Sooner or Later, Mr. Obama, Reality Matters

Slobbering CoverI didn’t call my book A Slobbering Love Affair for nothing.  And the sub-title was no accident either:  The True (and Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media.

Journalists fell head over heels for Barack Obama early on.  Chris Matthews wasn’t the only one who got a thrill up his leg when Mr. Obama spoke.  A lot of them were swooning. They just weren’t as shamelessly blunt as Matthews.  After all, Barack Obama was everything they had been waiting for. He was young and cool and liberal and black.  He was The One who represented a moment in history, and they weren’t going to let his inexperience or any other inconvenient reality stand in his way, or theirs.  When the National Journal said Barack Obama was the most liberal member of the Senate, instead of contemplating the implications, the national press corps yawned.

That’s why they ignored his relationship of several decades with a bigoted minister for as long as they could.  When those tapes came out, they had to report it.  But they didn’t have to dwell on it.  And they didn’t.

They played down his relationship with a one-time terrorist, a man who wanted to bring down the American government with bombs.

Later, when he and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid spent nearly a trillion dollars to stimulate the economy, the mainstream media didn’t spend a lot of time on the fact that all that money pretty much went down the drain with precious little to show for it.

And when the economy remained sluggish year after year, they reported what they had to and not much more, often treating the president as an innocent bystander in the whole thing.

When four Americans, including the U.S. ambassador, were murdered in Benghazi, they played the role of stenographer again and wrote down that the president said that those who were responsible would be punished.  They weren’t.  And the so-called mainstream media moved on to other things.

When he said he would not tolerate agents of the IRS targeting conservatives, they wrote that down too.  And when the president wanted the story to go away, his loyal supporters in the media coincidentally also lost interest.

They were all “phony scandals,” the president said.  And his admirers in the press nodded in agreement.

And throughout the lead up to the president’s single most important piece of legislation, the Affordable Care Act, they reported what he said, despite the fact that what he said wasn’t true.  A few journalists noted that the president’s promise – If you like your healthcare plan you can keep it, period – wouldn’t hold up.  But almost every major news organization in America simply accepted the president’s word, confusing their loyalty to him with their responsibility to the American people.

But now, something has changed.  Now, they’re hammering the president with tough questions along the lines of, “What did he know and when he did he know it.”  They’re questioning his honesty.  Journalists are finally doing their job.  So let’s give them one cheer, but only one.  Journalists, you see, like Mr. Obama’s fellow Democrats, have made a decision:  They’re not going down for the count, not for his blunders, no matter how much they like this president.  But that may very well change.

Those Democrats, who like zombies parroted the president’s promises about how we all could keep our insurance plan and our doctor and all that, now are saying, the American people deserve better.  The president misled the folks, these Democrats are saying, and they want everyone to know that they’re hopping off the Obama Express.  They have decided, they want us to believe, that they’re looking out for the American people. Well not all the American people; just the ones in their state who might not vote to re-elect them in 2014 because of ObamaCare.

Self-preservation is a powerful force; it goes back to our earliest days in the cave. And self-preservation is why journalists have finally found their voice after all these years.  ObamaCare is such a disaster that now, even they understand that they can no longer cover for this president. Their standing with the American people is already on par with funeral home directors and used car salesmen.  If their credibility drops any lower they’ll be on par with members of Congress.

Looking back, you can’t help but conclude that Barack Obama was such a narcissist that he thought he could get away with anything, simply because he was Barack Obama.  Like his friends in the media, he also knew he was young and cool and liberal and black.  That was his ticket.  His get out of jail card to free him from the kind of bad press a Republican would have received over the Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers and the economy and Benghazi and the IRS.

A few weeks ago, I told Bill O’Reilly on his TV show that I have a lot of admiration for magic, which is what Barack Obama has been using to mesmerize a good portion of the American people.  Whether you like him or not, an honest evaluation would conclude that he has that certain something – something W never had, and most politicians don’t have. So even when the American people didn’t especially like his policies, plenty of them still liked him.  But, as I also told O’Reilly, things are obviously changing.  The magic is wearing thin, mainly because ObamaCare affects people in a way that Benghazi or the IRS never did.  I also said the media seemed to be falling out of love with him.  Lose the American people and the media, I said, and for the first time Barack Obama might be in some real hot water.

Sooner or later, reality matters.  And when it does, magic fades. Mr. Obama is figuring that out.  I’m still not sure about journalists.  They’re hammering him today.  But they have a lot invested in him.  They were supposed to chronicle history. Instead, they opted for helping shape history.  Barack Obama was their guy.  Before this ends, he may be again.  It’s not easy to fall out of love.  Especially when it’s been a slobbering love affair.

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  • Mar Degner

    Peoples who I support are Vinners! Let’s Make America Great Again! Support Mr. Donald Trump for President 2016 ! @marian_degner 🌁🏯@realDonaldTrump

  • Marian Degner

    If GOP like to get WH & Senate back, need to attract middle class with new strategies on Immigration reform, on Woman’s !

  • D Parri

    Contrary to the inclinations of some who post on this forum, Sarah Palin was a fully-elected governor of Alaska who chose not to run for re-election in the upcoming governor’s race. Period. She was not a “half-governor”. Period.

    For those interested in the reasoning behind her choice to resign it has been well documented and stands as a valid and principled decision benefitting the citizens of Alaska in addition to her own welfare.

    Obviously the toad that keeps referring to Sarah Palin as a “half-governor” could use some grammatical lessons as well as learning that there is much more value in the truth than in spewing garbage just for the sake of being able to do it. Not very bright.

    • keith hart

      Sadly — for them. The truth is not in their favor. And they do play to win. So, they’ll settle for lies — hoping if repeated enough it will serve them. Getting called out for their duplicity is the best counterpunch. Good job, D.

      • D Parri

        Thanks, K, I appreciate the comment.

    • lemonfemale

      Actually she did not merely elect not to run but resigned. I say that as a supporter of Palin- then and still. In essence she was forced out of office because she could not afford the legal fees she was racking up to respond to various ethics charges that were either unfounded or IMO trivia. Half a million dollars- and she was not rich at that time- AND she could not accept (by AK law) even unsolicited donations to cover them.

      We revised our ethics law after she left office. Rather than grant herself an Obama-style waiver- she adhered to it and resigned.

      • D Parri

        Yes, this information is readily available to those who want to know the truth, but for those who continue to slander and berate her…these are facts which they must avoid.

        It sounds like (from your post) you must be an Alaskan. It also sounds as if the dilemma Sarah Palin faced has now been fixed so that others in the future will not be unfairly burdened, as she was.

        Good work!

        • lemonfemale

          I use Fund’s article (that link) when I post about this because some of the info he gives is hard to come by otherwise. One reason she was hit so hard is she was now noticed nationally ( “above the sight line” to borrow from Stephen King) and all the trolls could file FOIA requests and ethics complaints -all of which had to be dealt with on a strict timeline. Besides that she had Andree McLeod, dubbed “Palin’s personal stalker” not by me who filed at least five ethics complaints against her because she had not been appointed to something (I forget what.) I met this lady when I was speaking against school district censorship at an ACLU meeting and she wanted all the librarians present disciplined. She was going to the School Board and “things would happen” and she demanded to know if my husband worked for the district. Apparently she wanted him punished as well, prompting the District spokesperson to state they did not discipline employees for the actions of their wives. They did amend the law because it was unworkable with someone as known/notorious as Sarah.

  • dwood

    there’s a reason the “scandals” didn’t stick. cos’ they were’nt. and if bernie left out his bias, there wouldn’t be any words left.

  • plsilverman

    Obama! “narcicisst”! yay! RNC mantra #334. terrific, Bern’. You got a problem calling him President Obama? “Mr. Obama”? I noticed that your pal Bill O. calls Palin “The Governor”. (not even The half-Governor”).>>>notice about 12 “Obama”s in your piece…did not find ONE President Obama. Gee, is Bernie trying to tell us something? Like Barack Obama is not a *real* President? Going deeper, is he trying to tell us he is not a real man?>>>got to add, now don’t get too upset – you’ll get your weekly pat on the head from Roger Ailes – but John McCain said he would have spent nearly 350 billion $$$$ on the stimulus. President Obama spent about 800, ok. He obviously did not now that the richest recipients would sent so much of it abroad and hide so much of it in the bedsprings. Now, BG, please rewrite this article and leave out the bias. Then you’ll have a nice piece, about 30 words long.

  • Exodus2011

    if you LIKE being lied to America, you can KEEP being lied to by continuing to ‘like’ this LIAR of a President when polled


    If you like being bullied by Obama……….You can keep being bullied by Obama !

  • buckrodgers

    White liberals seem to think their the self appointed spokesperson for minorities especially African Americans without them African Americans would still be in chains, it doesn’t matter if they live their personal lives as a bigot, their special; and have a right to accuse White America of being a bunch of racist while they excuse themselves from their own prejudices, so what happens when America elects an African American to be President of the United States and he controls upwards of ninety percent of the black vote, the liberal media and Hollywood for that matter can’t criticize a Black President without exposing themselves as a bunch of closet racist and white Politicians can’t win elections if African Americans stay home on election day, African Americans have finally achieved equality in the United States, They are now the masters and liberal whites are their slaves.

  • bbf

    All too sad. All too true.

  • D Parri

    Delaying the implementation schedule . . . I have told you what it was about–a long time ago.

    There are going to be some very, very angry people as the months roll on under the current scenario. Premiums will be higher, deductibles are already outrageous, networks are drying up, and all the information surrounding implementation of ObamaCare is as negative as you could possibly imagine. That kind of tropical storm hitting the political scene–and not going away–makes for some extremely rough seas . . . but the Demo-heads have absolutely earned this fate.

    Obama is the most divisive leader that this country has ever known. Unfortunately, the race issue is now a political hot potato, and all of the Demo-head sycophants have been whipped into following a strict party line under threat of retribution for breaking party ranks–the race card being the ultimate trump.

    One thing is clear, Obama is very accomplished at stirring the pot, and he has been responsible for outrageous levels of non-productive and wasted efforts because of his penchant for division and disruption within the government in order to assemble the most concentrated power in the executive branch as possible. It is not a good thing what he does in all of this, but I believe that this house of cards will eventually fall on him.

  • D Parri

    It appears as if history is being written a certain way regarding the Obama administration and presidency. There is a strong suspicion that history will be re-written for these days and time, but the authors will be from future generations who will bear the biggest burden of national debt that has ever been drawn by a single president.

    Questions will be posed by scholars in that re-write who will attempt to provide answers within some form of contextual logic. Place no doubt upon it, the readers will want to know why the mainstream media was so blatantly absent while Obama was spending money that our nation did not have to spend.

    Those who end up paying our tab will undoubtedly wonder why Obama kept pushing a program that only added to our national chaos, destroyed the existing health insurance industry, and added staggering increases to our national debt–all of this, and nothing to show for it other than a legacy of debt.

    History will need to be re-written…by someone who is not subject to Obama’s hypnotic spell and has not suffered this ‘slobbering love affair’ with Obama.

  • D Parri

    I expect to hear as much resistance to this request as there has been in watching the outcome from recent changes in the American government, but I believe that it would be more appropriate to start referring to Obama as “King”, rather than a simple president. It would help in reducing the confusion as we discuss the actions of King Obama, primarily because the rights and privileges of a president are nowhere near those of an emperor, or monarch.

    Yes, there should be some complaints regarding ‘President’ Obama’s manipulation of the laws put forth and passed by Congress, but in acting as ‘King Obama’ there could be no controversy–whatever he decides will be the dictate that we are obligated to follow. It is a fundamental change in the way that our nation operates, but this is the directive assigned to King Obama by the electorate of our country.

    Although it may be a bitter pill for some, there is little choice but to abide by the dictates of our leadership until another opportunity to make an opposing voice be heard arrives in 2014.

    • keith hart

      Caesar — has a certain ring to it, don’t you think?

      • D Parri

        “The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones. So let it be with Caesar…”. (Shakespeare, Act 3, scene ii of Julius Caesar)

        And, so let it be with Obama. In fact, I believe that it will be a safe bet.

  • D Parri

    This is a re-post of something that I wrote recently. Please read it and take it context with today’s announcement by the WH that they were going to delay next year’s implementation in order that the insurance cancellation notices won’t go out until after the mid-term elections. That is proof, their ‘mea culpa’, of what I wrote six days earlier.

    The employer mandate delay was easy to achieve, though it is questionable as to whether it was legal. I believe that there is the small issue of our Constitution and the powers divided among the separate branches, and the power to pass and amend laws is set forth as the primary function of Congress–not the president.

    However, as I pondered that move by Obama it begged the question, “Why”? The earlier implementation would surely bring in substantially more much-needed revenues. We now know that the website is a disaster, but that wasn’t known to be a train wreck before Oct. 1, or was it?

    So, the only answer appears to be a political action to try to shield democrats who are up for re-election by delaying the implementation of the mandate for the MSM. It has nothing to do with ‘helping’ the employers…no more than the recent change in the “law of the land” made by Obama to allow individuals a chance to ‘keep’ their policies–the ones that have been canceled–for one more year. That is, if everyone else involved in the pipeline will reverse directions in under thirty days, and then come back to this same point in time only one year from now.

    How’s that for leadership?

  • VermontAmerican

    The media is already falling back in line with Obamamania. At the president’s urging, the press will now dutifully report that Obamacare’s failure is due to (1) greedy insurance companies and (2) Republican opposition.

    • D Parri

      It is a familiar story… a ‘tale’ that the Demo-heads cannot overcome by simply showing us good leadership. Too bad.

  • sgfan

    Absolutely right! The media have fawned over this guy from day one. He’s the most unqualified president in history and he’s proven that he’s the consummate liar too. NOTHING he says is true. What we need to do is start from the top. Examine thoroughly the birth certificate that many forensic scientists have sworn is a fake. Then proceed through all the scandals and we will come up with a man who is nothing as he pretended. He needs to be removed immediately.

  • Joh

    Charles Krauthammer pointed out what a narcissist Obama is with his constant referrals to “My Air Force or My Army” when referring the the United States Air Force and Army. I think you are dead on when you say that Obama is such a narcissist that he thought he could say anything and get away with it.
    Orpah WInfrey’s recent assertion that the office of the president has been disrespected, I think that the president himself has disrespected the office by being the first sitting president to appear on the late night talk shows, followed by the daily talk fests and finally with “the Pimp with a Limp”. I believe Obama is more interested in being the “celebrity in chief” more that being the president

    • keith hart

      Obama’s narcissistic personality disorder allows him to lie with such ease. He revels in getting over on people. When he is caught in a lie, he apologizes for not lying good enough and promises to lie better in the future. Just look at that photo of the smirky teen in the pimp hat toking on the big spliff — this is not an eagle scout. Grows up to be a guy so enthralled with himself and what marxist/alinsky ideology can do for him, that he is willing to injure millions to make his point — has a real chip on his shoulder.

