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Will Chris Christie Pull a Schwarzenegger?


When Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected as the Governor of California back in 2003, a lot of Republicans were excited. They had every right to be. One of their candidates winning a state-wide election in the deep-blue state of California was something many in the party never believed they’d see again in their lifetime. Sure, they…

When Private Choices Affect Public Trust


“It’s his private life; it has nothing to do with being President.”  This was the mantra my liberal friends chanted when President Clinton was involved with Monica Lewinsky in our House – the White House. The choice to engage in risky behavior is a reflection on one’s character, on one’s ability to make decisions. My…

At the Precipice


When I heard Robert Duvall speaking with Mike Huckabee last year about his film, “Get Low”, I knew it was my kind of movie.  It’s the story of a man who wants to throw his own “funeral party” while he’s alive and have people come and tell stories about him and is loosely based on…