Santa Claus and the GOP Civil War

So I’m driving in my car listening to Rush two days after the election and a caller comes who describes himself as a traditional family values conservative.  He is a combination of angry and deeply depressed over how the election turned out — but mostly angry. And he’s calling, he says, to inform Mr. Limbaugh that he did not vote for Mitt Romney and will never vote for a moderate Republican.  Then for good measure he adds that if he ever hears a Republican say he wants to “reach across the aisle” he will never vote for him either.

One day earlier, conservative radio talk show star Laura Ingraham tweeted this:

“Face it Repubs, you wish we had a candidate who–teleprompter or not–could speak as forcefully for conservatism as Obama speaks for liberalism” and “JUST A THOUGHT…Next time, GOP might want to think about nominating a conservative.”

And out in Middle America, Steve Deace, a conservative radio talk show host and well-known conservative in Iowa told his listeners:  “There will never be another establishment candidate like that [Romney]. … Mitt just killed Republicans in my home state. People are angry, especially because Matt Drudge and Karl Rove told us it was all in the bag all along, after they got done smearing conservatives in the primary and dumping on Todd Akin.  It’s on like Donkey Kong.”

Todd Akin, you may recall, was the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Missouri who talked about “legitimate rape.”  He lost.

Welcome to the civil war for the heart and soul of the Republican Party.

It was bound to happen.  Disgusted “real conservatives” saying we lost four years ago with a moderate and we lost again this time around with another moderate.  We’ve had enough of that.  Now we need someone who will proudly stand up for conservative values.

But if what the caller on Rush’s show, and Laura, and the Iowa radio guy really mean by an unapologetic conservative is the most conservative candidate in the field, they are making a very big mistake.

None of the more conservative candidates in the original GOP field – Bachmann, Santorum, Gingrich – would have come as close as Romney.  They would have been trounced.  What the hard right doesn’t seem to grasp is that candidates who are “real conservatives” can’t even win their party’s nomination, let alone a general election.

Why didn’t Pat Buchanan, a real conservative, become president?  Why couldn’t he even win the GOP primaries?  Because he scares people with his hard right rhetoric.

Why can’t we name two conservative U.S. presidents in the past 80 years?  If conservatism is so popular why was there only one, Ronald Reagan?

What the GOP needs more than a conservative who can deliver uncompromising rhetoric, is a conservative with charisma — someone who can articulate conservative values but not scare the dogs and children and moderates who would be willing to vote for a Republican.

The GOP doesn’t need anymore religious nuts like Todd Akin or Richard Mourdock, the pro-life Republican who ran for the Senate from Indiana and said that pregnancy as the result of rape was part of God’s plan.  He apologized, but it was too late. Like Todd Akin, he  lost.

No one articulates conservative values in Americas with more clarity and passion that Rush Limbaugh.  But he couldn’t win a national election for dog catcher.  He’s too polarizing a figure and I suspect Rush would agree with that.

But if the Republicans pick someone who says he’ll reach across the aisle, then he loses that caller to Limbaugh’s show – and almost certainly several million more just like him.

If the Republicans go hard line, they’ll get that caller, but they’ll lose millions of others who might have been willing to vote Republican.

When the other Civil War ended the South was forced to stay in the Union and give up slavery.  No one can force voters to do anything.  If the purists threaten to stay home if they don’t get the perfect conservative candidate, Republicans will have a tough time ever winning the presidency again.

But if the GOP can somehow find the right candidate – the one who will have the guts to stand up to the more extreme elements of the religious right; the one who will take on the right-wing gay bashers, who especially turn off young voters; the one who will stand up to the purists who think compromise is a sign of moral failing – Republicans will still have another big problem.

Lots of Americans won’t vote for any candidate who preaches self-reliance when they can vote for a candidate who wages class warfare and promises them free stuff.   It’s hard to beat Santa Claus, as Limbaugh puts it. And the Democrats are the ones saying Ho Ho Ho – vote for us, we have lots of goodies for you.

The Santa factor along with the deep split within the GOP puts Republicans behind the 8-ball before the next campaign even begins.


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  • Bill Ritchie

    Fair enough. Not sure a true Republican can win now. The left has produced a state of ‘wanters’. Seems they vote. They cannot add & want to be Europe.
    16 trillion in debt. Greece here we come.

  • JJ Foley

    Good post

  • Grits Burgh

    Berny. Standing up for traditional marriage isn’t “gay bashing”. Opposing abortion doesn’t make one a “religious nut”. There are important moral issues that shouldn’t be sacrificed for the sake of political victory. A Republican hegemeny in Wash DC would be meaningless if it simply gave us “Democrat Lite”. Sadly, morality may have become a political loser. Maybe we are, as Robert Bork said, “Slouching Towards Gomorrah”. If so, it really doesn’t matter much whether the Republicans or Democrats win.

  • heartlandsam

    Bernard, how can you ignore the fact the the staunch conservative primary votes were SPLIT between the real consefvatives and Mitt won, in effect, by default!

    • Mario__P

      Romney won by default? Really? Oh jeez… sure, the extreme conservative votes were split between the hard right candidates, but when added together, they only got about a third of the votes Romney got. So yeah, that’s completely ignorable. Why did you even bother posting this nonsense?

  • Warren Dean

    I agree with you and cannot understand why more commentators have not stated this fact. We lost because the true “conservatives ” were angry about the primary and did not support Romney. Shame on our party, Romney would be a far better choice than this incompetent President we now are stuck with. Thanks,Dean

  • switchlight13

    The Obama administration named Holly Petraeus–wife of retired Gen. David
    Patraeus, who resigned last week as CIA director, to a $187,605-per-yer job in the newly formed Consumer
    Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The Culture of Corruption is alive and well in the White House.

    • switchlight13

      Petraeus lied about Lybia to pay the Messiah back for giving his wife a high paying “make work” job. Could be.

      • JJ Foley

        oh please- who cares?

  • Switchlight13

    Jobless claims up a woping 78,000 in the week following the election to 439,000. And the media telling everyone in the weeks BEFORE the election unemployment is in decline & has been the lowest in 4 yrs. The picture now isn’t so rosey. And the sheep go “Bahhhhhhhhh”.

  • switchlight13

    Stock Market has nose dived everyday since the re-election of the Messiah sent sent to save America. Has lost 4% of its value and counting. Hows your 401k doing Obama cult members?……

    • Bob Hadley

      Much better than in 2009 before Pres. Obama stopped the stock market free-fall

    • Mario__P

      “Nose dived EVERY DAY since the re-election”? Stop clowning around. At least the market is up over 50% since the genius left office.

  • switchlight13

    Katrina’s aftermath and poor Govt response blamed on Bush by the news media.
    Sandy’s aftermath and poor Govt response blamed on “the power companies” by the news media. The North Korean press corps would be proud of the Obama lap dogs we have in the US press corps.

  • EddieD_Boston

    The problem with the Republican Party is the religious right. They’re off their rockers.

    • switchlight13

      But not the radical Left like Bill Maher, Woopie Goldberg, Chris Mathews, Martin Bashir etc right?

      • Mario__P

        The radical Left isn’t nutty about science, economy, governing, and reality in general where the religious Right expresses complete lack of understanding.

      • Bob Hadley

        That illustrates one reason why the GOP is havig so much trouble getting out of its bog. Whenever someone suggests a way to make the GOP more efffective, a lot of right-wing ideologues start in with this “well, look at the other guy” nonsense.
        Yes, keep looking at the other guy!

  • bobby_b

    Look, I’m an atheist, but I’ve about had it with “conservatives” trashing Akin and Mourdock on dishonest grounds.

    You talked about ” . . . Richard Mourdock, the pro-life Republican who ran for the Senate from Indiana and said that pregnancy as the result of rape was part of God’s plan.”

    Both he and Akin were trying to communicate their belief that a child – even one conceived through rape and still developing but not yet born – was still an innocent being – the most innocent of all possible participants – and that any discussion of the topic ought to at least include some acknowledgment of that fact.

    Yeah, it’s a woman’s body – but it’s also a baby’s life. To have this discussion while completely ignoring the baby is very much like the argument that people used to make about how the Northern states’ efforts to end slavery was an impermissible interference with the property rights of slaveowners.

    If you just keep yelling “slaveowners’ property rights!”, you can sound very much like the people yelling “it’s the woman’s body!” They’re both simply ways to drown out anyone claiming that there’s another human being with a stake that needs to be considered.

  • switchlight13

    News Flash: Obama finally admits that it was he that sent Susan Rice out on the Sunday talk shows to lie to the American people about the Benghazi terrorist attack.
    On a more humorous note, one Obama water carrier and lap dog “news reporter” at the “news” conference congradulated Obama on his victory and all goo goo eyed and grining said “You never lose”. As usual he talked endlessly running the clock out and allowed only 8 questions….lol

  • switchlight13

    Obama: President, Holder: Atty Gen, Rice: Sec of State: I can see Putin and the Chinese president jokingly refering to the USA as “Little Africa”.

  • courage the cowardly dog

    We need to articulate conservatism in a fashion that is logical. For instance, instead of saying that if a rape victim gets pregnant, it is God’s plan we need to first express sympathy for the rape victim, outrage at the rapist and then engender sympathy for the life created by the rape while again expressing sympathy for the rape victim. If we are going to take a firm stand on the issue of abortion and say that it is not even justified in cases of rape, we have to explain logically why it isn’t. We have to explain that a role of government is to protect life and if we consider the child within the rape victim to be a life, then the government has a duty to protect it. To the same extent we should be willing to help the rape victim through the pregnancy to the same extent other victims of crime get assistance through restitution and government aide if necessary. People can empathize with that position. While it may be true that the child is a gift from God, that doesn’t play with people who have lost their faith. Protection of life cuts across political viewpoints.

    • Mario__P

      Thank you for explaining how your new strategy to address pregnancy due to rape should be handled. What moral support is there to be provided when a mother brings home a newborn from the hospital and introduces the new addition to her husband and their other two children? What moral support is there to deal with the constant reminder of the horrific attack for the rest of their lives? The family has already financially planned their future, and now they have to deal with an unexpected expenditure. At least you’re fine with the government supporting the child financially, funds which will be added into the federal deficit. I would love to see the GOP carry that message into 2016.

    • switchlight13

      GOP candidates should keep their mouths shut about rape. It’s not even an issue in an election so why talk about it?. As to abortion Pro Lifers should just say “Im personally opposed to it but it is the law of the land”. Period. End of story

  • switchlight13

    Obama Care: Obama’s Homies to get free Medicade while the middle class has to buy insurance….nice racket for the high school drop out parasites of society.

    • Mario__P

      So, what is your plan on how to pay for the bill the uninsured racked up at the pricey emergency rooms?

      • switchlight13

        Thugs and gang bangers with gun shot wounds and knife wounds should be left in the gutter.

        • Mario__P

          Thank you for stereotyping and presenting an unrealistic solution. How about you state a solution to the problem of the entire uninsured demographic and not isolate a group with a crazed opinion. If you have no solution, then don’t be criticizing the adopted resolve.

        • Bob Hadlely

          But even thugs and gang bangers must be treated in the ER, irrespective of aility to pay. Whether they they should be treated is not relevant, so get out of your fantasy world.
          Of course, as Mario points out, they constitute a tiny fraction of the uninsured using ERs. Do you have any more remarks tinged with fantastic bigotry?

  • switchlight13

    John Kerry: Sec of Defense….lol

    Susan Rice: Sec of State…

  • Brendan Horn

    I think people need to realize that Republicans won more federal races than did the Democrats. Conservatism is not dead. It does need to reinvent itself from time to time. Conservatives need to ask themselves what are the most important issues to them. Is it worth it to lose an election because of issues that are not as important as other issues?. In chess, it is good when people know they have lost a match. They can then start a new match, try something different the next time around.

    I think part of the problem is that there is no such real thing as a true conservative. A lot of people think they are the true conservative and that anyone who disagrees with them is not a real conservative. That is nonsense. Individuals have minds of their own. There are quite a few different types of conservatives. It is better to be inclusive rather than exclusive. A winning candidate needs to be inclusive.

    Another problem that conservatives have is that there are more liberal dominated media outlets than their are conservative outlets. There are many things about President Obama that were not popular with many people, but the liberal media ignore those issues. They focus on winning issues for Democrats. They put a negative spin whenever they can on the Republican. Republicans need to be constantly spreading the truth about who they are and must aggressively defend what they believe. More and more people realize the dishonesty of much of the liberal media, though their influence is still real. It would not have taken many changed votes for Romney to defeat Obama. If they only duped 0.5% of the vote, they changed the election.

    No need to despair. When we get knocked down, we get up again better and stronger. The future will hold another election.

  • Mr. Richie

    So what you are saying is that we are SCREWED!

  • Seaside Bayonne

    You are deluded…GB’s I & II were both “severe conservatives” in the Mittens mold and the American People have had enough. To paraphrase the old slogan…”With Conservatives like that, who needs Cavemen?” Time to grow up kiddies, the Tea Party is over. Fiscal restraint, sure…but at the expense of the middle class, Never.

  • switchlight13

    With the recent scandals, lies, cover ups & the “push everything past the election”, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that we have criminals at the highest level of Government. The White House West Wing, Dept of Justice, DHS etc are all led and directed by criminals.

  • Blakely

    How soon we forget! Hey 2010 was only two years ago. Before we all have
    another makeover, give the Democrats a chance to screw up again. IMO,
    it is inevitable. As soon as Obama starts down the the road to Socialism,
    providing they do not declare Martial Law, he is bound to alienate the country.
    Let him have his chance.

    • Mario__P

      I completely agree. The GOP shouldn’t change anything. Just wait as the nation moves more to the Left and see what will happen. It’s a waiting game. I like that.

  • Dave Hamill

    GOP can gain big support by taking their argument about the dangers of government power- and its tendency to grow and concentrate- in another direction: Money power does the same thing and also hurts individual free citizens. In fact, there is a solution that liberals and conservatives can both love: Capital Homesteading. reforms the Fed to be owned by the citizens. Addresses wealth disparity but reduces the size and scope of government.

  • Sandy E Clanton

    These were my sentiments election night.

    David Yeagley, a hard-core Indian conservative wrote the following obituary for the nation. It’s sad and angry and moving and frightening and I thought I would share it.
    November 6, 2012

    The Republicans have campaigned not on morality, but on prosperity. It was money over morality. Conservatives agreed. And so the America you once loved is no longer. The country you believed in, lived for, and
    loved everything about, has passed into history. Let me be the first to welcome you all to Indian Country!

    Indians know what it’s like to live in the past. Now you American patriots will know. You’re on an ideological reservation now, and soon, perhaps, you’ll be on an economic–or even geographic reservation.

    If the Republicans erred, it was in their failure to emphasize the basic moral issues of the country. They left the door to moral abandonment wide open when they allowed an alien free access to American political life–even to the White House. No one has pursued the truth, not sufficiently, and a alien, lying anti-American has been given free reign to wreck the country. More than half the people loved him.

