Rubio’s Early Promise

This could have been a column insisting that Marco Rubio run for president of the United States. Now. Even though he has ruled out the possibility. Even though he is but a first-term senator. (Neither of these considerations has invariably stopped people in the past.) 

But no: That’s not this column. Not because I don’t think it might be a good idea, but because I take the man at his word. Rubio has a young family that just endured a long and brutal campaign. And in truth, I’m actually not a fan of reaching for the presidency after just a few minutes in the Senate. As one seasoned political pro put it to me last week: “We don’t do ourselves or our future leaders any favors by rushing the wine before its time. Reagan would not have been nearly as good a president had he won in ’68 or ’76 as he was in ’80, having been tempered by failure and steeled by defeat and adversity.”

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