Spreading the Blame Around

I generally regard the Israelis as sensible and self-sufficient, but now I hear that they put a major construction job up for bids and, lo and behold, a Chinese firm got the contract. Frankly, I wouldn’t trust the Chinese to build me a bird house, let alone a railroad from Eilat to the Mediterranean. What? There are no Israeli construction companies? What if Iran had submitted a lower bid than the Chinese? Would Ahmadinejad be the foreman on the job? At this point, I only hope that the construction company is the one we know as Chang, Lee, Wu and Rosenberg.

Speaking of that part of the world, the Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald insists it’s U.S. intervention in the Middle East that motivates screwballs like the blood-thirsty Tsarnaev brothers. In the meantime, former TV anchorman and all-around pinhead Tom Brokaw lays the blame on our drone attacks. What neither of these chuckleheads bothers to explain is why the Muslim jihadists have blown up civilians in Bali, Japan, Brazil and India, among other places that have left no footprints on their precious sand. People like Mr. Greenwald and Mr. Brokaw would be labeled useful idiots if anyone could ever come up with a use for them.

Although it’s much more fun to mock Bob Beckel, who spends hours a day on Fox looking as if he’s about to fall off the wagon at any moment, truth demands that I give him a shout-out for proposing a sensible idea. He suggests that until we find out where the thousands of people who came here on student visas and never attended a single class are hiding out, round them up and boot them out, we shut down all immigration from China and the Muslim nations. And for my part, I say if that glorious day never arrives, so be it.

Speaking of glorious days, wouldn’t it be great if instead of worrying about law-abiding citizens being able to protect themselves with guns, and providing citizenship to people who don’t have it coming, Congress would devote its time and energy to passing a federal law denying voting privileges to anyone who can’t provide a valid photo ID? The notion that such a requirement would deny suffrage to millions of people who are either elderly or members of some racial minority is so preposterous that only a liberal would have the chutzpah to make the charge with a straight face.

But it figures that a country that’s been so frivolous when it comes to protecting its sovereignty by guarding its borders would be equally cavalier when it comes to preserving the sanctity of the polling booth. I would actually have more respect for the Democrats if they just came out and admitted they wanted illegal aliens to have every possible opportunity to elect their candidates. That would go down so much better than all their lies and false pieties, especially when everyone, including the illegal aliens and fraudulent voters, know the truth.

Although by now we’ve all seen the commercials urging us to sign up for food stamps, what you might not know is that the federal government is paying people to go out and recruit older Americans to sign up for the program. Florida is proving to be a happy hunting ground for these recruiters.

Even though most of those signing up in recent years are living comfortably on their investments, pensions and Social Security, idling away the golden years soaking up the sun, playing golf and taking macramé classes, they’re being told that they’ve earned all this largesse, and, essentially, that they’re suckers if they don’t let their fellow taxpayers put food on their table.

And, so, much like Faust, they trade their souls for something they don’t really need and, worse yet, don’t deserve.

I only hope that the next time these old retired folks cluck their tongues over welfare cheats, they realize they’re talking about themselves.

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  • GlenFS

    I saw Beckel make his remarks on the Factor and had to question my own position, since it so resembled his. This after all is pretty foreign territory for common sense. Still, sense is sense, so I had to agree with him.

    • Prelutsky1540

      Glen: I wouldn’t worry about it. I’m sure it was a once-in-a-lifetime event.


  • Wheels55

    I just read where a man here illegally with his family was deported back to Mexico. He then found a way back in to be with his family. He was set up to be deported again until Congresswoman Wilson stepped in (in 11th hour fashion) to stay this guy’s second deportation. What? This guy clearly ignoring the law isn’t enough to throw him back? Our borders can never be secure if elected officials keep getting in the way. Wilson said it was a matter of family that made her jump in. Perhaps it would be better if he had the choice to take his family with him.

    • Prelutsky1540

      Wheels: Obama keeps talking about spending money on America’s infrastructure. I say let him start by erecting a 1,500 mile double fence between us and Mexico.


  • JohnInMA

    It has been my thought (suspicion?) all along that the fundamental goal of increasing the rolls of those in any of the growing number of ‘assistance’ programs is to create a political situation that only damages those in office who try to fix it in the future. In other words, expanding the programs far beyond the truly needy to a much larger population creates a very dangerous electoral situation. That is why it has exploded far beyond just money, into phones, loans, etc.

    The gamble is that there will not be a bipartisan coming together as there was in the Clinton era to enact welfare reform. For the near future (a decade or two?), that seems a good bet. So the War On _____ administration is simply creating another cudgel for there party members to use in elections. Even though some or maybe many of the recipients of the expanded assistance could survive without it, many votes are guaranteed under some War On…. theme.

    • Prelutsky1540

      John: Most people can exist without the freebies, but just try to take them away once they’ve become accustomed to receiving federal largesse. FDR transformed the political map by giving stuff to blacks and unions. Obama learned from the master.