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A Rebellion Against Liberalism in Hollywood?


Traditionally, Hollywood has seemed like the last place the conservative movement would go to if it were looking to pick up an endorsement. After all, the entertainment industry has long been hostile toward conservatives, routinely vilifying them in their movies, mocking them in their television shows, and denouncing them at their award ceremonies. The political…

Coming Out of the Conservative Shell


Since the inception of the Tea Party, the media has largely tried to paint the movement as a group of angry, anti-government extremists who couldn’t wait to leave their secluded cabins and double-wide trailers to gather in joint opposition of the first black president. I think the media-elites actually believed these generalizations to be true…

Conservatism Is Dead- And Other Jokes


In the year after Barack Obama was elected president, Sam Tannenhaus, editor of the New York Times Book Review, came out with a book of his own.  It was called The Death of Conservatism. Tell me when you stop laughing.  What’s he going to call his next book – The San Francisco Giants Will Never…