State of the Union, Why Don’t They Ask?

state-of-the-unionThe President laid out his agenda in the State of the Union Address, and it was filled with initiatives and statements similar to what he has said before.  It gives the media the opportunity to ask questions that they have neglected in the past.  Statements that were presented as facts also need clarification.  Up until now, the President and the White House press secretary have escaped answering important questions.  We should continue to wonder why the following clarifications and challenging questions are not asked.

Mr. President:  In your speech you spoke about universal preschool.  Almost every study concludes that there can be temporary effects, but by the 3rd grade there is no lasting impact of preschool.  In these challenging budgetary times, why are you pushing for increasing a program that has shown such a universally agreed lack of results?

Mr. President:  With your interest in raising the minimum wage, can you show any time this policy has led to more employment?  Didn’t unemployment increase when you and a Democratic Congress raised the minimum wage in 2009?

Mr. President:  You said that you have cut two and half trillion dollars of the $4 trillion that economists say is needed to show a sustainable path.  If it is assumed that part of your $2.5 trillion claim is the $1.2 trillion sequester, then why are you advocating delaying and reducing these cuts, before they’re even implemented, while counting them toward this goal?  The figure of $4 trillion was put out more than three years ago.  With your delay in dealing with this problem, many groups have changed it to $6 trillion to make up for the time squandered.  Are you aware of this?  Is there going to ever be a year in our government’s future where we will spend less than the year before?

Mr. President:  You have said that you are waiting for Congress to act on climate change, and if they don’t, you will.  If climate change is truly as devastating to our future as you have expressed, and you have this power that you stated in the speech, then why won’t you act now?

Mr. President:  You said that none of your proposals will add one dime to the deficit. Certainly, most of these proposals cost money.  Can you tell us what you are proposing to cut or what taxes are you proposing to increase in order to pay for each of these new initiatives?

Mr. President:  You continue to reference the Cayman Islands and people having bank accounts offshore as a loophole in the tax code. Can you tell us the loophole in the tax code that you’re referring to, and your proposal to eliminate it?  Could you be misstating the fact that other countries have lower taxes, and it is wise for a company to locate their headquarters outside the United States for that reason?

Mr. President:  You had a very emotional appeal on gun control in you speech.  Gun control has not proven to be effective in reducing gun violence anywhere that it has been tried.  What is your reason for supporting the proposed gun-control legislation?

Mr. President:  You implied in your speech, and have stated in the past, that the Washington “dysfunction” and arguing over policy are causing the economy to underperform.  A time period that you often refer to in terms of economic success is the 1990’s.  During that time, Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House, and the Republicans controlled the Senate as well.  Their disagreements with President Clinton led to two government shutdowns. This shows how the “dysfunction” in Washington was much worse at that time than it is now.  Shouldn’t we look at your policies and actions to explain the lack of economic performance rather than the fact that there are continuing arguments in Washington?

Perhaps some adventurous reporter will now have the opportunity to ask for clarification on these issues…but probably not.

Author Bio:

Michael has been an editor and contributor at the website for over 2 years. He has over 20+ years of diverse business experience, from running complex operations where he managed hundreds of people, to starting and running small businesses such as He is blessed, or perhaps cursed, with a logical mind which he uses to analyze government, media, politics, and culture. He believes that his life experiences help him bring a unique perspective to the issues of the day.
  • Mia U S

    These questions would never be asked by the exisiting media complex. Maybe you can send a copy of them to Univision.

  • Gloria

    You’re expecting “serious” journalists to participate in the national dialogue? There aren’t any. They will not ask questions that will make this president look bad, or be held accountable in any way, shape or form for his words, actions, or inactions. That’s the way it is here.

  • Anna S.

    Also lets add to the kooky talk, ‘Mr. President, weren’t you going to cut the deficit in HALF by the end of your first term?” How we doing with this one, need another term or two?

  • William L. Wilson, M.D.

    Get real. You expect Obama and our government to think logically? And I wish pigs could fly.

  • HolyMackeral82

    Great Questions, but how can a man with very limited experience in these issues answer them? And what is wrong with other questions, such as, “Mr. President, who is or was Lt Quarles Harris? Did you know him? Did you ask him to run an errand for you? Is Lt Harris still alive? And finally, “why did the FBI refuse to investigate the sudden shot in the back of his head, so that you would be cleared of any involvement in Harris’ death? One more question, Mr. President. “Why did you expend 6 trillion dollars in your first term, when no other combination of 10 presidents ever came close to such magnitude of expenditures? May I add to that question, “Was your rather unknown trip to Burma have anything to do with the 6 trillion dollars?” Thank you Mr. President.

