Sarah Palin and Weiner’s Weiner

A few words about Sarah Palin’s emails and Congressman Weiner’s weiner.

Palin holds no office.  As of today, she’s not running for anything.  Yet the so-called mainstream media need to know every last detail about her recently released emails.  Some newspapers even sent reporters to Juneau to sift through the emails so they could beat the competition.  Some asked the public for help going through her emails.

Why such interest in a former governor who almost certainly will not run for President anytime soon?

I think it’s because Sarah Palin is box office.  I don’t think it’s anymore complicated than that.  She sells newspapers and gets ratings.

But here’s what makes the lamestreams look so pathetic:

They detest Sarah Palin.  They have trashed her and her family, much of the time unfairly.  They don’t respect her.  They think she’s a dope.  Yet they have no problem using her fame to make money.

These supposedly respectable journalists are no better than that low-life Levi Johnston, Bristol’s Palin’s ex-fiancé, who used his connection to the Palins to tell stories and make a few bucks.

Now on to Congressman Weiner.

His story was real news, at least for a while.  He was, after all, a leading voice for the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.  He was on television a lot talking about important national issues.  He pushed the president from the left. There was a chance he might run for mayor of America’s biggest city, New York.  So he was legitimate news.  What he did told us something important about his honesty and his judgment.

But let’s not be naive.  The media is interested in Anthony Weiner for the same reason they’re interested in Sarah Palin.  He’s also box office.  Sex scandals sell, even when there’s no actual sex involved.  The media tut-tut about everything he did. But if they can cash in, they figure, why not.

But enough is enough.  Yes, he’s still news as long as important members of his party are calling for his resignation.  But I’ve had enough of the creepy pictures.  If he resigns, the media should cover it, then move on.

And wouldn’t it be nice if journalists moved on to something really important like, say, the national debt crisis?  Wouldn’t it be nice if they showed the same interest in that story as  they have in Mr. Weiner’s weiner?

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  • Wil Burns

    And wouldn’t it be nice if journalists moved on to something really important like, say, the national debt crisis? Wouldn’t it be nice if they showed the same interest in that story as they have in Mr. Weiner’s weiner?>>

    Bernie, Is that advice also, for the Fox Network or “they’ not considered the lamestream press?

  • Florida Gator

    It’s Weiner’s wiener, not the way you have it, not that it really matters. I have enjoyed your posts and this one is no exception. I have become to expect this kind of behavior from a corrupt media in this postmodern society of entitlement, so this example is no surprise. In a sense Congressman Weiner is a symbol for the “mainstream media,” as they are both perverted narcissist with no sense of shame. Best Wishes.

  • narciso

    Actually, the real reveal, was missed by the media, she was a very hands on, some might say workaholic,focused on policy questions,, yes she relied on her staff, but she demanded they worked
    as diligently as her. By contrast, there is little or no evidence, that Obama thinks through the consequences of any of his policies.

  • Paul Courtney

    It’s great to see time wounding these heels. Jon Stewart ripped the press very effectively, and my sense is that people who had formed a vaguely negative opinion about SP are now wondering 1) What’s she done to deserve this level of scrutiny, and 2) Who could have 3 yrs of email exposed to determined critics @NYTimes and its thirty or so devoted readers, and they find…nothing? Never mind crotch shots, or tax-free beach villas, or getting gay lover cushy job at FHA office in Juneau, no hint of even petty corruption (we’d know by now if it was there). She may not be ready for Pres., but this serves to ratify those of us who believe she is honest and real. Now for the story even Fox is missing- the outsiders and political operatives who demanded these emails and launched dozens of meritless ethic charges drove this lady from an office in which she was engaged and performing effectively. That’s the scandal, someone point a camera at them!

  • Brian

    Network News execs believe that by force-feeding crap like “sex” scandals and tabloid coverage of actual news, they are catering to Americans (well, they are really trying to get higher ratings). Its a shame how little the msm thinks of our intelligence.

  • Paul Courtney

    Bernie, I read it here first, but when I heard you compare respectable journalists to Levi Johnston, this thought struck me-how could you say such an awful thing…about Levi Johnston?

    • Bernie

      Good one, Paul

    • Bob

      ha! good one

  • Terry Walbert

    The way the drive by media has covered Sarah Palin is the biggest reason why I have only contempt for the media.

  • Nancye

    The media is obsessed with Palin because they’re scared to death of her, and that she just might run for the 2012 nomination, and just might win. They keep hoping that they can find some scandal in her life they can throw up to her.

    About Weiner: If the fool doesn’t resign I hope the GOP keeps it in the news until after the 2012 election. Bring it up…bring it up…bring it up…until everybody gets the message about Dems. Repubs get booted out of office for not nearly as much as Weiner did. Dems just keep sticking around. No morals!

