Ruth Bader Ginsburg & Other Catastrophes

I must confess that I was never as big a fan of Sarah Palin as some Republicans. But honesty compels me to confess that much of my antipathy derived from the fact that her voice had the same effect on me that bagpipes and fingernails on a blackboard have on others. So the fact that she threw her support to Newt Gingrich, a serial adulterer and a K Street lobbyist, didn’t disillusion me as much as it might have.

I realize that because Newt allegedly asked God for His forgiveness, all his tomcatting around is supposed to be off the table. The problem is, I think God should have waited to find out if Newt’s ex-wives forgave him because where I come from, they’re the ones who were wronged.

Just for the record, I have two divorces on my own record. But I never committed adultery and I didn’t have girl friends in the wings when I divorced my wives. What’s more, the first one didn’t have cancer and the second one hadn’t recently been diagnosed with MS when we parted company. In fact, I suspect that if I were running for president, neither would try to derail my campaign and at least one of them, the Republican, would even vote for me.

Much has been made about Gingrich being a man of ideas. But the fact is, what’s required of a president are principles and a political philosophy that’s in tune with that of America’s founding fathers. A president always has access to the best ideas in America; he needn’t limit himself to only those that spring willy-nilly from his own head.

I realize that for obvious reasons, Newt would like Republicans to see him as Ronald Reagan incarnate. But the fact is, he has far more in common with Barack Obama. Both are thin-skinned and narcissistic. In musical terms, the president should be the conductor of a 310 million piece orchestra, but these guys see themselves as one-man bands. They’re like one of those guys you used to see on the Ed Sullivan Show, beating a bass drum on his chest, clashing cymbals between his knees and wheezing into a harmonica.

Reagan always used plural pronouns when referring to the accomplishments of his administration; with Obama and Gingrich, whether they’re referring to taking out Osama bin Laden or helping to balance the federal budget during the 90s, it’s all I, me and myself.

Another person who unfortunately reminds me of Obama is Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In Obama’s case, his problem with the U.S. Constitution is that it failed to deal with the redistribution of wealth. In Ginsburg’s case, the problem is that it’s an out-dated document that ignored the rights of women, slaves and Native Americans.

In a recent interview shown on Egyptian TV, she had a few good things to say about our Constitution, but she advised her listeners not to use ours as a model in a post-Mubarak society. “I would not look to the U.S. Constitution if I were drafting a constitution in the year 2012,” she said. Instead, she referred Egyptians to the constitutions of South Africa, Canada and the European Convention on Human Rights. She added: “I can’t speak about what the Egyptian experience should be, because I’m operating under a rather old constitution.”

As she approaches her 79th birthday, I would have appreciated it if she had limited her remarks to the state of her own aging constitution. Which, I dare say, is in far worse shape than our nation’s.

Not to be outdone by a cranky old woman when it comes to making stupid remarks, Jesse Jackson voiced concern that Governor Jan Brewer’s pointing her finger at Barack Obama could jeopardize his safety by inciting others to violence. This is the same Jesse Jackson who got terribly upset in 2008, when he decided that candidate Obama had insulted blacks by proposing to expand George Bush’s federal assistance for faith-based social services. At the time, Reverend Jackson, unaware that his microphone was live, turned to a friend and said, “I want to cut his nuts off!”

In response to those Republicans who feel that this bitter primary season will leave our Party deeply divided and unable to unite and defeat Obama, I’m here to reassure them. If, as seems likely, Mitt Romney is the standard-bearer, Gingrich will say, “I still think he’s a Massachusetts moderate, but that sure beats being stuck with an Illinois socialist.” With the promise that the Federal Reserve will finally face a long overdue audit, Ron Paul will enthusiastically hop aboard the bandwagon.

As for Rick Santorum, I think he’ll be happy as a lark if Romney simply buys up all those surplus sweater vests he’ll have lying around in his garage.

©2012 Burt Prelutsky. Comments? Write!

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  • Burt Prelutsky

    Shirl: There are millions of Americans every bit as patriotic as Sarah Palin. You and I being two of them, I would suggest. I would never question her patriotism, but I don’t believe I am the only person who grimaces every time she starts to speak.

    Paul: I’m glad we see eye to eye on this matter. As I have written elsewhere, companies don’t put idea men in the executive office; they put them in the research lab.


  • Paul Borden

    “But the fact is, what’s required of a president are principles and a political philosophy that’s in tune with that of America’s founding fathers. A president always has access to the best ideas in America; he needn’t limit himself to only those that spring willy-nilly from his own head.”

    I have been trying to put this thought in words in my mind and haven’t come up with anything as clear and succinct as to the point as your statement above, Burt.

    As I see it, if we vote for a person on what his/her stances are on particular issues and his/her ideas alone, what happens if all-of-a-sudden the person starts coming up with ideas and taking stances that we don’t like? Principles are what’s important!