    • D Parri

      Hey, he does a good photo-op on the golf course, doesn’t he?

  • keith hart

    When Lefties paint themselves into a corner, up against the ropes, caught in a lie, incompetence seen, failings spotlighted, broken promises to their base, they rush to their favorite tactic: accuse opponents of bad behavior to justify their own bad behavior. Then follow up quickly with a strawman argument. This belies the fact, everything lefties touch, run or control turns to dysfunctional crap. Always. Everytime. It’s the only thing they do not fail at. So, naturally, they must lie about their agenda — keep it hidden. Or no one would vote for them, except for their hardcore base looking for special favors — waivers — for themselves.

  • SkyCitizen

    BERNIE, please write an article about Martin Bashir’s latest comment about former Gov. Palin. I can’t believe any cable news station would broadcast this stuff and the FCC would do nothing. Also, It would be interesting If Microsoft would TAKE BACK the MS from MSNBC. Is MSNBC insane?

    • D Parri

      Based upon the actions we’ve seen from “MS, the NBC”, they have been severely infected by the firmly insane. And they used to actually show promise at one time.

  • TJ Goforth

    Bill Clinton had “that certain something” also; it’s called the ability to lie with
    style. I call it phony and will never find phony “mesmerizing”. People hear what they wish to hear regardless of what the speaker may actually be saying.
    Unfortunately, Americans lack discernment, preferring style over substance. It
    does not serve us well.

    • Wheels55

      New spin on an old saying:
      You can fool a lot of the people all of the time
      You can fool the large majority of the people some of the time
      Yo can vilianize some of the people all of the time
      But you can’t make all the people think and care all of the time.
      That last part is what liberals hang their hats on.

    • keith hart

      It’s 70% how you look, 20% how you say it, 10% what you say. This is not peculiar to Americans. It’s been true all the way back to Cicero and further to Pericles. Only when the lives of the populace are in immediate peril does that 10% go up — i.e. Churchill.

    • D Parri

      Yes, unfortunately part of what it is that people think they hear is what they feel they ‘want’ to hear. It’s kind of like filling in the blanks mentally, although some of the ‘fills’ are inaccurate. A crafty and deceitful communicator has the ability and skill necessary to leave enough ‘blanks’ so that they can change the substance of what they are communicating at a later date. Obama is one of those crafty and deceitful orators who has capitalized upon this technique, and that is in part what has earned him the reputation of being somewhat ‘Teflon’ in nature–at least politically.

  • catholicvoter

    Speaking of your book, dam that was good! I thoroughly enjoyed all of your books and I’m disappointed you won’t be writing anymore books. But you did say in your last book that you get no rest when you are writing a book and that you do not enjoy promoting your books. At this point in your life, you deserve some rest. Any of you who enjoy Bernie’s columns, but not have not read his books – you’re missing something.

  • Larry blaspheming liberalism

    Obama could be Satan and the media would still slobber over him. When it comes to general elections and the future of the country, the media will always (no matter who the Republican is, even Chris Christie) spin things for the Democrats.

  • floridahank

    I think we have to realize in DC and in politics in general, the basic foundation is that there’s a mutual blackmail factor involved in all the activity within both parties.
    In other words a politician takes a huge gamble when revealing a major wrong, that oneself will be exposed by the other party. It comes to being a stalemate in getting any honesty to be make public — everyone is afraid of the other person about anything being held secret.
    That’s why we have to get rid of them all so we can get new, honest blood into our representatives.

    • PolkaDot

      Term limits….

      • floridahank

        That would be ideal, but which officials would actually have the nerve to vote for term limits? It’s like asking them to give up a plush job, easy $$$, great perks, etc. No, I’m afraid there wouldn’t be enough people with honesty and guts to pass term limits. I think the only realistic answer is to not reelect them.

  • Wheels55

    Journalist are hammering Obama today so they can say they covered this mess and so they can forget about it when the November 2014 elections coverage begins. I bet the media’s decision was to fully cover the Obamacare mess and lies now or not to cover it at all.

  • Marian Degner

    Hello Bernie,
    You Got What You Pay For ! I mean if GOP and their CPAC’S just criticizing everything, their need to know American Main Stream Public Got Scam and Fed Up about “Bull Riding” crazy head attitude previous president Spending Irresponsible Trillions of Taxpayers dollars for Wars on Credit cards, instead smarter approach capturing Terrorists and Not Bankrupting Nation Treasury and Citizens Savings down to drain and Stupid supporting by Ex- Vice President Markets Speculative behavior with Citizens money, savings and Homes! We regular poor peoples have to pull out this Nation from stinky suer without help of some of those who call them self “Job Creators”, Patriots !
    Give me a break! We are the Patriots, their are The Pin heads like Sir O’Reilly will call them! Peoples value President Obama for his Love to this Nation and Citizens, Middle class and poor, for his Leader Ambitions and Professorial knowledge! Don’t under estimate ever man if you don’t know his capacity, because their can by made and lift by peoples who trust him!
    Everybody can miss spell, nobody its perfect. Total number of All US Presidents we can count for 50 seconds only. Their Got Elected for reasons! Who you are? What it’s your number? You can criticize how much you want. But my question it’s Who was the president and from which party to brink US in this kind of mess!
    So, I recommend to be respectable and walk easy on the slippery slope.
    Best Regards,
    Marian Degner

    • Robert

      Wow. That’s hilarious Marian. You sound like one of my cousins, who for the past 3 years has called me names that I won’t repeat (although many are compound words indicating an unnatural and intimate relationship with my mother). Why? Because I said Obamacare would force cancellations at best, and elimination of the private insurance market at worst.

      And, in true liberal fashion, now that he sees Obamacare crashing down around us ALL, he lectures about “respect” and “tolerance for other points of view”.

      Such pleas will only last until you feel your ideas are on the rebound, and they will at some point. Then it will be business as usual…”hostage takers”, “saboteurs”….just to list a few of the more publicly repeatable references.

      Best Regard Marian,
      Robert Baxter

      PS. You used your real name, most don’t. I will give you credit for that.

      • Marian

        Dear Robert,
        Thankx for the credit. I don’t give sh.. what their saying. Nobody is perfect. I hope some smarty’s, can at least try to speak Slavic. Anyways, I’m Independent, business guy and after those 15 years legally here with out anybody help, like Law respecting Resident, with State and Federal government jerk Style Work, thanks GOPs and DEMs Partisan Politics, Nobody cares about WHITE or other Ethnics, Immigrants, Religious peoples to finishing my paperwork Freez Up in TEXAS !, I’m fed up with many thinks, but I’m Optimistic!
        I love this Nation, I love California! My father was political enemy to communist party and was punish for that, so my family as well. We remember what Germans and Russians did to our peoples! We kick Russian out after 24 years. Nobody help Us, we did peacefully, Nobody cares about Czechoslovakia then in 1968 or in Munich ! So, I put my self to only One mission till this goal it’s done. I fell my duty to help Immigration Reform done for Any cost ! So, if this issue don’t going be taking care with GOP House, than only way it’s, To get back House to Democrats, then I will get my opinion and voice to their Candidates and Hillary! I don’t break laws, working hard, pay taxes, employ Americans, support economy, praying everyday and visiting church, pay to the God and his army! I cannot believe, we support Israel all times and their starting war against us Lutherans, Catholics against Our Cross!? All this Nonsense about Cancelations of Insurance it’s just Comedy of Insurance Industry make more money with out moral respect to their clients ! Those Old policies have lot’s of hide tricks how to scam peoples to don’t pay for their expenses or pay les than their promise…disclaimers, etc, bla, bla bla. Who can afford Dentist to spend $2,000.00 if don’t have Credit card in US? What percentage that would be? But most important think is, what this Nation crashing down, It’s Military Families and Worriers who I support with my small account! Do All Americans sending WWP at least 420 one so month or two?! Do you Guys? Hand on the Heart! It’s not funny to be in the war. Or you laughing and making fun you don’t understand what I saying?! Cowards! Thanks God I just serve 2 years back home and wasn’t deploy. Worst is Stilling Peoples savings, homes, life with no Health Care protection, Taxpayers Government money also with Pensions, Private Companies & Private Contractors, etc. Everything can be reform but Only if More Independents Candidates will have voice in the Senate and House and at the Supreme Court.
        Happy New Year to All our Friends and the Other side! We will Won ! America will Won ! Independents will Rise ! God Bless The USA !

    • Integrity

      President Obama should be scorned, not respected. Some of us happen to think both parties are doing serious damage to our country. Pointing out the bad decisions of the Republican party does not excuse the bad decisions of the Democrat party. So Obama has done nothing wrong in your opinion? How sad that you still trust this narcissist. QED

      • Marian

        Here are deal. You and we all know Bush F..t up and Dick to !
        New man new broom! Don’t expect people will just smog pot to forgive. But you see the resistance against GOP. why, because their was rape, their was rob and kick down to the mad! Nobody it’s perfect, but we , US climbing Up more than rest of world! Global Economy changing, resources disappearing, we need to try new territories, new approaches. If Entire Nation don’t work together at least on main thinks, than we , US, World will go slow forward! Obama did One bad think. He don’t read the all ,main points in the ACA !

    • Robert

      Oh yeah. Almost forgot. Your pleas for civility would carry some reasonable level of credibility when you lecture Martin Bashir on MSNBC about civility. This is the guy that recently said – on air – Sarah Palin needs to have…what was it now?…”someone “p**s on her and s**t down her throat.”

      Yes by all means, send Bashir a lecture on civility and tolerance. You can lecture here because that is your right. But pious lecturing and credibility are two very different things.

      Best Regards,
      Robert Baxter

      • Marian

        You mean Chris Christie gang shooting down the bridge so, peoples cannot get Medical attention their need, etc.?!
        Give break about Palin. She’s “L” and done ! No smart person care about her. She screw Up Mc Cain big time! Selfie!

    • lark2

      Marian, you are delusional and unfortunately in your case, the disease is terminal so you can safely be ignored to wallow in your own ignorance. Here, this sentence says it all: ” Peoples value President Obama for his Love to this Nation and Citizens, Middle class and poor, for his Leader Ambitions and Professorial knowledge!”

      • catholicvoter

        Hi lark2,
        I caught that too. I certainly pray for the best for Marian, but the things she, well, tried to say in her post, gives me a headache. It is out of ignorance and out of complete ignorance that she believes what she does. It’s gotten so bad that while I sincerely love others, I almost do not care anymore if those who hate America and our Constitution are taken down. It seems to be what they want and the only way they will ever learn. I just don’t want them taking the rest of the country down with them.

      • Marian

        Sad think it’s, those who gaining most under his presidency, maybe like you, pooping on his head ! So, I don’t know who have terminal disease ! I think most of Americans will isolate those sickies!

        • lark2

          Marian, Think of me as you wish but, allow me to say that I do not evaluate presidencies on the basis of what I can get or not get. I am aware that is how many judge parties and Presidents … what do they do for me … what can I get. Dumb as I may seem, my focus is our country. “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” ! I believed in that in 1960 and I believe in that today. I welcome you to make fun of me.

          • Marian Degner

            lark2, (not real name?!)
            I have respect for your argument and defense. But you call me names, so I don’t have respect for you ! God will be your judge no me! You & Minority talking with big mouth those worlds from pass leader. You cannot come up with something original !!! You still have time in your life, I believe to that & I will pray for you & others like you, to search for wisdom, love & peace. Focus on the country? Yes Country it’s Peoples who live here, Citizens, Residents, Visitors, Prisoners, Atheists, Gay’s and us. Country it’s Mountains, Rivers, Animals, Oceans and State & Governments Properties around the World. We have to think in Global & start with the Peoples! With 311 millions+ Peoples first, Clean Up the Mess from Ex- Administration Policies & Move Forward to Strong, Modern, Happy America ! What ever you agree or not, You owe me apology for calling me names!!! And with that, I’m done with you! Peace,
            God Bless The USA !

    • Robert

      Dear Marian,

      I understand Cher recently called Sarah Palin the c-word in public. No..the other c-word..the slang, derogatory reference the female private parts.

      I am sure your sensibilities are deeply offended, and your message to Cher to “recommend to be respectable” is on your Do-List for today.

      Feel free to post a copy of that letter to Cher here for all to read.

      Best Regards.

      PS. Your second to last statement doesn’t make sense. I think you meant to write, “Who was the president and from which party LED US to the brink, and this kind of mess!”. (Desperately trying to link 2008 economics with Obamacare in 2013.)

    • D Parri

      Marian, I don’t know who put you up to writing a comment here, but whoever it was…they are not your friend. Obviously they encouraged you to use your real name (I assume), and if that’s true then they are attempting to embarrass you by doing that.

      You absolutely have a right to include your comments here, but it appears that you could become a personal target at the whim of someone who is manipulating you.

      I do not agree with your opinions, but I would like to encourage you to be very careful.

      • catholicvoter

        From what I was able to understand through all the grammatical errors in Marian’s post, I do not agree with her opinions either. But because I am a Christian Catholic, and a conservative, I am tolerant, as you seem to be. If the libs were half as tolerant as most of us on the religious right are, they would not seem like such hypocrites.

        • D Parri

          Yes, tolerance of another’s plight is not a bad thing, an it can be its own reward.

        • Marian Degner

          Rely? I was rise like Catholic back in EU and I was proud. When I ask in New Your Catholic Church for help in 1998 their close doors on me Friday! But God seen & remember that. You maybe better than those Child molester’s Catholics in US was or some still are, but you should just watch, for a while.! I’m proud Lutheran Now and Independent, Not libs! I think peoples need to stand Up against those who call us Independents libs and their just hypocrites like Christie., Your man!

      • Marian Degner

        A you treating me D Parri ?!

        • D Parri

          Hello Marian,
          You Got What You Pay For ! I mean if GOP and their CPAC’S just criticizing everything, their need to know American Main Stream Public Got Scam and Fed Up about “Bull Riding” crazy head attitude previous president Spending Irresponsible Trillions of Taxpayers dollars for Wars on Credit cards, instead smarter approach capturing Terrorists and Not Bankrupting Nation Treasury and Citizens Savings down to drain and Stupid supporting by Ex- Vice President Markets Speculative behavior with Citizens money, savings and Homes!

          We regular poor peoples have to pull out this Nation from stinky suer without help of some of those who call them self “Job Creators”, Patriots !

          Give me a break! We are the Patriots, their are The Pin heads like Sir O’Reilly will call them! Peoples value President Obama for his Love to this Nation and Citizens, Middle class and poor, for his Leader Ambitions and Professorial knowledge!

          Don’t under estimate ever man if you don’t know his capacity, because their can by made and lift by peoples who trust him!

