNTIL he wispers to me so no one else would here, “besides, we need to get that N_ _ _ _r out of the White House”. I ripped his card up and said to him, “your definetly NOT what I’m looking for. And  I proceeded to vote on my absentee ballot one of the other candidates. However, as an Independent voter, I was proud to check mark the box next to Governor Romney.

  • Blakely

    Bernie says that conservatives do dumb things so many chime right in & agree.
    On the other hand,  Democrats are able to spew their lies because there is no crime that they commit that anyone will call them on They stick together like glue & it works. OK do you want to be noble or do you want to get Obama out of office & take control of the Senate?
    IMO, Obama is a bigger threat to our way of life than anything that comes out of some dumb bunny’s mouth.
    If someone says something dumb, just SHUT UP. With support Christine O’Donnal
    might have won. Let thing play out to see what happens. It is not necessary to
    cleanse our souls by condemning another Republican. Do it in private.

  • Tom_Rogers

    I seem to remember the following quip (or at least the distilled spirit of it) attributed to Disraeli:

    God save me from my friends, I can take care  of my enemies

  • richard whaley

    Conservatives are held to a higher standard by other conservatives.  Thank you for being willing to voice your displeasure with their statements.  In the late 80″s during a gubernatorial race in Texas involving Democrat Ann Richards, the Republican candidate could not keep his mouth shut. One of his statements involved rape.  He jokingly said the woman should lay back and enjoy it.  He also made other remarks just as stupid.  By that time Texas was a solid Republican state , yet we refused to allow the Republican candidate to succeed in securing the office of Governor.  Continue to hold conservative feet to the fire. 

  • rlpincus

    Bernie, well said. 

    • nickshaw

       That’s odd, those same words pass your lips at the end of a Ralph Maddow or Tingles segment for the same reason, don’t they Helen?
      Despite everything they utter being really dumb or irrational.
      How often do you agree with Bernie’s criticism of speech progressives engage in every day?
      Not very often, if at all, from what I can see.

      • rlpincus

         Poor nick.  Bernie agrees with me on something and you deflect the talk with two names from MSNBC. 

        I agree with Bernie when he’s right, and I don’t think I’ve ever made up a nickname about him to appeal to the sophomoric instincts of the gathered.  Then again, that seems to be your SOP.

        • nickshaw

           The only sophomoric thing I see here are the mental gymnastics you go through to reply, Helen.

      • rlpincus

         Sure, nick.  “Mental gymnastics.”  Were they too complicated for you or are you just concerned about others here not being able to follow?

        Let’s review.  Bernie and I agree that some conservatives say really dumb things.  nick responds with insulting nicknames for two people on MSNBC.

        I point out that nick likes to use insulting nicknames as a matter of course.

        • nickshaw

           Sure, Helen, whatever you say.

      • rlpincus

        nick initiates the course of last resort: Oh dear, I’m just too smart for all of this.  I think I’ll take a nap.

        • nickshaw

           Yep, whatever floats your boat, Helen.

  • Mbabbitt

    Yes, Akin used really foolish/stupid language and a way off attempt at science (, but I think any fair-minded person knows what he meant by legitimate rape – that which was not statuatory rape, where there is the appearance of consensuality. Society considers statutory rape as rape rightly because a young person cannot truly give rational consent at their age. This is not that hard to grasp. But abortion – the murder of the pre-born is rationalized by many of these same outraged critics. Let’s keep some perspective, please. Yes, Akin was foolish/naive to not have a more intelligent response to a question about abortion and rape as it was bound to come up. And, remember, he did apologize – but I guess only liberals can be forgiven  (Bill Clinton as primary example.)

  • Catholoicvoter

    Hi Bernie!

    I never did hera the “legitimate rape” comment in its entirety, but I think the seantor meant that a child cannot be conceieved without it being the will of God.  I cannot imagine he meant rape itself is legitimate ever .  That is clearly against Christian teaching.

