Sun Still Rises After Sequester So Prez Comes Up With Plan B To Insure Hardship

Stupid GovtSo what’s a president supposed to do when it looks like his credibility is going down the drain because he made up scary stories about how sequester was going to end life as we know it?  Come up with Plan B, what else.

First, a few words about Plan A.  Remember when the president and his posse told us about how meat inspectors would get furloughed and meat wouldn’t get inspected?  And how long lines at the airport would get even longer? And how kids wouldn’t get educated because teachers would lose their jobs? And how the sun wouldn’t come up in the morning? (Okay, I made that one up).  All because of sequester?

And remember how he didn’t bother to tell us that even after sequester the federal government would still spend billions more this year than last year?  Which means – despite what he did tell us – there would be absolutely no cuts in spending … just cuts in the increase in spending … and really small cuts at that, a few pennies on the dollar.

Then the really bad news kicked in, for the president anyway.  The sun came up and no one died because they ate tainted meat and kids didn’t get kicked out of school and teachers didn’t get laid off and blah blah blah blah blah.

So here’s where Plan B comes in.  The president had to show us that he really was right about the hardship he predicted, so he flexed his political muscles and did what any great leader of the American people would do: He shut down tours to the White House, just as spring break for little kids was approaching.

Would you expect less from the most powerful man on the planet?

Except just as he looked foolish predicting gloom and doom in the first place, he looked even more foolish when inconvenient facts started emerging – facts about how much money his administration is flushing down the toilet; money that could have been used to keep those White House tours going – for about a billion years!

Thanks to Tom Coburn, the Republican senator from Oklahoma, we learn that taxpayers are funding a government program that studies how cocaine affects the reproductive habits of quail – and not even American quail.  We’re shelling out $181,000 to figure out how blow affects Japanese quail.  This is no joke, and I’m guessing whatever government chucklehead came up with this brilliant idea was high on cocaine himself at the time.

Senator Coburn lays out a number of other incredible examples of government waste in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, a column in which he tells us that “Instead of forcing Americans to spend more time in airport screening lines, [Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano] can find savings in the wasteful grant program that gave America an underwater robot for Columbus, Ohio and a BearCat armored-personnel carrier to guard a pumpkin festival in Keene, N.H. (population 23,000).  Trimming this $830 million grant program by just one third could avoid Transportation Security Administration furloughs entirely.”

And Kimberly Strassel, in another Journal column, has put together another list detailing how this government wastes billions of our tax dollars.  Did you know that the White House employs three calligraphers?  Did you know they make a total of $277,000 a year?  How about this: The Environmental Protection agency gave away $141,000 – fasten your seat belt! — to fund a Chinese study on swine manure.  And the National Science Foundation shelled out $325,000 to build – wait for it — a robotic squirrel.

Ms. Strassel writes that, “The government gave a $3700 grant to build a miniature street in West Virginia – out of Legos.  It shelled out $500,000 to support specialty shampoo products for cats and dogs.”

We may not have enough money to let little kids from around the country tour the White House, but we have $27 million to fund – ready for this? – pottery classes … in Morocco!

There’s more.  A lot more.  But I’m getting sick just typing up all this stuff. You should be too, unless you’re part of the roughly 50% of Americans who don’t pay any federal income tax – so why should you care, right?

One more thing, about the sequester catastrophe that hasn’t happened.  It still might.  Barack Obama can make it happen anytime he wants.  All he has to do is order his people to shut something else down besides those White House tours.  He has the power to make things worse.  And he’s just the kind of politician that will do it — and then blame Republicans, calculating that the American people are too dumb to see what he’s doing.

I never thought I’d so much as think this, let alone write it for others to see … but I miss Jimmy Carter.

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  • Adrian Vance

    Obama is out to crash America, see violence in the streets, declare martial law and himself President-for-life.