          Everybody can miss spell, nobody its perfect. Total number of All US Presidents we can count for 50 seconds only.

          Their Got Elected for reasons! Who you are? What it’s your number? You can criticize how much you want. But my question it’s Who was the president and from which party to brink US in this kind of mess!

          So, I recommend to be respectable and walk easy on the slippery slope.
          Best Regards,
          D Parri

          Howzzat, M???

          • Marian Degner

            I’m glad you agree with Marian D Parri !

    • keith hart

      What is this, very bad James Joyce, Ulysses?

    • catholicvoter

      I found it very difficult to understand your post. I am an English instructor and I am curious as to whether or not English is your first language. There are many decent English writing classes you can enroll in at your local community college. You obviously have something to say, so don’t let something that can be changed for the better get in your way. By the way, this is meant to help, not to embarrass or degrade. I am horrible at math, so I took remedial algebra. No shame, sister. Go for it!

      • Marian

        Thanks Broo. Yeah English is my second language, but I think you can understand my point. Goldberg it’s a with my respect his maybe personal character, but he’s to old to understand who will be the Golden road for world. He’s pathetic O’Reilly ass kisser any way’s. Only he’s good on the sport, he’s far away from political reality! Pretty close to our Jews friends Charles and Eric.

      • Marian

        I can teach you Slavic

    • F M

      “Don’t under estimate ever man if you don’t know his capacity, because their can by made and lift by peoples who trust him!”

      Yeah, now THAT’s what I mean!


  • wally12

    Great article Bernie. You did a good job this time. I realize that this is a charged thing to say but we all need to say it. Health care like many other things in life is not a right that is granted by the constitution. It is a new meaning that has been proclaimed by the left. In other words it is another redistribution policy that the left wants to dump on the tax payer. The problem is that Obama has successfully prevented the US from climbing out of this recession and has provided handouts to millions of people in order to getting more people under governmental control. Thus it becomes easier for him to expand democratic power and dependency. I sure hope his plan fails. If not, this country is doomed. We will become the Greece of the Americas. When I was a child, I remember having to deliver eggs to the dentist to pay for the work done on my teeth. We didn’t have any health or dental insurance. Yet, I survived. My survival depended on my ability to find a job and to obtain an education. That same determination to succeed can do the same for anyone who has the will to pursue it. A large portion of the US ie 47% receive some governmental handout. That means that 53% of the working and retirement class are paying the tab. It is one thing to assist people when there is a recession but that is designed to be a short term fix. If not, the country will fail.

  • gerry T t

    The inept president would have never been elected without the overwhelming slobbering support of the Fascist mainstream media. These whores do not have a clue, or do they, of how the punks in the WH are leading us down the path of serfdom.

  • Scott

    Bernie, how dare you disparage funeral home directors and used car salesman by comparing them to the MSM!

    • catholicvoter

      HAHAHA! Good one!

    • D Parri

      I agree, they deserve better than that!

  • EddieD_Boston

    Anyone else notice the hand full of liberals who post here every week are absent on this week’s column? It’s says a ton about how much of a debacle this is for the left. President know-it-all has no cloths and even Wil and LegalEagle get it now.

    • Vivian

      Excellent Point!!!

    • D Parri

      I have, but probably owing to that comment they probably feel a need to save face and inject the usual disparagement that they are known for. It appears that Wil has already awakened.

    • catholicvoter

      Hadn’t noticed, but I’m glad you pointed it out. You are more optimistic than I am. I am guessing they are sick with one of the many bugs going around this time of year. I can’t help but think, at least in the case of LegalEagle, he is not going to learn until his door is kicked in by the Feds, his house searched, and he is arrested for saying something minor against the regime.

  • Wil

    Fox reality:

    Asking questions as Judge Andrew Napolitano did in a recent broadcast on his now cancelled daily show may very well be the reason behind his recent dismissal from Fox. Though specific details are hard to come by because the Judge has yet to give any interviews on the matter, it’s believed that his refusal to bow to commonly manufactured media narratives is among one of several key reasons he his no longer with the network.

    The following 5-Minute Speech that Got Napolitano Fired from Fox News is one that should not only be forwarded and shared with every single man, woman and child in this country, but taught and expounded upon in every social studies, civics and government class from first grade through college.

    • D Parri

      Sorry, Wil, I think you’ve got the wrong forum that you responded to. This one is not concerning Judge N, it is regarding Pres O. Your comment would be better served with a different topic at hand.

  • Hammockbear

    Since the start of Obama’s administration, the liberal media have clearly become mesmerized and in that process, have destroyed trust in their reporting. The media is to report the News as Fact, Not Spin it. Clearly Chris Matthews is a media Whatever, but not even close to the reporting of FOX. When liberals begin to think for themselves and start watching many news sources, they will see the truth that they have been duped by sheer laziness on their part and will be sickened to see the facts for what they are, Facts. I will read your book.

    • D Parri

      It will be interesting to see what they report next year when the media employees begin losing their health insurance policies and when the media corporations begin paying double or triple what they are paying now for employee healthcare costs.

      Stay tuned!

      • Hammockbear

        Frankly D Parri, I do not give a darn. That is Fact, Jack.

        • D Parri

          HB, personally I couldn’t give a fat rat’s a** except for the fact that I want to see the same people who are choosing to sweep the whole issue aside simply because it “only affects five million people”–I want to hear their pleas, moans, and groans as the law finally hits their own pockets.

          It is worse than ignorance to downplay the distress of others while emphasizing your own plight for coming under the identical legal measures. That is what I am curious to see.

          • Hammockbear

            Absolutely. Worse than ignorance. When the law hits those five million people’s pockets, it will set off a chain reaction of Reality.

      • catholicvoter

        Obama will find a way to get them out of following the law. Either that, or we will somehow find ourselves subsidizing them, just as we are subsidizing the clowns in DC. The MSM have been on his side all along and he will reward them.

        • D Parri

          I agree, if there is any way that he can buy their votes with another temporary delay, he will. However, the law will not work if the risk pool is not at least minimally populated. He will only be able to (illegally) make that delay only temporary.

    • Vivian

      The trouble with the MSM is the fact that when reporting about Barry is: Hear No Evil…See No Evil…Speak No Evil…The MSM does not want to know the truth and worst they DO NOT want The American people to know the truth…

      • Hammockbear

        totally Pitiful and Nothing LESS. no respect.

  • sinz54

    About a year or so ago, liberal columnist E. J. Dionne let the cat out of the bag as to why so many of his colleagues in the media kept protecting Obama.

    It’s not just because they’re liberal too. Rather, Dionne wrote that he feared that if The First Black President ™ ended up a failure, it would be a disaster for race relations in America. And hence we all had to pitch in and ensure that Obama succeeded.

    IOW, to put to crudely, Dionne and his colleagues believed that Obama was Too Black To Fail.

    • catholicvoter

      Well, that figures. That’s just like the thinking of people like E.J. Dionne. Race relations aren’t going so well under our first black president, are they now? I know! He’s not black enough! Yes, that must be the problem. Next time we will have to vote in someone who is completely black, rather than simply biracial. LOL.

  • JMax

    So what does this have anything to do with the President?

    • PolkaDot


      • JMax

        Really? Manifested how, exactly? Observed how, exactly?

        • PolkaDot

          Can’t help a person who’s eyes are closed and who refuses to open them. Have a great day.

          • JMax

            Yep, that’s what I figured. You certainly lived up to expectations.

          • PolkaDot

            Try to be coherent in your next response (you certainly have potential). And enjoy this discussion of… well, lollipops, if you, just like Sen. Davis, do not want to say word “abortion”.


            PS: You can enjoy the last word, too.

  • TMyers

    Well said Mr. Goldberg. Thank you.

  • Sam

    It has been form over function all along. That seems to be what people want these days. Substance has taken a backseat to glitz. Too bad reality has to rear it ugly head and spoil the party.

  • D Parri

    Bernie, I believe that it appears as if history is being written a certain way regarding the Obama administration and presidency. I have a strong suspicion that history will be re-written for these days and time, and the authors will be from the generations that bear the biggest burden of national debt that has ever been drawn by a single president.

    In that re-write, the questions will be posed by scholars who feel compelled to provide answers which may place our current events into some kind of contextual logic. Place no doubt upon it, the readers will want to know, “Where was the mainstream media while Obama was gluttonously spending money that our nation did not have to spend?”

    Perhaps the folks who end up paying our current tab will ask, “Why did Obama keep pushing a program that added more to our national chaos, destroyed the existing health insurance industry, and added unbelievable increases to our national debt–all of this and nothing to show for it now?”

    Yes, Bernie, I believe that history will need to be re-written by some who are not subject to Obama’s hypnotic spell and have not had a ‘slobbering love affair’ with our current president.

    • kayakbob

      Unless of course that history is written by liberal academics, in which case the history will be written in one of two ways:

      1. They will completely ignore his time in office, much like they did with J.Carter. or..
      2. They will characterize his $8 trillion dollar debt over 5 years as the logical and courageous response to Bush’s $5 trillion dollars of debt over 8 years. Sort of like they do now.

      For me,our goal should be to make changes such that their only recourse is #1.

      (And yes, I am old enough to remember the J.Carter years. I was in college and remember reading ‘serious’ editorials wondering if the job of President was just too much for a-n-y one man. And more editorials wondering if…get this..7% unemployment should be considered “full employment” because, gosh darnit, Presidential policies don’t really matter. Then Reagan came along and blew both theories all to hell. Ooops.)

      • Brian Fr Langley

        Your forgetting the Clinton re-write. He was a liar, a cheater, a perjurer, and if you believe having an intern perform sex acts is an abuse of the power differential, he was also a sexual abuser. And according to well documented recent books, a rapist. (Anne Coulter) Had he been a Republican Principal of a high school, he would have been jailed for life. Yet the mainstream media still slobbers over him and his time.

        • D Parri

          Yes, but they are not paying off his tab at the bar. I’m afraid the ‘tab’ of our national debt will have to be paid someday, and the folks that catch that burden square in the eye will not be as inured of the ‘President that doubled our national debt’ as they are of ‘Uncle Bill’.

      • D Parri

        For the record, KYB, I too voted for Mr. Carter, mainly because I thought he was a nice guy and also because I was new to the process and chose to become a Democrat because my parents and most everybody else around me were Democrats. I even voted for Carter in his re-election–against Reagan.

        I learned some things in the days and years to come, and I began to think that some presidents were successes and some were failures simply because of their personas. Eventually I began to realize that it was much more complex than that when it came to the political challenges of running a nation–especially one like the U.S. Actually, there are no others like the U.S., so it takes many characteristics that are uncompromisable including vision, integrity, strength, compassion, and a genuine desire to serve rather than be served.

        So, there’s my nickel…it used to be ‘two cents’ but because of inflation…or is that “Stagflation”?

        • kayakbob

          At the time I saw J. Carter as a decent man that was not up to the issues and/or tasks a President must inevitably face. And that was the extent of my “disapproval” of him.

          Ironically, last night the movie “Miracle”, about the 1980 Olympic hockey team, was on TV. In one scene Coach (Brooks) is in his car listening to a replay of the infamous “malaize” speech that Carter gave in response to all the problems he was up against that year. As I listened to Carter speak, I thought, “OMG, Obama could have given that same speech last Friday.” (Oddly, I don’t think Carter actually used that term in his speech, so I never understood where the label came from.)

          • D Parri

            Hey, another impetus that Carter promoted was something of the nature of ‘making it possible for everyone in America to become a homeowner’, a worthy endeavor, indeed. As the housing industry cyclically swelled and contracted, the market forces usually were able to regulate the demand and supply so that there was no ‘irregularity’ in the markets. That worked out just fine.

            However, I feel that the unnatural provision of financing made available as a result of the government home loan programs put in place during Carter’s tenure eventually caused an eccentricity that became known as ‘the housing bubble’. Very few people I have heard link the housing bubble to Carter’s initiatives, but I feel that there is a direct link and the forty years since Carter’s reign have hidden this causal effect.

            So, maybe there’s a cycle of events that we should learn to recognize and be ready for it in another forty years. Or perhaps it is simply my own eccentricities speaking.

          • kayakbob

            Hmm. Interesting. I personally attribute a good deal of 2008 financial meltdown to so-called “Banking Reforms” (ha!) that took place in 1997 & 98. That was the run up to the dot-com bubble, but money flowed from stock market surges. So a brilliant (sarcasm) BI-PARTISAN idea was put forth, in effect, “Gee wiz. We don’t need to maintain all those (silly) depression era banking laws that keep mortgage banking separate from investment houses. That’s just old school.” “We need to get more people into a home.. mortgage! That’s the American dream.” That was 1998…your good friends Bill Clinton, Robert Rubin AND a Republican congress (both Senate and House). So everybody was in on it.

            The Fed talked about making sure checks and balances were firmly in place in the event of a “financial crisis”. Instead of preventing over leveraging, it institutionalized it.

            I believe it led to far too many people getting mortgages they had no business getting, and lenders making absolutely sure they could do it too. Do you remember Mortgage Banking officials being hauled in front of Congress to address accusations of “red-lining” (ie. denying mortgage applications)? Do you remember that? I do.

            The result was people using their home as an ATM. I know people that (literally) financed vacations based on the “future value” of their home. Oh well.

            Very few legislative bombs happen so fast we can easily point to the ’cause’ (ok, except for Obamacare). In the case of housing bubble, it took 10 years to reach critical mass. Ooops.

          • D Parri

            Yes, precisely. What happened as an innocent stroll downtown to the ice cream parlor (Carter’s initiative, 70’s) ended up to be a Casino Royale without the flavor (Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, FHA, hedge funds, foreign bank funds…).

            To say that the desire to help everyone be able to purchase a home is a noble idea is fine, but it ain’t realistic. All it took was time, greed, politics, manipulation, and a whole lot of investment in order to make it the most corrupt house in government. We are still paying for those mistakes, and we will continue to pay for years to come.

            Critical mass in 10? Yeah, I’d say that sounds about right, but the groundwork was laid long before it started heating up.

            The redlining? What I remember is the bundling of mortgages and the package sold as a single investment to various funds. The redlining allowed investment analysts and brokers to ‘cherry-pick’ the least risky–or the ones that fit certain risk profiles–individual mortgages within the group and filter out the high-risk category mortgages. What that did was it left the Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae lenders holding the ‘worst of the worst’ so that when the sky fell, the earth was saved only by the backing of the Fed Reserve and the Treasury Dept.

            Mortgage equities were swept out to sea and innumerable individual homeowners and investors were left underwater. Can you say “Chapter 11”?

            That was not a pretty picture, and I fear that something similar is coming down the pike with this Obamacare disaster.

          • kayakbob

            No argument from me on Freddie, Fannie (and who names their kid “fannie”? I mean, really…). And I absolutely agree with your bundling comments.