    On another note, I too get annoyed with the goofy things uttered by some conservatives.  I know we all say things stupid from time to time but they really must prepare.  As you so often point out, Republicans are not going to be treated fairly by the media so it is important that they be especially prepared.

    Keep it up!

  • Tony Moschetti

    Apparently you’ve never tuned in to MSDNC, to hear this king of nonsense all day and all night, BY BIG NAME PERSONALITIES, NOT OBSCURE POSTERS

    • nickshaw

       Oh, I think Bernie has tuned them in, Tony, though I disagree that Ralph, Tingles, Special Ed, Scary Larry and the rest of the clown show could be considered “big name”. 😉
      And you’re right, we shouldn’t be judged by the idiotic words of some posters but, you know libs go out of their way to tar us all with the same brush!
      Nary a mention is offered of the daily stream of nasty, disgusting invective spewed on lib websites, by Dims. In fact, I think they encourage it!
      But those who think they should be given a chance to lead really aught to learn the first rule of leadership.
      Find out what others think (outside your immediate circle of friends and family) and don’t say things they will disagree with.
      That’s plain politics, I know, and it pains me to think we might vote for those with weird mindsets just because they don’t say what they really think in public. I just hope the weird is outweighed by the rational!
      In a way, Bill Clinton was just voicing the first rule when he explained Robert Byrd.

  • m2plaid

    Bernie, we are the most educated generation ever.
    Yet those who had high school education or less and went to the school of hard knocks understood the economy and the government.
    We don’t.
    They never gave a POTUS with high unemployment (over 8%) another lease on their white house.
    The most educated generation: unemployment for 43 months 8% or greater and is still undecided.
    We don’t learn from the past??
    This is what our generation is teaching future generations?
    Talk it to death and not be able to make a sound decision?
    Go figure — I cannot. 

    • Drew Page

      As the noted historian John H. Collins, PhD, once lectured, “We learn from history that we do not learn from history.”    Of course Dr. Collins’ statement was a generalization and while not always true, too many times it is.   Some of us actually do learn from history (and our mistakes) and try not to make the same mistake twice.  Sometimes we succeed in this effort and sometimes we fail.   Let us hope that enough of us have learned from the mistake we made four years ago and will not repeat it. 

      • Steven Thompson

         Very nice… And, let us not forget that some important history goes unnoticed by design. Call it “conditioning” if you will. As for not repeating my vote from 2008? Yes, I didn’t vote for Obama. I wrote in Ron Paul… The Paul delegates should of been seated and Dr. Paul should of been provided with the opportunity to make his case. Both the RNC and MSM made sure that wouldn’t happen. Just as I made sure that I wouldn’t vote for the RNC’s/Wall Street benefactor.

      • m2plaid

        Drew: it would be nice but it appears that history keeps repeating itself because most do not learn from the past.

        • James King

          American’s have been repeating the same mistakes since TR in 1900, and they even put him on Mt. Everest. The Rs & Ds have destroyed what our founders created, and even allowed a fourth branch of government (the Federal Reserve) to be enshrined in our Constitution. Rs & Ds are anti-America, but the mistakes keep on taking place until we are at our current point where there is no saving us.

      • Mario__P

        What have you learned from four years ago, that a Democratic president managed to return the unemployment rate to the rate he inherited during a major financial disaster in less than four years? Is that the lesson? How about the lesson you should have been taught many years ago, that since WWII five of the six Republican presidents managed to increase the unemployment rate by the time they were done serving. And they didn’t inherit an economic disaster, like the current president did. Talk about not learning from history and wanting to vote in the sixth potential job killer.

  • FloridaJim

    And the problem is ? I am embarrassed at some of the candidates who know they will be asked certain questions on Bush, abortion, contraceptives, race, their personal stories and yet they come up with the most asinine responses which doom or greatly harm their campaigns. All candidates or all speech makers must fully think out comments to avoid embarrassing themselves and their families. [this applies to bloggers as well].

