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The Braying of Donkeys

The essential difference between liberals and conservatives is that liberals could not exist without conservatives to defend their freedoms and support them economically. Conservatives, on the other hand, could live quite well without liberals. And what’s more, we are quite anxious to test this theory. Evicting Obama would be a great place to begin. All…

How to Survive Obama’s Economy


Ever since the campaigns began earlier this year, Democrats, desperate to save their political hides, have been dragging up silly stuff that their opponents allegedly did during their college and even their high school days. Frankly, I’m surprised that conservative candidates haven’t been accused of causing mischief in their nursery school sandboxes. I can certainly…

Myths and Misses

by Burt Prelutsky A lot of the things that people accept on faith are nothing more than time-honored, widely accepted lies. For instance, ever since its inception, we have all come to accept as gospel that Israelis are the most formidable fighters in the world. At one time, that may have been true. They certainly…

Lawyers, Liars & Other Lowlifes

As I’m sure you’re all aware, Gloria Allred, the preeminent media whore and left-wing dirty trickster, has recently garnered the spotlight by trying to scuttle Meg Whitman’s chances of defeating Jerry Brown in California’s gubernatorial race.

Plain Talking About Voting and Church Attendance

Sarah Palin

No matter how much attention a person tries to devote to the political scene, some rate hovering around 15%, why is Harry Reid, a man with the personality of an unsuccessful undertaker, running neck-and-neck with Sharron Angle?