            As for Obamacare, I am not sure it will track the same way. I say that only because the first 6 weeks of “contact”, if you will, with the law was so visually and substantively bad the cause and effect is more obvious than your garden variety legislative turkey.

            You would think that such “smart” (rolling eyes here) people would have looked back to the last sweeping legislative healthcare attempt. The Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988. That was Reagan AND a very Democrat controlled Congress. About the only thing missing from today was a damn website. It went south in a hurry and everybody in Washington at the time was more than happy to euthanize that piece of legislation because everybody had their fingerprints on it.

            I also am somewhat..err…relieved (?) for lack of better term today after seeing a poll that said – for the first time ever, a majority of voters (58%) say healthcare is not the business of the federal govt.

            Then again, I saw a poll in 1994 where 33% of movie goers thought Forrest Gump was a biography. Oh well.

          • kayakbob

            I should clarify one thing: My comment about “the last sweeping legislation” referred to one that has actually passed into law. I am not forgetting Hillarycare. I was against that too. So does that mean I hate women? I guess so. Busted.

          • D Parri

            That’s funny.

            In terms of the progression of events regarding Obamacare vs. the timeline for the Freddie/Fannie Fiasco flamencos, I agree with your comment on how quickly the latest turkey dinners will play out and be consumed into the gullet of history–and beyond.

            Regarding Obamacare…
            There should be a resonance of severe indigestion at an ever-increasing pace as this law follows its proscribed alimentary canal, owing to its status of being the “law of the land”. It should be expected that numerous diverticula will be encountered along the way, and these herniations will become severely inflamed issues. Termination of the law should occur within a relatively short span, although the effects upon its host is expected to be more long-lasting.

            But then…I’m not a doctor.

          • kayakbob

            …but you play one (doctor) on TV, right? :-)

          • D Parri

            Bingo! And you remember the saying, right?

            “I Think, therefore, I Am”

    • Vivian

      Just logged in…another great piece. The poor authors, “from the generations that bear the biggest burden of national debt that has ever been drawn by a single president”, will not be able to afford a pencil or paper…and a desk to re-write anything…

      • D Parri

        Yes, this is the true travesty of the Obama legacy. In order to take a peek into the future I’m afraid all we need to do is take a look at the past.

        Unchecked government spending always leads to economic turmoil, business failures, bankruptcies, recession, and then economic depression. The final outcome, economic depression, is a horrible picture at any time. I pray that this will not be our ‘peek into the future’.

    • msami1026

      Sure hope we don’t get to that point. If we do, the most frequently asked question is, “why did they (us) let him keep doing it? There’s such a thing call Impeachment. They did it to Mr. Clinton & his winkie, but not this monster in chief. That’s my biggest concern NOW, why are we letting him kill this great country? The world is seeing him as a weak, easily fooled ‘fool’, Israel concerned, China could come from the west (hope they get those idiot movie stars that supported b.o, then jihadists from every which way, incl. here in the country. whew, this ideologue is going to get us all killed. Other countries have dreamed of having this scenario, a weak potus, a financially broken USA & w/o $ to support our armed forces. Phew, unsettling to say the least.

      • D Parri

        Unsettling, to be sure. I absolutely agree with the question to be raised, “Why did they let them do this?” However, if we raise our collective voice in protest, if we demonstrate our will at the voting booth, and if we do not simply ignore the issue, then hopefully it will go on record that someone–us–tried to put a stop to these actions of Obama.

        I don’t think it could ever be a part of the history books yet to be written that conservatives, Republicans, and the opponents of Obamacare went peacefully down that dark hole of economic chaos.

  • Rustyrambler

    Amen, Bernie. Self-preservation’s the first law of man! But, the PotUS and acolytes, et al, are not interested in “keeping it real”. On the contrary, Oprah said the other day, [paraphrasing], Pres. Obama’s “being disrespected because of his race”; i.e., he’s not duplicitous or deceitful, just misunderstood & unfairly criticized. Oprah, please. The end ‘s in sight for the longest honeymoon in American political history. Dr. Ben Carson said as well, he & his defenders need to be forced to wake-up and face reality. Good Lord willin’,and the Potomac don’t rise!!

  • PolkaDot

    “We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”
    Ayn Rand

  • worker1950

    Nice article Mr. Goldberg. But don’t under estimate the ability of the Dems and the MSM to somehow blame this unmitigated disaster on Bush or the Tea Party.

  • TheOriginalDonald

    Too late isn’t it, Bernard??????????

  • JRawl

    After reading most all of the comments, I noticed the lack of the usual libertards’ defense of the arrogant Narcissist-in-Chief. Where are all you liberals now? Have you finally wised up to this charlatan? Nah…just don’t have the balls to take the heat.

    • D Parri

      JR, I want to vent my feelings also, but they can’t be proud of this can they? I hope not.

      I did not like some of the comments that the Obama supporters have made here in this forum, but hey…that’s politics, as they say.

  • independance41

    Hi, I’d like to get a opinion on this.

    I’m reminded of a movie “An American President” starring Michael Douglas and a bunch of other liberals, scripted as good Americans trying to do
    right for the Country. In the movie if you did not see it the Douglas character
    (President) spoke a line of dialog & I might be paraphrasing here, “Being
    President is all about personality”. This line bears remembering. I am always
    reminded of this seeing the role of todays President play out live.

    The Oscar’s really a need a new category to liven up the boredom.

    “Best supporting role as Socialist President, or otherwise… and the winner
    Is!!” _________________!

    Truth be told, while Barack Husain Obama retains a personality his doggy-do
    will never stick or stink. Ragan was the Teflon President, today he’s only that
    runner up.

    According to right wing thinking there have been more than a couple Presidents too Progressive by half. But that’s History…

    • joepotato

      If you want history; in the short term, the JFK murder was a coup d’etat that was completely covered up by all the actors that were in on the kill… The corruption of the USA did not start there… it started way before… However the JFK murder gave confidence to the actors that engineered the assassination, and to this day, others with the ability to deceive have been in control behind a cloak of of stealth… AND the agenda to take down the USA (as a republic) is on course….

      • msami1026

        Joe McCarthy is surely rolling over & over in his grave!

  • JBubs

    JMax, I am afraid you may be mixing apples and oranges. Narcissism is a character trait within a person’s personality structure. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a debilitating disorder requiring a diagnosis by a licensed psychologist. No evidence exists that I know of to indicate that Obama has a diagnosis, but substantial evidence exists that he is at least extremely confident if not narcissistic. However additional evidence tells me is that Obama is best described as a “Black Liberation Theology Neo-Marxist” (although “Neo-Marxist” is redundant). Black Liberation Theology is a corruption of orthodox Christianity and is not a legitimate Christian denomination. But to its adherents (and this is important) it is still a religion to be practiced. Now consider that from Obama’s perspective, his meteoric political assent was magical, almost prophetic. Even his re-election would seem (to him) preordained. Thus Obama’s narcissistic trait coupled with his religious belief-system would make it plausible for him to believe he is spiritually justified in using any means including lying and deception in order to use his “political mandate” (as he calls it) to redistribute wealth in order to provide “social justice” to the “oppressed” along quasi-racial, or ethnic, or gender lines. To me, everything he has done as president seems to fit this framework. And history tells me that Marxists always follow these 3 rules: “You must break eggs to make an omelet”, “The end justifies the means”, and “Shut up and get in the cattle car”.

    • JMax

      So seven years in the Illinois Senate and four years in the US Senate to POTUS is “meteoric” but six years as a governor to Potus is meh? Nobody heard of Barack Obama before the 2004 Democratic convention. What made his election to POTUS “prophetic”? Pre-ordained (to him) election? What nonsense? Have you ever read anything from any source close to him that would support that absurd assertion?

      Evidence exists that Obama is extremely confident? Oh my!

      Just because one or two critics write that the Black Liberation Theology is “channeling Marx, doesn’t make it so. Seems to me you can be for helping the oppressed without being a Marxist. I haven’t read anywhere that Wright or his church ever called itself or Black Liberation Theology a denomination so whether or you think it is or not is moot. I have no problem (and this is important) with people adhering to a Black Liberation Theology. Why do you.

      I go to a church that is anti-choice and anti-gay marriage. I attend regularly, but doing so does not make ME anti-choice or anti-gay marriage. It would not surprise me that an activist community organizer would attend one of the largest black churches in his region without adhering to or promoting Black Liberation Theology. But if he did, so what?

      “Thus Obama’s narcissistic trait coupled with his religious belief-system would make it plausible for him to believe he is spiritually justified in using any means including lying and deception in order to use his “political mandate” (as he calls it) to redistribute wealth in order to provide “social justice” to the “oppressed” along quasi-racial, or ethnic, or gender lines.”

      What a bunch of mumbo jumbo! And completely ignoring the fact that his “social justice” policies are more along economic lines than those you mention.

      “Plausible”? I’m sure FEMA death camps seem plausible to you.

      • PolkaDot

        Is your church anti-choice on education? Carrying guns for self-defense? Choosing health insurance yourself, without mandate from Washington bureaucrats that your choice is somehow wrong (“suboptimal”)?

        • JMax

          I’m not aware of anyone who is “pro-abortion”. Certainly not me. So let’s not trot out your typical straw man BS.

          • PolkaDot

            Just for clarity, would you please give me a couple of examples of you being pro-choice and your church being anti-choice. And you do not know me, so you cannot know what’s typical of me and what’s not.

          • JMax


            I don’t know you, but I know that anyone claiming that someone is “pro-abortion” is using a straw man fallacy. Nobody is pro-abortion. I’m assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that you commonly use the term “pro-abortion” since I doubt here is the first time. So if the shoe fits, wear it.

          • PolkaDot

            Nobody is pro-abortion? Not even Sen. Wendy Davis? And, once again, what are you pro-choice on?

          • JMax

            Not even Wendy Davis.

        • JBubs

          Not sure if you are addressing me, PolkaDot, but you are right. Classic Liberalism is actually today’s Conservatism, which makes today’s Liberal Progressivism a lie. It is actually “Regressivism” because it attempts to reinstate a statist political method (Marxism) that has historically failed. Lying therefore is an essential tactic of every Marxist –as in Obama’s “You can keep your health insurance plan” ruse. But to Obama lying is no big deal (he calls it his “failed promise”) because for all Marxists “The end always justifies the means”. Since history shows that Marxism has had staying power only in Statist, dictatorial regimes, all such regimes lied by default in order to maintain power. I notice that Obama, Pelosi, Reid, etc. (and all of the Marxists talking heads on the MSM) can lie without blinking, and when they are exposed they always resort to more lying (like Obama is doing with his “fix”) or to name calling, character smearing, and bullying, the daily tactics of the MSM. As for public education I believe each State should run it’s own, not the Feds. For gun laws I think current gun regulation is enough except that anyone ever prescribed psychotropic medications or anti-depressants should be disqualified from gun ownership and gun possession. As for medical insurance (which is not “health care”, another Marxist lie) medical insurance should be fully private and should be used as all insurance was designed, to cover only less likely (and by default more expensive) medical events, just like home owner’s insurance. All routine medical procedures should be paid out of pocket, which would drive all fees down to where almost everyone would be able to pay them just as almost everyone can now pay for food, cell phone, internet bills, etc. As for pro-abortion arguments (framed by the Regressives as “pro-CHOICE”, another Marxist lie), all pro-abortion arguments are logically flawed and morally bankrupt.

          • PolkaDot

            No, it was meant for.@jmax. Thank you for your helpful answer, though. While I agree with many of your points, I do not think history of (or and current use) of psychotropic medications can be used as a sole criterion to prohibit purchase of firearms. There are many people that he would consider “normal” (if such a thing exists) that are taking psychotropic medications, most common antidepressants. Examples would include: a. person with public speech anxiety; a widow, who is grieving her husband, killed as a result of violent intrusion into the house; premature ejaculation (yes, Prozac is fairly commonly used off-label for that purpose). These cases might require more scrutiny, including statements from the doctors that have prescribed medications (although I understand that it opens Pandora’s box called judiciary system, including unwillingness of the physician to be exposed to possible litigation).

      • JBubs

        JMax, to your first paragraph, yes it was meteoric, for the fact is Obama was one of the youngest, least experienced candidates ever to be elected president. (BTW, where is your sources “close to him” to support Narcissistic Personality Disorder?) To your second paragraph would you feel better if I said “arrogant” instead of “confident”? I would! He is arrogant! To the third, it is far more than “one or two critics”, but even if it was only one, truth is that Liberation Theology is not “channeling Marx”, it is Marxism with a Christian mask. Black Liberation Theology is Liberation Theology plus racism. Jeremiah Wright is a follower of James Cone one of the founders of BLT in the 60’s, and Wright like all Marxists will call themselves everything but Marxists and racists, for obvious reasons. (Notice that it’s their opponents, orthodox Christians and Conservatives, that they continually call racists.) Surely you noticed that it was only after Wright’s anti-American and racially charged sermons came to light that Obama distanced himself from him after lauding him just weeks before? And in your fourth paragraph I can’t help but notice that you are describing exactly what hypocrites do, which is what Obama is. (See previous sentence.) As a church going Christian, JMax you know that simply attending church cannot “make” you do or believe anything. Unless you (like Obama) “slept” during basic Christian Doctrine sermons, you know that to follow Christ is to obey His Word, but you can do that (or not) only by an act of your own free will. As for your “mumbo-jumbo” paragraph, thank you for supporting my argument for it is precisely through “economic lines” that Marxists manifest their agenda, which has been labeled innocuously (by them) as “social justice”, a term that truly is absurd mumbo-jumbo. (Justice, you see, can be doled out only individually.) And when Obama routinely calls on various “oppressed” groups using phrases like the “war on women”, “same sex marriage”, “amnesty reform” etc. etc., he is fomenting a victim-hood mentality in them to be used by him as a strategy to harness political power. And I can’t help but notice these groups fall along “quasi-racial, ethnic, or gender lines.” But then fomenting victim-hood is exactly what a community agitator (I mean organizer) does, isn’t it?

    • msami1026

      being a sociopath doesn’t require a Psychiatrist. Go to a dictionary & look it up. Psycho/sociopaths don’t know right from wrong, nor have a conscience. They do exactly what they want regardless of the outcome e.g. killing a person, harming a person w/o consequence to that person. There are other symptoms, go read them yourself. Ask Dr. Krauthammer of Dr. Keith Ablow, they might give you more of an incite to this personality disorder. It’s only a disability because they can’t learn or care about being a decent human being. They do the disabling, e.g. killing someone.

      • msami1026

        you can add lawless to that also. Sound close to being right?

  • Patrick Brown

    But the damage has been done, Bernie! And the media are complicit in this criminal’s behavior.

