Romney vs. the Other Candidates

Does anyone out “there” get the feeling that we’re being pushed to vote for Romney in the primary?   Are you having your arm twisted?  That’s because the elitists want you to think that nobody but Romney can possible beat Obama.  Personally I think ANY of the candidates running for the nomination could beat Obama.  Even that proverbial yellow dog that I’ve heard about all my life could beat him.  Oh wait…I KNOW a yellow dog.  Her name is Annabelle.  I also know two cockapoos – one white and one black – Jammer and Allie – that could probably beat the Marxist-in-Chief, hands down.  I mean paws down!  Arf…arf…!!!

I’m sick to death of Romney being promoted over all the other promising candidates.

Geeezzzz I remember a few weeks ago on Bill O’Reilly’s show how he acted one night when Dick Morris was his guest. Dick was asked to give his opinion about the various candidates.  He did!  However, when he got to the last two on his list, Herman Cain and one other, whose name I don’t remember, or probably never heard, because Bill burst into uncontrollable, hysterical laughter at the mention of Herman Cain, and the very thought that Cain could be a viable candidate.  Of course now that Herman Cain is either ahead of, or tied with, Romney in the polls, O’Reilly can’t ignore him anymore.  It’s obvious that he doesn’t like him.  But he has to eat crow now or else.  He has to give him credit where credit is due, but it looks like it chokes him to say it.

It won’t work to try to push Romney on everyone.  All of us have our favorite candidate, whether it’s Cain or somebody else, who we will vote for, no matter how hard our arm is twisted.

Hey Bill,

Here’s a recipe for crow.  Have fun.

Potted Crow

6 crows
3 bacon slices
stuffing of your choice
1 diced carrot
1 diced onion
chopped parsley
hot water or stock
1/4 cup shortening
1/4 cup flour
buttered toast

Clean and dress crows; stuff and place them upright in
stew-pan on
the slices of bacon. Add the carrot, onion and a
little parsley,
and cover with boiling water or stock.

Cover the pot and let simmer for 2-3 hours, or until
tender, adding
boiling water or stock when necessary.

Make a sauce of the shortening and flour and 2 cups of
the stock
remaining in the pan.

Serve each crow on a thin slice of moistened toast,
and pour gravy
over all.

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  • Bob C

    Herman Cain has come under considerable scrutiny lately as all Presidential contenders should. Some of the scrutiny is justified. I think the scrutiny helps the candidates to solidify their positions and clarify the message they want to communicate. But Mr. Cain has come under much ridicule because he hasn’t sought the Presidency the way he is “suppose to” and that is what really sticks in the craw of people like Carl Rove and Bill O’ Reilly ( more so because he is doing well in the polls). I will admit I am a big Herman Cain fan. I like the man and his politics. I for one do not want another Machine Politician occupying the White House or any office for that matter. I think that the fear of someone like Cain is that if he wins the Presidency doing it his way he won’t be beholding to the “Good Ole Boys and Girls”. And that my friends scare the Hell out of The Establishment (to use a 60’s term). In retrospect the one thing I liked about Obama was the hope that he was going to be a better President in terms of openness and honest. That hope was dashed very quickly.

    My second favorite is Newt Gingrich, Newt is the smartest guy in the room period, and I like much of his New Contract with America. Gingrich’s problem is going to be his baggage. My humbled advise to Newt is to talk and write about these issues now so that when it come up as it surely will it is “Old News”.

    Occupy Wall Street (OWS) or Where-Ever has gained a lot of press coverage, much more that the Tea Party did. Maybe OWS is more interesting to cover and appeals to the Left leaning press. I think OWS have some valid points and perfectly understandable criticisms of Wall Street and the Government. They have just seemed somehow to forgotten that it was the Presidents and Congress that gave the Wall Street Socialists the big bail outs. This week I heard an analyst (sorry I forgot his or her name) that said something like “Wall Streets types are Capitalist when it come to profits and Socialists when it come to losses”. That about says it all, except that they need a willing and richly funded tax-payer Government to make the Socialist part work. I think OWS should be more upset with our Government than the Wall Street Socialist. Lets face it, did we expect the Wall Street Socialist to turn down the offer of a bail-out? Wall Street types only serve one master and that master is Greed.

    I do not have an axe to grind concerning Perry or Romney to me they are just the same old thing that has been shoved down our throat year after year. They both like to have the “position of the moment” if you get my drift. Honestly, the way I feel now is that if my choice is Perry or Romney v. Obama I think I’ll go fishing on Election Day. This sounds like a radical position and I admit it is but maybe this country needs to take a real beating before we turn things around.

    • Nancye

      Bob said:

      But Mr. Cain has come under much ridicule because he hasn’t sought the Presidency the way he is “suppose to” and that is what really sticks in the craw of people like Carl Rove and Bill O’ Reilly ( more so because he is doing well in the polls). I will admit I am a big Herman Cain fan. I like the man and his politics.


      I love your entire post but this is my favorite comment. :)


    Is this possible?. Straight shooting Herman Cain as President, with Mewt Gingrich as VP to chart the ways through Washington. Refreshing?

  • Mitt Fan

    I disagree with your article. I watch Fox/Hannity daily and they push Cain more than any other canidate. Cain seems to be a guest on their channel weekly. After watching all of the debates, it is obvious to me that Romney is out of the other candidate’s league as far as intellegence, articulation, grasp of the important issues, proven record of ability to get positive things done. I can’t understand why all the Romney bashing? I would be proud to have him as the President of this great nation and I believe he can restore our economic and military strength, along with strong family values.

    • Nancye

      Then watch O’Reilly. It pains him to give Cain his due. He’s Mitt all the way. To each his own.

