Scratch a Liberal, Find a Racist

After you’ve read this article, Burt hopes you’ll enjoy “Bloom(berg)ing Idiots.”

By this time, most people are aware that, according to those on the Left, the only racists in America are white conservatives. In much the same way, they dismiss the likes of Thomas Sowell, Ward Connerly, Condoleezza Rice, Walter Williams, Larry Elder, Shelby Steele and Allen West, as inauthentic blacks. In other words, the Left is so befuddled by reality that they ignore pigmentation in favor of politics.

By “authentic,” they apparently mean that if a black person is productive, well-educated and responsible for his family, he can’t really be black. Instead, authenticity is determined by how much welfare the person collects, how badly he mangles the language, how little schooling he’s had and how many illegitimate children he’s sired. Apparently, extra points can be earned if he uses or traffics in drugs and has spent some time in jail.

However, if a black person wants to avoid all that bad stuff and cut to the chase, he can, like Colin Powell and Juan Williams, establish his bona fides by endlessly voicing his support of Barack Obama.

Ever since Lyndon Johnson destroyed the black family back in the 1960s, America’s blacks have been systematically brainwashed by the Democrats. So successful has the campaign been that by now they actually believe it’s the Republicans who want to return them to the plantation, or, as Joe Biden put it, “Put y’all back in chains.”

Unfortunately, by this late date, too many are too dumb to recognize that the inner cities in which they dwell are latter-day plantations. But these days, it’s not the plantation owners who are keeping them barefoot, pregnant and illiterate; they’re doing it to themselves. Instead of having to pick cotton for their keep, all that’s required of them is that they regularly troop out and vote for the likes of Charles Rangel, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee and Barack Obama.

Speaking of stupidity being rewarded, California is dropping eighth grade algebra because 80% of black and Hispanic students consistently fail the subject. The bad news is that overpaid and over-pensioned members of the vile teacher’s union can’t teach the subject. The good news is that apparently they’re still failing students. I had assumed in this age of grotesquely inflated high esteem that the worst grade they were allowed to give teenagers was B-minus.

It recently occurred to me that when the rabid environmentalists blithely changed “global warming” to “climate change” in order to accommodate Al Gore in the face of lower temperatures, it was like a casino arbitrarily changing red to black and black to red on the roulette wheel in order to more easily fleece the suckers.

In the wake of Obama’s ongoing campaign to disarm Americans, a reader sent me a 20-word message that sums up the case for making the Second Amendment tamper-proof: “Guns are a lot like parachutes. If you need one and don’t have one, you’ll probably never need one again.”

Another reader, who approved of my suggestion that the NRA begin producing TV commercials featuring real life people who have used guns to protect their homes and families, felt that the NRA should have its own network. I pointed out that only a certain number of NRA’s four million members would ever tune in. The NRA doesn’t need to change the minds of conservatives, after all. It needs to change the hearts of those without minds; namely, liberals.

In conclusion, I hope that by this time, you have all seen the video of Dr. Benjamin Carson addressing the National Prayer Breakfast. If you haven’t, I urge you to track it down. For nearly half an hour, Dr. Carson, a black neurosurgeon, made his case against this administration on everything from taxes to death panels. His tone was always civil, and he never once raised his voice.

But what made his remarks truly memorable was that Obama was seated on the dais, no more than four feet away, quietly seething. In fact, towards the end, if you look closely, you can see smoke coming out of those remarkable ears.

My major concern for the good doctor was that at any second, Obama was going to call in a drone strike.

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  • SteveOffutt

    Just curious. I’m not black. But I imagine if I were, I would be insulted by remarks like: “too many are too dumb…”
    “America’s blacks have been systematically brainwashed”
    ” Instead of having to pick cotton for their keep”

    If your hope is that the Republican party attract more minorities to its ranks, I would think that insulting them would be a poor strategy. But I’m not a political strategist either, so perhaps insulting them works. Let me know.

  • SteveOffutt

    —-‘It recently occurred to me that when the rabid environmentalists
    blithely changed “global warming” to “climate change”—-

    When exactly did that occur? After all, the CC in IPCC stands for “Climate Change.” The IPCC was established in 1988, before Al Gore was on any map at all.

    Wikipedia says that Frank Luntz encouraged the Bush Administration to change GW to CC, which they did. Not sure if W conferred with Al Gore or not, but I suspect he did not.

  • Leslie Ann Brown

    Wow, just wow! As Coulter said, we’re starting to see liberalism as the “blood-letting” of old.

  • Souvoter

    I’d say it was a brilliant speech, which pointed out the difference between good conservative common sense and mindless liberals called Obama’ s Hussein asylum; namely democrat liberals who think 17 trillion debt is no problem.

  • sheila0405

    My husband & I were just discussing this last night. There is so much that has to happen to improve the lot of blacks, especially in the inner city. The lack of education among so many blacks seems to correlate with parents who don’t value education. The high out-of-wedlock birthrate, with multiple “baby mamas” has wrecked stable family life. Yet the high profile black leaders, and indeed, the President himself, do not use their bully pulpits to encourage their followers to live differently. I believe that during his first year in office, the President spoke on the importance of fatherhood; since then, he has been largely silent. If, by some miracle, we saw this kind of leadership, and blacks responded, it would still be another whole generation before we saw any meaningful changes. It makes me both sad and angry.

