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Voting “No” on Voting

Before we even get close to November 6, 2012, I’d like to suggest that everybody pledge not to pressure their friends and neighbors to get out and vote. There is absolutely nothing un-American about staying home and minding your own business on Election Day. I, for one, am sick and tired of hearing about all…

Maybe Some People Should Just Stay Home


I’m really looking forward to Election Day because the possibility for real change for a better America is within reach. (By the way, how’s Obama’s hope-y, change-y thing working out for you?) I’m still stunned he won 53% of the vote when only about 20% of the people in this country call themselves liberal.  Despite…

The Two-Year Itch

People used to talk about the seven year itch as the time in a marriage when one or both spouses was likely to start fantasizing about hooking up with another man or, as is more often the case, another woman. Well, I’ve reached that point. Not with my wife, you understand, but with Barack Obama.