Rubio Reaches for Water — Crime of the Century

Rubio WaterIn 1983, when the outrageously flamboyant Edwin Edwards was running for governor of Louisiana he joked with reporters that “The only way I can lose this election is if I’m caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy.”  He wasn’t caught with either, and as predicted, he won.

Now it appears that there’s another way to lose an election, even when you’re not running for anything.  All you have to do is reach a little too far for a sip of water while you’re making a speech on national television.

No explanation is necessary, I suppose.  Everyone by now knows about Marco Rubio’s gaffe during his response to the president’s State of the Union speech.  And yes, my conservative friends, it was a gaffe.  A rookie mistake.  If you’re going to drink water during a speech, have it somewhere in the same zip code.

But this gaffe had absolutely nothing to do with the content of the speech.  Unfortunately, nobody remembers very much about the content of the speech.  All they remember is the awkward reach for a sip of water.

Yes, we are all inhabitants of an incredibly shallow culture, where such trivia is considered newsworthy.  Before you could say “Watergate,”  MSNBC ran the clip 155 times.  CNN ran it 34 times.  Fox ran it a mere 12 times.

Even the serious journalists said stupid things.  While Wolf Blitzer incredibly wondered, “So, can a drink of water make or break a political career?” the CNN graphic at the bottom of the screen that said:  “Career ender?” After a while, CNN said they were just having fun.  Sure.

Brian Williams, the NBC anchor, called the sip, the televised moment from last night that just might live on forever.”  He may be right.  But what he didn’t say is that if it does live on forever it will be because people like Brian Williams have decided that it needs to live on forever.

Then, as is often the case, the video clip made its way from the mainstream media to the TV comedians, with Leno, Letterman, Stuart, Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel all getting into the act.

Kimmel asked, “Why was the water so far away? It would have been less awkward if [Rubio] reached down the front of his pants to get it.”  Letterman ran a picture of Rubio (the one above) with the caption: “That looks presidential, right?”

The next day, the network news morning shows ran a montage of the clips from the TV comedians the night before.  So let’s review:  the so-called mainstream media have a field day with trivial incident which then gets picked up by the TV comics, which then gets picked up by the so-called mainstream media, which made something out of nothing to begin with.  Eventually it seeps into the bloodstream of the American electorate, which is probably what this fascination with water was all about in the first place.

But the fascination with an incident that in other times wouldn’t even qualify as inconsequential, does tell us something quite consequential about today’s media.

First, it’s a safe bet that if their hero, President Obama, had reached for water in the exact same awkward way Marco Rubio did, the same gang would have praised him for being cool.  “He was thirsty,” Brian Williams, a big fan of the president, might have said, “so he reached for a bottle of water and took a sip.  What a guy!”

A few days before the incident, Time magazine put Marco Rubio on its cover with the headline “The Republican Savior.”  Rule of thumb:  When you’re a conservative and gain that kind of traction, when liberals in and out of the media begin to fear your influence, that’s when they’ll go after you.  They’ll even try to turn a reach for a sip of water into “Watergate.”

But this tells us something else unflattering about today’s media.  It tells us how incredibly shallow they can be.  This is the same crowd that barely touched the Benghazi story even though four Americans, including our ambassador to Libya, were killed.  That didn’t interest them very much.  Rubio’s water gaffe does.

And trust me on this:  It’s not over.  If Marco Rubio decides to run for president in 2016, you will be seeing his reach for that water bottle over and over and over again on television.  And there will be pundits who question whether a man who made such a terrible mistake could possibly make prudent decisions in the Oval office.

Remember: They only go after those they fear, the ones with influence.  And only if they’re conservative Republicans.  Otherwise you would have heard a lot more about those 57 states that Barack Obama campaigned in.

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  • 1Haole_Boy

    ‘CRIME OF THE CENTURY’ FOR SIPPING WATER? I wonder what the press would have said had he taken a swig of a 32 ounce Big-Gulp!! Would that have been political suicide? Would Bloomberg’s NYC jailed him had he taken that 32 ounce Gulp in New York? Hmmmmmmmm!!!! Junk food for thought!!

  • Stephen Boone

    Somehow when a young girl was “faint” and Barack Obama said to “give her some air” and said for someone to bring her a drink of water it wasn’t news. Then when he repeated ( sorry STAGED) the EXACT SAME “Event” at not one, not 2 or 3 but at EIGHT CONSECUTIVE RALLIES…it was never mentioned by the old guard media. That’s right, America, EIGHT RALLIES IN A ROW a young girl down near the front “felt faint” and the wise and wonderful Obama noticed and sent her a drink of that living water, that holy fluid that is El Caca Del Toro, i.e. phony fake silly made up reality a la Barack. And not ONCE was it mentioned. Not only not on the “old guard, the so-called Mainstream Media — but not here in this column, not on Fox News not ANYWHERE because our idea of “fairness” is similar to the Democrat idea of affirmative action. The only way we KNOW “We” are “being fair” is if we LOSE. duh.

