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Would Santorum Have Been the Better Candidate?


When Rick Santorum was doing well in the Repubican primaries, the common beef against him was that he could never be a viable candidate in the general election because he placed too much emphasis on “social issues.” His tenacious positions on gay marriage, abortion, family values, religion and the like would scare off independent voters….

A Dust-Up Over Gays

I concluded a recent article, Things That Bug Me, with the following three paragraphs: “Speaking of political cowardice, isn’t it high time that judges and legislators stopped coddling homosexuals? While it’s true that, as a rule, being childless, they have a fair amount of money to contribute to those politicians who bow to their wishes,…

Was Obama’s ‘Evolution’ on Gay Marriage a License to Bigot-Bait?


It had long been known that Dan Cathy, president of the restaurant chain Chick-Fil-A, was a supporter of traditional marriage and ran his company along socially conservative principals. Thus, it’s kind of odd that it suddenly became a huge news story when he merely affirmed those long-held beliefs in an interview earlier this month. Yet,…

Everything is Upside Down


We just had the pleasure of having a couple of out-of-town friends stay with us and had some interesting conversations during their visit.  We all agreed that things just ain’t the way they used to be.  No surprise there, of course. As we talked about different topics, we kept saying, “when did this become acceptable?”…

Obama’s Outing on Gay Marriage Was Not an Act of Bravery


On Wednesday in an interview with ABC News’ Robin Roberts, President Obama made a stunning announcement. He said he now supports same-sex marriage. If you listened carefully, you might have been able to hear a collective gasp spread across our nation over the unexpected declaration by a man who just four years ago campaigned for…