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It’s the Media, Stupid


It’s only been a few days since America re-elected President Obama, and there’s already been a good deal of postmortem analysis over what went wrong for Mitt Romney. Stringent conservatives are blaming the Republican party for supporting a candidate who wasn’t ideologically pure enough. Liberals are insistent that the Republicans weren’t enough like the Democrats,…

Calling For a Straw Man Candidate to Enter the Presidential Race


I’ve never been a big fan of third-party candidates running for president. I tend to believe that if voters are unhappy with both major parties, there’s a productive way to change that. They can work to bring the party they’re ideologically closest to over to their way of thinking. The Tea Party, for example, did…

How Donald Trump Could Actually Be Useful to the Romney Campaign


Over the past couple of years, I believe that Donald Trump has generally done more to hurt the Republican party’s chances of retaking the presidency than he’s done to help them. From his mainstreaming of the Birther movement to his incessant toying with the notion that he might run for the office himself, he’s displayed…