  • BrianFruman

    Well It has been predicted that Rubio could get up to 48 percent Hispanic Vote. Certainly Florida would be assured. So the argument that because he is Cuban he will not relate to Mexicans is ridiculous. He speaks fluent Spanish, shares an immigrant history, and is working to get immigration the main issue solved and off the table for 2016. Here is the thing Romney conveyed a message of self-deportation which left a bad taste in the mouth of the Latino community. because even Latinos who are here legally can sympathize with the plight of other people they may know. It is good the left are scared of him and they should be. If the 48 percent is correct it changes the leverage across the country. I know that people think Hillary will run but think about this she already lost to a minority candidate. So let her run in 2016 and loose again to a GOP minority candidate.

  • Dusty Thompson

    When will you realize these people are America’s enemies…

  • Wheels55

    The mainstream media has figured out where they can make the most noise – by knocking conservatives for any and everything. Why else would Al Sharptongue have a news-like TV show that makes fun of conservatives?

  • 49corvette

    Bernie—Got some good , out loud , horse laughs from this article—the lucid , dead on , marrow pithiness , is your sharp point—Laser Beam Accurate—next : tackle or equal O’Reilly’s suits and ties / make-up man , and you are Home Free—Truthfully : You are more than likely the most accurate / “Most Trusted Man in America” since Cronkite—stay wedged in on FOX—my2cents—thanx for reading


    saying the constitution is a charter of negitive libritys,,witch the Anti-American Pres said,,in his first term,,means nothing,,to any one,,and bottled water is a crime,,or to even talk,,or me writting about this,,we might as well change the name Washington D.C to Moscow,,where the cremlin the Pres would stay,,and give assinine talk,,about this,,and inportance of this over Bengizie,,16 trillion dollar dept,,crime at an all time high,,gas prices going to over 4 dollars a gallon..because people feel they have no hope,,and where congress asked for pay raise,,during the leader of the Senent wont let anything go through,,of any type of help for Americans..and they allways take a stance of whats the opist of anything,,talked about,,means Ribio,,should have choked,, and stood there and looked like an itiot,,because he cant talk,,because of a dry mouth..Bottled water is the crime of all American,, least we know where prioritys shoud be..this is the dumbist thing ive ever writtin about..or thought about..someone give me a white jacket please,,so i learn where priortys should be..

  • sodak

    He is a threat and they know it. Expect the coordinated, silly attacks to continue.

  • Phmokda

    They are trying to paint him already as an amateur and knucklehead. Just like they were able to define Romney early on as rich, cold, insensitive, and anti-women.

  • Ruth Kolta

    Truly still continuing the slobbering love affair. So sad

  • Sk

    Bernie, the earth and water are desperation attempts at the failing and bankrupt-ing media companies being run by not too bright liberals who are so narcist they think they are heaven’s messengers and think ordinary Americans can’t think for themselves.

  • Scott Jones

    One of your best OReilly segments yet. Great job.

  • tb thomas

    I thought Rubio’s gesture was the most refreshingly spontaneous thing I’ve seen since Joe Wilson called Obama a liar in an earlier address to Congress. And while I’m about it, I wish a few of these up and coming office holders would come up with a new idea for a lapel pin. As far as I’m concerned, the obligatory US flag on a politician’s lapel just stands for “Hypocritical Two-Faced Liar”.

    How about “Don’t Tread on Me!”?

    • Wheels55

      That moment did make Rubio seem more mainstream normal than Washington robot.

  • Roadmaster

    Well, Bernie, you and many others nail these slobbering Obama lovers, every single time, but we never see any relief from their corruption. What do we have to do to make them accountable? Their lousy business model (insult customers’ intelligence) should have bankrupted them years ago, yet here we are, still enduring their “pretend” news. My local paper is reduced to giving away half their press run, just to keep circulation from dropping through the floor. And the local TV idiots are just as biased – all lefty, all the time. Apparently when we turn off the boob tube, it doesn’t make a “click” loud enough for them to hear.

  • bigmike

    America is screwed.

  • Shane

    More evidence that the news media has a strong liberal bias. What would Democrats do without the news and entertainment media in their pockets?

  • Jhag39

    Yet another example of the MSM ‘s selective “journalism”. After allowing President Clinton to pass water on the Constitution, they freak out over a conservative taking a sip of bottled water. Shameful !

  • Iklwa

    A friend of mine once told me, “You can tell how close you are to the target by the amount of ack-ack they put up.”

    In other words: If you’ve really got ‘em scared, they’ll scream like school girls about anything to change the subject.

    None, I repeat none of those listed commentators addressed any of the subject matter contained in Rubio’s speech.

    We shouldn’t be too surprised. It’s the same sort of critique they give the President’s speeches. It’s all about the “style” and nothing to do with the substance.

    For instance: I seem to recall a State of the Union speech wherein Obama said something about building a high speed rail link from coast to coast within a decade (or some equally foolish time frame). It was hailed as “visionary” and “far thinking” at the time.

    It was also forgotten as soon as the echoes off of the teleprompter died away.