    The Republicans allowed crime after crime to go unpunished, since the Clintons. Ultimately, a lying murderer occupies the Oval Office.

    But, rather than having the courage to call out sin by its name, the Republicans chose to talk about the economy. That was the most important issue. And Conservatives apparently agreed. That was safe. That was politically correct. That was non-offensive. That was non-religious. That was about dreams, hopes, prosperity, and other high-minded notions of reality.

    The truth is, none part of the American dream can happen when the foundation is lies, crime, and total fraud at the root. This Obama, his administration, and all his supporters. Profound social delusion, it is. But not so mysterious. The false reality evolved through wrong values. “Whatever it takes,” Al Gore used to say.

    And so the triumph of sin looms before us, at 10:15 p.m., Central Time. (This piece was begun at 10:06 p.m.) Sin. Wrong doing. Transgression of the express will of God, just like in Eden. The Fall continues. It’s that simple.

    A great horror lies ahead for the United States, and for the world. Sin ultimately meets its end, as do all who participate in it.

    Benghazi was the nation’s last warning. It was unheeded. The Republican leadership decided to talk about money, about prosperity, rather than call Obama on his cowardly murder of Americans.

    This failure to reprove sin has to be the only explanation for why so many people in the country are so blind. Mass of people in New York and New Jersey, in devastated conditions, without the basic necessities of life, still voted for the lying murderer in the White House. Thus, we see the result of failure to name sin.

    I don’t normally write this religiously, this fundamentally. But, I have a deep feeling that America is lost now. Oh, the buildings will remain. The roads, the land, even Washington, DC. But, the country is gone, forever. America is passed.

    What is the new name of the new social entity? Fraud. The country of Falsehood, where lies rule. But it won’t stand. More storms will come, until the social entity is reduced to total desperation. And then the leaders and people will not know what to do. They have forsaken the truth, and are left to their own delusions. Simple as that. A horrific future, indeed.

    Indians never had it this bad. It is a cursed reservation that awaits the patriots. I’m sorry for this. I grieve for this, but, it appears on immediate horizon. Perhaps one day the patriots will rise up again, and recreate America. Until then, I welcome you all to your Indian Country.

  • Switchlight13

    If whites voted 93% for Romney they would be called “Racist”. Blacks, as usual, get a pass.

  • Switchlight13

    “They must learn English”…..yeah sure….most illegals are high school drop outs from Mexico…….I can see them becoming experts in English grammar.

  • Switchlight13

    We’ve seen this movie in 1986: Secure the border then a “pathway” to citizenship. The border NEVER gets secured but the pathway goes forward

  • Switchlight13

    A high school diploma should be required to vote. hat would knock out over 50% of the Black & Hispanic vote.

  • potvin

    Romney wasn’t conservative enough so the guy didn’t vote? Conservatives deserve to lose.

  • Kathie Ampela

    Team Romney used Alinsky tactics to take out GOP rivals in the primaries but took the high road with Obama even as he (Romney) was smeared with millions of dollars worth of attack ads. Is it any wonder that he lost? If Romney chose his advisors so poorly during his campaign, what makes everyone think he’d do any better if elected president? I think Obama won by default, Romney was a lousy messenger. The only time he pulled slightly ahead was after the first debate and couldn’t sustain the momentum. There are people who I know, neighbors who voted for Obama because they didn’t even know the challengers name by election day! Any time Mitt Romney made a strong statement, which was rare, he ran away from it. He criticized Obama the day after the Benghazi attacks and rightly so…then hid under a rock.
    Regarding Benghazigate, look out for the Hillary Factor. The Clintons hate Obama and will never let Hillary’s chances for 2016 be hurt by him. They’ve got the goods and won’t hestitate to use it now that the election is over.

  • DaveW

    Bernie, you are correct. The hard right scare away young people (men and particularly, women), independents and non-Christians (including aetheists and agnostics). When you consider that the Republicans already lose 93% of the blacks and most of the “deadbeats” who want “stuff”, who is left to vote Republican… particularly when the far right “crazies” won’t even consider a candidate who would “reach across the aisle”? It is laughable and discouraging that the far right conservatives won’t even show up to vote because their candidate is not right-wing enough.So what they get is a liberal as President and they complain. The guy who calls Limbaugh doesn’t vote then is upset by the outcome! Go figure!

  • AJ

    Ron Paul was that person but he couldn’t be bought. Fiscally conservative Republicans are signing up as Libertarians in droves.

  • John Harper Gault

    Sounds like we need to go to the libertarian side of the party to win.

    • Phil

      That won’t help. If we do that, we’ll pick up, 5, maybe 10 percent of the vote, and in the process lose 20 to 25 percent of the social conservative vote. The net result: a 10 to 15 percent loss. The deck is stacked, no matter what we do. The Left owns the media, education, and now religion. Conservatives have nothing left. You don’t change that in an election cycle or two, unless there’s a catastrophic event, such as the country’s total economic collapse.

  • rlpincus

    I don’t know. If I was looking to make a serious point, I wouldn’t start a post with “I’m driving in my car listening to Rush” unless it is 2112.

    • Bob Hadley

      Actually Bernie began his article like this: “SO, I’m driving in my car listening to Rush…” Reminds me of Cosmo Kramer in Seinfeld. :)

  • Phil

    Sad as it is to say, I think the only thing Republicans can do to become relevant again is to get up and walk out – give the Democrats everything they want, with no opposition. Let them bankrupt the country. Nobody will lend us money. Taxes will be so high the economy will die. This will be a miserable country. But if people don’t believe us when we warn them about these consequences, the only way they’re going to learn is to experience and live through them. With no Republicans in office, an uninformed, apathetic public will have no one to blame but Democrats. I think that’s the only thing that’s going to work. Go John Galt on ’em.

  • Tom Weeks

    Mr. Goldberg,

    You wrote:

    “It’s hard to beat Santa Claus, as Limbaugh puts it. And the Democrats
    are the ones saying Ho Ho Ho – vote for us, we have lots of goodies for

    While this is unfortunately quite true in 2012, what happens when we run out of “goodies”? As Mark Steyn has commented, reality doesn’t need 270 electoral votes. A unanimous vote for a presidential candidate cannot magically override the reality of this country being flat broke.

    Tom Weeks
    LaGrange, GA

  • Jim Mason II

    As a Tea Party activist in the field, I claim being in the trenches and not just some couch sitter offering their opinions right now that are basically worthless. Organizing and trying to make sure that my leadership under me does not get too far into listening to those who make their living blogging or authoring on their and other political websites. The internet is a flood which explanations about what went wrong. They are the flavor of the day, and it comes from those who stand within their own pool of peers.
    The GOP did pick the wrong candidate. The establishment screwed up and the ruling elite is basically responsible. But remember this, the GOP allowed a candidate that could not take Obama on the singular issue that was most damaging to him… Obamacare. How could he when he had his own version and that was when it was over for the chance to win this election.

    Ideals? Its facts and logic achieving a calculated end that will turn this around. And those facts are about to come down from the Administration. I can just hear the beloved unknowingly getting ready for what they thinks is about to happen. More of the same? Just too much to go on.

    We need the conservative values to come into play here and to quit waving the white flag. Or continuing to use the term like “Bush Tax Cuts”. They are not the Bush tax cuts, they are the CURRENT TAX RATES. And huge tax hikes about about to take affect…. 4 trillion dollars over the next ten years! The great fight known to us as the Debt Ceiling which was the first time an outside group was able to direct the debate on the House floor. For the first time, Americans following the debate were able to kitchen table lobby their representatives to get something done about the out of control spending. Did any of you take part in this historic effort?

    Now it looks like the deadline has arrived for the original agreement. It will lead to the military, especially the Navy, is going to be gutted. The only spending that is going to be cut is going to be everything but the entitlements, which leaves only a small percentage of the programs and budgets to endure this huge burden.

    Bernie, I love ya. But it might be time to wait a little to see what is about to happen by mid January and then see the rise of the right inside the Republican Party, because they will likely become the new beacon that this nation will rally around. Just like Obama offered and lied,. Lied about everything just like the Democats and we will only take so much lying, before some of the strength of the left, like their stalwart media begins to break under the guilt when realizing that they have been wrong.

  • Chris Matthewson

    As Newsweek columnist David Frum recently said, Republican leaders are “cowards” and the right-wing Republican base has been lied to by a “conservative entertainment complex.” This election has made it clear that conservatives live in a self-imposed bubble, a cocoon, an “echo chamber.” Many conservatives, by their very own nature, lack a healthy skepticism and intellectual curiosity–they are unable or unwilling to question their own dogmatic beliefs and stubbornly hold onto ideas in the face of mounting contrary evidence.

    Their reaction to last week’s election results is a case study in how people react when their cognitively dissonant ideas reach critical mass. Their bubble has burst, their cocoon has shattered, their echo chamber has been invaded by alien voices. The “Santa factor” facing many conservatives is not the feared open governmental checkbook (because that account is already extremely overdrawn). It is, instead, the shock of learning their Santa Claus does not exist at all.

  • Gray Panther

    These hard-line right-wing types are their own worst enemy. The establishment Republicans need to “let go” on the social issues. The party will never win on them, so why try? All fine & well to be a purist but what good does it do if you cannot be a player in the political arena of ideas & policies? You want to successfully forge your agenda? Appeal to a broader spectrum of voters or plan on being left out altogether with the Democrats running the show for the forseeable future.

  • LarryNow

    The Santa Claus metaphor is apt. The self reliance message is not going to work anymore. If the GOP positions itself as “Santa Claus Lite” ,voters will just vote for the Democrats because they are the real Santa in this scenario. Sad to see this turn in our society.

  • Mario__P

    The GOP should remain unchanged; they need to keep pushing their social positions onto the public. I mean all of a sudden some of their past positions are wrong, and the Party instead cares more about gaining favoritism? Hey, stand up for what you believe in, and announce publicly your thoughts about conception, abortion, and rape. If a voter looks for the liberal position, s/he can vote for the Left. And if s/he is looking for the conservative position, he can vote for the Right. We don’t need two such similar parties. The pro-life stance needs to be maintained by the GOP. The illegal immigrants need to be deported. Where did the conservative values go? Changing the stance on such issues would be admission of being wrong. Would the GOP rather sell out to the public and trash their values? Will the electorate buy it, or will the voters see it as a sellout to gain some votes? Will such shifting in positions split the GOP in two Parties?

  • John Tashjian

    No wonder it feels as if I wasted my vote. I can only hope and pray that the GOP can come up with a severe case of a rock-solid backbone between now and, at the very least, the mid-term elections two years from now.

  • Tim in Northern California

    Bernie, as usual, is right on the nose…. a charismatic, eloquent,”young” Republican will win over the true moderates and wishy-washy Libertarians. It’s very hard to defeat Santa Claus, BUT a dynamic Conservative could do so because many would realize that (cover the kids ears…) Santa Claus is really mommy and daddy.

    • RedinDenver

      I wouldn’t count on that …. Evidently, we have a majority of Americans now who are a case of arrested development. They never matured or learned to take care of themselves, and so look at the GOVERNMENT as a combination of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and, yes — mommy & daddy.

  • Tim Ned

    The hard core conservatives seem to forget that Ronald Regan was a great deal maker. He worked with the other side for the good of the nation.

  • Sean Glazier

    The only option these days will be secession. The marixists will come for the Christians (history shows this ) . They al ready demonize us as “the haters” and “the rasicts” and the commenting left are already making claims that they need to be done away with so the world will be a better place.
    Obama hours after his win called the UN regarding the gun ban treaty they will shove down our throats. They think they have a green light to implement thier vision of paradise and they really don’t care what red states think. You will be made to conform or re educated or eliminated.
    Red states have only 2 options. 1. agree to the slavery imposed 2. Part company. Leave Sdom to the Sodomites. You can’t change these people who think they are entitled to everything you own. The state is thier god and if you read history, everywhere a marxist state is impose Christains are attacked and are enemy number one.
    Read marxist literature and thier world view wants a world with out God. Everyone answers to the State.
    Maintaining the union is not worth giving up your freedom.

  • RedinDenver

    [Quote] He is … angry over how the election turned out. And he’s calling, he says, to inform Mr. Limbaugh that he did not vote for Mitt Romney and will never vote for a moderate Republican. [UnQuote]

    How dare ANY conservative/Republican who DID NOT vote for Romney be ANGRY about the outcome of the election???

    As has been said, truthfully, many times: If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. The 3 million Republicans who SAT HOME rather than vote for someone they considered less than perfect, have NO ONE TO BLAME BUT THEMSELVES for the next 4 years of the horror that is Obama’s America.

    I’m an Independent who voted for Romney’s stated policies (such as opening up federal lands to try to get us energy independent within a decade, the 20% reduction in tax rates, keeping the Estate Tax at zero, and cutting the huge number of job killing regulations that have been passed in the last 4 years). When you compare what Romney had vowed to do against what we KNEW would be a doubling down on Obama’s failed Liberal policies — HOW COULD ANYONE SIT HOME ON ELECTION NIGHT???

    • Sean Glazier

      Not really. you missed out on how Ron Paul supporters were treated and cheated out of primaries. Delegates not allowed to go to the convention. Ron Paul earned a speaking spot, but it was denied to him. After they were treated like that they felt they had no voice. They were not about to reward the republican party with a win.
      The republican party needs to appeal to the conservative base and I mean the true conservatives and the Ron Paul supporters. There was no point for them since they were denied a voice in the republican party

      • RedinDenver

        To ME, some hurt feelings and/or not having your ideal candidate is not nearly as important OR AS DAMAGING TO THE NATION as another 4 years of Obama’s policies. And, shamefully, that is what has resulted from people like the one in the article we’re commenting on, who is willing to live through the total collapse of our society in order to send the RNC a ‘message’. The REALLY ironic part of this is that the message is not CLEAR to the RNC — they’re thinking the problem is that Romney was TOO FAR RIGHT!!!

        • Mallet Head

          It’s not a matter of having the ideal or the ‘perfect’ candidate mentioned in the article, it’s a matter of having a Republican as a candidate. I don’t really believe McCain or Romney are Republicans. You are right the Establishment Repub party sees Romney’s loss as proof we have to move further to the left. Pushing your irony into the heads-I-win-tails-you-lose territory is that a Romney win would have been proof further moderation is needed to win a larger majority. They aren’t listening. I owe them nothing. Collapse of society, pfff, if not this election then the next time a Demorat is elected. Why wait? Let the civil war begin.

          • RedinDenver

            Well, Mallet Head …. I’m not sure what to even SAY to you — you’re pretty “out there”.

            I’ll start by saying — like it or not, both Romney AND McCain are in the Republican party. Perhaps you should start your OWN party if you’re not accepting of the candidates within the Republican party.