    See The Two Minute Conservative at: and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

    • Phil Silverman

      Adrian, Why do you say that? Based upon swhat Obama actions? Trying to get 100% background checks and remove guns that carry 30 bullets? Crash America? Ha! ya mean by telling healthcare insurers they can no longer raise premiums 40% povernite with no explanations and deny cancer victims coverage – people who CAN and WANT TO pay a premium – because of $$$$ reasons. Want to resussitate Bin Laden and tell GM and Chrysler buyers to return their cars? Is the 2 Minute Conservative a guy Alex Jones would like? :)

  • shallowdeath

    When you look deep into his eyes when you hear his word’s
    you know the object of scorn is all of you then you find the true cause that
    drives this man so full of hate to punish a nation a people he has sworn to
    protect and whose laws he has vowed to uphold and yet you see every action
    taken by this man and his people is not to benefit that nation or those people but
    to punish them for that is his true legacy to fulfilled the dreams of his

  • Phil Silverman

    Instead of trashing the President for the 9,000th time for fun and profit why not direct some of that fair and balanced thing to the most OBSTRUCTIONIST HOUSE in History? You think they play no part in this economic mess?

    • preepree

      Sorry, Mr Silverman but no matter how many times you post – and you seem to enjoy trashing Mr Goldberg – it won’t change the facts. This President is a mean-spirited reincarnation of Jimmy Carter. The MSM has tried their best to hide this from the American people but the truth is starting to seep out.

      Mr Goldberg please continue to report the truth!

      • Phil Silverman

        He reports what the far right believes is the truth. Explain Obama’s mean-spiritedness by telling insurers to no longer deny cancer patients coverage for mercenary reasons; in fighting to get construction workers back on the job despite the GOP’s 2009 declaration of War on blue collar – yes, all that stimulus $$$$ returned for partisan reasons. Was he extra mean when he sheepishly offered away his 2012 re-election by offering John Birch Boehner a nearly 4 trillion $$$ cut in the big 3? When he continued Bush II programs like Tarp, Solyndra, Bush II’s tax relief for zillionaires program? Bernie has written racially charged pieces before and this blog obviously contains all kinds of racially charged – “Obama is the alfalfa and the omega”, etc., junk. He seems to have no monitoring of his own site. Now, give us a specific EXAMPLE of Obama’s “mean spiritedness”.

  • Phil Silverman

    yeah, Bern’, it must be really great to be TOO POOR TO PAY FEDERAL TAXES.

  • nobamasux

    ONE DAY – ONE DAY –somebody WILL TALK!! the man is a FRAUD & LIAR! when he is hauled off to PRISON – wil the LSM report it?

    • Phil Silverman

      Hauled off for what particular infringement? Do not refer to Foxnews internal memos, please.

      • preepree

        Mr Silverman for someone who hates Mr Goldberg and Fox News you sure spend a lot of time reading his articles and watching FNC. No matter how often you post you can’t change the facts – this President is incompetent.

  • Jeffrey Price

    Ploicy: Assume that every thing obama says is a lie until proven otherwise.

  • 1Haole_Boy

    OBAMA: Da Boy Who Wen Cry Wolf Li’dat!!
    Ho da stupid eh dis guy stay yellin wolf fo’ days aready!!! We wen run ontop da hill choke times and no mo’ wolf!!
    MEANWHILE…….One real kine wolf wen go by him but no mo’ nobody tink he fo’ real kine, so, da wolf wen grine on him and da kine sheeps. THE END

  • wally12

    I think historians will view Obama as you view Carter.

  • LennyPincus
  • Pete

    When Obama ran for office in 2008 he said, if elected president, he would look at the budget line by line and get rid of the things that are not working and are not needed. When is he going to do that? He has had 4 years and has done nothing.

    • Phil Silverman

      Done nothing? Since mid-2009, all uparrow job creation, despite the plans of the GOP that year to become the Most Obstructionist House in History; restoration of the auto indus.; capturing BIn Laden after W. gave up in 2006; credit card/student loan/wall street reform; AFCA, using Ronneycare experts and sourcing the 1993 GOP alternative.

  • ARJ127

    Perhaps you should all get over yourselves. The DJ average is running its longest wining streak since 1996. BTW, it’s also at all-time highs. Maybe American business has recovered under this “socialist” President.

  • Wheels55

    Obama thought Americans were dumb enough to believe his Chicken Little stories – probably because we were dumb enough to elect him twice. It just seemed logical to Obama that we would go for whatever he said. He forgot one major thing: When you talk about giving people things, people listen and want to believe. But when you talk about taking away things (like shorter lines at TSA, police, fire, etc), people think there is something fishy going on. He is the guy that is supposed to give, not take. Maybe, just maybe, by the end of his second term, his followers will see that he did nothing much at all for them.
    The GOP has a short window to redefine itself. Do it right!!