  • Joel

    These examples serve to reinforce conservative principles.
    Madison, Federalist 51, “If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.”
    I don’t know what is in Akin and Mourdock’s hearts and minds. But I do know that the flaws exhibited by all politicians serve as reminders of the virtue of strictly limited government.

  • Whitedog257

    rather than standing those who made errors but  who at least stand up for life, the coward RNC establishment runs like liberals…which is worse than one error in words.  When Romney makes gaffes, we stand by him.  I think this is more about wanting to keep conservatives out of office because they may hold the establishment to a higher standard.

  • Cyberquill

    Luckily, there are really dumb liberals as well. At the end of the day, all the moronic comments coming from both sides cancel each other out. 

  • Pparets

    The Republican Party tries to host a wide variety of views under it’s tent… but some folks just need to go! In the age of social media, tweets, FaceBook and a bloood-thirsty liberal media, ignorant comments by one or two can be used to paint the many with a broad and ugly brush. Your essay is spot-on!

  • William L Smallwood

    Bernie, I’ve had a saying on the door of my office for many years that fits your dumb profile: THE OLDER I GET THE MORE AMAZED I AM AT HOW MANY INTELLIGENT PEOPLE ARE STUPID.  The Jews are the best example–I read the Podhoretz  book hoping to find an answer but was terribly disappointed when he had no real answer.

    • Bikerchick

       Maybe it was too deep for your small (and anti-Semitic) mind.

      • Mario__P

        I bet it was.

  • Iowa48

    I was both appalled and frustrated by the blatantly obtuse statements of both Akin and Murdock. Their ridiculous statements put the entire future of America at risk if the result  is that they engage in the self-destruction their own campaigns to reassert control over the legislative branch of our government.  Just as John McCain had no business running for President, some candidates should realize their own limitations and put the welfare of the nation ahead of their misguided egos. Akin is most likely unelectable and should have dropped out for a more viable candidate with a better chance to oust a likely vulnerable McCaskill. Akin revealed his inablility to place the interests of America above his self-interest.

  • rtwngr

    Mourdock said nothing that is not core religious belief of billions that all life is sacred. He didn’t say rape is God’s will, only that the life that came from it is. Great philosophers through the ages have pondered whence comes evil. How can a benevolent Creator allow it? If He’s omniscient, He knows about it. If omnipotent, He could stop it. If all loving, He’d want to. As close as anyone can come to the purpose of evil is some greater good must come from it, in this case an innocent life, one that could go on to fight for justice, discover a cure, stop a war, lead a great nation, etc.

    • Mario__P

      If god is all knowing and all powerful, then why does he allow for the rape victim’s egg to become fertilized? If the reason is so the victim will bare a child, which she hoped to have with her boyfriend or husband, and the child will find the cure for cancer, why couldn’t god make the child that came from the typical loving relationship be the discoverer of the cure? You are just over-justifying your god, because  the greater good could have been achieved with the unnecessary pain.

    • Drew Page

      Akin made an incredibly stupid remark.  There are some words, once spoken, that can never be forgiven or forgotten and Akin’s remarks are an example.   He should have dropped out of the race.   The same is true for Mourdock. Romney has endorsed Mourdock’s candidacy prior to those stupid remarks, but despite Romney’s own feelings on the matter, he will be tarred with the same brush as Mourdock.   Unfortunately, it is too late to replace Mourdock on the ticket prior to the election.   If questioned on the matter, Romney should say that he disagrees with Mourdock’s position, repeat his own position and move on. 

      • Michigan Mike

        Obama did not have a gaffe when he supported killing a child that lived AFTER a botched abortion. That was and is his policy. He now needs an investigation BEFORE he tells the American people HIS part in the Benghazi disaster.

        Men have been falsely accused of rape and a woman that wants an abortion can falsely claim that she was raped – some might consider these to be non- legitimate rapes. To think that someone is pro-life and pro-rape is ridiculous. Rational people should not allow such stupidity regardless of any “poor choice of words.” Sound bites should not over-ride policy.