            I’m an Independent, but even I could see there was a vast difference between the direction Obama’s taking us and the one Romney set forth — one of a government smaller in size and scope, one in which the government takes more and more of our money to give to people who don’t pay taxes, and one in which the EPA wasn’t allowed to make everything either unavailable or so expensive — or both, etc..

    • Mallet Head

      Easy. I did not vote for (or against) McRino, or Romney. I do not blame myself for Republicans nominating Democrats. I owe the Republican Party NOTHING, not loyalty, not a party vote. You can claim Romney was going to do what he said, maybe he would have, personally I don’t believe it. He was afraid to bring up ObamaCare cuz … he couldn’t defend RomneyCare. He was intimidated into silence on Libya because the media pounded him for three days for saying what Obama said two hours after him. And so on … I rather vote for Satan then a Democrat, even when they claim to be Republicans.

  • OntheMark

    I totally agree with this and am aggravated that they don’t see it. Romney’s campaign was the problem, or maybe even his not willing to mix it up more, but his ability to build bridges and consensus was a plus. I voted Romney but would never have voted Santorum or Bachmann. Never.

  • bloatedfed

    Much as I hate to say it – I agree with Dems4ever below…conservatives will never win again if we do not move to the center on abortion, gay marriage, and contraception. As abhorrent as abortion may be to us – in terms of the changing demographics, we are basically voting against our own self-interest by fighting Roe v Wade. An inordinate number of the left leaning are making babies they cannot support (very often they are babies making babies), I frankly would be happy to pay for contraception for all who want it as an alternative way to reduce the number of abortions. Gay marriage – again, a point of philosophy that, from a pragmatic viewpoint, hurts our sensibilities, but not much else. When compared to the immense damage Liberals will do in the halls of power, some baseline definition of what constitutes marriage is IMO, cutting off our collective nose to spite our face. We can’t keep doing what we are doing and expect a different result – we all know what that defines.

  • Sheila Bigel

    Republicans are their own worst enemies. I have rarely heard a Democrat knocking President Obama, but I have often heard Republicans knocking Mitt Romney.

  • Sheila Bigel

    Republicans are there own worst enemies. You never heard a Democrat knocking President Obama, but you constantly heard Republicans knocking Mitt Romney.


    If Republicans would just become more mainstream on the social stuff (abortion, gay marriage, contraception, women’s health) and focus on the economic issues (jobs, deficit reduction in a pragmatic way) then they would be more competitive.

  • T Alers

    I’m in that moderate middle that did not like either candidate. It’s too bad the GOP chose to ignore Gov. Buddy Roemer when he was running for the Republican nomination. Roemer has the all the experience and charisma to boot. He has the ability to attract followers from all parties. Had the GOP chosen to give Buddy Roemer some airtime during the Republican debates, Roemer might very well be the President-elect today–or at least he might have won the popular vote.

  • Mr.D

    Oh yes please. More conservative! Next time Democrats could get thirty or even forty states. Remember Goldwater? He was a TRUE conservative. What did he get? Was it three states or two. Whatever it was LBJ won the most lopsided U.S. election ever. I’ll bet Herman Cane could have matched or beat that, or Michelle Bat-crazy Bachmann or Rick Santorum, or ….or…. The list goes on and on. It wasn’t so much that Mitt was a flawed candidate, though he has as much chance of connecting with the 99% as a cat with a mouse. It’s that the party is flawed.

    I was a Republican through the Reagan years. I still am registered republican, but frankly it offers me nothing. It doesn’t practice fiscal conservatism unless Democrats are in power. Eighty percent of Obama’s deficits are the hangover from the Republican excesses of the Bush years. Of the six trillion added to the debt under Obama, only one fourth was Obama’s and half of that was the stimulus. Christ, he’s the conservative these days.

    And I don’t give a damn about social values. That’s what ruined the party for me. All the petty little people who put religion and they’re personal special interests above the good of country. It’s unpatriotic and self serving.

    As for Reagan, yes, I liked him, still do, but he wasn’t a right wing ideologue. Sure he was conservative, but he was pragmatic and worked across the aisle. He raised taxes when it was necessary and once said, “A bus driver shouldn’t have to pay more in taxes than the wealthy.” Sound familiar? He was also very personable like our President. So that’s what the Republican party should be looking for; a likable, pragmatic and while your at it, throw in smart man.

    Sorry, I’m glad it’s not my problem, but those traits seem to be absent from the present batch of GOP politicians. The last Republican like that died eight years ago. Good luck.

  • kukki44

    I am an outsider, I am not American and I live in China, pls believe me the great country of America has changed, the far right will never be accepted in todays time. If the death of your Ambassador and 3 other heroes are bypassed for food stamps, entertainment marijuana and free condoms where have the mighty fallen?? If the libertarians and the far right had supported Mitt wholeheartedly Mitt would have won. He wld have been great for your country economics and immigration control.Sadly you have no future with the liberal policies. Welcome to the Divided Socialist States of America. With deep regrets Kukki

    • Mallet Head

      Thank you for taking an interest and presenting a rational assessment of our situation. To bad I agree with you in the main.

  • Peter Kleinschmidt


  • Phil Silverman

    Rush…yeah..clarity & passion. Expesically when he says things like “[Holder] is Obama’s ‘bitch'”. Bernie, give it a rest, will ya?

  • Switchlight13

    “Still, the GOP crisis is not so much illegal as legal immigration. Forty million legal immigrants have arrived in recent decades. Some 85 percent come from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. Most arrived lacking the academic, language and labor skills to compete for high-paying jobs.

    What does government do for them?

    Subsidizes their housing and provides free education for their kids from Head Start through K-12, plus food stamps and school lunches, Pell Grants and student loans for college, Medicaid if they are sick, earned income tax credits if they work and 99 weeks of unemployment checks if they lose their job.

    These are people who depend upon government.

    Why would they vote for a party that is going to cut taxes they do not pay, but take away government benefits they do receive?

    Again it needs be said. When the country looks like California demographically, it will look like California politically. Republicans are not whistling past the graveyard. They are right at the entrance”……Pat Buchanan

  • ahalbert

    One of Bernie’s best articles. Votes lost because Romney wasn’t perfect
    enough didn’t determine this election. Character and/or record no longer
    matter. It’s all just personality and promises. Given the growing Santa
    Claus mentality, there was one viable option for the GOP — formulate
    and push a comprehensive immigration reform policy starting in the
    primaries. It would have been hard for some to swallow, but it was and is political necessity if an opportunity is still there in 2016. Fighting over other demographics groups who were susceptible to personality and promises was a losing strategy in 2012. This was a lost opportunity the GOP old guard refused to consider, even if Hispanics share more conservative values than any other group. Win a majority of Hispanic vote, and you also get other sympathetic votes in the bargain.
    As Bernie points out, telling people to be self-reliant and suck it up
    no longer sells. People like me will be reluctant to donate in the
    future to losing strategies. I was already a reluctant donor following the self-destructive campaign of McCain.

  • Realist

    Conservatives keep falsley claiming Reagan as one of their own, despite his record to the contrary, because without Reagan on the list, conservatives have not won an election in over a century. That should tell you something about the message.

  • Ogden Lane

    History lesson here: Buckley (whom many do not remember or knew at all) Rule: Nominate the best conservative…who can WIN!!! Romney could have done that. One thing I also remember was Ross Perot and his method of buying air time and explaining his philosophy with charts just like a teacher. That is what Republicans need to do-define themselves and our philosophy or someone like Stephanie Cutter will pull her “if Romney did not pay his taxes, he may be a felon” routine. Mmmm. she did not say that about Geither, who is known not to have paid his taxes.

  • SheepDogVet

    I suggest the title rather be “Robin Hood’s evil brother, Surrender of the GOP Elite, Invasion of the Lefties, and the Stupidity of the New Electorate”. Hey Bernie keep up the good work; I appreciate you being out there.

  • Giusepperides

    The problem that is. I consider myself a “Conservative” I am starting to lean more Libertarian The problem with “true” conservatism is that it does not seem to change with the times. For example: The war on women. Fabricated by the left or not it is just an issue that conservatives cannot win. Everyone thinks all conservatives want to ban abortion forever. The reality that needs to be conveyed is that this will just never happen. It has been nearly 40 years since Roe V Wade. No one wants to send women back to the dark ages. If men got pregnant abortion and birth control would not even be an issue. You could get an abortion at 7-Eleven in 20 different flavors. Conservatives have to change with the times. I am fiscally conservative and believe our government spending is out of control. We need entitlement reform and tax reform.I did not agree that GW started 2 wars in 2 countries for the 911 attack of 2001. Wasted a few trillion and what do we have for that? Nada. Nil, Nyet. We as conservatives need to be smarter than that. A conservative in 1950 had a country club membership that employed black people but never would have a black member. That idea is now antiquated. The same party evolution needs to be applied again. We can be fiscally conservative without be insensitive to the social issues that plague our nation and at the same time figure out the best way to get some bang for our buck when confronting these problems. The party needs to evolve.

  • Brian

    America voted and the best man for the job won!

  • virgil renfroe

    By the way , the time to start selling the value of conservatism for the next election is now, we need to package it and advertise it so folks will be singing it’s phrases without even being aware ,Remember right doesn’t always win, but it is always right.

  • virgil renfroe

    There is nothing wrong with the product of conservatism it’s just a bad selling job, but remember the school system is against us the main stream media and entertainment media and all the printed press, are all against any conservative values morally or financially . we must find a way to educate the public and the young in spite of all the obstacles , even many churches are afraid to say anything about moral issues and political parties, so we got a mountain folks and we have to build a ladder up that hill, And by the way the poplar vote would have been a whole lot closer if it was totally honest that’s what I believe…So don’t loose faith these folks in office now can screw things up so bad even the blind will see some light ,

  • Dr Judy

    Maybe the issue is not so much the hard right vs the moderates – but maybe that some contemporary Republicans have forgotten what the Founding Fathers insisted upon in their writings and in the Constitution: the SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. They were God loving and God fearing men. It’s time to stop conflating the issues and get down to the basic principles upon which the USA is founded!

    I bet that Hamilton and Jefferson, among the others, are turning over in their graves to see the distortion of their thinking and writing, as well as practice. Many Democrats would/could have voted this time if, like Obama, the Republicans clarified they stand for separation of church and state.

  • DB

    Definition found for conservative: ‘a person who is averse to change and holds traditional values and attitudes”. We have been flooding our country with change and diverse cultures. How can conservatism [cultural or social or religious] be possible with all this change? Only financial conservatism seems possible now.

    Personally I do not believe it is about the “stuff”. The naturalized co-workers I know came here for the economic and intellectual opportunities. They are really moderate republicans but they do not know it.

  • Rightmom

    We just need to play their game and lie like they do….and find Everything offensive! I am tired of bring a patsy and bowing down and backing off!

    • Bob Hadley

      Lie like they do??????????????? Gov. Romney lied his way into the nomination and , beginning with the first debate, moderated his lies. I prefer to use a different term than “lie,” but I’m borrowing yours.

  • Ro Gal

    Great perspective of what the current problem is and solution for the Republican party.

  • Stimpy

    Good column Bernie and I think Ann Coulter would agree — Mitt was the best candidate. Unfortunately demographics (overwhelming black and hispanic support for the dems) and, as you say, the Santa Claus effect are things that defy persuasion and common sense. Unless something changes we’re all in big trouble.
    Those blue states are never going to turn red, but I can’t say that more red states won’t catch the blue virus.

  • Cyberquill

    True, conservatism comes in two flavors: religious and secular. It’s mostly the former that freaks out the kids and the dogs.

    • Patrick

      Exactly and we need more of the latter flavor and less of the former.

  • Gov. Christie

    The best man won the job.

  • tetonka76

    I believe those who voted for Obama didn’t really vote “for” him….they voted against Romney. Any intelligent voter who educated him or herself knew what Obama was about. They will get exactly the same person for the next four years that they got the last four. The only difference will be that there is now nothing stopping Obama. He will push through his agendas with no thought of how it affects the country. It is true that many, many Americans want a hand out. It’s so easy to get on the gravy train and terrible to get off. As a conservative and a Christian, I believe Obama was allowed to be re-elected so it fits into God’s plan. Anyone who reads about and understands prophecy knows that no nation resembling the U.S. factors into the end times. The U.S. is diminished and will continue to be diminished in the eyes of the world. We are a laughing stock to the Iranians and Russians. Whether you believe me or not…..whether you scoff at my comments…..stay tuned. I am willing to bet the U.S. will deteriorate a lot over the next year. You won’t be better off at the end of 2013 (if we’re all still around) and neither will our country. It’s a shame. Wake up America! That dreaded “cliff” is right there and we’re on the edge. Conservative, moderate…….it wouldn’t have mattered who the Republicans chose as their nominee……it didn’t matter what Romney did or said……Obama was destined to win because that is where we are in this country……full of deceived people. This, truly, is not the America I grew up in. I ask that anyone who reads this… pray for us…for our country and the ones in leadership roles throughout the nation. Prayer is our only hope.

    • Bob Hadley

      “Any intelligent voter who educated him or herself knew what Obama was about.”
      This is the crux of what is wrong with so many right-wingers and, accordingly, their vessel – the GOP. They think that anyone who actually voted for President Obama is stupid, ignorant or just want “free stuff” (whatever that is). Which one of these categories does Gen. Colin Powell fall into? Ohhhh yes! There’s that other category that the brilliant Gov. Sununu put forth: Colin Powell decided to support pres. Obam a because he’s black.
      Any right-winger who cannot or will not step outside his bubble to understand his opposition is only a detriment to the GOP. Just because you understand someone’s point of view does not mean you agree wityh it, not by any means.
      But, I suspect that many ideologues intuitively realize that if they understand their opposition, they may also be persuaded. And we couldn’t have that, right?

      • tetonka76

        Give it a year, Bob……..then see where you are.

        • Bob Hadley

          What does that mean?

          • ph16

            Liberals are lazy people as are the people who vote for them. That’s what. Admit it Bob, I see through your charade, you are a dumb liberal who like those welfare queens are sucking money from decent taxpayers.

          • Bob Hadley

            That’s a bigoted remark. There’s no way you know enough liberals to know that they are lazy. Liberals i know are just as hard working as anyoe else. Why do you have to demonize those with whom you disagree? It only lowers yourself.
            As for me, I don’t take any gov. assistance of any kind, except for public infrastructure, etc. My business is doing much better these days than in 2009.