  • Jane Scroggins

    So his reach looked a bit awkward? So what? Since when is reaching for a sip of water when giving a speech a bad thing? I think the left is so afraid of Marco they have to ridicule him since they have no answers to any real issues!

  • Wheels55

    Politics has become childish. Just like the kid who tries to be cool by making fun of another classmate, the news people, entertainers and even (gasp) politicians look for anything to embarrass the other guy – as a way to deflect from their own problems. When was the last time these media giants praised Obama or others in Washington for something truly worth praise? … I hear crickets.

  • lsal

    Two thoughts one, The number one Democratic weapon is Character assassination It has now started on Rubio. Two, how little they think about what is being said. The water bottle incident dominated
    the conversation, not either one of the speeches. Shallow gives them to much credit

  • sjangers

    The water incident was hardly newsworthy. Under ordinary circumstances, at most it would have drawn a brief mention and an image or two, perhaps repeated a couple of times during the course of the news day, and a few late night jokes; nothing more.

    That this incident got so much play tells us that the mainstream media doesn’t like Rubio, they fear his ability to connect with and bring his message to a majority of Americans, and they are perfectly willing to take advantage of an opportunity to try to make him look ridiculous in the hope of discrediting him and his message. It’s bitterly partisan activity from a supposedly unbiased news media. And while the blatant bias is a bit unusual, it’s really not all that surprising to those of us who have been paying attention in recent years to how the news is reported.

  • robin in fl

    the average sane thinking person doesn’t care that Marco R had a drink of H2o..sure they may have laughed at the way he kept eye contact with the camera,it was funny,it was cute… and that was about it..newsworthy again and again,a political career ender,I think NOT….it may even turn into a fundraiser when they sell Rubio water bottles…i say I’ll drink to that!!!
    robin in fl,where we LOVE Marco Rubio

  • CentralScruntinizer

    Yup, this was an idiotic over-focus on a meaningless gaff. But you might want to spare the hand wringing about this being about the press being ‘liberal’ until you’ve had a little more time to review everything from Dukakis in the tank to Kerry wind-surfing; Kerry in the decontaminant suit; Kerry in the hunting gear; to Obama in the mom jeans, Obama riding the bike looking like a goofball; Obama looking uncomfortable with the gun, etc, etc… The media is bipartisan at making these visuals into 2-3 news cycles.

  • Stephanie S

    I was having lunch with two California libs (is that redundant?) the other day who rolled their eyes and said Rubio must not be ready for prime time, you don’t do that when you are making a major speech, giggle giggle. Not one word about their hero Obot and his policies.

  • Boogoo

    I think one of the biggest problems that republicans have is that we don’t stick together like democrats do. Even when their politicians do bad things, they either stand behind him/her or they are silent. If one of our politicians make a stupid remark it ends up being a party event, instead of it being one person saying something stupid. And republicans join in, making it a party happening. Look at this case .. For pity sakes, he took a drink of water and we’re calling it a gaff. We need to learn from how democrats behave and learn from them. It is working!

  • floridahank

    I would love to know how Ron Reagan would have handled that situation — I’m sure he would have come up with a great line. We need someone like him to get the GOP on solid ground for the next election — I miss his wit. Was one of the great Pres. in the past 100 yrs.

  • TED


    • nickshaw

      Except for the yelling (all caps) which is entirely justified, you’re right.
      Lefties will make no quarter if they win.
      History proves it.

    • tb thomas

      Ted, I often want to shake these Republican politicians by the lapels and try to get them to realize that we are in a war, and we are losing. We have less than two years to turn this thing around, and I’m still hearing people talking compromise, dutifully raising the debt ceiling, and saying stuff like: $9-Trillion in new debt is unacceptable, but $8-Trillion is okay.

      I still hear people on our side saying things like “Obama’s statements are misleading…” or “Obama is wrong on this one…”. How about:

      “Obama has been, and continues to lie to the American people about what he’s doing, and what it’s going to cost this country.”

      In fact, Obama is purposely looting this nation’s credit, and debasing the world’s reserve currency as fast as he can (he couldn’t care less what the projections are for 2020 and beyond). His goal is to establish an insurmountable majority of voters who are either working for and paid by the government, or thoroughly dependent on government entitlements for their survival.

      The more money he can borrow or print to create those dependencies, the more thoroughly entrenched he and his party will be when the economic tsunami he has created hits us. He already has a fragile majority, his mission from here on out is to add another 20-million or so who understand they will take serious financial damage unless they vote for Democrats, top to bottom.

      We need leaders willing to stand on principle, and tell voters the truth:

      — The most glaring truth our side refuses to acknowledge is that we cannot end this toxic dependency on debt and fiat Dollars, without accepting a real and necessary economic correction. We need to stop raising the debt-ceiling cold, and force the Democrats to either violate the Constitution by issuing illegal debt, or begin downsizing government agencies, and cutting social-programs big-time.

