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My Few Minutes with Andy Rooney


Now that Andy Rooney is calling it quits after 1,097 TV essays on 60 Minutes, I thought I’d like to share a little story regarding something Andy said about Dan Rather, me, and liberal bias in the news. My first book, Bias, came out ten years ago and caused quite a stir.  Liberal journalists hated…

Goldberg Undercover- Segment 2: 48 Hours On Crack Street- “The Streets”


This is the second segment in a special three part series of a groundbreaking documentary that aired in 1986. [bitsontherun krWEZrYT]

Surprise Special: Classic Goldberg- 48 Hours On Crack Street Part 1


This was groundbreaking TV Journalism that first aired in 1986 by CBS News And it was my first major reporting assignment on prime time television … None of us who reported this story — the introduction of crack cocaine into our culture — wrote a script. There were no voice overs, also known as narration….