Sticks and Stones

by Burt Prelutsky

In spite of Barack Obama’s belated call for civility in political discourse, we had Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) comparing Republicans campaign to repeal ObamaCare to Goebbels’ use of Nazi propaganda to bring on the Holocaust. Some people wondered why, after this vulgar display of obvious lunacy, the president didn’t call him on the carpet. I suspect it was because Rep. Cohen might have said something pertinent about pots insulting kettles.

Mr. Cohen might have brought up any number of Obama’s intemperate remarks, including “They bring a knife, we bring a gun,” “Get in their faces,” “I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry. I’m angry!” “Hit back twice as hard,” “A Republican victory would mean hand-to-hand combat,” “I’m itching for a fight,” “Sit down, shut up and get out of the way,” and his famous advice to Latino voters: “Punish your enemies.” It’s not exactly in the style of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King or, heaven knows, even Miss Manners. Actually, if you close your eyes, you might swear it was Al Capone.

Equally dismissive of Obama’s blatantly hypocritical words was Spike Lee, the black racist who admits his blood boils whenever he encounters a biracial couple, who said that America is the most violent nation in the history of the world. He didn’t identify which world he had in mind, but apparently it wasn’t one that included Iran, the Soviet Union, China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Castro’s Cuba or Nazi Germany. Put a “Reverend” in front of his name and you might think the ditz had inherited Jeremiah Wright’s pulpit. When those on the left make such utterly stupid statements, it is quite natural to assume that liberalism is a mental disease, just like paranoia and schizophrenia, but one that hasn’t been identified and labeled because it’s allowed to pass for political opinion.

Not too long ago, I saw Roseanne Barr on Bill O’Reilly’s show. She got my attention when she said that she hated liberals, but she went on to explain that she’s a socialist. So then I sat there waiting for O’Reilly to put her on the spot by asking her why, in that case, she owned the macadamia ranch in Hawaii. In a socialist society, after all, it would be the workers who owned it.

When he went on to another topic, I found myself wondering if O’Reilly even knows what a socialist is. Perhaps I have stumbled into the reason he always appears so shocked whenever someone like Dick Morris, Laura Ingraham or Karl Rove, identifies Obama as being one.

Neil Abercrombie

Speaking of Hawaii, its Democratic governor, Neil Abercrombie, recently admitted that they have been unable to track down Obama’s actual birth certificate. And while I acknowledge that even some conservative pundits have joined the left-wing knuckleheads in dismissing a certain number of patriots as “birthers,” the fact remains that the founding fathers wouldn’t have stipulated prerequisites to being president if they hadn’t thought it mattered.

The good news for liberals is that even though nobody has been able to turn up the official document, they have sworn testimony by several people who just happened to have been in the Honolulu delivery room on August 4, 1961. They include Rahm Emanuel, Harry Reid, Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett, Henry Waxman, Bill Maher and Chris Matthews. The attending physician was Dr. Keith Olbermann and the head nurse was Nancy Pelosi.

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  • Deus

    My god, you’re an idiot! How are you allowed to “debate” politics when you don’t know what politics are? You obviously have no idea what socialism is, yet you attack it, WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!

    And then you ask if Bill O’Reilly knows what a socialist is. I think he has a better clue than you are capable of ever having

  • childminding

    You could definitely see your skills in the work you write. The arena hopes for even more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. All the time follow your heart.

  • GrandeAnde

    It seems that the obama team has been busy planting anomalies and spreading false information in order to show what kooks the Republicans are!! This is a copy of the 1960-1964 Birth Index showing obama’s entry, with a planted anomaly:

    And remember how Janice Okubo of the HI Dept. of Health stated on the record that HI no longer issued the “long form birth certificate”? Well, there is a you tube vid of a woman ordering her in the Honolulu Dept of Health in July 2010. There are a lot more of these things out there. obama’s team has been busy planting all this since 2008. WOW.

    • Bob Hadley

      It sounds as if you’re saying that both links you cite are absurd (which they are*) and that the Obama team has planted them to keep the controversy alive to discredit Republicans. If this is in facts what you are saying, where is the evidence that those links and other similar items were planted by the Obama people? I know Karl Rove suggested that the Obama people are trying to keep this controversy alive, but he has provided no evidence.

      There are Republican kooks and right wing kooks, just as there are kooks all over the political spectrum.

      *The video links cited above are absurd. The first one shows a so-called anomaly of the name right above Barrck Obama’s. There’s no anomaly or deviation in Barrack Obama’s name. Further, there is nothing showing that that list was taken from the Department of Health records.