  • Vernon

    To those consevatives who did not vote ..will try to be as mild as possible ” Shut UP ” You will have to live with it. When you have a choice of the lesser of the two evils and you just sit on your butt because poor little baby did not see a conservative enough canidate. Please give me a break. You are the problem with this nation. We now have a President who in all his power will keep you at bay for a long time. Unemployement will sky rocket. National debt will go thru the roof and the only satifcation I will get is to watch you suffer along with the rest of us. Now their is no way to promise stuff our way out of this. We had a chance to put someone in power who actually had brains. Hard working and would not allow our liberties to be trounced upon. Obama does give a rat’s butt about anyone. He’s a myself and I type of person. Our youth have been so brained washed and it will take decades to turn this around. I watched a clip of voters in line to vote and a few were asked questions and the answers they gave just made me stick to my stomach. Not one knew how many legislative branches their are of our government. Or how many in congress or the senate. But they did like the fact they would be given free stuff. Reguardless of who would have to pay for it.
    God help us all.

  • nkviking75

    Re: The “religious nuts”. Neither Akin or Mourdock’s gaffes were motivated by religion. Akin repeated an old wives tale (one I’d heard years ago), and quickly apologized when called on it. But the Dems and the media buried that apology in a pile of propaganda. Mourdock was trying to say that even children produced by rape and incest were children of God and had a right to their lives regardless of how they were conceived. Both men said something stupid and both quickly apologized. Christian candidates are often accused of making too much of social issues, but the press would never allow them to minimize them. Any Christian conservative who runs needs to anticipate this be ready with answers.

  • Robert Blum

    Tis a shame that ‘family values’ are not equated to ‘religious freedoms’ which should be appreciated and promoted by individual freedom of choice . . . yet separate from the political and governmental environments and dictates . . . which is why the Libertarian ideals and values should be a viable, optional path.

  • POC247

    What’s troubling about this is that people would spite the GOP and allow a far left leader to once again occupy the White House. They have sacrificed this country’s future for what…..Mitt not being conservative enough? Hope they enjoy the black boot of government control, broader entitlements that bury us in deeper debt, cut backs in military spending, gun control, anti-business, anti coal & gas, government run health care…..the list is endless…with Republican friends like this, who needs leftest enemies!

  • Shane

    Bernie you are so right! These people are either clueless or delusional. An important reason for Obama’s victory is that millions of conservatives did not show up to vote, or they voted for a third party candidate. The Democrats rally around their presidential candidate even if he’s clueless and a proven incompetent, so in order to win, we must support our candidate even if he’s not as conservative as you would like him to be. Mitt Romney is not a true conservative, but he is smart, competent and a good person, while Obama is a true liberal. The GOP cannot win Presidential elections by appealing only to conservatives; only 35% of those who voted Tuesday described themselves as conservatives. Wise up conservatives!

  • blackdog

    Republicans (and I vote the witch over the devil every time) seem to have a problem finding someone who has some charisma, is articulate, and is mostly conservative. McCain and Romney are not charismatic and appear tentative and hesitant to speak up. George Bush has charisma and ‘swagger’ and he was elected twice. And he is combative.
    A man like Marco Rubio might do the job, but the republican party ‘leaders’ lost it again for half of America by allowing the candidates to tear each other up in public and then settle for a ‘moderate’ from MA who agreed to ‘romneycare’. That’s not a way to win regular folks who WANT to vote republican but who are repeatedly presented with a wimpy choice. I seriously wonder if the party is infiltrated and affected by liberals for that purpose.

  • poetreviewer

    Your column is dead-on. The conservative party doesn’t want right-wing conservatives. We want intelligent thinking businessmen like Romney who know how to balance budgets, create jobs, get the economy on track and yet can say “God bless America” because they actually believe in God. I am a woman and have gone from fearing Roe V Wade being reversed to not caring anymore, because it isn’t all that important. If Romney wanted the younger woman vote all he had to say was something like, “I have no intention on working to overturn Roe v Wade. That decision was made by The Supreme Court years ago and isn’t all that relevant, today with pressing issues like no jobs for young people, staggering debt and more people on food stamps who want to work.” and let it go at that. He could have won the gay vote by simply saying “personal love is a personal choice.” He’s a Christian for God’s sake, at the end of the day. Why should he have been made to make party choices on issues he most likely didn’t even believe in? Christians love and accept all people. Can anyone say that about Obama? Mitt Romney was a great candidate, a great man and showed dignity when he let Obama save face on camera, in front of the American people, in the debate where Obama flat-out lied about what happened in Libya. Romney proved himself a gentleman to that move, yet was criticized by the press for it, rather than noting that. Maybe the public and the press was too dull to see what really went on. And what was Obama so steamed and defensive about? I saw the movie about Obama and became so sick of his “grandmother” rhetoric. How such a tiresome candidate won our country’s election is beyond imagination. How does inflation sound to everyone? I hope good, because that’s what lies ahead for us all.

  • Catholic Voter

    Hi Bernie! Good column as always. I think the media intentionally tries to weakn conservative politicians by asking them questions about moral issues, even while those issues are not at the forefront most of the time. The mecdia know they will eventually get someone to respond the way Atkins did, thereby securing victories for liberal opponents, who we all know the media pushes for.

  • Jesusisonhisway

    You are all wrong. Obama is the antichrist and the future of the GOP and elections ont matter. Just pray you survive until you hear the trumpet sounds.

  • John H

    I find it interesting that Bernie mentions Ronald Reagan. If we could get a Ronald Reagan instead of these mush Republicans, we could win. Reagan won because the American people believed he was on their side. We need another Reagan, period. And Bernie needs to stop complaining about us so-called purists. We’re not purists. We just want a conservative. Get it?

  • GERL676


  • Protected by The Shoe

    The knee-jerk reaction to the election ignores some hard cold truths that will effect all presidential elections for years to come. With early voting, the Dems have time to obtain votes from every feeble-minded voter in the electorate. The practice of going after homeless people and winos who don’t know what planet they reside on, as well as elderly people with dementia in nursing homes and designating them as low propensity voters has been perfected by the Democrats. In addition, the Media no longer feels any need to cover stories that would show their candidate in an unfavorable light. The Republican Party is complicit in this because they have, for reasons that would make the most partisan observer scratch their head, failed to make issues of Benghazi, Rev. Wright or in Bill Clinton’s case Monica Lewinsky. The only time they seized an opportunity to actually take advantage of a target-rich scandal environment was against Kerry. As highly effective as it was, the liberal media made “swift-boating” a dirty word and no conservative henceforth wants to be tarred with that brush. The democrats somehow got the ridiculous myth started that the American people liked Obama so much that personal attacks would never stick to Obama. The Republicans parroted the line so much I thought Obi-Wan Kenobe was on the DNC payroll. I fully expected Ed Gillespie to blurt out “Barack Obama is not the droid you are looking for”. If I’m not mistaken, Romney did say that in the 3rd debate.

    Going forward, Republicans need to find someone young, charismatic who has the good sense to say when asked about abortion or illegal aliens, “I am mainly
    concerned about getting America back to work” because after 4 more years of Obama, unemployment will be in double digits.

  • Dr. Pete Kleff

    You are, of course, correct. There is a coming fight for the soul of the Congressional GOP, but it is a losing one for conservatives. Boehner et al will sell out to Obama in an attempt to appease the “moderate” wing of the GOP and D.C. pundits claiming to be conservative. This will lead ultimately to the demise of the GOP nationally. So where do we go from here?
    One needs no crystal ball to see the collapse of the U.S. economy quickly approaching and the potential collapse of the state. This will be a messy affair and lead to possible secession by states or groups of states simply to survive.
    Where do we go from here? We are awfully far down the road to serfdom. It may well be too late to retreat.

  • Bob Hadley

    For right-wingers, denial is not a river in Africa.
    Pres. Reagan’s soaring rhetoric was true blue conservative. He delivered it with a sunny and benign persona in a positive manner. He had the gift of a strong but avuncular presence. To a large degree, he didn’t focus on social issues. His message was implicit: I have faith that the American people can sort of the social issues for themselves; I’ll just provide them with an example.
    Pres. Reagan’s governance, however, was largely moderate. He raised txes many times after lowering them, he granted amnesty for illegal aliens, he cut-and-run from Beriut when the going got tough, not once did he even propose anything close to a balanced budget. At heart, he was largely pragmatic.
    Based on his rhetoric, Pres. Reagan could (theorectically) easily secure the Repub. nomination, but he could not do so based on his record. Especially with the 24/7 cable news cycle and the social media, he would not be nominated with his record in the current climate of Repub. primary politics..
    Pat Buchanan was different breed of fire-brand conservative. He ran on a largely populist agenda. When it appeared as though he might secuire the Rep. nomination in 1996, many in the Repub. establishment callied him names. Those names were “liberal liberal liberal.” Other than Gov. Romney, how many of the Repub. candidates this year could be called those names with any credibility? And, yes, Gov. Romney had to severely tailor his rhetoric and positions.
    If Repubicans learn anything from Pres. Reagan, it should be to look for a leader who uses positive rhetoric, has a sunny disposition, rises above petty partisan bickering, exudes true concern and care for all people, chooses his battles wisely and who is not afraid to be pragmatic.
    Perhaps the most important thing Republicans must do is somehow rescue the nominating from the crazies. I don’t know if this will happen anytime soon.
    One thing that I think is not emphasized enough is that Team Clinton’s so-called ground game was vastly superior to Gov. Romney. Perhaps this was largely unavoidable because Pres. Obama did not have a bruising (or any to speak of) primary challenge and could build on methods and contacts developed in 2008.


    • nameless

      You’re just a lazy liberal who wants free stuff. Let’s just divide the country in half and give one half to the liberals and the other to conservatives. You’re just another dumb MSNBC Chris Matthews type who isn’t really a man at all, a girlie man.

      • Bob Hadley

        What’s with the nameless? Be a man and give your name. Or are other aspects of you that are lacking (less)?
        I do not take free stuff (whatever that is) from any government (fed, state or local).
        BTW, if the nation were divided, the red states would be hurt more than the blue states. The red states take more than blue ones.

      • Bob Hadley

        Man-up and reveal your name name. Or are you lacking (less) in other regards as well.
        Anyway, your bigoted remarks only lower yourself.
        P. S. It just occured to me that you’re probably a girl trying to impress your boyfriend.

  • Boogoo

    Oh my Bernie, you are so very right!! Yours is the best article that I’ve seen since the huge republican loss. My favorite president was Ronald Reagan, but in some ways he wasn’t all that conservative. He’s the one president who granted amnesty with the promise of a secure border. We know how that worked out. Also, we don’t stick up for our own even when they mess up like dems do. When has a dem messed up and lost support from his/her fellow dems? Even Weiner, although he did at first, in the long run, he didn’t lose the support of other dems. They felt bad for him, he needed help, etc. Maybe we might want to think about that too.

  • Scott

    The election was decided because single women who favor “abortion rights” voted for Obama, 70% of hispanics voted for Obama because hispanics want amnesty, and 92% of blacks voted for Obama because… It was not about the economy or who can better grow the economy. Romney would have been an outstanding President. Obama on the other hand will impose tyranny through regulation without Congress on the American people. Carbon taxes comes to mind. Taxes are going up for everybody. The country is not going to fall apart. It will just become a poorer country. I think the GOP should move toward libertarian policies. The GOP is not going to stop women from having abortions, and the GOP is not going to stop hispanics from crossing the border from Mexico. We have to adapt to succeed.

  • John Illinois

    I did vote for Romney. I voted for McCain, too. Neither were my first choice, but they were far better than Obama. One of the problems the Republican party has is that the “Elite” Republican “leaders”, have less fear of bashing Republican candidates than they have of beating up on the Democrats. The Democrats have no such fear. Note that in Illinois, Jesse Jackson, Jr. was just re-elected, even though he has been on sick leave for almost 6 months, and is under investigation for not one but two crimes. The Illinois House ejected a member who was indicted for bribery. He just was re-elected,, again, too. The Democrat party did not bashing of them, and even supported them. Look at Bill Clinton. The Democrats killed the Impeachment, with the held of RINO Trent Lott, who was less of a leader than Tom Daschle, even though the Republicans had the Senate. On the Republican side, Rove publicly, loudly, and specifically beat up on Christine O’Donnell in Delaware, Sharon Angle in Nevada, Todd Akin, in Missouri, and Richard Mourdock in Indiana. Then they cut off funding, too. Gee guys, do you want to win elections, or are you looking for some kind of brownie points to accrue from the opposition?

    The republicans also have to fight the extremely biased media, as well as the Democrat opponent, and other minor parties that siphon off much needed non-Democrat votes.

    Then there was the fact that Hurricane Sandy hit just before election day, and “R” governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, did a photo op with Obama making him look Presidential.
    With friends like that, who needs enemies?

  • Venter

    You got it right however , Mitt did not have the MSM bullies out there helping him . This was the meanist campaign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the MSM can slap themselves on the back for a job well done. We don’t have reporters anymore and that is what played a big part in making Obama our President and the public stupid. Obama knew he was the parties choice so he has been campaigning for 4 years. People want stuff and we are a ME society. A friend said “he voted for Obama because he was doing fine” WELL what about America. Mitt is a fine human being and I beleive he could have done a fine job. Americans don’t know about high standards , honesty, compassion , respect anymore especially when our leader is looking for REVENGE. MITT had a plan and told us what it was. The GOP has to learn how to get their message out without the MSM.. A conservative or liberal in the GOP will have a hard time because of the MSM. Start campaigning now. Reach out and start converting the takers into thinker.
    As a side thought where is Hillary ?????????????? Maybe the CIA can find her. Ohhhhhhh that could be a problem the General resigned Is the election over.. VERY INTERESTING.

  • docww

    The liberals will continue to win as long as they embrace a big tent approach to politics and the conservatives will continue to lose if they stick to their pup tent strategy. In other countries that get around this because they don’t have a two party system. They form coalitions between parties that don’t always agree in order to govern. If Republicans don’t come to an understanding of how a two party system works (the biggest tent always wins) then they will never win a national election.

  • Damnu812

    Bernie you hit the nail right on the head! Hardline Republicans are looking for the perfect candidate, there is none. I had conservative friends say that “Romney was more liberal than Obama” are you kidding me! Liberals are like children they love to sit on Santa Clauses lap and dream they will get everything their heart desires. It’s hard for republicans to compete with Santa Claus that is such a charismatic speaker, it’s sad but true. I don’t think Obama beat Romney, I think conservatives did.

  • tb thomas

    The label has to go…

    — Telling people what they’re allowed to do in the bedroom, or telling women what they may or may not do with their bodies is not conservatism. (It’s right-wing social-engineering, every bit as repugnant as the left-wing variety.)

    — Allowing natural gas drilling companies to contaminate aquifers that farmers depend upon to grow food is not conservatism.

    — Maintaining a government monopoly over capital markets, and handing a few hundred people who run the monopoly $200-Billion a year skimmed off the top of our economy is not conservatism. Allowing them to defraud main street investors, and then paying off their losses is not conservatism, it’s criminal racketeering.

    — Crony capitalism is not capitalism, nor is it conservatism, it’s just plain old corruption.

    — Bringing up “God” and the Bible as part of the public policy debate is just as offensive as talking about Allah and the Koran. I’m an atheist, and so are a lot more people than you realize. Deal with it.

