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Piers Morgan’s Insulting Anti-Gun Crusade


Like 99.9% of the U.S. population, I don’t watch Piers Morgan’s ratings-starved show on CNN. However, when the snarky Brit occasionally manages to earn himself a headline on The Drudge Report through an asinine comment or chaotic interview segment, I’ll find myself checking out the video on YouTube like everyone else. I’m only human, after…

A Stroll Through My Brain

After you finish this article, Burt hopes you’ll also enjoy Ringing In the New Year. This past year may have set a record for shootings involving multiple victims. The worst of these was the massacre in Newtown, CT, where Adam Lanza murdered 20 little children and seven adults, including his mother, before finally killing himself….

Ringing in the New Year

After you’ve read this article, Burt hopes you’ll also enjoy, A Stroll Through My Brain which was also published today. In the same way that whoever is elected president in 2016 will be fortunate because he or she will be compared to Barack Obama, the worst who has ever disgraced the office, 2013 will only…

Guns, Gats, Rods & Heaters

By this time, everyone in America has commented on the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, so I suppose I might as well toss in my two cents worth. It was a heart-wrenching event and I personally hope that there is a Hell and that young Mr. Lanza will spend eternity being roasted over a slow fire….

The Face of Evil


The sun hadn’t set December 14th, and the left was already screaming for gun control.  It seems that every time a tragedy hits, the left’s knee-jerk reaction is more gun control.  I often wonder how these people function in the world without having any common sense – they haven’t yet figured out you can’t legislate…