      The second link show some people at what appears to be the Vital Statistics office of the Honolulu Department of Health. The link merely shows these getting something. What they were getting is not shown.

      I went to that very office in 2005 and got several copies of my certified Certificate of Live Birth. They do not give out the so-called long form. That form is not a legal document. I don’t even know how to get my long form.

  • Bob Hadley

    Thanks. Yes, he is a member of the professional right. I suspect his byline about being a real nice guy is true. I don’t doubt he’s a terrific family man and a great friend. Maybe in adddition to the profit motive, he derives some type of therapeutic benefit from character assassination in his articles. I’m reminded of a comedy I once saw about this male hair dresser who was uncommonly nice and gentle to everyone but was also a viscous boxer. When he stopped boxing he also stopped being a nice, gentle man. Lol.

    But taking his words at face value, which we must do, he is apparently a self-described liberal. He says liberals have compromised characters, and, in addition, don’t care about the truth. Sounds like he’s talking about himself.

    He’s boxed in. If he cared about facts, he’d have to get a new routine. He is a good entertainment writer though.

    • MarioP

      Burt does that a lot, boxing himself in. He can’t back up his claims, because he can’t dispute the truth once it is presented to him. Who knows, maybe he does eventually see the truth once the facts are posted, but how would his newly discovered truth fly with his followers and bosses? The only agenda the Right has is to lower taxes for the upper classes, at all expenses, even if it means increasing the national debt.

      But hey, such a twisted mentality ins’t surprising from the Right. The majority can’t generate a coherent thought themselves and absorb the simplest lies as the truth without questioning them. Remember all those crowds chanting “Drill Baby Drill”? I bet none of those mob participants understood the very basics of the oil industry, yet they thought they had the answer for lowering the price of gasoline. What silliness.

  • Kim

    Amen Brother Burt. Keep it coming…

  • Bruce A.

    Funny Burt. Where did you come up with the witness list in the delivery room?
    Nurse Nancy Pelosi? Rahn Emmanuel, he reminds me of Igor the lab assistant.

  • Wil Burns

    Burt, You ain’t funny, you just look funny!

  • stmichrick

    We don’t want to be around if someone proves that Obama was born elsewhere; there would be riots beyond those that happened after MLK was murdered. Let’s drop it already. The reason the original Birth Certificate is lost is because it has the word ‘Muslim’ on it.

    As for Civility, that is code for Don’t Argue With Us. Remember, the professional Left does not want to argue facts or ideas; just the fact that you articulated them

    • Bob Hadley

      The professional right does not want to bother with real facts or ideas, either. Ideologues and those having a vested interest in the their politics will seek to rationalize their politics. If that means making things up, then so be it.

      BTW, how do you know the “original” birth certificate (which I assume means his hospital-generated birth certificate) for Pres. Obama was lost and how do you know that it contained the word “Muslim” on it? Just asking….

      Civility is code for having real dialogue based on real facts without any name calling or other personal attacks. Ideologues of all stripes don’t like to be challenged or to have real dialogue with those with whom they disagree because then they might have to modify their ideas. They wallow in intellectual atrophy.

  • peter

    Bob Hadley…I agree that the COLB produced is a legal form of identity. The bigger problem is that Obama was never vetted by any state in the union(except Hawaii) and therefore hasn’t proved he is eligible to run even for dog catcher to use an old phrase. As to the evidence by the birthers, there’s that pesky little birth certificate from Kenya. There’s the fact that ANYBODY could have registered a live birth in Hawaii, regardless of where they were born, during the formation of the state and for a few years after,( you know, so the goverment knows who to tax). This was a way to also learn the number of living people from native sources, etc… And lastly, the newspaper clippings, my grandmother lived in New Hampshire and because she worked at a small newspaper, she too could fill in, so when i was born it was reported for all her friends to see. Does that make me a resident of New Hampshire?

    • Bob Hadley

      Did you actually look at that purported birth certificate from Kenya that someone produced well AFTER the controversy of Obama’s birth place had been brewing? It was obviously phony. It had the wrong names on it. The numbering was inconsistent. Theh person who created it appeared not to know that the Republic of Kenya was not declared until 1964.

      The birth announcements are contributory evidence (the main evidence being his official birth certificate- the COLB). Why don’t you investigate how the Honolulu Star-Bulletin and the Honolulu Advertiser got the names and dates of newly borns?