    • Barbara Wilcox

      I respectfully disagree.  Murdock said when discussing a conception from rape that God “intended for a child to be conceived” and that is such a violation of Christian thought. James 1:13-15.  Murdock should have said God would absolutely love a child conceived by a rape and although God condemns rape as an evil act in the Mosaic laws he also gave laws to protect the unborn.   The concept that God would  “intend” anything involved with an act of rape was a horrible way to explain Christian anti-abortion views.  God is love and to focus on this aspect of his character is not only more compelling but also a truer witness of the Christian faith and why we find abortion a violation of our beliefs.

  • Mario__P


    Thank you for pointing out the obvious which the Right either defends or quietly brushes under the rug.

    Regarding that filtered out poster and his bright ethnic comment about our president, I’m glad there is a system in place to intercept such posts, but that system needs to be expanded to monitor the blog contributors. I swear I read such an accusation on one of the blogs on here written back in mid May of last year. Now where was it?

    • nickshaw

       I don’t know about the Right defending or quietly brushing stuff under the rug, Mario. Evidenced here by Bernie’s piece and the reaction to Akin’s comments. It does happen though.
      Your point is taken.

  • jujubeebee

    Akin would have won the seat with some of that RNC money and Rove superpac money.   The money abandoned Akin.   Missourians know the differences between Akin and McCaskill and what is at stake.   They needed some of the ignorant vote to put it over the top.   To say he lost the election all on his own by that one statement is making an assumption without all the variables.   The polls are close enough and a little money for ads would have put him over the top.   There are alot of people in Missouri wanting Obamacare overturned and know that Claire is dishonest~having hid her airplane to avoid paying taxes and having took millions of stimulus money for her husband’s companies.   She is running as dishonest a campaign as Obama.   To assume that he is losing because of his 6 second mistake is flat out wrong.   A little money would have put one more republican senator in office to overturn Obamacare. 

    • Mario__P

      From your post, am I to assume you believe Romney is running an honest campaign? If so, what do you think of Romney’s Jeep comment from last week in Ohio?

      “I saw a story today that one of the great manufacturers in this state, Jeep, now owned by the Italians, is thinking of moving all production to China.”

      • nickshaw

         Other than the fact that the story has been changed, that Jeep may be moving to Italy, what was wrong with that statement?
        You haven’t seen “the story”?
        Mitt didn’t make it up.

        • Mario__P

          What was wrong with Romney’s statement he gave last Thursday in Ohio about Jeep moving all of its production to China? You truly don’t see a problem with his statement? It doesn’t matter who made the original statement up; it matters that Romney repeated the lie. So, will you be OK with Obama repeating a blog that made up a lie about Romney? C’mon, get real! Making up a lie, or repeating it, is nearly the same thing. Any politician repeating lies is not running an honest campaign.

          • nickshaw

            If you had paid attention, Mitt said Chrysler was going to produce Jeeps in China (and they have made noise about European production as well). In fact, the Bloomberg article says just that, that Chrysler will re-open Chinese facilities to produce Jeeps there.
            Mitt did not say all North American production of Jeeps would be shipped to China.
            So, tell me where Mitt is making up a lie.
            Now, don’t get me wrong. A business decision to produce a product closer to the market you want to address is perfectly okay to me.
            It’s just that some would argue that this is simple out sourcing or shipping American jobs overseas.
            Mitt appears to be making this argument.
            It’s the same one libs make.
            That doesn’t make it a lie.

        • Mario__P

          nick, please stop wasting everyone’s time.

          Romney stated:

          “I saw a story today that one of the great manufacturers in this state, Jeep, now owned by the Italians, is thinking of moving ***ALL*** production to China.”

          The key word is “ALL”.

          You then say:
          “If you had paid attention, Mitt said Chrysler was going to produce Jeeps in China … Mitt did not say all North American production of Jeeps would be shipped to China.”

