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Obamacare Architect: Stupid Americans Let Us Pass the Law


Soon after President Obama was elected to a second term in office in 2012, I wrote a column for this website entitled, “How Can Obama Respect an Electorate That Would Re-Elect Him?” The piece presented the argument that the majority of the country, at the time, chose not to factor the president’s job performance (during…

New Democratic Platform: Taxpayer Subsidized Non-Productivity


Last week, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office announced that the Affordable Care Act would likely reduce the number of full-time workers in the United States by the equivalent of 2.3 million. What’s their reasoning? Simply put, the law’s taxpayer-subsidies will give workers less of a reason to work. Under Obamacare, Americans who earn up to…

Healthcare.gov is Merely a Preview of Obamacare


I don’t often feel sorry for the Obama administration, but in the case of the massive technical problems plaguing the Healthcare.gov website, I almost do. It has to be awfully embarrassing, after all of the heated opposition to the Affordable Care Act and the Democrats’ impassioned defense of it, to have the program’s technological interface…