  • Bob Z.

    Dear Bernie, Your final comment floors me… period. I think about leaving for Costa Rica and running the risk of living in “The Ring of Fire” under the threat of a possible tsunami coming my way. It’s people like you and O’Reilly and some others who continue to brings these observations to the forefront in the hopes that more citizens will become aware and participate in the system that keeps me here. May God Bless You Bernie.

  • rlpincus
  • rlpincus
  • moronpolitics

    Unfortunately I still constantly run into Black People who LOOK like they are intelligent enough to tie their own shoes and cross the street by themselves smirking about how this idiot’s re-election was “good for ME”. They seem to think life is like a football game and the teams are determined by what colors we wear. In this case it’s skin instead of uniforms and helmets, but the principle is the same. An idiot is an idiot regardless of color. The ones I run into at the Tea Party insisting that THEY will never support someone who doesn’t believe in Noah’s ark and a 6000 year old earth are AT LEAST as stupid as those others. At least.

    • Phil Silverman

      explain how Obama is so bad for “Black people”. Yes, unemployment in that “group” is way too high but Obama has the most Obstructionist House in history, almost 500 filibusters and a ridiculous amount of clotures. In 2009, the GOP suits got together and silently declared war on the blue collar, actually Obama’s base. Return stimulus $$$$, decline on infrastructure contracts as much as possible. But African Americans have high numbers as police, fire fighters, and teachers, who have ben layed off, furloughed, etc., FOR POLITICAL REASONS only in Red states.

  • PeterFitzwell

    Looks like the govt. is turning on its citizens with actions like this.

  • FloridaJim

    Carter was a poor President but not a mean man. Obama is both a poor President and a mean man. He is setting himself up to become King in 2014.

    • Phil Silverman

      Why was Carter poor? If not for the Oil Embargo and the Hostage action – both of which he had ZERO control over – he was not bad. He left the Gipper a 1 trillion $$$$ debt, not good. BUT, the Gipper left 2.6 to Bush I. Carter was a war hero. I think his attitude on Israel is disgraceful but he was not a bad President. Explain why Obama is “poor” and “mean”. I guess you want to resussitate Bin Laden, go back to Iraq, tell all the GM buyers to return their cars and tell the healthcare insurers to go back to denying coverage to cancer victims for mercenary reasons.

  • soundnfury

    I hope this is the moment where he jumped the shark with the media. Hey… call me an optimist, but at least a guy can hope for a change.

  • oldman

    As my uncle would say when something was preposterous” I’m stupid but not that stupid!!! This man is stuck in pure “ignoranceville” he can’t get out and we can’t help him.

  • Bob

    Bernard, you disappointed me, you failed to mention that we’re paying bo’s dog walker $100K+

  • Phil Silverman

    yeah, “president”, “prez”…”he looked foolish”……howz about a few syllables on John Birch Boehner, Master Obstructionist, Bern’? You know, pal, you rant and rave and rail against the corrupted media and you show zero respect for Barack Obama in the most partisan and biased and racially charged way possible – following your rant against the African-American journalist who had the nerve to get emotional on TV after learning that Barack Obama won in ’08 – thus your Pulitzer level book (“..SLOBBERING…”).
    Now run to Big Bill to examine my statement and call me a flamin’ Lib’.

    • faxxmaxx

      You had us until you got to “racially charged”. What would you libs do without bringing up race in every single attack? I saw no mention of race, only wasteful spending. How do you get to race from there? You get me sick.

  • makdaddy

    Since Congress took over responsibility for the budget from the executive branch in the 70’s, our Government has been going down the toilet.

  • Gloria

    Sickening spending, just sickening. HOW do they get away with it? I read the robotic squirrel was designed to see how it reacted with rattlesnakes. Now that’s something we all need to know. And how is it that Japanese quail can afford a cocaine habit? If it weren’t my tax dollars being spent on these idiotic wastes of time and money, it would be funny. It is all of our tax dollars and we should be crying, not laughing. When will we find a leader who will stand up and identify these programs in a major public forum and then slash, slash, slash? We might even be able to lower the debt and the deficit and cut taxes to boot. It is devoutly to be wished. But not likely fulfilled.