    — Lying about the existence of WMD is just as despicable as lying about why our diplomats were hung out to dry and murdered by terrorists.

    Let’s face it: the words “liberal” and “conservative” have been twisted beyond recognition. I believe we need a pragmatic meritocracy, based on personal responsibility and voluntary compassion. I want nothing more to do with the bible-thumpers, gay-bashers, and jingoists who have infested the Republican party, and will never win another election in this country.

    • DB

      tb thomas: your thought that the words “liberal” and “conservative” have been twisted beyond recognition is an Interesting concept. Thanks.

    • JJ Foley

      Great post-

  • Oliver

    While conservatives are obsessing over ‘why Romney lost’ , nobody is asking IF he lost. Voter fraud was massive in targeted, specific swing state counties. Military votes convenient “lost” in the mail. How about we find out first if R/R actually did lose, before we get side-tracked on the ‘why’.

    Turn the fighting inward to take all eyes off the real story. This is exactly what the left wanted the right to do. They are the masters of deflection and the naive right keeps falling for it over and over again.

  • chopkoski

    Talk about the malaise of the 70’s? This is the malaise of the teens…the twenty-something teens. We have a Voo-doo Doll Prez who promotes slackers at the expense of the nation by exposing himself as all things to all comers who want on the Government Gravy Train. Great for vote getting! Add on the that a Grand ability for fear mongering that gives nesting points to all fearful girls 18-29 that their abortions and welfare will go away (Well, living right across from me is a lesbian 20-something with a baby on welfare, living with her mother…and she is happy and I don’t mind her. It is reality. They are there for the vote-gatherers.) On the other hand you have the policy wonks who just demand that things go back to Neolithic Ethics vis-a-vis woman. Ah, not going to happen…these people aren’t bad in and of themselves, just not living in reality. They inhabit a sort of Conservative Disneyland wherein nothing changes. The rides stay all the same. And end up at the same place. Aha, but the amusement park of life is always changing stations.

    I do appreciate a conservative fiscal attitude and one that embraces space exploration, and mineral utilization in space, neither of which Obama can master, let alone conceive of, for he is onto himself but a poor imitation of a navel googling rule set… meditating on his own belly button Things will change, but it well might take 20 years and by them we will be buying Chinese ore from the moon and further. But, we will have happy 20 something lesbians with babies. The nest you create is the one you will sleep in…

  • Bisi

    As an American (Born in the United States) of Latino Descent, I watched the Republican Primary Debates with my Family & it was apparent instantaneously that our Votes were not deemed important. The GOP is making a serious mistake if they think Rubio in it of himself is some sort of panacea. Good luck with that strategy.

    • sunny_1

      Rubio is a talented politician who wasn’t yet ready for the highest office in the land. I hope we don’t insult Latinos by pandering. We have to be a more inclusive party, period. Not to win votes, but because Latinos are part of this great country and we need to work together to solve some pretty big problems facing us all.

      • Bisi

        Well put Sunny!

  • sunny_1

    I absolutely agree with Bernie’s analysis. We are up against a rock and a hard place.

  • trailbee

    People lied! Remember all those, “Anybody But Obama” cries. When they had the chance to do just that, suddenly everyone is an individualist and unique and their conscience gets the vote. Get rid of the devil first, he is the most pressing problem. The Mormons were in a snit. Ron Paul and Gary Johnson supporters were in a snit. The overconfident felt their votes didn’t count, so they didn’t go. Had it not ever occurred to people that there was a ground game afoot that could bury us? What about those stories about compromised voting machines?

    Whatever happened to “Anybody But Obama”? We are fair game for anyone who can splinter the GOP vote. It is too late, People. Too late. This train has left!

  • twin130

    I have no respect for anyone who sat home, refusing to vote, because Romney wasn’t conservative enough. In doing so, they have not only allowed this President another four years which our country cannot afford. They have allowed Obamacare to become the law of the land, and once that happens, like every other bureaucratic government program, it will never go away. This will forever change our nation. They have allowed Obama to choose our next Supreme Court Justice, which is a frightening prospect. They have allowed Obama to complete his plan for “immigration reform”, translation, amnesty, which will lead to the USA looking like a third world country because we can’t afford to reward, with welfare and food stamps, 70% of the people who broke the law to come here I believe there are times in our lives when it is right to stand firm and refuse to compromise. Sadly, this wasn’t one of them. The “takers” came out in full force to vote for more freebies; each group targeted by Obama with promises and reassurances came out to vote for their own small, personal agenda. But conservatives chose to sit home because Romney wasn’t quite good enough. And now we can all sit around and argue about how we can win the next election. The truth is, with the media in the tank for liberal America, and our own party unwilling or unable to come together at a critical time like this, for the greater good, I’d say we have no chance at all.

  • Mark Dries

    Well done! Yes. I agree. We conservatives need a charismatic and pragmatic communicator who can clearly espouse what freedom loving principles are all about. Today, I believe Marco Rubio, possibly Susanna Martinez and Ted Cruz best represents our future. We need to create an opportunity with outreach towards the Hispanic community which clearly shows our future. Additionally, we must prepare to let a new coalition and generation of freedom loving conservatives take the torch and rebuild upon the legacy of many other great Americans in the conservative movement. What an incredible opportunity to share what our conservative beliefs and principles to a broader coalition of a growing demographic of Hispanic Americans who will be the majority of conservative and freedom loving Americans who represent the best hopes of America.

  • Connie Foust

    Not so. I don’t know what Tea Party you’ve attended but your are out in left field on that one. As a woman I can tell you no one is going to tell me how to think or vote etc. Not all women are as dumb as Sandra Fluke.

  • Connie Foust

    Right on RealTeaPartier. Also the media always cheats us on the west coast of feeling our vote matters when they call elections before the polls are in. I am also very tired of pundits. Haven’t watched Fox News since the election. Getting a lot more done and listening to some great tunes. All they want to do is rehash a disaster. Sick and tired of the whole deal. Life goes on and real news is happening out there, they might try covering it for a change. Lazy journalism at best. Some of these “experts” look like they are twelve for god’s sake. Enough already.

  • Patrick

    I think we need more Barry Goldwater types in the Republican Party as opposed to Jerry Falwell types.

  • SWitchlight13

    The GOP bounced back after the Goldwater defeat BUT it was a different country back then. “Suicide of a Super Power” by Pat Buchanan may be the future. I don’t know; still numb over Mitt’s loss. Hard to beat a Cult of Personality combined with a nation of 50% sheep. The Obama crowds had the same look on their face as the Germans watching Hitler in the 30s and the N Koreans watching Kim Jung Un.

    • sunny_1

      I’m not sure I believe that 50% to be sheep. I think they knew exactly what they were voting for.That’s just it – Obama analyzed each constituent group and directed resources at it. He was able to do this because of the office, and because of our tax dollars. And the media gave him a pass, though no Republican could have gotten away with what he did.

      • Phil Silverman

        what garbage. our tax dollars won him an election? he never raised
        taxes on 95% of us in 4 years. he agve small employers tax relief 18 times. the Koch Bros. and Rove promised one billion $$$$ of support for Romney. Obama had to try to match that, whioch I think he did. Re. taxes…how much revenue do we lose annually due to top 7% offshore investments? to corporate raiding? you trying to kid us??

    • Phil Silverman

      cult of personality? “cult”? just ike “mob….failure…liar…appeasor” more junk jargon from the RNC workshop. Obama won all 3 debates on substance NOT style. How is rescuing the auto. indus., hence many midwestern states; implementing the GOP based TARP and the Romney based AHCA just “style”? Your hitler reference is appalling, by the way. You mean diversity and enthusiasm amounts to naziism? you should be totally ashamed of writing what you wrote.

    • leaningleft

      Or you repugs watching GWBush.


    Bernie has absolutely hit the nail ON THE HEAD! Nothing more needs to be said!

  • TransplantedTexan

    Social value conservatives are not true Conservatives at all. True conservatism is based upon freedom from state control. Social value conservatives (like Rick Santorum) want government control, as opposed to freedom, just as much as liberal-progressives. Conservatives want economic freedom, religious freedom and freedom of thought and speech (no matter how much they disagree with the thoughts being expressed). That does not mean social conservatives should abandon their values on issues such as abortion or remain silent about them. However, they should not force their values on others.

    • DB

      Thanks for helping me figure out the definition of Conservatism. Its confusing.

  • Gradivus

    The problem with this analysis (and those it is criticizing) is the failure to differentiate between the different types of “conservative.” We need candidates who are more truly conservative in the defense of individual liberties, and less “conservative” in trying to dictate to other Americans how they should live their personal lives. We needed candidates better versed in the arguments for freedom and free enterprise, and more able–and willing–to ardently make them.

    • Patrick

      You’re right, I think we need to build up the Libertarian wing of the Republican Party which has been long neglected which is why they mostly formed their own party and not allow the evangelical wing to dominate the entire party.

  • nickshaw

    No Bernie, you have it wrong. We have to do what progressives do. We have to select someone who will lie and say he will reach across the aisle, who will say he will consider raising taxes and will say he wants to reduce the military.
    He (or she) has to out-liberal the liberal.

    But, we know he won’t. Because everything he has ever done points to the opposite.

    See, like the progressives.
    Once elected with a huge majority, it’s slash and burn time!
    Sure, he might not get a second term but, if he and a united congress get enough changes done…
    You never know…

  • Dana

    Simply put, quit worrying about who a person is choosing to sleep with, what does on in your bedroom, to worship, or any other “social” issue. It turns off the youth vote, and they see right through the BS. These are not and should not be “concerns of the state”.

    If the GOP was “really” about the constitution, NOBODY would have voted for a bailout, illegal immigration, the national Defense spying bill, drones in the US to spy on citizens, TARP, have house loan guarantees, or manipulate the interest rate or money printing, or would have fought for the CONSTITUTIONALLY REQUIRED BUDGET!!!!

    We simply do not have ANY “Conservatives” in congress anymore. Social conservatives, yes, true conservatives….NO.

  • ET


    I agree with you but would add a modifier as follows: Both parties and their fear of the extremists within have made”moderate” a dirty word. Individuals can afford to be idealists, but to govern effectively compromise is necessary. Noone showed this more than Reagan.

  • Dana

    You have to start separating out what is “really” conservatism. REAL conservatism is about the “conservative approach to the “CONSTITUTION” not about so called “social conservatism”. Social conservatism is what is killing the GOP, heck I saw that, and is exactly why I voted for Perot. The “evangelical” vote is the part of the party that wage the dog. THERE is nothing about abortion for or against in the constitution. When we know when life begins, that is a different matter.

    Just like the two pieces of scum (and total idiots) jawboning about whether “rape” is “legitimate” or if the “outcome” (baby) is the “will of God. Those two just showed they had no business in the Senate with that kind of decision or pandering and tripping all over themselves to “out christian” the rest of the field.

    The GOP is DEAD. We need another party, not a “Civil War” in the current party. The Dems and GOP are all about “social Issues” and not NATIONAL or CONSTITUTIONAL issues. IF they were, we would have a balanced budget and not handing our free stuff.

    Pretty simple, and reminds me of Pogo cartoon, “we have met the enemy, and he is us.”

  • barry

    Some 20-25 years ago when Rush was starting out in Sacramento, he used rational fact-based arguments to bring people around to the conservative cause. He even cited facts that would support liberal positions. But he relied on facts, not bluster. His truth tellling and artful (if not self-serving) way of communicating became a primary reason why Republicans won the House in 1994 after 40 years of uninterrupted Democratic rule. Newt Gingrich acknowledged as much.

    Sadly, several years ago Rush abandoned the fact-based, truth telling formula that made him and Republicans successful. His strident arguments on social issues especially have contributed to a progressively narrowing base. Thankfully, folks like you Bernie and Bill O’Reilly have brought more balanced discourse. Now if you could prevail on Rush to do the same, economic conservatives could begin to achieve the unity needed to win elections. No offense to you and O’Reilly, but as goes Rush, so go the Republicans.

  • Patty Rains

    The Democrats are totally united..from birth control, abortion, asstd. suicide..all the sins that I think most Reps. hate. So..united in hate are they. Repubs. are spread thin, from believing in those same things to hard core conservative values. They will never change. Finding out how thousands of Repubs refused to vote brought about these points, in my mind. Repubs are NOT united under one America…one flag. Seems like they want most of one and some of the other, by some abstract principles. Makes me disgusted and very sad. My only hope is God Himself. We are headed for a very crappy 4 yrs.

  • beniyyar

    The market will pave the way for a Republican victory in 2014 and 2016.

  • Drew Page

    I heard the same caller on Rush’s show saying how he couldn’t bring himself to vote for Mitt Romney because he wasn’t conservative enough. Well, he and his very conservative friends and the Ron Paul zealots can enjoy an additional four years with the far left socialist in charge of the country. Apparently this caller felt that Romney was not that much different from Obama and if we are going over a cliff, we might just as well go sooner with Obama. The caller’s logic seems to be “Since we are all going to die anyway, we might as well kill ourselves now.”
    The damage is done. Four years from now the country will be $22 trillion in debt and unemployment will be even higher than it has been over the past four years. Now this won’t matter at all to the “gimme my free stuff” crowd. But maybe it will matter to those so called ‘conservatives’ who decided that if they can’t have steak, they would rather starve than eat hamburger.

    • Bob Hadley


      I stumbled on your reply to my post under Bernie’s article, “When Conservatives are as Dopey as Liberals….” You misread my post (surprise, surprise). I did NOT say that Juan Williams is conservative. You can check out my further reply if you wish.

      • Phil Silverman

        Juan Williams, a good guy, with a big brain, brought to Fox because O’Reilly screwed up his career bringing him on his show (the Factor) to make him feel better about a bad appearance (O’Reilly had) on the VIEW. juan said something offensive to his current employer in the maelstrom and…………. Juan is a right-leaning Lib’. Bernie, can U please reply to some-a my posts?? :)

  • Iklwa

    It is only rarely in history that a figure combines charisma, strong ideology, articulate presentation, charming good looks and appearance on the public stage at the perfect time to sweep a nation’s opinion his way.

    Reagan’s leadership was not the result of media fawning and perfect timing but persistent hard work within the Republican Party and across America for decades. His persona was embraced incrementally by America.

    Obama’s persona was fabricated by a system put in place to elevate the average by reason of dark skin color and sold worldwide by a media sympathetic to his anti-colonialist, social justice by redistribution ideology. Mr. Obama himself once said that he viewed himself “a blank canvas” upon which others painted a picture of what they wanted to see.

    The difference between the two is staggering but instructive.

    Conservatives fail to recall their party’s wandering in the wilderness for years that had gone on since the fall of Nixon. They also fail to remember how Reagan was chastised by both right and left for his policies. History tends to soft wash the bitter facts of reality and highlight the sweeter victories with gilt ornamentation.