          Who is not paying attention? If I were you, I would just drop it, because Mitt repeated a lie on Thursday and there is no way to defend him on that, other than to claim he didn’t have his facts straight.

          • nickshaw

             You are right. he did say, all, in the video.
            I was depending on the Bloomberg article and the Romney ad.

          • Mario__P

            Thank you nick. 

        • Bob Hadley

          The info I have is that Jeep has no plans to MOVE any production or facilities to China.  Jeep is planning to create production in Chiina.  It’s the difference between addition and subtraction.

      • jujubeebee

        I was talking about Obama’s campaign….and McCaskill’s and if you would read then you would know that.  
        I will vote for Romney.     And Harry Reid gets on the floor of the senate and says Romney paid zero taxes.    You can vote your way and I will vote mine.   McCaskill basically took many MILLIONS of dollars of stimulus money for her family, voted for everything Obama 98% of the time, including Obamacare, hid her airplane to avoid paying Missouri taxes.
        I will vote for Akin.   His voting record speaks for itself versus hers.   I am not going to be taken in by the slogans and fear tactics.   I am responding on the article.   Akin is prolife and proud of it.  He votes his conscience and not what he is told to do by the cowards who control the purse strings.
        This is the SHOW ME STATE and their records are what matters….not a 6 second stupid comment.     Who they are as people matters.    Obama, BTW is a liar who has never worked a day in his life or done anything of accomplishment.

  • Dan

    Murdock’s opponent actually had Republicans doing fundraisers for him. Donelly is a Conservative Democrat.

    • Red47

      That means the RINO’s don’t like Murdock?  It doesn’t make sense for the party faithful to be actively working against control of the senate.  Maybe they weren’t Republicans?

    • Mario__P

      Link please. Or are you saying that one of Mourdock’s opponents from the Indiana primaries for the US senate, who is obviously a Republican, is doing the fundraising for Mourdock?

      But how great of an example the Mourdock story is. This just proves Bernie’s point about “really dumb conservatives”. Mourdock challenges and beats his fellow Republican Lugar for the US senate seat, even though Lugar has been one of Indiana’s senators since 1977. Mourdock then says something really dumb, which will probably cost the GOP a seat in the Senate. The Democrats could not take that senate seat from the Republicans for decades, but a dummy from the GOP does it for them. How brilliant! 

  • EddieD_Boston

    I agree Bernie that some of these devout Christians/Catholics are over the top with their “God’s plan” foolishness.

    Republicans HAVE to be much more careful with what they say b/c the media is lying in wait for anything they can use to prove how evil conservatives are.

    Sometimes it’s better to just shut the F up.

    • Red47

       Besides, he got the theological point wrong. 

  • Royalsfan67

    Where these very religious republicans are messing up is by portraying God as having a plan for everything and nothing on earth happens outside of his plan. I am not overly religious but was raised in the church and am a believer in God. But I don’t ever remember the bible teaching that God commanded every single thing that happened on earth. We turn off voters with these attitudes. Most people believe in free will and determination. I can’t fathom God having a plan for a woman to be raped or any of the other horrible things that happen on this planet.
    All you have to say is every life is sacred, or all children are children of God, as soon as you say God has a reason for a woman to be raped you lose all credibility with 80% of the population, not a smart plan for someone running for office.

  • Wheels55

    Unfortunately, religious thought seems dopey these days. It should just be religious based thought that one can take or leave. But nobody wants to just leave that thought process alone. I think that is dopey. I think this whole P.C. world is dopey.

  • Farthgum


  • Donnie

     Then came another religious right genius – Republian Richard Murdock

    It’s spelled Republican, let’s not give them ammo.   😀 – lova ya Bernie.

  • RonKean

    Akin’s tied with McCaskill in the polls.  He said something crazy, walked it back, and still can’t remove the stain.  Sad.   