  • Randy

    When will these DC clowns ever remember they are supposed to represent, provide for, and defend the citizens of THIS country first and the rest of the world second? I’ll bet I could cut 25% of the federal budget in one eight hour day.

  • Kevin G O’Brien

    Tried to share this story on FB but it posts a different story about WH tours being canceled instead! :-/

  • Robert Johnson

    Can’t blame you for missing Jimmy Carter. He might have been misguided, but at least he was a gentleman.

  • chief98110

    Apathy and the American press will let Mr. O get away with this.

  • 633

    OK-right up to the end. Missing Jimmy Carter is going too far.

  • EddieD_Boston

    It really is sickening to me how the media has given Obama such a free ride. Ten precent of the scrutiny Bush received and Romney wins and the country is on it’s way to economic growth, lasting a decade. They gave us this fool and just don’t seem to understand the damage he is doing.
    The middle-class has seen an increase in heath insurance premiums and $4 for a gallon of gas and most of Obama voters are too stupid to understand why.

  • joer1

    It seems to me that our attacks need to be focused upon the MEDIA. Government politicians will continue to do whatever they can get away with. Their “facilitators” are the MEDIA. I need we need to focus our laser beams there. Don’t read their crap … don’t patronize their advertisers… don’t subscribe … don’t watch … and never lose an opportunity to tell them and tell others.

    • Phil Silverman

      the media. the media. you including the internet? :)

  • Mari Jo O’Neill

    Thes wasteful spending sprees are so pathetic and no one seems to care that these are wasteful.. .Where is the oversight, amd who are the people that give this stuff away. They should be named and shamed for doing this and they should be held accountable. These few items are just a drop in the bucket because no one in this Federal Government seems to care that it is not their money. Whne is someone going to stand up & fire away at these lazy politician’s and keep hounding them day after day. There is the 2.2.Billion that Obama gave out to the cell phone program !!!!! Do you have one????? Why is this okay. There are billions of dollars that are waste, fraud and abuse in Medicare and the food Stamp Program and Unemployment program. Again no one seems to care. They need to get a group of non partisan people to take the Government Departments A to Z and line by line find the programs and grants that could be cancelled with no questions asked. I would like the names of all of the politician’s who initiated these programs and don’t care about the money that the taxpayers get stuck with. This is horrible and has to be stopped.

    • preepree

      Well the MSM will never report some of those free cell phones went to Democratic local organizers to use as ‘get-out-the-vote’ incentives. Apparently they were successful.

      • Phil Silverman

        do they report on the efforts of the Hard Right to create havoc at the voting booths? To try to overturn the Voting Rights act. But guess what? Obama’s “Low information” voters stood in line 8 hours.

      • Phil Silverman

        not a violation to give out stuff like that to campaign workers…both parties are guilty of handing out walkin’ around money to potential VOTERS- remember Christie Whitman’s “campaign”?>>>what was SUCCESSFUL for Obama was all those Americans standing in line for 8 hours in defiance of hard right, extremist voter suppression in the swing states. No?

    • Phil Silverman

      wasteful spending? Obama has had to spend on the Interest of the 11+ trillion dollar debt he inherited…maybe 3 trillion by now; he’s spent on the unfunded wars, unfunded pharma., unfunded tax relief for zillionaires; on Unemployment extensions because the Hard Right sends back stimulus $$$$ and refuses to repair a bridge. Okay?

  • Scott

    I’m a member of the Army Nat’l Guard and we were informed last week that because of the sequester, that as of March 8th the Army will no longer offer a program called Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA). This program pays a benefit of up to $250/credit hour to a maximum of $4,500/year. It was a great benefit which myself and many others I serve with took advantage of.

    Given the fact (or possibly assertion) that the sequester cuts the increase in government spending, why would this program be cut in the first place? It was funded just fine over the last 5 years that I used it.

    • Scott

      I also should add that $327 million was paid out last year for FTA. Almost as much as what was going to be given to Egypt.

  • Paul Courtney

    Bernie: I’ve not seen this question raised anywhere- if sequester was across-the-board-no-discretion-whatsoever cuts, who used “discretion” to cut 100% of White House tour budget, instead of spreading cut out? This “no discretion” is nonsense, and the proof is right there in this story. I know the disappointed kiddies is human interest, but I’m hoping someone, even Fox, will ask this.

