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A “Thank You” Campaign for the U.S. Taxpayer


Last week, I was watching Vice President Joe Biden on television speaking in Detroit to leaders of the American auto industry. There at the North American International Auto Show, he hailed the success of the bailouts both General Motors and Chrysler received in 2009. The debate will likely never be settled as to whether or…

Memo to GOP: Make Obama Own the Mess He’s Created

Obama Economy

Anybody who’s thought about it for two seconds knows we don’t have a taxing problem – we have a spending problem. We borrow about 42 cents on every dollar we spend, and under President Obama we have been spending more than $1 trillion dollars a year we don’t have.  That’s where the borrowing comes in….

The Tax Debate That Should Have Taken Place Before the Election


I’m not one of those conservatives who feels inclined to blame Mitt Romney for President Obama’s re-election victory. Sure, he wasn’t my first pick to represent the Republican Party, and there were times when I found myself annoyed with the decisions made by his campaign, but I think he was a strong and competent leader…

Can Obama Win Re-Election by Promising Free Stuff

Fair Share

By now we all know that the candidate who four years ago told us he would bring us together has become the president who will run for re-election by trying to drive us apart. The president can’t say two words without saying these two words:  “Fair share.” The rich, we’re told, aren’t paying their “fair…