Ron Paul’s Message

Let us stipulate that Ron Paul is a highly imperfect messenger. He has all too frequently trafficked in conspiracy theories; his justifiable caution about government can veer uncomfortably close to paranoia. He has not had a truly convincing explanation for how his name ended up attached to newsletters in the 1980s that contained racist and anti-Semitic writings. And some of his advisers and associates have more than dubious backgrounds.

Let us also stipulate that Paul is not going to be the Republican nominee for president. If he wins Iowa, as polls now indicate is possible, he may well run second in New Hampshire, further deflating Newt and guaranteeing a long, drawn-out primary process. But after that, it’s hard to see where Paul wins outside of some western caucus states. And if he does stay near the front of the pack, the full weight of the Republican establishment will descend on him with a wrath hitherto unseen.

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  • The Father

    So what if he makes anti-semetic views. 1 out of 8 Jews are actually Israelite and the rest is not even but they all in the holy land. When anyone claims they are related to any of Bibical prophets the Jews don’t want to hear it. The Jews act like they and only they are chosen when scripture says a multitude great shall be saved. So not only the Jews are God’s chosen people. So they can take a hike. Ron Paul speaks more truth than any other congressman and has been there longer than most of them. Ron Paul knows what he is talking about.

  • Jason

    I agree with Jay!!
    Ron Paul 2012

  • Jay

    Despite the condescension of beltway libertarians like Michael Tanner and Nick “I’m so hip” Gillespie, as well as the anti-intellectual carping of the big government Republicans at the NRO editorial board, Ron Paul IS an acceptable candidate and millions will vote for him.

    The real fact is that Ron Paul has done more for liberty and less government in the last seven years than National Review or Cato has done in many decades.

    Paul has awakened a new generation of young people to the need for greater individual liberty, economic freedom, less war and smaller government – and these young people do not read NRO (and certainly won’t now).

    Paul has also awakened no small number of older folks like me who have been long time NR and NRO readers and who are only lately realizing how we have been lied to by an endless string of self professed “conservative” writers and commentators who have done little more than shill for Republican-brand big government.