Romney: Hot and Cold on Global Warming

Willard Mitt Romney these days could not be more explicit about abandoning President Obama’s carbon dioxide restrictions.

“Irresponsibly,” Romney wrote in an August 28 op-ed for the Foster’s Daily Democrat in New Hampshire, “the EPA declared carbon dioxide, the same carbon dioxide that humans exhale, to be a ‘pollutant’ that poses risks to human health.” He also observed: “Congress had the good sense not to compound our economic challenges by imposing cap-and-trade’s extraordinary costs on the American people.”

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  • Eduardo

    I have the same pelobrm with this as I have with virtually all global warming studies–the unrecognized, unsupported assumptions. As Tom astutely points out, we have a logic pelobrm here–correlation is not causation. There is a rise in CO2 at roughly the same time as a rise in temperatures, therefore the rise in CO2 caused the rise in temperatures?Sorry, they flunk Logic 101.