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A Few Words About a Friend Who Changed My Life

On February 8, 1996 I got a phone call that changed the course of my life. The call was from a fella named Jerry Kelley, a building contractor who was born and raised in Enterprise, Alabama and made Gomer Pyle sound like Laurence Olivier. Jerry had repaired my house in Miami after Hurricane Andrew blew…



In July 2000 I quit CBS News where I had worked for 28 years.  A year and a half later – 10 years ago this very month — my first book came out.  Bias was about liberal bias in the mainstream news media and it caused quite a stir.  Despite the fact that it got…

NPR’s Alicia Shepard is a Pinhead. And how about Nina Totenberg?


When you live inside the liberal bubble, you have no sense of reality.