    • worker1950

      Agree. And they are still being duplicitous by not explaining to folks that unless you qualify for a subsidy there is no need to get health insurance on the ACA exchange. In most states you can still purchase private health insurance plans directly from the insurance companies.
      The plans still must meet the ACA mandates but you aren’t in the risk
      pool w/ Medicaid and the high-risk folks in the exchanges. Even if the cost is the same you can avoid going on the website or giving your private information to Obama’s navigators.

      • msami1026

        … and just where does this subsidy come from, well from your almost emptied (by aca) checkbook. Anyone questioning whimpy, whimpy reid why ppl. would like to pay a little more?Answer, to pay for the subsides. Too cerebrall for most of the leties, except for the shrewdies causing this awful mess. Get a plane, board potus, jarret, holder , sebsilliness, reid, schizo nancy, shameless shummer, better grab deblasio before he starts his socialist tactics, and the 200 or so czars et al take them to cuba, Venezuela or Russia, or china, (they all love) Mao, where they can waddle in as much socialism as they deserve! ugh to the whole stinkln’ bunch.Yo, Spkr. Boneher help your cohorts in congress stop this ‘Fall of the American Empire’ before it’s too late.

  • MarioG

    The lack of integrity in the MSM is truly sickening and an abuse of the democratic process which relies on an honest media. The result is the trillions in national debt and the millions of broken lives as the economy gets strangled by socialist-style statism.

  • chief98110

    The point here is how much power media has on the population and how most people fail to use their own brains.

    • msami1026

      proof?… they voted for him! enuf’ proof they are the gimme’ ppl, born w/o a brain cell to call their own!

  • Vivian

    Dear Mr. Goldberg,
    Sensational piece. I was glued to every word. You thought of everything.
    Personally, I went into shock when Barry said; “I am not perfect”…I am not a perfect president… I am wondering if poor Chis Matthews still has that thrill up and down his leg. The biggest phonies now are the democrats that want to save their jobs not save Americans from medical insurance woes. The most deceitful are the MSM for NOT doing their job as journalists. Instead, they choose to wet their pants and place their integrity in the trash jeopardizing the American people.
    Well, this is the first time in my life that I can truly be happy to speak to a used car salesperson and undertaker rather then a congressional member. Who knew…
    Thank you.

  • D Parri

    Ya’ know, Bernie, it was inevitable that all media types would fall under the spell of Obamacare eventually. Obama had actually planned on that happening later, but the firestorm has already ignited and there is no turning back at this point.

    Just tell me what you think will be the headlines a year from now when ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, etc., all of their employees start losing their health insurance policies? Why do you think that he wanted to wait a year on that? Could there be a slight issue of a mid-term election that might be in jeopardy for so many Democrats up for re-election?

    Reality, yes. It is a close neighbor to inevitability.

    • Vivian

      You are the best!!!

      • D Parri

        Thanks, Viv.

        The employer mandate delay was easy to achieve, though it is questionable as to whether it was legal. I believe that there is the small issue of our Constitution and the powers divided among the separate branches, and the power to pass and amend laws is set forth as the primary function of Congress–not the president.

        However, as I pondered that move by Obama it begged the question, “Why”? The earlier implementation would surely bring in substantially more much-needed revenues. We now know that the website is a disaster, but that wasn’t known to be a train wreck before Oct. 1, or was it?

        So, the only answer appears to be a political action to try to shield democrats who are up for re-election by delaying the implementation of the mandate for the MSM. It has nothing to do with ‘helping’ the employers…no more than the recent change in the “law of the land” made by Obama to allow individuals a chance to ‘keep’ their policies–the ones that have been canceled–for one more year. That is, if everyone else involved in the pipeline will reverse directions in under thirty days, and then come back to this same point in time only one year from now.

        How’s that for leadership?

        • kayakbob

          I too wondered about the employer mandate delay – why would the President delay the bulk of the revenue stream n-e-c-e-s-s-a-r-y to fund his signature legislation? The most likely reason was to delay the start of the mass cancellation phase. Picture this:

          An MS Project Gant chart somewhere in the WH with timelines: Cancellation Phase starts here….Pushback starts here…Media mocks pushback starting here….Blaming “big Insurance” starts here..”It’s Miller Time!” here.

          As for the Presidents latest twist, it is actually the perfect political pronouncement. It provides the maximum political cover with minimum actual impact on said cancelled policies.

          We used to see things like this in the business world from people that really didn’t want to face a difficult issue. So they sent out e-mail at 6:30pm for a 7:30am conference call. When you missed the call, they could (incredulously) say, “Hey. I sent out the notification. Not my problem.”. (Smart phone proliferation has thrown a wrench into those kinds of weasel actions now.)

          Fortunately, they are adding a new item to the Gant Chart: Panic starts here….

          • D Parri

            KYB, you and I must have a copy of that same Gant chart that we’ve been looking at. The information contained on that chart actually provides some logic to the president’s actions.

            An interesting choice of words that you used here…”weasel”, “twist”…. It appears to me that it would indicate some kind of a slithering, manipulating body movement. You don’t suppose that we are watching a true political ‘snake’ at work here? Kind of scary to think of encountering it in the dark.

            There goes the need for using the term “transparency” anymore during this president’s administration.

  • Cecilio Mendez

    Ding, ding, ding, ding…! I just hope that is the sound COMMON SENSE makes when entering all the MSM outlets today.

  • rbblum

    Reality matters? Not in the minds of progressives, socialists, radical Islamists, Marxists, or communists. Never. Especially if they are in the position of power.

  • Dennis

    It has been obvious to anyone with brain activity that this president had no business being elected in the first place. But, I must be the one with the problem since I have never personally ‘liked’ any politician. Some of them may be okay and might be someone I could call a friend of I ever go to know him or her but, I cannot ‘like’ anyone I don’t personally know.

    Because of my emotional detachment from all politicians, I am left with the sad choice of making decisions about them based on my head and not my heart. I was left with looking at the record of Barack Obama, what there was of it, and could not find a single reason to vote for him except liberal racism. Let’s face it Barack Obama is Dennis Kucinich with more smarmy charm but not as experienced or as smart. Yes, I know, the kool aid junkies will tell you he is the most intelligent person ever born but, it’s not true. The One doesn’t have the sense to open an umbrella in the rain.

    Now we are seeing the implosion of the worst piece of legislation since the Volstead Act ( that is Prohibition to all of you libs who may be reading this) which will make the Chicago Con Man the worst, most failed president since the 1850’s. He will have failed at everything he has done except convincing Valerie Jarrett, after six months, to give him back his balls long enough to find the back bone to risk the personal political hit he might take to kill Osama Bin Laden. Quite a record.

  • Nicholas344

    Obama is getting away with it. Everything is going according to plan. ObamaCae is designed to fail opening the door to single payer socialism. Now the real battle begins. Will Republicans allow it?

    • TheOriginalDonald

      Of course! And the best thing is……BERNARD GOLDBERG WILL SUPPORT IT!

    • kayakbob

      Yes Nicholas. I agree. I could never prove it but my sense 3 years ago was Obamacare is the rest stop on the highway to single payer. But…I think there were several mis-calculations:

      1. They didn’t see the website being such a cluster**** from jump. (Who would?)
      2. They didn’t foresee the cancellations coming so early, and not as a tsunami. I figured the cancellations would start slowly allowing the media to deflect the news for another full year. I thought by the time the cancellations really began to hit in large numbers (around year 3?) the concept would be entrenched enough for Democrats to say, “ok, we tried it your way – the “free market”, but it doesn’t work. So now we MUST go to single payer. It’s the only solution. Sure glad we had the foresight to create these exchanges, huh!!?”

      I mean, it is the perfect excuse. Perpetuating the class warfare BS by blaming “big insurance”; crater the private insurance market; and achieve their ultimate goal at the same time.

      But the website cluster, coupled with the volume of cancellations this early in the process have put a serious dent in the very idea that government CAN run 1/7th of the entire economy. (something most of us knew already. Granted)

      Ironically, today I am far less concerned we will go to single payer than I was just 7-8 weeks ago.

  • Dan Dean

    The media helped perpetuate the story line that resistance – any disagreement whatsoever – with Obama’s policies and decisions, had to be rooted in racism. The media scribes simply couldn’t be seen disagreeing or questioning, lest they be seen as racist! And so, they were captive to the very lie they helped propagate.

    So, is it any wonder they remained silent for so long?

    • kayakbob

      …and I guess I hate women as well because I was against Hillarycare in 1993.

      I feel just awful about it too.

  • Martin Monti

    The mainstream media has been on an Obama bender and are just now waking up to see who is lying next to them.

    • wally12

      But will they chew off their arm so as not to awaken their first love affair?

    • joepotato

      The BSM is controlled by those (in the CFR) who hold no allegiance to the USA constitution… They are controlled by other interests that have a hate for our national sovereignty… The Bilderberg (scum) consortium comes to mind… and YES, they do exist…

  • bobjr4freedom

    WELL THERE STILL fighting for him Bernie and I was at WALMART.They have new magazine out on President Obama and defending his Obamacare.I know they love the man.I myself like him but his policies are troublesome and it has nothing to with race as some claim.Barack Obama is a politician and hes now
    in that Washington mold.He has to be criticized as well as praise.I serious think were all as a country is not thinking straight.As Bill O’Reilly would say we need to wisen up.Especially those in Washington.Thanks for listening.

  • CentralScruntinizer

    Bernie, I agree that there is much to skewer about Obamacare, but in setting the table for that portion of your column you really bank on the fact that you make your money preaching to a very low information choir. If you still want to pretend to be a journalist rather than a predictable center-Right partisan, you need to check you facts, many of which are laughably mis-depicted here:

    The IRS scandal did turn out to be a completely phony scandal when it emerged that the IRS deliberately targeted groups from both political extremes for extra scrutiny in their application for tax exempt status. In the final tally, there were every bit as many flagged applications with words like ‘Occupy’ in them as ‘Tea Party.’ Also, more far-left applications were ultimately rejected than far right. The initial outrage came due to the House Oversight Committee deliberately only probing the focus in Tea Party applications while carefully omitting the reality that the IRS had been even harder against the left. You seem to be banking on the fact that this more complete story did not receive any play in the partisan bubble from which you draw most of your readers.

    The $880 Billion Dollar stimulus got as much scrutiny as the Bush Triggered TARP, both of which were regrettably necessary and further enriched people who didn’t deserve it. As usual, you are VERY selective in your outrage here. Also very relevant are all the charts mapping economic indicators pre-stimulus as compared to the stimulus period. The nauseating death spiral of the economy eased markedly in both jobs and growth. Have you deliberately avoided looking at the non-partisan reviews of the impact of the stimulus or are you just conveniently omitting that large piece of objective reality? I know that opposition to the reality that Keynesian solutions are needed in times of crisis is key to membership in the Fox pundits club. However, unless you want to outwardly advocate for economic Darwinism of the most extreme form, the government has to be the spender of last resort to keep the bottom from falling out after consumer and business spending cease.

    Finally, the whole right wing trope holds that the media ignored Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers, but I recall 3 solid weeks of news cycles where Wright was often the top story. Ayers, who had much less influence than Wright, got plenty of press as well. Admittedly these are less measurable comparisons than the IRS scandal and the stimulus, but can you show us your outrage or that of the supposedly liberal press toward the decades long relationship between the Bush family and the Saudi Royal Family? Do you for one moment want to try to compare the influence that relationship had on policy and actions (like the private flight cleared by the administration to fly during the air cap on 9/12/01 to get the Saudis out of the US safely and ahead of any serious interrogation by intelligence agencies) to the influence of Ayers or Wright on Obama. Those two men have not had a single conversation with Obama in a decade or more. The Saudis talked to the administration on a constant basis. Does the lack of any coverage of that mean that there was an overlooked book opportunity on your part for a chronicle of the slobbering, lapdog love affair between the press and Bush 2000-Hurricane Katrina?

    For what its worth, my approval of Obama is tepid at best. He deserves plenty of anger from all sides for many things including NDAA, lack of Transparency, continuation of Cheney’s teflon Executive branch blueprint, the crappy cynical corporate wet kiss that is ACA and his kowtowing to Wall Street. But you can oppose the man without using wholly discredited crap that flies only in the right wing blogs to do it.

    Would it be too much to ask that going forward, you offer the mild disclaimer that you are a former CBS journalist but currently make your living cherry picking facts for maximum right wing outrage and the profit it brings?

    • Dennis

      Wow! You aren’t just a kool aid drinker, you bathe in it, swim in it and probably fill the bathtub and sleep in it.

      • CentralScruntinizer

        You are a real ace on the reading comprehension, huh? The paragraph where I list all the things I think Obama should be ripped and held accountable for really is the hallmark of a “kool-aid drinker” huh?

        Also kudos on your ability to counter any of the facts laid out above.

    • MarioG

      Talk about a KoolAid drinking, low information voter who is cherry picking every issue under the sun and twisting the record better than even the mental midgets at MSNBC.

      Here’s the bottom line, genius. 91.5 million Americans not working. 62.5 % labor force participation rate. $17 trillion national debt. 5 million Americans without health insurance and counting. A president who in untrustworthy to friend and foe alike – lying to the country whenever it suits him. What kind of person hides his college records?

      Obama is now a joke around the world for drawing phony red lines in Syria, then lying about it. “Leading from behind” in Libya. Leaving 4 Americans to die in Benghazi including an Ambassador, then lying about it. Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Negotiating a weakening of sanctions in Iran behind Israel’s back.

      What difference does it make that he hasn’t talked to Ayers and Wright recently? His mentors during his formative years include a communist, Frank Marshall Davis, two Palestinian terrorist sympathizers, Rashid Khalidi and Edward Said, two unrepentant domestic terrorists, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, at least one black racist professor, Derrick Bell, at least one Chicago thug, Tony Rezko, and TWO anti-American and anti-Semitic black liberation theologists, Michael Pfleger and Jeremiah Wright, not to mention being “selected” by Louis Farrakhan before being elected based on affirmative action thinking..

      • CentralScruntinizer

        Great work Mario – You’ve concisely compiled strands of every right wing blog conspiracy piece short of the WND angle that he’s gay and being blackmailed. Want time to go edit that in?

        Your master stroke was adding in the 17 trillion dollar debt and 5 million w/o health insurance. Maybe you’d like to go for broke and blame the dems for the 33 states that don’t yet sanction same sex marriage? You’re a credit to the GOP media bubble.

        • TheOriginalDonald

          If things keep on going, SocialistScruntinizer, Obama will be like Reagan in one aspect.

          The national debt will have doubled under his watch.

          • CentralScruntinizer

            Good work – I’m just a big old socialist…Except for my support of capitalism as the best economic system conceived thus far. I only wish the far right would stop trying to destroy the regulation and regulatory bodies (SEC, etc…) needed to protect capitalism from its biggest threat: Monopoly and plutocracy. Given that nothing happens and no one is elected at the Federal or State level – Republican or Dem – without the cash and approval of corporate lobbyists, I’m afraid we’re most of the way to plutocracy right now. If you want to define that concern as socialism, be my guest.