  • Brandt Hardin

    If Obama loses this election, you can blame/thank the Right for bamboozling him.  How is it ethical that an entire news network questions the President’s citizenship for four years to create doubt in voters while a fringe element of the far right demonizes and degrades him?  Most of this is financed by the rich who want to keep their stranglehold on the flow of wealth in our country.

  • Bob Hadley

    “…I’m embarrassed by how dumb some of the anti-Obama conservatives can be. They give liberals ammo to say we’re all that way.”

    Hmmm.  Isn’t it like when you say on Fox News or write on this website “liberals think this, liberals think that, liberals say this because, liberals say that because, liberals, liberals, liberals….”?

    Yes, there’s enough hypocrisy on both sides to choke a horse.

    BTW, you cited only two of the prominent right-wing crazies.  There are many more.  And Gov. Romney has pandered to the right-wing crazies

    • nameless

      You’re a liberal so everyone to the right of Howard Dean is crazy to you. Honestly I would love to split up the country in half. Give one half to conservatives and give the other half to liberals, see who would survive.

      • nameless

        P.S. Just because you claim to be independent and not an idelogue doesn’t mean you aren’t one. Admit it, you are a true blue Massachusetts type liberal (those people make me want throw up). Go to move to Europe where your type belong.

        • Bob Hadley

          Yes, I bet you’d love to live in a place where you didn’t have to think.  For you it ‘s much more a matter of feeling and belief than of thinking.

      • Bob Hadley

        Thank-you for your revealing comment.  Howard Dean devotees and the like often consider me conservative.  They make the same mistake you make:  if you’re not on their side, then you’re way over on the other side. 
        Ideologues like you, see only two colors – black and white.  Whatever is not black is white, and whatever is not white is black.

        I am independent and not an ideologue, but yes, I’m more left-of-center than right-of-center.  Surely you’re able to keep two competing thoughts in mind  at the same time?

    • Drew Page

      Who do you suppose Obama panders to Bob?   Is the Messiah above pandering?   And how often do you refer to conservatives as “right wing crazies” ?   I count at least twice in the last paragraph of your post.  

      • Bob Hadley

        President Obama didn’t have to do nearly as much pandering to left-wing crazies because he didn’t have competition in the primaries.  And there’s less left-wing crazies in the political arena. 

        And I distinguish between conservatives and right-wing crazies.  Believe it or not, I consider the conservative as somewhat of a honorific moniker.  Traditional conservative thought is honorific.  It contribute to onstructive dialogue or dialectics.

        Tradional liberal thought contributs too constructive dialogue.  It’s unfortunate that the Right has made liberal into a bad word, beginning with Pres. Reagan.

  • Patrick H

    Let’s not forget the always provocative blonde  Ann Coulter who tweeted the R-word three time this week referring to Democrats including one tweet in which she called the POTUS the R-word. Honestly, why do people give Ann so much attention? I mean, I get feeling that she says those crazy things to get attention and publicity. Frankly, if everyone ignored her and didn’t react, she’d probably waste away like Roger Chillingsworth did in The Scarlett Letter.

    • Bob Hadley

      “…why do people give Ann so much attention? I mean, I get feeling that she says those crazy things to get attention and publicity.”

      You just answered your own question.  Having Coulter on gets ratings.  

      Bill O’Reilly spoke more truth than he intended when, in rersponse to an atheist chastizing O’Reilly for being bombastic for the sake of ratings, he once quipped, “If there were no ratings, there’d be no God.” 

  • Mark

    I am a conservative and I think Sean Hannity is as bad as MSNBC.  Stupid for Fox to not have a liberal on with him, just feeds the stereotype of the FNC.

    • Wheels55

      He used to be Hannity & Colmes. Colmes is one of the biggest liberal windbags ever. I think Hannity was just getting too many headaches (or was it Colmes getting the headaches?).

