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Allah Be Appraised

Although I have never claimed to be as politically correct as, say, the N.Y. Times, I like to think of myself as a reasonably open-minded fellow where people who are different from me are concerned. And, inasmuch as most people are very different from me–and glad of it–I get a lot of practice. Furthermore, I…

Obama and the Muslim Problem

A while back, a friend who’s convinced that Barack Obama is a Muslim sent me an email in which he informed me that followers of Islam must refrain from wearing jewelry during Ramadan, which runs through August this year, and that Obama hasn’t worn his watch or his wedding ring since the start of the…

Plain Talking About Voting and Church Attendance

Sarah Palin

No matter how much attention a person tries to devote to the political scene, some rate hovering around 15%, why is Harry Reid, a man with the personality of an unsuccessful undertaker, running neck-and-neck with Sharron Angle?

The Mysterious Appeal of Polygamy and Obama


I have never watched a TV series called Big Love, which deals with a polygamous family, so I have no opinion of the show. However, I was at a dinner party recently where a few people were discussing it. Nothing, I hasten to add, that was said made me want to tune in. Besides, between…