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Bill O’Reilly’s Wrong – Mocking Double-Standards Isn’t ‘Justifying Bad Behavior’


I watch The O’Reilly Factor on a pretty regular basis. Like many people, I enjoy its entertaining and often insightful presentation of news analysis. While I don’t always agree with the opinions of host, Bill O’Reilly, I think he’s honest and generally has a pretty good observational take on most news items. That’s why I…

Why Media Bias Matters

Media Bias 101

As you may know, Bill O’Reilly doesn’t have much faith in what passes for the mainstream media.  The other night, in a conversation with me on The Factor, he said this: “Folks know that the media is dishonest, that the media now is not in the business to report the news anymore. They’re there to…

Lunacy at Large

I don’t believe I am the only American who gets sick to his stomach every time one of our presidents or generals prostrates himself to Islam. Recently, when it was discovered that Muslim prisoners in Afghanistan had been scribbling messages to one another in their Korans, the books were confiscated and burned. In retaliation, Muslims…

Can Obama Win Re-Election by Promising Free Stuff

Fair Share

By now we all know that the candidate who four years ago told us he would bring us together has become the president who will run for re-election by trying to drive us apart. The president can’t say two words without saying these two words:  “Fair share.” The rich, we’re told, aren’t paying their “fair…

Race and the NY Times


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