San Francisco Tunes In and Drops Out

If you’ve ever idly wondered what it would be like to watch the Lone Ranger being led into an ambush by Tonto, then look no further than northern California, where Occupy Wall Street has been forsaken by, of all places . . . San Francisco. When the anti-capitalists lose the support of the City by the Bay, then you know it’s all over: Up is down, black is white, and the Grateful Dead is having its amplifiers unplugged by doobie-smoking vegans. When the Baysiders love thee not, chaos is come again.

According to a SurveyUSA poll published yesterday, one quarter of those in San Francisco who once supported Occupy have changed their minds, while only 3 percent have come around to the Occupiers’ cause from a position of skepticism. By such progressions do movements end. The support/oppose split is now 35/57 — down from a high of 58/34 — and while 36 percent of registered Democrats have kept their faith, 31 percent agreed with the statement, “I supported the movement when it first started but now I oppose it.” If Occupy left its heart in San Francisco, then the people of that city have broken it. It is hard to see where the movement’s dying embers could possibly be rekindled.

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