  • Barry Powell

    The fix is really in. O’Reilly used to quote the Zogby Poll all the time. He ignores it now that Cain is at 45% and Romney is at 21%!

  • Timothy

    Yes, this is true, but Goldberg is one of the people who are doing this. Fox has shown that it is nothing but a shill for Romney. Watch what happens if they manage to get their Romney to win, there is going to be a lot of people who will decide they cannot vote for him because of a few reasons. They feel Romney is not much better than Obama, so why get the blame, and second because the establishment is almost as bad as the liberals. We have not forgotten Bush.

    You guys are pushing Cain because you know he cannot run against Romney in the primary, and he will be easy to destroy.

    You do not want Rick Perry because he does not fit your moderate mode. Perry has the right plan, a flat tax is the best idea, and if what we are hearinjg is correct Perry’s plan is going to be very good. Perry will fight for a balanced budget amendment, this is something we need very bad. Perry will try to get rid of all earmarks, this will help with spending. Perry’s energy plan is bar none the best out of everybodies. The energy plan alone would be a shot in the arm towards recovery. Oils prices effect every aspect of our economy. Most important, Perry has the record. He has not backed down while taking heat on his positions. He will get the Latino vote in numbers no other candidate can get. He does not pander to people with the border fence even though most people with a brain know that one will never be built because of all kinds of reason such as national partk and river being on the border. Plus there are people who own some of that land that will not want it built. You establishment types keep trying to tell people Perry is against the fence but he is not, he wants to build a fence on parts it makes sense to build a fence.

    You keep saying his in-state policy cost the tax payers money, but it does not. These children only pay the same rate as all students, this is not money spent but money lost. Its not really lost because these kids would never go to school if they had to pay the full rate. Romney lies once against, but you guys call it good debate skill. Do you really believe peoplke are that dumb. Romney cannot run against Obama because he is Obama lite.

    • Nancye

      Although Cain is my favorite at the present time, I’m not against Perry. He seems to be making a come back now, so who knows…

      • Susan Tenofsky

        Word is that Perry wants to destroy Romney and take him down with him as they tear each other apart. If that occurs, I won’t vote for most electable, Romney, but will change to my favorite candidate, Newt Gingrich. Others are too conservative or pretend to be.

  • DOOM161

    I know that the liberal media would love for Romney to win the nomination. That should tell you something.

  • Skip

    EAting CROW might give him to much slack for his moronic dribble he spews nightly.

  • john in dallas

    No, I don’t think there is pressure to vote for Gov. Romney and I don’t think it’s an elitist versus populist thing. The fact is the polls show that Romney has the best chance to beat Obama, because he will appeal better to the Independents who will decide the election. It’s still early; the election is about a year away; a lifetime in politics.

  • Shirl

    It doesn’t matter who wins the primary, voters will not stay home because too much is at stake and OMG (Obama must go).

  • Shirl

    Yes, I believe we are being pushed to vote for Romney, but it will not work this time. The voters will ultimately decide for themselves because so much is at stake. But regardless who wins the primary, the voters will also not sit home because OMG=Obama Must Go!

  • therealguyfaux

    What if Romney is the Republican-candidate version of Churchill’s democracy, i.e. the worst thing possible, except for all the others? Anyone who would stay home, and not vote to oust Obama by voting for Romney, is the proverbial spiteful nose-cutter. I laugh when when I hear people talk about how the MSM want to “pick our candidates for us.” Such people sound like Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies: “If he’s a-fer it, I’m agin it, and if he’s agin it, I’m a-fer it!” The media are just a political version of the sportscaster Jim Rome, in that all they want to do is to stir up trouble with a “Let’s you and him fight, I’ll hold your coats!”-approach.

  • bill

    Nancy, you’ve proven once again that proofreading is a thing of the past.

  • robin in fl

    ditto to everything she (Nancye) said..well except for the crow recipe..YUK,never ate a crow and don’t really want to start now..besides I kinda’ like crows..but otherwise I agree ….at least now i know if times every get real bad i will know how to cook a crow :)

  • Cmacrider

    Ms. Ault:
    Your article is brief and right on point. As a Canadian, indulge me if I make a few comments respecting the Republican primaries:
    1. With the numerous nationally televised debates, I suggest this has created a fundamental change in the primaries. That is, instead of it being a process of individual state polls in which the early primaries dictate the outcome, the debates have turned into into a national primary in which the nations preferences in nominees is heavily influencing the straw polls which occurred in the individual states. Since Herman Cain has done well in the debates (generally speaking) the foregoing explains his spike in the polls in particular states. Note even in Iowa he is doing well even though he doesn’t have the equivilent ground team of other candidates.
    2. This series of nationally televised debates is minimizing the influence of the so called “Republican Establishment” much to the consternation of O’Reilly as you correctly point out.
    3. For what it is worth, I think that the so called “Bill Buckley Rule” doesn’t apply when the United States is suffering both from an economic malaise and a decline is world prestige. I think the general public is looking for a paradigm shift … hence Cain “bold plan” namely 999 is resonating with the Republican electorate.

    • phlymgrym

      Cmac, I don’t know how representative I may be, but your #3 point is spot on! This constitutes an existential condition to those I know. People are not likely to conform to norms of the past. Agree on #1 & #2 as well. Good points.

  • RecknHavic

    Good article.

    Yes, they (the MSM, the Left, the proverbial powers that be) want Romney for exactly the opposite reason they claim: they know he can be beaten.

  • John in MA

    I think the media always pushes candidates. Whether the elitists “push” is debatable, as their only “tool” is money and ad buys. So far the ad buys seem nonexistent. And the media campaign is still a little mixed between Romney and Huntsman. But the best news is that regardless of the media “push”, neither of those two have changed in the polls to any statistical significance. So, it is moot, yes?