  • Iklwa

    I’m betting, hoping, praying that you bit your tongue (or finger, or something) after writing that last bit about Carter.

    I must admit; however, that this fellow continually surprises me in the low caliber of his accusations and proclamations and all the while he seems perfectly able to sleep at night. Perhaps he doesn’t have to look at himself in the mirror. Presidents can get all kinds of perks for the asking. I seem to remember a $350 hair cut President Clinton obtained…I digress.

    I take my hat off to democrats of all stripes in their obvious immunity to shame.

    If everyone were able to freely lie like these cats, American society would be in much worse shape than it already is.

    Truly, such wonderful role models for the “yutes” of America.

  • Engr_n_TN

    I miss Jimmy Carter too, but my aim is improving day to day.

  • Pastor Ed

    Yes, Bernie, we miss Jimmie Carter a bit with you. However, Islam (including the terrorists) have it a lot better with the present Department of Monkeys in the White House. Great essay.

    • Phil Silverman

      Department of Monkeys? Why do you use “Monkeys” and can you be more specific? Is it a shame that cancer patients now cannot be denied coverage for mercenary reasons? That the auto industry is revitalized? What??

  • dhr

    He is really mean and petty. Not a characteristic I like to see in a leader.

  • New Yorker

    More whining and complaining from bitter Bernie Goldberg…Amazing how he makes money off feeding the haters..

    • Shrinque

      Would you be so kind as to actually answer Mr. Goldberg’s points and show where he is just “whining and complaining”? I, for one, will not be holding my breath.

      • Phil Silverman

        Mr. Goldberg’s points are derived from Roger Ailes memos.

        • Shrinque

          Would you be so kind as to provide the evidence by which you make that statement? Again, no selective apnea here.

          • Phil Silverman

            Have you ever watched Bernie on O’Reilly helping Mr. No Spin deal with his latest gaffe on The View? Do U know how Foxnews works? Watch the DVD “Outfoxed” and read the book. Also read THE FOX EFFECT and the 24-7 OBAMA HATE MACHINE. I watched Fox every single nite 1996 to about 2007 and I know what I’m talking about: Sammons writes memos to the hosts based upon what Ailes and Murdoch are ruminating about.

          • Shrinque

            .A book by George Soros’ stenographers at moveon,org,; a book by David Brock, who is as mendacious as he is pathetic; and a videographic plea for relevance by Bill Press? That’s your “evidence”? LOL. I thought you were being snarky and flip, but now I see you are just credulous and misinformed.

    • Phyliss Duke

      N.Y. go suck an EGG!

      “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” –M. L. King

      ARE YOU KEEPING SCORE ? I have, this is what the record show’s.
      Congressional Control: for 62 years
      U.S. House: 1951-2013, Rep. 9 times, Dem. 22 times. Two year terms
      U.S. Senate: 1951-2013, Rep. 10 times, Dem. 23 times. Six year terms

      Need help with the math?

      How did we ever get to where we are today? Count it over!

      “I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”- Barak Obama

      – Do you eat with that mouth ? -lcd

      • Phil Silverman

        and your “point” is? Who were the biggest cheerleaders with Vietnam and Iraq? The GOP. Who is the party sympathetic to segregationists since 1964? Who wants to go back to pre-1965 Voting Rights? Who wants to order an incest victim to deliver the child?

    • EddieD_Boston

      Feeding the haters? That passes for intelligent thought in your circles? If I’m so dumb how come I was smart enough to realize how in-over-his-head Obama is and you still don’t get it? Is 8% (probably closer to 12%) unemployment and anemic economic growth ok with you as the “new normal”? Maybe the stock market is doing so well b/c Wall Street senses the republicans will take the Senate in ’14?

      • Phil Silverman

        ask John Birch Boehner WHY employment is so high. why his party declared war on the bluecollar workforce in 2009. look it up, baby.

  • Solo4357

    These examples come up year after year. Why doesn’t any reporter, ANY! REPORTER! (even you Fox news!) ever just ask the president how can you spend money on these examples and tell us that we can’t cut anything? How can you spend money studying blow on Japanese Quails and close down White House tours? Just ask the g**d*** question. Someone. Anyone. Please.

    We have these articles all the time but no one, NO ONE, not ORelliy, not Fox, certainly not the mainstreamers ever just ask this simple direct question. To any president for that matter, wasn’t like this crap wasn’t going on during Bush’s administration. Never asked of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid. NEVER ASKED. Why?