      — Second, our financial services industry is thoroughly corrupt, and the perception is that Republicans condone and protect Wall Street excesses and misconduct. (They do, but so do the Democrats.) The national banks and major institutions are using our most advanced electronic networking technology to manipulate main-street investor assets, so a few hundred executives (and their cronies in government) can skim 1-2% off the top of GDP every year ($200B or so). In effect, the business of Wall Street is no longer earned by investment advice and financial transaction services — the business of Wall Street is capitalizing on the massive amount of insider-information our electronic trading systems provide to them, but which is inaccessible to ordinary investors.

      Wall Street racketeers use hedge funds, private derivative contracts, and so-called “high-speed trading” to leverage their supposedly legitimate traditional services. Republicans need to acknowledge this utterly corrupt status-quo, and commit to re-organizing it so the interests of ordinary investors are protected, and the inside-traders go to jail.

      — Finally, public-sector labor unions are gutting the economy (with bloated wages and benefits), but far worse, they have already created tens of $Trillions in unfunded entitlements in the form of retirement benefits which are not just unsustainable, they will literally destroy our economy unless they are dramatically scaled back, and the corrupt process by which they were created eliminated.

      Public sector labor unions are (just as FDR suggested in his famous letter on the subject) a cancer on our body-politic. We need to re-define “public-service” in this country, by limiting all government compensation to immediate salary and limited health-care provisions (no pensions or retirement benefits), and by limiting all public-service to no more than 16 years.

      Public-service should be a stepping stone for young people to enter the workforce, and civic-minded citizens to do a tour of service to their country — not a career, followed by a guaranteed retirement income. The word for that is slightly different: “public-parasite”, and that is what we have now.

      I apologize for the length of this post, but you said this was a War, and I am trying to make the point that wars should not be joined unless we are willing to endure the carnage and mayhem necessary to win. These (above) are the malignancies that are killing this country. We either get rid of them, or this country as we have known it will cease to exist.

      Compared to our first Civil War (625,000 dead), all we’re talking about here is a significant amount of economic pain and hardship over a period of perhaps 6-7 years (4 to get rid of Obama, and 2-3 after that to rebuild).

      We can join that war now, and have a chance of mitigating some of that pain and hardship (while preserving our democratic republic), or wait until our economy collapses suddenly, and live under the totalitarian socialist state Obama will construct on it’s ruins.

      We can continue to play ball with Obama, and watch him beat us, or draw a red-line at the debt ceiling and tell our dictator wannabe: “Your credit card has been cancelled.”

      We need guys like Rubio, Christy, Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul to get together on this and deliver the message. I see no other way to save this country’s future. (IMHO)

      -Ted (Thomas)

  • Gloria

    The only surprise here is that we are surprised. This goes way back…..long ago, during the Dole/Clinton match-up my observation was that if Clinton walked across the Potomac, the news media would shout “A Miracle Occurs!”, but if Dole did the same, the headline would be “Dole Pollutes Water”. Case closed, nothing ever changes with the lefty liberal media style of reportage.

  • trailbee

    I saw that and smiled. For the first time in the entire speech I felt I was looking at a human, not a machine. I turned to my husband and told him this will go viral. The people who mattered, will understand, and the people who are afraid, will taunt. And that is exactly what is happening.

    Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sack of England carries his bottled water with him and puts on the lectern or a table within easy reach. I have watched many of his videos, and he’s right there, guzzling away. And, this is a man who is an “Intellectual Giant”!

    I wonder if the lighting and the water were deliberate. If so, how smart is Marco Rubio? Does he really want the White House?

  • Randy

    Liberals just have to be liberal. Non-liberals have to be perfect. But that’s okay. Right makes might. Ridicule is the last refuge of the weak and ignorant.

  • Walt S.

    The media is so focused on, “Watergate 2013.” But they’re not saying a word about Obama vacationing in West Palm Beach, Florida to the tune of 180 thousand dollars per hour. He arrived Friday night on Air Force One. This is Monday and he’s still here. His wife took off in the other direction to Aspen, Colorado for a skiing vacation. Lord knows what that’s costing the tax payers. You would think Obama would have some compassion, knowing the devastation of our economy, but with his smug attitude, he’s telling the American people, “I’m going to do what I want to do.” His attitude is, “it’s my way or the highway.” I’ll vote for the man who is reaching out for a bottle of water, over a sadistic leader who is trying to water board the entire country with his failed rhetoric…

  • TVaddict

    Yeah,but let’s not forget the gaffes of one Barack Hussein Obama. There was the 53 states in the union statement and how his grandfather while in the US Army in WWII helped liberate Aushwitz concentration camp ( too bad it was really the Russians). But the mainstream liberal press just brushes those mistakes aside and gives him a pass. Oh, the hyprocisy!!

  • begbie

    I think most intelligent people watch the coverage and scoff at the media’s obsession with this non-story. Bernie, I don’t think your reason for writing this piece, pointing out the media’s boob-ti-tude, justifies it’s existence. We already know. I would have expected you to take a pass on this topic.

  • mbabbitt

    A non-serious press and country. The fact that these are supposedly educated people makes it that more scarey. Reminds me of the movie, Idiocracy.