  • Shane

    Liberals and black activists are the greatest threat to black Americans. White conservatives want black and Hispanic AMericans to be successful so that we don’t have to support so many of them who are unemployed or in prison. Liberals want blacks and Hispanics to continue with failing strategies like calling anyone who works hard and stays out of trouble – “acting white,” and to blame all their problems on white racism.

  • Jerseygalnny

    Great column, Burt. The left sure did hijack the civil rights movement. I applaud your courage in saying this: ” Unfortunately, by this late date, too many are too dumb to recognize that the inner cities in which they dwell are latter-day plantations. ” I whole heartedly agree, and have always said that affirmative action says that minorities are not smart enough to compete with whites.

    • Burt Prelutsky

      Jersey: And by this time, that’s too often true. You can’t have one generation after another being raised by single illiterate mothers and not suffer dire consequences.


  • Foster

    My brother in law was teaching math in LA and was laid off about 4 times in 4 years, the students even demonstrated for his return. He even spoke Spanish. I don’t think my sister even realizes it is the liberals that run the state and school system that kept him from teaching. He now volunteer teaches math at a jr. college.

    • Burt Prelutsky

      Foster: Assuming he’s a conservative, how would anyone even know his politics inasmuch as he’s a math teacher?

      In fact, even if he were teaching social studies or history, neither the students nor the administrators, should have any idea of his party registration. That also holds true for newspaper reporters and network anchormen.


    • sheila0405

      Instead of dropping Algebra, the state needs to hold the schools accountable. These kids can learn, they just choose not to. So many come from a culture of seeing education as just not that important. How else can one explain the successes of charter schools? When a child is properly motivated to do good, nothing can stand in his way.

  • wally12

    I saw a short clip of the look that Obama had on his face during the ordeal he had to sit through when Dr. Carson gave his speech. It was worth more than gold. Great article.

    • Burt Prelutsky

      Wally: It was a great half hour.


  • Eric Johnson

    Sadly, I believe most liberals have been drinking the kool aid for so long they simple can not accept the facts of today. Thus we see these crazy comments and actions that hurt people and hurt our country. I wish I knew how to detox a liberal!

    • Burt Prelutsky

      Eric: I suggest a Louisville Slugger.


    • Shane

      You mean “deprogram” like guys do to young people who have been brainwashed in cults.

  • nickshaw

    Did you notice some of the comments made by those of the Party Of Tolerance to a story about Dr. Carson at CPAC in the WaPo yesterday, Burt?
    It was enlightening to say the least!
    Other than the standard racist remarks were the laughable opinions that the good doctor has no experience to be a politician!
    So many speak of Skeeter being a “constitutional law professor” and having years of experience in politics as if these things were true or worthy of consideration!
    “Professor”? And voting “present” much of the time in Illinois along with campaigning to be president from the moment he set foot in the Senate constitute “experience”?
    Are these people willfully blinded by the glow of the LSM constructed halo above Skeeter’s head?
    Compare how the two men speak without teleprompters. I know which one is the smartest man in the room and it ain’t the president. Not by a long shot!

    • Burt Prelutsky

      nick: You’ll get no argument from me.


    • Doyle Perry

      And, Nickshaw, remember, Obama was never a professor. He was not good enought to be granted that title. Long after he quit “teaching”, and just after he was elected to the Senate, the University retroactively gave him that title.

      • Burt Prelutsky

        Doyle: Right, he was a guest lecturer. And what lectures those must have been, coming from a pinhead who opined that the problem with the Constitution was that it failed to deal with the redistribution of wealth. But, typically, it’s not his own wealth he wants to redistribute; it’s yours and mine.



      Nick, I agree with everything you wrote. The real problem is that although Pres Obama is no leader, he is a master politician and campaigner. He seems to be able to mesmerize and bamboozle great crowds of people by promising the world without offering anything of real substance. I personally do not understand the allure of the Huckster-in-Chief, but sadly, enough people do.
      Dr. Carson is obviously a brilliant man, but I do not think he has the personality to withstand the dirty political games prevalent today. A loss for us all.

      • Burt Prelutsky

        James: I don’t think Obama is a master anything. He beat out Hillary in 2008 because she was terrified of looking like a racist, so she didn’t even bring up Rev. Jeremiah Wright until it was too late. Then Obama only had to defeat superwuss John McCain.

        This past November, Obama became the only two-term president who ever received fewer votes the second time around, but a lot of Republicans stayed home, either because they had begun receiving food stamps or because of their religious bigotry, and, so, Romney received fewer votes than McCain.

        I liked what Rev. Carson had to say at the Prayer Breakfast, but he would never get elected. Running for president means you should be adept at the game of politics. It helps if you have ever been elected to an office, preferably a governor’s mansion. Otherwise, let’s face it–Dr. Carson has less business being a presidential candidate than I do.


  • James Conkle

    Right to the point.

  • DanB_Tiffin

    On the subject of racism, it should be possible some how, some way to demonstrate that the New York ban on large soda’s is actually racism! Where are those liberals when you need one? They could figure out the connection, I’m sure!

    • Burt Prelutsky

      I wouldn’t bet against you, Dan.