  • Barjandor

    Pettiness, vindictive behaviour, meanspiritedness that is beneath the Office of the President of the United States.
    It’s too late now, because this individual doesn’t have to get re-elected in 2016, but he’s a prime candidate whose legacy will be that he was the worst President America has had the misfortune to endure.

  • Johnny Deadline

    Rahm Emmanuel once opined, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.” I guess if a manufactured crisis isn’t “serious” enough you have to whittle away the superfluousness of it to get to the bone. Obama makes us all nostalgic for Jimmy Carter’s innocent incompetence and buffoonery.

  • gbandy

    The fear mongering of Obama now is going to comeback and haunt his creditabilty on all matters including incidents like Benghazi. It seems the Rightwing side has been pointing out the lies and deceptions of Obama to really deaf ears for the past 4 years to no end. Once Obama crossed the line on the Sequestation and all the gloom and doom the Leftwing media seems to have had enough deceptions. Now with the DHS realeasing thousands of criminals upon the American puplic and at the same time buying billions of rounds of ammo, thousands of assault rifles, hundreds of Tanks, and of course $50mil in new uniforms even the most Liberal must see the disconnect of the Obama Adminisatration and the People. Imagine a President closing the Whitehouse to tours yet spending more money to play golf with Tiger Woods for one weekend than a whole year of tours cost. What a disgrace.

    • Phil Silverman

      “fearmongering” of Obama? Yeah, the guy who tried to five away his re-election with a 3.8 to 4.4 trillion $$$$ deficit reduction package. Benghazi? The CIA was on the scene in 25 minutes and did what they could considering the security defunding led by the Republicans. >>>Obama DISCONNECT with the people? YOU MEAN LIKE NEVER RAISING TAXES ON 95% of us? Yu mean like telling Healthcare Insurers to quit denying people ready and willing to pay a premium, that they are too expensive.>>what a disgrace: the President plays golf. What was Bush II doing when he refused to listen to official warnings of 9-11? Keep it…fair and balanced. :)

      • gbandy

        Normally I would not even answer such an ill-informed diatribe of comments. First your comments on Benghazi. Obama would not even take calls telling him of the attacks for over 5 hours and than flew to Las Vegas to campaign know the US was under attack. CIA intervention? BS! We had military ready to assist in Italy yet the WH would not permit such assistance. There was no defunding to protect Americans! Again you are misguided and certainly Ill-informed. Raising taxes on only 5% is good in your mind? Obviously you like to always have someone else pick up your tab. Raising taxes on job creators and business sure has helped out our jobs numbers. Again you a ill-informed. Now vacations, trips to Spain, Bahamas, golf and Hawaii costs the taxpayers $1.4 BILLION per year many times more than the previous 3 Presidents! Obama closes the WH for tours yet can spend millions playing golf! Bush stopped playing golf the day we invaded Iraq! Yet Obama still plays. I see where Glen Beck wrote an entire chapter in his book “:Arguing with Idiots” dedicated directly to you.

        • Phil Silverman

          I see where Beck acted like an idiot on Fox and Roger Ailes dumped him. after 400 sponsors did>>>R U kidding?>>>There definitely WAS defunding of security at the Embassies>>>>not raising taxes on 95% is negative? why? Obama did include taxes in AFCA but that is to raise 30 billion $$$$ in TEN YEARS and the very rich (I know, I know) will cover that. So what’s the big beef there?>>Re. golfing and trips…a time waster…forget it.>>>> others pick up the tab? the middle class has picked up the tab for too long on the top 7% and has fought in their manufactured wars like Iraq>>>RAISING TAXES on job creators? Ha!!!!! Bush II’s tax relief to create jobs thru the creators yielded 17 jobs. That’s a joke. JOB CREATORS! They took the stimulus $$$$ and sent it overseas. Created jobs in Swiss banks. I don’t dig being called an “idiot”. If U want to discuss these serious issues in a civilized way, great. Otherwise go back to your Foxnews transcripts.

  • Vince Ricardo

    Bernie, What about the huge Moroccan Pottery Calligrapher lobby? How can Obama possibly cut off funding to them? The horror!

    • Phil Silverman

      gee whiz…..pork!!!! Never happened before!

