Send in the Clowns

Recently, Jon Stewart found himself in the unenviable position of having people questioning whether or not he’s a racist. The truth is, he had nobody to blame but himself because, employing an accent unheard since the days of “Amos ‘n’ Andy,” he mocked Herman Cain.

I’m proud to say that I wasn’t one of those who questioned him. That’s because I believed the answer was self-evident. He’s a liberal, after all. Therefore, he promotes affirmative action, proving that, like the political party to which he pledges allegiance, he regards blacks as mentally inferior, incapable of competing academically with Caucasians and Asians. If that’s not racism, what is?

The better question is whether Jon Stewart (Jonathan Lebowitz in an earlier life) is a comedian. That, after all, is how people like himself, Joy Behar, Bill Maher and Michael Moore, always identify themselves when confronted by an intelligent conservative. How many times have we heard Stewart and friends insist, “I’m not some political pundit, I’m just a comedian”? By which they mean, they don’t have to tell the truth or stick to the facts. But in that case, isn’t it at least their responsibility to be funny?

All I ever get from Mr. Stewart and his stable of writers are lame insults directed at conservatives, followed by a great deal of bad mugging on his part. That invariably leads to gales of hysterical laughter from his juvenile audience, but all of us who grew up on sit coms have long grown accustomed to canned laughter.

Frankly, when I hear the nits cackling over some inanity uttered by Stewart, Behar or Maher, it helps me to understand how it is that people wind up electing the likes of Obama, Pelosi and Reid. Whoever it was who said that people get the leaders they deserve was right on the money.

When leftwing louts can divert legitimate criticism by insisting they’re comedians, I’m surprised it hasn’t occurred to people like Schumer, Boxer, Waxman, Durbin and Barney Frank, to fend off attacks by reminding us that they’re just a bunch of clowns.

Finally, I believe that most people, including liberals, are aware that the road to success more often than not consists of getting the appropriate education, avoiding drug use and being raised in a two-parent home. And while it’s true that some people manage to prosper in spite of being raised by a single parent, it’s not the optimum situation.

Predictably, in the majority of cases, people who wind up in the gutter or prison come from broken homes, are high school drop-outs and regard drugs as the permanent solution to temporary problems. The exceptions to the rule are those men who, no matter how ideal their upbringing, somehow wind up being the governor of Illinois or the president of the Teamsters. Over the past 50 years, there is hardly one of them who hasn’t wound up, like Rod Blagojevich, trading in his gray pinstripes for prison stripes.

I can’t help thinking that it would save us all a lot of time, trouble and expense, if these schmucks went directly from the swearing-in ceremony to signing-in at Joliet.

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  • Burt Prelutsky

    Mark: I think your comment about “common since” sums you up perfectly. As to your point about Republicans being more concerned about keeping Obama from getting re-elected than about unemployment and jobs (actually the same issue) and the debt crisis, isn’t that a questrion you should direct to Obama, who has spent most of the past few months playing golf and raising campaign funds while the Republicans, and not he, offered up actual budgets and Paul Ryan’s economic plan? Just asking, you dim wit.


    • Mark

      Are we touchy on this subject Burt? And yes my bb spell check may have put the wrong word seeing as how these screens are pretty small for my larger thumbs. But I will double check my writing before I post. You dim wit. You still avoided the topic of the joke, the “3 page bill” that you can sit down and read over dinner. So taking that joke and conjuring it into racism is moronic and probably just a ploy to be on the show. Maybe like those dim wits on fox news. I would almost be willing to bet you are a Glenn Beck follower. And I don’t suppose you take time out of your hectic schedule writing the manure that you do to get some R&R. The Pres must not be allowed to do that. And as for the republican agenda, I don’t buy the fact that they have a legitimate one besides screwing over the people. So you would think that my taxes go to good work with the rep introducing a debt ceiling bill just so they can vote it down and say “he wouldn’t help us out”. Apparently letting the economy fail and letting the value of our dollar decrease even more would look good for the rep because they can say it was Obamas fault. Now we can get a rep back in office never mind our currency is worthless and we are owned (even more) by China. I don’t think I want to see how that ends up. Anyhow please respond to the original question about Cains 3 page bill first. And as for the dim wit remark, I don’t think my difference of opinion or mispeLLed word should show you immaturity, but it did. I know I let mine slip in a little but that is one of my favorite COMEDY shows. As that is all that it is.

      • Sydney


        Maybe you should get your larger thumb out of your bottom.

        • Mark

          Sydney, (in a high pitched voice) AWESOME!!!
          Why don’t you blow it out your bottom. Or is your head in the way?

  • Mark

    JS is funny, you guys are just too stuck up your asses to realize it. It was a joke about Cains’ “3 page bills” that was the point. Wise up and pay attention. As for the remarks about broken home children and families that have been torn apart by death of a parent or there parents split up because they couldn’t get along anymore then the children are going to end up as a detriment to society, what a dickhead thing to say. You don’t know the situation and apparently have never been in it. So keep your uneducated dumbass remarks to yourself. Find something more important to write about. Say for instance how the republicans are more worried about how to keep Obama from getting re-elected than trying to work on issues like unemployment the debt crisis or jobs. Don’t you think that is more important right now? I know most Americans with some damn common since do.

  • Clarence De Barrows

    Burt: What I want to know is what happened to “Amos ‘n’ Andy”? Those two and the whole cast where A RIOT. I still bust up when I think of that quintessential lawyer, Algonquin J. Calhoun, saying he’s gonna send some targeted loser a “letter AND A TELEPHONE CALL TOO”! . For that matter I really enjoyed Latino astronaut, “Jose Jimenez” … “My name Hosay Himenez, I am an astronaw” Very funny stuff! What, we can only poke fun at the Polaks or the Dagos?

  • Vince Ricardo

    Isn’t Michael Richards a “comedian?” Didn’t he get into major trouble over using racial slurs during his act a few years ago? Oh, sure, it was the dreaded “N” word, but couldn’t he have just gotten out of the whole controversy by just claiming he was a comedian? (He isn’t black, obviously, ’cause if he was he could’ve used the “we can say it” moronically hypocritical defense)

    Frankly, I’ve always felt that affirmative action (and, if I chose, I could benefit from it myself) was far more racist (and damaging) than anything Stewart, Richards or anyone else with little to no taste have ever done. “You cannot do it on your own, so we (white folk) are here to help you, minorities! No need for thanks … well, maybe at the polls.” Ridiculous.

  • robin in fl

    i use to enjoy jon s and a few others that could get a laugh outta longer the case now.

    i either lost my sense of humor,got old ,or grew up ..not sure which it was..i like to think maybe i just got smarter!

  • Nancye

    BTW, did Stewart mock Obama? Oh, that’s right – he’s just half black. I, also, get tired of so-called comedians getting by with insults because of their “profession”…cough…cough…choke…choke..

  • BARB

    I had questions about Jon Stewart many years ago. I made some comment about him at the Anti-War site…I think it was about not finding him funny and about him changing his name..and I got several e-mails from one of the owners calling me a racist, a Jew-hater, and basically the kind of person they didn’t want to have reading their website.I asked that they return the $500 donation I had made to them…and he said they had already spent it.

  • TomSr

    Mr. Stewart is one who seems to have prospered while coming from a broken home. I have no clue why this is so. Then again, I’m not a member of his slow- witted peanut gallery. Maybe he really IS funny? I know he thinks so.