    It is a rare lifetime that will include a single personality of such commanding political presence. I have seen two liberals and one conservative in my time here on Earth. I pray to God almighty that America will become stronger for her current mistake and that I will witness another strong, positive, conservative leader before my expiration date arrives. Until such a personality appears, we must do the best with what we have.

    I am still puzzled by the three million republicans that did not vote this time amidst the widespread rending of garments and wearing of ash.

    I take solace in the fact that the tide has turned against Obama (regardless of claims to a supposed “mandate”) in that he lost even more of his constituency on this go-round than the Republican candidate…by a wide margin.

    How’s that for putting lipstick on a pig?

    • sunny_1

      Well done. And thanks for the dose of optimism.

  • Theo Racle

    Remember the talk of the “Big Tent” Bernie? The party has pushed away independents – including Tea Party and Libertarians. When was this party (founded on the idea of ending slavery) hijacked by so-called ‘conservative republicans’. Moderate repubs candidates have won nearly all Presidential races! Why do the ghosts of the small group of strong conservatives who did win (Reagan, T.Roosevelt, Coolidge, Jefferson, Lincoln), lead the party now?
    The pup tent has a big flap to get in, but you’ll find there’s only room for a few inside.

  • Lisa Booher

    Bernie – great column. You nailed it. I’m Conservative but I voted for Romney because Obama was ruining my country.. I am all for conservative social ideas but this election should only have been about the economy. Get our people back to work & then we can discuss social issues. Social issues won’t give me a paycheck & pay my bills. And the really conservative folks should have understood that. They didn’t vote fro Romney because he wasn’t conservative enough but because of that we are now stuck with Obama again. So where are they ahead? Now we have this liberal man in office – again – and we are going to be worse off then ever. I am really scared for our country. My husband & I are in our late 50.s & I am afraid of losing our home because of the economy. This president has no ideas how to create jobs. I guess all I can do now is pray. The rest is out of my hands. Take care. Lisa Booher, La Pine, OR

  • jazzdrums

    Right on Bernie…as soon as the repubs realize we are not going back to the 50s and make corrections for people to come in we will never win. we should have won the cuban vote but did not…remember there are 4th generation cubans who have no idea who batista is or care to look it up on there iphones…

  • rider237

    fact is, Reagan was not a “real conservative” by their standards. i have to admit that i was a little surprised to hear so many conservatives say they would not vote, especially after McCain. sitting home because McCain was a middle of the road loser, gave us Obama in the first place.

    turns out, when i started doing some digging, most of those people sitting home were the Paul and Johnson types. they aren’t really conservative, they aren’t liberal, and they don’t have the same goals amongst themselves. they grab one libertarian thing that they like, and run with it. it’s no war, legal pot, mind our own business, audit the fed, etc. a lot of them are also not consistent voters. many registered as republicans to vote for those 3rd party types IN the party.

    while i’m not a Ron Paul fan, i know that he alone is not to blame for our loss. He could have thrown his support to Romney, but he likes his cult following. we know that.
    it wasn’t the fact that Romney is a Mormon. all of the evangelicals i know, voted for him.
    it wasn’t that we didn’t “reach out”. that’s a crap excuse for people who can’t think of anything better.

    why did we lose? because we have hit the tipping point in the population. there are now more voters interested in getting free stuff, than interesting in the future of the country.
    there are now more folks who think the government should DO something….like bail out GM, than understand the constitutional roll of the federal government.

    we shouldn’t be surprised. we don’t teach history in school. we don’t teach the constitution. we have been supporting deadbeats for generations now. we did see this coming. it’s here.

    welcome to our new normal.

  • Brhurdle

    Holy Toledoes! Will all you people, including Goldberg, stop with all this postulating on why Romney lost the election! The only thing you’re doing is relying on your internal feelings which are more than likely nothing more than your own biases. The analysis should be based on cold hard facts and not someone’s suppositions. Here are some facts: (1) 2008 election – 130,000 K votes, 2012 election – 119,000 K votes; (2) Youth vote (under 30), 19% of votes cast – 24,700 K votes; (3) Youth vote went for Obama by 60%/40% margin – 4,500 K more votes for Obama than Romney; (4) Margin of victory for Obama – 2,700 K votes. The simple truth is that the YOUTH VOTE WON THE ELECTION FOR OBAMA. Figure out why and then you’ll understand the reason the election was lost. Could it be that they felt their massive education loans would be forgiven? Maybe Santa Clause is the right reason, but it needs to be proven and not surmised.

    • alegalcitizen

      I can figure out why, because of all the liberal BS that is taught in our colleges. They stood behind Obama and no matter what came out of his mouth, even stupid things, it was yeah, yeah, yeah, all the while slitting their own throats!! Idiots!

  • Charles Brooks

    It wasn’t just conservatives who were turned off by Romney — it was Ron Paul supporters who were disgusted by the shenanigans at the GOP convention that kept Ron Paul from his earned place on the ballot.

    • suki33

      Unfortunately for you, Ron Paul would rather see himself as the leader of a group wandering in the wilderness than to commit to the election of a replacement for President Obama. Paul wasn’t to be that replacement so he chose to be ‘right’ in his own mind than think about the good of the country.

  • JohnInMA

    I’m not a full time political observer. But it seems to me that division is a common and eternal part of our two party system. If we had, say, 4 parties there might be a place for the hard right and hard left. After all, it seems that many Hillary voters and acolytes never really warmed up to Obama in 2008. There was still a lot of bitterness. Perhaps the left is more party oriented and willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to elect anyone with a D for affiliation. I don’t know.

    But it’s my observation from traveling around the country for business that what might work in a certain district in a particular state doesn’t necessarily work even on a statewide scale, much less a national scale. There is a reason Obama never talks like Bernie Sanders or Pelosi, even though he might usually agree with their positions. Opinion poll after poll suggests that the Todd Akins of the GOP will forever offend more than they please. You can take a position about the nature of abortion but you cannot present some bizarre theory that you can will away a biologically driven event and not expect to have the entire party painted with that. Likewise, you most likely cannot get elected on a national scale if you want to abolish abortion, even if ‘allowing it in the most rare cases’. I’m not making a social judgement, I’m simply reacting to polls and discussions with people I meet.

    Those who keep crying about presenting national candidates that are fully conservative in all ways (pure??) cannot point to any evidence in a generation of that being true. Even Reagan didn’t step out actively (take action) on most social issues.

  • suki33

    As a new-to-the-Republican Party Republican, I can only say the Democrats (including me) often chuckled at the hard right candidates the GOP selected. Until 2008 I always fell in behind the Democratic candidate in the general election because I knew it was the only way to take on the other party in the Electoral College rules of winning the Presidency. Sitting out or falling in with a minor party was not going to win the party the necessary electoral votes to win.

    In 2008 I was so incensed by the nasty campaign that the Obama group ran against Hillary Clinton, that come the general election I voted for my first Republican in my long life. I just couldn’t swallow my indignation over tactics because I worried there would be no honor in trying to govern a multifaceted country from a narrow far-left point of view.

    I was pleased with what I heard from Mitt Romney trying to address issues with a practical and pragmatic road map. I was wrong in thinking that hard right thinkers would be interested in winning the White House unless it was done with a scorched earth manner. Very interesting that that point of view is very similar to the hard left thinkers. I feel for the young people who won’t have the same work opportunities that I had, but maybe if they can hang on for another 4 years…

  • MichealTurner

    What you’ve said here Mr. Goldberg is off the mark. While Romney was on the right track (as evident by the smaller difference in the popular vote compared to 2008), refusing to go all out on the ideological failings of the Democrats and explaining that individual freedom will provide more prosperity than any conceivable government program.
    The biggest reason that the Republican Party cannot get a staunchly conservative as a presidential nominee is because the leadership at the RNC is far too willing to convene the old circular firing squad every time that the Liberal media concocts a scandal. Herman Cain would have been a fine President, but he received no backup from the party apparatus against those flimsy allegations of sexual harassment. Those of us on the Right need to be unified against both the Democrat political machinery and the corrupt legacy media that will refuse to call the Democrats out on their failures.

  • john nazzaro

    The GOP needs to analyze the vote post election. Hard right voters are already assuming the decline in GOP vote totals are a direct product of Romney’s moderation (compared to McCain?). It would make sense to know who, where, and why before drawing conclusions. When it comes to pure conservatives Goldwater qualified; that didn’t work out well. And Reagan clearly won because he was Reagan-not because he was a conservative purist (Reagan essentially created the Club for Growth and Americans for Tax Reform-he couldn’t pass their current litmus tests). Literally none of the ersatz contenders opposing Romney could have come close in a general election (except possibly Perry, if he had been able to speak while not drooling on himself). They were largely recycled out of office or never held office personalities looking for book sales, enhanced political celebrity, and speaking engagements. The GOP focus (read money) should be clear: find good candidates and develop an effective brand by insisting on collaborative rational policy. articulation (see Mitch Daniels).

  • Winger

    The GOP needs to run candidates who will be fiscally responsible, uphold the constitution as written, and promote a strong military. That’s it! Leave all the social issues to the states. Sounds easy doesn’t it?

    • Charles Grooks

      We had that candidate — Gary Johnson. I voted for him.

      • Patrick

        Good point, I am thinking to myself. Could Gary Johnson have won if all the Republicans backed him instead of Romney or the others?

      • suki33

        Before you decide to back a third (or fourth party) candidate, you might consider the 270 electoral votes that would then become impossible not only for your candidate but an alternative to the person in office. Keep feeling proud of yourself as we spend another 4 years under the current administration.

  • Allen Z. Hertz

    Bernard, let us be fair! Richard Mourdock never said that rape was part of God’s plan. Nor theologically would a Christian ever make such a statement which would be the same as denying that the rapist has moral responsibility for fundamentally evil conduct. To the contrary, Mourdock clearly characterized rape as “horrible.” Rather, what Mourdock said was “God’s plan” was just the miracle of life that occurs at the point of conception.The distinction is clear, but one easily lost in a political context.There, Mourdock should probably have opened by spending more time clearly and unambiguously condemning rape and rapists. But no matter, what Mourdock said probably harmed the Republican Party in the 2012 presidential election. Harm was also done by Todd Akin’s bogus science and deeply offensive reference to “legitimate” rape.

    • rider237

      Akins science might have been flawed, but as a woman, i was not offend by the legitimate rape comment. i guess because i have seen women claim rape when none occurred and that was the way i took his comment.
      i think that was the way he meant it.

      regardless, we eat our own. if democrats had said the same, they would have been protected by the party, not slaughtered.

  • Eyes have it

    We need to get smarter, change Our Name to “Conservative Democrat” Enroll the Social Media of FB and get the message of the party to people that are either too busy trying to make ends meet and the masses that do not watch news or follow politics that have friends and co-workers whom tell them to vote democratic.

  • DOOM

    the fact is that the republican party nominated a candidate that couldn’t beat Obsma’s record. I didn’t expect McCain to best him in 2008, but Romney was suppose to be a slam dunk. so if a Romney can’t beat Obama’s record, where do you go?

  • Didi82362

    The real problem is that part of America has moved FAR LEFT another part of America has moved FAR RIGHT. There is NO middle ground that either side will agree to. Personally I won’t vote for a candidate who supports abortion, gay marriage, etc. Whether anybody will acknowledge it or not, we as a country IS headed for Civil War. Neither left or right is willing to compromise & I won’t compromise my Biblical values.

    • Patrick

      That begs the question why should the United States be dictated by YOUR values especially since we live in such a pluralistic country?

  • Growney

    Obama won because his cult followers refused to lose and they padded every ballot box where they could..

  • Patrick

    Right on Bernie! I wish conservatives would quit making social issues like gay marriage and abortion the issue in elections especially now that the demographics have permanently changed with a higher increase in single women and young voters under 30 which are turned off by those issues. I’m sure conservatives could win more often on fiscal issues if they didn’t keep letting social issues all too often become the issue. Also, would it kill conservatives to run a candidate who is in favor of allowing abortions in the cases of mother’s health, rape, or incest? Or one that favors gay marriage? There’s more to life and more issues than abortion and gay marriage which too often Republicans make the issue which are not election winners.

    And oh purists, do you think that Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann, or Newt Gingrich which some of you note as “more conservative” than Romney would have won last week? I would argue that the former two would have suffered more because of Akin and Murdock’s comments because they couldn’t truly separate themselves from their views and Gingrich would be slaughtered with all the baggage he has and is so bombastic that he would turn off moderates and independents.None of them could have done as well as Romney did getting nearly half the popular vote.

    • alegalcitizen

      I didn’t SEE or hear anywhere that the republicans were going to outlaw abortions, SO if these women are so stupid that they can’t take birth control pills, they think it’s just ok to kill their babies???
      Also Patrick, when Oblather said something stupid and ridiculous like GM is alive and Osama is dead was stupid. WHERE were his issues??? I didn’t hear him say how he was going to fix the economy other than make millionaires and billionaires pay more, but then he thinks a small business making over 250,000 is a millionaire, go figure.

      • Patrick

        Alegalcitizen, first off, what non-religious argument do you have against abortion? Why should we use the Bible to dictate what everyone else’s morals should be and their values? This is not a theocracy. And oh yeah, do you really think Republicans wouldn’t outlaw abortion if they had the chance?

        • Sally Horton

          I consider myself to be pretty much prolife, but since it is the law of the land, would rather see other issues discussed. As far as ‘taking religion out of it’.. the problem with that is, of course, where does freedom come from in the first place?

          • Patrick

            The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States for two things. The problem with arguing that freedom came from religion is that it brings up a theological debate seeing as we are a country with people of many faiths or no faiths. Also, I have two more words for you to argue why freedom doesn’t necessarily come from religion: Saudi Arabia. Four more words: And other Muslim theocracies.

          • leaningleft

            Are you saying that freedom comes from religion? If true the Middle East should be a beacon of light for Freedom in this world.

    • Shane

      Yes, abortion is the law of the land and the President and Congress cannot change that. Romney lost the women’s vote by a wide margin, mainly because of social issues.

      • Patrick

        The funny thing is Shane that Romney hadn’t been so socially conservative before he made his run for president. Read some of the things he said back in 1994 during his Senatorial race and don’t forget that he was governor of Massachusetts when gay marriage was legalized and he went ahead and changed the marriage licenses to Partys A and B. So something tells me he just said he changed his views to pander to the evangelical base and because he didn’t even believe it, he couldn’t even convince anyone of it.

      • Jim Mason II

        The reason why Romney lost the woman’s vote is obvious. Women continually are ruled by feelings and emotions. Just look at the shows they choose to watch. All decisions are pretty much based on this. Just how it is. They feel for the young poor illegal alien girls who is pregnant, and want their state to support and help her. But when it comes down to really helping them, they cave. Take the hard road to help them. Not the feelings road. That is why women voted for Obama.