  • GrumpDawg

    Anyone that’s shocked by any of this has never been exposed to Chicago Politics or is choosing to ignore the obvious in spite of knowing better. What we have is what you get when the entire Country & not just the city of Chicago or Cook County Illinois is governed Chicago-Style. How much worse must it get before more people wise up?

  • Kathie Ampela

    I just went out to the mailbox to get the mail. There was a postcard from something called the National Housing Renovation Council. It says:

    The National Housing Renovation Council is a program designed to identify and improve homes that are in need of renovation and/or energy efficiency upgrades. If you wish to have your home included in this project, please contact The National Housing Renovation Council for a free on site survey of your home. You have been pre-approved for assistane based on your property ownership with the following projects:

    Roof Replacement, Energy Efficient Windows and Doors, Bathroom Renovations, Kitchen Renovations, Basement Replacements (I don’t have a basement), Installation of Siding and Trim, Dormers, Extensions, Gut Rehabs, Masonry, Carpentry and Solar Panels.

    I guess it was the sequester that wasn’t! God Bless America…free stuff everywhere 😉

  • Ken Besig

    Obama will be a hard act to follow, I mean, who will be able to clean up the massive mess Barry will leave to his successor.

    • Vince Ricardo

      Personally, I’m hoping for someone that will actually sit down and get to it, rather than just blame what they’ve “inheirited” from Obama on Obama for four years. Someone that actually does something other than constantly campaign, and isn’t a petty, arrogant person with no class. Pipe dream, perhaps.

      • fitzsimmons Photography

        Romney would have cleaned it up! But because of the bullying and the mob tactics from Obama’s henchmen Cutter and Axelrod, we have to suffer through this drip, drip, drip of incompetence……

    • Phil Silverman

      yeah, big mess: unemployment finally going down despite the plans of the GOP in 2009. AFCA, utilizing Romneycare experts and sourcing the GOP plan of 1993 and now cancer patients cannot be denied coverage for mercenary reasons; yeah, a mess: the end of the two wars, one manufactured for the VP’s ex-employer; end of DA-DT; credit card, student loan, wall street reform; getting Bin Laden after Bush II officially gave up the trail in 2006 (gee, I wonder why). The automobile industry revitalized. Yes.
      Too bad about Romney: we couldn’t continue to outsource viable American jobs; we couldn’t turn Medicare into Vouchercare; start 3 new wars. Too bad.

  • TJ Conwell

    Even Jimmy carter is able to get out and about now due to the foolish decisions the community organizer is making. This is so sad my friends. Hype and blame is the motto of the day, and if that doesn’t work … dang it CREATE the crisis just so I can say “I told you so”. I wouldn’t last one day in the White House press corps before they revoked my access. I spent 20 years in the military NOT afraid to speak truth to power, and now as a private citizen I am certainly not afraid of anything! The media is a joke when it comes to truth-seeking regarding Oblah-blah and his nonsense policies/decisions. It’s sad friends.

  • nickshaw

    And you didn’t even touch upon the innumerable, duplicated grants to “study” climate change!
    Despite what warmistas think about the “vast” amounts spent by Big Oil and the Koch brothers, (both of which funnel money to the warmista cause as well), it is absolutely dwarfed by that spent by our government, the governments of other countries and the NGOs of the world!
    There is a slight problem though as far as rooting out these wastes of money go.
    Too many Republicans have their vested interests in climate change to take care of!

  • Seattle Sam

    This administration is the equivalent of someone delivering a budget responsibility lecture from a tavern bar stool.

    • Phil Silverman

      Why are you bashing John Birch Beohner?

  • Tim in California

    Thanks Bernie – good, informative (and frustrating) article…. your punch line made me laugh out loud.

  • Cyberquill

    If instead of shutting down tours to the White House they simply upped the cover charge, they could use that extra income to fund calligraphy courses along with the pottery classes in Morocco.

    • Phil Silverman

      “shutting down tours”? Is than an Obama vilification or just exasperation with the system as a whole?