  • Shane

    The fact is that under Obama the national debt has gone up by over $5 trillion and even with Obama’s tax increases next year’s deficit will be at least $800 billion. Obama lies and the liberal MSM ignores it.

  • Dave m

    Obama is incapable of responding to questions posing logical inquiry.

  • trailbee

    If they chose not to vet the president in 2008, why would the Media ask anything of importance now? They already know all the answers, and asking would put them in an uncomfortable position – an answer might require another question, and then another. All answers will sound like the rhetoric of the last four years, and we all know what that is.

    This was a warm, fuzzy, feel-good speech. Absolutely nothing else. That is why the Prayer Breakfast Speech by Dr. Carson was not only so good, but also angered the Media. Kudos, Dr. Carson!

  • Sakemoto

    Great questions but what “journalist” has the nads to ask those questions? The President will perform his disappearing act to avoid the potential of being asked tough questions and if he gets a single one, we’ll once again get to witness a modern-day filibuster.

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    Good article that helps to explain the intolerance of the Libtard coupled with his Orwellian belief in “all things Obama.” Now, how can we get this distilled down to the lowest common denominator, the Low Information Voter, so that, coupled with positive Voter ID’s, America can elect some real leaders based upon capability, patriotism and service to the nation?

    Every time Obama speaks…I go running for my goggles because I know I am about to be hit in the face with a pile of Horse Crap!

    We need to RESIST the Marxist Occupier in the White House and his Politburo who seek to dictate to we free Americans.

  • nickshaw

    Permit me to answer for Skeeter seeing as he won’t, even if asked, will you Michael?

    1) Universal daycare–This program will add a great many teachers to the union rolls. More teachers means more money from the unions for me and mine. And it doesn’t hurt to indoctrinate the tykes at an early age to “union power”.
    2) Minimum wage–Yeah, I know it does nothing for the workers but, imagine how much more money we have to spend! Not from income taxes, of course. Minimum wage earners don’t pay any. But that juicy payroll tax is there for the picking and you know who has to pay most of that!
    3) Spending cuts–God, you people are stupid! I just have to say we cut spending and my congressional lapdogs along with a willfully ignorant press corps convince an equally ignorant public that it’s true. Don’t believe me? How do you explain why I can get away with this while adding nearly $6 trillion dollars to the deficit? Me, cut spending, are you serious?
    4) Climate change–Yes, I’m waiting for congress to act because there’s no way I want this albatross hung around my neck! We know there’s no reason to combat “climate change”, heck, even the environazis admit it has nothing to do with climate but, even without congress, if I get enough stupid people to clamor for action I’ll use that as cover for any executive orders I make. Hey, I’m just doing what the people want, right?
    5) Adding dimes–Again, you people don’t have a clue! I make all sorts of noise about taxing the rich so the Republican clowns look like they are defending rich people while at the same time I can ding the middle class with higher hidden taxes and fees and no one notices! Maybe you should check my answers to questions 1,2 and 4 to see what I mean.
    6) Cayman Islands loophole– You clowns are always distracted by shiny objects. Do you seriously think I’m going to close loopholes that help me and mine to keep our money? So Republicans do it too, no skin off my nose! We just have to point out that they do it and the press run with it. They don’t even bother to check if we do it! It’s a beautiful thing I tell ya’!
    7) Gun control–Simple, it makes gun rights people look like monsters. It’s so much easier to take away the rights of monsters, isn’t it? Eventually, all the guns will be in the hands of people I control. You gotta’ like that! Don’t you? Well, don’t you?

    8) Dysfunction– The past! You guys are always looking at the past! What has that to do with anything? That was another America. An America we are fundamentally changing. It doesn’t matter what happened then nor does it matter what I said and did then! Don’t you see? I can get the press to ignore whatever I told you a couple of years ago, how hard do you think it is to get them to ignore what anybody did decades ago? Besides, we’re changing the past as we speak. Have you picked up a school textbook lately? That Zinn guy is a God send, I tell you!

    Good enough? I thought you’d appreciate our little chat. Now quit complaining and just go along with me. I know what’s best for you.

  • Iklwa

    Your basic problem is that you are expecting the truth from
    folks who have no qualms lying to get their objectives completed.

    They expect conservatives to play by rules.

    Conservatives expect others to play by rules.

    Liberals have no such delusions regarding “fair play”, rules
    or the truth confusing their ability to stare into a television camera and lie…and
    sleep at night.

    In their minds, the ends justify the means.

    They may not openly admit it but in those smoky meeting
    rooms they laugh about the naivety of their opposition and congratulate
    themselves on how smart they really are.

    I hope you aren’t hope you are not holding your breath
    waiting for good questions and perhaps even more foolishly expecting truthful answers.

