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Guns, Gats, Rods & Heaters

By this time, everyone in America has commented on the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, so I suppose I might as well toss in my two cents worth. It was a heart-wrenching event and I personally hope that there is a Hell and that young Mr. Lanza will spend eternity being roasted over a slow fire….

The Face of Evil


The sun hadn’t set December 14th, and the left was already screaming for gun control.  It seems that every time a tragedy hits, the left’s knee-jerk reaction is more gun control.  I often wonder how these people function in the world without having any common sense – they haven’t yet figured out you can’t legislate…

Please Take the “Need” Factor Out of the Gun Control Debate


In the wake of the horrific school shooting that took place last week in Newtown, Connecticut, we’ve heard a common question asked by supporters of increased gun controls: Why does anyone need the type of guns used by the shooter? For me, it’s a simple question to answer: The average citizen probably doesn’t need them….

Knee-Jerks and Other Jerks on the Left

Burt hopes you enjoy this topical bonus article. Don’t miss today’s regularly scheduled article: Very Impractical Jokes. Under normal conditions, I would not address the tragic events that took place in Aurora, Colorado. For one thing, it was the insane act of a single psychotic, as opposed to the sort of stuff I generally deal…