Romney’s Clone Wars — and Ours

The funny thing about the 13 primary debates that the Republicans have held so far is that it has taken so many for us to learn anything. During his post-debate show last Thursday, Sean Hannity admitted to Mitt Romney that he hadn’t realized — until the former governor said so in this very last debate before the Iowa caucuses — that during the governor’s time in office, the Massachusetts legislature was “85 percent Democrat.” (Not to mention the fact that, frequently, the Republicans weren’t very good allies.) If that was news to a professional politics-watcher, then you can bet (how does $10,000 sound?) that Sean is not alone. And the information about the Massachusetts legislature is important, because it gives us a more accurate picture of Romney’s record, and sheds light on both the compromises he made and those he refused to make.

That last debate before Iowa was also the first time in this campaign that Romney told the story not only of his pro-life conversion, but of the radicalism that forced the issue.

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