  • nickshaw

    I like Rubio. I don’t always agree with him but, what politician does one always agree with?
    I think he would make a better president than Skeeter. And that would be in multiples of ten.
    He is as good a speaker as Skeeter with an equivalent charisma, in my opinion.
    What he lacks, as far as I have been exposed to, is the sense to use self depreciation. Something that could have been used in this instance that would have had more impact than the words of the speech itself. Yes, I’m serious! Just as we remember the sip, at the expense of the speech, we would remember a joke about it even longer.

    A simple joke about how far the water was from his reach and his need to have a drink would have brought him down to “our” level. The level of being simply human in an odd situation.
    Skeeter tries to do this but, you can tell it’s forced or it comes out wrong.
    What Rubio needs is a comedy writer on his team, if that isn’t one of his talents that he has kept hidden until now.
    Reagan used comedy, sarcasm and satire to great effect. Rubio needs to get in that groove.

  • Vince Ricardo

    Imagine if he had done something even worse, like if he had frequented underage prostitutes in a foreign country! Oh, the Media and Women’s activist groups would’ve had a field day with ANY politician from ANY party who did that! Oh … wait …

  • Joel Wischkaemper

    It really worries me that the only thing the Democratic Party Leadership could think of to talk about in that speech was that the man was not a lizard and needed water at that point in the speech. This in a country with the worst coughing flue epidemic they have ever seen. Maybe there is something about that leadership that we don’t know? No.. there IS something about that leadership we don’t know.
    Then look at the press. Wow.. those editors must have just gotten out of high school.

    But it also bothers me a great deal that Rubio could not go back on those stupid comments and cream those suckers with a blender. It also bothers me that that isn’t second nature for the guy.
    I do NOT want amnesty.. I am not happy with Rubio and this business bothers me. But in fact, where was the Republican Party with the heavy artillery? I am not happy with a lot of the Republican Leadership, although for other reasons and in this instance, a kockoff turned into a nothing. (Dance of the elephants?)

  • Richard

    this is an illustration of the level of intellect that exists in this country today…which is NON!

  • New Yorker

    Wait until they start looking closer into Rubio’s finances…..the end of Fox News’ latest golden boy is in sight…

    • Johnny Deadline

      No worry of the media looking into anything of Obama’s. Most of today’s media wouldn’t know a Watergate from the Golden Gate.

  • John

    Of course the attention (by certain media) given to this incident is a good example of bias in reporting the news, but (besides the obvious poor planning involved) it will be up to Rubio how much or how little of an actual issue this is. The Republican Party has shown an astounding ability to be outmaneuvered by the Democrats recently (by far the most egregious example being Romney’s campaign when the election was his to lose…and lose he did!), and they control their own destiny. We can (assuming “we” doesn’t include anyone with the actual ability to influence events) choose to do no more than be educated and vote accordingly.
    Ironically, the same “sort” of shallow analysis and tactics as employed by the left can easily hurt the right. If the right doers anything less than continue to drive home the issues with fact-based arguments and resorts to simple name-calling, they will probably continue to lose. When the majority of the media outlets are so obviously acting as Democratic Party proxies, anything even remotely seen as “sneaky, dirty, juvenile, unfair” will most certainly be characterized as either stupid or worse (racist).
    We are, unfortunately, at a point that is not dissimilar to the “hitting rock bottom” scenario that drug and alcohol abusers must face. The time is rapidly approaching where the damage to the economy and perhaps even the republic itself will be so frightening that more people will be forced to see things as they really are. The “cure” will no doubt be painful, but the Republicans must be seen as having the prescription. In a sense, the economic problems (aside from many others) we face are more analogous to addictive behavior than many believe. Given the choice between getting free meds and going “cold turkey”, few would choose the latter, even knowing full well which is the right choice. When Senator Rubio’s mere (and momentary) awkwardness is seen as more important than his message, you know the job isn’t going to be easy. When a man who is as intelligent and articulate as Senator Rubio can be marginalized, despite the thoughtful/common sense nature of his message, people really need to realize they will have to roll up their sleeves and “double down”.

  • rlpincus

    I guess nobody noticed that Rubio, despite his teleprompter, seemed terrified almost the entire length of the speech. Did the heroes miss this?

    • begbie

      He did seem terrified.. It’s inexperience and I think the camera dried that mouth out a bit. Same thing happens to me whenever I give presentations or speak in front of more than 5 people at a time. Can’t explain it.

      But I’ve heard his speeches on the floor of the Senate, and I think he’s as good or better an orator than Obama. Rubio is a very good public speaker especially when he is forceful in his tone and language….simply captivating.

      • rlpincus

        I’m sorry I don’t share your enthusiasm. He folded under pressure–not a good sign.

        • begbie

          Do you think he did ok here? It’s not enthusiasm, it’s observation. He is capable and competent.

        • nickshaw

          “He folded under pressure”?

          Where is there any proof of that statement? I don’t think he missed a word of that speech.
          Skeeter, on the other hand, in the same circumstance, would have taken 5 or 10 seconds to get back on track.
          Folded! What a dork!

          • rlpincus

            The floppy sweat, the wide eyes, the cottonmouth. Even right wing commentators noted his unfortunate appearance.