            As for Obama doubling the debt, could you point to the programs and policy initiated by Obama that has ballooned us to 17 trillion? Because by my scorecard, the largest drivers of the growth of the debt since 2000 are: 1) The Bush tax cuts of 2001 & 2003 – 2012 which were never offset. 2) The catastrophic loss of revenue from the economic collapse which saw the economy contract by 2.2 trillion in the fourth quarter of 2008 alone. 3) Two deficit financed wars, one being a war of choice which cost the taxpayer 4 trillion + and counting (I will absolutely stipulate that Obama has kept us in Afghanistan longer than we should be there.) and 4) Medicare Part D.

            You can default to the “yer blaming it on Bush!” defense, but the reality is that those are the pillars of our current debt. There’s plenty to blame on Obama, but the majority of the debt isn’t on his ledger – it’s just a simple fact that never penetrates the Right Wing blogosphere.

          • TheOriginalDonald

            $10 trillion is a LOT more debt, SocialstScrutinizer. And it WILL happen #CanYouSaySocialSecurity?

          • CentralScruntinizer

            That doesn’t answer my question. Can you point to the Obama programs that drove that 10 trillion? I listed the biggest components of that jump in debt in my post, and the majority of that spending was locked in by decisions and events prior to Obama’s inauguration. He’s made lots of mistakes, and has screwed up plenty, but the debt isn’t from his policies and actions.

          • PolkaDot

            I hope you understand regulation is LESS capitalism. I hope you also understand that tax revenue has INCREASED under Bush precisely because of tax cuts (just like it happened under Kennedy and Reagan). The Bush tax cuts for the rich did not cause the deficit. The share of GDP collected in taxes from the top 5 percent of earners rose under Bush. Tax cuts for the middle class DID, however, contribute to the deficit. The share of GDP paid by the bottom 95 percent dropped by 22 percent. For the record, not a fan of Bush family, and a firm believer that we should all thank W for Obama. Nevertheless, he contributed less to the national debt in 8 years than O in five.

          • D Parri

            Below is a table of the annual deficits recorded by the OMB for years 2001-2012. Notice that each year after the Bush administration that the operating deficits are either close to or exceeding Bush’s highest year of deficit spending–by nearly one trillion dollars annually. The explanation for the reduction in 2012 comes as a result of the sequester agreement reached as a budget/national debt increase compromise forcing the Obama administration to either roll back spending increases or face automatic budget cuts across the spectrum of operating outlays in order to achieve the agreed-upon goal of spending reductions.

            Call me a “right-wing whatever you want”, but the facts come from the OMB regarding the operating deficits. The government shutdown and budget compromise known as the Budget Control Act of 2011 is a publicly reported fact.

            Also, Medicare Part D has been one of the rare government programs that we’ve seen which is still actually coming in under budget. As you know, the term ‘under budget’ indicates that a program is consuming less budgetary resources than those set forth for the term. This is a good thing.














        • MarioG

          Get off it CentralPrevaricator. Nice try throwing in “sex marriage” – what the heck is that – to try and obfuscate the truth. Your bogus information from MSNBC and the Soros-funded propaganda sites FINALLY stands exposed. It took awhile, but Obama’s brazen lies started the collapse of his carefully crafted house of cards.

          You don’t even know what the national debt is ($17 trillion) or how many individual plans have been cancelled so far (5 million) – with no end in sight.

          Try and countering these UNDENIABLE facts, genius:

          Five years into the affirmative action experiment to elect a black-looking dunce as president, an experiment that has gone horribly awry, we have 91.5 million Americans not working. 62.5 % labor force participation rate. $17 trillion national debt. 5 million Americans without health insurance and counting. A president who in untrustworthy to friend and foe alike – lying to the country whenever it suits him.

          What kind of person hides his college records? What kind of person genuflects before King Abdullah, apologizes for our defense of freedom in front of Arab DICTATORS, gives guns to Mexican drug dealers, snoops on our own people, uses the IRS to attack his political enemies, draws phony red lines, leads from behind, leaves our own people exposed to die and lies before during and after all these incidents?

          To a refugee from socialism like I am none of Obama’s stunts are any surprise. This is how statists roll – they HAVE TO LIE to get the control that is their goal and Obama is a poster boy for a lying liberal statist politician from the Chicago school. If he and the DemocRATS had not lied Obamacare would have never passed.

          The good news, chump, is that it has all begun to unravel not that average people are actually seeing cancellation notices in black and white. You and your ilk can’t lie your way around that.

          • CentralScruntinizer

            MarioG – You’re adorable: just a bundle of rage, poor reading comprehension, and cut & pastes that seem to make it into every one of your posts. From the looks of it, you probably don’t exactly completely understand what you are pasting, but good on you for not letting that slow you down.

            I understand the debt perfectly, and would be happy to discuss what has been causing it but I don’t think it will mesh with the outrage trolling you’ve been reading on Breitbart. Also, I’m fascinated with a right winger suddenly being concerned with the number of uninsured in America. Care to discuss attempts from the right vs attempts from the left to remedy it? You probably don’t…

            You also get extra little Drudge Ranger points for your re-hashing great right-wing tropes like the IRS scandal (totally debunked) and Benghazi (tragedy, but do feel free to give any proven fact based argument of the dark deeds of the Administration related to the attack.)

            Out in the real world, Obamacare has plenty of flaws and the web site is a joke – But its an attempt to do something about a crisis that’s been ignored for decades, costs exponentially more than other industrialized countries yet has resulted in America having health care that is 37th in the world. The GOP’s answer? Let it rot.

            But keep on posting, MarioG, and keep living in the echo chamber of fake outrage where your opponents aren’t center left technocrats (almost as bought out by corporate money as the GOP,) but instead are anti-American Commie Kenyans. It’ll keep you just as rational, balanced and informed as you sound right here.

          • MarioG

            Central Prevaricator – as a propagandist who gets all your information from the left-wing bubble – MSNBC, Daily Kos, Media Matters and MoveOn – you understand bubkis about the real world. What has been causing the debt and everything else is the accelerated journey down the slippery slope of Obamanomics, a.k.a Socialist-style statism. The problem is not commie Kenyans but commie-style Chicago thugs.

            The ranking of 37th in the world is a bogus statistic, as you would surely know if you knew anything about the rest of the world, which you obviously do not.

            The problems with US health care cannot be fixed by a bunch of statist lunatics led by a divisive, dishonest, duplicitous dunce like Obama, whose goal is a single-payer system. Russia, India, China, Europe and every socialist country have shown that statism doesn’t work. Far smarter people than Obama in the UK and Canada have been trying for decades and cannot make it work efficiently. The problems in our health care system is that patients cannot buy health care directly from the medical practitioners.

            The US system could have been made much better simply by socializing only pre-existing conditions for the 15 million or so who were unable to buy insurance under the same principle we use in helping victims of natural disasters. This would have enabled them to buy private insurance with their pre-existing condition excluded. In addition, we could have made health plans portable and allowed health plans to compete across state lines which would have reduced premiums dramatically. Finally, tort reform to make losers in frivolous law suits pay the costs of legislation, and allowing health savings accounts so people could deal with the medical practitioners and pay them directly.

          • CentralScruntinizer

            Again, you’re just a treasure of regurgitating swell tropes that you don’t understand, and as for news sources, never been to Kos or MoveOn, see MM maybe twice a year and I can’t take MSNBC outside Maddow. However, you seem to dwell strictly in the RW Rush/Fox bubble where objective reality is the enemy: Have you read any of the studies on US healthcare outcomes; US life expectancy?



            We trail most first world industrialized powers and pay 2-4x as much for worse care. (this would be the spot where you plug your ears & start chanting USA, USA!)

            And tort reform addresses a tiny portion of the problem. Massive, insane corporate profit taking and inefficiency utterly dwarfs the toll of frivolous lawsuits, but the right isn’t allowed to consider corporate malfeasance ever.

            Since the right wants to leave this system totally intact with no solutions whatsoever they are focused only on attacking the admittedly flawed solution of ACA (designed by the Heritage Foundation back in 1998 when the right still occasionally tried to be part of governing) all you have is opposition and nihilism.

          • MarioG

            CentralPrevaricator – you seem blissfully unaware that all you are griping about is BECAUSE of government intervention, which has never worked anywhere to help the most people most of the time. MORE government intervention will only make things worse.

            Unless you are totally deaf, dumb and blind you would know by now that Obamacare was DELIBERATELY sold by Obama and the DemocRATS under false pretenses, passed with parliamentary tricks in the Senate by the odious weasel Harry Reid, passed by John Roberts in the SC when he decided to play politics and twist the stature before him, apparently expecting Romney to win and get him off the hook, and is collapsing before even getting off the ground.

            You are seeing what government intervention looks like and trillions will have been wasted before we can get this fixed.

            You seem unaware that 85% of Americans said in polls in 2007-2008 that they were satisfied with their health insurance. Only 15 million people were having problems buying health insurance due to pre-existing conditions. Only an ideologue like Obama would address this with even more government intervention, except that the evidence is growing that he is deliberately bent on destroying everything that made this country great and is bent on making us more like Greece “to be fair”.

            Some years ago Obama told an interviewer that he would go ahead with increasing capital gains taxes “to be fair” even if this would harm the economy. This comes as no surprise for anyone who knows his resume and background and his long list of anti-American and anti-Semitic mentors.

            Unless you are short-sighted as hell, which may be your problem, you would know that tort reform is a major part of the problem. Secondly, you seem too blind to understand that my suggestions on how to improve the system under free market principles would eventually remove health insurance companies from being involved between patients and their medical practitioners as people see the benefits of health care savings accounts, which even the poor would have with infusions from the rest of us instead of the bureaucracies of Medicare and Medicaid, rife with fraud and corruption.

            Your chronic ignorance is demonstrated by your irrelevant references to Heritage Foundation and “the right”, etc, whereas it is the left that is destroying the current system before our eyes and at tremendous cost without any working system to replace it.

            There is NOTHING that any honest person on the right can compromise on with the left led by Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, DWS, etc. The only way to save the country is to block their worst impulses and wait for the cavalry to arrive in 2014.

          • CentralScruntinizer

            Keep shoveling Mario. This treatise you just belched out is based on bogus assumptions top to bottom:

            ACA, which I don’t like but is better than nothing, spent months and months in conference where Republicans and Democrats changed and amended much. Many GOP so-called moderates like Susan Collins got huge concessions in return for the promise of their support only to pull it under far right pressure at the last minute. The myth that is was produced out of thin are an passed by trickery is bogus. The Deem and Pass tactic is indeed political hardball, but its been used equally by Dem and republican.

            You also seem unwilling or unable to contend with the reality that much of ACA, including the mandate, comes straight from the Heritage Foundation Blueprint created in 1996 when the right was looking for a private sector based answer to what they thought was going to be a second Clinton attempt at Healthcare reform. The original champions of this format HCR at the national level were Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole. Enjoy that reality.

            Also, you are beyond ridiculous in your narrow depiction of the problem necessitating HCR:

            Go ahead and cherry pick the 15 million with pre-existing conditions and thats a problem, but it gets a hell of a lot bigger when you remove the blinders:
            49.9 million or 16.3% all Americans are uninsured.
            18.4% of those under 65 / 9.8% of all children are uninsured.

            As for your great ” Some years ago Obama told an interviewer that he would go ahead with increasing capital gains taxes “to be fair” ” – Do you ever deal in the actual context of things? This was a 2008 debate with Charlie Gibson moderating and Obama rejected that over more than a couple month after rates drop (causing a brief sell-off) do revenues go up due to capital gains falling. Over the long term (see: 1 year or more) they fall.

            As for the rest of it, with your claims of anti-Americanism and anti-semitism and the DemocRATS you identify yourself as a adolescent partisan who can’t sit at the grown up table and debate objective facts. I’ve seen those on the left use “Republicunts” or “Conservatards” and also gin up facts. Why don’t you go find one of those to play with if you want to deal that way?

          • MarioG

            It is YOU who is shoveling, and are now reduced to name calling because you have no objective facts..

            Here are some objective facts. 91.5 million Americans not working. A 62.5% labor force participation rate, the lowest since 1978 – 60% for blacks. 70% of new jobs since 2009 are part-time jobs. The national debt is now $17 trillion with no end in sight. We are a laughing stock worldwide for genuflecting before King Abdullah, apologizing before Arab DICTATORS for America’s defense of freedom, leaving 4 Americans to die in Benghazi and then lying about it, gun running to Mexico, snooping on foreign leaders through the TSA, drawing phony red lines in Syria, leading from behind in Libya, pretending the Muslim Brotherhood are democrats in Egypt, weakening sanctions on Iran behind Israel’s back.

            Heritage had nothing to do with how Obamacare was passed much as you would like to use them to deflect attention from how this piece of intestinal waste was rammed down our throats – just like the Alinskyites do business in Chicago – which is why it did not get a single Republican vote.

            You seem as dumb as a box of rocks in you think Obama’s resume qualified for anything but impersonating a president. My 12-year-old kids knew more about business and the free market just from selling Girl Scout cookies and selling lemonade.

            Here’s Obama’s long list of mentors which explains why his mind works the way it does – dishonest, duplicitous and divisive. Communist Frank Marshall Davis, unrepentant domestic terrorists Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers, Palestinian terrorist sympathizers Rashid Khalidi and Edward Said, black racist professors Derrick Bell, Chicago thug Tony Rezko, and black liberation theologists Michael Pfleger and Jeremiah Wright. Louis Farrakhan was ecstatic and said Obama was “selected” before he was “elected” in a wave of affirmative action thinking by whites trying to assuage their guilt trip over slavery and non-whites who thought it was time for a non-white president. What we ended up with was a clueless dunce who even has to hide his college records.

            The Harding, Kennedy, Reagan and Bush 43 administrations all showed that tax revenues always rise after income and capital gains tax rates are reduced because we end up with economic growth and more tax payers at the lower rates. If tax hikers like you were right Europe would be drowning in milk and honey and more countries would be emulating the old Soviet Union instead of running away from socialism and statism.

            NO! The ACA is NOT better than what we had. Far from it. I also gave you the few things that would make it almost perfect and as good as the ideal system they have in tiny Singapore.

            The health care system is not as good as it could be BECAUSE of the disconnect between patients and doctors, and Obamacare makes everything WORSE.

            Obamacare was supposed to reduce the number of people that did not have health insurance but the CBO says that 30 million will still not be covered after Obamacare is fully implemented. This too, illustrates your intellectual bankruptcy.

            The proof that you are deaf, dumb and blind is how Obamacare was sold – with a barrage of falsehoods that would put a corporate CEO behind bars for a very long time.