  • Shirl

    Sarah Palin is a patriot who truly loves America. It’s all in the message!! If people would only really listen and hear her message instead of being brainwashed by the socialist-communist media and water-carriers of their dear leader in charge. Nothing you or anyone else says, will change my highly regarded opinion of her-ever!!!And dearie Ruth is a poor excuse for a Supreme Court justice.

  • Burt Prelutsky

    cma: The scariest part of Ruth Ginsburg’s remarks is that she seemed to forget that all those Amendments dealing with the rights of blacks and women are a part of our Constitution. I’m not as old as Ginsburg, but I have had the experience of finding myself in a room and wondering what I was going to do once I arrived. I suspect she experienced a similar brain freeze when talking to the Egyptians. But of course my senior moments don’t make a difference to anyone but me; I’m not a #^$#@^% member of the Supreme Court!!!!!


  • cmacrider

    With all due respect to Justice Ginsburg, her suggestion that Egyptians look to Canada’s “constitution” for guidance seems to be open to question to say the least. The Constitutional Rights of a Canadian are not contained in any single document and are inextricably wrapped up in the fact that as a British colony we inherited certain rights and safeguards which “go back to time immemorial”, the English Common Law, Canadian Common Law, the British North America Act, The Bill of Rights, and finally Trudeau’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    The fundamental “rights” of a Canadian are inextricably bound up in the conventions and customs inherited as being “one of Her Majesty’s Loyal Subjects” Since the Egyptians are having trouble even organizing an election which any Western Nation would consider to be a fair election, I have some difficulty understanding how J. Ginsburg expects them to adopt the practices, nuances, and customs which would only make sense to those in the British Commonwealth.

    As far as Trade’s inspiration, all it did was attempt to codify rights which existed under common law. I mean we did have (a) freedom religion, thought, peaceful assembly and freedom of the press long before Trudeau arrived on the scene. All I can see his “Charter” did was create a bunch of beauracracies which proceeded to circumscribe the common law doctrine of freedom of speech to fit their politically correct agenda.

    • cmacrider

      Correction “As far as Trudeau’s” not “As far as trades”

  • DOOM161

    I for one don’t want another Reagan. I want his tax revenues, but his spending out-did those. So I only want the tax revenue half of Reaganomics.

  • Burt Prelutsky

    Glen: I’m not denying that Palin was a good governor and a decent human being. But in my case, it’s her voice I can’t stand and has nothing to do with the hatchet job the media has done on her.

    Bruce: Certainly not I. Every time I see Jackson or Sharpton treated with respect on TV, I want to puke. Both should have wound up in jail, Jackson for extortion, Sharpton for slander.

    Michael: If we’re to have any chance of stopping or at least slowing down the slide, we first have to rid the Oval Office of Obama and wrest control of the Senate out of Harry Reid’s hands.


  • Glen Stambaugh

    My first glimpse of Palin was seeing her battle the sitting governor and another male candidate in the Alaska gubernatorial televised debates. I saw that her two unfortunate competitors were completley outclassed. She’s smart, feisty and a force of nature. Since then, the bright lights of national media have not been kind. My wife can’t stand her (influenced more by pop culture), but I’ll always retain my first impression.

  • Bruce A.

    Who could ever forget Jesse Jacksons ill fated stint as Bill Clintons morals advisor. Lets not forget Al Sharptons involvement with the Brawley case in the 1980’s speaking of catastrophes.

  • Michael

    I’m sure the radical Islamists who have already run most if not all of the Jews out of Egypt, killed or burned out many of the remaining Coptic Christians who haven’t been able to flee the country, and who have made it clear at least as far back as the 1920s that the only law they need is the Koran, were sitting in the audience anxiously awaiting the legal wisdom of Ms. Ginsburg so that they could go out and build a democracy. Afterwards they probably had tea and sang Kumbayah and draped Ms. Ginsburg in a traditional Eyptian robe as a sign of cross-cultural friendship.

    After that the Egyptian Islamists probably got together and said, “Hey, you know, Israelis live pretty well compared to Egyptians (and every other frigging Arab country), so why don’t we go over for a visit and see if we can learn from them?”

    Give me a break. Will we ever have senior-ranking people (I refuse to use the word “leader”) in our government with the sense and/or guts to stop this slide into national and cultural suicide?

    • joe from louisiana

      Great analogy. It kills me this lefty zeal to change something that works. It isn’t perfect but our Constitution has worked well for 225 or so years with a decent ability to modify and evolve. In a nutshell, she ahs outlined the goofiness of progressives. Change is always good and tradition sucks?

      • cmacrider

        As a Canadian let me say this … The American Constitution is a priceless work of art which was designed by Americans, for Americans, and has worked out pretty well for Americans. I suspect it is a nuisance to Obama and J. Ginsburg since it was specifically designed to prevent despotism. This tactic of seeding doubts as to the fundamental institutions of a nation is one of the oldest tricks in the socialist bag and I hope you deal with it in November.