      As for Obama’s birth not being “vetted” in any other state and therefore Obama is not eligible to be Pres. of the U.S., there is that pesky document called the Constitution of the United States. Have you read it lately? Read the full faith and credit clause, for starters. Why do you think an official drivers’ license in one state is accepted in all states, for example? Why do you think an official birth certificate in one state is recognized in all states? The hospital birth certificate in Hawaii in neither legal nor official. It is not recognized by the state of Hawaii, and therefore would not be recognized by any state.

      • peter

        and lastly, When Barrack Hussein Obama was ADOPTED by Lolo Sotelo and became a citizen of Indonesia, he renounced his citizenship of the US. There is no record of his ever changing his name legally BACK, or ever becoming a US citizen AGAIN, so we also have the problem of an fake and a liar in the house….. this he tells us himself in his first book

        • Bob Hadley

          I read “Dreams of My Father,” President Obama’s first book. I must have missed where he said he was adopted. If he was legally adopted, then why did his last name not change? If not legally adopted, then BFD: he simply functioned with his Mom and step-father as a family for the few years he was in Indonesia, just as with thousands of other kids across this country whose parents have remarried.

          Maybe you can come up with more bogus documents?

          The allegations that he became a citizen of Indonesia and that he renounced his American citizenship are new to me. Exactly where did you get these statements of fact? If they were in “Dreams of My Father,” at least tell me what chapter it was in. I certainly don’t remember that from his book.
          If, on the other hand, you are simply making things up to rationalize your animus (or whatever carving you’re feeling) then, according to stmichrick, you must be a liberal.

          • peter

            keep the blinders up Bob, no use in looking at anything else…are you seriously going to tell me you believe the drivel in that book. It was credited to him but there is no way he wrote it. they are so many “made up anecdotal” happenings that i wonder if he really knows who he is…..

          • Bob Hadley

            Whoaaaaaaaaaa Peter

            You were the one who cited his book as documentation of purported facts, i.e. that he was adopted in Indonesia, that he became an Indonesian citizen and that he renounced his American citizenship. I was asking you where in his book he said all this. I wanted you to give me tbhe chapter so i could look up these items. I strongly doubt that they’re in his book, but I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt.

            Now you’re saying that his book is complete drivel?????? Why evade my question as to exactly where you get those purported facts?

            How do you know he didn’t write the book and how do you know it contains made up anecdotes??? Are you making up your own “facts” again? According to some of the posts here, that would make you a liberal.

            It sounds as if you are confused as to who you really are.

            I’m not necessarily saying that your statements are false. Being a true conservative, you will certainly document your “facts” when so requested.

            You’re also getting petulent and evasive because I’m trying to discuss facts and ideas with you. And we all know that only liberals do that, right?

    • Bob Hadley

      To say that anyone can get a COLB from the State of Hawaii, Dept of Health vital statistics office is pure fiction. Why don’t you investigate the procedures used by the Department of Health, vital statistics office in creating a COLB?

      Further, why don’t you demonstrate your absurd allegation that ANYBODY can get a COLB from the State of Hawaii? I can guarantee that you will be unable to get a COLB for anyone not actually born in Hawaii. The birthers have probably already tried this.

  • Konrad Lau

    Production of a birth certificate seems a rather simple task when compared to dealing with folks who want the Earth “bathed in blood”.

    Most states require a birth certificate to gain a simple driver’s license (except of course if you live in Washington State where illegal aliens get licenses with proof of residency being a utility bill with their name printed on it). I would think it would be a simple matter for the President to produce his birth certificate. Maybe if he showed a light bill with his name on it the issue would disappear? After all, he has the codes for the nuclear attack submarines. Unless he believes the controversy helps keep attention diverted from his main agenda.

    He has supporters spending time defending the lack of documentation and his detractors criticizing the lack thereof.

    My question remains: Why has he not put the issue to bed once and for all?

    Maybe he is just waiting for the polling numbers to come in…

    • Bob Hadley

      You need to read my post again. In Hawaii, the Certificate of Live Birth is the official birth certificate. It is the legal birth certificate that everyone relies on for their passport, state ID, drivers’ license, etc. My hunch is that most of Hawaii born haven’t even seen their hospital-generated birth certificates. I don’t even know how to get my hospital-generated birth certificate.

      y law, it is presumed that the info on the Certificate of Live Birth is true. It is an official document. The burden of proof is on the birthers to show that it is false. They have no evidence. Someone produced a so-called birth certificate that purportedly showing Obama was born in Kenya. The problem was that the birth certificate was obviously fake. Even on its face, thatt birth certificate reeked of phoniness.