          • CentralScruntinizer

            Good stuff Mario: your greatest hits of Cut & paste. Congrats on the 100th Ctrl C + Ctrl V.

            Also congrats for laying out the toll of the 2008 economic collapse without a shred of context as to how it came about or how long virtually all economists predict it will take any administration to dig out.

            More kudos for pasting the 17 trillion figure without a mention of what comprises it. Nice work.

            And big Breitbart Points for tossing in all the tinfoil hat stuff: Benghazi, Bowing, Fast & Furious, communist, terrorist, etc.. Just interested, once you’re relaying the fever swamp favorites, why did you bypass the Born in Kenya, Manchurian Candidate and Gay tropes being floated by WND?

            Also, nice spin on trickle down and capital gains. Go have a peek at what happens to revenues over the 1 and 5 year periods following cuts. While you’re at it, why not renew the argument for Trickledown 15 years after even its architect, David Stockman, has renounced it. Job creators! Burp.

            As for 30 million uncovered, get back to me with that number with red state governors no longer blocking medicare expansion.

            You are a credit to the right wing media bubble. My greetings to President Romney & your 6 thousand year old non-warming earth in there. Don’t fall off your dinosaur.

      • msami1026

        outstanding response, it’s true we have a lawless, sociopathic arrogant, socialist w/o a conscience being the USA community organizer. time to rid the country of him & all of his cronies – Jarrett (commie), holder – vile shameless AG all his adm.czars, nancy (schizo), reid (whimpy vile disgraceful moronic Mormon), OK Congree start your engines & the wheels turning, Senate give it the old college try to really rid us of him. NOW!

        • MarioG

          There is a move to impeach Eric With-Holder which is long over due. This guy has to be one of the most biased, corrupt and racially obsessed AGs in US history and all his tendencies predate his appointment by Obama so that they could jointly corrupt the DOJ and the Justice system nationwide.

    • ulyssesmsu

      Obama talked to Ayers plenty when he sat in Ayers’s living room the day Obama kicked off his political career. So it wasn’t true that Ayers was just “some guy in the neighborhood,” as Obama said when asked about his relationship with Ayers. In other words, Obama lied about his relationship with Ayers, as he lies about everything, and the press ignored his lies and made nothing of them. And so it also doesn’t really matter how long it has been since Obama has talked to Ayers–a fact which is totally irrelevant to the discussion. The issue is that Obama had, during the early years of his political career, a close personal and professional relationship with Bill Ayers, a convicted murderer and terrorist whose stated aim was to destroy America, and that Obama lied about that relationship.

    • msami1026

      let me guess you weren’t born with any grey cells! whew are you out there & wrong.

      • CentralScruntinizer

        Feel free to take on any of the facts mentioned above, because I realize they are inconvenient to RW media bubble inhabitants. Weren’t you one of the ones who told me that Mitt Romney was poised to win in a landslide and the polling was all liberal fantasy?

  • Bob from Virginia

    In four weeks things will be back to normal. Watch for headlines like “President Obama rescues healthcare from bureaucratic ineptitude”. People invested their self-esteem in Obama; they will not surrender that. Reality is useful only if it is adoptable.
    I will say that again: reality is adoptable.

  • SkyCitizen

    Americans are waking up from this Obama binge, like a lost weekend with a Vegas showgirl. It may take a very long time, if ever, to get America’s standing in the world back where it belongs. I sincerely hope that Barack Obama and the liberal press are intimately associated with the suffering yet to come.

  • nickshaw

    OWS marching on the “mainstream media”!

    The irony is delicious!

  • floridahank

    The GOP has to be smart and go after Obama in a firm, confident way to show how bad he is. We need some smart opinion makers to do this right and not seem too wild. This anti-Obama project if done properly can gain us much in next year’s election — but we need some brilliant marketers to do it right so it doesn’t backfire.

    • msami1026

      I’ll 2nd that, been saying it too, tweet many in congress to get out there & tell the ‘real truth’

    • TheOriginalDonald

      But do I trust Rove to do it? NOT A CHANCE!

  • NHB

    NO question Obama and his minions are bad actors, BUT the STAR power they have demonstrated over the past five years is no less than spooky, and not just
    in the U. S.
    What happened to those folks in Oslo was insane.

    I would like to believe Bernie, but I am spooked

  • ted

    Mlavand – Interesting thought. Not out of the realm of “reality”.

  • ted

    But, Bernie, what is “reality”? And whatever it is, it will never matter to Barack Obama who has really never had to experience it.
    He has no rational grounding, no historical perspective, no scientific method, no…reality…
    He is a whirling dervish, an unanticipated consequence, an arbitrary emotion, an evanescence, an immediate knee-jerk reaction.
    He is…American Idol: The President

    • joepotato

      He’s more like American Usurper: the Resident 😉

    • fitzsimmons Photography

      Exactly right Ted….I’ve been saying for years that he is a classic narcissist. the leading expert on narcissism, Sam Vaknin said this years ago during the first election. And narcissism is serious. Look it up!! The media and his backers are his constant supply….

  • joepotato

    Hey Bernie, try this… MSM = BSM :-) The fraudulent manner in which Obie Dingle Barry Soetoro’s Unaffordable Medical Insurance Mandate and Extortion Racket was sold is on par with with his fraudulent LFBC that has been investigated and found to be wanting… The little group clamoring for Holder’s impeachment seems to be another non story… The rule of law aka the constitution seems to be a joke among most of congress who can’t seem to wrap their greedy little minds around the fact that the Marxist (Muslim symp) in the WH has broken numerous laws just by getting to the WH gates, not to mention a multitude of laws since then. Congress and the BSM are unwilling to expose Obie for the fraud he really is because it would show their criminal complicity in the coverup(s), and it would make the USA look bad in the eyes of the world… It’s really too late to save face unless the scum (all of it) is removed.

  • AufWiedersehnUSA

    The new slave movies prove racism will continue to be used by dirty bearded Hollywood slime pusher producers and the Democrat Press Corps to paint conservatives darkly, in order to keep them in their ranks. Nothing has changed Bernie, but a great piece, keep up the excellent journalism – we all know what’s going on because we read about the failures, lies, incompetence and scandals while most of America watches TV scum-coms and listens to rap. I hope Ben Carson runs, maybe we could finally prove to the made-man mafia media that conservatives are NOT racist. Soon, Hillary will be playing the glass-ceiling card, and we’ll once again be painted as conducting a conservative War on Women. You know darn well the liberals will never stop dividing America. How’d Obama’s One America work out. It didn’t.

    • fitzsimmons Photography

      Read ‘The Democrats Missing History’ by Jeffrey Lord. Somebody needs to put that under the spotlight again because the Dems have gotten away with lies and garbage far too long. How dare they call anyone else a racist with that horrible record in their immediate past.

  • Mlavand

    I believe Obama is a cocaine user. The other day during the press conference, he barely could put a sentence together…looking for words was pretty evident….later on the same day, he was at a rally all pumped up delivering his usual rethoric and blaming someone else for his mistakes. It just down on me that the contrast on his mood was so evident….unless he gets his biggest highs when he hears the cheers of his staged rallies.

    • americalsgt

      I really don’t know why someone gave you a down vote. I’m not sure if I agree with you, but what you said is true to anyone who has used cocaine. It’s all so good for the moment, but those moments end and you are left stammering. You make a valid point Mlavand though I’m not sure that even if it is true that it would make any difference to his adoring fans.

    • Stephanie S

      I’ve been muttering to myself “he’s on something” for a while now, thanks for articulating this.

    • PhilMR

      Cocaine? Methinks not. More like a guy who suddenly realizes the jig is up and has no answers. Of course this should have occurred long ago with the so many other Obama lies, obfuscations, and scandals but better late than never.

  • Curt Parker

    As a traditional, old school liberal (read, JFK, Scoop Jackson, etc.), Bernie knows of what he speaks. Compared to today’s socialists, Bernie seems conservative. In any case, he has Obama figured out to a T.

  • Kit Carson

    Now that Barry boy has been exposed for the fraud and perpetual liar that he really is, and finally getting his just due from a few in the media, including some of his favorite bootlickers on the left, the cries of racism are becoming more shrill than ever. Even old Oprah has jumped on the race-card wagon. Too funny!

    • msami1026

      I never liked her, my friends couldn’t understand why I didn’t. It was just a feeling I had about her. Now she’s proved me right . SHEs the racist.

  • msami1026

    Right on the $ with this writing, so tastefully on target re B.O. The lame stream media will pay dues for all of their slobbering. Mathews went to the ‘white-ist’ high school in PA, only very tan who went to the beach , laid around all summer guys were admitted, yes & the well to do, more $, than smart boys went there. Anyway they are about to get what the wished for & now deserve. They’ll continue to bloviate aimlessly & cont. to make fools of themselves. MSNBC will now only have 2 1/2 viewers. (don’t blame the dog, what does he know!)

  • Acu-Vue

    If he would just come out and say – If you like your President, you can keep him, Period. – Maybe we can all get lucky!

  • flaming independent

    Bernie – This is easily one of your better opinion posts. Please don’t stop holding your industry accountable. Much of the media is just plain evil; the rest are mostly stupid. Unfortunately, the ‘magician’ has many more tricks to pull between now and the mid term elections… God help us –

    • nickshaw

      True that, Phil.
      Never underestimate this man and the obviously venal media.
      I still think he’ll pull a rabbit out of a hat and just declare Medicaid “single payer” for all. It seems to be shaping up that way seeing as the vast majority of visitors to O’Kare.gob are steered to Medicaid.
      He’ll say, “Let’s just scrap this O’Kare thing, bump everyone’s taxes just a bit (except the “rich”, of course. They will pay considerably more.). It will cost you considerably less than the “junk” insurance you already have! Maybe even $2500 less!”
      And the press will say, “What a brilliant idea!”

  • nickshaw

    Skeeter’s life before the campaign of ’08 was pretty much a mystery but, not that much of a mystery that a free press couldn’t ferret out pertinent facts about his upbringing and associations.
    Some on the right did and raised reasonable questions. The left leaning media failed or didn’t want to follow up.
    Just the questions of birth, passport and education would have sent the “press” into a frenzy of investigation at an earlier time, particularly if the candidate were a Republican or his surname was Bush.

    This “blind eye journalism” really started with Clinton and turned into “we’ll report whatever you tell us to report journalism” with Skeeter.
    Any reasonable person can see this, plain as day.
    True believers cannot or will not acknowledge it.
    Sadly, it’s not limited to the media.
    You can’t tell me it’s all the media’s fault. I see and hear the same media and drew completely opposite conclusions. I listened to his “typical grandmother” speech in ’08 and said to my wife, “This guy is going to get elected and all he does is talk BS!”
    Too many just thought the first part and didn’t see the BS that was plainly evident.
    And it’s too late to say, “I told you so!” He’s wreaked so much it will take decades to recover, I fear.

    • msami1026

      You are so right. I was calling him a snake oil salesman since ‘o8, peeps thought I was not being too nice, “give him a chance”, a chance??? Well how do you like ur chance now? Wish we could sue the turkeys who bought into his “Rainmaker” B.S persona, sooo sorry Burt L., no malicious. intended! He was raised by angry parents, grands, mentored by a commie, criminals who killed & destroyed gov’t property, he went to Harvard was probably not well accepted by any other than ‘the left outs’, he became an angry dude, with an agenda to destroy what he didn’t understand or wasn’t accepted into.
      Now for O’care, what a catastrophe, but he’s following his idles Sol Alyinski & Lenin paraphrasing – get their healthcare & you get their attention & can rule. So, we have a liar in chief who’s probably not only a narssistic, but probably a sociopathic socialist, now what do we do with or to him? hhh Keep recalling “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”, & “let them eat cake.” REad that one 60 yrs. ago!

      • PhilMR

        Would love to see his college transcripts. Funny how liberals forced Bush to release his SAT scores and college transcripts and now say nothing about Obama’s refusal to release his.

    • JMax

      There have never been any questions of his birth. Only conspiracy theories.

      • nickshaw

        A “conspiracy theory” started by Skeeter himself with his author’s bio?

        • JMax

          “His author’s bio?” What does that mean?

          • nickshaw

            The low information voter lives and breathes right here.
            And to think you people think you are well informed.
            It boggles, I tell ya’.

          • JMax

            Maybe you should read what you said. “His author’s bio”. Obama isn’t a book. So who is his “author” so I can read the author’s bio?

            Do you skeet shoot?

    • joepotato

      His book bio was a red flag…. Born in Kenya and Raised in Indonesia and Hawaii… but there were many more “clues”….

  • Roadmaster

    Yeah, reality really bites you in the butt sometimes. I predict they’ll wipe off the slobber for now and hope things settle down, so their saliva will flow once more. The total catastrophe of O-Care is going to dwarf anything we’ve seen before and shoot Liberal/Progressive ideology so full of holes, it’ll look like a sieve and smell like rotten meat! No one except the dullest sycophant will want to touch it but it’s already too late for the Down Stream Media – they should have paid attention to their self-preservation instincts 30 years ago.

    • nickshaw

      America is chock full of progressive, dull sycophants.
      Their ship will never go down.
      You can tell simply by the number of organizations and members that openly support socialism or full blown communism at liberal rallies.

  • PhilMR

    Bernie – God bless you, my friend. As astute as you are on media matters, you’re naive to think the MSM will now cover this president objectively. The recent Healthcare Exchange debacle will soon pass like a ship in the night. The MSM’s attention span being pretty much non-existent and its insatiable desire for new stories. To be sure, the MSM will find a way to spin the failed healthcare rollout the other way blaming meanspirited Republicans and the usual conservative suspects such as Rush Limbaugh and Tea Party sorts. All in a day’s work for the American media machine to ensure Emperor Obama’s historical legacy and to ensure the “public good” is enacted with ObamaCare from whose benefits nobody should be excluded–NY Times letter today.

  • RickonhisHarleyJohnson

    D. L. Hammack wrote an article on American Thinker entitled ‘The Four Wall Theory’. In a nutshell, it says many Americans don’t feel affected unless it happens directly to them. This partially explains the uproar over Obamacare and the yawn about Benghazi, etc. While the media ‘slobbering’ is one piece of the puzzle, our culture’s decline into apathy is another.

    • Stephanie S

      This is true. Watch what happens if the convenience stores and supermarkets ever run out of coffee due to a natural disaster, a truckers’ strike, or whatever. That plus the coffee shops saying “all out, how about tea?” It will be like the move “Airplane” where the passengers all scream in terror when “no more coffee” is announced. I suggest the GOP figure out a way to create such a shortage and link it to Obama–he will be impeached within 30 days even though he will go on teevee and say, “I was not aware of this till Michelle told me we were out of coffee one morning, and I said what’s going on here? My Secretary of Agriculture is working on this, and I want to assure folks that if they liked their brand of coffee they will keep it as soon as we get the trucks rolling again, period.”