  • Ron Ross

    The guy you quoted who was talking to Rush was a Libertarian not a Republican. Not a good illustration of your point.

    • burkanuck

      Excellent point Ron, but it doesn’t serve establishment Bernie’s purpose so it will never be acknowledged.

  • Cyberquill

    It might be hard to articulate Republican values without scaring the dogs and the children if it is those values themselves that scare the dogs and the children.

    For instance, if you believe (a) that God creates human life and that (b) human life begins at conception—two conservative core positions, I believe—the how on earth are you supposed to argue that a rape-induced pregnancy was NOT the will of God? In fact, that it must have been God’s will follows squarely from assumptions (a) and (b).

    There simply seems to be no way to have broad appeal as a Republican without resorting to cafeteria conservatism.

  • Danny Harmon, Tampa

    Thanks again for some very good insight, Bernie.

    We in the Republican Party had better understand that Gays and Latinos are a firm part of the American fabric now. I’m betting there are millions of conservatives in their ranks, but won’t join us because we’ve shunned and even threatened them for so long.

    Same with Roe v. Wade. It’s the law of the land and we’d better make up our minds about it. The social battles seem to have been lost and I’m not sure Republicans should have ever been fighting them in the first place.

    Let’s set our minds right now and regroup in the real political battle: The American Ideal vs The Nanny state. It’s the only way we’re going to get this country back to it’s original track. Let’s welcome everyone who feels as we do no matter their race, sexual preference or place in society to join the battle.

    If I were in New York City, I’d drink to the fight with a big-ass 32-Oz Coke.

    • alegalcitizen

      look IF you want to be gay, shut up about what you do, I’m NOT impressed!

      I’m tired of the latino thing also, we wouldn’t have a “latino” problem if they didn’t think they had the right to come here illegally without being vetted and DEMAND that we look after them, and all their rights!!! That is ridiculous!

      • Patrick

        Your response begs the question: Do heterosexuals have to shut up about “what they do” too?

  • SAWB

    Romney & the Republican elite didn’t embrace the Tea Party people, one big error.

    Secondly, they didn’t see that Obama and Axelrod were plotting to win in the battleground states by getting the vote out in the metropolitan cities. It is obvious this is not about the campaign and speeches, Romney won that hands down. What Romney’s campaigned failed to do was get people to the polls, bus them if you have to.

    And the Republicans are weak on securing the voting polls. When they allow voting places to have murals of Obama or other Obama posters or New Black Panthers at the polling places, the Republicans just look weak. But they shouldn’t have to if polling officials weren’t so in the Democrat Party tank. The Democrats have taken over the polling places in the critical parts of swing states and the Republicans just give speeches.

    • leaningleft

      The polling place I went to has a loser with a ROMBO hat standing outside the door passing out candy. Guess instead of Santa Claus he thought he a ghost of elections past!

  • jlamb

    Republicans need to understand that polarizing politics is a disaster for either party and rude punits like Rush Limbaugh and Chris Matthews alienate most common sense voters. On the issue of religion alone some born again Christian Republicans
    claim to be pro-life while supporting the death penalty, threatening to curtail welfare programs (which lead to less abortions) and promoting a hawkish foreign policy. W. Bush ran on compassionate conservatism which seemed to work at the time even though he was not as articulate as Reagan or Clinton. I believe a softer approach is the key. However, as I stated polarizing politics doesn’t work for either party as the Dems learned in the 2010 interim elections and may learn again in the presidential election of 2016.

  • Royalsfan67

    Bernie, I am a hard right wing republican and proud to admit it. I am in close contact with tea party members I think highly of and mostly agree with. But these people are quickly becoming like Ron Paul supporters. My way or no way. They can’t get elected running on their most extreme views, and yet they feel they have to share them, ie, Todd Akin and Mourdock. I live in Missouri and was furious at what Akin said and that he would not get out of the race thus guaranteeing McCaskill an easy reelection. Being a baby and staying home just because your guy did not win the primary is foolish and stupid and just makes sure the dem wins.

    Ron Paul supporters love to say if they had voted for Romney in Ohio and other states he would have won. Congratulations idiots, you just gave us four more years of Barack Obama. What these simpletons don’t understand is if Romney had stood for what they believe he would have lost an additional 20% of the electorate.

    What I can’t stomach is Obama received less votes than George Bush did in 2004, which means he didn’t necessarily win, we lost. By staying home during an election cycle where our turnout was supposed to be great we may have dug a hole for this country it could take generations to climb out of.

    • Patrick

      I think you can thank the purist conservatives who didn’t Romney was conservative enough for them for that. In any case, those lost votes were in mostly in states Romney would have won anyway. They weren’t generally in swing states (the deciding states).

    • Shane

      Yes, the GOP cannot win Presidential elections by appealing only to conservatives; only 35% of those who voted Tuesday described themselves as conservatives. The GOP must appeal to moderates in order to win Presidentail and Senate elections; think of that as a Law of American Politics.

      • Joel Wischkaemper

        As a country, we MUST support the people of the country. It is hair brain stupidity if the Republicans do not actively support supporting the people, and actively promote government processes which are pragmatic and lead to a full employment economy with a base line above the minimum wage process. No matter what anyone thinks.. you do not go looking for a job without a pair of shoes, access to a working computer and a telephone.

    • Sean Glazier

      Given how the republicans treated the Ron Paulers….. I can’t blame them. The republican party would not allow ron paul to speak and the delegates to come to the convention for the most part. So they decided not to show up. Thier voices were silenced by the republicans so there was no point in voting for Romney.

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      I am going to say this till the cows come home. Obama should have been driven out of Washington DC for all his fraudulent and criminal activity. He has been flaunting a forged birth certificate, a forged Selective Service registration and a flagged E-verified fraudulent SS#. If any of this fraudulent activity had been associated with Mitt Romney he would have been driven from politics by the left. So who can explain why Fox and Bernie and Friends didn’t do the same to Barack Hussein Obama. Fox, Bernie, Conservative web pages, Conservative Radio are the reason for this Obama victory.

      All the evidence that was necessary to carry out this exposure has been in Phoenix, AZ for a year and a half, some much longer. You won’t ever hear Bernie or Fox or those talking head RINOS offer any explanation as to why they cowardly refused to expose this blatant criminal activity. Doug Vogt, a forensic document expert put together a 28 page affidavit proving the April 27th, 2011 birth record that Obama has been flaunting to be a grand forgery and sent it to the Director of the FBI Robert Mueller III and 60 Republican Congressional people. We now know the FBI has been corrupted as we watch the Benghazi cover up and the Petraeus cover up unfold before our very eyes so it is those cowardly Republicans who can be thrown into those responsible for this present day Usurper in Chief.

      People here at this blog have been shamelessly criticizing my efforts which should tell you something about their character. They are not the folks you would want in your fox hole.

      • Mario__P

        Uh oh, someone is off his meds. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere with you while you’re holding a firearm.

        • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

          You and folks like you are the reason this nation has become so trapped into the left wing political correctness crap, scared of your own shadows, fearing how people will think about you just for standing up for the truth. There are millions of Americans who wanted this man’s criminal activity exposed, how come Mario_P didn’t? Are you afraid Mario_P? It is you that is on the meds buddy, your sense of patriotism has been dulled by whatever you are drinking.

          • Mario__P

            Are you saying that Obama’s birth certificate is a fake? Then explain to me why Trump, who so vigorously attacks Obama, has not jumped on this forgery ban-wagon? He already has history with the birthers. Don’t you think Trump already had his experts review that 28 page affidavit and concluded that the affidavit was the faulty document?

          • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

            Listen Mario_P, Trump has jumped on the forgery, he has seen the evidence and he believes it is a forgery. When you have every news agency calling you a nut job and never getting a chance to prove your accusations by showing the evidence it goes no where. You have every opportunity to discover the truth for your self by going on line and examining the evidence yourself and you will see why I and millions of others believe the document is a forgery. It is an OBVIOUS forgery. It is a 9 layered document, how may layers does your birth certificate. The seal can be moved anywhere on the document, can your seal be moved anywhere on your document? Please go to the blog below and take your time and examine the evidence and get back to me. I will guarantee you will be pretty pissed off that no Republican Congressperson or as I have been saying FOX journalists has demanded an investigation. Romney would have been toast if this were associated with him, that is a fact.


          • Mario__P

            There is no seal on the long-form birth certificate. So what seal are you moving around?

            And please provide a link where Trump states that the birth certificate is a fake. The best I could do was find him stating that he hopes it’s real.


          • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

            Last time Mario_P, go to the web page for all the proof you need. There is no way in hell that you went to the web page that fast and took you time to review the evidence. AFTER YOU DO THAT, then get back to me, you can find my email at my Facebook page. If you are not on FB I don’t know how to get you my email.


          • Mario__P

            I went to that website and I read one presentation of why Obama’s PDF birth certificate was a fraud. I then looked up the issue on Snopes, and there they explained how a scanned PDF document can have multiple layers. Hence I stopped my minimal research. Sorry, but I’m not willing to sacrifice more time to this issue if there is so much evidence against it. Since not even the GOP nor Trump believe that the birth certificate is forged, I’m done with it. Sorry, but I’m not the conspiracy type of a guy.

            mariop4321 at gmail dot com

            (I don’t have a twitter or FB account)

          • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

            If you are still going to Snopes for your information there is no hope for you. They have no experts that can compare to Doug Vogt and Mara Zebest. Their are no better document experts. If you can prove that Snopes has better document experts lets have them. Below is another web page for you to look at. Do you really think Sheriff Joe Arpaio and all those professional career law enforcement officers and career document experts and lawyers would be wasting their time if they didn’t think the documents were fraudulent? You know Eric Holder would be putting the handcuffs of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo if they thought they were lying about this. This would be a blatant act of sedition attempting to unseat the POTUS with lies. You are not that stupid Mario_P are you. Check out this web page, it has the evidence necessary to cause one to investigate this fraud.


          • Phil Silverman

            layered, scanned>>>even if the thing was fake that’s not proof that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. By the way, I’m friends with someone who knew Sr. Obama and was THERE when the message arrived at the office – Sr. Obama was now the proud son of a child born in Hawaii.

          • JJ Foley

            Surely if it were a forgery FOX would have found the proof

  • bob schmidt

    Well put Bernie. That is the sad truth for those of us Republicans who find ourselves more anti-Democrat than pro-Republican these days.

  • richservant

    Thank you Bernie. My conservative friends are right on the issues but are clueless about politics. (and common sense) Unless you FIRST win elections you have no power to change. Take a page out of Obama’s playbook. He campaigned to the middle and governed to the left. GET IT???

  • JudyinNC

    Bernie, could you give me a legitimate reason why Mitt didn’t have more women on the trail for him? i.e. Sarah Palin. I realize she can be polarizing but she can also fire up the base like no one else. I was dismayed at the lack of women surrogates for Romney

  • Butler Creek

    I saw in my area how our young upstart republicans mostly supported Ron Paul for they knew the social/economic mix. And they were kicked to the curb by Romney, and that’s the youth vote we lost. He should have never dissed Paul like he did, whether you are a Paul supporter or not.

  • Milori

    I agree with your assessment, but it leaves me depressed, and wondering why – oh -why those 3 million republicans chose not to vote. If they were taking a stand against what they felt was a moderate candidate in Romney, then they are foolishly refusing to see the state America is in, and incapable of seeing a a vision of America bigger than themselves. They cannot open their hearts enough to see how a decent God-fearing man, with a background suited to fixing our economy, could have changed our course. If that is true of those 3 million, by holding onto the blinders of their own self-righteousness, they have helped America choose four more years going down a very bumpy road with a cliff at the end.

    • Patrick

      If it makes you feel any better, it has been said that most of those lost votes came from states that Romney took anyway. They wouldn’t have affected the electoral college which is ultimately the decider of the election.

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      Fifty percent of the Christian population (Protestants and Catholics and Evangelicals) are not registered to vote and not all of those that registered vote. If the spiritual leaders of those churches used their churches as voter registration places once a month and they preached the immorality the Democrat Party is raining down upon our nation and destroying the moral fabric of our culture, stressing that it will eventually crush their children’s ability to withstand this corruption, they will begin to register and vote. We don’t have to change anything, we need to come up with a voting block that will neutralize the hard core left voting block.

    • Joel Wischkaemper

      Why oh why did those Republicans, pragmatic voters, independents and conservative democratic voters fail to vote. I would guess many more than simply three million too. I believe they failed to vote because the Republican Party seemed to suggest they did not care about 47% of the people in this country.
      Some of that 47% is not worth worrying about in an election. Most of those people ARE worth worrying about during and after an election.
      But who are the 47%? Look at them carefully, and way to many of them are people trapped.. half way between a frying pan or the fire. Look again and understand that a majority of the people in this country are self employed with their own businesses and understanding creeps in. Understand that a majority of the women work in this country, and that in many of those families, it is the woman who is supporting the family. What should be screaming at the world (this is a broad brush and I don’t like it) is that those women frequently have their jobs because they are generally paid less and are more economical to employ.
      Both groups want jobs. But include illegal aliens who earn even less than women, and illegal aliens are keeping their jobs.
      In my opinion, the Republican Party turned back to the American People while the Democrats moved further away from the people. You cannot.. cannot have a give-a-way government, but that 47% remark took that three million, at least, out of the voting booth.
      And, by the way, Romney should have supported the alphabet agencies FDR created rather than merely laying down and accepting the cliff. The ..people.. count. Not the businesses he may have impressed with that remark.

  • Alex Stevens

    Obama won over social issues. The far right of the Republican party lost this election for us. They are radicals and I don’t see them shutting up any time soon. So, we will go further and further into Socialism because of the Tea Party.

    • Drew Page

      Where do you get off criticizing the Tea Party? All they ever said was that we are taxed enough already. They wanted smaller government and less government intrusion into our private lives. They were against Obamacare and wanted it repealed. As I recall, these are supposed to be things that all Republicans supported. This isn’t far right radicalism and anyone who thinks it is is a liberal Democrat. The Tea Party was what gave us a Republican majority in the House in 2010. republicans should be embracing the Tea Party, not demonizing it like the liberal Democrats do.

  • Daniel

    Your right Bernie, I consider the far Right to be just as guilty as the far Left for the mess we are in. I’m an Independent who voted for Romney. The main reason was I’m an anti-Democrat voter. The Democrats in my opinion are the cause for most of the evils in our society today. I’m a Conservative living in CA so it’s no wonder I think this way. Our Media is our biggest problem. As long as they are far Left Republicans have no chance to win again. If they put up a far Right guy for President they will lose in a landslide. I have seen some saying the Right has to use the same tactics the left does. Don’t they see that the Left media would never let them. They would demonize them.

    • Jbay

      you have to out liberal the liberals…I believe Santorum said that and he is absolutely right. I am also a conservative, b/c i disagree with the liberals so much. However I like the tea party movement, the libertarians and the traditional conservative….why are we fighting? We all have to be a part of a bigger picture. When you vote conservatively you are voting for the tea partiers, libertarians and traditional conservatism….and whatever else there is.