            Your infantile name calling is tiresome.

  • chopkoski

    Nice diatribe, Bernie…but there is hope at the end of the tunnel. The present day hate scheme directed at things others than those considered by Democrat henchmen to be “correct” and of a certain ilk will die out. Nothing lasts forever. Now, can this hysterical reaction to the “water grab” be the start of that? to study it more.

  • Johnny Deadline

    A dry-mouthed, substantive Rubio beats a teleprompter-free, feckless Obama every time. For those of us thirsty for real presidential leadership and for a drool-free mainstream media, this latest example of journalistic ineptitude is just another drop of slobber in an ocean of triviality and media turpitude.

  • John Tashjian

    It’s nice to know how far this nation’s news media have fallen since the days of Walter Winchell and William Randolph Hearst (both of whom, I would suspect, are positively SPINNING in their graves…if not looking down from on high and turning 50 shades of ashen gray).

  • beniyyar

    No, no, no it is not the media, it is Obama. Sure the media does an awful job at both reporting the news and analyzing the news, but Obama is one of a kind and I am not referring to his racial makeup either. although that hasn’t hurt him either. Obama is a young, articulate, charismatic, and intelligent campaigner and leader who has used all of his skills, and the GOP mistakes and ridiculously bad candidates like Todd Akin to make himself look wise and caring while making the GOP look like a pack of skinflints and fools. An Obama who can pack as much electability comes along once or twice in a century and cannot be made up. And if you want proof of this, I would point out that even an accomplished politician like Hillary Clinton who enjoyed name recognition and the total support of the Democratic Machine was blind sided by Obama and left beaten and bleeding by the political roadside. Bernie, Obama even beat the Democrats at their own game, it comes as no surprise to me that he also managed to hammer the GOP, twice. It is not the media, it is Obama himself.

    • alegalcitizen

      yeah, he’s a leader all right, leading us down the path to poverty!
      We didn’t have a BAD candidate in Mitt Romney, we had the spinmeister in chief LYING, and having his co-horts like Harry Reid saying from the pitt of the Senate “he heard Mitt Romney hasn’t paid any taxes in the last 10 years”, because ole Harry KNEW he couldn’t be touched for whatever mumbling comes out of his lying mouth! That’s real leadership! NOT
      Electability??? IF YOU believed his lies, where was the war on women?
      He only “pandered” to every minority on the planet, and lied about it also, so have at him, and enjoy the ride to a 3rd world nation!

    • New Yorker

      Good point…..Republicans will have a hard time winning a Presidential election as long as nuts like Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and O’Reilly are on the air…

      • nickshaw

        Sure. Keep your hopes up.
        After all, that’s all Skeeter promised.

    • nickshaw

      Skeeter is ” a young, articulate, charismatic, and intelligent campaigner”, I’ll give you that.
      But, “leader”? Boy, are you way off!

    • Will Swoboda

      Hey Ben, I’d hardly call a win by 1.5 million votes out of a country of about 300 million+ is not a mandate. Of course unless you’ve changed the meaning of the word.

  • Robert Blum

    The golden age of American propaganda only propels everyman’s pursuit of due diligence in becoming better informed via the various global news and information sources: RT News, Asia Times Online, Cliff Kules Notes

    But, more importantly, it is the individual’s character and the institution’s reputation behind the news and information that will endure the light of day.

  • gbandy

    Rubio reaches for a drink of water and is crucified by the left. Dan Quayle misspells “tomato” and the Liberal media has a field day. Now Obama says “I have been to 57 States and only have one to go” Free ride from the slobbering media. Biden has made so many stupid gaffs I do not have enough room to list. The Liberals get free rides from the Liberal Media every time. Now for this so called “media” why are you people so biased do you think this helps the country or does it only show your biases and hopes to destroy this country from any type of improvement or recovering? I think anyone and everyone should start a boycott on the people and medias that show such hypocrisy.

    • nickshaw

      His 57 states gaff was nothing compared to the near epileptic description of OabamaKare at a “town hall” meeting off prompter!

      UMMM uhhh, settle down I can’t think errr, ummm!
      If anything was a “career ender” that should have been it!

      • gbandy

        Nick you are so right! If I really listed all the gaffs of the fearless Obama my comment would of been a dozen pages. Not to mention could you just imagine if Bush allow 4 Americans to die and our Embassy to burn?

      • username144

        Navy Corpsemen

        • nickshaw

          Unfortunately, that’s how most liberals pronounce it so, it was barely noticed.

      • Juan Motie

        How about when obama saw “dead heroes” among the living in his audience.

      • Wheels55

        Actually, the 57 states comment was not a gaff. You see, Obama plans to annex most of central America and make those countries states. This is his solution to the immigration problem.