      • metheoldsarge

        I happen to like Allen Colmes. In the Detroit area we have a Conservative station and also a Liberal one and I have heard just as much hate speech coming from both of them on a daily basis. They are not just local people. Many of the people that have shows on both stations are nationally syndicated so I am sure that their voices are heard across the country. These are where people like Rush Limbaugh, Bill Maher and Ed Schultz can spew their verbal hate garbage on a national level. Allen Colmes is a true professional. I have heard people call his show and identify themselves as Conservative. If they are respectful, he treats them with respect. He does not talk down or at them. He will talk with them and he will not put anyone down or use name calling just because they do not agree with his Liberal views. For that he has my respect and admiration.

    • metheoldsarge

      I did some research on FOX too and they are really no different from the rest of the media. All you have to do is look up who owns them. Australian Globalist billionaire, Rupert Murdoch along with Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal control FOX network. They allow just a little more than other networks, but when people like Judge Andrew Napolitano start getting too close to THE TRUTH, they cancel his program Freedom Watch. ~ I now have added FOX to the trash-heap of controlled media!
      Bottom Line: Today’s media programing is more for ENTERTAINMENT than information!

  • Mary Lou

    Yes, there are extreme conservativs. But I’m not impressed, Bernie, with your lack of understanding of what Mourdock was actually saying. And, of course, the MSM was/is far more clueless. Perhaps you should read this. It’ll give you some very good hints about what you (and they) missed:

    • Patrick H

      “I know what he means about human life being sacred and and the fetus
      being innocent and all that. But, sorry, the comment comes off as
      really, really dopey.   It didn’t help that he’s the only Senate
      candidate Romney made a commercial for.”

      Yeah it seems to me that Bernie understands what Murdock was intending to say, however it does come off dopey and with “that it is something that God intended to happen”, he didn’t make it clear as to whether or not he was referring to the rape or the life. Also, even if he was referring to the life which I know it was what he was trying to say, it begs the question: Did God also intend for the life of the child to be given by rape to happen? Honestly, it’s just too easily set into a theological debate which is why I’m so glad that Rick Santorum did not get the nomination or we would have heard about this nonstop and Santorum couldn’t as easily brush off Atkin or Murdock as Romney could.

    • Hamiltos12

       It doesn’t matter what Mourdock said, or even what he meant.  The point of the article is that conservatives keep giving the Dems ammunition and then wonder why they get eviscerated in the liberal media.   DOH.

      • nickshaw

         Frankly, if a conservative never made a “dopey” comment and even agreed with some of their platform, libs would make stuff up, Ham.
        That’s PMSNBC’s whole reason for being!

  • Peter the Average

    Dumb things to say or maybe just dumb ways of saying things but Mourdock will probably still win in Indiana and Akin might actually pull off a win in MO – it is highly unlikely though and had he not said what he said he’d almost certainly be beating McCaskill handily.  It doesn’t help that the right wing politicians do have a hostile media that will trumpet their missteps while downplaying those of the left.  The leftists do have an advantage in deviousness, our guys are sometimes too mouthy.

  • Trae Thompson

    What’s your point? That there are ignorant people out there who are Republicans? Come on Bernie. This isn’t breaking news. Ignorance isn’t confined to a particular party.

  • RewardOrPunish

    I have no idea what to say when “Neanderthal” like comments are made.

    We just need to focus on everything else. All I can say is I had high hopes for “Change” and “Hope” and have been so disappointed that the middle class has been hurt so much. As someone that lives in California, the Democrats do not pay attention to what is ruining California (look at how ~80% of movies are now made outside of California!)

    But I do hope that Romney can bring our economy back, bring pride back to our citizenry and military after our Consultate was attacked and our people killed while a “cover story” was created and military leaders were demoted. 

    I’ve never been so disappointed in a President (I couldn’t stand W, so this is a stretch) as I have been with the frittering economy… and am just suddenly frantic about getting someone else in after Terrorists are allowed to do whatever they want without using our US Military to save our own. 

    So let’s focus on rebuilding America, bringing jobs and energy production (and build the necessary refineries — which will be the first to be built since 1974!) and not allow China to overrun us as they have for decades, etc, etc, etc. 