      • Phil Silverman

        Santorum is honest, yes, but full o’ beans…”out – liberal”? Just liike Clinton , Obama moved center. No? How about offering away his re-election with his deficit reduction package? extending the Bush II tax relief program? Implementing his TARP? You kidding??

        • leaningleft

          Santorum is one of the most crooked politicians to ever come out of the state of PA. That man would steal the last quarter out of the poor box in any church. Dig up the facts people. Being a slick talker doesn’t make you a Christian conservative It makes you a Hypocrite.

    • Shane

      Obama was made into a rock star by the news and entertainment media who have been promoting him since 2007. Obama is the most popular celebrity in the world, and the only way we could have defeated him was to unite. Stubborn and delusional conservatives would rather let our country die than to compromise with their principles. Screw them!

      • Phil Silverman

        Let the country die? Is the country dying, no. Came close in late 2008. Ya wanted Romney? eliminating Medicare, sending Soc. sec. to the Wall Street casino, starting 2 new wars………….?

    • AllenJ

      Interesting… You say that you’re an independent but an anti-Democrat. To me, that makes you a Republican.

      • Phil Silverman

        maybe a “Moderate Republican”. Sorry if I offended many readers with that.

    • Phil Silverman

      Great writing! Don’t agree with everything you wrote, but……….

  • Butler Creek

    It’s a bigger civil war then you think, already 3 states’ petitions for secession to the white house

  • eRightWinger

    What do Ford, GWH Bush, Dole, McCain and Romney all have in common? They all are not small government conservatives. You’re wrong Bernie. It’s not the conservative message that keeps getting beat. It’s mealy mouthed moderates with no message who can’t pull off their conversion to conservatism. In an election cycle when big government, debt and entitlements were huge issues, the GOP nominated the architect of Obamacare, who formally held fundraisers for Planned Parenthood, and who enacted gay marriage by decree. No wonder some tea partners and social conservatives stayed home.

    • Patrick

      Well you’re wrong, they were mostly socially conservative too and were more concerned about who slept with whom and who married whom than how money was spent. That’s the big problem. It’s those bigoted people in the social conservative movement who bash gays all the time that is to blame.

  • Blamebush

    Your column is right on point. We as conservatives must wake up to the fact that being conservative isnt enough to win elections. It is very scary to think that a man as competant and skilled as mitt Romney, cannot get votes from hard lined conservatives because he doesn’t exactly follow every aspect of conservatism. So they would rather not vote and give a uncontested path for Obama instead? Something is definitely wrong.

    • ABoleynGirl

      I can’t say this enough–though, this may be the last time.
      1980’s Ronald Reagan himself wouldn’t be enough for today’s “real” Conservative.

      • Sally Horton

        you are right a bolyen girl, because Reagan gave us amnesty for illegals – I saw my home town ruined by it. We must stop looking to personalities and instead look to concepts.. as represented by the constitution.

        • Phil Silverman

          fantastic! thank u! Reagan gave us that plus the firebombing of 241 Marines in Beirut…too long a list. Thanks again.

          • ahalbert

            Reagan freed many people from barbed wire, poverty, and a police state. I was there. Let me know when Obama accomplishes something comparable.

          • Phil Silverman

            No doubt his tenacity was an expedient to the wall coming down. But it came down on Bush I’s watch and with help, yes, from Gorbachev.>>>COMPARABLE TO WHAT? Obama got BL and this thug buddies after W. gave up in ’06; he gave us Affordable HC, employing GOP ideas; rescued autos, hence four midwesten states. >>>> reagan had good ideas – Welfare Reform – but his economics were bad – read David Stockman’s book. He sold about 33.3% of us to England & Japan; and with Don Regan permanently screwed up the economy – “we gut outta yer way”…to do what?

      • AllenJ

        I agree wholeheartedly with you. The Reagan that conservatives adore was a myth. He raised taxes after he realized that his original tax cuts were too deep. He courted the religious conservatives but he wasn’t one of them. A Santorum type of politician probably would have horrified him. The Republicans can look at their candidates for president and wonder if any of them would appeal to non-Republicans. That failure to appeal to them is what will doom Republican candidates forevermore. BTW, just remember that the Republicans didn’t win the aggregate popular vote for the House of Representatives despite winning a majority of the seats. There’s a whole lot of soul searching to be done.

        • b l

          Well… he raised taxes by ending loopholes and deductions. Something that the current O refuses to recognize as a tax increase, despite the fact that it is.

    • chopkoski

      To add to Romeny’s skill and expertise is the fact that he was Valedictorian of his class. But brains don’t seem to matter in our media frenzy where looks and style trump everything else. And by “looks” I mean those little events that might have nothing to do with reality, but contribute to feelings of fear and loathing. Khe Sanh was a battle we won in Vietnam, it did not end up like Dien Bien Phu did for the French. But the images of battle scared people and they demanded peace. In other times, it would have been taken as a great victory. Progress? Well, the definition belies the fact that human emotions can now run rampant in what Marshall McLuhan called tribal drums creating hysteria. Ah yea, that is what he meant…the overwhelming sensory change that our new media have created. New, in the the sense of all enveloping and quite capable of controlling our emotions. Ah, Huxley did note that in Brave New Worlds, didn’t he? Add in some drugs that spike us one way or another and we are right on path….

      • Brian

        One thing that matters for presidential candidates that is overlooked is personality type. Bush was more extroverted and seen as more in touch than Gore and John Kerry. Clinton was more extroverted and seen as more in touch than Bob Dole. Obama is more extroverted and seen as more in touch than McCain or Romney. Ronald Reagan was more extroverted and viewed as more in touch than Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale. For the record, I think Obama is a Socialist with radical ties and beliefs that he hides from the public. But personality for presidential candidates matter, like it or not.

    • Bob Hadley

      Huh?????????????? That’s not me. There must be two Bob Hadleys

    • True Patriot

      Way off.. All we need is to make people see why liberalism is wrong. Open the people eyes to how the safety net makes them weak. Make the understand why abortion from rape is wrong. Not just tell people we need to show them. This loss was because the party did not listen to its grass roots. Tea Party is they way to go. We just need to be stronger with our message. Show them we are the Santa clause and its wrong to have things that our kids will foot the bill.. The beast is starved. Why are we not acting and killing it?. The safety net is not needed that is why we have churches, If people went to churches for help just think how low crime would be because they would teach them values. We just need to be more in your face with people.

      • Gray Panther

        Most people would disagree with your statement “abortion from rape is wrong.” Most churches these days are not in the business of helping those in need but of building bigger, fancier “santuaries” & sending their choirs off to Italy. The safety net is here to stay.

        Again, the only way our side can win is to appeal to a broader spectrum of voters. Postings like yours underscore the unreasonable stereotypes of Republicans the MSM utilizes to keep voter support confined to the Democrats.

        • True Patirot

          Spoken like a RINO.

      • Seaside Bayonne

        You can’t get more “in your face” with your “severe” conservatism than if your faction were a bunch of Brownshirts. The American People heard it and they said NO. You can’t out argue “liberalism” any more than you can out argue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Its time to grow up and enter the 21st century, otherwise the chains of the past only get heavier with fewer and fewer willing to carry them.

        • Brian

          The entitlement mindset is a growing problem. And it is not just in the typical form of welfare. Entitlements can come in many forms. Though I agree that his comment regarding abortion and rape is disgusting and will cause more and more women to run away from the GOP should they go down that road.

      • Brian

        Please. Going to church causes a drop in crime. Yeah right. Do I really need to elaborate here?

      • Joel Wischkaemper

        The issue of Santa Claus and helping the American People is out there in a tangle ball of ideas we need to sort out very badly. A clear example is this: we need to put digital phones in the hands of people looking for jobs. Always, I would suggest, those people don’t have the credit rating to get a phone, and you gotta have the phone to get… everything, including a job.

        We do not walk next door and and ask Mr. Brown for a job anymore.. we drive 40-100 miles and apply over a computer. Further, as it becomes clear the need for used typewriter repairmen is gone (or whatever we were doing is gone forever) when we were laid off, we frequently apply for jobs we don’t know anything about and that whole process is becoming a rather serious mess! (With forged documents included as it happens.)
        But also look at other elements of our society, and if all the commentators on-line don’t know the educational system that is supposed to bring the people of this country forward is in a real jam, they don’t read a newspaper, or don’t give a hoot. But!.. I am also sure that people from out of country are very actively commenting on our processes, truly want this country gone and are very good at administering their poison.

        The real picture I have of the tea party is a group who don’t care, don’t understand, were given a avenue of expression by hostile press, and that both did a good job of sinking Mr. Romney. Way, way to many of those people who call themselves conservative are playing fiddles while Rome Burns. Way, way to many of those people out there are playing tunes that simply please the tea party as the fantasy of a job in every pot is expanded.
        We will change.. peacefully I hope. The pragmatic advocate has been replaced with idiots that have never seen the inside of a dug ditch or a factory job so it is tough. But we WILL change.

    • DB

      Blamebush, please respond with your definition of conservatism. Its the key to the discussion. I do not know if I agree with you or not. If conservatism is about ‘NOT changing the constitution and our laws’, then issues like changing Roe vs Wade is NOT conservatism. The act of not changing the constitution is irrelevant to conservatism that is social, religious, etc. Apparently the Evangelical part of the party has hijacked the concept of conservatism to something totally different.

      Bernie, I love your articles but this article is dangerous. You’ve gotta give us your definition of conservatism before any of us can communicate wisely on your topic. Are you talking about the constitution or about the hijacked version of conservative?

    • BrianFruman

      That is the really troubling point in our Country. That the most competant person cannot get elected. For that matter lets looks at the fact that the most sane people wouldn’t even run. We need common sense in our party which includes finding compromise with a changing electorate. For those that want to blame bush or to say that Romney wasn’t conservative enough lets get passed that. I suggest the conservative party needed a moderate to win elections. What killed Romney was the latin vote and woman. I think clearly single woman viewed Romney as anti-abortion. The Latin Vote went to Obama due to entitlement not immigration and the fact that they view the governments in there native countries as a source of wealth. So communications to this group must be defined in what America Does Best not what you believed in your native country. I live in FL there are plenty of successful Latinos to carry that torch for US and align with our values. We need to let them reach explaining their story. We got a strong taste of it at the
      Convention but re election starts today. We need to open more offices and start gathering supporters now.

      • Phil Silverman

        “Latinos”, “women” are Americans, last time I looked. Pay good taxes. Romney lost because of the auto belt plus other factors. He wanted to end Medicare as we know and start 2 new wars, yes. His record with corp. “raids” – on struggling, not failing – companies was well known.

        • BrianFruman

          Phil I hope you as a Jewish American see what is going on in Israel and watch carefully. I lost my cousin in Afghanistan. He came back in pieces from these savages and yes I do not trust Muslims in the middle east. You can’t rationalize with people that are opposed to you way of life. I think North American energy independence was and still is the best way to economically take power from the middle east.

          As far as end medicare well it is over anyway without funding but hope in the private sector for medical disruptive technologies is near. Supercomputers IBM/ Watson is currently studying medical records, mixed with cheap diagnostics and cell therapies should changed medicine dramatically and costs in the next 15 yrs.

          Finally about car companies and Bain. Well your in luck I was from Detroit my grandfather started his company making bumper supports for Chrysler. He then transformed it into the 3 largest steel stud manufacturer in the country. Ran it non union 50 yrs and never laid anyone off. I am not sure about all of his dealings at Bain but they focused on steel. Which was the focus of the Democratic Ads Against him. Everything Romney said about the steel industry was absolutely true. There was dumping by Foreigners and the invention of another disruptive technology known as mini-mills. Mini mills changed the dynamic to on demand steel production. It allowed producers to start and stop the steel production on demand. hey used less energy than the blast furnace that had to be run day in day out. and yes less labor. Look uo Nucor Steel. They bascially wrote the book on it.

      • Brian

        Romney could not emotionally connect with women. Female voters are more emotional, support seeking, and nurturing because women are more right-brained than men. So if you seem too impersonal and out of touch or mean, it will do more harm when it comes to reaching out to women voters then male voters.

  • Thunderdome

    It’s quite the conundrum. Rick Santorum talked about compromise, and got lambasted for it.If Republicans come up with a non-scary moderate who likes gays, abortion and illegal aliens, in other words a Democrat, then what’s the difference? There will be no reason for the Republican Party to exist. Maybe that would be for the best. It will save a lot of money wasted on campaign ads!

    • dennis

      Thunder…there are a lot more issues than gays, abortion and illegal aliens. Fiscal conservatism, military strengthening, foreign policies and business favoring legislation are more important to the country then the social issues.

    • Shane

      Everything you stated is false. 1) Romney made a strong stand against illegal immigration, which hurt him with Hispanics, 2) he is against gay marriage, 3) he is against abortion. Learn something about a man before you libel him. It’s ignorance like yours that cost Romney the election.

    • leaningleft

      Doesn’t your conservative God or god say that you should love everyone?

  • LibertysSon

    Bernie, The sad truth is the Country Club Republican Hierarchy fought harder against the Tea Party Conservatives than they did against the Democrat opposition. Unless they embrace the Tea Party Republicans, I’m afraid that they are doomed to never win another election. The US will become a One Party country and become just like the City of Chicago. Filled with corruption and cronyism.

    • burkanuck

      Spot on LibertysSon! Spot on! Mitt Romney had no problem smearing his “fellow republicans” right out of the race but played with kid gloves when it came to worst president in history. Absolutely shameful!

    • Shane Gilmore

      ‘This will not be a One party country” as you put it. It is time to take a serious look at the Liberterians which will be the party of the future if the main stream media, including FOX, would stop ignoring. FOX, “America’s Election HQ”, ignored Gary Johnson. Only the Daily Show with Jon Stewart had Johnson on their program. American voters need to know they have other choices besides Coke and Pepsi.

    • Boogoo

      You are right. We need to stick together. We are not going to agree with anyone about everything. But to not vote or vote for the other side because of one or a few things we don’t agree, with will make it impossible to win again.

      • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

        We need to fight this crap Bernie Goldberg and those he associates with are espousing, they are not the people conservatives need to be listening to.

    • ogden lane

      They need to embrace each other;neither is perfect as shown by candidates each set has chosen.

    • Phil Silverman

      The Tea party is a MAJOR REASON Romney lost! A great mission statement doesn’t mean much when candidates like O’Donnell and Angle and West (I know he won before) are championed. Alot of TPers think Obama is the “anti-Christ”. No? The Tea party did not give one d*mm if the country was shut down over a routine debt ceiling debate.

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      You haven’t seen the last of the Tea Party, after this economy tanks even further into economic disaster, they will make more gains in the House and may even take control of the Senate in 2014.