        • Engr_n_TN

          He was thinking of the 57 states of Christianity….oh wait…

    • Morning Glory

      Actually, Quayle didn’t “misspell” ‘TOMATOES/POTATOES’ as it can end with an “ES” or an “S” to show the plural form. Liberal media continues to grab hold of the least little thing a conservative says/does, and they run 90 to nothing with it. (Reminds me of Chicken Little “THE SKY IS FALLING!” ) I’m so sick of the entire lame-stream media world! I DO NOT watch ANY of their poison as all it does is raise my blood pressure and righteous indignation. I get my news from trusted internet sources as we are unable to get FOX…..God, help us if DC ever gets control of the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • gbandy

        You are right on the Tomato spelling crisis of the lame stream media. I regret you cannot get FOX as FOX seems to really live up to its slogan “fair and balanced”. I too have the same problem when traveling and watching CNN or MSNBC it just makes my blood pressure pop veins.

        • tb thomas

          I’d give Fox a B+ as to it’s “living up to fair and balanced”. All too often, the spokesperson for the Left side of the question is interrupted or talked-over (Hannity being the worst offender in this regard).

          But the amazing thing about Fox is the quality of the entire lineup of anchors, analysts, contributors and reporters. I’ve been watching television network news since 1960, and I’ve never seen such a concentration of talent, professionalism and competency in one media organization. (Fox News Team: A+)

  • Chris Cole

    Imagine if any Republican was seen chomping on gum during an official function…..

  • ksp48

    I did not watch the president or Rubio. All I heard about was the glass of water. What does that tell you?

    • nickshaw

      Exactly! And you can bet that every commentary, when he runs his campaign, will have a copy of that clip handy.

      • tb thomas

        I hope they do! WTF was wrong with grabbing a drink of water? I have no idea why people are getting defensive about it. Is there something sacred about delivering a rebuttal in front of a TV camera? I thought it was a cool move, by an unpretentious guy who says what he believes.

    • 1389AD

      It tells me that the MSM are incapable of reporting on, or even comprehending, what was said.

  • JohnHD

    If I were Rubio, every time I had a guest appearance or made speach I would make it a point to take a sip of water. And call attention to this by remarking that he was so famous for doing so previously, that he desided to continue the pratice in order to give the media something to talk about.

    • Joel Wischkaemper

      For God’s sake Mr. Goldberg.. snag this guy for the Presidency the next time around.

    • nickshaw

      Thank God he has already taken your advice, John.

  • John Phillip Holeman

    The political environment wasn’t ready to BECOME GOD evidently. All they ever had to do was read Psalm 82 AND DO IT. “I said Ye Are GODS!”

  • ARJ127

    The Rubio water incident was much ado about nothing. It will be soon forgotten, as it should be. What was more telling was Boehner’s stone-faced demeanor in response to everything the President proposed in his speech. That doesn’t look like we will see any attempt from House Republicans to address issues the president raised. Will they for instance allow a gun control bill come to a vote? Most Americans want to see some legislation that includes mandatory background checks. Will Boehner allow this to come to a vote?

    • Joel Wischkaemper

      Obama proposes this, that and something else. For the first two years he was doing his thing with a full deck in both houses of Congress. (Remember Pelosi? Everyone else does, and I remind them to-boot.) He got zero out of a Congress that was democratic. Further, you would think he has no idea what multi tasking is all about, OR.. (and more likely) forgot what he said gettin to the goal line. Ah but… Google Remembers, and well.
      Obama Tort Reform
      About 817,000 results (0.22 seconds)
      Look at that time AR. If Who-sits knew how to use the internet, Obama would be a whew! But in the meantime, look at your requests, and think carefully about the legal process Obama Care is headed into. Our Courts are plugged up solid at this point and every time he promised something I kept a thinking.. the American People are under grey water in more ways than one.

    • nickshaw

      When you hear the same lies, just packaged differently, over and over again, you would become stone faced too.
      Guaranteed minimum time in jail of three years for anyone in possession of an illegal weapon or possessing a weapon illegally, along with a much higher guaranteed jail time for anyone convicted of using a gun in the commission of a crime will do a lot more to reduce gun violence than any law restricting the ownership of them.

  • cmacrider

    Really America …. when your national news media decided that a politician taking a drink of water is “news” and your president’s solution to a 16+ trillion dollar deficit is to increase the minimum wage …… surely you can understand how the rest of the world looks askance when you proclaim yourselves to be the “world’s greatest democracy.”

    • New Yorker

      Keep whining along with Bernie and the Fox News circus acts…Rubio is just another empty suit who will continue to advance an agenda which the majority of Americans reject…

      • Johnny Deadline

        Funny comment coming from the Kool-aid Obama drinkers that believe that any criticism of The Immaculated One is racist rhetoric. As a community organizer Obama made whining a new career choice. And re: empty suits – if there was any less substance to this president, they’d have to invent a new chemical element symbol.

        • nickshaw

          LOL! Good one, Johnny!
          I think professional whining is a new college course.
          Wait! It’s not new at all!

          • Johnny Deadline

            Whining is a mandatory course in the curriculum of all red state universities. That explains a lot, doesn’t it. :)

          • nickshaw

            Red state universities?
            I thought all of them had that course!

        • Pete Simon

          Ha ha. Right on Johnny! O is a zero with the circle rubbed out.

