Who Says We Don’t Have A Monarchy?

For those who don’t have enough irony in their daily diet, let me point out that the Founders fought a revolution in order to free themselves from King George. Now, a scant two hundred-odd years later, we are forced to support the Obamas in a style more lavish than anything ever dreamed of by even the most self-indulgent of the French monarchs.

We all know about the way these people squander our tax dollars on White House galas and African safaris, but until the recent shutdown, I wasn’t aware of the size of the personal staffs with which they surround themselves. Barack has a staff of 1,701, 90 of whom merely look after his living quarters. For purposes of comparison, Queen Elizabeth’s Buckingham Palace is 12 times larger than the White House, but she somehow manages to make do with a crew of 800.

Mrs. Obama has 16 personal assistants at her beck and call. That’s more people than George Washington had in his entire administration.

The question that comes to mind is: where do I sign up for the revolution?

In the wake of the recent shutdown of national parks and monuments, when the congressional Republicans said they would continue to fund keeping the World War II Memorial open, the Democrats dismissed it as “a stupid stunt.” And, still, some ignoramuses continue to parrot the line about both parties being the same.

What’s more, the best that Obama and his stooges could say in defense of the Affordable Care Act is that it’s the law of the land. It’s the law of the land only because Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi twisted arms and paid out bribes to the Democrats in the House and Senate, and because the Supreme Court, by a 5-4 vote, disagreed with Obama’s claim that it wasn’t a tax.

Besides which, that’s a pretty feeble defense when you recall that slavery was once the law of the land and that, for nearly 150 years, women were legally barred from voting.

Back in 1996, when we last had a government shut-down, federal workers were divided into essential and non-essential, with the latter group being sent home. This time around, this being an even more politically correct time, they were divided into excepted and non-excepted. My question is: why do we continue to employ bureaucrats we can live without? And who decided that Jay Carney wouldn’t be furloughed for the duration? I can barely imagine a world in which Carney wouldn’t be regarded as superfluous.

The problem with Social Security, and the reason that it has to eventually go bankrupt, is that it’s a huge Ponzi scheme. It forced young people to be taxed in order to support those who were old and retired. Once the majority of the recipients began living 10 or 20 years past their retirement age, the system was doomed.

So now we have ObamaCare, yet another federal boondoggle that compels young people, most of whom can’t even find fulltime jobs, to pick up the tab in order to subsidize their grandparents. To paraphrase Santayana, those who don’t learn from history are doomed to keep electing liberals.

Little kids start asking “why” out of revenge. It’s because they’re forced to put up with a couple of years of “No!” and “Because I said so!” that, with the discovery of speech, they can’t wait to get their revenge. What’s more, they quickly learn that when they constantly ask why the sky is blue, why water is wet, why they have to go to bed and why the family mutt has four legs when they only have two, it’s lauded as intellectual curiosity. For my part, I’m waiting to hear about the truly precocious three-year-old who asks why God gave left-wingers brains if they’re never going to use them.

Finally, anyone who’s ever visited a zoo will have noticed how closely human beings resemble apes, but the fact remains that we belong to two different species. It’s similar, I’d say, to the relationship that conservatives have with liberals.

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    The only assistant Michelle Obama needs is for someone to tell her her ass is fat. I nominate her husband for that.