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“The Great Comeuppance Day” and “Dear Chairman Rogers…..”

In times gone by, people, especially those in small towns, would say about those in their midst who were best described as arrogant and narcissistic that they were riding for a fall. The local citizenry would long for the day the spoiled brats would get their comeuppance. Although the term has gone out of favor,…

“The Nanny Media” and “Que Sera Sera”

We all know that Obama’s federal government wants to control us from the cradle to the early grave mandated by the Affordable Care Act, but they wouldn’t have nearly so easy a time of it if it weren’t for the complicit media. As I have said in the past, if I could control the media,…

“The Midterm Miracles” and “Axes Of Evil”

Perhaps because I define myself as a optimistic pessimist or a pessimistic optimist, I was blindsided by the election results. As much time as I devoted to poring over the Senate races, I just couldn’t see how the GOP could wind up with more than 51. Perhaps, best of all, the liberals can’t carry off…

Divas & Demons

When it comes to divas, the ones who would generally come to mind are Beyonce, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.  But one who is clearly entitled to her rightful place on any list of arrogant, demanding, wildly overpaid female celebrities is none other than Hillary Clinton.  It’s true that, unlike…

Rand Paul, I’m Talking To You!

Isolationists are always insisting that America can’t be the world’s policeman; what they don’t tell you is who should be. After all, even the most liberal pinheaded pacifist wouldn’t dare suggest this is a safe world. So who gets the job? The U.N.?! There are two reasons that’s a lousy idea. The first is that…

The Good Book & The Bad Woman

During her book tour, Hillary Clinton was asked to name her favorite book. One might have expected her to be honest for once in her life and mention “Hard Choices,” the ghost-written tome bearing her name that brought her an $8 million advance, but, instead, she declared it to be…(a drum roll)…the Bible.

“Liars, Damn Lies & Democrats” and “Fairy Tales For Grown-Ups”

I know that Hillary has come in for a great deal of ribbing over her silly remark about how poor she and Bill were when they left the White House, but the fact is that most presidents are already wealthy when they move in. Harry Truman was the last ex-president who didn’t end up a millionaire through humongous book deals, outlandish speaking fees or finding himself on a bunch of corporate boards. There is nothing, after all, that corporations like more than throwing money at an ex-president so they can use his name to dress up their letterheads.

“Where, Oh Where, Is Barry Goldwater?”

What more people should remember about Goldwater is based on fact, not a slander perpetuated by a cynical political operative; namely, that he was the man, the Republican senator, who went to Richard Nixon and told him to his face that it was time to resign, that he was an embarrassment not only to the nation, but to the political party to which they both belonged.