      Why hasn’t Obama put the issue to bed for once and for all? You may as well ask why President George W. Bush hasn’t put to bed for one and for all that 9/11 was not an inside job. Certain people will believe what they want to believe, reality be damned. If Obama’s legal and official birth certificate (the copy of his certified Certificate of Live Birth) doesn’t convince people, nothing will.

  • Clarence De Barrows

    Bob Hadley: … “are you relying on something the celebrity journalist Mike Evans said ???????????” …
    What might your credentials be, Mr. Hadley?

    • Bob Hadley

      My credentials are not relevant. Evans recanted what he said. I do something called independent investigation. Look at the various reputable sources. Be wary of those partisans or those with an axe to grind. And verify, verify, verify. Look for facts. Whatever happened to “Just the facts, Ma’am”?

  • Bob Hadley


    You are woefully wrong when you say that “…nobody has been able to turn up the official document [of President Obama’s birth],…” You are apparently referring to the hospital-generated birth certificate.

    The Hawaii Revised Statutes, Section 338-41(a) states: “The department of health may make regulations respecting the form of Hawaiian birth certificates and certified copies of such certificates and other matters relating to Hawaii birth certificates as appear necessary and the regulations . . . shall have the force of law.”

    Section 338-41(b) states: “Any certificate of Hawaiian birth issued heretofore under or by virtue of any law of the Territory of Hawaii or the State, shall be prima facie evidence of the facts therein stated.”

    Obama has posted a copy of his certified Certificate of Live Birth on his Web site. I was born in Hawaii and got a passport with a certified copy of my Certificate of Live Birth obtained from the Department of Health, Vital Statistics section. I’ve never seen my “real” birth certificate.

    When a Hawaii born person applies for a Hawaii state I.D. he must submit a certified copy of his Certificate of Live Birth (his hosapital-generated birth certificate is unacceptable). When filing a paternity petition or, in any legal proceeding where a Hawaii-born person’s birth information is at issue, the courts here will not accept a hospital-generated birth certificate. They will only accept the official document–a certified copy of the Certificate of Live Birth.

    The director of Hawaii’s Department of Health, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, verified two years ago that she has seen President Obama’s “original vital records” regarding his birth.

    In addition, there were two birth announcements of President Obama’s birth, one in each of the two leading Honolulu daily newspapers. Back then, these newspapers would announce live births as “fillers.” They got the information from the various hospitals.

    With all this evidence on one side of the ledger, what kind of evidence should the birthers have? Don’t extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence? Do the birthers even have ordinary evidence? Remember, accusations, screaming, chanting and innuendos are not evidence. A rambling statement by Gov. Abercrombie is not evidence, either.

    Remember, the certified copy of Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth is, by law, prima facie evidence that the information contained therein is true and correct. And after all, we are a nation of laws, right?

    Has any President published his hospital-generated birth certificate, i.e. proven in your mind that he’s a native born American?

    Do facts matter?

    • Bob Hadley

      One more comment. As for that alleged statement by Gov. Abercrombie saying he could not find Pres. Obama’s hospital-generated birth certificate, are you relying on something the celebrity journalist Mike Evans said??????????? If so, you need to know that Evans has said that he misspoke, that Abercrombie told him no such thing.

      I’m currently investigating this. I should have known better than to take accept your word.

      Don’t you do any investigation before you write??????????

      I guess facts get in the way of a good story and are unprofitable for you.

    • James

      “And after all, we are a nation of laws, right?” No, not anymore. Guess you missed how the President declared DOMA unconstitutional and he was instructing the Justice Dept. not to enforce the law. Do you see problems with this.

      • Bob Hadley

        Yes, I do see a problem with that. The Obama administration continues to enforce DOMA, however, as it is legally required to do. The administration is declining to defend DOMA in court, however.

        I think the Obama adminitration should probably defend DOMA in court. But, let’s get something straight, Pres. Obama is not legally required to defend DOMA in court. About a half dozen times in the recent past, president’s have declined to defend laws they found repugnant.

        If a Republican is elected President in 2012 and declines to defend the health care law, will you voice this same concern?

        • MarioP


          Good write up about Burt’s lack of fact verification on Obama’s birth certificate. But do you blame him? He writes a new blog every other day, jumping from one topic to another. How can he fully investigate every issue he spins into a weak argument that pretty much every conservatives absorbs as the truth? I’m still waiting for his comment about the Republican presidents’ weak performances and the truth about the oil industry. You can imagine how convincing his rare one liner replies are. I’m here to educate the uninformed voters and add doubt in their stubborn minds. I don’t expect them to change their vote, as they will never admit they were wrong the entire time.