      • gold7406

        we are seeing what happens when there is a gross shortage of credibility and truth. when they see their insurance policies cancelled and the administration calls them sub-standard and the replacement policy is 30% higher, the msm wake up and they say, ” I didn’t know, I just found about it today.”

  • RickonhisHarleyJohnson

    You may need to update your books ‘… People Who Are Screwing Up America’, Bernie.

    • msami1026

      That title should be real easy, we’re watching it “in real time & in color.”

    • joepotato

      A book by that title would “write itself”…

  • Drew Page

    “Sooner or later reality matters.” How true. Unlike Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting and NSA spying, Obama Care hits tens of millions of Americans where they live. It applies to everyone; it hits them in the pocketbook; and it threatens their security and that of their family. Obama says these cancellations will only affect five million people. That’s pretty easy to say when you aren’t one of the five million. And who is going to believe the guy who up until a week ago kept insisting “If you like your plan you can keep it. Period.”, then turned around and added the caveat, “If there were no changes to your plan after the effective date of the ACA.” Huh? Wait a minute, that’s not what you said.
    We have 320 million people in the United States, estimates of those without health insurance coverage range from 20 to 40 million, depending on who is doing the estimating. Let’s assume for the sake of argument that the correct number is 10% of the population. This president and this administration have decided that it doesn’t matter what 90% of the population wants, he is going to screw them to satisfy the 10%. That doesn’t seem to be a sound political strategy. So far he is only hearing from a relatively small, but very vocal, number of the 90%., but has been loud enough to send the Democrats in the House and Senate facing re-election in 2014 into a panic. The sound is only going to get much, much louder. This is the reality that really matters.

    • msami1026

      Yep, I’ve been waiting for it to hit their pockets. Now you all who voted for “the Rainmaker”, (sry. again Burt!), give your checkbooks to Reid, then bend over for B.O.’s gift to U.

  • Stephanie S

    It’s about getting invited to the right parties, getting invited to the Hamptons or the Vineyard, and getting into the sack with the right person. If single women turn against “O” (and I don’t think they have just yet due to war on women stuff), it’s Ovah.

    • nickshaw

      The “culture” has generated a lot more single women these days.
      Women who will hold off getting married until later in life (if then!).
      These women have to make arrangements for their own health care.
      You can see where I’m going with this.
      I’m wonderin’ if anyone has asked Sandra Fluke if her pills are “free” now.

      • msami1026

        they better not be free, especially for her.

  • rgcomega

    Bernie: think you’re right about self-preservation. They picked a loser and they know it, and the only way they can hope for any chance of scraping the egg off their collective faces is to jump on the bandwagon many of us were on before he was elected in 2008. The only question I have for people who propose to be much smarter than the rest of us – what the hell took you so long to figure out he was screwing you and well as the little guy? How does that grab your ideology?
    They rode the pony as far as they could, only to find out it he wasn’t Secretariat. This is an issue of credibility for them, and they know it cost them big time. But don’t forget these people didn’t lose their Progressive stripes. They haven’t suddenly found their long lost brains. They’re just licking wounds, CYA if you will, simply rats leaving the sinking ship to live another day – Hillary Day in 2016. And $1 to a donut Matthews will be back feeling a shiver up his leg along with the rest of the lap dogs, and America will again be left (no pun intended) to a media that doesn’t give a damn about America, the same country that vests them with the right to stick harpoons in her at their pleasure.

    • msami1026

      Please not H. Clinton, aren’t folks getting bored seeing those 2? Give it up!, Please, enuf’ of them already! She worries me even more.

  • Jack

    The Pied Piper has hit a sour note.

    • Josh

      The mythical brown note?

  • 1940voter

    The Slobbering love affair with Obama was like the first date with the expectation of a romp in the hay at the end. What they got instead was a lie the msm supported until it was no longer fashionable. They might call Romney with his 47% statement insensitive,racist, uncareing, but when it falls back on them the shades of the truth can no longer be denied. Obama is like the cat wuth 9 lives, he has used them all with every scandal and is now out of ammunition with no reinforcements on the way. It has collapsed under it’s own weight of lies.Even the brainless now are finding out there are no free lunches.

  • Chuck

    This column is just as true as Bernie’s book, “Bias.” When I was a newspaper reporter, I had definite opinions about the people and events I covered, but
    understood it was my obligation to set my feelings aside and cover everything straight down the middle.

    I took to heart the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics, which says almost from the get-go: “Journalists should be honest, fair and courageous
    in gathering, reporting and interpreting information.” Later, it says: “Deliberate distortion is never permissible.” Clearly, I’d never make it today as an objective journalist. It’s sad what the profession has become. I’m so glad for the rare folks like Bernie willing to tell it like it is.

  • sean1

    Great article. Period.

  • JanelleHumbert

    Most of us can probably think of two hundred or more valid reasons to either thoroughly like or dislike an individual outside of their racial identity. If I think about it for several minutes……it quick and varies by individual.

  • sjangers

    The members of the mainstream media haven’t exactly covered themselves with glory in their coverage of this President. Of course, it’s been at least a few decades since I last expected them to cover themselves with anything, except perhaps a bed sheet if someone happened to catch a glimpse of them ‘getting background’ on their political and cultural idols.

  • Florida Jim

    The media allowed FDR the same failures without exposing him as a philanderer and a liar . “New Deal Or Raw Deal” a book by Burton Folsom Jr. exposes FDR and I know no other. FDR is a Progressive hero until the facts are known. this comment alone tells the story:

    In 1933, Roosevelt became President and appointed Morgenthau
    governor of the Federal Farm Board. In 1934, when William H. Woodin
    resigned because of ill-health, Roosevelt appointed Morgenthau
    Secretary of the Treasury (an act that enraged conservatives).
    Morgenthau was an orthodox economist who opposed Keynesian economics
    and disapproved of some elements of Roosevelt’s New Deal. Although
    he was a Roosevelt loyalist and retained his office until 1945, in
    “New Deal or Raw Deal?” Burton Folsom quotes Morgenthau, testifying
    before the House Ways and Means Committee in May of 1939, the FDR
    ally did not sugarcoat it: “We are spending more money than we
    have ever spent before and it does not work. I want to see this
    country prosperous. I want to see people get a job. We have never
    made good on our promises. I say after eight years of this
    administration we have just as much unemployment as when we
    started and an enormous debt to boot.”

    • fitzsimmons Photography

      Thanks so much Mr Goldberg for putting it all together in a clear,orderly fashion that doesn’t leave anything out except ‘The Democrats Missing History’ by Jeffrey Lord…..everytime the Dems use that awful,phoney argument about racism, we should quote their long, disgusting history on racism…Their party and their ancestors should be made to feel the shame of the truth. And the young Dems, who know no history and think the world revolves around birth control and free stuff should be taught!!

  • KAG505

    Great column Bernie. Defenders of the president are already attacking the messengers. Oprah has already played the race card as a reason for all the criticism.. A tired old, old, gambit that is played often.

    • SuzieQ

      I read what Oprah said but unfortunately Obama and Oprah are still trying to get the Black vote. The Black community still cannot see that Obama wants our country to be more socialized and with the ACA he is promising them and the immigrants many more things. In other words he is buying votes again. The ancestors of the Black community were mostly slaves, sold to the white plantation owners by Black Africans. [so I have read, true or not] They were told “what to do” how to think” and “taken care of” by the White owners. They have to realize that socialism is controlling, just as their ancestors were controlled years ago. Socialism takes away our rights to our freedoms. Freedom for all people living in our U.S., regardless of their race or ethnicity.
      Different races and ethnicities make our United States what it is.

  • gold7406

    The media has woken up only because many of their family, friends and kids have gotten cancellation notices from their insurance companies. What a surprise. They were all gung ho on the administration until it pinched them in their wallet. The the fog may be lifting in the demosphere.
    Superb piece Bernie !

  • delble

    Best column you’ve written, Bernie. All too true!

  • PeterFitzwell

    Can’t blame this fiasco on Bush. Maybe he could try.

    • PhilMR

      Yeah, that’s the next Obama move. Works every time!

  • k962

    The tide is changing. in Virginia Ken Cuccinelli lost to McAuliff in the governors race! But Cuccinelli captured 60% of the youth vote! That tells me the aura of liberalism and Obama is wearing very thin!

    • msami1026

      I’m sure hoping that group of youth help keep up the rear of our.

  • Brian Fr Langley

    It’s not enough that this administration still practises magical thinking on health care, they obviously now believe it will work on Iran. The left has long lusted for Government control of health care, while the slightly further left (like the Presidents former Pastor, Reverend Wright) have despised Israel. Now with an abracadabra, (and the Presidents magic wand), Iran will sign a magic treaty and stop building nukes. It really is like a magical dream come true. For Iran. I suspect the President heartily believes, the very worst thing that will happen with a nuclear armed Islamic Republic, may be forcing Israel to settle with their pre 1967 borders and create a Palestinian state. Unhappily this debacle may well end in a ferocious middle east war, or worse, a mushroom cloud. (Kinda puts the health care debacle in perspective). As for the media, they’ll tout a heroic President Obama, and “peace in our time” right up until the sound of gunfire.

    • Jack

      On the shores of the Mediterranean a cool ocean breeze will be 6000 degrees.

    • msami1026

      Sir, Can I interest you in a nice piece of property in the Everglades, beach front of course! Don’t want any gun fire, but this administration has a reality problem, that is beyond arrogant. They think they’re so street smart, well hold onto your boots boys, “it’s gonna’ be a bumpy ride.”

  • Integrity

    The predicted response from Obama’s cult members will be to point out the bad behavior of Republicans. Sadly, many of his supporters continue to shamelessly condone his dishonesty. Integrity matters to me and Obama has none. QED

    • Joel Wischkaemper

      Is that it, or does he believe there is some greater good out there he must pursue at all costs? Promises littered his wayside as he moved along, but there is the possible, and then the silly promises on the way to the Presidency. To thine own self be true, and so if that is correct, who, or where is Obama?

      • Jack

        I think you can find him on the 12th Tee.

      • Integrity

        Obama has no integrity. That being said, he definitely has an agenda that he intends to pursue at all costs. He just doesn’t care about the damage he causes or the people he hurts in the process. This narcissist named Obama is dangerous. QED

  • Kathie Ampela

    Even a professional contortionist would have trouble pinning ObamaCare on the GOP. No, this is the point in history where the famous pendulum starts to swing the other way. Obama’s legacy, however, is forever safe with the liberal media. I see all future books and docudramas giving him the most loving treatment. They will find a way to soften the blow of Obamacare then.

  • John Daly

    Good piece. I wish I could rest assured that the media will continue doing their job for the rest of his term, but I have no faith whatsoever that they will. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they lose interest in scrutinizing Obamacare the moment the next big, national story comes along.

    • kayakbob

      Alas, I have to agree. So I say, enjoy it while it last. As soon as there is a defined candidate to attack on the Republican side, the media will go back into the mode of DNC media department.

      Until then, we are witnessing a bit of a lovers quarrel – and little more.

  • Brian Fr Langley

    Are you kidding me? “YES WE CAN” All we have to do is say “yes we can” and all things will begin to happen. Remember cooling seas, healing planets, and free stuff for everybody, (especially free health care). It’s not our fault “yes we can” is not working? It’s those negative vibes that are bringing us down. So STOP IT. Think positive and repeat after me “Yes we can”, “yes we can”.
    Shout it out loud, “yes we can”,
    negative thinking we need to ban,
    even cooling our seas,
    is such a breeze,
    for a positive, yes we can man.

    • gold7406

      those phrases are supposed to be sung to the tune of “the candy man.”

    • Joel Wischkaemper

      Ah but.. there are things that actually CAN be done, and those are the things that actually have to be done. Obama apparently got nailed to the wall by the deal with Iran with one of his ‘hopes’ (non-negative thinking). Oh but.. look at the money that went to the Club Med supplied by Obama to stimulate the economy. Check his dealings with the illegal aliens. Look at Obama Care costs.

      I hate to put it this way: there was a lot of glass in the structure of the American Economy when he took the Presidency over. Now there is a lot of broken glass where he has been. Will we be able to recover when Obama is finished hoping he can make it work?

      One thing is clear: the major mainstream press believed it all. A bright man should not have believed it all at all but I am not sure he did while he concealed himself on the way to his goal.. whatever that would be.

  • EddieD_Boston

    The good news is the “it’s all the republicans fault” mantra from the left looks even more silly. Plus, the number of people drinking the kool-aid is shrinking by the nanosecond.

  • EddieD_Boston

    I can proudly say I never believed Obama was up to the job the moment he hit the national stage. Unfortunately, I also believed the media would swoon over him b/c he was (well, not really) black. Now the chickens are coming home to roost. I have insurance through my employer. I’m lucky. If you are purchasing an individual plan and you voted for this empty-suit I have zero sympathy for you. None. You’re an adult and you made a really stupid choice. Do you get it now?

  • Josh

    They won’t stay on the course. Eventually, whispers will start to be heard. The pale-faces will start fearing that they’re being viewed as racists by their colleagues. An innocuous look will be viewed as a suspicious stare. “Am I a racist?” will be the question on the minds of white progressive journalists who insist on treating Obama like any other human being.

    I think it’s important to note that the “love affair” wasn’t always genuine. While guys like Matthews were no doubt perpetually tumescent, others sidled up to Obama and threw Alka-Seltzer in their mouths to induce the slobber out of a na-na-boo-boo thumb in the eye to right-wingers in order to show how tolerant they were. And, by contrast, how intolerant the righties were.

    The folks who were genuinely in love might just feel scorned and fall back into love. But those who have an image to protect first and foremost are going to quickly realize that they’re risking being libeled a Tea Partier by treating Obama as anything less than the greatest human being to ever live.

  • kayakbob

    Barack Obama, the candidate in 2008, was the perfect blank canvas most liberals used to project their needs into. Hence the swooning, fainting fans. Several very educated, decent and (seemingly) down-to-earth friends contributed to the swooning. Never mind he had never so much as managed a lemonade stand.

    That is the reason they have defended, often fiercely, his actions and/or lack of actions for 5 years now. They are not defending and excusing him so much as they are defending and excusing themselves. After all, if he isn’t what they need him to be, then what does that say about them?

    It is just a lot easier on the self image to label his detractors and political opponents with the worst (in their minds) motives.

  • Seattle Sam

    Being a liberal means never having to say you’re sorry. You just blame and pivot. We now have the spectacle of all these Democrats in Congress and their media apologists feigning surprise that millions of people are getting cancellation notices. That means that either a) none of them read the bill they passed or b) they thought the public wouldn’t care when millions of these notices came out? Whichever it is, they look c) STUPID. Oh wait, only Republicans are stupid. I forgot that.