    • Bob Hadley

      How soon we forget!

      Sen. David Vitter called the DC madam from the Senate floor, among other unethical embarassments. He didn’t resign or get booted out. Larry Craig didn’t resign or get booted out. Ensign only resigned after the ethics committee published its report and it looked as though criminal charges might be brought.

      Weiner is a disgrace and should resign. My point, however, is that stupidity and lack of ethics is bipartisan.

      • Wil Burns

        Also, Mitt Romney pretended that an innocent woman goosed him, but he gets off scot-free? Why?


  • JohnInMA

    I think there is one other motivator with most of the media and their relentless obsession with Palin. Either consciously or subconsciously, they are desperate for the cred they would receive should they uncover the “Weiner” act of Palin. They seem to have themselves convinced it is there, and it is only a matter of finding it. Even “authors” seem willing to camp in Alaska for the same reason, yes?

  • JDO

    It’d be interesting, I think, if the mainstream media had spent as much effort researching Barack Obama’s background as they have Palin’s or Weiner’s or W.Bush’s or, heck, even B.Clinton’s (when “forced” to do so). Has there ever been a “modern” President we’ve known less about? Sure, the media covered up Kennedy’s (alleged) affairs, and Eisenhower’s and, heck, Roosevelt’s, but we at least knew most of their background and that was BEFORE all of the technology we have today.

    Anyway, at least this “Palin Emailgate” nonsense seems to be backfiring on them. Oops! Maybe she’s not the Anti-Christ after all! What would the mainstream media (and I’ll include Fox here) do if they couldn’t “create” or “make up” their “news?”

  • EddieD_Boston

    You have said on O’Reilly we live in the United States of Entertainment. All the money we spend educating people in this country and we get in return knuckleheads who graduate stupid. Call it Rikki Lake Nation.

  • Lily

    I have a question, and I’d like a legitimate answer; if he was the average Joe in average city, average State, and he posted pictures showing his “junk” wouldn’t he be arrested? If he were an average teacher, average 40+ Joe, private messaging average 17 yo Jane on Twitter what would happen to him?

    Yes he needs to resign.

    Remember, when the magician waves the handkerchief with one hand, pay attention to the other hand to see what he’s really doing. Since the left is making sure this stays in the news, what are they doing with the other hand? What are they trying to get away with?3

  • Bruce A.

    Thank you for the reminder about the improtant stories, such as the debt crisis, medicare/social security crisis, Middle East crisis etc. etc.. Lets remember, it’s always big news when one of our so called law makers, the people who should really be held to the highest of standards because they are telling everyone how to live our lives are exposed to be morally, ethically bankrupt dirtbags. If Weiner does not resign I want this to stay in the public eye, not for the pictures but to see how Congress handles this one. There is a perception that Congress always takes care of one of their own & perception is reality. See the Charlie Rangel soap opera.

    • Kathie Ampela

      It’s interesting that you mention this. Here is a story that landed in my inbox about Leon Panetta, former CIA chief, currently nominated for Secretary of Defense. Granted Mr. Panetta coordinated the Bin Laden operation, is a patriot for doing so and has gotten very tough on the war on terror during his tenure at the CIA. But certainly, if Congressman Weiner’s genitalia is newsworthy, Mr. Panetta’s romance with the Communist Party is worth a think? Lawmakers are expected to live to a higher standard as you said and he is about to be named Secretary of Defense. I guess the MSM thinks most of the population is too stupid to know who Leon Panetta is let alone any past affiliations

      • EddieD_Boston

        It was back when he was young and foolish. He has grown up. He seems like a decent guy.

  • Kathie Ampela

    Good column, Bernie, thank you. Here are a few stories I’d like the MSM to cover rather than Weiner’s weiner (or Sarah’s emails):

    1) Sunday’s landslide Islamist victory in Turkey:
    2) Iran to test first nuke by 2012:
    3) Don’t write the history books on Saddam’s terror ties just yet:

    Just a sample of what I come across on my own. Is it bunk? That’s why we have a sort it all out for us. Why do the lamestreams assume that we are all dopes only interested in the lowest of low brow stories? I’m so bored with Weiner’s weiner that I don’t care if I hear about another sex scandal as long as I live..and the behavior and judgement of our elected officials IS indeed relevant…but the MSM beat it to death for cheap ratings as Rome..and the rest of the world…burns.

  • Ron Kean

    What keeps the MSM going? Is it a big business/ad agency/media network complex like the military/industrial complex that Eisenhower spoke about?

    I don’t know much outside a cost-per-thousand rate but sometime shouldn’t the ratings dictate that Pepsi, GM, AT&T, and all the big boys not spend their money on say MSNBC? Newspapers can scale back pages. How can TV be scaled back? Radio’s on our side.