  • JohnInMA

    My first thought is, how could the media keep its dignity after finally calling this WH on its bogus sequester tactics after 4 years of equally dubious actions, but then stop short of following through with Plan B criticism? Then I realized many see more dignity in playing by the rules than in being good reporters. Surely they don’t want their own, personal “you will regret memos…”

    • TJ Conwell

      Dignity? In the media? Ha! These fools have been drinking from Oblah-blah’s teat for so long they haven’t even realized it’s gone dry. It just feels good in their mouth and so they don’t think to remove it! Sad …

      • Phil Silverman

        No dignity with Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, Alex Jones, Jerome Corsi, Wayne La Pierre, Drudge, Michelle Malkin, Ingraham, Coulter, and the still effervescing John Birch Society, either.

  • John Daly

    I find it fascinating that the moment the media finally decided to challenge the president on something (his sequestration fear-mongering), his approval rating dropped by seven points.

    Imagine what public perception of this administration would be like if the media made it a habit to ask tough questions and truth-test what the president says.

    • JohnInMA

      But I wonder how influential they really are. After all, they rarely had a kind word to say about Bush, and it took over 6 years for his approval to falter. Maybe the same fatigue is setting in with Obama, just a year earlier.

      • begbie

        John Daly, he wouldn’t be POTUS if the media did that. Certainly not for 2 terms.

        • John Daly

          I agree.

      • John Daly

        When Bush won his first term, I think it was mainly because conservatives were impassioned, and the “low-information” people didn’t bother to vote. If I recall correctly, voter turnout for that election was at a historic low. Bush won his second term because there were still enough people who respected him for how he dealt with 9/11. The media was brutal to Bush, but at that point, most people still viewed the ongoing War on Terror as a success. That, plus John Kerry couldn’t manage to inspire anyone.

        • Bob Hadley

          In the 2000 presidential campaign the media beat up on Al Gore. His coverage was worse than then candidate GW Bush.

        • JohnInMA

          I was thinking more about the poll data than election results. My memory isn’t perfect, but I want to think that the Bush approval numbers fluctuated but stayed relatively high throughout all of the incessant bashing. Even the near daily barrage of Abu Ghraib reporting, with a steady effort to indict the hated troika (Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld) didn’t seem to pull his numbers down by much. Of course, even some of the more tolerant folks finally hit the wall regarding Bush.

          But your point that many thought the ongoing War on Terror to be a success, overall, may have been the neutralizing factor. Still, the media did their damnedest to drag him down. At one point I sensed an increasing frustration from many who weren’t sufficiently effective in the media. You could almost ‘feel’ it in the words and by the increasing volume of attacks. How could ‘stupid Americans’ not see it??? Perhaps that gave birth to the “Journolist” days. You didn’t even have to select your news outlet or broadcast to get a dependably exact repeat of the attacks. Maybe it’s more my memory and less the facts…..

          • John Daly

            I believe Bush was hovering right around 50% in approval ratings at the time of the 2004 election. Up until that point, it was the lowest they had been.

      • Phil Silverman

        Guess what? They LOVED W. until the TRUTH that he let Cheney play Commander-In-Chief with Iraq in 2003. A stone fact.

    • Stephanie S

      The “media” don’t want to risk their jobs, which are controlled by a handful of corporations. You give them too much credit. Bob Woodward is another matter, which is why old war horses like him scare the young bucks so much–he makes them look cowardly because they know all the same stuff he’s pointing out.

    • Marks2Cents

      He’d be in the 35% range. The lies during the campaign ALONE were enough to form a landslide win for Romney. The #media @bwilliams, et al, covered for him. They’re criminals.

      • Phil Silverman

        name ONE LIE from Obama during the campaign. I can name some from the Romney side: Obama will take away the work requirement on Welfare. Jeep is leaving the USA.

      • Phil Silverman

        Are Limbaugh and Ingraham and Gingrich “criminals”, with their blatant racism against Obama? Yeah, yeah, yeah, “race card”. Read their quotes.

    • Shane

      For once the Lamestream Media did it’s job and Obama suffered. Now Obama will do everything that he can to make the American people suffer, and he will blame it all on the GOP.

    • Johnny Deadline

      I hope that Dana Milbank’s column in today’s Wash Post is a sign the media is finally shedding their groupie role and are ready to start asking the kinds of questions they’ve avoided asking since Bush left office. Color me fetal-position optimistic.

    • Phil Silverman

      who, in 2013, is “the media”? you know ANYONE who gets their info. from Meet The Press. Plus, who is “fear-mongering”? The Libz? mabe a bit. I did not know that the NRA loves Libz.