          • Johnny Deadline

            Let’s see…what’s the chemical element symbol for leading from behind? :)

      • joer1

        Really. Talk about “empty suit”. What were OBAMA’S qualifications for the U.S. Presidency? Never had a real or fake job. Never … ever got up and went to work … ANYWHERE. He is the “Community Organizer” in Chief ! Apparently, he may be highly skilled at drinking water.

        • Homer

          Qualifications for the U.S. Presidency? Same as his achievement: ZIP

      • nickshaw

        The majority of Americans (well, at least the ones that voted) voted for a liberal empty suit.
        What make you think a conservative empty suit would do any worse?
        That’s assuming Rubio is an empty suit as you seem to think.

      • Juan Motie

        Hey new yawker, they have doctors now who are able to cure your bad case of Foxnewsophobia! See one soon before your head explodes from all that hate and discontent you carry around!

      • Kitcrsn

        You’re the only drinking Obama’s kool aid. ‘It’s Not About Rubio Drinking Water, It’s About the you silly libs and the Media Drinking the Kool-Aid for Obama.

        Noel Sheppard

      • Lc Goodfellow

        Beware the globalist enemies within. “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”by:Marcus Tullius Cicero(106-43 B.C.) Roman Statesman, Philosopher and OratorSource:Attributed. 58 BC, Speech in the Roman Senate

        “I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.” – Barak Obama

    • 1389AD

      I don’t even understand why reaching for water is even remotely a gaffe. He didn’t insult anybody, misstate a fact, or forget his lines. His pants didn’t fall down.

      Drinking water shows he’s human and not a droid.

  • x_Liberal

    Bernard, it was not a gaffe, it was man taking a drink of water. Your calling it a gaffe just continues the absurdity.

    • begbie

      Definition of GAFFE
      : a social or diplomatic blunder
      : a noticeable mistake

      Yes, it was a gaffe. Rubio is a rookie, but he makes up for this mistake by being genuine, to the point, and clear-headed. I don’t give a hoot if he got thirsty, I remember his speech just fine.

    • nickshaw

      Wrong! Read the piece!

      The problem was that the water was in another state (well, it might as well had been!) not, the drink!

  • Brian_Bayless

    This is your example of the MSM bias, Bernie? Gimme a break. This will be forgotting about in two weeks. No one cares that much about the water and if he didnt keep his eyes on the camera the entire time, the jokes would be much less. It was a gaffe, like you said, and one that no one could miss. Of course they make cheap jokes about that on late-night shows. They still make Clinton/Lewinsky jokes for crying out loud. Also, the speech itself was useless. It was a rebuttal to the SOTU. That is not a platform to give a pssionate, game-changing speech.

    • Paul Courtney

      Not that we’re short on supply of fine examples, but this is a prize winner, why be obtuse about it? The reaction of the “news” departments was obviously an attack, one could not miss the smell of cordite. Why target Rubio? That’s also obvious. You seem to try very hard to miss the point, why? Guess that’s obvious, too.

      • Brian_Bayless

        Oh please. And explain why I try hard to miss the point? Is it because you believe that I am a liberal for disagreeing about the article? If that is so, you are not only wrong but like to make simple generalizations. You are aware that people can be independent in their political stances, don’t you.

    • JohnHD

      I think you are wrong Brian. It certainly was bais and flagrant at that. This was so trivial that it shouldn’t have even been mantioned. What do you want to bet that when Rubio makes an appearence that some leftist journalist will ask their audience if they think Rubio forgot his water bottle.

      • Brian_Bayless

        So, if a Democrat gave the same speech and drank the water the same way, looking at the camera the entire time, nothing at all would be mentioned on news or comedy shows?

  • Tim Ned

    A few years ago a presidential candidate stated “if a women enters the delivery room and states it’s a delivery, it’s a delivery. If she enters the room and states it’s an abortion, it’s an abortion”. My friends don’t remember the candidate that made that statement by they will all remember the “Water Reach”. Incredible!

    • Tim Ned

      An edit to my comment. My friends don’t remember the candidate that made that statement “but” they will all remember the “Water Reach”. Incredible!

  • Dave Andrews

    As for the TV news media… most of them are not real journalists. Real journalism is hard work. Finding the truth that lies beneath the B S in Washington takes a lot of digging, long hours, and persistence. They spend more time in “make up” and “mike checks” than they do on the phone, working sources. That is why they usually take the easy way out and stick with superficial, inconsequencial subjects like Rubio’s drink of water. It is a lot easier than trying to dig into the facts surrounding the “most transparent administration in American history.” When you add the obvious liberal tendancies of most TV reporters, you will get no real journalism from them and more of the same superficial crap. It is very sad because most people’s perception of reality comes from watching TV news.

    • tb thomas

      Well said. Whenever I see Bob Woodward commenting on Fox lately, I’m reminded of the old-school professionals, vs. the sycophants that pass for journalists these days.

      But your last line summed up the damage that Television has inflicted on our political process in just six decades. The only thing worse than a completely ignorant voter is a voter who has ceded their critical thinking skills to a talking head who parrots a party-line.