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Donald Trump Is the Greatest; Just Ask Him (updated with new information)


So Donald Trump is at it again, saying that he may run for president after all.  Given the current Republican field, Trump says, “I would certainly think about running as an independent.” Let me say this as delicately as I can:  Donald Trump is full of it.  There is not one chance in a hundred…

What Do Debates Prove?


I love presidential debates. I really do. Primary debates are probably my favorites. While most people find them boring, I’m fascinated with the spectacle of a stage full of well-groomed candidates proudly promoting themselves and devaluing their opponents. The more candidates, the more entertaining. I’m impressed with participants’ ability to quickly reply to tough questions…

Bachmann has Jumped the Shark


At a recent Republican presidential debate, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann scored some points when she pounced on fellow candidate Rick Perry for his attempt to mandate the HPV vaccine for young girls in the state of Texas. Being that conservatives generally frown upon government intrusion and public mandates, her criticism generated a roar of applause from…