  • wally12

    Rush has Obama pegged correctly. Obama doesn’t want to lead and therefore only spews out ideas that he knows will enact emotional support. He never gets involved with the legislation and therefore can always point to some else being at fault for any failure and will claim credit for any success. To add some of Michael’s article, the press should ask why is Finland so successful in educating their children when kids do not begin school until age 7? Mr President, you already use the EPA to further your agenda on global warming. Why do you need congress. What will congress give to your cause? Mr. President, you state that if even one life is saved from controlling guns, it is worth doing. Why don’t you identify the root cause of the attacks and save thousands of lives? Is it because you really have another agenda? Mr. President, you state that you want programs that create jobs and that your proposals that use tax payer money will do that. Why do you not use your powers to provide an easing of restrictive/overbearing regulations to assist the private sector to use private funds to create jobs? The classic example is that allowing companies to drill on federal lands and off shore and Alaska would only take your permission and make the US energy independent. That would mean $300 to $400 billion dollars that stay in the US and not be exported to other countries. In addition, the cost of gasoline and fuel oil would drop from your $4 per gallon to approximately $2 per gallon and save the public another $387 billion per year. Think about how many less food stamps would be required. Oh, I am sorry, that is not your agenda.

  • Sue

    Michael, If it is true that asking the right questions is essential to uncovering the truth, you should be congratulated for asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS. What else would we expect from a logical mind? Your business savvy shows through as well. And like some of your readers so wisely pointed out below, there are even MORE questions that need answers.

  • Ted Crawford

    Valid questions, all! However, the answer is exactly the same for each one; “Because, it’s very easy to sell these destructive, counter productive, unsustainable ideas to My Coven of Useful Idiots!”
    “It is laughably easy to sell anything, promising either something else free from the Government or that takes something away from successful people. It’s a guarentee, if I can do both at the same time! You can actually watch them orgasam, by just hearing such a proposal!”

  • Drew Page

    He also said Obamacare wouldn’t cost taxpayers making less than $200,000 a single dime in additional taxes. He said we don’t have a spending problem in the federal government. He said he would post all proposed legislation on the internet for five days before signing it into law. He said his administration would be the most transparent in history. He said he would cut the deficit he inherited in half by the end of his first term. He said he would close Guantanemo by the end of his first year in office. He said that increasing the national debt was a failure in leadership and unpatriotic. He said lots of things. Most all of which proved to be BS.

    • nickshaw

      The LSM has already forgotten all of those promises and talking points, Drew.
      That’s the beauty of socialism. The past can be safely ignored or even revised because every day is a brand new one.
      Who’s going to check?
      And, even if they do, it’s explained as “politicians always make promises they don’t intend to keep” or “the other” prevents them from implementing their grandiose plans .
      And we just go along with it, accepting it as a normal course of events.
      Imagine how easy it will be to get elected when politicians figure out they can promise you a 20 year longer life span and a guaranteed $50K a year from the government whether you work or not?
      That’s not too far off and people will believe that too and vote accordingly.

  • Murray the KY

    ah yes, the dreaded gov’t shutdown. “now hear this, all non-essential gov’t employees will not report for duty. that is all.” if you owned a business, just how many non-essential employees would YOU hire???

    • nickshaw

      Hah! That’s a damn good question, Murray!

  • Vincent R Bickler

    Michael, you nailed the problem facing our great nation. We have a president and press that continue to distort reality, and get away with it daily. Richard Nixon used to refer to the real folks in our country as the “silent majority”. It is time for the silence to be broken with loud voices of conservatives from coast to coast protesting the status quo. Time for the Tea Party to march on D.C., again.

  • cmacrider

    Michael: For these excellent questions to be asked, it would be necessary to have a journalist with a critical analytic mind to formulate the questions and a free press as the forum from which to ask those questions. Unfortunately, with rare exceptions, American journalist don’t seem to possess that kind of mindset, and the various press agencies they work for are simply lackeys for Obama. The result is a deliberately misinformed public in a country which celebrates freedom of the press but in fact are more shackled than Pravda.

    • Drew Page

      The MSM have betrayed the trust of the American public. The networks, their owners and “news” reporters are liberal supporters of Obama who openly support him, refuse to ask him questions that might embarrass him and attack his critics and opponents. The same is true of the majority of big city newspapers, with the exception of the Wall Street Journal.

      • nickshaw

        The WSJ has their days too, Drew.

  • Thewryobservator

    This is a great list of questions, all direct, and pertinent. I would love to see the interview.

    • nickshaw

      Unfortunately, you won’t, TWO.
      Skeeter’s handlers won’t allow it for one thing and if a reporter gets cute and slips these questions in…well…you know how Skeeter answers questions.