    Thanks for reading and for your wonderful writing and speaking engagements.

  • 44ddl

    I wish these GOP candidates would just keep their mouth shut. Romney repeal Obama Care with a Democrat Senate. I still think throwing Akin under the bus was a bad idea. Despite his “awkward” remark; he could beat McCaskill with support from the GOP.

    • Bill

      Insert “can’t” between “Romney” and “Obama care”. :)

  • Patrick H

     If I were Richard Murdock, I would drop out of the race now and quit while I was behind. As for Todd Atkin, I would have quit back in August after that comment. They’re both lost causes.

    • Bill

      20 bucks says Mrdock will win and Akin still is in the ballgame.

      • Patrick H

         Are you kidding me? There is absolutely no chance that either Atkin or Murdock are going to recover from those gaffes. Who wants to vote for the guy who said something like “legtimate rape” or “God intended those rapes” or something like that?

      • Daniel Hoffman4

        Donelly is a conservative Democrat who actually had Republicans holding fundraisers for him. I actually live in Indiana. Murdock is a joke.

        • Bill

          Conservative Democrat? (lol). Will Donelly vote to repeal Obama Care???????

  • Dachief629

    Some people need a pat on the head… With a hammer. Like me. I’m a person who thinks roughly the same way as the knuckle-heads you named. But here’s the difference-that lil thing that filters speech before it pops out the pie-hole? Yeah, I don’t have that, and I know it. Therefore, I sit in my basement, with my tin-foil hat pinned tightly to my head, and scream at my tv. Then, when my liberal friends, the BOTH of them, and I have a discussion, I use my Lib/Con talking point flash cards, and mock them when they lose their shi-er-stuff. Just don’t tell nobody, ‘kay?

  • mcsegeek1

    Bernie, they’re not conservatives — just uneducated hicks. While liberalism is a FEELING man’s philosophy, conservatism is a THINKING man’s philosophy.  You should know that.

    • Patrick H

       They may be uneducated hicks, but one of them is an uneducated hick of a senator candidate backed by the Family Research Council (Todd Atkin).

  • Paul Courtney

    Bernie:  Not me, of course.  By which, of course, you mean me.  S’okay, it fits.  My excuse for being an idiot is, our system has only two parties, and Dems have purged conservatives quite effectively, leaving me with Rs.  All sorts of Rs.  I’m not inclined to kick Akin and Mourdock out (as if) because of that “sacred” thing, though I wish people who want to be Senators were more proficient with the language.  As for the last guy, he’s out, he should not be saying such ugly things about Arabs!

  • Hamiltos12

    Many people have no idea what it takes to win an election … like keeping your mouth shut on contentious issues like abortion ( which is not even an issue!)  I’m a conservative but I cringe every time the religious zealots grab a microphone.  

  • WhiteShadow

    Unfortunately, you are correct. We are our own worst enemy.

  • Russell West

    If you spend any time on the Message boards and blogs, you find there is plenty of “extreme” stupid to go around. What is surprising is when you find it in public office!

  • Charles Ivie

    Some of these folks are genuinely stupid but I suspect that some are liberal plants that want to make conservatives look dumb.  

  • wally

    Reading blogs that allow comments, you read all sorts of drivel and slanders.

  • Mhschneider4

    Gosh, he sounds like a Colbert, Stewart, Maher watcher except on the other side.

    • Mick Pyle


  • J

    Nice hedging in advance of the massive loss next week Bernie. Well played. 

    • fly892

       Idiots are people too…lol

    • EddieD_Boston

      You’re kidding right? Sorry buddy but Obama is d-o-n-e. The first debate put Romney even and the lying and cover-up over the murders in Lybia put the nail in Obama’s coffin.

      Even in liberal MA I don’t know too many people who want to see another 4 years of his fool.

    • michael lofrano

      UNINSTALLING OBAMA…..…………. █████████████▒▒▒ 92%  COMPLETE